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Calling all ca/tg/irls, I've been looking for some books that are explicitly romantic fantasies/sci fi and it is... surprisingly hard. I don't mean fantasy with romance subplots, I seriously don't mean shit-tier bodice rippers, and I abso-fucking-lutely don't mean fanfiction. I mean books where romance is part of the the main narrative arc. /Lit/ failed me horribly, so I'm coming straight to the source. Here's what I have so far.

The Time Traveler's Wife
Kushiel's Legacy
The Daylight Gate

I know this isn't teeg's shtick but I'm sure if you look into your hearts, past the places where you keep roll tables and nostalgia, you'll find something.

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>I know this isn't teeg's schlick


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Since being op is suffering, I'm just going to start dumping some DAWWWW until somebody actually has some recommendations.

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There is a shocking lack of adorable Aki Zeta 5.

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Good lord, you've just reminded me of the most delicious scifi story that I read forever ago. I can't remember the title, but it involved a man's wife falling terribly ill with some incurable wasting diseaese, being cryo'd, and he himself being put on ice as well. The book spans across the lifetime of our universe.

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Not sure if tormenting me intentionally or not. Anyways the dump continues.

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HA. Found it.

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This dumb shit needs to finally die, as should you.

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This should be right up your alley.
Time travel romance that makes sense.

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I do loves me some time travel romance (if it wasn't obvious from the original list).

Working with what I got, be glad I haven't dipped into the cultist folder yet.

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/tg/+/x/ forever, faggot.

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Read the summary, is this really romance, beyond the character's driving motivation? Not that I wouldn't put it on my list, might just be farther down.

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This is one is a bit of a bodice ripper, but has it's good moments.
By the end you to will want to see the rulebook for quis.

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The Lake House, since you like Time Travel Shenanigans.

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>Dat Art
>Dat Obscure Author
>Dat Title
>Dat Cleveland Plain Dealer

Not gonna lie anon, it makes me nervous. I'll check it out though.

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Stranger in a Strange Land is an excellent book that may or may not be what you're looking for...There's an awful lot about free love and exploring human sexuality, but I wouldn't exactly call it romance outright.

Is writefaggotry agreeable? Cuz I have a fun one with a paladin and his succubus wanna-be paladin trainee.

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Beggers can't be choosers (also I listed Kushiel's Dart so I can't exactly take the high ground on that one).

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Under the Yoke is sci fiction and has atleast two romantic story lines.

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Nobody tell him the truth.

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>it involved a man's wife falling terribly ill with some incurable wasting diseaese, being cryo'd, and he himself being put on ice as well

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Yeeeeaaaa the whole slavery thing isn't really doing it for me but... again... Kushiel's Legacy.


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It's really heavy on the sci-fi, is a good read, and has a story arc that jumps around to different characters across the galaxy constantly while still staying coherent. Several of these characters story lines involve romance in small doses.

You will at one point wonder how a scifi novel got you nodding your head at some of the things that happen, just go with it.

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I don't remember Freeze taking a multi-trilliin year journey and fighting off galactic disaster.

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The Codex Alera series.
Well written, tons of shipping, power couples, and long(3+books) romantic subplots entwined with the main plot.

Just wish he would write a sort of 'then here's what happened' afterwards.
and to see a Marat/Canim power couple.

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Its not nearly as bad as this Anon makes it sound.

I promise you.

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But he should have. I would greenlight that shit in a second if I ran a studio.

Also I'm almost out of images. Brace for cultist.

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____ of Gor series.

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You joke, but somebody seriously recommended one of those to me. Somebody I no longer talk to.

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Now this is filth. Not nearly so classy as S.M. Stirling's works.

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Go fuck yourself, cause it's the only love you will ever get.

On the side of reasonable and well written S&M romance, have a daw worthy one from over the sea.

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The weeaboo is strong in me, up to date and started the other one. Am I the only one who thinks their relationship gets MORE creepy as time goes on (and they refuse to define it)?

Politics takes a short second for me after romance, so I'm down.

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Goddammit. The Mr. Freeze episodes of that old Batman cartoon always give me feels.

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That whole series man. Batman + feels = best childhood ever.

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Psych. Visit literotica. There is a fantasy/sci-fi section. Some of it is surprisingly readable, and certainly better than the first Kushiel book or that trash Anne Rice wrote. Yes, I like the Kushiel series too, but reread just the first page. Holy god that's awkward, awful-as-fuck writing.

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Yea its.... not anything I'm particularly proud of, but it counts.

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Here you go.

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Greg Egan has some romantic stories. If you like your love stories weird and post-human and vaguely unsettling; so does Alistair Reynolds.

I'm trying to think... unfortunately most of the sci fi I like has romance confined to a subplot. Sometimes it's a very important thread through the thing.

Huh. This is kind of unnerving actually. Most of the authors I respond to treat love like it's something they'd prefer to be able to slice off of themselves.

Can you go into more detail about what makes a romance for you?

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I have a soft spot for this book. It starts off as a very deliberate parody of the "prince saves princess from dragon" shtick, and then it goes weird and grimdark.

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>I know this isn't teeg's shtick
Which is funny, because /tg/ is all about the bad romance sci-fi. Granted, its all fanfiction, but they're still fucking goddamn romance romance fiends. Hell, just look at the picture you posted. One fa/tg/uy asked another fa/tg/uy to draw it and the latter was all like FUCK YES, SON, THIS SHIT IS MY JAM. THEM NIGGAS GONNA BLUSH AND WANT TO HOLD HANDS AND EVERYTHING

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The Wheel of Time series.
It's a bit of a cock-tease about some of the couples, but it has long running romance plots and the like mixed in with all the politics, prophecy, and oh god why.

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He came back in Batman Beyond too. Meltdown. Fantastic (and also tearjerking) episode, and also the premiere of Terry's arch-nemesis, Blight.

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I forgot my pic.

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It also takes 10 years to read.

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Huh.. there was an Ursula Leguin book that I liked. It was about 2 teenagers. One could always find the entrance to an alternate world. One could always find the exit. They hated each other at first but wound up falling in love.

The Left Hand of Darkness might count; if you consider Estraven's whole thing. Again; that's if you like your romance weird and cerebral and no actually a romance, really.

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Yea, if the rise of quest threads has taught us anything it's really that even if teeg is an angry, violent, monster it really just wants to be loved.

Thanks for recommendations y'all. I'm out.

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Saving bump of curiosity.

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/tg/ has changed, /x/ has changed. We're not right for each other.

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I'm not even talking quests, holmes. /tg/ does more shipping than the UPS

Vindicaire x Farseer, Techpriestess x Commissar, Guardsman x Unsanctioned Psyker, Techpriest x Psyker, turning Elesh Norn into a waifu, all those weird monstergirl waifu roleplay threads. /tg/ is like Nicholas Sparks, just with more dragonfuckin.

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Maybe Elaine Cunningham? Daughter of the Drow was mostly about a drow and a barbarian growing closer to each other, and IIRC the other stuff was the side plots. Don't remember how it went after the first book.

There's a short story I just came across, I rather liked it.

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>The Daylight Gate
In the grim darkness of northern England there is only sexy catholic monarchist witches (and lots of torture porn).

So much not sure if want.

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Fuck you those books are terrible and you should feel terrible - no less than THREE mary sues, and one of the awkwardest most virginal sex scenes ever written (this involving one mary sue character in his mid 20s boning a 16 year old girl on a planet whose single biome is "pride & prejudice".


Vorkosigan saga is pretty much the main go-to romantic sci-fi series, though both Forever War & Forever Peace both weave the romance between those two characters into the narrative quite strongly.

Clarke's Imperial Earth has a romantic bisexual 3-way at its heart, and the whole bisexual thing poops up again in 2010: the year they make contact.

Cherryh's books often have romantic subplots, the Foreigner series has one, the Chanur saga sort of has one (though while the Chanur books are totally up /tg/ ally, being all about hard sci-fi space trader aliens, the main characters are dangerously furry talking bipedal space lions though I didn't notice that until I hit the third book because Cherryh really sells the talking space lions as aliens).

Knnn are best aliens btw.

In the same universe as the Chanur books but set entirely in the human bit of space there's REALLY /tg/ related stuff with romance subplots like Merchanter's Luck, Finity's End, & Tripoint, & I think Rimrunner as well (which has POWER ARMOR and a mazian POV character) all have at least one romance going on in them. Heavy Time is also good, ultra hard except for the *mention* of FTL being a thing, again romance plots.

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I dunno man, aren't things coming together with /po/ now?

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The Dark Wife's pretty good.

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Yeah, what's going on with /po/?

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It's okay, there's never any OC now /tg/'s dating /d/ and /x/ is messing around with /mu/.

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>hates on Gor
>recommends BDSM hentai
Pot, meet Kettle.

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>Drawing moral equivilance between those two series.

Oh lawd here we go. For as much as the protagonist of NtK is a creeper at first (and he is), he actually -likes- women.

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>being a creep is okay if you mean well
I bet Goreans would agree.

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No, it's not. He just experiences character growth and realizes the world doesn't revolve around his desires and problems.

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Apparently /po/ is comatose. Last I heard of inter-bored relationships, people were suggesting we get with /jp/.

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Blimp bump.

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