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What's the deal with completely debrained assholes and their rabid SoB hatred?

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because muh wimminz in muh homoerotic nazi fetish stormfag fanfiction.


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Girls are stupid and turn me down for sex

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It's elementary, some people take the universe way too seriously.

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i play 40k to forget sluts who always freindzone me for badboys that treat me like shit

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cause only edgy teen try-hards play sob to be different.

also they are usually white knight beta fags, so we usually just aim for the gut.

however you may be different op...

but i doubt it.

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I don't see what space battle nuns have to do with that.

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They're apparently just evil patriarchal fetish fuel and should be abolished.

Fun is not allowed.

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I've seen a few exceptions but eh I see alot of what you just described in every army.

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>debrained assholes and their rabid SoB hatred?
30%: because they are actually autistic and SoB are something different.
30%: because they are sexually frustrated
10%: because of mommy issues
15%: because their army's units have been so piss-poor in the past.
10%: went to catholic school and still secretly have a phobia of nuns.
5%: just want to fit in.

I hope this was quite informative.

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I find the exact opposite to be true as all the ones around here are raging athiests who can't stand religion being shown in even the slightest of positive light.

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>They hate what I like
>They must be brainless

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Have you tried hanging around with guys who don't treat you like shit?

I just hate boobplate.

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I dont play them, but I do like their aesthetics. Not because the army is mostly chicks, but because they represent the Grimdark(grimderp?)-ness of the setting so well. I mean c'mon, their main tank is a missile-launching pipe organ for fuck's sake!

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You could say the same about some components of every other 40k faction fanbase, except maybe guard, I have met someone who hates the Imperial Guard

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>In a universe intended to be as ridiculous as possible with shoulderpads so big they have their own orbit, boobplate offends me
>moreover, I want the faction whose main aesthetic is being as gaudy and hypergothic as possible to be toned down and reasonable
Fucks like you are worse than the guys who want SoBs completely removed.

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Some people don't like them, and out of those people some of them are assholes who like to just post in threads saying how much they hate Sisters(Or anything for that matter), because that is what they do I guess.
Certainly doesn't help when people give them a reaction.

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I have never*

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I want shoulderpads to be toned down too, and everyone to have more reasonable designs and there's nothing you can do to stop me.

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I do. All the HFY BALLS OF STEEL shit gets real fucking old after a while, especially since lore itself states that IG are just as bad of glorywhores as SM.

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I just want to pet a Sororitas and boop her nose!

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See? This here specimen. This completely braindead piece of shit, that's what I mean. Shit like that needs to die.

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because girls have cooties.

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>wanting reason in a setting where you can literally cheat death by being stubborn enough
You're the kind of person who likes the Knights Inductor.

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>edgy teen try-hards
>white knight beta fags

Not to sound like an edgefag myself, but isn't that most of the people into these hobbes?

tfw I'm a beta fag

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Well that about covers it.

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It's just a label that /tg/ likes to throw out to convince themselves that they are REAL MEN instead of doing things like working out or respecting women.

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Guys, individual topic aside a moment,

What's happening here? Why is the whole community with anything remotely hobby related getting all self-hating? We'd argue about trivial shit, I know, but what's with all the differences in political views dividing everyone recently?

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If I was homosexual enough to play 40k in the first place I would probably play SoB, not because I'm an edgefag, but because I like amazons and the idea of power armored musclegirls killing xenos in the name of the God-Emperor is pretty cool.

Not OP by the way.

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>implying you must work out to be a real man

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>I'm not gay
>I like tall, muscular, dominant women
>Totally not gay though

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More obscure hobbies are getting more trendy to enjoy with the advent of shit like BBT and the whole geek chic faggotry, but liking something TOO much makes you a NEEEEEERD, so you have to constantly balance making fun of the neckbeard autists who know more than you while mocking the filthy casuals who know less than you and convince others that you reside in that perfect sweetspot of trendy geekiness.

Its why people who dont even play MtG will get upset over that one card with a bitch getting stabbed on it or pretty much all the bullshit that has plagued the vidya industry.

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It's not really recent.
We've always had these divides. But as it becomes more acceptable to have opinions about everything, encouraged even, people started saying a variety of shit just so'd they belong.
Plus, a lot of us want do distance ourselves from the stereotypical autist who foams at the mouth and hates anything with a vagina.
That is one of the stigmas of the game, after all, that no women play it, and those that do are impotent man-children.

>implying there is such a thing as *real* men, not just men.

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Same shit as 2007 /tg/, just with more Xeno spam

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When you consider how most of the fanbase faps over Space Marines I have to say that liking the SoB is much less gay. Also there's a LOT of people who are dominant in their regular lives and submissive in their sexual lives.

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Because they're just shit space marine knockoffs.

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So... You're so afraid of women that you only want to be around tiny weak ones? Pretty manly, bro.

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The guy was making fun of you because you're both on the internet. He's going to continue mocking you in order to show how cool he is.
Because, you know, being gay is just *awful*.

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I was making a gigantic generalization, but my point is that your average neckbeard is the last person to be throwing out terms like "beta-fag". We're all nerds here.

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>not like strong, tall amazons

I have seen some shit in my life but never in all my years have I seen a bigger pile of faggot than THIS

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I like the SoB as a concept and army.
But just as the SoB thread spam started fading from memory, you made this thread and reminded me why I hate their fanbase.

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Nah, that's a common misconception.
Remember that the whole status of "nerd" as a lifestyle arose from a culture of victimhood. But we're still human, so we're going to be different. It's cool to be a nerd now, the "normals" (a term I really despise) don't look down on us anymore, so there's little pressure from the outside to keep us together.

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You are, in fact, attracted exclusively to burly men, you little sissy boy, you. Rawr.

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There has always been divides within the nerd culture. Like the ancient debate between Star Wars fans and Trekkies.

Also, I don't understand the hate on "normals". Okay, the gamur gurlz and CoDfags can be grating, but I never understood this mindset where more people getting interested in what you like is a bad thing.

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>you will never have a SoB glare at you and judge you while you masturbate with your own tears

what's the point of living

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Huh. This thread is surprisingly pro-SoB. I was expecting far more hate.

Have a faith point, /tg/.

you made that post before

you joker you

but seriously, booping is heresy

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>10%: went to catholic school and still secretly have a phobia of nuns.

I am the 10 percent.

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Well, it's a pretty common problem.
It's basically the medium/industry changing.
So the new fans/consumers who are attracted as a result? People to be hated, as they embolden the changes even further.
>Only young white men play video games
>only fat manchildren play war games

>what's this girl doing here? SHE'S JUST WHORING FOR ATTENTION!
These are "our" things and we feel defensive about it.

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Huh...most of my experience with IG has been the exact opposite. We're weak, squishy, pathetically equipped, and the only way to maintain morale is to kill ourselves. But we will defeat the enemy by sending wave after wave of my own men at them! Throw more men and tanks on the field than they have bullets, clog up their armor's treads with our corpses, suffer 99% casualties and call it a flawless victory!

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>most of my experience with IG has been the exact opposite.
You clearly have not been on /tg/ long. We have a loud (though I can't guess the exact size) of the fanbase that turns guard into HUMANITY FUCK YEAH

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They are heretics until proven otherwise. Attempting to prove anything means you already know you are a heretic.

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Well, the excuse for the video game enthusiasts is that when they started to get popular with such a big crowd, video games started become more casual and shittier overall.

And then there's also the part where most "nerds" growing up were ridiculed for enjoying their hobbies, and they feel threatened when their hobby is all of the sudden accepted and "cool"

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I was just getting ready to say the same thing.

Fuck yeah, mutual Catholic school traumas.

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>thread has devolved into arguing about betafags and normals.
>considered a step up in quality.

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The hatred stems off of a fear of marginalization. "Nerds" were once typically attributed to those victims of social exclusion based upon their eccentric nature or differences. To them, being the unwanted of society banding together gave them a certain comfort or culture that they had a comparable place in as opposed to the majority elsewhere. Think of it like being a jock. In essence, you were just being a geeky jock in a realm of geeky jocks. Now because more "normals" are getting involved there territory will change. Socially acceptable actions or language will progress more towards the mean which is going to deal with an influx of those who weren't typically seen as nerds. Values of nerd society will equally change to reflect this. In essence, the safe haven begins to disappear, and their degree of freedom becomes constricted once again.

On the note of divides, it wasn't purely black and white as you put it. Star Wars vs. Trekk was a thing, but in the end both recognized each other as nerds, however placed themselves at different ends of the spectrum.

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>started become

started becoming*

>> No.27991166


It's not because it's more popular, but because of what the perception of being more popular does to the gatekeepers in the community. The business owners and media faces.

Everyone starts to change their attitude. Everything gets more superficial. Everything becomes a rush to get as many hits on your page as you can. It becomes about quick, easy to digest soundbites so they can appeal to the largest market possible.

They see the crowd and greed takes over. CoD fags near unintentionally murdered gaming because they made CoD such a disproportionate success. 90% of video games were just knock offs of CoD for a few years there, with us just coming out of the trend now publishers understand they're not gonna be able to steal the market.

Same with GURRRL GAMERS. They see that the other 50% of the population are a potential market now and they loose rational thought. Everything becomes clean, safe and stops using offensive material because all women are apparently fragile little Tumblrbots who will protest your game if it rattles any one of their 2000 individual "triggers". Artists are forced to censor themselves and media pundits will deny it because they're under the gun as well.

The whole hobby becomes a huge homogenized blob. Standards lower. Creativity dies.

I'm so sick of seeing it everywhere.

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That seems out of character with most of the IG stuff I've read. Seems more like a SPESS MUHREENS kinda thing.

I mean, even the Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer didn't pep up the guardsmen too much. In fact it kept telling them all the ways they could fuck up and die. The closest it got to HFY is when it degraded the xenos scum.

So to all IG-fans who interpret it as HFY instead of Humanity-We're-Fucked, I think you missed the point.

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> counts posts not relating to SoB as being relevant to a point about number of negative posts about Sisters
> herps whilst derping

>> No.27991204

There have always been casual games. Just because the hardcore neckbeards like to reminisce and the games that necessitated a computer science degree to even start doesn't mean that those were the only games available back then.

I still don't get why not being ridiculed for like this stuff is a bad thing. Why are people threatened by their interests being more socially acceptable?

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You have a legitimate reason to hate Sisters, then.
You shouldn't be surprised. Some people are haters. Some area rabid fanboys. The vast majority fall somewhere in the middle.

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i like sob...

>> No.27991325

Well, there's still the whole noticeable quality of the games being worse than before.

I mean you got the whole Dragon Age 2 fiasco, terrible story merged with repetitive gameplay strewn together in an unfinished and rushed game.

The DmC reboot game completely murdering the franchise in some vain effort to be "cool" and "hip"

Ryse: son of rome apparently is going to be some terrible shitfest that's only being made as an attempt to "kill" the God of War franchise

Diablo 3 was completely terrible in every sense of the word, and the final nail in the coffin was that it was always meant to be made for consoles.

I could add more games, but I think you see the point, once video games started becoming "popular" the quality of them started diving.

>> No.27991354

>This handful of games I don't like are indicative of the industry's decline.
>Popularity kills quality.

>> No.27991404



Dude, do you want him to sit there for 4 hours and type out every god-damn Call of Duty wanna-be?

Anyone who's up to date with the industry knows this shit, AAA titles have been getting dumbed down as a whole, sometimes in big obvious dramatic turns like with Dragon Age, and sometimes it's more subtle like with the Bioshock series.

Don't act like a goon.

>> No.27991436

I don't always think everything that becomes popular necessarily kills the quality and lowers standards, it was just a noticeable trend.

As for "handful of games", I stated I could list more, but as >>27991404 said, I'd rather not spend four hours listing a lot more games and why they are terrible when I've already made my point clear.

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You know what bugs me about that picture.

If your not a space marine, Drop Pods are very dangerous to your health to ride in. Most of the time you need to take a medication that incredibly disorients you for a couple of hours but makes the Drop Pod ride "passable" to use.

So all those girls leaving the pods are going to just be stumbling out, all jelly legged and numb.

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I play guard.

I would play SoB if they weren't so fucking incredibly expensive.

Seriously, what the fuck?

Having Sisters running around with IG armor behind them would be a sight to see.

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>mfw when I'm a homosexual male and play SoB
What's your answer now anon? I play DEldar too.

>> No.27991509

>I play DEldar too.

That just makes sense.

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My Archron is Fabulous, thank you very much. My first army was Orks.

>> No.27991530

"your" and "you're" are distingt words. Don't be a grammar juden!

>> No.27991544

If you can guess my boyfriends army, and fetishes, I'll give you a cookie.

>> No.27991589

Eldar and dicks in his butt.

>> No.27991644


distingt is a confusing word. But what matter is that you understood my point. If my typo confused you, then I am sorry. If it just upset you, then you are a bit of a dick.

>> No.27991654

I kept the typo to troll specifically you.

>> No.27991691

The SoB use drop pods. It was in a Chapter Approved WD article. Obviously they can handle them.

>> No.27991720

They're the only Imperium army that retains a cool gothic look with a faithy/angelic thing.

Marines aren't Angels of Death, never really were. Kinda just a name. They shout "My faith is my shield" sometimes, congrats. Marines are more science knights, but that's heresy.

Imperial Guard is the closest thing to REASONABLE HUMAN DEVELOPMENT AND TECHNOLOGY IN SPACE. So no angels and faith there. They got some saints.

From what I've seen in this thread, the haters of SoBs are more retarded/autistic/other-words than the actual fans.

>> No.27991734

I believe if you read some of the Dark Heresy material you will find that there are suspension units specifically designed to allow non-Astartes to use Drop Pods. There were also rules in the Rogue Trader days for Sororitas-specific drop pods. No mention of futuristic motion-sickness pills in either case. If I knew where I had the appropriate images saved I'd provide them.

Also, if that kind of detail gets on your nut, you probably shouldn't be paying much attention to the 40K fluff in general, because there are far, far worse discrepancies and oversights.

>> No.27991742

>perception of being more popular

That's the root of it, isn't it? The perception. Take comics for instance. Comics are less popular now than they were twenty years ago. People are interested in the movies, but that doesn't translate into comic sales. Yet when people who are interested in the movies try to get into the comics they're derided as being fake fans. Does liking the Captain America movie but not reading the comics somehow make you not a Captain America fan? Does the fact your entry into comic characters is through a movie somehow bar you from being a real fan? And at the same time, the speculators who drove the 90s comic boom and bust by treating comics as little more than a commodity to be traded are considered fans?

>> No.27991744

I'd like to take Sisters as allies.

I've never taken allies before, how does that work?

>> No.27991785

Because of


I don't really care for SoB but I don't hate them. I loathe the fans of the SoB more than I dislike the fans of any other faction, including Eldar, SM, and CSM.

They hide their muscle-worship, fetishes, and their sissy ways behind "if u dun li3k it u r sexist" and think that it actually works.

They try and hide behind a female-heavy army so that nobody can make fun of them, because making fun of girls is apparently misogyny. Accept the fact that your faction is a bunch of fetishized, boob-plated and armored high-heel wearing nuns and then we can all get on with our lives.

>> No.27991788


Actually I just recently played a game of Dark Heresy, the only reason I knew about it was because we all had to take those weird motion sickness pills, and we had two sisters in the group that had to take em too.

It made us all weird for a few hours, and that's why I brought it up.

>> No.27991798

Fuck, that was in WD?

Man, I need to find where I saved that sort of stuff. Shit's starting to slip a little.

>> No.27991822


Sisters are trash and people that play Sisters are too stupid to realize that GW is deliberately fucking them over in preparation for squatting the cunts right out of the game.

>> No.27991845

You act like this is a new phenomenon. Remember when Sonic first came out? Remember when the market was flooded by "mascot" games featuring funny animals? That was back when gaming was still a niche hobby. Popularity doesn't breed shittiness, it just breeds more games. Most of what you're talking about is standard business practice used by everyone from massive conglomerates to indie publishers.

>> No.27991847


>Does liking the Captain America movie but not reading the comics somehow make you not a Captain America fan?

No, you're not a real fan in that case. I love the movies, but I honestly can't get into the comics. I wouldn't call myself a Captain America fan, I just enjoy the movies. I'm a fan of the movie that features the Captain.

I don't care about the source material about the original/real Captain.

It would be like just watching the movie of Romeo and Juliet and saying "OH I LOVE SHAKESPEARE'S WORKS!". It's a lie.

You just enjoy one interpretation of one of MANY works. That does not make you a lover of Shakespeare, that's an insult to those that do love his work. You're a fake, trying to gain social credit.

>> No.27991851

>opposite day
Here in Australia, the guys I play with, it's the exact opposite reason. They love sisters because boob armor and cute girls doing dangerous things. Couldn't care less about the sexist, misogyny, white knight thing. Most girls seem cool with it too.

I guess it's the area.

>> No.27991858

If they were going to squat them it would have been two weeks ago.

>> No.27991880


And I could spend 4 hours listing every terrible shovelware NES-era game.

Face it, any form of media will ALWAYS be a case of 1 gem for every 100 turds. And that's not just video games. Movies, books, television, music, even amusement park rides. The only reason things seem like they were better "back in my day" is because poor and mediocre games eventually fade from your memory, leaving nothing left but the Super Metroids and the Ocarina of Times. Remember Kid Kool on the NES? Remember Fester's Quest on the NES? How about Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde? Or the N64 version of Rainbow Six? Ultima VIII: Pagan? Dark Reign? Populous?

No you don't. No one remembers them. Not even /vr/ talks about them. Because they were all shit.

Games aren't any better today than they were 15 years ago. It's just the shit games of today are still fresh in your mind whilst the shit games of yesteryear have all faded from memory, leaving nothing but the GOATs. In 15 years you probably won't remember DmC or Skyrim either, but you'll remember Dark Souls and Arkham Asylum just as you do now with Super Metroid and Ocarina of Time.

>> No.27991889

Greyknights, and being dominated. Nice try though.

>> No.27991903

>depends on comics and movies and background

Fuck them rules.

Do you have a particular interest and keen following of a fictional character despite what media and things he is portrayed through and you're going to die someday so who gives a fuck?

Yay. You're a fan of Captain America.

>> No.27991953

If you're playing IG, very well. You take a Canoness and a Sororitas Command Squad with a mix of Condemnors and Heavy Flamers, two squads of 5 with a Flamer and Heavy Flamer each, and a squad of Dominions with 4 Meltas. Put them all in Immolators. Then if you're light on tanks, take a single Exorcist.
I play/collect Sisters because they're musclegirls in Gothic power armor with a shitload of Flamers and Meltas.

I have never been particularly hesitant to admit this.

>> No.27991959

Shakespeare is a flesh and blood author of many works.
Captain America is a fictional hero.

>I like Space Marines and Chaos and Orks and Necrons!
>Do you like Eldar?
>Then you're not a 40K fan you fake.

>> No.27991967

People have to accept that super heroes are not a strictly comic book-based medium anymore.

Shit, they haven't been for decades. Batman has had fans who haven't read the comics since the Adam West tv show.

>> No.27991974

Certain people are always desperately chanting Squat when it comes to the Sisters. It's more wishing than an actual attempt at being factual.

>> No.27991984

If you enjoy the character and the works he appears in I'd say you're a fan. You're just not a comics fan. Under your rules no one would be a Cap fan unless they enjoy every single run and interpretation of Cap. I like Cap, but I didn't like "dying of poor metaphor for long-term drug use" Cap, or Ultimate Cap, or Werewolf Cap. Ed Brubaker, who wrote what many feel is the defining version of Cap for our time, dislikes many of Caps portrayals over the years. Is he not a fan of Cap?

>> No.27992011

Right, because if a person is playing an army that happens to be all-female, then it must be for sexual reasons. There is literally no other possibility.

I like their fluff and aesthetics, myself, in no other army will you find a tank organ pipe that spews missiles.

>> No.27992035

Cause SoB are DEldar bitches. Just look at the Dais of Destruction.

>> No.27992036

Forgot to mention, they work okay with most Marines. Any other force and they just don't mix.

>> No.27992044

Batman had a movie serial four years after his debut, Superman a radio show two years after debut, Captain Marvel a serial one year after debut.

>> No.27992081


You don't have to LIKE everything involved with a works or franchise over the years, but a basic knowledge and participation in those events should surely go without saying.

If you play 40k and you don't like the 'Nids, you're still a fan.

If you've just played the Space Marine videogame and don't know what the 'Nids even are, you're not really a fan.

If you've seen a performance of the The Tempest but didn't enjoy it, you're not suddenly not a fan of Shakespeare.
But if you don't know anything about it, you're not a fan.

Are you guys just having me on here?

>> No.27992089

Not White Dwarf, Citadel Journal.

>> No.27992091

So, vidya are a canon source now?

>> No.27992110

>I like their fluff and aesthetics, myself, in no other army will you find a tank organ pipe that spews missiles.

Then you're an outlier, plain and simple.

At least >>27991953
admits it.

>> No.27992114


>> No.27992142

SoB thread?

I've got a rules question for you gents on the new mini-codex.

Can Uriah Jacobus' ability to give a bonus Act of Faith let Celestine resurrect a second time if she joins him to form a two-model unit?

From everything I've read, I don't see why this wouldn't be possible if Jacobus, but I feel like I'm missing something.

>> No.27992196


I'll agree to a point, but the Sanguinary Guard of the Blood Angels sure as shit fulfill the Angels of Death aesthetic.

And they look great next to my Sisters of Battle detatchment with Celestine at the speartip.

>> No.27992224

Dude, the original dais of destruction had sister slave bitches in it.

>> No.27992258


I think the issue is that I don't think she's part of the unit when dead.

>> No.27992266

>Accept the fact that your faction is a bunch of fetishized, boob-plated and armored high-heel wearing nuns
I already do, doesn't stop me from having >fun

>> No.27992267

Did they always have the nipples as part of the model?

>> No.27992274

I play Sisters because I love their fluff (religious fanatics who are just as likely to kill themselves as their enemies? Yes, please!), their aesthetic (gothic stuff is great; especially with the battle nun angle), and their models.

I will say I think it's fucking absurd that their tits are so big, though. I have a few Repentia in my army and they're all pushing C/DD cups. It's silly. And like other anons have said, the whole boob plate thing seems a bit strange. They shouldn't be flat-chested, but pronounced boob cups seem a bit immature.

If only they'd get a plastic line, I'd collect a ton more of them. And I'd absolutely buy a hardback version of the codex if they released it.

Too bad they nerfed Celly before I had a chance to see her in all of her immortal, cheesy glory.

>> No.27992280

>Last girl I dated had a genetic thing where her hair was white
>Cut it and wore it the same way SOB do

I'd play them if they could all wear those nice helmets, otherwise I'd cry whenever I fielded them.

>> No.27992298


But Celestine isn't 'dead' until she has no way to resurrect herself, per the wording in her rule.

To me, that implies Jacobus could try to extend an extra AoF to her to get her to resurrect.

>> No.27992299

That's a conversion.

>> No.27992314


I'm not sure that every female in 40k is a Sister.

>> No.27992333

Matt Ward should write the new Sisters codex.

>> No.27992343

Your original point was dumb. Some guys called you out. You've now gone into wall of text mode.

No ones 'having you on'.

>> No.27992349


Those faces... that abdomen...


I hated the hair, too. So I just surgically removed their hair then used green stuff to give all of the helmet-less Sisters hoods. It works well with their overall aesthetic, too.

>> No.27992351

You could take a look at the actual model for the Dais and see the same thing.

>> No.27992379

Im 34 years old and ive been married for 7 years now, once you had a woman in your live, got dumped a few times or cheated on you i.e. gained experience most will drop obsessive "pseudolove" for girls.

So when i venture into fantasyland, im usually there to get into full-on-dick-swinging-dude mode, look at these guns. Seeing all that obssesivness about girly shit, anime and whiteknigting makes me think that all those stories about 13-30yo Internetvirgins are true. Being beta and or a nerd, does mean you are not a Jock, that does not mean will not get laid one day.

Ultimately in my circles, gaming is usually to get away from job, boredom and woman.

>> No.27992381

I dislike them because they don't add anything to the setting that couldn't have been accomplished with female space marines. They're basically black templars with tits.

>> No.27992383

Ah shit, yes, Dark Angels and Blood Angels, the true Sphess Mehreens.

The rest don't really follow that Death Angel thing.

>> No.27992405


The boobplate is just part of their power armor's shape it isn't form fitting. The whole army being women is how the church gets around the letter of the law about having no men under arms. Makes perfect sense that their armor would be designed to emphasize their femininity. Nothing in the imperium is subtle.

The Repentia probably could stand to be toned down though, yeah.

>> No.27992420



>> No.27992432

I don't care about what they add or don't add to the setting.

I get 4 Rending heavy bolters for 110 points plus cheap Stubborn.

Fuck the fluff, they're awesome on the table now.

>> No.27992451

>they're all C/D it's silly

No it isn't.

>> No.27992454

Do not open that can of worms.

>> No.27992477

according to a tactics thing I read, even with one eye open, they work very well with Tau.

>> No.27992484


>> No.27992496


Hey, he'd make them awesome and have some named Canoness kill 2...no, 3 Avatars! At the same time. The Sisters deserve some love for once, they've done their time as Grey Knight warpaint. Give them some laurels.


>1/2 paragraphs worth of words
>generously spaced out
>"Wall of text"

Don't misuse the word m8.

>> No.27992545

>it's fucking absurd that their tits are so big

Model design is usually exaggerated because of how fucking small they are. A common rule is "If the silhouette doesn't work, the model doesn't work."

Every unit needs to be instantly recognizable, that can become difficult when everyone has power armor and their own snowflakey homebrews and paint schemes.

>> No.27992548

He'd probably make them servants of the Grey Knights who eagerly offer themselves up to be their hats in their blood rituals.

>> No.27992554


It would break previously established canon about Space Marine creation and Black Templars represent a different face of religion than the Sisters.

They represent a separate faction that belongs to the Church. It shows the division within the Imperium and is more interesting than them just being female Space Marines. They're a whole other kind of soldier and take 40k's impractical silliness to some fun places.

>> No.27992566

I'm experimenting with the Order Militant Banner, Straken and two 40 man blobs with Commissars, Ministorum Priests and 4 power axes.

What is ~70 S4 attacks (assuming not all 40 Guardsmen are close enough to fight) with 20 S5 AP2 attacks behind it, Alex?

Plus, if I pass my War Hymn, that's 70 + 20 attacks re-rolling to hit.

Fuck you Green Tide.

>> No.27992572

You still got called out for being silly m8.

>> No.27992625

What I want to know is how the fuck did GW manage to fuck up sallet helms so badly? Only GW in its eternal ineptitude could manage to make sallets look stupid.

>> No.27992653

>It would break previously established canon about Space Marine creation and Black Templars represent a different face of religion than the Sisters.

Because GW has NEVER retconned 40k, amirite?

Also, blah blah, blah some bullshit about the church. The sisters are just another "none purer" faction in a setting fucking full of them. They add nothing of worth.

>> No.27992654


I'd agree, but when you look back at his stuff he tends to just make the current faction he's writing look amazing. They'd probably be more like the Space Marines than ever before, and an inspiration to Guardsmen everywhere or something along those lines.
Perhaps they'd even get their own underling-brand warpaint!

What I'm curious about is what kind of obligatory extra-large Walker they'd get.


Please, go ahead and refute the point.

>> No.27992657

>The boobplate is just part of their power armor's shape it isn't form fitting. The whole army being women is how the church gets around the letter of the law about having no men under arms. Makes perfect sense that their armor would be designed to emphasize their femininity.
Actually, they probably had it in Goge's day, before the Decree Passive was a problem.

So put it down to Vandire being a big fan of the gothic aesthetic or a bit of a weirdo, if you want.

>> No.27992669


It's funny, but nerds and jocks have pretty much switched places in terms of elitist assholery.

I can, right this instant, go to Meetup and find a pick-up group for basketball or soccer or ultimate frisbee or water polo or pretty much any sport that can be played casually, and 99 times out of 100 they'll all be very friendly and not give a shit how much I suck at the game. Gender is also a complete non-issue; there will be men and women playing with no drama and no fucks given. You never hear anyone complain about "fake sportsfan girls", ever.

Nerds, meanwhile, have become what we see here on 4chan. A sperglord-dominated sekrit clubhouse that shuns casuals, rages at anyone who plays poorly, and has an instantaneous mistrust of anything with a vagina.

It's like all these people got bullied in high school and, rather than use that experience to learn and grow, decided it would be better to take out "revenge" on people they've never even met because anyone who wasn't one of them from the beginning is guilty of the Original Sin created by those who bullied them.

>> No.27992680

Why exactly are you here? You add nothing to the discussion and spew bullshit wherever you hang your ass.

>> No.27992703

Yeah, because they play differently. You can keep your Tau back and hop your Riptides around with Shadowtsun, and keep them far enough from the Sisters and their flamers/meltas.

It feels like it could be solid. I've never seen it done.

>> No.27992719


>> No.27992755


Oh fuck off buddy.

You're talking about shit you barely even care about evidently. I don't even know what to say if you can't see/appreciate the differences and flavor the faction offers. You're offering no arguments of merit and acting abrasive.

Just leave and go kick a ball or scream into your pillow or something. Whatever it is that makes you feel better, just stop shitposting.

>> No.27992771


Akagi was a dick back then.

>> No.27992789

>I'm a very busy man and when I want to have an underling bathed and sent to my chambers I don't have the time to figure out what they've got going on under the hood. Slap some giant metal titties on the bitches then have yourself executed for not having done this already. Make it something hilarious and painful, I could use a laugh.

>> No.27992848

The idea is the IG are JUST HUMMINZ in a world full of demons, genetically engineered supersoldiers, homicidal fungus, and biomechanical rape/eating monsters, yet they are still able to HOLD ZE LINE, making them HUMANITY, FUCK YEH at its finest.

>> No.27992851


>> No.27992866

Painting a missionary, given him dark red robes. What colour would go nicely with this for his gloves and neck cloth? Cream is what's used on the GW site, but I was considering doing something different.

I lol'd. He was crazy enough to say something like that.

>> No.27992872

Because of threads like these.

>> No.27992882


That argument is leaning heavily on stereotypes, straw-man and doesn't really address any of the arguments I've seen put forth in favor of the other side.

Considering the whole basis of that argument is trying to disprove the notion of the "fake geek girls" existence and shun stereotyping, that sure seems hypocritical.

>> No.27992896


So is that what we call having an opinion that differs from 40k fan orthodoxy? I don't give a rat's fucking ass about the sisters history. Their reason for existing is fucking stupid (there's absolutely no reason an empire fresh from war would allow that to happen, letter of the law or not) and their continued existence just further dilutes the Imperium with YET ANOTHER none-purer faction. It's seeming that with all the incorruptible fanatics of the Imperial creed the Imperium has to field, that chaos isn't really much of a threat at all.

>> No.27992907

>that pic
Ok maybe stupid question: Do SoB use drop pods, I haven't read that anywhere in fluff and wouldn't the g-forces kill them even with power armor? (ie wh40k vs logic i know but I'm really curious.)

>> No.27992943


To be fair, consider a moment about how and and for what purpose the Sisters were designed.

They're miniatures, and miniatures of a female faction. The armor emphasizes their femininity so they'd stand out on a tabletop from Guardsmen and Space Marines.

>> No.27992945

The haters are the rabid ones? I always thought it was the fans...

>> No.27992965

>send request

>> No.27992976


They used to have the Domina Pattern Drop Pod iirc. It didn't have SOB. It had automated gun turrets. So it would drop down, open up and heavy bolters would start blasting into everything nearby.

>> No.27992983

Please, don't use the word assholes and SoB in the same sentence, it makes me hot.

>> No.27992986

I went to catholic high school and it scared me for life.

>> No.27993017


Better to throw those models out and replace them with any number of Kingdom Death models

>> No.27993033

As mentioned above, there are sources that detail other forces utilizing drop pods. White Dwarf specifically mentions it.

>> No.27993035


Anyone? I can't be the only one who bought the new mini-codex.

There's no errata for this either.

>> No.27993043


Actually, that's a damn good call my friend.

>> No.27993054


40k isn't some serious franchise, it started as borderline comedy/political parody with some cool sci-fi ideas thrown in. The Imperium is a faction that religiously bans innovation and technological development for fear of machine spirits and upsetting the big E (despite this being against his very wishes).
The Imperium has NEVER made sense, it's always been a huge mess of cool Space Knights and gothic imagery. They're not meant to make tactical sense, they're meant to show the lunacy of the Imperium and how bloody crazy they are!

The NonePurer thing is a huge part of them, Religious Dogma is a core of the setting. Reinforcing that doesn't dilute anything in my opinion, it strengthens it.

>> No.27993288

what i've heard is the rules suck. how much would things change if faith powers weren't one time derpy and instead always on?

>> No.27993571

>muh fun
It's also fun to beat pasty nerds who play Sisters of Dick-Sucking

>> No.27993670

can sisters fall to Slaanesh? I want them to, they'd be more kinky

>> No.27993674

The Campaign for North Africa will never turn into that huge homogenized blob.

>> No.27993704

They can, but then the white-knights who watched too many rom-coms and believe that all females are pure will come out of the wood work and start shouting you down.

>muh sistrrrrrrs are immune to chaos
>u r a sexits

captcha: produce gradually

>> No.27993719


It's a weird combination geekdom’s contradictory attitude toward change in general — “more of the same, please, but a teensy bit different this time”, Geek Social Fallacy #2 and an unhealthy dose of nostalgia.

>> No.27993751

Because they're only good at 2 things:
>Being Heretics
>Painting Armor

>> No.27993752

nobody is immune to chaos, except maybe necrons and blanks
can't deny the sexism

>> No.27993763

>winning is fun therefore you cannot have fun with Sob
tell that to the shit who likes to play triptides all the time oh wait no one's plays with him and his shitty army in the first place

>> No.27993791

You're right, it is a conversion.

Here's an original.

>> No.27993792

Remember Ward's fanwank with Grey Knights slaughtering SoB in a blood ritual? That's exactly the same attitude as these shitposters. Except that Ward wrote his fanwank - which diametrally contradicts all fluff about Grey Knights and SoB - in full knowledge that it would become part of official canon despite not adhering to 40K fluff at all.

>> No.27993798

As far as I'm concerned, between the Astartes, priests, Commissariat and the Inquisition, there's more than enough NONE PURER for the setting. At this point, it's fucking feeling like the ordinary people struggling to keep their faith in the face of unimaginable horror are outnumbered by incorruptible fanatics who never experience such conflicts of faith, and in such chaos becomes even more of a Cobra Commander style joke.

>> No.27993841

>Dark Angels

>> No.27993848

>winning is extra fun when you beat obnoxious players

That's what I was going with. You can't deny that you'd be grinning from ear to ear if you beat a faggot triptide player. (pro-tip; I've beaten a player with two riptides before and it felt fucking good man. I'm working out ways to beat triptides but when I do I will be happy as fuck)

Try telling that to the ultra-sensitive SoB players

>> No.27993861


>> No.27993878

>Remember Ward's fanwank with Grey Knights slaughtering SoB in a blood ritual?

Okay, this in particular is why I fucking hate Sisters players



Seriously fuck off with your "muh soggy knee" shit. Men die all the fucking time for worse reasons in 40k than your stupid fucking sisters and nobody bats an eye.

>> No.27993883

how do they even train SoBs to be so fearless, devoted and batshit insane? were the real nuns and Christian fanatics in their everyday life like SoBs too?

>> No.27993891

I hate the sisters fans because the bloodtide shitstorms and not the sisters themselves.

Their fans are among the worse whiners an self important martyrs in the 40k fandom. I wish them nothing but misery and pain in the future.

Fuck Sister fans. Fuck them all.

>> No.27993918

Those slaves are actually Hasslefree minis, sculpted by Kev White.

>> No.27993919


I always figured it was because it seems to be a huge breech in what would be one force of good killing another force of good for a preconceived 'godmode' cheat.

I do, like, however, that the Inquisition is investigating the situation.

>> No.27993931


Ward also stuck Battle Focus in Kelly's Eldar codex and increased vanilla transport capacity from 10 to 12 just to see if he could get away with it.

>> No.27993947

You're a shining example of humanity. Nothing like wishing ill on your fellow man because you're angry at them for disliking bad fluff.

>> No.27993970

it's okay to hate the fans, as long as you like the sisters

>> No.27993981

How can a single human being be that retarded? Seriously, how can you exist without even a single brain cell? How can you survive without neurons in your body? You, dear piece of shit, have no neuronal matter in your entire body. How can you live and breathe?

Seriously, that is completely obvious from your post. It has no relation whatsoever with the post you pretend to quote, and betrays an IQ of less than zero.

>> No.27993992


I thought people were mad about the fact GREY KNIGHTS needed the blood of peasant Sister scum to resist Chaos.
And the fact that murdering your own for a blood ritual stinks of Khorne.

Did anyone actually claim that was misogyny? Outside of here or Tumblr I mean, real people.

>> No.27993996

I know someone from facebook who does nothing else than go on about sisters ect. I don't mind dedicated fans but there is no need to be obnoxious.

>> No.27994017

>Did anyone actually claim that was misogyny?

People just joked about Ward having a SoB killing fetish for a few days. That's it.

>> No.27994019

>I always figured it was because it seems to be a huge breech in what would be one force of good killing another force of good for a preconceived 'godmode' cheat.

The real issue is the fact that shit like this happens all the other time. The Imperium has gone into more drastic methods to protect itself from daemons (Exterminatus anyone?) so the Bloodtide to me is nothing.

It just shows that the Grey Knights will stop at nothing in order to complete their mission and that they are utterly remorseless.

I bet that if it wasn't the Sisters of Battle, people wouldn't have batted an eye. But when their preshuss sistrrrrrs get involved, it's like you might as well have killed their entire family.

>> No.27994020

The point, dear brethren of the feeble mind, is that SoB are NOT the purest of the pure. The Grey Knights are. Even with the Bloodtide coming up, only the Grey Knights have the distinction that none of them have ever fallen. Actually, their very bodies incinerate and burn to greasy ashes in case of demonic possession.

>> No.27994048

They are pissed with creepy nun fetishists and their zealous SoB waifuism.

>> No.27994052


Then why did they need to perform the blood ritual? It just feels like it was hamfisted in there to make the Grey Knights seem beyond reproach.

>> No.27994061

>muh projection

>Did anyone actually claim that was misogyny? Outside of here or Tumblr I mean, real people.

Maybe it's a shining example of Poe's Law as noted here: >>27994017
But I've seen enough talk of "misogyny" and other crap here recently (even on this thread) that it gets ridiculous pretty fast

>> No.27994066

>And the fact that murdering your own for a blood ritual stinks of Khorne.

Said the guy who knows nothing about how the Grey Knights operate. Killing innocents for their precious blood was there before the time of Ward.

>> No.27994070

Exactly. They didn't. Ward can't write fluff, that's all.

>> No.27994086


And I'm not debating that at all. In fact, I agree for the most part.

>> No.27994098

>Shit, all this innocent blood wont be enough for this mess, we need even purer blood!

>> No.27994105

It's a giant Chekhov's Gun sort of thing.

>> No.27994111

so SoB need a self destruct mechanism to be the puriest of pure pure?

>> No.27994122


Do you guys not know what impact calculus is?

A single Grey Knight's death (they spontaneously combust when possessed) is significantly greater than that of a Sister of Battle's death, or even multiple SoB's.

They weren't entirely aware of the Bloodtide and did what they had to do in order to save the planet and keep themselves alive.

They are beyond reproach, read my response above.

>> No.27994124


>> No.27994167

Also, while we're at it, fuck Grey Knights too.

Space marines are already wanktastic enough, the entire fluff for GK reads like a 12 year olds fanfiction.

>> No.27994190


That's Wardfluff for you.

>> No.27994197

Ah, you're on of those people that got all their information off 1d4chan.

>> No.27994209

I like sisters because I secretly wish I was a little orphaned girl that would be trained to become one of them.

>> No.27994217

Why do the Grey Knights use blood that they don't fully trust? Wouldn't they want to use SoB blood all the time if it worked better?

>> No.27994238

Look at this thread.

This is why I love being a Necron player/fan. No drama and great fluff and rules.

Truly, I am blessed.

>> No.27994297

>No drama

>> No.27994302

>A single Grey Knight's death (they spontaneously combust when possessed) is significantly greater than that of a Sister of Battle's death
>using "calculus" in reference to a person's life

Silly GW not thinking that men aren't potatoes.

>> No.27994311

>Why do the Grey Knights use blood that they don't fully trust? Wouldn't they want to use SoB blood all the time if it worked better?

It just says that they kill the remaining SoB that are alive (and thus not affected by the Bloodtide yet). It merely says "innocent blood", implying that anyone who is innocent would be fine. They just turn to the Sisters because they were the closest, most likely.

>> No.27994318


Oh goddammit, I play DE, orks and chaos

>> No.27994325

>the entire, and continuous newcrons situation of fans

You're either stupid or teasing.

>> No.27994343

But don't they take blood baths or whatever before they go fight? They don't seem like the type to forget something like that.

>> No.27994370

>using "calculus" in reference to a person's life
>Silly GW not thinking that men aren't potatoes.

If you don't think that not everyone is equal then I've got sum bad newz, bruh.

Fact of that matter is that some people are more important than others. It's true now and it's even more important in the Imperium.

Even in the first Armageddon, tens of thousands of Guard were sent away to die. This is because their lives were less important than the chance of another Chaos outbreak: again, impact calculus.

>> No.27994401

It was a joke, you fucking idiot.

>> No.27994423

>clearly never read starship troopers
>Therefore clearly doesn't get context of Heinlein quote

>> No.27994424

>page 9, The Chambers of Purity
>The Chapter’s legends tell that a great evil lies entombed amongst the roots of Mount Anarch. Was it for this reason that Titan was chosen as the Chapter Planet for the Grey Knights, so that the entrammelled evil should ever have watchful and incorruptible guardians? Or did something defeat Malcador’s defences and creep onto Titan during the moon’s time in the Warp? The truth lies only in the Iron Grimoire – the Grey Knights’ only written record of their founding, a tome inked with the blood of saints and bound in screaming Warp-metal. Only a Supreme Grand Master is permitted to read this tome, and it would be unthinkable for one to share its contents with his own Battle-Brothers, let alone outsiders.

>page 10, The Banishment of Daemons
>Alas, if true names are a Grey Knight’s surest weapon against a Daemon, they are also the hardest of all to acquire. As with all things daemonic, a true name is borne of the Warp, and its reflection in the minds and tongues of mortal men is as shifting and mutable as the beast to whom it relates. So it is that in the candlelit chambers of the Grey Knights’ Augurium, a veritable army of ebon-cowled scribes toil in shadow, endlessly sifting through the visions reported by the Chapter’s Prognosticars, searching for clues to the ever-changing true names. It is a long and dangerous process, for no scribe can ever be trusted with more than a fragment of a true name, lest he become corrupted by the power it contains. Thus, each scintilla of lore is inscribed onto a blessed scroll in sigils of the scribe’s own blood – mere ink cannot cage such knowledge. Each is then presented for collation and interpretation by one of the Chapter’s Senior Librarians and, in turn, bound into one of the blessed grimoires within the Sanctum Sanctorum.

muh sisters

>> No.27994443

Newcrons are objectively superior.

That's why I ignore the Oldcron peasants and trolls. Anyways, that farce of a debate has died down a long time ago. Every accepts the Newcrons

>> No.27994509

>I'd agree, but when you look back at his stuff he tends to just make the current faction he's writing look amazing
True. Look at the fluff he wrote in the SoB codex, it was actually quite good.

>> No.27994541

Nah, I've read Starship Troopers though I must admit that it has been a year or so. And your wording was a little on the confusing side though I should also admit that I only really glanced at what you said

>> No.27994575

Do you herp when you derp? Have you even read the post?

>> No.27994606

Why do completely braindead retards use "objectively" in lieu of "in my opinion"? Seriously, shit like you should die.

>> No.27994624

There were two versions just like Space Marines.

I'd use the shit out of the MM Pod.

>> No.27994633

Basically I'm just making fun of GW for it's grimdark setting where mathematical values are assigned to human life, despite that being the opposite of the views expressed by Heinlein; who clearly inspired (read: had ideas stolen by) GW.

>> No.27994663

Because Newcrons still allow Oldcrons to be canon.

>> No.27994711

death company with allied sisters would be so gothic.

>> No.27994734

In fact, one of the worst decisions by GW was to shoehorn necron fluff into everything. For a time, they were the worst mary sue faction. Right now, they're just a bland carbon copy of WFB Tomb Kings. The best necrons are ancientcrons, before GW started shoehorning the c'tan into the background.

>> No.27994788

No, I got that. To be honest GW didn't steal a lot from Heinlein besides power armor and some stuff for Tyranids.

The Imperium was always more based off of Asimove and Herbert, imo anyway.

>> No.27994801

> What's the deal with completely debrained assholes and their rabid SoB hatred?
Cause million sob threads and every 40k art thread being doomed to be wiped with sob is kinda annoying.

>> No.27994879

Sisters of Battle fans are jealous they didn't get a codex as good as the Grey Knights.

>> No.27995044


>hating Grey Knights

Don't worry, one day Ward will write for your army!

>> No.27995078


The whole thing about Bloodtide was to establish how the Grey Knights were capable of wielding pure sorcery to defeat their enemies.

Their Aegis, their training, their mind-scrubbing, their rites of denial-all set up to make the most truly effective fighters of Daemons in the Imperium.

>> No.27995081

If Necrons are tomb kings, then who is their Nagash?

>> No.27995124

Silent King.

>> No.27995214

But he isn't evil.

>> No.27995228

But he has caused all the shit.

>> No.27995257

But he is sorry about it and wants to fix it.

>> No.27995320


>> No.27995499

> Not remembering that crusade that proved BT and SOB are bros

>> No.27995700

I'm a Sisters player. I like the meltas, flamers, and overdone Gothic vibe. I like the fact that they stand out from the other Imperial factions, visually and in terms of fluffiness. I don't like the fact that people argue and bicker so much over the fluff and rules and aesthetics. It really gets on my nut, and usually I try to stay out of it.

Arguing over shit like the Bloodtide or whose army has been more neglected is asinine. Interpret the fluff how you will, form your own opinion, move on. Make a playable list, paint it, run it.

>> No.27995959

Oh fuck off, I've hate Grey Knights long before the new codex. I think, they, much like sisters are just worthless additions to an already overloaded faction.

>> No.27996126

>tfw your army went from Ward to Cruddace
>nerfs everywhere

>> No.27996243

You know what I like to say about Codex: Adepta Sororitas?

Better Nerf than nothing.

>> No.27996329

>You know what I like to say about Codex: Adepta Sororitas?

"Man, them bitches got fine ass titties"?

>> No.27996330


40k revolves around the Imperium :^)

>> No.27996794

Grey Knights and SoB were around since 1st edition. Contrary to Tau and Necrons, they were not shoehorned in via retcon.

>> No.27996870

But they are objectively terrible. They suck. Their weapons suck. Their armor sucks. The humans, even en masse, suck.

It's just too much suck for the enemy to plow through. It's more suck than they have time or energy to smack down.

>> No.27996890

But then again, true canon Grey Knights do NOT use the Great Enemy's methods. It was part of their shtick that they actually hunted down radical inquisitors.

>> No.27996916

Stop saying "objectively" when you mean your shitty little opinion. YOU are objectively a terrible human being.

>> No.27997608


New fluff says they sue the tools of the enemy to combat them.

This is substantiated by the allies matrix saying that the Black Templars thinking that Grey Knights sorcery is "pure"

>> No.27997677

>they sue
That's the best typo ever.

>> No.27997770


Oy Vey.

>> No.27998115

Actual fluff says they don't touch the tools of the Great Enemy because they're inherently impure and can never be used for good. They WILL corrupt you.

>> No.27998150


Castellan Crowe uses a chaos sword.

>> No.27998157


But he's DOUBLEPURE so it's okay.

>> No.27998169


Calgar uses Chaos champion gauntlets, Logan Grimnar uses a Chaos axe, lots of marines use chaos weapons.

>> No.27998210

Ssssssssomeone called?

>> No.27998249



>> No.27998286

He's responsible for suppressing and guarding the sword, and doesn't actually use its powers.

>> No.27998382


>> No.27999440


His fluff is awful.

When the =][= gets its grubby hands on a\ daemon weapon, after learning all they can they usually melt that shit down and throw the slag into stars.

Even if they couldn't melt the sword of i'm a twerp down, if they lobbed it into a sun if someone can retrieve it the imperium has bigger problems.

His whole fluff is just slathering "none purer" ontop of a faction whose whole shtick is that they are the purest.

>> No.28000642

because women are physically, intellectually, socially and morally inferior to men and the idea of female infantry being anywhere near competitive with male forces is absolutely retarded

>> No.28001245

Citadel Journal 49 as part of the Ordo Hereticus Strike Force chapter approved stuff.

>> No.28001249

I just like Sisters because of their heavy gothic stylings and a tank so insane that it's awesome.

>> No.28001264

That's just someone's fetish. Not all DE slaves are Sisters and not all Sisters are DE slaves.

>> No.28001283

Consesus I've seen thus far has been "no".

>> No.28001297

We already have a Canoness who killed a Hive Tyrant in hand to hand.

>> No.28001305

Do you need like a cookie, a hug and a nap? Because you seem a bit cranky.

>> No.28001330

Is that why one of the angriest posters here is anti-Sisters then?

It's been my experience that the anti-Sisters crowd tends to be more rabid than the pro-Sisters crowd as a whole.

>> No.28001341

One Sister who the studio has never acknowledged in any codex did. Take that as you will.

>> No.28001357


I dont mind them..

Its just they're such a comedy goldmine

>> No.28001360

Not only that, in 2nd ed Grey Knights Exterminatus'd anyone who wasn't a Marine. Marines got mindwiped instead.

>> No.28001372

Necrons have always been Tomb Kings in space, the fandom just can't deny it now.

>> No.28001382

But they don't have a SPESS Nagash.

Tomb Kings can't work without Nagash.

>> No.28001393

The Silent King fills that role nicely. It's his fault that they're all undead, much like it's Nagash's fault that the Tomb Kings are the way they are. Only thing different is the Silent King had a LOT longer to think about what he did and feel bad because of it.

>> No.28001416

>Hey, he'd make them awesome and have some named Canoness kill 2...no, 3 Avatars! At the same time. The Sisters deserve some love for once, they've done their time as Grey Knight warpaint. Give them some laurels.
You know Ward don't writes such things no more. Even for marines.
Read Sentinels and especially Lysander's/Pugh's fighting scenes.

>> No.28001533


Want. Too bad all the kits are already assembled, often heavily damage or incomplete and expensive on top of that.

>> No.28001599

>Hey, he'd make them awesome and have some named Canoness kill 2...no, 3 Avatars! At the same time. The Sisters deserve some love for once, they've done their time as Grey Knight warpaint. Give them some laurels.

Here's what he's done.
'Celestine the near immortal who took an entire nuclear arsenal to stop' is now 'Celestine the Sanguinor'.
St. Praxedes, who bought time for a city to evacuate by leading a small force of Sisters into the heart of a Tyranid force and killed the Tyrant in the process now leads a force twice as big, gets killed by the Tyrant she fought and only a few Ecclesiarchy VIPs evacuated this time.

Face it, he didn't shit all over them but he is certainly incapable of improving them or even keeping status quo.

>> No.28001666

Sad part is he could have always done worse. At leadt his unit descriptions read fine.

>> No.28001743

Nah, overall the SoB player base is significantly more rabid. And I'd bet any vehement players against them seem angry only because SoB players continually make the exact same arguments and never change them even when they're wrong.

>> No.28001824

> their very bodies incinerate and burn to greasy ashes in case of demonic possession.

This is always mentioned on /tg/ but no one has ever posted the source, the grey knight codex never states this in fact when Mordak thought he was corrupted he took some tests to find out.

>> No.28001825

>Dark Reign?
>No you don't. No one remembers them.

Not sure if listing good games among shit ones and if that's the case, 10/10 you rustled my jimmies.

Populous might have been a shit game when compared to other god games but I fucking remember being on my Amiga 500 at the age of about 7ish playing Populous 2 (I think it was 2) and continually drowning my own people in puddles of mud or raining fire on them. I remember waking my dad up cackling at 3.00am because I snuck out of bed, loaded up the computer and started doing it. Fuck that was probably the best Amiga game barring Lemmings.

>> No.28001877

I'm still not convinced that there's a single heterosexual male who plays DEldar.

>> No.28001886


If it means anything, I'm a straight guy who used to play DE back an edition ago.

>> No.28001887

There are, of course most of us are in prison

>> No.28001890

>I'm only pretending to be retarded

>> No.28001919


Hang on, the IG actually DO objectively suck. They're the weakest guys on the battlefield.

>> No.28001970

Grots are weaker, brah

>> No.28002019


Fair enough.

Being one step ahead of the weakest guys, in a cast of thousands still means you suck though.

>> No.28002099

And yet the IG still fight, even if pretty much everything else in the galaxy is bigger, tougher and deadlier than them. That takes balls. That takes bigger balls than any of the Space Marines have. And that's why we like him.

Also, everyone aren't as obsessed with playground power fantasies as you are.

>> No.28002192


Hey, don't put words in my mouth...keyboard?

I love the Guard. I love their big brass balls. But they suck, objectively.

Which is what I was arguing.

>> No.28002194

>not taking Mad Dok and giving your Grots cybork bodies

>> No.28002205

Stop mouthshitting "objectively" when you mean your objectively inferior opinion.

>> No.28002206

Also the Tau are weaker too.

>> No.28002254

Pretty sure that's impossible without cheating.

>> No.28002259

>Sisters of Battle fans are annoyed they didn't get a codex.
Fixed it for you.

>> No.28002282

His opinion is only inferior in your peasized brain, you mongoloid gurkinjerker

>> No.28002302

Maybe, but doesn't it seem like something a Big Mek would do just because he could?

>> No.28002330

Da Big Dok: Any unit in an army including Grotsnik may upgrade its members to have cybork bodies for +5 points per model.

>> No.28002397

>when Mordak thought he was corrupted he took some tests to find out.
Now I'm imagining a Grey Knight sitting nervously in a clinic waiting for the apothecary to come back and tell him whether he has Warp AIDS or not.

>> No.28002417

They may be physically weaker, but they have all around better gear. IG are basically the Skaven of 40K, right down to the cowardice.

>> No.28002468

It doesn't take balls, it takes conscription, drafts, and sometimes downright lies. The people back home don't know what war is like, and your average guardsmen will die long before they know.

>> No.28002520

>That takes balls.
I guess that's why they keep getting shot in the fucking head for running away like a bitch.
>Also, everyone aren't as obsessed with playground power fantasies as you are.
I guess that's why you're going NUH-UH! MY GUYS ARE THE BRAVEREST!

>> No.28002550

>Warp AIDS
With love,

>> No.28002914

You guys should all read this bit http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Bloodtide#.Um_ERxDxTkY
The bloodtide was basically an AI from the DaoT which was being controlled by deamonic forces but still had it's consciousness and rather would be destroyed then be controlled. And thus revealed it's weakness of fire.
The SoB able to resist them along with the necessary Flamers, Melta's, Faith powers and relics to ward of Daemonic presence.
And thus also were able to dispel some control of chaos from the Bloodtide.

And well the Grey Knights having their entire armor basically being Psychic powered ward of destruction. And their mere presence forces lesser daemons to lose grip on the physical realm. And all their anti daemon psychic powers to boot.
So they literally were already immune to the bloodtide by basic principle that the bloodtide would become free of chaos grasp and thus uncontrollable by merely touching the grey knights.
And also the fact that they are incorruptible.

and then the RETURN of the bloodtide.
>"Needing a Talisman of purity to protect against the bloodtide's taint, the Grey Knights' first act is to turn their blades upon the surviving Sisters of Battle. The innocent blood thus spilled is then mixed with blessed oils and used to anoint the Grey Knights' armour and weapons. So shielded, the Grey Knights are able to stride trough the goreflood without risk of corruption, and they smash their way into the basilica's heart."

They Grey Knights not knowing about the Bloodtide should be bogus since it has already been encountered and thus should know about it thanks to the RavenGaurd and WhiteScars.
They should have known from the SoB what their weakness should be because of their encounter.
They should be well protected and zealously enough since their faith itself is a weapon enough for them.
But no non of that matters because the only way to fight the bloodtide is with more blood/oils. Thanks Ward

>> No.28003029

It also could be a different event with the same name.

Additionally, it's well in character for GK to kill the witnesses, so perhaps killing the witnesses and then preparing these blood runes was instead a way to honor the fallen Sororitas and allow them to serve in their deaths against the daemonic foe and stop it once and for all.

But that's just my interpretation.

>> No.28003901

they wouldn't have called it "the return" ward knew what he did. Grey Knights kill regular people, they mindwipe space marines. And then by LOGIC the Daughters of the Emperor would be candidate to mindwiping.
And the Grey Knight know that Daemons cannot be stopped once and for all but only cast back into the warp.
And thus we comeback to killing them because Why not.
You're interpretation is just making excuses for poorly though out stories.

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