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>even fat girls won't play fatgirls

Must underrepresented demographic in roleplaying games?

I've seen old ladies, fat men, half-motorcycles, and semi-animated goldfish bowls, but I've never seen someone play a fat girl.

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Why would you want to RP a fat person, outside erp and something like a Dwarf or Ogre?

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I've seen chunky, but never fat.
Then the "fat men" I've seen are merely chunky too. Pot bellies rather than the monstrosities you see in Walmart.

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The population of Wal-Mart is not accurately representative of an adventuring party.

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If you are an adventurer chances are you are somewhat muscular and do not have all the time of the world to just eat so it makes sense to never play as a fat.

Also, everyone dislike fat people.

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Well most RPGs are about escapism to some degree, that pretty much explains it.

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I've done a pretty fat guy before. Was fun coming up with momentum rules so he would either fall on his face in a run or plow over giant monsters.

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Depends how fat you mean, I suppose. I've got a fat blonde nerd biologist girl on the go at the moment.

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I've never seen a fatman played either.

Most games are D&D or some kind of cyberpunk of some variety. With only a handful of exceptions, those games are about physically superior people doing amazing and cool things and going on long walks with goblin slayin' thrown in.

Fat people do not do these things. If they did, they wouldn't be fat.

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i would be really confused if a fat girl played a fat girl

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The question is how much penalty any obese person would suffer from their bad habits and self inflicted carb addiction

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I play a Space Marine. Obesity is reserved for heretics.

I play a Warrior: I have an 18 /00 Strength. I'm not fat, i'm HUGE.

I play a Mage: My poor physical stats of 8 Strength, 11 Con, and 13 dexterity are represented Via a frail but nimble body.

I play FATAL: The Age Weight and height charts made me this insanely scrawny.

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>My character does weigh 320 lbs. Do you have a problem with that?

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I just generally assume that whatever character a person plays, they have a similar appearance to the person playing them.

You fat? Your character's fat, because you didn't specify they were not fat.
You ugly? Your character's ugly, because having 20 charisma won't fix yo teeth, you creepy-looking buschemi-eyed muthathuka.

You can escape from a lot of shit, but you can't fool my MIND'S EYE.

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But damn that would be a interesting start to an adventurer.

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I've played pointedly...chunky male characters before. But we're talking seth rogan/jack black fat, and they were either casters or face rogues.

1. Truly fat-fat american level fatness precludes adventuring. "Fat" male characters tend to be strongfat, like a bear.

2. Male players seldom play female characters, so female characters are rare. By the numbers, you're not likely to see an uncommon variation of an already uncommon character.

When female players exist, they tend to get WAY too invested their characters and basically play a sparkly version of themselves; thus all the elves and half-drow nymphs. They don't tolerate their precious character being hurt or failing in any way.

While a guy can be strongfat, we don't associate women with strongfat anymore. An athletic woman is either ultra-trim or buxom/thick.

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I'd play one but that could turn into magical realm territory.

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Sweet baby Jesus.

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It would be interesting to play a 300lb+ hambeast that starts a diet at level 1 and loses about 10 or so lbs per level.

By lv.15 or so, she could be damn fine.

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>Obesity is reserved for heretics.
>not wanting an overweight marine chapter
>not wanting the Emperor's Cooks Chapter.

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Rolled 47

I'd play a fat half giant warrior wielding an equally large weapon if I had the opportunity

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Cooks are pretty skinny, no time to eat at work and no inclination to cook at home.
And you sweat buckets in a kitchen anyway, being fat just makes you die.

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Couldn't you play a mage or wizard who doesn't need to be physically capable?

I mean, what's the difference between an aged wizard and an obese mage girl?
Both would be equally athletically limited.

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Obese slaanesh marines.

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This, I know the feel of working in a kitchen.

A built in character progression? Gives players a reason to level up.

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Fat-fatness is also...just sad. It represents a terminal lack of self-control and self-respect. Especially in a girl. A girl has had it drilled into them that their social value is directly linked to their wasteline; a guy has the excuse that no one pressured him to stay/get skinny in his adolescence.

The fat girl is also likely to be a jiggling lard tub made of fat with a few bones and organs drifting about inside. And without a male metabolism, and with her stupid emotional eating, she's probably never goibg to be a healthy weight.

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How tall is that woman?

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What happens at level 31?

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Uses spells or crafts magic rings to float around

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She implodes.

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Why would a fatty go adventuring? Why would an adventurer be fat?

Besides, no one likes fat women. Instead of laughing at themselves they get defensive and cry about fat acceptance.

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Tall enough that you'd need a stepladder.

So we could create a biological krak grenade?

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>this is how spheres of annihilation are made
>this is why mages hang around fighters and the other underclasses

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I haven't read the book in years. Was it ever explained what those pimple things were?

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Rolled 90

Epic destiny unlocked : void incarnate.

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I don't need a stepladder for what I want to do.

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You need to talk to more fat women with senses of humour.

Hell, back in the day you could assume any fat woman you met was probably funny and had a good personality, because she couldn't get by on her looks.

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mhm. A shadowrun-character. A fat, neckbeard-wizard. with fedora and black leathercoat.

just for the glory of satan.

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In my experience most fat women were insanely defensive, impulsive, and utterly dependent on the opinions of others to form a shell of pseudo-self-esteem.

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Admit it though, you want one.

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once one of me players played a bbq. once.

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Charcoal or Gas?

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I've got one handy.
Shame I'll never meet a girl taller than me, 6ft 1" is hell. ;__;

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I've met plenty of both.

Also had to suffer through a dependent one in high school simply because my habit of not being a dick to people meant I must be in love with her.

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Actually, I'll give you that to an extent.

Older fat women are a riot and usually bro-tier. I had young ones in mind there. I don't know whether it's to do with wanting to be seen as attractive or whether it's because they're entitled little shits.

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>just for the glory of satin

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charcoal. he used it to create tactical fires

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I had a player (a man, weirdly enough) who played a a fat Italian secretary who was actually a government assassin. He pointed out that for the most part, unless she's actually supposed to seduce someone, being homely looking is nothing but an advantage for a secret agent. The supermodel looking ones that draw looks... draw looks.

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I am 5'6, I meet plenty of taller girls.

They prefer taller men.

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I don't mind 'fat' I'm big myself so I don't have any room to judge. However most the women I've met that are big, they're just nasty. Attitude and personality are just negative nancy.

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Mine have been the opposite.

The ones I know are very self aware and able to joke about it. Incredibly nice to be around.

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As a far bloke, I can easily say that most other fat blokes I've met have been pretty chill (jolly fat man stereotype seems true) but all the properly fat women I've met have been spiteful cunts.

The chubby ones tend to be on the line between "I'm perfect so fuck you" and suicidally depressed.

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The sense of humour is a defense mechanism - well, at least for me it is. I don't want to show people how much I truly loathe myself, nor do I want them to feel uncomfortable around me. My self-esteem is, and has been for many years, an utter wreck. I can respect some things about myself these days, but not my weight.

Hence I've lost 10 kg this year. I hope to get below 100 kg by the end of it. I'm 25 years old. I would very much like to be thought pretty. Fat chance, unless I get this weight off me.

I generally play a female dwarf fighter or male joke characters. I like making people laugh with me - then they're not laughing AT me.

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>Fat chance
Sorry, I laughed.

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I know it's going to sound really odd, but I've never actually met a fat woman who roleplayed. I met literally DOZENS of women who did, but at the very most they were slightly chubby. Most were actually verging on "skinny", if not anorexic.

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Oh Christ, this.

I'm generally pretty laid back and nonconfrontational. I'm nice to people. Just the way I am.

So in high school I held the door open for this one big girl. I hold open the door for people all the time.

She turned it into a huge deal. Actively searched for me between classes. Very odd, weird sensibilities, and horrific acne. I felt bad to tell her to go away because she was just pitiful. Ended up just avoiding her at all costs.

Being nice ain't all it's cracked up to be.

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Mission accomplished, then.

>> No.27986265


Hey, at least you're working at it and not trying to make everyone else change because of self-delusion.

Good luck with that. Hope you meet your goal weight.

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I distinctly remember some guy here posting about his cleric that he specifically made obese.

Apparently it was a problem because all the other PCs wouldn't stop making fat jokes. The bitch of it was the fa/tg/uy who made the cleric was the only thin person at the table. Imagine that.

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What I learned from this is "nice guy" syndrome is not actually limited to guys.

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Truth. Anyone with a lack of social grace and understanding can misinterpret general politeness for genuine attraction.

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I had one as well. She was just friendly with me most of the time, didn't think much of it.

My buddies came up to me one day in tears of laughter. She'd apparently said she was going to seduce me and in her words "ride him until I break him".
After that, I was Captain Ahab for the rest of the year.

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I like the cut of your jib.

>> No.27986307

Honestly, that sounds like it has more to do with the "high school" part than the "fat girl" part. People have all manner of emotional issues around then, and sometimes it manifests as a massive self-esteem issue. Since it's high school, most other people are dicks to the to cover their own insecurities, so it would be easy to attach to what seems like the "one nice person."

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I once played an assassin who looked like John Goodman. My reasoning was people will notice the dashing rogue in a tailored Italian tuxedo driving his Aston Martin way more than the fat, balding guy in a badly-fitting off-the-peg store-bought suit driving his boxy people-carrier.

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Shame, I'll never see them above the crowd.

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>I was Captain Ahab for the rest of the year.

>> No.27986324

"Thar she blows! The White Whale! Man the harpoons!"

>> No.27986333

I've witnessed it later in life as well. Not all older fat women become funny balls of personality.

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>captain ahab

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I played a fat lady once, was really fun. Pic somewhat related.

Turn out that people stop making fun of your fat ass when you can create earthquakes or sic a horde of dinosaurs on them.

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I wasn't a dick in HS, as much I didn't talk to anyone and ignored you till you left. I made it my business not to be in anyone's business and to be a shadow on the wall, just passing by. It worked, and now I don't keep in touch with any my former classmates. I got better friends.

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I played an Omniscient in Fates Worse Than Death once. It's an obscure alternative cyberpunk RPG with an amazing setting and really shitty mechanics, Omniscients are basically a gang of rich paranoids who are obsessed to the point of addiction with sensory augmentation. They want to know everything about everything always (they actually bought shares in spy satellites they can temporarily connect their bionic eyes to when they want). Anyway, because their senses are so good, they tend to be "fond" of all the finer things in life (partly because they enjoy them a lot more, partly because everything that isn't fine is completely disgusting to them). Their stereotypical look is an incredibly obese man/woman reeking of perfume to high heaven dressed in fine silks and complaining about the noise, and by god, did I play to that stereotype.

And it was awesome.

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The....what was it, Blood Mage? From Pathfinder was a take on the fat sorcerer, iirc. The principle was that if a sorcerer's blood is where the magic comes from, then if they have more blood, they'll have more magic reserves.
Easiest way to have more blood - be bigger. So get eating, nerd. Time to get some MAGIC.

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I am 6'8"

I get all the bitches

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I've seen "chubby but healthy", but morbidly obese characters of either gender tend to stay within the realm of NPCs.

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>morbidly obese Nosferatu
the implications are hilarious

>> No.27986442

What was the story about that guy who ruined a cliche Vampire group by making a broken morbidly obese vampire?

>> No.27986485

>2. Male players seldom play female characters, so female characters are rare.


>> No.27986501


Aged Wizard comes with experience. A fat girl is just a less physically capable novice.

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Eh, I think Wal-Mart would be a terrible place to start an Adventure, the party would have everything they need to win right there in the building.

Like THAT would stop anyone!


Mage Hand is a Cantrip while Unseen Servant and Floating Disk are both Level 1 spells...
...Though you'd need to be Level 3+ to use your disk to get around...

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Walmart World, whole setting based on the idea.

>> No.27986534


>old people are automatically more experienced and better at things

>> No.27986563

> You will never play a large, sassy, confident black woman who don't need no man.

>> No.27986566


Old people have had more time to do things.

Wizards get power from knowledge and reading.

Old Wizards have had more time to study and read.

Old Wizards are better at Wizarding.

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I'm 5,3 Damn it is strange the US measuring system. (162cm)

In my experience there is no real trend. But women here are usually my hight or shorter.

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Would a Sumo Wrestling Grapple Monk count?

Big and Happy like Volstagg, but just a huge mound of muscle surrounded by a thick layer of body protecting fat.

Maybe impliment some "unarmed strike" rules for AC, like a barbarians DR?

>> No.27986579

>Sumo Wrestling Grapple Monk

I wanted to do this but my GM threatened to shoot me.

>> No.27986585


>Old people have had more time to do things

Not if they have the same amount of points put into it.

>> No.27986599


Don't you read the rulebooks? Old people lose physical stats and gain equally in the mental ones.

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Very disappointing

10/10 would play (and have almost played) a Smough

Fat is packing foam, and packing foam is HP

>> No.27986619


While a book-loving fatty who spent his or her entire youth gets nothing?

>> No.27986646


They don't get nothing, they will get even smarter in age

>> No.27986658

>reeking of perfume to high heaven
You'd think with hyper-augmented senses they'd prefer subtler, more nuanced perfumes. Slathering it on would just be overwhelming.

>> No.27986662

Until the heart attack.

>> No.27986685


>Young Wizard who spends his whole life studying
>18 INT
Young Wizard who only spends half of it studying, but also makes sure to stay fit
>14 INT

>Old Wizard who spends his whole life studying
>Starts at 18 INT
>Raises to 22 INT by old age

>Old Wizard who spends his half his life studying, but made sure to stay fit
>Starts at 14 INT
>Raises to 17 INT by old age

Make sense?

>> No.27986714

Mister Bombardini.

I have a screencap, but apparently it's too big for 4chan. Which begs the question of how I got it...must've made it myself, but I don't recall doing so.

>> No.27986734

Fat person? Never played

About half my characters are female, one's a high schooler.

My male characters are either techpriests, warriors, or in one case, 98 year old sorcerers who are batshit insane.

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Somewhat related to this thread, do not ever google transfat and with anything that has to do with people or society that isn't about stuff in food.

>> No.27986789

I'd judge 10% of all RPG characters I've seen have been women played by men. This is my experience.

>> No.27986804

Only one guy in my group ever plays women. But it's rare he does.

Otherwise he goes for the least human option for a PC and roleplays the best damn whatever he picked he can.

>> No.27986810


Man, I was following this one girl on Tumblr. Transsexual working for NASA, makes some interesting and informative posts. Great stuff.

Went off the deep end about 3 months back and is now asking people for money so she can become a landwhale because she's got some retarded fetish for being fat. Mental issues out the wazzoo. Probably going to get fired (or perhaps she WAS fired, which would explain the begging) now.

It's just sad. And really annoying.

>> No.27986836

Trannies are mentally fucked.

It explains why most of them kill themselves before 40. The young ones claim it's "persecution" but I think it's because at some point that halfway convincing mtf will start losing his hair, look in the mirror and realize he mutilated his body because he "felt" he was "supposed" to be a woman.

>> No.27986840

I've never even seen a fat girl play a roleplaying game. Not even in the "pick up and play" awful campaigns that exist around the uni.

As a chubby chaser, this makes me somewhat sad. At the same time, I am fearful of hambeast stories that roam around the winds of the internet, so maybe it's for the best that I have yet to meet any.

>> No.27986857

My current character is a fat woman. But we're talking Barbarian here. So the idea is that she came out of the plains and started eating city food, packing on the pounds. So she's more Maori rugby player, and less American needs-a-scooter-to-get-around.

>> No.27986869


Because fat people are disgusting. Fat guys can get away with it by being jolly or gentlemanly, fat girls can get away with it by being grandmotherly or doting, but outside of those archetypes you won't see fat people because fat people are disgusting

>> No.27986875

I feel bad for those who do go through with the surgery and black market hormone injections.

They inevitably turn into ghouls.

>> No.27986882

Living in a world that is hostile to you cant help

>> No.27986894

I'm working on an asian tubby nerd chick obsessed with capes. She always idolizes the hero's life, but when she discovers a hidden power within she's thrust into a world that wasn't exactly how she dreamt it.

She's about this weight, but with a lil more tummy.

>> No.27986903

Not my fault that they think by cutting off their dicks and getting fake tits they can become a woman.

Also not my fault that 90%+ don't look convincing in the slightest.

>> No.27986906

He just doesn't understand why people think he's weird and reasoned his attraction to men must be because he's a girl.

>> No.27986914

Cool sumo stuff off the top of my head
>level 4 gains the cleave feat for Unarmed attack, but cannot use flurry of blows and cleave on the same turn
For big sweeping hand strikes
>level 5 and every 5 levels there after gains DR 5/-
>level 6 may grapple any creature regardless of size class without penalty
>level 8 gains the Power Attack feat for unarmed attacks
>level 8 may use power attack rule while grappled with a creature to throw that creature a distance of 5xSTR bonus feet, the thrown creature takes damage which would be equal to falling damage for the distance thrown.
>level 10 Has grown to Large size
>level 10 may grapple two or more creatures of any size class smaller than himself
>level 12 may grapple as part of a bullrush or charge attack
>level 20 has grown to Huge size

Probably crazy Unbalanced, but would be fun. Would want to get something like "As part of a power attack may push back enemies up to 10ft" and/or "may initiate a grapple after a successful hit instead of using flurry of blows" in there some where.

>> No.27986915

>Its not my fault for openly hating them
sure thing buddy

>> No.27986925

Yeesh, she was pretty cute until I saw her face.

>> No.27986932


i would prefer her to some skinny Girl.

And no, i'm not a Landwhale-hunter.

>> No.27986933

By hating the existing ones, I can discourage others from ruining their lives.

No matter how ugly you are, mutilating your genitals won't help.

>> No.27986947

If you are born into a body you don't feel you are supposed to be in, why wouldnt you change it? Defeatism isn't a good life style

>> No.27986952

Her static expression with the makeup and lighting isn't helping.

>> No.27986953

said the craterfaced neckbeard gentleman .

>> No.27986958

For what it's worth, it also doesn't help that they insist the world accept and support their delusions. When your perception is objectively detached from reality, the proper treatment is to get your perception back on track, not try to make reality resemble your warped perception. The fact that psychiatric medicine hasn't yet found an effective way to treat a delusion doesn't make the delusion any more valid.

>> No.27986960


>you played the little grill

>> No.27986964



>> No.27986968

15/10 would die of snuu snuu

>> No.27986971

If you are born into a body you don't feel you're supposed to be in, get your head checks and a scan or two done. They can tell you if you have a male or female brain, and the chances of the wrong brain is literally 10 million to 1.

For the other 100,000 trannies, it's just being sick in the head.

>> No.27986977

>mtf will start losing his hair
But that doesn't happen, you idiot.

>> No.27986979

There's defeatism, and then there's accepting reality and overcoming your mental illness. Rather different things, here.

>> No.27986980

Don't do this to my dick /tg/, please.

>> No.27986984


I feel like I'm supposed to be 6'4, handsome as fuck and African American.

But I'm not.

>> No.27986988

Bull. fucking. shit.
You CAN NEVER trust a skinny chef.

>> No.27987005

Except it does.

No amount of flooding your body with hormones will change what happened during puberty. Hormone therapy after puberty is futile at best, and self-destructive at worst.

Before puberty is another matter, but still highly unlikely to change much.

>> No.27987010

I have many more examples, but this was one of the few worksafe chubs I had on me.

>> No.27987014

nice a webcomic you sure told me
If you arent happy in the gender you are in, and you can afford it, why wouldnt you change your body? Im not saying people have one gay thought and should cut their dick off, Im saying after trying to get help and dicussing it with a doctor it seems like a pretty understandable thing to do. Honestly why live a sad life when you can be happier being who you are

>> No.27987018

I guess I have an excuse to post this now.

>> No.27987020

No Anon, you're the cause of all the "die cis scum" shit you're probably crying yourself to sleep over every night.

>> No.27987024


Where do you live? Valenwood?

>> No.27987039

Fat chefs eat half the food they're cooking and probably double-dip.
Thin chefs are too busy cooking to eat, because truly great cooking is hard work.

>> No.27987043

The thing is, do you accept who your physically are and just live and learn to deal with it or do you want to be who you are mentally, get expensive surgery and have to be on hormonal meds for the rest of your life?

>> No.27987047

Because by mutilating your body you only foster hate from others.

For every one retarded liberal that accepts you, there's 500 normal people that hate your guts for deception.

Well, if they really want it, they can take a square go and I'll give them right back 10x what they send my way.

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