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In my 40k...

>A general ceasefire exists amongst all intelligent races
>Fighting tends to be pirates, conflicts between imperial and traitor houses or xenos factions that do not represent their race.
>There is significant mingling of races on the largest of hub worlds, only the oldest colonies and homeworlds of races can be considered 'pure'
>Chaos segregated from the Imperial with a civil war that tore everything apart and culminated in treated that would never allow Space Marines such numbers again. They have their own worlds, follow their own gods and whilst there are occasional hostilities the trade between imperial and chaos planets is as important to both as trade with aliens. Neither seem too happy with it, but it's better than losing whole planets to skull cannons.
>Space Marines exist in small numbers and chapters more represent bloodlines and training. They travel the imperium searching for recruits and administering tests, helping to calm hostilities where possible. It is common to see individuals of multiple chapters working together and even sharing training responsibilities. Think of the oldest GW artwork, where a Blood Angel, Dark Angel and Space Wolf are all running around as a trio with some Arbites
>Technology is stagnant and misunderstood by the masses, but far from arcane. Secrets are kept more for the power granted by unique production to the great houses and specific worlds, the knowledge of the technologies workings the true secret.

Basically, I go back to the original influences of Dune and 2000AD with some Starship Troopers mixed in a little heavier than the gothic imperiu. I look to Rogue Trader and the early editions approached in seriousness instead of parody that eventually bloats into seriousness. I keep it as a large scope space opera instead of endless war.

So /tg/, how do you envision your 40k?

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Heavy in comedy if all sorts
because otherwise it would get boring

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I-I just f-follow the fluff anon...


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I-it's ok anon. W-we each enjoy in o-our own way.

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It is 42.002

When the great bells on Holy Terra chimed to signal the end of the 42nd millennium, the Emperor awoke. What words he spoke are known only to the High Lords of Terra, and of those who were present before the throne, barely half are still alive. Disagreements over how to interpret the divine Emperor's will have culled their numbers.

Although he is still far too weak to leave the Golden Throne, the Emperor's awakening has still affected his people. The Astronomicon now blazes a thousand times brighter, allowing for far more rapid transit through the Warp and uninterrupted communications across the Galaxy. Daemonic incursions across the entire Segmentum Solar have virtually ceased, and even the dreaded Shadow in the Warp cast by the Tyranid fleets cannot sever communications.

Mankind is in desperate need of such assistance however. As the Emperor awoke, the greatest bastion of humanity, the fortress world of Cadia, fell to the foul legions of Abbadon the Despoiler. Having achieved his objective however, the fractious nature of Chaos re-asserted itself, and the various warlords under the Despoiler's banner split, either to strike deeper into Imperial territory or to infighting. Cadia is now a war-torn patchwork of civil war, with Chaos lords fighting for dominance whilst the Imperium concentrates on intercepting the renegade warfleets that continue to strike out from Cadia and the Eye.

One year has passed. How many more will humanity receive?

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How do Orks fit into your world, OP? It seems like they need to fight, otherwise they become another faceless xeno.

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In my mind, my Tau are pretty interested in diplomacy but are on the brunt of the unknown regions where Tyranids seem to infest and world hop until ripe worlds are found and terraformed. They're far closer to Alien universe Xenomorphs for the bulk of interactions, with their worlds being more akin to the bugs of Starship Troopers. Necrons have blackout zones where people don't go, because nobody seems to come back after the first warnings to avoid their territory. Orks love this universe, because they can exist on every world, can fight anyone, anywhere AND get paid for it. Chaos have their own empires to deal with, some infighting but very much like the imperium but with a different pantheon and no issues regarding mutants and cross-breeding. Eldar are as nomadic as we know them but can occasionally call upon allies, Dark Eldar continue to hide in the webway and retain slavery and excess as more a focus than babytorture.

I see the chaos gods to how I first came to love them, by adding redeeming qualities. Nurgle is worshipped for protection from pain and disease, and also for encouraging growth and life. Khorne doesn't like mindless slaughter, he wants skill and readiness in his followers and to test them regularly.Inspiration from popular hunting codes, the 'no children, no pregnant women, they must have a weapon' attitude. Slaanesh can be excess in book keeping for all it cares, so long as you're devoting yourself to one thing so completely it takes it above and beyond. Tzeentch isn't bad as he stands, he likes things dynamic, he abhors stagnation.

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>Chaos segregated from the Imperial
>occasional hostilities
That's nice and all, but that's not chaos.

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In my 40k...

>Everything is like Dawn of War
>Blood Ravens are main protagonists
>Trazyn is the badass evil guy we hate and admire.
>If only he'd use his powers for The Emprah...(wistful stare)
>Tau and Techmarines are heavily featured as the brighter cyberpunk ala GitS and darker cyberpunk ala Neuromancer respectively. (I like robits)
>Eldar exist to swoop in and look cool. They are fabulously colored and have ridiculous 80's hairstyles.
>also to get their shit stolen
>They literally accomplish nothing
>Tyranids and DEldar really aren't featured unless their shit is gettin swiped

This is how 40k was meant to be enjoyed.

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>whole planets to skull cannons
>roving bands of berserkers destroying planets with the skulls of giants

i wasn't aware that berserkers were such a threat nor that they their skulls for destroying planets so easily. khorne must be pleased. though i wonder if this is good or bad for the skull economy

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The skull economy is in a massive surplus, they've introduced skull cannons that fire skulls that explode into smaller skulls. That's practically giving them away!

It is to me, an infighting faction that presents a uniform presence to outsiders and doesn't want to invoke the ire of larger and older cultures and species. A dark, twisted echo of the imperium of man that follows gods propaganda would have us believe want to kill all life.

>80's hairstyles

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while this is true you're also losing skulls due to planets exploding...

unless you use sorcery to turn rubble into skulls and keep the skulls from exploding as well. someone get me a sorcer- i mean warpsmith there's work to be done for scien- khorne!

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>The Emperor is awake
I'd imagine that morale is so fucking high that it puts Word Bearers to shame for lack of zealotry.

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Oh for sure. The word limit didn't allow me to put stuff like that in, but the general idea I wanted to do was that GW could advance the plot without fucking up the setting. Throw humanity a bone too; yeah they're hemmed in from all sides with enemies but this gives them that glimmer of hope. It will probably be snuffed out but it's still there.

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My 40k is essentially the same, warp travel is less dangerous and the imperial guard are less incompetent. Warp mishaps still happen and the guard still lose lots of lives but less retarded levels like every warp jump and every battle being dangerous and costly.

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>less retarded levels like every warp jump and every battle being dangerous and costly.
You mean how it normally is outside the big set piece campaigns that get all the attention?
Outside events like the Cyberdemon dying and massive fuckoff battles that the Imperium is losing like Armageddon, warp travel generally gets you were you wanna go, and IG usually are capable enough to win engagements that aren't the big 3 xenos.

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3 big Xenos?

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Wow your 40k is shit!
Congratulations, you managed to remove a lot of interesting stuff and make it a hell of a lot more generic

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I forgot to add, Space marines can't take entire planets on their own. 1000 dudes is to few.

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>My 40k is essentially the same

>mfw you made it distinctly different with one line

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Thank you! I like mine, you like yours, it's amazing that we can enjoy different things :)

What do you find interesting? What would you change for your 40k?

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Nothing. It is a masterpiece as it is. Sorry you're too inferior to enjoy the subtle irony of the baroque and the depth of the themes inherent to the nature of the universe and have to resort to reskinning Mass Effect.

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The thing about 40K is that its a mess and you get to rearrange it to whatever you want. Your interpretations of the setting are all valid and which is better is just a matter of opinion.

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Yeah of course you're entitled to your own opinion,
but it seems to me that most other sci-fi wargames do the whole, 'everyone is in an uneasy peace' status quo thing so much that I'm kind of sick of it.
Yeah the grimdark tone is pretty excessive, but most popular sci-fi is already space opera stuff, so making it more like Dune or 2000AD seems kinda pointless, why not like it for what it is?
I actually kind of like the fluff as it stands, apart from maybe the newcrons, and a few naff asides here and there.

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>I actually kind of like the fluff as it stands, apart from maybe the newcrons
>Not liking the Newcrons

Them are fighting words, primitive scum.

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I just ignore whatever Ward wrote.

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Rolled 5107

Tyranids, Necrons and Eldar?

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I get how they're much more interesting to play as now, but from a story perspective they seemed more interesting as an unknowable, faceless, force of nature

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>an unknowable, faceless, force of nature

Tyranids are Thattaway, anon.

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Pretty decent, wud play.

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ehh good point I guess

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If you need to retcon it that badly you might as well just make something new.

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Nice are a faceless horde bent on consuming everything and are entirely unnatural

There is a difference

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If GW had brain they would release 45k as a new game with new factions

The Imperuim finally has broken into three parts
ultramar (Space Marines with eltie humans)
the High Lords (the stuff we have now)
and Mars (smaller numbers of high tech)

Eldar has finally started to rebuild the Empire while Iyanden is its own group who follows the awaken Ynnead (taking the form of Mehlendri Silversoul, the first Eldar to have ever entered the infinity circuit)

Tau are still around now in the 5th phase
Necrons are fully awake
Orks are orks and Nids are much less of a threat due to Necorns (silent King) and Iyanden
Choas due to losses are still recovering

as a result of the new status quo the war is a lot less open and more smaller stealth missions ala a cold war, they're still major wars like when Nids or Orks attack

basically the new Necromunda that's able to scale to 40k size

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As an addendum to this >>27983403, wouldn't you have to constantly be find excuses for why your armies are fighting? Especially with your new space marines fluff making it hard to have an army of them.

In 40k you've got thousands of conflicts for worlds constantly, but in your version it kind of stretches the imagination as to how many 'incidents' there can be without war being declared,
or how such polar opposites as the imperials and chaos aren't at war, do they not hate each other in this 'verse?

Plus if most warring armies are 'pirates' or 'renegades' then how will they have the more advanced stuff? how do they maintain supply?
And how can you run a full campaign outside of a series of skirmishes?

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>the war is a lot less open and more smaller stealth missions ala a cold war

I was under the impression that most people like the giant war scale, see apocalypse

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do people play apocalypse?

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Many people are missing why 40k is 40k.
The scale of it, and the opportunities of conflicts it provides. The universe is so fuckhuge that any and every conflict and/or war you can imagine fits in there. Even if it is grey bloodknights (who were most likely executed after they got back from that murderhobo'ing).

plus, I like the lore a lot.

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this is good but
>the emperor is so weak he can barely command his empire
>there is a growing, hidden plot amongst the high lords of terra to put him back into a coma so they wont relinquish power
>the dark eldar have mysteriously stopped contact outside commorragh, nobody knows why
>the tyranids are slowly diminishing in number and it seems that their whole hive fleets have arrived inside the galaxy. much rejoicing occurred in the parts of the imperium that would have been consumed, and almost immediately after these worlds disappeared from the physical universe
>the tau are growing stronger and forming more alliances with the eldar and imperium

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Let's see what I can address for you. I don't deal in full armies for the most part, I don't approach this as a wagame focused only on armies and wars. I much prefer roleplaying, so every change I've made for my own incarnation of the fluff is dedicated to keeping things eased down from sector wide conflicts. I don't need to justify an army of marines, because marines show up scattered across most worlds and band together to join regular armed forces. Imagine an imperial guard legion with a dozen marines spearheaded specific areas, or a single marine assisting an arbites office for a week.

In my version there are many incidents, the larger factions largely content to play in the shadows, to fund such groups but deny knowledge or support of them officially. Imperials and Chaos don't get along, they're divided more from religion and how that influences culture though. You aren't born into one hating the other, but you're raised to distrust it and that festers over time. Those who turn from the imperium want the freedom and rewards of hard work. Those who embrace it want the security of the massive empire and the relative stability compared to the traitor empires bickering and rivalry. There is no open war between the two great factions, or any other great faction because when everybody goes to war, nobody can possibly win, you can only pray that you survive in some form that allows you to rebuild.

As for pirates and renegades having advanced tech, a massive inter-species black market and occasional unofficial support from the primary factions. Theft, own developments amongst criminal circles, etc.

Campaigns are fine, they're just not sector-wide conflicts or taking up entire species with the sword to smite their foes. Again, I approach this from wanting to play RPG's, not wargames. I know it's not for everyone, but it's what makes me far more interested.

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err yeah, they do, it's pretty fun.
Plus most other tabletop wargames are all focused on skirmish level, if that's what you want, then why not play that instead?

Like this anon said >>27983677 part of 40k's appeal is the scale

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hmm pretty good explanation. I mostly wargame and so this is probably why we differ.

I can see though how this could fit a roleplaying standpoint well.

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The Tau Empire is showing the first cracks as it expands further into known space...And finds unimaginable horror. Sterilization, brainwashing, mind control are the tools they use to try to firm their conquests, but they're building on a shaky foundation.

Millions of men of the Imperial Guard march to their deaths every day, and while there are countless Space Marine chapters - Every new Founding is weaker than the last, as they depart further from their genetic fathers. The Imperium weakens, but Chaos turns upon itself: At one point, there's always *someone* fighting *something*, be it the Imperium versus it, Chaos versus Chaos, or both sides doing battle with each other.

The light of the Golden Throne is going out, but no-one knows if the Emperor will wake up or die for good. Those in power are unsure which outcome will be worse, only that it will happen soon.

The Tyranids feast upon star systems, the Ork are locked in savage internecine conflict, the Dark Eldar grow increasingly desperate to feed She-Who-Thirsts (Because they need more and more souls to fill the hollow craving that drives them) and the Eldar are close to the brink of extinction.

Also, the Newcrons were a system error. They've mostly been purged, and the Oldcrons are bringing remorseless death across the stars.

The faiths of Chaos become more warped and blasphemous by the day: There are always more of them, emerging from the Warp and the Hell-worlds of the Eye of Terror, and they have their own fearsome Chaos Space Marine Chapters - All-new Foundings baptised in blood, so distant from humanity and basic sanity as to be utterly alien and utterly vile as the daemon-patrons they serve.

Basically, everything teeters on a knife-edge: But if you can hit your opponent a little harder, if you can withstand just a little more degradation, you might walk home with the victory after all.

Or maybe there is no victory, and everyone is going to die.

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oh and thanks for keeping it polite, sorry for the rather harsh start

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I agree with a lot of this. I like to imagine that, for most people, words like "Chaos" and "Imperium" and "Tyranids" are like what words like God, Devil or Boogie Man or for us. Most people will never see Chaos, they only see the Imperium in their government, and Tyranids and Dark Eldar are just bad stories told to children at campfires. If they even know what most of those factions are.

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So 4th edition all over again


also Newcron >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Oldcrons

Oldcrons are nothing without the C'tan

>> No.27983801

>Also, the Newcrons were a system error. They've mostly been purged, and the Oldcrons are bringing remorseless death across the stars.

Oldcrons are out in force today!

>> No.27983802


That's more like it. I like the idea that everything is basically going to shit, and I loathed the most recent edition of Necrons. They're just too dumb and cartoony to fit into the universe, which should basically be a boot smashing down onto a face forever.

>> No.27983815

>They're just too dumb and cartoony to fit into the universe

Exactly the same as any villain of the setting from Chaos Lords to the C'tan themselves.

>> No.27983819

I think newcrons would be better if they were more grimdark and didnt just completely retconn the oldcron lore like it never happened.

I hate to say it but if they would have copied the Scourge/Forsaken story from WC3 it would have been a lot better, just imagine oldcrons and scourge and newcrons as forsaken.

>> No.27983826

>oldcrons AS scourge sorry

>> No.27983849


Yeah, I use the old fluff for the C'tan. They're alien gods of unimaginable hunger, and the Necrons are their slaves. Tabletop-wise, I don't really have to change anything.

'C'Tan shards' are basically when the Gods turn from their dark endeavours, and place part of themselves onto the battlefield to take life personally. Sometimes, even a God likes to get his hands dirty.


I disagree. I feel that C'tan are played as a kind of fundamental terror: When you're lying awake at night, and you're thinking -

> "What if everyone around me hates me? What if they can see through the lies of competency I put up around myself?"
> "Someday, I'm going to die. What's being dead like? What if there's only an endless black abyss, the end of all existence for all time?"

And for Chaos Lords? The Crossed. You know that comic where an infection turns people into gleeful psychopaths? Not just zombies, but monsters that take a dark relish in despoiling everything that's good and right?

They're the Crossed without the black humour. Everything that is unimaginable to a human mind - The dark, awful thoughts that you conceal from everyone else - they'll do to you, in a heartbeat.

As Astartes, they can plumb whole new levels of atrocities. And they do, oh they do.

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Don't stress it! If I didn't want to hear other views, I wouldn't have started a thread on /tg/. If anything, people getting angry that other people want to change things is more amusing than upsetting.

That's actually a really cool interpretation, I like it! I like to think of it as how, say, religion is these days. Within every religion you're going to have angry people who want to be angry, religion or not, and you're going to have people who just don't care about other religions because they have their own already. It is a good point that for the most part, people wouldn't hear of most of the races and events, the largest factions would be known by name-only. I do like the idea that Dark Eldar alternate heavily between visiting worlds for trade and amusement and passing as craftworld eldar and exodites, or as faceless slavers roaming the void akin to Reavers.

Also want to chime in on the newcron oldcron debate. I loved necrons as faceless terminator-esque machines. I was split on how to approach them, until I combined both my ideas. I made them less human and humanoid, bodies are nothing after a millenia and so they take on forms vast and alien. They have personality, they plot and scheme and interact with one another. They can contact other races, all very much like newcrons. They cannot relate to us though. They are the eldest race, we have more in common with a tyranid than we do them. They are much better at appearing faceless, monolithic and unified to outsiders than chaos is, or even the tyranids again. If they deign to appear human, it is only because they will it to put you at ease like an adult using a puppet to teach a child.

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>Chaos lords make more chaos marines out of rape-babies from women trapped in cages
>C'tan are stars made incarnate that feed off the electrical essence of living beings and tricked an entire race into going inside giant horrifying factories to be painfully turned into soulless monstrous drones


>> No.27983873


> They're the Crossed without the black humour. Everything that is unimaginable to a human mind - The dark, awful thoughts that you conceal from everyone else - they'll do to you, in a heartbeat.

I don't want to live in your 40K-verse.

>> No.27983874

The Emperor's body is dead, and only arcane machines are keeping his spirit and soul bound to his skeleton. There won't be an Emperor awakening.

>> No.27983879

>They're just too dumb and cartoony to fit into the universe
What are you talking about they fit perfectly within it

Because by your logic the Lord of Skulls is fine and a God created by an orgy is fine

and Ork time traveling into the past to kill his past self is fine

But a Robot that collects shit in his museum is too much

>> No.27983888



But in all seriousness, I'm more playing off the in-universe belief that the Emperor will wake up at the turn of the millennium.

>> No.27983889


Orks are meant to be silly. Chaos can either be played for black humor, or played for sheer terror. The Newcrons are basically caricatures of the original Necron concept - A tireless, deathless army.

>> No.27983890

That would be more interesting, but something seriously "bad" would have to happen to turn the emotionless murdermachine oldcrons into newcrons though. Some kind of Necron mind virus or so?

>> No.27983896

But the comic Crossed is terrible

without the "humour" its so fucking boring because shock can only last for so long

I'm starting to think its past your bedtime only a 14 year old is this much a try hard

>> No.27983901 [SPOILER] 

>>C'tan are stars made incarnate that feed off the electrical essence of living beings and tricked an entire race into going inside giant horrifying factories to be painfully turned into soulless monstrous drones


I am the Deceiver. I am the master of melodrama and whimsical tricksty things and I did all for the lulz.

>> No.27983902

>They're the Crossed without the black humour
but that's what they exactly are, just with slightly less Horsecock.

>> No.27983912

Something like that. If it was related to Tyranid presence somehow that could be interesting.
Thats an interesting idea. I remember somewhere in the lore that the Dark Eldar enjoy posing as craftworld eldar to ruin their lighter-kins reputation just for the sake of being dicks

>> No.27983919


I am the Deceiver. I am the master of melodrama and whimsical tricksty things and I did all for the lulz.

>> No.27983922

You fuck off right now and never come back with your pony shit

>> No.27983929

the current reason for the oldcorns is that it takes a while for the systems to fully boot up the higher functions, namely the Lords personalities

those that can't are a result of system errors

ie their oldcrons because of hardware got fragged

>> No.27983948

maybe like, something involving the big shitstorm on mars that happened back during the horus heresy where the machine spirits got released, where some of those machine spirits got into necron tombs and possessed some of them?

>> No.27983949


You're actually right. Crossed is terrible: Most of it is shock-gore and a series of escalation. However, I feel that the original concept by Garth Ennis (I only liked the volumes he penned) has a lot of merit in describing the concept of Chaos.

They're not noble or antiheroic. They're terrifying, the end of civilization, the end of sanity. Dan Abnett does an excellent take on 40K, where hard sci-fi meets an irrational, insane world: There are things that literally cannot be explained by science in 40K, and Chaos is to human dignity what the Warp is to technology.

Personally, I always felt that having Chaos conquer a planet is basically like having the Crossed roll into a city. There are creatures doing *unspeakable things*, and you cannot comprehend why. You'll have to be mad to understand.

Worse, the taint is contagious. One bite and you're hooked, and you always want more.

Chaos is the last choice you'll ever make, because once you let it in, you won't be 'you' any longer. You'll be a giggling thing that treasures nothing, values no-one, and takes a horrid, lunatic glee in tearing down everything you once stood for.

The fact that Dark Gods are involved, and these dark gods can actually give you power, makes it even worse.

>> No.27983950

>hats an interesting idea. I remember somewhere in the lore that the Dark Eldar enjoy posing as craftworld eldar to ruin their lighter-kins reputation just for the sake of being dicks


Did anything here even read the fluff? Half the GrimDark ideals come straight form the main rulebooks

>> No.27983957

Not cartoony enough for you?

>> No.27983961

I just said thats what they do in the lore faget

I also had an idea for a Kabal with an almost communistic approach the promised to feed all the population of Commorragh with the souls of mortals in a weird noblebright kinda way. Then I tossed the idea for being fucking stupid

>> No.27983967


Yeah, it's a stupid idea.

The whole point of the Dark Eldar is: "MEMEMEMEMEMEMEME" and "Fuck you, I got mine."

>> No.27983970

>implying loki isn't based off a god from an actual mythology and that he was both funny and grimdark in that mythology
>implying that tricking people is only something that happens in cartoons

Hey you know who else liked to trick people? Remember in Oz when that Neo-Nazi guy offers the new inmate protection if he stays in his cell and then rapes him and forces him to wear drag? Wasn't that whimsical of him?

>> No.27983978

Yeah and even though its theoretically possible for some Dark Eldar to be slightly less evil than the others, you'd imagine they would just immediately get killed by everyone else before they even learned how to walk.

Plus the fun of playing DE is being an evil dick

>> No.27983987


nah I like the current "60 million years will result in a lot of shit messing up" asteroid, earthquakes ect those things can mess up and damage a tomb world, there robots can only do so much on there own

that's why you have things like warroirs phasing on a planet once every year but because they lack any attack orders they just walk around and be target practice for local pdf

one tomb world raids systems to gather resources for another world that isn't there anymore

even the ones that made it out ok arne't all there

that's why warriors screaming when they die is always describe as being so creepy

that's what Newcrons are shadows of the living, sure the lords laugh and have emotions but those aren't real they're imitations of what they remember of there old life

and this isn't headcanon this is straight form the codex and BL books

>> No.27984007

I meant cartoon Loki. He is to the original Loki, what the Deceiver is to Nyarlathotep.

>> No.27984026

okay that is actually pretty interesting
but how would that result in some necrons going against the c'tan? just cause their programming telling them to follow the c'tan got fucked up?

>> No.27984030

>da boyz krooze about da place krackin 'eads
>dark panzy slaverz show up and drag off a few of da weedier gits (serves dem rite) before we get ovva dere and krump dem good
>umie gits finked dey owned da place. now we own dere nice shiny dakka
>ran inna some puny eldar. sent half da boyz home and krumped dem with da ovva half.
>had a smackdown wit a few beakies. dem tuff as nailz dey iz, but a few licks from my choppa and dey not so tuff now

>wats happenin in da rest of da galaxy? who gives a zog!

>> No.27984043

Thats like, a million times better than "tomb kings in SPAAAAAACCE" or whatever

Which BL books can point me to more of this (gasp) actually interesting Necron backstory

>> No.27984051

>whats dis 'bout some humie back on der home rokk wakin' up? iz woke up dis morning n no one celebraeed dat
>zoggin' humies sure is werd

>> No.27984056

Try reading the ''Nightbringer''.

>> No.27984068


>> No.27984075

Cheers. Bought some cheapo Necrons (inc the Nightbringer himself) and was gonna sell them until I saw they have actually interesting fluff

All the fluff I've seen until now is just "hurr durr crazy evil fucks with infinite power and no downsides", now they seem kind of pathetic whilst *also* being crazy evil fucks with infinite power. Far more interesting.

>> No.27984081

In my 40k...
A Tyranid hive fleet have developed a 'beam resistant coating' on their shells, because I painted them green metallic.
>This is mostly because for some reason Lascannons tend to do sweet FA to them; they miss, fail to would, or I make whatever save I can.

There's a Tau cadre dedicated to preserving the (recent) past of the fire caste, and as such use many suits that are replicas of older models, albiet with modern systems.
>This is mostly because I like to kitbash gundam and other mecha bitz onto them.

There's a chapter formed from the geneseeds harvested and tested by The Inqisition dedicated to hunting Necrons, Chaos, and anything else that uses heretekical science.
>This is mostly because I liked Zero's color scheme, although I gave my SMurfs white belt buckles since I couldn't bring myself to paint white subligars (suibligaria? power armour codpeices).

>> No.27984086

my advice to you anon is if they dont have cool fluff, write up your own. You dont have to follow the story of 40k religiously. Take whats cool from it and replace whatever is lame with something thats cool

Thats why I like to imagine newcrons are just rebels/broken versions of the oldcrons.

>> No.27984125

I prefer to get involved in someone else's story than bore people with the backstory of "my army". The above Necron fluff really fuckin connects in a way the general "newcron" stuff I usually see doesn't come close to.

Plus I'm just not that imaginative I guess ;_;

>> No.27984137

That book is ridiculous.

>> No.27984145

I know, right?

>> No.27984154

It's got some UltraSMurfs loosing their cool and butchering some PDF traitors, then being terribly embarrassed at themselves. I always find humor in situations like that. Take for example when 'Bob' died in The Last Samurai; I was the only person in the theater to laugh at that.

>> No.27984155

its okay, we aren't all writers

>> No.27984157

Honestly I liked the Oldcrons beause they were different enough from the nids that they were a very serious threat.
A force that exists only to snuff out life. The nids convert biomatter into more nids, the Necrons just fuck kill everything, leaving worlds barren of life. Thats terrifying. They had no big commander like the nids do with the Swarm Lord or the Hive Mind, no enemy you can slap a target on in propaganda. Its just a silent force of death, sweeping across the universe.
There was no way to deter them like the Nids, theres no way to distract them like the Orcs, no way to shut them up like the Tau, no way to bitchslap them like the Deldar, no way to make them cry like the Eldar, and no way to nuke them from orbit like Chaos. They were a nightmare for the Imperium, and now they seem to me more like...that really annoying uncle everyone has. Yeah sure if he gets drunk hes a huge threat to the safety of everyone, but if you keep him away from the booze, he just sorta sits there in the corner talking about Vietnam.
Also seriously fuck C'tan shards. What the fuck is that bullshit?

>> No.27984188

>Also seriously fuck C'tan shards. What the fuck is that bullshit?
That actually makes much sense.
Because that limits a powerlevel of what you bring to the table.
Look at others.
Chaos has greaters who are fragments of the gods, eldar has avatars who are fragments of the gods and now necrons who have ACTUAL GODS INTACT. That was just overpowered both fluff- and crunchwise.

>> No.27984225


>Also seriously fuck C'tan shards. What the fuck is that bullshit?

Yes because it made far more sense to have a 300 point STAR VAMPIRE GOD FROM THE DAWN OF TIME on the tabletop. No matter how you twisted it, it always felt weird to see the Nightbringer die to a power fist.

On a somewhat related note, I'm still to this day unsure as to why so many people are buttfrustrated about newcrons. You want to still play your mindless space zombie robots who exist only to purge life style Necrons? Well they specifically included fluff that lets you do EXACTLY THAT. It's the best of both worlds. People who wanted a change to the fluff get that, and people who liked the old fluff can keep using it.

Why is this so difficult?

>> No.27984230

Having read quite a few Discworld novels in my time I'm going to have to disagree.

>> No.27984243

>A force that exists only to snuff out life

They weren't. They existed for a singular purpose which was ''FEED THE C'TAN''.

They wanted to enslave and farm life and not exterminate it.

>Yeah sure if he gets drunk hes a huge threat to the safety of everyone, but if you keep him away from the booze, he just sorta sits there in the corner talking about Vietnam.

Good thing Newcrons can be everything you want.

>Also seriously fuck C'tan shards. What the fuck is that bullshit?

Cool models.

>> No.27984245

its just so...lame in comparison
Who says that the actual gods HAD to be stronger than the shards of the Chaos or Eldar gods? Im pretty sure that gods have varying powers, like Hestia isnt gonna be getting in a fistfight with Ares any time soon.

>> No.27984259

As you see from this thread, Oldcronfags are actually C'tanfags.

They want the Codex C'tan back.

>> No.27984267

Except Nightbinger was a match for living Khaine.

>> No.27984283

And Asuryan too.

>> No.27984292

There's clearly some relationship between these two.

>> No.27984295

im like the only fuck who remembers this
the necrons wanted to wipe out life but mostly just because it fed the c'tan. that was the older and much more realistic reason that they went into hibernation in the old lore; they could have totally destroyed all life if they wanted to. they were just being smart about it and waiting for the galaxy to restock on its flesh treats. it also made them significantly more terrifying. they didn't even see mortal races as actual threats. it wasn't really even a battle. there was no contest. it wasnt even extermination. it was just them culling the fields. thats how powerful they are.

>> No.27984312

>the 13th black crusade has taken Cadia, and it looks like Terra will be lost
>the emperor awakes
>he is still bound to his chair and a hungry skeleton, but he can speak and manifest his powers in the physical universe again
>the loyal primarchs return to his side
>the loyal primarchs throw the 13th black crusade back into the eye of terror, and Cadia is restored
>the emperor here's of the nid's, and slightly alter's the Astronomican, throwing the main fleet of course into the cold vacuum of nothing
>Imperial morale is at maximum overhype
>a new great crusade is announced, with the primarchs at it's head

>> No.27984333

Metal Tyranids

>> No.27984343

Wasn't this also retconned to say khaine kicked 7 shades of shit out the nightbringer

>> No.27984346

pretty similar. few changes.

the space marine chapters are each 10 times the size, and have an additional unit of organization. so there are 10 dudes to a squad, 10 squads to a company, 10 companies to a XXXX (not sure what a good name would be. cohort maybe? sounds kinda gay though) and 10 cohorts to a chapter. each cohort is basically its own in independant army, and is responsible for supplying itself, has the same organization as the current chapters etc. also, there is no stated amount of chapters (1000 in current fluff i believe). i just don't think the canon number of space marines makes sense, especially when a quite legal, standard IG army on the tabletop can shoot an entire company off the board in 1 turn.

the ultramarines are the most powerful space marine chapter and the most powerful organization in the imperium after the mechanicus and the administratum, due to the fact that there not really just the ultramarines, all of their successor chapters have really close ties and are pretty much more loyal to them than the rest of the imperium. Macragge is pretty much the stronghold of the eastern fringe, and is the closest thing to a non-grimdark, sensible place in the imperium. there are whispers of secession.

the tau empire is orders of magnitude larger. their still tiny compared to the imperium, but the tiny fucking speck they are makes no sense, and as they are canon, they should have been crushed years ago. instead, they should take up like an entire arm of the galaxy on the eastern fringe. expand the damocles gulf warp storm so that it basically cuts that arm off from the rest of the galaxy, and thats why they were able to develop into such a large empire. they are the largest non-imperial empire in the galaxy by far.

also, the IG should be the starting point and protagonists of the fluff, not the space marines.

other than that, pretty much the same.

>> No.27984359

Yes he did but they were at least equal.
> mfw eldar gods vs c'tan will never be mentioned again

>> No.27984368

The story was only told once, and in it Khaine defeated the Nightbringer. Funny thing is Oldcron fluff in general depicted the C'tan as actually struggling against the Eldar gods, and now we have FFG saying the latter can be killed by Phaerons.

>> No.27984374

But we got mentions of Necron Overlords fighting Eldar Gods and winning.

So it's okay.

>> No.27984378

oh yeah also.

the space marines shouldn't be able to do everything. they should focus on what they are meant to be, a rapid shock force that suddenly drops directly on top of the objective, takes it, and moves on. no getting bogged down.

also, fuck the newcrons right off. the oldcrons weren't perfect, but they went the wrong way with newcrons. they should have gone the other direction, more inconceivable lovecraftian death machines from the dawn of time. less 2spooky4u egyptian skeletons in space. in fact, get rid of the entire 'were a living race that got tricked into becoming metal slaves'. just make them fucking robots. also, the C'tan should be dialled back, make mention that the necrons MIGHT serve some ancient unknown force, throw the word C'tan around, but thats it. the necrons existing solely to feed the C'tan souls was stupid.

instead, everything about them should be uncertain, no one knows what they want. they just turn up and wreck shit. any hint of a purpose is just conjecture. could hint at a bunch of things, like maybe their the garbage disposal of the universe, wake up every 60 million years and wipe out all life when there gets to be too much of it etc. etc.

i always hated that the technological masters of the universe had to wait for the C'tan to tell them it was a good idea to become robots, when they fucking created the technology. so fucking stupid

>> No.27984393

Nightbringer was the guy who has introduced the Worf Effect in 40k.
60kk years before dark millenium he has already used his immortality to die at hands of eldar gods several times.

>> No.27984404

>The Imperium of Man.
Our Empire. His Empire.
Unification. Progress. Hope.

Holy Terra, the cradle of humanity, now a dead husk. The oceans dried out centuries ago. The palace; a tomb for our Emperor.

The arch-traitor split the galaxy in half with his heresy. His followers make sacrifices of us to their dark gods.

Technology has stagnated. That which is lost cannot be replaced. That which is forgotten can never be relearned.

The Tau expand and euthanize in the name of the "Greater Good", oblivious to how small their empire is.

Eldar attacks are more common. They're a dying species, grown desperate. They believe martyrdom is the only way to save themselves, and when the last Eldar dies a new god will be born to save them.

Tyranid invasions come regularly now. The map is shrinking. We've lost contact with 1/8th of the outer worlds. The endless hunger. The terror from beyond.

The Necrons have awoken. They're everywhere now, in uncountable numbers. Invading, enslaving, and vanishing. We don't know where they came from. We have no defense or plan of attack.

The Orks couldn't be happier. They'll fight with anyone and laugh while the galaxy burns around them.

Humanity has lost. Every citizen, guardsmen, and marine knows it.

There is no peace amongst the stars.

There is only endless war.

>> No.27984407

> that whole thing about souless robots
Do you realize that would be most boring army to play?
That was the reason newcrons was invented.

>> No.27984410

Apparently, he infected Khaine with it.

>> No.27984420

>and now we have FFG saying the latter can be killed by Phaerons.

Newcrons are that badass.

>> No.27984431

I wonder if they will introduce a phaeron named Asshotekh.

>> No.27984450

...It's more likely than you'd think, since we already know there's at least one person working at FFG who loves his epic memes.

>> No.27984458

> gauss grenades
Every time.

>> No.27984474

Finger crossed for Xeno making it in one of the FFG books.

>> No.27984523


D-does that Necron lord have Down's Syndrome?

>> No.27984537

Nyarlathotep you say.

>> No.27984618

>Which BL books can point me to more of this (gasp) actually interesting Necron backstory

The 5e rulebook and 5e codex you dense motherfucker.

>> No.27984713


>Which Games Workshop books can point me to more of this (gasp) juvenile 'The Mummy Crossover' Fanfiction?

> The 5e rulebook and 5e codex you dense motherfucker.

>> No.27984740

Why do you guys even play 40k if you want to remove everything that makes 40k what it is

>> No.27984778

It's all from the codex and rulebook though, if (gasp)faggot had actually read them he'd have known that.

>> No.27984783


>the custodes are standing on guard at the golden throne as they have been doing for over ten thousand years
>suddenly, they hear a loud creaking noise behind them
>startled, they immediately draw their power spears, crackling with deadly energies as they spring to life
>much to their surprise, the golden giant on his golden throne starts moving
>one of the custodes drops his weapon and falls to his knees, muttering "The emperor... is awakening..." over the secure vox channels
>all of the custodes who hear it drop whatever they were doing and rush to the throne room
>as they stand there gasping in awe at what is happening, the emperor opens his eyes and says "DON'T JUST STAND THERE! GET ME SOME FUCKING ASPERIN, I HAVE A MASSIVE HANGOVER

>> No.27984791


>orks and dark eldar go around robbing and looting people blind

>> No.27984829


Nope, it's all one big creature that creatures drones. They don't really possess intelligence on their own. They're like terminals and the hive mind is the mainframe.

>> No.27984838


Not really. Grey Knights are one of the few factions that are allowed to know about daemons and the existence of chaos gods. Those sisters would have been killed afterwards anyway.

>> No.27984896

>who were most likely executed after they got back from that murderhobo'ing

Most likely according to who? No way would they execute an entire brotherhood for ganking some space nuns.

>> No.27984949

9/10, beside myself with rage.

>> No.27985269

>The Imperium is a mighty, blind beast, but its edges are fraying fast
>Independent human empires spring up like mushrooms along the holes in the Imperium's map
>The very largest hold perhaps a few dozen worlds and a few dozen ships, and few live long, but their very existence betrays the sickness of the Imperium
>The Space Marines are rare and mythical. Even seeing one is cause for alarm and/or awe
>The Eldar are savage, brutal warriors feared by everyone because of the sheer cruelty both types display.
>Orks are the one constant in 40k. EVERYONE has fought orks, even nobody races living on a pimple of rock in the halo stars
>The tau expand relentlessly, acting like a mix of Imperial China and Imperial England.
>Chaos, Tyranids, and Necrons are shoved into the background because I don't find them very interesting.

>> No.27986057


>> No.27986237

In my 40k. . .

>There are no chaos gods, only the warp. There are similar entities, but ultimately it's an everchanging mess of sentient thoughts and emotions fighting for dominance. Rather than something set in stone.
>The Emperor died, the high lords of Terra are simply covering this fact up.
>The Xenos races are now a credible threat, rather than cardboard cutouts that die to marines in convoluted ways.
>To counteract this, the Inquisition is now competent and imperial factions actually listen to them. As they are one of the few bastions of no nonsense.
>The Space wolves no longer exist, the foreseen civil war when the Inquisitiorial fleet wiped them out for their transgression during Armageddon never happened. Instead Astartes took the lesson to heart and fell right into line.
>Ultimately the Imperium is too large and fractured to really have any uniformity in understanding of technology, religion and such.

The gist of it is that I got fed up with Imperium wank and black library books. So whenever I run 40k games, I just run a different type of fanwank. But it works for me.

>> No.27986241

>Khorne doesn't like mindless slaughter, he wants skill and readiness in his followers and to test them regularly.Inspiration from popular hunting codes, the 'no children, no pregnant women, they must have a weapon' attitude

How retarded can you be to claim that you're going back to rogue trader and earlier editions when you post this straight up hippy shit. Seriously it's embarrassing and so is your interpretation of 40 K.

Just go back to playing World of Warcraft.

Also this entire thread proves that although the writers for 40 K maybe bad they're not even a fraction as terrible of what 40 K would be if we let other people like OP in on it.

>> No.27989766

>my canon can beat up your canon!

>> No.27991417

ITT: Oldcron faggots get turbomad about how shit their faction was bloo bloo bloo

Get wrecked, my Necron commander is a potty british general who glues a mustache to his skeletal metal face and you can't do shit about it

>> No.27991626

So nothing like call of duty? Honestly this is more like Halo after the third game.

>> No.27992996

In my 40k:
>The Imperium is barely present on about half of the worlds, it's just that it provides guide lines, Imperial Cult maintenance and laws that they entrust to planetary and system governors with hopes they listen, if not, civil war on their asses.
>The Imperium doesn't kill millions of people all willy-nilly-billy like. Because its infrastructure is so fragile that committing more atrocities then needed is a bad idea.
>Chaos actually has its upsides, as in, they aren't all completely evil, they still have emotions, just a lot of them are evil incarnate and those are the ones the Imperium focuses on for dogma purposes.
>The Tau actually have a insidious agenda that has the interests of the Tau(and only the Tau) at heart. They are using the other species as pawns.
>Orks are capable of co-operation with other races, or at least the freebooters if the situation demands it or if there are resources.
>The Newcrons are still soulless and malicious, but in the guise of their past personalities. One or two lords may or may not try to manipulate some races either directly or through puppets.
>Space Marines still have a human mind set but it is warped so badly that their actions and intuitions may not be understandable until some time later or from a different point of view.
>Machine Spirits are A.I. that are so fucked up that they themselves believe are machine spirits along with the Mechanicus.
>There are some actually competent people out there.

>> No.27993196

bleh, in my 40k, Tau are the "good guys" in that they arent "lul genocide for the lulz". Emperor was actually a pretty cool dude who wasnt a grimdark lulzbuttpirate for genocide and just wanted humanity to grow, inquisition are the bad guys throwing humanity into countless for their own prestige and to maintain a ruling grip on all those worlds (you kn ow, like crusades era vatican). Eldar arent nearly as extinct as they think they are, as imperial worlds cut off from the imperium for centuries make deals to integrate eldar into thei societies and exchanging tech/manpower so that both groups may defend themselves.

Chaos gods a little less grimderpy, more slaanesh is just excess in anything, tzeentch is dynamism, nurgle is growth in all forms, and khorne is bloodshed yes but specifically war and the honor involved.

and then the fun change, Salamanders secretly are bro-tier with some orc warbosses, riding in with Imperial guardsmen on the back of Ork suicide-warbuggies spouting flamethrowers everywhere and generally being excessively green and burny.

fuck DEldar, fuck necrons, not really fond of either. also at some point space amrines realize there ebing dicked by the inquisition, so they kill them, usher in an era of prosperity for the imperium by allying with the Tau and Eldar, and proceeding to show the tyranids and orcs the true meaning of grimdark.

somewhere along there the average hive city starts looking like your average game of shadowrun as far as the appearance of general population.

>> No.27993293

>fuck DEldar, fuck necrons, not really fond of either. also at some point space amrines realize there ebing dicked by the inquisition, so they kill them, usher in an era of prosperity for the imperium by allying with the Tau and Eldar, and proceeding to show the tyranids and orcs the true meaning of grimdark
That's kinda... meh.

>> No.27993543

yeah, its meh, i just cant think of anythying better to do with my seething hatred of the high lords of terra, the inquisition, and all their corrupt bullshity shit. like seriously, the simple 3 or 4 things humanity could do (mostly involving trying to be friends instead of "lulz murder death" against anything diferent than "lul human") are the few things the Inquisition say are bad to do they they wont actually do (since everything ELSE sthey say is bad to do, theyll go ahead and do as long as it fucks everyone BUT them up).

like just seriously, fuck terra, Emperor could no way in hell have been the level of nazi the inquisition is if he managed to actually unite humanity, and his teachings coudlnt possibly have involved "war against all nonhumans forever until extinction" because if im recalling lore coorectly the emperor WASNT a complete retard, a couple allies better than only enemies, that kinda strategic common fucking sense.

>> No.27993629

In my head there's no Eye of Terror, but many smaller warp storms that play host to Chaos warbands and raiders, more like the Reavers in Firefly. They're also accompanied by the Dark Eldar, who no longer inhabit some weird in-between where they're not servants of the Ruinous Powers but just as bad. They're full-on corrupted. Some sectors of space are lost entirely to the Nids, and the Necrons are a nearly mythic force that will wipe out a planet's population for reasons known only to themselves, then disappear for years at a time. Orks can only reproduce on planets where there's been a sufficient amount of orkoid life for a long enough time: a few spores is no longer game over, reset the environment. Otherwise they're pretty similar to their canon depiction.

Craftworld Eldar aren't quite the pricks they are in canon, and the Tau don't have that contrived sinister side. Both are still treated with suspicion by humanity, and the feeling is mutual. But there are genuine efforts sustained cooperation. Exodites don't give a fuck so long as you're not threatening to blow up their planet.

IG recruitment is slower, abhumans are more generally accepted as a case of "well, shit happens" and bear little stigma (unless genetically unstable), the Astartes are still living force multipliers that serve the interest of humanity but they serve in a much more flexible manner and cooperate more with other Imperial assets, the AdMech are less dogmatic and more scientific in their approach to technology, and the Sororitas are capable of compassion towards things that aren't hostile xenos or Chaos. Still not a guarantee, but whatever.

There is an overall reduction in the obsession with purity and xenophobia.

It will never come to pass.

>> No.27993666

>the actual written canon is better than your feeble attempts at attempting to turn 40k into yet another generic and boring sci-fi!

fixed that for you bud

>> No.27993796

in my 40k:

>war is felt on each and every planet either directly through being the battleground of a war, or indirectly through the mad dash to supply those armies with whatever equipment or essentials the planet can offer, and the constant flow of returning vets and/or "pine boxes" as they are sometimes called.
>technology is stagnant and the on some planets is seen as mysticism, the techpriests are among the few demographics that understand that it is science, not magic, but often that is not enough because even they do not fully understand the sciences of the imperium's more advanced devices and do not have the luxury of time to rediscover those sciences naturally. though they can still build the devices.
>the 'machiene spirit' describes an actual AI used in some of the more complex machinery to aid operators, it is very primitive and barely self aware and requires rituals and offerings to keep it happy and obedient. basic tech devices do not have a machine spirit.
>the imperium's domain only extends to those worlds with human populations, they would normally have little interest in planets with are exclusively xenos in nature but as so many of the alien species they've encountered have been overly aggressive this policy is rarely seen.
>the only xenos which have built any kind of peaceful relationship with the Imperium are the Eldar and the Tau, even then this is shaky at best.
>the people of the imperium are aware of the Horus heresy and the betrayal of the traitor legions, but are unaware that there have been chapters that were excommunicate since.
>the inquisition is more of a shadowy organization who pride themselves on subtlety and precision, the order of exterminatus can only be ordered by an inquisitor, which they almost never do because it usually means the end of their career, (perhaps even their life if is found out that it was ordered as a result of gross incompetence). kriptman is currently being pursued for charges of heresy.

>> No.27993961

>the space marines are held up as heros and paragons of valor and virtue for the rest of the imperium to follow, though few have actually seen a space marine, all know their image.
>space travel is more common place and is far more predictable than is often thought (though turbulence in the warp is not unheard of).
>most imperials value life and typically carry an attitude of "we're all in this together" truly selfish and malicious individuals are often social outcasts and pariahs as they are typically portrayed as a liability and 'aiding the enemy' through their selfish acts, these people are often great fodder for chaos.

at least this is my 40k

>> No.27994063

oh yeah
>mutants as a result of adaptation are welcomed, mutation as a result of pollution they are pitied, mutants of the warp are investigated, if touched by chaos but are not controlled by it are released to be pitied, those who have embraced the chaos are roasted.

>> No.27994577

In my 40K...
Just about everyone in the Imperium know somewhat (on a subconscious level, at least) that they're fucked. Only the High Lords of Terra, the Inquisition, and the Emperor know just how really fucked they are. This causes everyone to fight even harder than they believed possible.
Because even though the Imperium is on its last legs, that Chaos might eventually drown the galaxy into its own blood, the Orks might triumph and just fight until come extinction, that the Tyranids will eventually omnomnom everything and move on, that the Necrons will just enslave all species for their own incomprehensible needs...
Despite all of the above, Humanity will do anything and everything to lift up one last middle finger to the cosmos before things REALLY goes to shit.
Ave Imperator, motherfuckers.
>Kinda like a HFY thread, I realize...

>> No.27995190

Your 40k sucks!

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