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Beginning next week I will have a lot of free time in the evenings. I'm bored with Netflix and Anime. Every so often I still check YAFGC, OotS, and Goblins (ugh) but I used to read others that I don't even remember.

What do you folks recommend? Fantasy, Modern Fantasy, gaming related, serious, funny, whatever: as long as it's well done. I have been out of the loop for so many years I don't even know what's good anymore.

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Broodhollow: cosmic horror adventure in newspaper comic style
Erfworld: How /tg/ became a warlord
Nimona: A fantasy villain and his shapeshifting Henchgirl, also sharktits

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Not entirely /tg/-related, but I'm enjoying Paranatural.

www.Paranatural.net I think is the website.

It's good if you don't mind goofy somewhat animu stuff. It just started this year, and the author seems to still be setting the scenes. New comics come mondays and fridays.

There's always QuickStart, that 4koma about cute girls playing japanese tabletops.


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Also Unsounded
Gunnerkrigg is good
String Theory
Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
Awkward Zombie
Kiwi Blitz
Hark, a vagrant
Rice Boy (and the others by the same artist)
Help Us Great Warrior!
Ava's Demon
Cucumber Quest has some cool moments
I'm digging VIBE

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I've got two for you to read.

Tower of god. A story about a man making a journey through the realms of ultimate power to find one girl.

Kubera. About a girl with the name of a god.

Both quite good and both long enough to keep you reading for a while.

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did you ever read turn signals on a land raider OP?

Because its pretty damn funny

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It's by Chris Straub.
Was good for the first chapter. It's gone to shit though.
Art is crap.

These are all, completely and without qualifier, good.

>String Theory
Slow updates.
>Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
Sometimes feels like it's trying to hard.
>Awkward Zombie
Always feels like it's trying too hard.
>Hark, a vagrant
A lot of faux-intellectualism, and the author's questionable views seep into the comic at times.
Gets pretty tedious after a while.
>Rice Boy (and the others by the same artist)
A bit on the 2deep4u side. Still a solid read though.
>Help Us Great Warrior!
Precious as fuck, tries too hard and radiates tumblr.
>Ava's Demon
Good art. Story tries too hard to be mysterious and overexplains at the same time.
>Cucumber Quest has some cool moments
But it's saccharine as fuck, if you enjoy it you probably already have diabetes.
>I'm digging VIBE
The art and text are neither exactly easy reading though, the colors are fucking crazy and everyone speaks in a different dialect, which is transcribed.

>Kiwi Blitz
Not familiar with this one, it's going on the backlog.
This been on my backlog a fair while now. I'll get to it one of these days.

Not bad, but far from high art. A campy little fantasy slice of life.

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Just to make it a little easier since they're translated in multiple languages there, here's the first page of tower of god.

And here's the first page of Kebera.

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Negative. I'm not really into 40k but the premise sounds amusing so I'll have to check it out.

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Dominic Deegan is an old one. The art is "bad", but you should be your own judge. Orcish girlfriends, violence, and humor. Just visited the website and apparently it has actually finished sometime in may.

Getting kinda tired so I'm just going to shove a couple other ones down your throat.

>jester girls

>spoon guys

>none spoon guy and dog

>maybe spoons?


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>Dominic Deegan

God, no. That's one of the single worst victims of drama syndrome in history, and the art is absolute shit.

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Some notable stuff that hasn't been mentioned yet:

>Guilded Age
Gets tedious, though.
>The Adventures of Dr. McNinja
Quite silly, if you're into that sort of thing. It's been losing its edge lately, in my opinion.
>Schlock Mercenary
Good space opera, art is primitive and punchlines often weak, but story is good and science is consistent.
Cheesy anime-ish storyline. Art and story passable, can't say any better than that. But it advertises on 1d4chan, which is a point in its favor from my perspective.

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If Jap stuff is being brought up, One Punch Man is the best there.

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Depends on what you're looking for, nobody can fault the writing but the art is pretty weak in the original, and even the redraw isn't full color.

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OP here, I checked this one out ages ago and remember it being offensively bad.

But then, I still read Goblins, so take that as you will.

Thanks guys and gals, this thread is jogging my memory. Is Girl Genius still good? The Jaegermonsters amused me to no end.

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Rusty and Co


Adventures of a DND team comprised of mobs including mimic, one of those rusteaters and.... a third one.

Including a cast of quirky characters who all have some funny/clever twist on DND archetypes/game mechanics, also they are all girls.

I remember this being pretty good.

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Our Intrepid Crew

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>One Punch Man
>Bad art

... wait, what? Are you thinking of a different manga? You have to be.

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Dominic Deegan FINISHED?!


Is the creator finaly over with his "im gonna make this forever" thing? Goddamit, it ran for, how much - 12 years?

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I'm going to second Unsounded. The art is great, the story filled with a suitable level of gruesome and darkness, the setting quite fleshed out. It also updates three times a week without fail.
Last time I read Girl Genius was years ago, but it's probably still really good.

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Yeah, okay the third one was a slime, so there you go.

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>Good art. Story tries too hard to be mysterious and overexplains at the same time.
You forgot the terrible pacing. That shit moves slower than the tide.

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There are a few that fall flat, about the same or maybe less than Manly and Awkward.


I've enjoyed the ride so far. It's easy to auto-pilot through slow parts and they have a good combo of mystery and character drama imo.

>Ava's Demon

I didn't get a sense of this at all. It's pretty much character based plot and doesn't ask that you know more than what you can infer from the world and what they say.

> Cucumber Quest

They managed to pull some stuff with the villain that is nice to see and it looks like they are really winding up for some shit so I'm wondering how far down the rabbit hole it goes.


I haven't really had any problems with the art but the Jamaican guy does cause me to re-read more lines than I would like.

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>Schlock Mercenary
>Primitive art
When did you last read it? Because it's improved massively over the early strips.

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Well, the original is a webcomic and not a manga at all. I think you're probably thinking of the redraw.

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>When did you last read it?
Couple hours ago. Primitive doesn't necessarily mean bad, depending on taste, but it's nowhere near the complexity or stylistic sophistication of a lot of what's being discussed.

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>Hark, a vagrant
>A lot of faux-intellectualism, and the author's questionable views seep into the comic at times.

You mean, it has 'intellectual' content, in that the author takes inspiration from literature and history.
Also, you seem bothered by the notion that an artist would express her views through her work. This is a late-stage sign of terminal autism, and I recommend you seek medical advice.

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>You mean, it has 'intellectual' content, in that the author takes inspiration from literature and history.
You could say it that way.
>Also, you seem bothered by the notion that an artist would express her views through her work.
Well, "look how right I am" doesn't generally make for good entertainment. But regardless of my personal opinions, it's a salient point in a recommendation thread.

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Okay, no, sorry, that was not the most polite of me. I mean, I stand by the meaning of what I said, but my tone was out of line. Unreserved apologies, there.

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This is 4chan, you stupid cunt.

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/tg/ is at least occasionally polite

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>Art is crap.

You are too much.

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"Art is horribly stylized" then.

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Thirded for Unsounded. The author also reportedly has a 30 page buffer so even IF things suddenly fall apart we've still got another 30 pages to read.

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I tend to look at it as kinda a guilty pleasure, or as a parody. Haven't really decided which yet.
The jaegers are hilarious

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Dead Winter
>Smalltime cafe waitress surviving the zombie apocalypse.

The Dreadful
>Cute tiefling girls doing cute tiefling things IN THE OLD WEST. FUCK YEAH.

Darths and Droids
>It's fucking Darths and Droids GO READ IT RIGHT THE FUCK NOW.

Fey Winds
>Cute fox girl, elf chick suffering chronic possession syndrome, and some sword guy go on ADVENTURES.

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>yet another fantasy gamer comic

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It was already mentioned before, but goddamn Cucumber Quest.

>> No.27965540

>commissioned comic

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I'm with this guy though, what do you all think of Dresden Codak?
I find it hilarious that the guy's able to be a full time artist and he only puts out a comic every two months. Still, the art's amazing and I'm going to re-read everything once it's over to get an actual sense of what's going on in the story.
Related: anyone running Dungeons and Discourse?

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Drowtales has some good art and story.

>> No.27965565

He complains of being poor quite often on Twitter though. Like, just above the poverty line poor

>> No.27965571


I think it's pretentious and obtuse, but not terrible.

>> No.27965586

Also it updates maybe once every four months now.

>> No.27965593

It was good until that fucking robot arc. Dropped it somewhere in the middle of that clusterfuck.

>> No.27965619

Yeah, that's always annoying. Still, Beaton's never made a secret of the comic not being as high a priority as paid work.

Oh and pic related: http://www.whompcomic.com/

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Girl genuous is nice but the story mover along rather slowly and they are trying to do too many things at once. still rather nice. It is a bonus if you are an old mtg player i guess

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spent all the money from his kickstarters allready?

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Full Frontal Nerdity.

>> No.27965765

Dat filename, fucking kek.
yafgc did get pretty homo, though it was strangely appropriate. I was mostly in it for the daily updates and the big ol' orc titties.

>Darths and Droids
Read it. was OK. The schtick wore thin after a while.

Just read the first 40 of these: pretty cute, pun-tastic... think I'll stick with it. (They're guys btw)

>A lot of faux-intellectualism, and the author's questionable views seep into the comic at times.

I do get a bit annoyed when authors fill their webcomics with ultra liberal propaganda. I know it comes with the territory, but come on. Ozy and Millie I'm looking at you.

Goblins is somewhat guilty of it too poor misunderstood and oppressed monsters! Then there's Thunt and his rape'n'gore obsession. Ah hell Goblins is just one huge allegory for abusive relationships; I can't seem to leave it.

No. Thanks.

>> No.27965800

>(They're guys btw)
er, that is, unless you meant the Archetype characters are all female, in which case: Neat!

Bedtime now, thanks for all the suggestions! I'll definitely have some sifting to do in the coming days.

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>Dead Winter
>read this some time ago
>re-check it out
They got rid of the awesome mouse-over effects!

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/co/ here.

You're mileage may vary.

I personally recommend Paranatural and Gunnerkrigg Court. Gunnerkrigg's art gets real good real fast, so stick with it.

>> No.27965824

Read Sonichu.

As in, don't read what it is intended to be; read it as what is writen.
A childlike despots descent into madness

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>> No.27965827

>You're mileage

>> No.27965836

>/co/ here.
>recommends the most baseline comics out there, which have already been mentioned in the very beginning of the thread and which we've moved past already

>> No.27965874

>yafgc did get pretty homo

>> No.27965916


It's the number one webcomic that /tg/ keeps talking about.

>> No.27965982

Does that not sound like /co/ to you?

>> No.27966001

Yeah, /co/ kinda suck at talking about comics outside their comfort zone.

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Also also wik:

I humongously recommend 'Scary Go Round' by John Allison. It is super special.


>> No.27966027

I cannot stand the art in that comic.

Why has the author not... you know... practiced?

>> No.27966090

Startrawler is a good comedy sci-fi webcomic.

>> No.27966101

Because then you have to put in effort.

>> No.27966107

Tails gets trolled

>> No.27966126


I love Schlock. I get the feeling that the guy writing it really wanted to write a novel, but nobody was interested so he went the Webcomic route instead.

>> No.27966143

Like the comic or not, the progression of art for Penny-Arcade is... intense. Gunnerkrieg has been noted in here for art progress. Oglaf has gone from pretty good art to amazing.

Goblins has progressed about as much as... Whiteninjacomics.com

>> No.27966165


Penny Arcade's art progress is wierd. It's sort of like they peaked in 2009 and then went to this odd, Dr Seuss style.

Those PA over the Years images are sort of like that joke Evolution meme image where a monkey evolves into a man and then hunches back down to use the computer.

Not that I really mind. I'd read it anyway.

>> No.27966174

True on the art progression, but at least white Ninja is still gag a day.

>> No.27966181

I'd say that is exactly it. He was progressing based on other cartoonist up until that point, I think 2009 or so was when he got into painting and other mediums. He has started to get experimental, and you can see it when he goes through short trends.

For a few months we get red nose, then we got sharp teeth, then things got a little noodley.

>> No.27966217

>turn signals on a land raider
Does that have a strip where a Monolith is shot down by artillery, a scout goes over and finds its filled with cheese, and the final panel is two necrons shouting something like "No, not the cheese! It doesn't work without the cheese!"?
I got linked it once and could never find it again. I thiiink the art style looked like TSOALR's but I've never gone through the whole archive.

>> No.27966277

Hemlock is quite good, I love the style.

Kill Six Billions Demon has started recently and is odd as fuck.

>> No.27966389

If you can stomach the writing that seems frantic and perhaps slightly ill-conceived, then GJ is good.
Though, I'm the kind of person who would kill a man in cold blood to use it as a setting, but hasn't checked for updates in forever. So take it as you will.

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I was going to post my big ass list but a fair bit of it is mentioned in this thread.

I-I'm proud /tg/.

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If you don't mind furries and like grimdark, Jack is a good read.

>> No.27966581

No it's not.

>> No.27966614

Not everything has to be a thespian masterpiece about the plight of the fifth bastard son who is the only heir to the throne of europe while the Catholic church's hit agency is trying to make sure the bloodline stays down.

>> No.27966630

Absolutely, that's very true. Jack still isn't a good read.

>> No.27966650

Go on and say why, then. Since you're such a fucking critic.

>> No.27966661

Because it's bad? I'm not sure how saying no that's pretty bad actually is being "such a fucking critic". De gustibus non est disputandum and all, I don't understand why this is such a big deal to you. Are you the author or something?

>> No.27966677

No (and I'm not the guy that suggested it), I just hate it when people say that something is bad and not make a single point about it.

>> No.27966698

Have you read it?

>> No.27966936

Girl Genius is still good. Indeed, I follow like, 30 webcomics, and GG is probably my favorite. Consistent art quality, and the plot hasn't become impossible to follow, so I don't envision dropping it from my list for anything short of a major hiatus.

Not the guy who was arguing with you, but I attempted to read Jack at one point, and after making it through a few story arcs, I gave up on account of Darkness Induced Audience Apathy. When everything is uniformly grim and horrible, and continues to be so over a long period of time with no sign of change, and none of the characters are sympathetic, I don't really care about it, and will go do something else in preference to paying any more attention to the story.

>> No.27966988

I see you don't come here for the 40k generals.

>> No.27966994

But 40k is hilarious.

>> No.27967014

I like Dresden Codak, but the glacial update frequency kills it.

I want to like Drowtales, but the plot is pretty difficult to follow. You pretty much need to read the whole thing in contiguous chunks in order to get what's going on, and it's rather too huge to make that feasible.

If memory serves, 40k is sunshine and kittens compared to Jack. Of course, in 40k, there's actually people trying to do things and actually accomplishing shit, while Jack is basically just an eternity of torture in hell, so YMMV.

>> No.27967036

Color is for fags.

>> No.27967083


>Consistent art quality

Consistently shit.

>> No.27967105

in 40k people always fail accomplish things. I guess there is trying... technically. It is 40k though, they will always fail, and probably be fed to a chaos god for their trouble.

>> No.27967110

On a scale from 'yes' to 'no': Yes.

>Ava's Demon
Great art, story milage may vary

>Cucumber quest
Great art, fun story

>Manly Guys
Fun most of the time, give it a try. I for one enjoy them a lot.

>Dresden Codak
Good artwork, no idea what the story is going on about anymore

>Order of the Stick
>Servants of the Imperium
OotS is long as hell, but I find it enjoyable. More so now that I've actually tried the system it's set in. SotI feels like a bastard brother to OotS. Has it's moments, milage may vary.

>Girl Genius
I've heard many speak well of this one, but I just can't get past the fact that everyone looks like the annoying orange to me, and it just kills it.

>> No.27967154

Has anyone here read Table Titans?

I wanted to read it, then I saw that the blue ogre from PvP was in there, and I quickly lost interest.

>> No.27967166

lots of good recommendations already

the non-adventures of wonderella is a good one, focusing on humor

keychain of creation was great, but its dead now, still theres a bunch of good stuff there

chimneyspeak is nice

lackadaisy is nice, incredibly high quality art in my opinion

between two worlds was awesome to me, it had an amazing way of handling color even with a simple art style, but it has ended a very long time ago, it is now available at http://b2w.ungroup.net/ instead of its old domain

>> No.27967186

Lackadaisy IS nice, but sooooo slooooow.

>> No.27967193


i actually only check it every year or two

>> No.27967228

I used to love it when it was still a humour comic, which is a solid 7 years ago. Aaron Diaz got way up his own ass, though. And being worshipped as an awesome artist when he barely puts anything out there doesn't help.

What I find hilarious is that he considers himself a feminist while his comic has grown to centre around his waifu-esque perfect girlfriend main character and how she's the mouthpiece for his opinions.

>> No.27967243

DC got some great art, especially the later ones. But the story becomes a mess and the updates are slow as hell.

The artist's tumblr sometimes contain interesting information. But on the other hand, it's tumblr. So yeah.

>> No.27967294

Hark, A Vagrant does not examine the intellectualism it brings up. It's basically reference humour with history instead of pop culture or video games.

Ms. Beaton does not so much express her views, as she presents them. Her commentary on the things in the world that concern her amounts to no more than strawmen and ad hominems.

And seriously, autism? Really now?

>> No.27967299

No. just die in a fire will you.

>> No.27967300

its a buzzword, just tune it out

>> No.27967309

I've heard these complaints leveled at Beaton before. What are these terrible views she expresses?

Was it the 'strong female character' comics or something? What has 4chan so butthurt about her?

>> No.27967377

>No. Thanks.
Don't hate something just because bashing it is a meme. It's good at a lot of things. If nothing else, it's worth reading Homestuck to learn about the world it's set in.

>> No.27967378

Don't change the meaning of what I said. I never said her views are terrible. 4chan got butthurt over her because m-muh male rights.

What I'm saying is that there's nothing special about what she's saying or how she's saying it. If someone feels like dismissing her comic on that basis, that's a good argument, and not the same as flipping out over someone having conflicting views.

Simply put, she uses her comic as a platform for her political views. That's fine, but some of us just don't want to see fucking politics everywhere, least of all from people who believe they are 100% in the right all the time.

>> No.27967380

Let me just add another voice in favour of Gunnerkrigg. The writing is pretty great (even Neil Gaiman commended it) and the art improved a LOT. Also, some of the more recent chapters were absolutely adorable as fuck.

The first few chapters may be kind of a slow start, but after I got through those I pretty much read through the whole thing in almost one sitting.

>> No.27967401

I don't care how you personally feel about them, I want to know what they are. It is a simple question, maybe I didn't use the best wording since you flew to your own defense.

What views do people see her leaking into her comics?

>> No.27967403


Remember when he did those alt LoZ pics and he aid that it wasn't basically genderbent LoZ, but it totally was?

>> No.27967415

>Hmm, I'm in the mood for some NSWF stuff, let's take a look at that Curvy thing.

>> No.27967424

It's pretty funny but I wouldn't say its 'hot'

>> No.27967448

I have yet to see any sort of personal politics in Hark! but maybe that's because I'm not autistic.

>> No.27967457

>4chan got butthurt over her because m-muh male rights.
Which makes you infuriated... why?

>> No.27967459

I don't really think anyone would read most of the comics on that list as legitimate smut.

Oglaf is basically just well-written dick jokes, and Curvy is quirky sci-fi lesbian romps. It fills the void that Girly left.

>> No.27967461

This thread is sure going great places.

>> No.27967463

Like I said, it's not the views alone people get pissed off about. It's also how they're presented.

I think it's mostly feminism. And there was something a while ago about a fan saying "I want to have your babies", and her taking it as a personal insult/threat.

>> No.27967480

I tried it, didn't like it, shitty art, shitty story, terrible pacing, so;
No thank you.

Oh it's a meme is it? sorry, I didn't know. It's still crap though.

>> No.27967483

It was interesting to see the designs, but in essence it was just genderbending of Link rather than making a game about Zelda. Which is pretty much what everyone does when they want to tumblr-reinvent the LoZ series. Nothing more than an empty gesture.

>> No.27967484

Ah, the usual 4chanian fear of the F-word.

I guess I could see that, though it all seems bottled up in joke strips like Strong Female Characters. Most of the time she is making dick jokes with historical figures, and drawing people in victorian clothing.

I forget how obsessed 4chan gets when people point out that women are a minority group.

>> No.27967490

>women are a minority group

b-but they are in the majority

>> No.27967494

>The F-word.

>> No.27967495

It's you faggots, honestly. All you people who think it's unacceptable when someone calls a shitty webcomic a shitty webcomic.

>> No.27967521

How far did you read?

>> No.27967523

Has nobody said 8-Bit Theater yet? Not that great at the start but it gets really goddamn good later on.

>> No.27967524

whoa there stallion. I think you might have missed your mark.

>> No.27967538

i tried but couldnt get into it

>> No.27967541

>I'm going to avoid defending my wild hatred of men by accusing everyone who disagrees with me of something entirely unrelated to the words I shoved in their mouths.
Well said.

So you're infuriated by the idea of men having rights... why?

>> No.27967545

I love Unsounded.
Awesome characters, awesome art, awesome story, three updates a week and great use of the medium for effect.

Some grew to hat Sette with a passion, though.

>> No.27967615


I remember seeing some pics with some zelda MC designs, they we're pretty journey-ish iirc and went on about which kind of challenges you'd face in a zelda game rather than a link game

>> No.27967627

the art reminds me of one or two other webcomics a lot, but i cant remember

>> No.27967632

Our Intrepid Crew

Shenanigans in space. Good art, and no space grimderpiness. The plot's a bit slow, and so is the updating schedule.

>> No.27967651


i havent checked it out in a long while, but i remember the premise was really interesting, so im sure the early stuff is still a great read

>> No.27967656

Yeah that's very pretty looking.

>> No.27967804

This was great, too.

>> No.27967844


I read Hitmen for destiny on a reccommendation from one of these threads, then the accidental space spy.

The art, that's basically paint.net leaves some to be desired but it's pretty damn funny

>> No.27967854

Thorsby is a unique genius.

>> No.27967868


>> No.27967881

But I am unique, though unlike your picture I'd be a three headed fork. Fork three things at once, or fork one thing thrice.

>> No.27967889

so youre just unique in your inferiority

>> No.27967893


...is that the comic where Death the Rabbit is angsty and nihilistic because he doesn't have a dick?

>> No.27967900

>8 Bit Theater
I thought it would never end.

>> No.27967901

I didn't mean it to be entirely complimentary but partially, because his comics are actually fantastic if you can get past the art.

>> No.27967908

You could go read his new thing, The Dreadful. It's basically about his Tiefling waifu though.

>> No.27967929

We get Unsounded threads here every now and again. It's got interesting characters (including an educated zombie), full-colour art, a decent mix of humour and drama, and a pretty unusual magic system too.


>> No.27967931

I like this new style.
Blacks were the majority in south africa. People who couldn't vote were the majority in Athens.

>> No.27967966

and nobody called them a minority

>> No.27967985

Minority now seems to mean a disenfranchised group.
Also, the mensheviks were a majority, and they were called a minority. (That's what mensheviks means.)

>> No.27968001

just dont use blatant falsehoods if you dont want someone to jump on it

>> No.27968007

Boku no Pico.
Oh wait, wrong thread

>> No.27968068

>I want to like Drowtales, but the plot is pretty difficult to follow. You pretty much need to read the whole thing in contiguous chunks in order to get what's going on, and it's rather too huge to make that feasible.

Read the wiki if you have troubles knowing who's who.

Personally I dig it because I have a thing for tall, dominant drow females. Plus it's entertaining and occasionally pretty to look at.

I have a serious dislike for the occasional guest artists, though. They tend to retcon all the proportions like females being usually larger than males and retcon the reversed gender roles and hierarchy which is the defining charasteristic of the whole setting.

Pet peeve of mine I know.

>> No.27968093

I support this one.

>> No.27968162

>Not that great at the start but it gets really goddamn good later on.
And at the end, get's bad again. The ending was completely unsatisfying because Clevinger believes "anti-climax is funny", and he winds up telling a shaggy-dog story that unfolds over 900+ issues.

I loved 8BT, but I could never recommend it to a newb without some reservation.

>> No.27968174

I would really love to know what the hell is happening with Gamma and Zimmy.
And exactly who, or what Zimmy is.

>> No.27968224

For fuck's sake, we get it, you guys like Gunnerkrigg Court.

>> No.27968282

I really miss The Meek. I wish it wasn't dead and keep going back to it hoping that it continued in some fashion. All the characters they had were interesting enough and the plot seemed to have ideas on where it was going to go.


>> No.27968437

He 's Wrath, each of the seven sins is represented in hell by an individual who stood out in it in life.

Basically some dumbass scientists created a race of furries on purpose starting with Jack, who they intentionally made sterile and sexless to prevent reproduction, but not with later creations. Jack later went on to lead the genocide of the entire human race, and hell punishes him by making him forget why he's there in the first place.

>> No.27968495

I'm a fan of all the different clans. It adds a lot of flavor to the setting.

>> No.27968622

there's only like twenty chapters or something, but it's getting updated and is fairly interesting

>> No.27968907

I don't know about you, but I'm willing to forgive the lack of color in a comic that can do shit like this animated gif.

>> No.27968966

color is overrated, it really adds nothing

>> No.27969159

it adds a lot to the aesthetics, and you know those arent meaningless

>> No.27969488

Yes, but when you consider the finite resources available to the artist, you'll find that there are many artists that make better art in black and white than they can in color, so at the end of the line, color detracts. OPM is an example

>> No.27969621

Color Isn't always necessary for good art.

There are many beautiful black and white pieces. One Punch Man's official manga art is fantastic, color or not.

>> No.27969644

why are you trying to disagree with me when you are agree with me?

>> No.27969668

obviously either you suck at explaining things or he sucks at understanding things

or maybe its the other way around, im confusing myself now

>> No.27969672

Gunnerkrigg Court
You can start reading just in time for the second happening

>> No.27969690

thank you for your unique and insightful suggestion

>> No.27969703

I replied to the wrong bloke.

lol, sorry. Meant for the guy who posted before you.

>> No.27969727

Yeah, sorry, this was meant for >>27969159

>> No.27970230

Fey Winds is pretty good.

>> No.27970443


can't recall that specific strip...but I haven't gone through it in a long time.

>> No.27970610

>service for illiterates
>most of the sign is text

>> No.27970627

Homestuck is an absolute creaking monster of a comic that's run on so long that it can't stand under its own weight.

It was fairly good up until the end of Act 4 or so, but that's like a third of its total run at this point.

>> No.27970658

>Not that great at the start but it gets really goddamn good later on, and at the end it gets bad again
Did somebody say Freakangels?

>> No.27970699


>> No.27970961

I don't like writing synopsis...

crazy-prepared girl gets transported to a bizarre fantasy/parallel world


umm...urban fantasy? It's got some comedy and drama


girl gets turned into demon. starts as comedy, grows very dark over time.


blonde, ditzy super-heroine, highly competent sidekick.


semi-plot, some comedy, ignore that it's a furry comic.


>> No.27971039

>ignore that it's a furry comic.

>> No.27971121



That is primarily and for a long while been a vehicle for gay porn.

I don't want to look at that shit.

>> No.27971140

There's as much, if not more, straight porn as gay porn in that comic.

>> No.27971141

no it hasnt

its porn jokes, some of which happen to be gay

its not like theyre the majority or something

>> No.27971158 [DELETED] 


Every coic strip has a couple guys sucking each other off.

>not gay porn

I think you guys are in the closet or something.

>> No.27971184

I haven't counted but I think "every comic strip" is a bit of a stretch.

>> No.27971190

im bisexual, no closet here

most of the strips are not gay, unless you include lesbians under gay, then yeah

maybe youre in the closet, seeing how hypersensitive youre to it

>> No.27971196

Not in the closet at all. Openly bisexual. You've got some unhealthy hang-ups if you can't enjoy quality humor because it requires looking at a penis.

>> No.27971218

6 Gun Mage is pretty good. Not mind-blowing, but Chris Hazelton's pretty decent at action in comics.

>> No.27971222

Aw yeah bisexualmind. BI-FIVE!

>> No.27971247 [DELETED] 


I liked the strip back when the apprentice and the whorish sorceress were in it.

Then it became faggotry everywhere. I can't laugh at something that I find viscerally disgusting and offensive.


Riiiight so you're basically degenerate fags, the target audience.

And of course, because something makes me want to vomit, it must be because I secretly like it.

>this is what fags actually believe.

>> No.27971292 [DELETED] 

Sometimes, I'm forcibly reminded that 4chan is not a reliable sample of real demographics. Here, sexual dysfunction finds legitimization and support.

>> No.27971322

its a penis

about half the people in the world have it, including you i assume

its not really natural for you to become violently ill when confronted with this

>> No.27971340

more like people are more honest about it here, go look at some statistics

>> No.27971349

>because something makes me want to vomit, it must be because I secretly like it.
I didn't say that, I said you have some serious hang-ups if looking at a penis elicits such a volatile reaction out of you. Thanks for proving my point.

No dysfunction here. Ask my boyfriend. He's VERY satisfied after this morning's session.

>> No.27971350

>Implying aggressive homophobia isn't the disfunction here.

>> No.27971355

>I think you guys are in the closet or something.
Or there's not that much and you're projecting.


>> No.27971373

Not just sexual dysfunction.

>> No.27971375

Whatever you do, fair anons, make sure you stay well away from the works of Dresden Codak. A more pretentious and pseudo-intellectual hipster you will not find in this or any other world. His comics are helter-skelter ramblings of a madman, broken by pop-psych references and 3clever5u "jokes" that reek of "I'm in college and have no idea how the real world works" mentality. All this as narrated by the author's self-inserted genderswap'd oh-so-perfect-and-clever-and-witty waifu (who is jap'merican and half-cyborg, as the need arises). It is, in short, an anathema on the Internet, and my soul is just a little bit more damned for having been acquainted with it's existence.

>> No.27971388

i checked it out a long time ago and it all just annoyed me

not even the ideas, just the way he structures his comic

>> No.27971389

>See a dick
>Want to vomit

You okay m8?

>> No.27971390 [DELETED] 



How does this pic make you feel?

>> No.27971413 [DELETED] 


>implying homosexuality isn't a sexual dysfunction

>> No.27971414

Depressed that lynchings are such a regular part of the reality we live in.

>> No.27971415

Uh... guy got their ass kicked for no reason. Dick move, regardless of sexuality.

>> No.27971417

like any other violence

sad when it happens, a bit of guilt when i do it

but its just life, especially when youre drunk

>> No.27971425 [DELETED] 


I think he got what he deserved, don't you?

>> No.27971438

It's written by a woman (and it's implied that everyone in Oglaf is bi), what do you expect?

>> No.27971441

Was he minding his own business or was he being a faggot? There are variables to these things anon.

>> No.27971465

Did he throw the first punch or something? Did he steal? Did he somehow negatively effect another person?
Or do you just like seeing people that are different get hurt?

>> No.27971472

Absolutely. Enjoying sex that I personally find icky and would not participate in should be a capital offense. While we're at it, having skin darker than a paper bag should be too!

>> No.27971497

If you're interested in Finnish fantasy at all, OP, you couldn't do much more wrong than A Redtail's Dream. Plus, it's probably the most beautifully drawn webcomic I've read in a long time.

>> No.27971499


Violence is part of the world we live in. It's the one thing people have done consistently well since we learned to walk semi-upright. It's not going anywhere. And--this might strike some of you as a bit "edgy", but it's nonetheless true-- it is a very, very necessary part of our civilization. People who think everything will work out for the best if we all just hold hands and sing "kumbayah" have no idea what sort of horror-story that creates in the long run.

>> No.27971506

Alright, so long as you're okay with homosexuals ground pounding you for having sex that they find icky and would not participate in.

>> No.27971516


what difference does it make

>> No.27971536

>It's written by a woman

Really? Well that's more understandable then.

>> No.27971557

>People who think everything will work out for the best if we all just hold hands and sing "kumbayah" have no idea what sort of horror-story that creates in the long run.

You're not being edgy

Just ridiculous

>> No.27971592 [DELETED] 


Yeah, no not really.

Fags are a degeneration and deconstruction of the masculine type who take on the female role in sex and the psychology that goes with it .....or on the other hand being party to the desecration of masculinity by being the "top".

You're a sociological disease of a debased and decadent society. When the collapse comes and the institutions protecting and facilitating you disappear - you will be purged.

Save that pic as a taster.

>> No.27971621

>Fags are a degeneration and deconstruction of the masculine type who take on the female role in sex and the psychology that goes with it

So you're fine with manly homosexuals?

>> No.27971630 [DELETED] 

>.....or on the other hand being party to the desecration of masculinity by being the "top".

>> No.27971650

That seems stupid to me. If both of them are manly then no desecration of masculinity takes place. Especially when you consider that not all of them even have anal sex.

>> No.27971651

I know you said words, and I know each word has meaning, but the shit you just said makes as much sense as the feminists who complain about a video game causing rape.

>> No.27971662

>it is a very, very necessary part of our civilization
No it's not. Don't get me wrong, violence IS necessary, but only because someone is bound to resort to it to enforce their idea of "nofun" on everyone else. As a species, we're actually getting less violent. No, not because of genetics, because of culture. Hell, even in other parts of the world violence is becoming less and less acceptable. it will always be there, like herpes and shits of doom after a burrito and vodka party, but to say it's a necessity for civilization is simply misguided. Conflict is necessary, violence is not.

pic related, the only acceptable kind of violence is the loving and caring type.

>> No.27971667

Newsflash: Bears and lesbians exist.

>> No.27971675

Huh. The retarded parts masculists and feminists are actually the same. Who would have thought.

>> No.27971692

>it will always be there
not necessarily

for the forseeable future, sure, but who knows what might happen if civilization doesn't fall apart

>> No.27971698 [DELETED] 

Hey dude, about 90% of what you consider "masculinity" is a fairly arbitrary construct to begin with, so getting your panties in a bunch about people "desecrating" it is more than a little silly.

>> No.27971732 [DELETED] 

Dude, it's been around for literally thousands of years. People have forced worse persecution than today for being gay and yet they haven't magically disappeared,

>> No.27971734 [DELETED] 


Consider the gender roles that the sexual act necessitates.

One must be dominating, penetrative, invasive.... and enjoy this.
The other must be submissive, penetrated, invaded.... and enjoy this.

Point is, if a man gets fucked like a woman... and enjoys it like a woman, he is not a man but a woman with a penis - a dickgirl, a shemale, a degeneration of type.

>> No.27971736 [DELETED] 

>You're a sociological disease of a debased and decadent society

I fucking love debased and decadent societies. Seriously look at Rome. Debased and decadent? Fucking rocking the place. The second those yah-yah worshipping nuts are let into power, bam, Germans all over the place, empire in decay, no more cake for anyone.


Seriously...do you worship a sweaty t-shirt? A condom? Maybe you like to bow down before the allmighty dick?

>> No.27971758

>Consider the gender roles that the sexual act necessitates.

I don't feel a need to consider something that doesn't exist.

>One must be dominating, penetrative, invasive.... and enjoy this.
>The other must be submissive, penetrated, invaded.... and enjoy this.

This is worse than astrology.

>> No.27971762 [DELETED] 


You're looking at the post-ww2 paradigm only, which has been characterized by increasing passivity and decline on the part of the west and massive increase of violence and war in the non-west.

We are on the way out and this faggoty pacifism will not last long.

>> No.27971767


The comic's largely influenced by the Kalevala, so I'd say it makes a pretty significant difference, compared to if it was based off of the Eddas or the Grimm brothers. Much more focus on animals as spiritual agents in their own sense, rather than pawning it off to supernatural entities like elves or dwarves.

>> No.27971770

Fine, for the forseeable future. I imagine it will cease to be an important factor at some point, but that point is pretty far into the future (baring the singultards being right. I wouldn't mind them being right, but I don't believe it)

>> No.27971786

That is straight up wrong. There are plenty of gay and lesbian couples who have pretty rad sex even without any significant penetration taking place.

>> No.27971804

yeah, but t doesnt matter if its finnish or not, almost nobody will get any kind of information out of that

if you say that the setting is interesting and good because it has X and Y happens, you are doing a much better

>> No.27971806

You retards are arguing with a guy who is literally called /pol/tard.
You are just as guilty for ruining this thread as the troll.

>> No.27971812

So you're saying there's more to being a man than just biology. In fact, the mentality of being a man is so much a greater factor that one can lose their masculinity if they act a certain way, feel wrongly, or just can't do manly things like only having sex while on top of someone rather than do something gay like you and girl doing a reverse cowgirl.

Are you saying that transexuals have a legitimate issue and are justified then?

>> No.27971814 [DELETED] 


I can't wait to kill fags.

I'll steal some of your bondage gear off you, string you up on a lamp post and set fire to you.

Nice good lynching.

>> No.27971842 [DELETED] 

>I don't feel a need to consider something that doesn't exist.

Being in this much denial.

How is that indictrination going for you? Alright?

Been to a liberal arts college?

>> No.27971868 [DELETED] 


without a dom/sub relationship?

Your ignorance is showing.

>> No.27971875

>Only men have a sexual organ accessible only rectally that amplifies enjoyment
>enjoying it being stimulated makes you a woman
You're an idiot. Probably one of those retarded homophobes who thinks pegging, an act between a man and a woman, is gay.

>> No.27971882

Well, here I thought that republican voters were slowly dying out because surely upcoming generations wouldn't be as fucktarded with the sheer wellspring of information and perspectives offered to them thanks to the information age.


>> No.27971892


Fine, it's about a boy and his dog trying to save their village from being sent to the underworld by a dream-fox who feels like killing them all to cover up the fact that he screwed up while making sure the Aurora Borealis was still functioning fine and dandy.

In the meantime there are fire-eagles, enormous fish, malevolent murders of crows and unruly teenagers who don't want to go home.


>> No.27971908

[citation needed]

>> No.27971919

Either you have a lot more experience with homosexual relationships than I do, or you're just spewing bullshit.

>> No.27971970


>> No.27971976 [DELETED] 

>accessible only rectally

You mean the prostate. Which is stimulated during regular sex anyway.

I guess you'd rather stick something up your ass, huh?


>> No.27971987

wait, i thought you were arguing against anal sex

>> No.27971998 [DELETED] 


I'm not even american you retard.

But you expose your bizarre cultural dichotomy by assuming everyone who disagrees with you is a rep.

>Bracing for godwin

>> No.27972003

>massive increase of violence and war in the non-west.
HAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh wow. No. You know what? With Afghanistan, revolutions and whatnot all over the place, the world's still the most peaceful it ever was. Majority of the world is not involved in an ongoing, endemic conflict that was literally the hallmark of every pre-industrial society ever.

Heck, you have archaeological proof that the more complex a social organization, the less violence-prone it is. Yes, you do tend to have large wars, but those are, ironically, almost irrelevant to the overall percentage of violence-induced deaths compared to the kind of low-level, contionous conflict that pastorial societies tend to get involved in. WW1 killed off a much smaller percentage (not total number) of the societies involved in it than say, the missisippian period indians which often have 30 to 50% of the burials including physical unhealed or barely healed trauma on the bones.

>> No.27972016

>Calling people indoctrinated
>Perpetually spewing talking points that are in direct contradiction to all scientific research
>Viewing other people's sex lives as an attack on his own masculinity
>Clinging to arbitrary standards of gender roles like it's a liferaft

Oh gee whiz.

>> No.27972020

>I'll steal some of your bondage gear off you
How cute, you probably wouldn't be able to figure out how it works and die chocking on a buckle or something.

>> No.27972024

>I fucking love debased and decadent societies. Seriously look at Rome. Debased and decadent? Fucking rocking the place.
Oh I love this old myth. Rome was filled with fucking prudes. Info on Roman debauchery didn't even really exist until post-Roman Christian propaganda.

Unless you consider the gladiators to be a sign of decadence. In which case, carry on.

>> No.27972042

It was pretty much an assumption because 'murrca is one of the only english-speaking countries with reliable internet access where the nonsense you're spouting isn't instantly laughed out of the room.

>> No.27972048

>Unless you consider the gladiators to be a sign of decadence

You'd have to be some kind of a fag to consider muscular, oiled, naked male bodies blooding themselves decadent.

>> No.27972071

Well, for what it's worth the whole institution of roman slavery was decadent as fuck and one of the major factors that led to its eventual downfall

>> No.27972077

Lightly-armored isn't naked. Hell, many gladiator types had a decent amount of armor.

>> No.27972092

a lot of them were naked though

>> No.27972098

Eh, slavery was a widespread practice everywhere, not really decadent. Economically sensible too, even if it did lead to serious repercussions as the system got widespread.

>> No.27972109

OPM has absolutely terrible art, but it's good enough despite that that some mad genius decided to redo it with competent picture-makers.

>> No.27972134

You're thinking of Pankration, which was Greek. Gladiators were never naked. Even prisoners were given armor and weapons so they could have a fighting chance. You needed to entertain the crowd, you know.

>> No.27972152

>Economically sensible too

Eh, only to a very limited degree, really. Having a giant pool of almost free labor available means that the unemployment among your actual citizens will skyrocket. The romans tried to work around this by the patronage system and the whole bread and games thing, but that necessiated constant warring for all that plunder which just happened to bring even more slaves home.

Besides, "I'm gonna buy me a human" is pretty high up there in terms of luxury goods.

>> No.27972154

Slavery wasn't that much of a sign of decadence, it was more a sign of wealth. Slavery is only economically feasible when you have a lack of available labor. The lack of labor pushes its cost up, and where it gets high enough for someone to just buy a slaver rather than pay someone to dig a ditch is where slavery exists.

Thus it is present in per-industrial societies, sex-trafficking, and and society that has a labor deficit problem.

>> No.27972160

Erfworld. It's already finished it's first two books.

>> No.27972172

Besides, no armor at all would lead to many more actual fatalities among your gladiators, which wasn't exactly desirable (and in fact quite rare)

>> No.27972214

Yeah. Death in the arena was mostly used when the audience was bored. Otherwise, most gladiators were spared.

Unless you were a prisoner or slave and had a history of trying to escape or resist. They made special effort to murder your candy-ass.

>> No.27972301

Seconding Thirding or fourthing Schlock Mercenary.

SMBC is god-tier, imo. Not remotely /tg/ related, but consistently good.

String Theory, Prequel and Derelict are all vaguely /tg/ related and I catch up on them sporadically. OotS is probably my favorite definitely /tg/ comic.

>> No.27972313


rip darken, the much better webcomic

>> No.27972317

>Thread starts out about webcomics
>Suddenly, a heated derail about the morality of homosexuality.
>Now we're discussing the practicalities of the socioeconomic features of ancient rome.

This is why I like /tg/

Oh look, seems like a mod passed through here, too.

>> No.27972357

OP here,

This has piqued my interest, will bump it up my list.

this looks awesome, thanks.

I read the first book, when it was on GitP, then promptly forgot all about it. May have to pick it up again.

>/pol/ derail
Aaaaaand, I'm out.

>> No.27972416

>I read the first book, when it was on GitP, then promptly forgot all about it. May have to pick it up again.

There's also a prequel story centered around Wanda and Jillian being written.

>> No.27972433

The best part of that gif is the little tarbaby in the last split-second blithely clapping along. It's poignant in it's own socially unaware, "This would never pass in modern times" kind of way.

>> No.27972445

Shiniez,or I guess "Sunstone" as it's properly called.

>> No.27972479

It's weird, I don't even particularly enjoy BDSM, yet I love the hell out of this one.

>> No.27972504

It's, I think anyway, cause for an erotic comic, it doesn't try TOO hard, and the characters are actually likeable and have personalities instead of being just decoration.

>> No.27972506

>implying Nichijou is run of the mill high school dreck

Fucking blasphemy
Nichijou was the only creative and genuinely funny SoL I have ever watched
Fucking Whomp

>> No.27972522

the last cowboy

>> No.27972576

Yeah, I suppose that's a factor. It started out nice and lighthearted and took its time before moving on to some more dramatic stuff, only lingering on that one for a fairly short time.

Plus, I just have a huge soft spot for lesbian romances (take that, /pol/guy).

>> No.27972593

Just what is that reaction image trying supposed to say?

Anyway, despite the poor art and story in the first couple of arcs, Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures is a perfectly decent webcomic with plenty of stuff to make it /tg/-related.

>> No.27972610

It isn't a falsehood. Minority means you are a moral minority, a minority power, aka you don't hold the power in society.

Sorry you can't into humanities.

>> No.27972629

>moral minority

well then its a good thing and minorities should stay that way

>> No.27972650

No Scrying, a murder-mystery set in a fantasy world. It's just starting out, but I give it an 'meh, okay'.5/10.

>> No.27972658

Say, whatever happened to that Looking For Group comic? It started out being pretty funny and gag-oriented, but eventually it just descended into some sprawling narrative that I couldn't get myself to care about. The art was generally pretty nice, though.

>> No.27972660

You poor dear. Wouldn't want to accidentally get an erection when you see two men doing it.

It isn't gay porn, there happens to be gay sex occasionally.

>> No.27972670

pls no more

>> No.27972753

>> No.27972854

Jesus, LFG. I honestly can't remember why I picked it up in the first place.
I dropped it spontaneously somewhere in the middle >le endless war drama punctuated by Richard being a walking dead baby joke and taking up weeks of strips with pointless killing spree tangents, haha such laffs

Oh jeez, at least I remember the bitterness I felt upon realizing how much of my time had been wasted reading it.

>> No.27972959

(It's been running for far less time than most of the other comics posted here, it just has a very fast update speed)

>> No.27972969

Is there any fantasy webcomic about comedy? like the golden age of Elf Only Inn.

Oh Elf Only Inn, how much I miss you.

>> No.27972971

I just discovered Peaches today


The first chapter is an auto side scrolling and verbally narrated comic. It's a really unique presentation with a fun Mythic kind of story.

Second chapter a bit more traditionally presented. Though its got music that changes as you scroll down and the pages after the first have text that appear like an old RPG

>> No.27972988

>Elf Only Inn
heh, i remember that juuust barely

...its sad how long ive been reading these things, now that i think about it

>> No.27973021

That's just how Duane Adelier, Motadwe of the Temple of Song and Rector of Pymaric Studies operates.

If an illiterate refuses make the effort to identify his services, then they didn't really need his services in the first place. (I bet I just butchered some key tenets of Ssaelism)

>> No.27973031

So many comics I no longer follow cause I didn't keep up at some point...about the only one I really stick to now is Gunnerkrigg. Jollyjack's, Schlock, Sluggy (oh god, so many strips...), misfile and so on...

>> No.27973043

Shall we read it again?

>> No.27973059

How about some Wormworld? It updates slowly, but in an interesting format and is quite pretty, if unrefined.

Story is a little boy gets sucked into a fantasy world where he may or may not be a destined hero.

>> No.27973063

and now im remembering other comics i read a long time ago, like rpg world

>> No.27973099

too slow

>> No.27973107

And the anticlimatic ending because the autor was a lazy bastard?

>> No.27973127

I'm still following Sluggy, there are signs of the current arc actually going somewhere with overarching significance...but the destination might be "more story" as usual.
Also Torg and Zoe happened, finally

>> No.27973162

>> No.27973226

The first story was a PVP strip; the rest of it's a spinoff using some of its characters. I like it, despite the fact that it's probably a Wizards-funded propaganda-fest.
I'm actually kind of surprised that I've seen no opinions on it, good or bad, on here. I mean, it's unambiguously /tg/ related, so...
I've also got the idea that the internet has some kind of massive anti-Kurtz bias. Am I right on this?

>> No.27973295

I hope not. Scott is a genuinely funny guy in person. His panel at PAX where he just sits there and tells stories for an hour, best thing I go to.

It is weird, I don't like PvP as much as I enjoy him.

I think Scott is genuinely funnier than the other big names of PAX, Mike and Jerry, or Wil.

>> No.27973298


>> No.27973310

>Ctrl + F
>0 results

Step up /tg/. It's the dungeon-crawliest. It's even completed. Good shit.


>> No.27973376

It's also one of the few looks at BDSM that's not porn exaggeration.

Nana to Kaoru is a pretty awesome japanese example.

>> No.27973378

If you don't mind pony stuff, Friendship is Dragons is pretty nice.

>> No.27973417


This is really good. I'm glad you showed this to me.

>> No.27973456

DM of the Rings is an old comic that's been finished for a while, but if you haven't read it, you should.


>> No.27973501

Daddy Long Legs

A Redtails Dream

Both are pretty good reads.

>> No.27973596

Gone with the blastwave is excellent. If you like anything even remotely sci fi, war, or art related, you'll like it.

>> No.27973654

Wasn't there a webcomic similar about a female comissair and a soldier, being the comissair a random crazy joke?

it was stupid but was pretty amusing.

>> No.27973816

In the vein of campaign comics, I have some suggestions.

>One piece: Grand line 3.5
One piece as a campaign comic. The GM has bored players, the players are the munchkin trio and the writing improves once they hit Shells town. It got me interested in One piece, to say the least.

>Friendship is dragons
A railroading GM runs a session of Dungeons and dragons fourth edition. But with ponies. It's set in the same universe as One Piece: Grand line 3.5 and a crossover with the players exists.

One thing that's worth noting is that the comments have a story theme and other posters can share their stories.
So you can read the comic and the comments for interesting stories.

>Larp Trek
Here's the backstory behind the comic since the campaign premise is a little different than Friendship is dragons or Darth and droids.

>> No.27974433

Monster Killers.
A story about Lion Man.

>> No.27974443

The two caveman comics are funny, as is Old Man Man.
They are, however, the ONLY funny comics he has made.

>> No.27974452

I enjoy Sequential Art, but /tg/ gives it a lot of flak for being furry.

Which is justified considering that the creator is a known furry porn artist, but it doesn't affect the comic that well, except that sex-jokes are more convolute than usual.

The creator also seems to struggle a lot with body proportions.

I used to think it had a schedule, but it seems to be updated randomly, sometimes consecutive days of updates, some times weeks passes. I think it has a connection to the motivation the creator feels. When he begins a new story arc, he is filled with motivation, but then it is harder than expected and he looses motivation, then as he finds out how to tie up all loose ends quickly he picks up speed again and then has a few updates after the situation has resolved without a plot until he thinks of a new one.

The plot is essentially this: Art (the human), Pip (the penguin), Kat (the kat) and Scarlet (the squirrel) essentially lives together, and over time their lives has become increasingly weird, to the point where the current arc involves them fighting hostile aliens (alike the ones in They Live), who have taken over the media, in a Big Brother/Jersey Shore style reality program, by the behest of James Cameron who black mailed them into it.

>> No.27974720

For her to cross her ankles like that comfortably, her left leg would need to be a few inches shorter than her right.

>> No.27974831

Why the hell has Lackadiasy only been mentioned twice so far?

>> No.27974856

>SMBC is god-tier
Seconding so hard, also recommending Johnny Wander, Nedroid, and Happle Tea.
Clandestinauts is fucking sweet and has an actual, non-half assed conclusion.

>> No.27974886


Because it's dead

>> No.27974918

I think it also has to do with the creator being a pretentious fop.

>> No.27974940

Probably because it isn't a /tg/ comic.
And it updates like twice a month.
Wonderful comic, though.

>> No.27974960

I felt the ending was entirely in keeping with the rest of the story and somewhat karmic for the Light Warriors.

>> No.27974962

Admittedly that is not everyone's cup of tea, so I'll give you that.

Personally I like pretentiousness, but still - it isn't everyone's cup of tea.

>> No.27975062

Question, why does everything here seem to be slapstick or a parody?

>> No.27975150

So? What's there is still excellent...
Well OP was after /tg/ recommended, not related
>updates like twice a month
HA. Last actual story update was before May. At least when updates happen there tend to be a few.

Beyond the Western Deep is a good fantasy webcomic. Acceptable art but the main appeal is a world which evidently has had a thorough backstory put together. It updates regularly but only once a week, which is kind of a shame. Also, inb4 furry

Hanna is Not a Boy's Name I'd forgotten until a couple of minutes ago and was very good when it was running, but the artist dissappeared in early 2011- does anyone actually know what happened there?
Supernatural investigation comedy stuff- now that I think about, a gorier version of Paranatural would not be too poor a comparison.

>> No.27975211

Hanna is a dead project, unfortunately, but the artist is still around

>> No.27975244

So what happened?
I remember checking sometime last year and it seemed the artist had completely vanished from the internet. She back then?

>> No.27975436

Because it was, y'know, fucking mentioned.

>> No.27975472

Unsounded is in the same god-teir of webcomics and has been mentioned 6 times.

>> No.27975504


>> No.27975549

>no digger


Finished webcomic, following the adventure of an anthromophic wombat "digger of unnecessarily convuloted tunnels" (Digger for short) that ends up accidentally digging her way to a foreign country and who really, really do not want to deal with all this prophecy and adventure and god stuff, she just want to find a way home...but you know, gods.

along the way she'll run into the must bro of a statue of a god, holy library rat (wings optional), a shadow child (literally) and more

>> No.27975556

I personally would consider one of those better than the other and neither is my #1 (which is Alpha Flag, which hasn't been mentioned in this thread) but it's pretty understandable that people might see something mentioned and therefore not list it themselves.

Or at least, I'd like to think that was understandable to most people. Perhaps it's not to you.

>> No.27975580

forgot link

>> No.27975584

>>no digger
Don't do this. There are so many posts in this thread like this. You don't have to prove you have killer taste.

>> No.27975590

I think she's working on something called Buzz! right now.

>> No.27975608

At least anon went on to describe it and then provided a link. And Digger is hella awesome.

>> No.27975662

Well this thread has opened my eyes to the fact that I've been missing nothing of value what so ever by missing these web comics. Thanks for that reassurance faggots.

>> No.27975727

But that hasn't happened with Unsounded, Paranatural or Gunnerkrigg Court.
Somethings are so good they deserve being mentioned more than once or twice.

>> No.27975945



>> No.27976398

You mean Paranatural?

>> No.27976636

He started a new comic with a new artist. With someone else doing the art, he can concentrate on the drama.

>> No.27977934

what does TG think of captain snes

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