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I always imagine that elves look like bill kaulitz.

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That thing's name is "Bill"?

How majestic.

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In my day, they all looked like David Bowie

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In my time you were crowned king if you saw an elf and survived to tell the story.

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>German-speaking elves

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>You need to survive in order to tell the story
Kids these days...

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Back when the world was new, ma rg vvv ciel wa soo

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First time I saw him on TV, I mistook him for Christina Stürmer.

That's doing it right. Do they also put their crotch on display?

Was there ever any doubt about that?

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Back in the day fags were manly

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Well... Elves(Which is a corruption of Alfar) are Nordic, so they are kinda proto-german

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So back then elves were Alfar as fuck?

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back in my day goblins looked like David Bowie

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Mines looked like Willem Dafoe

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Back in my day David Bowies looked like women.

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I had a friend known for his repressed sexuality who once said explicitly that Tokyo Hotel was crap at music, but that he still jerked off to the lead singer because he thought she was really hot. It took about fifteen minutes to convince him that the singer's name was Bill Kaulitz and that he was sort of a guy.

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Back in my day witches looked like Emma Watson

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Good choice.

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They don't?

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>I had a friend known for his repressed sexuality
I had to stop reading there because I just burst out laughing.

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Back in my day they looked like they were on fire.

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she looks way manlier than him tho

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Back then I only had a relatively small TV with no HD.
Music was similar enough, voice as well.
Took me a bit to identify that thing on screen as what ought to be a guy.

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Good one brother.

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he has a beard nowadays

Can you still get erect to him, OP?

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That's goblins.

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Come on, he was obviously the elven lord who glamored his way to the top by virtue of being the only one in the goblin kingdom with a brain.
You know how they are, these lords and ladies.

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I used to be a huge BK fan back in 2008, until he grew a beard and started looking like a chip n dales dancer without muscles

I even listened to the music, some of the songs are alright if you don't take them too seriously, like monsoon, etc

there's even a bill kaulitz image board but only like 6 people post their regularly so it's slow as fuck


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He's just so pretty.

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I think you mean COGNATE faggot, learn to comparative linguistics.

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Why do you feel bad about finding Gina Carano attractive?

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That is a guy? Man you white people are fucked up.

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I always imagine them looking like Bjork.

Possibly acting like her too.

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Bjork certainly looks... off enough.

>> No.27960701

She acts off-er.

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