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I'm expanding upon the core concept of E6, and would like to maintan the motif of 6. There are 6 Attributes (STR, FOR, AGI, COR, INT, and CHA), 6 Classes (Fighter, Cleric, Rogue, Mage, Ranger, and Monk), and 6 prestige classes (Berzerker, Bard, Paladin, Warmage, Druid, and Assassin), and so I'd like to round it out with having 6 races.

However, right now I only have: Dwarf, Elf, Halfling, Human, and Orc. I don't wanna do Gnomes or Goblins because a 2nd monster and/or little-people race would be redundant, so what should the 6th race be?

Keep in mind I'm going for more classical grit n' wit adventuring and dungeon crawling rather than high fantasy romance and melodrama, so things like Dragonkin, Merfolk, or Shifters are a no-go. Nothing with inherent magical abilities or powers (elves are just good at magic, they don't actually have magical powers in this setup), and nothing from other dimensions; no Half-Orcs/Half-Elves/Half-etc either. The issue is that, short of going into anything super-fantastic, I can't think of a race that wouldn't be redundant to one of the archetypes covered by the current 5.

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Troglodytes of some sort? Though you already have Dwarves but I guess it depends on how you want to have them.

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Do Fey count as monsters? Nixies are pretty awesome to have, and the fact they have two racial HD will easily balance out their massive charisma and damage reduction.

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Gnomes could go for tinkering instead of stealing. Think Jan Janson.

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Lizardfolks, Tengu (tough they are oriental you can fluff them as birdmen), Grippli etc

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I'd split elves into High Elves and Wood or Wild Elves.

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something Aquatic perhaps? merfolk or fish people? or Perhaps undead or a winged or insectoid or lizard-men or giant/goliaths?

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Yes. Grippli are aweome.

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Sentient undead. Whatever that race is called.

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Some sort of beastrace fits nicely i think.

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White Martians.

Seriously, fluff them as whatever you want, but White Martians. They're creepy, psychic, freakishly tall and thin, really bad at communication.

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The stereotypical sci-fi aliens are usually called Greys.

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I kinda agree with this post. You've still got room for an "alien" or "outsider" themed race.

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Satyrs? They don't need magic pipes like in D&D; they can just be goat-people who like getting crunk.

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Doesn't have to be from space even, could have been a subterranean society, or something underdark themed.

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Is it can be mole people?

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> an additional strong race or monster race
> magical
I explicitly said no menfolk, or the like.
I've actually given a lot of thought to that. I'm unsure though, as there's nothing more redundant that having to variations of the same race; with redundancy being the key thing i"m trying to avoid. Granted I'm trying to fill out to 6 races for a completely arbitrary reason, but I cut the races I cut (Gnome, Half-Elf, Half-Orc), because D&D-Gnomes are quite magical and fairly redundant when you keep Halflings (which is also part of the reason I didn't go with another easy option: goblins), and Half-races are just silly as anything resembling reasonably realistic genetics would render any noticeable differences between the two largely ascetic.
I need to maintain these standards applied to these choices and all other changes I've made in-line for any 6th race I may or may not add, and as such adding a 2nd variation of a race would be somewhat hypocritical of me, regardless of it being an easy fix.

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Go with tieflings to represent off-world folk.

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Satyrs as re-skinned Wood Elves is actually very viable option; I'll pencil that down as a possibility if nothing awesome comes up.

Really trying to avoid things with inherent spell-like abilities here.

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I don't think that a animal-based race is necessarily the same thing as a monstrous race, but it's your call really.

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Go simple, go Half-Elf (Human). Average out the differences between humies and elves.

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I can only think of two fundamental ways to roll them, which can be abstractly exemplified by referencing Minotars or Catfolk. Both have their downsides unfortunatly, the first being a monster-race, and the 2nd leading into magical-realm all too often.

If you've got something I'm not considering though I'm all ears.

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I was talking about Barsoomians actually. Although apparently I was somewhat confused, as it was Moore's depiction of them I was talking about.

Though Barsoomians in general are pretty funky. Try using one of them anyway.

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Humanoid octopodes may be the best choice here.

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Maybe just Moreaus in general can be a race, either humans with animal grafts or some species of beast that can be forced into humanish shape and behavior through aggressive beeding. Less graceful furry mary-sue material, more gooble-gobble.

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dafuq is the COR stat?

STR - orc
FOR - dwarf
AGI - halfling
COR - ?
INT - elf
CHA - human

Make something up that goes with that stat.

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Ordinarily I'd suggest Tengu or Grippli for non-standard beast race, but you've already dismissed those ideas. And catfolk don't HAVE to be all "magical realm", but I get your hesitation, I probably wouldn't have game with them.

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Centaurs. Give them lances and you will have your paladin.

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Courage, perhaps.

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> tfw I feel like a lot of these posters didn't read the OP fully, but I can't really get mad because you all honestly are trying to help

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Wouldn't hexapodes be more appropriate to the theme?

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Ratfolk maybe? Sure it's a small sized race, but the fluff is pretty different from halflings.

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That would be COO

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The sixth race should be dark elves or drow to go with coordination. If you meant constitution then dark elves would also work.

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I'd have to agree with >>27937355 or at least toning it down to the point of, for example Kouma or Akiha.

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Which is silly, and COR is how most things with coordination abbreviate it.

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Like what? COO is guessable. Nobody knew what the hell COR was.

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Dark elves would work thematically, but OP would probably need to brew up his own version given that he's trying to avoid races with innate magic.

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Honestly, I can't think of anything past catfolk, then.

You have your classic STR ugly bruisers, the orcs, CON-heavy dwarves, INT/WIS elves, and the naturally charismatic humans. Halflings, I suppose, could go either way with COR and AGI. So either COR or AGI don't have a race associated with them.

On the other end, just looking at it from a physical angle:

tall + swole = Orc
small + swole = Dwarf
tall + not swole = Elf
small + not swole = Halfling
middle + middle = Human

Another middle+middle that functions similarly to Humans but aren't, doesn't stray too much out of the realm of Tolkienish fantasy--and you don't want half-races. Maybe the Miqo'te from Final Fantasy?

Are they catfolk? Yes.
Are they furry? No. No snout.
Could they be abused to become my magical realm? Maybe... but I think they would fit well, thematically. Just ban your players from going "meow" or being all around faggots.

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" [...] and nothing from other dimensions; [...]"

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Neither of them said anything about other dimensions.

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He could call them Drow and have them be unrelated to elves. basically just dark skinned humanoid assassins with strong coordination(which im still unsure if that is the stat in question in need of a race?) they would also make excellent rangers.

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Maybe, but how would you stat a faerie to be very much a faerie without giving it magical powers? Flight's fine, given that they'd have like -8 STR and -4 CON, but they can't go around seeping magic out of their ass , unless you're into that kind of thing, and I don't know how else you'd go about making them distinctly faeries/pixies without doing that. If you just make them good at magic they're diminutive elves with wings.

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Unless you're going to implement spaceships or a stargate that's the only thing off-world can mean, and this isn't Rifts.

see the last part of
- it applies to all off-elves

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Actually, if I did implement Fairies, I could re-write elves to be wood/forest elves. Then they'd be the nature/spirits race and Fairies could be the magic race.

That's another to pencil down.

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I love that picture.

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>If you just make them good at magic they're diminutive elves with wings.
Culture changes, physical changes, magical changes, shit these guys could be terribly different from normal damn Elves.
>Maybe, but how would you stat a faerie to be very much a faerie without giving it magical powers?
High COR, if COR is used to order troops.
Just imagine it, a Fairy commander that always goes around with a troop of 50, useful for multitudes of situations, and yet all of them are exceedingly weak on their own, both magically and physically.
That and I'd say that the Faerie race should probably either have exceedingly good enchanted armor to make up for their size and wings, or simply exceedingly good craftsmen due to their ability to observe on a minor scale, creating compounds and crazier shit than any other race.
There's a million and one ways you could take this, and I'd say that all you need is time.
Magic isn't the only solution to everything.

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Fuck it. The sixth race is the Tarrasque. There's only one tarrasque in the world, and steve gotta play it.

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I don't really see how having two kinds of elf is inconsistent with the cuts already made. They aren't half-breeds, and can still be sufficiently divergent to prevent cross-breeding, so that dismisses the genetics argument. They don't need to be intrinsically magical. They don't need to step on each other's niches (other than being quite similar in appearance, but then all of the races are already rather close in appearance to each other). And it fits perfectly in a "classic" fantasy setting, as the trope of elf subraces has a long tradition extending back through Tolkien (where do you think the modern wood-elf/high-elf split came from?) all the way to Norse myth (which is where we get the idea of light and dark elves -- though, granted, "dark elves" in Norse myth were more dwarves by another name).

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Buddy, that's just silly.
Also Coordination, in this case, would refer to the more physical hand-eye coordination and precision, with agility being reaction time and body control. You'd use Intelligence for tactics and commanding.

Taking Elves back to their roots and letting them be the Nature/Spirits/etc race and then having Faries be the arcane magic race is an idea that sits well with me, derivative of your initial input, and I have made a note of it.

I'm even considering if I should do away with halflings and have the races be Dwarf, Elve, Fairie, Human, Orc, Saytr. The only reason I wouldn't is that Halflings and their shenanigans are iconic of D&D, and I myself enjoy them when played well. To that end, I'm currently considering having the races be Dwarf, Elf, Fairie, Halfling, Human, Orc.

> That said
I'm still wide open to other suggestions.
Something may floor me, you never know.

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> (where do you think the modern wood-elf/high-elf split came from?)

The alteration of man's concept of 'magic,' shifting from spirits and nature influence to power and the modern interpretation of 'arcane' effects?

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Okay, hear me out.

The Karok race. They're a race of 7-foot tall, 400-pound giants who live together in tribal clans in the mountains.

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Maybe part of it, but the term "wood elf" itself comes from Tolkien.

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I had actually considered "barbarians," initially, but they are somewhat redundant with humans already, and I ultimately decided to save them for a future project.

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They're what you'd get if you mixed dwarven sensibilities with orcish brute power, plus an extra-big size upgrade with human facial features.

Don't ask me what their women look like.

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In cases of coordination/reaction, there is both a mental and a physical component. For instance, if you ask someone to solve a simple math problem and touch one of four answers, for two given people with the same reaction speed, one may have started moving sooner while the other was able to compensate by moving his arm faster.

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>Buddy, that's just silly.
What? Why?
Smaller beings work in swarms, and breed like rodents, imagine Faeries as if they were locusts, but sentient, able to plan out their attacks, and execute them like any human could.
>You'd use Intelligence for tactics and commanding.
Then they'd be a high INT race, with poor stats in concern to body.
But sheesh, I guess it's too silly to imagine a Fairie commander adventuring with ten brothers and their friends, not only is it an incredibly good chance for social interaction, but they're also good information finders too, plenty of quest and dungeon leads you could easily put on from having the commander say "Scout town of rumors", or advancing ahead with them so players can plan ahead, counter ambushes, tactically deal with every goddamn thing in the game, instead of just charging in a numbers-ing the enemy.
Just fucking imagine where you can take this, imagine where your PCs could take it.

>Taking Elves back to their roots and letting them be the Nature/Spirits/etc race and then having Faries be the arcane magic race is an idea that sits well with me,
Entirely your choice, but I still like my own idea like anyone does.

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I know he actually made of several nationalities/geneses of elf, some of which being traditionalists; which I imagine are the ones you're referring to. Did their name actually translate to "Wood Elf," or does someone in some book call some denomination "Wood Elf?"

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The elves of Mirkwood and Lothlorien are called Silvan, translated "wood elves", and I believe that phrase is used at least once or twice to refer to them in the books.

And the elves of Mirkwood in particular are strikingly different in comparison to those of Rivendell. That's pretty much the genesis of modern fantasy fiction's high elf/wood elf trope -- Rivendell is the "high elves", Mirkwood is the "wood elves".

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More so balance and time; that is: balancing one player commanding more than one person, and having 5+ additional combatants would add 10mins to every combat encounter; minimum.

But you should totally write an RPG about being a band of fairies that dick around in human affairs.

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Still can't believe there's not a fun and functional RPG for that. Seems every one of the intentional LotR RPGs is either super math-heavy, or full of oversights.

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Merely group them into a horde then, every Faerie adding X amount of power/etc to it.
One for ranged, one for magic, and one for melee.
And specialist non-combatants for scouting/Diplomancing/Crafting/Etc
But again, I'm just thinking that's a good idea with no motivation to do it myself.
As always.

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>That look that scorpion lady and centaur are giving each other

>> No.27938335

I know, right?

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I am partial to ogres myself, OP, but I guess you also nixed that.

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>Faerie commander with a band of brothers as one player character

That sounds fantastic and something I'd definitely try.

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>Playing more than one character in any game


>> No.27938385

They live together.

>> No.27938390

I have have actually considered doing them instead of Orcs. Let orcs be hateful Klingon-honnor tribesmen, and then player-Ogers can be members of the dispersed vagabond race (generally of some Neutral alignment) that found working as hired muscle suits them well.

The same setup works for Orcs too though, and if I'm keeping Halflings I've got no good reason to remove Orcs beyond personal preference.

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What about if all but the commander didn't speak English, and the commander acted as the "face" for the faerie party?

And combat was handled through the faeries acting as one medium-sized humanoid?

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they all look like Rampage Jackson. even the white guy.

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Likely too far into the fantastic for ya op but..

Coordination is whats left right? Lets take that to an extreme. Think sorta like a slime person, but without the sticky acid bits. So an outer membrain, and kinda gelatinous innards. kinda blob with eyes and a mouth. Amorphous, not realy shapeshifting, but can form things somewhere between arms and tenticles to manipulate objects, and squish or streatch at will, a general control of body, but takes concentration to hold onto anything more complex than a tenticle. Hard to armor (cus no difinitive shape), but easy to heal (no real organs except for eyes, and maybe some sort of core to act like a brain), so eat and digest to regain mass and good.

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Try to think about what makes the races you've got distinct. Just as an example, habitat: elves live in forests, dwarves live in mountains, orcs usually live in some kind of desert or wasteland, humans and halflings have plains and grasslands. So maybe something that lives on the high seas/islands/tropics? Tundra? Swamps?

Elves are attuned towards magic, dwarves are stout and sturdy, halflings are nimble, humans are humans, and orcs are strong. What role is left to be filled?

Keep in mind when considering existing races (gnomes, lizardfolk) remember that you're abundantly free to alter them as you see fit. You said you didn't want another grr-so-angry race? Fine, lizardfolk are now civilized merchant-traders. No inherent magical abilities? Gnomes are now mechanics.

My vote would be for something insectoid; probably about the same height as dwarves or a bit taller, with a narrow frame.

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Thri Kreen are always fun. Extra arms work well into bonus COR too.

>> No.27938988

>Thri Keen
>Tolkien fantasy


>> No.27939044

Revenants or some other kind of half undead.

>> No.27939352

Dat Minotaurs has some.big ole titties.

And wheres is the rock?

>> No.27939373

I'm a fan of undead as a player option in some setting where you can explain why all the undead have nearly identical traits, such as Azeroth. However, in a D&D-esque setting anything could become undead a number of ways, and as such it works better as a template, not a character option. You'd have to have a distinct in-setting reason for "X race turns undead a lot more than any other because Y."

The ideas in this threat that I like so far are those frog people, fairies, and saytrs. As it stands, I'll likely include the 2nd or 3rd, and write elves as whatever their opposite would be. If I include Saytrs, it'll be High Elves, and if I include Fairies it'll be Wood Elves.

>> No.27939387

Dat minotaur and dat lychanthrope.

>> No.27939408

How about for once, they dont share human dysmorphism.

Aka millenia or breeding for strength and endurance has meant that there was significant cross genetics to the women. Result?

Even the women are built like brickshithouses by Human standards.

Although that picture is far too roidy and reminds me of Liefield.

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