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Do you think professional novel writers roleplay? Do you think being good at one would help the other out?

What novel writer would you like to GM your game or be a player in your game?

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I'm pretty sure DMing makes me better at my office job.

Also wasn't dragonlanced based off of the authors own dnd sessions?

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Dragonlance is a horrible series of books catering to 12-year olds.

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>Do you think professional novel writers roleplay?
Some of them

>Do you think being good at one would help the other out?
Almost certainly, though pretty much any and all life experience can have a positive synergistic effect on creative activities, so that's not really a surprise.

>What novel writer would you like to GM your game or be a player in your game?
HG Wells would probably be awesome to game with.

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I think quite a few, although certainly not everyone nor even close, fantasy authors do this. I know Steven Eriksson does.

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I heard that Record of Lodoss War was based on DnD sessions.

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I am reasonably sure Jim Butcher is or was a roleplayer.

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All the time they were playing games would be time they were not writing novels or editing them.

That said, they probably would be pretty good at it.

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I tried to learn to write a while ago, and found after even RPing that began full retard I'd do better.
Same can be said about a lot of things though, such as writing at 4 am.
As for who I think would be great to play with, I think Stephen King would make a kick ass DM.

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Never read them.
My group goes bananas for dragonlance shit though.
That might explain a lot.

Also, putting being a booksnob aside, the sheer volume and success of dragonlance novels would count them as professional novel writers.

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After watching firefly I think that either joss whedon or one of the other main creators play/d traveler since that show is full of references and is basically "traveler the tv show".

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yes, I know Charlie Stross and he used to do a lot of trad RP stuff. not sure he does as much now due to time.

I also know a host of other writers of a less well-known bent who do so too.

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The series goes back and forth in overall quality, but Raistlin is a pretty cool character. Still, some people can't forgive kender.

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Could you tell his RP style or writing style in any games you did with him or did you just know he did it?

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Care to list a few? I never played enough Traveler to catch any of them, so I'm curious.

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That goes even more for Twilight.

So yeah, "sheer volume and success" doesn't actually account for jack fucking shit.

>Raistlin is a pretty cool character
Totally. If you're 12 and have never read any other fictional work before.

Absolutely completely generic character.

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The standard Traveller game is about having an old shitbox cargo ship and performing jobs of varying legality on planet

Varying tech levels and anachronistic social mores are a big Traveller thing, although Firefly seems to just have "Futuristic" and "Western". Plus the whole "keep the government for finding out about the psychic" bit is very traveller. Most Traveller characters are ex-soldiers like Mal and Zoe.

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I'd want to have Joe Abercrombie as a GM, and RP with Tom Lloyd, Michael Moorcock, Stephen Erikson and Stephen King.

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The Wild Card books are loosely based on a superhero campaign that was GMed by George R. R. Martin, so there you go.

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Problem: While books based off of RPG campaigns are awesome, the opposite tends to be less so.
Writing and DMing are pretty much completely opposite styles: One requires you to figure out the story, make dramatic twists, and have the heroes always take just the right action to move the plot along. DMing, though? Being a good DM is all about reacting, working on the fly to keep things interesting. In a way, DMing is both easier and harder than writing, because on one hand you don't have to write the main characters, because the protagonists literally write themselves, but it can be a lot harder than writing because, again, you don't control the main characters, and thus you can't really control the plot to any significant degree outside of straight-up railroading.
So, uh, I suppose I would be cool gaming with a writer so long as he doesn't approach the game the same way he approaches a novel.
That said, I would love to game with Neil Gaiman or Hunter S. Thompson.

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Kender aren't actually that bad in Dragonlance because DL is based on 2e, where Kender actually were horrible little shits who were, at best, deeply mistrusted and at worst killed on sight.
Although there are a few communities of Kender in the horrible war-torn regions who got their shit together and actually have a fairly honest farming community.

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Kender society works completely fine, it's just based on completely incompatible underlying assumptions from everyone else's societies, and Kender don't know how to break from those assumptions.

And they're all inflicted with an irresistible urge to travel.

You can see how this ends up being a problem.

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He LARPs too.

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I've had like 20 different people tell me they were professional writers in my many years of RP.

I just 'hmph, okay' and assume it's bullshit.

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Mercedes Lackey used to RP on City of Heroes quite prolifically.

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Wild Cards too

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