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Heya, /tg/
I have to create a working planet / ecosystem for college. My partner and I have decided to create our very own Forge World because that's what we know best. Currently we are working on creating a power-point presentation and that is where we run into problems. I have no artwork of the Admech. If you would be so kind to help us out I would really appreciate it.

Post Admech pics plox

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will dump what little i have

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>Forge World
>Working ecosystem
Do those happen?

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I guarantee you somewhere in 40k, it has.

Besides, can't you imagine absurdly adaptive predators and vermin acclimating to obscene pollution and turning a forge world into a steel jungle of their own?

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Not a nice ecosystem, that's for sure.

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Unfortunately, this is all I have at school on my thumb-drive.

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Anything specific, OP?

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So basically an exploration of ecosystem stability in a globally industrialized environment?

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There is some sort of algae on the inside of whats left of the reactor core of the Chernobyl power station. It has seemingly started to use the radiation as a sunlight substitute.

I can imagine this stuff growing in places with name like Rad Hill and Glow-In-The-Dark Trench.

Also about 100 types of rodent in the lower hives and sump. They can range in size from field mouse to "it took three of us to best the foul beast but its flesh will feed our family for a week" in size.

Food is mostly obtained from the nutri-tanks. A vast system of artificial and carefully monitored water tanks that house 43 varieties of kelp, 53 types of seaweed, 19 distinct species of shrimp and uncountable types of algae and plankton. These are intensively farmed and the bio-matter is rendered down into nutri-bars and goop-food. Also this is the water purification system as well. It is fed by the near toxic rain water, street sweepings, corpses and anything else the sweepers find that doesn't actively fight back.

In abandoned settlements the nutri-tanks have been known to go feral and form the basis of more conventional but far more brutal ecosystems.

Also there are the old mine workings, now flooded. Some of them went all the way to the magma and holy fuck are there some odd deep-sea looking things down there.

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