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How do you handle religious differences in your games, /tg/?

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through role playing

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Religion gets conquered by Krom, whose worshippers don't give a shit about organized religion, but do enjoy stealing beautiful things.

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That poster's pretty darn cool, OP. Any more like it?

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It's from Pathfinder's "Faiths and Philosophies." All I got, sorry.

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A duel to see which deity is strongest.

The loser will convert or die.

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I liked Discworld's gods more than DnD's.

They didn't do that much, but direct insults got you a smiting.

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NO! We are not doing the Elijah Contest.

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Well, in my SIFRP game, they usually end in someone getting dead.

Rhllor's a faggot. Go home red priests.

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I like this picture, I am stealing this picture;

I tend to run religions in my games with some rough show of how human nature works. Religions may hate eachother over some minor or political difference, or people may panic looking for some sort of meaning to the world. In games that actually give power for religion, I tend to make those people pariahs or leaders depending on how well they play with the guys up top.

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Well, it is a bit peculiar in my campaign: basically the traditional gods are only able to act if there is one of their followers near, and opposite faith followers cancel each other out in a 1-1 basis.
This lead gods to go for quantity rather than quality, therefore all gods frequently donate blessings to their faithful and not, to try and convert as many people as they can

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considering all the gods exist in pathfinder, there isnt any that isnt "your god is a dick"

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I convert them to the Church of Xelor

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like conan, really.
what gods you pray to is your business, but I know that mine are better anyways.

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Iomedae is Lawful Good, you'd think she'd be more tolerant of other religions.

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lawful good. not lawful nice

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I usually use Glorantha as the setting, so there are broadly speaking three possibilities. Either you worship the right gods, and then it's all OK. Or they worship strange or unknown gods, in which case you're suspicious of them, but can still work with them if necessary. Or they worship enemy gods, in which case you kill 'em all and let Orlanth sort 'em out.

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Not to mention she's allies with other gods too, the poster seems to have been made by some extremist group within her church.

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Good people aren't ethnocentric bigots, no matter what 40k fans will tell you. Sounds like "Father" Jask needs to be reminded just who exactly Her true champions are.

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Really ? Monks offend Iomedea ?

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Three main religious "forms". One's polytheistic and they basically worship the same gods under different names. Holy war between them is rare. Another is monotheistic and worships the same god as a universal deity and the only real god. Fair amount of holy war between them. The last is a catchall of non-theistic religions such as ancestor worshipers. No holy war to speak of.

However, the three main forms definitely fight against each other a lot. Mostly it's the monotheists vs everybody else, because they're touchy about religion.

Most wars, though, aren't religious, and religious divide more informs their diplomatic stance towards other nations than actual conflict.

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Subjugate all in your path, show them the truth with fire, with sword, with words, with actions, and above all, with merciless and perfect brutality!

Shower the faithful with glory and praise, let them live in constant awareness of their greatness, but should they stray from my light, cast them out among the mongrels they hate so much.

For the faithless, the heretical, the wrongminded, there can be no quarter. To be of true faith one must be not only willing, but able and active in the destruction of the False. The wandering sheep may be herded with the crook or otherwise enticed, but for the False there is only torment, which, of couse, the faithful must deliver. Crush the skull of the nonbeliever! Sever the arms of those who rise up against the Light! Crucify the heretical missionary!

THAT is how you deal with religious "differences"!

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Most of the population worships the whole pantheon at once, and thus does not give enough of a fuck to go to war on the clergy's behalf. The clergies of most gods are also discouraged from starting shit because that's bad for business, though every now and then you still get some tremendous faggot who runs through a temple of Pelor shouting "Pelor is a faggot", "Pelor is Zarus", "Kord master race" etc while making obscene gestures and shitting on the altar

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>Pelor is Zarus


On the real tho; Zarus 2013 for best arrogant paladin god.

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Monks that sit in monestaries and meditate and philosophize all day do. Iomedae is basically the Paladin goddess. If you're not smiting evil, or directly enabling those who do so to do so harder, you're not worth a lot.

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>Subjugate all in your path, show them the truth with fire, with sword, with words, with actions, and above all, with merciless and perfect brutality!

>Shower the faithful with glory and praise, let them live in constant awareness of their greatness, but should they stray from my light, cast them out among the mongrels they hate so much.

>For the faithless, the heretical, the wrongminded, there can be no quarter. To be of true faith one must be not only willing, but able and active in the destruction of the False. The wandering sheep may be herded with the crook or otherwise enticed, but for the False there is only torment, which, of couse, the faithful must deliver. Crush the skull of the nonbeliever! Sever the arms of those who rise up against the Light! Crucify the heretical missionary!

>THAT is how you deal with religious "differences"!

Seriously, I don't even have to change anything.

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Zarus came first, also, 'Emps doesnt say anything about exalting his faithful. People may choose to, but usually its you "duty". Zarus is all about getting rewarded for being GREAT!

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No Pelor!

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I like how that picture showcases the corruption that lurked into the Iomedean crusade.

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God of racist rednecks.

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That picture wasnt made by Iomedae but her followers. Whom chiefly belong in the Cursade against the Worldwound in Lastwall and whatnot.

Whom incidentally are infiltrated by a powerful cult of Baphomet, Demon Lord of the Ivory Labyrinth, intentionally misdirecting worshippers, isolating crusaders from possible patron nations, promoting xenophobia, etc.

The Crusade is doomed. Wrath of the Righteous deals with this. Iomedea decides to intervene a bit more directly and the protagonist gain Mythic power, at the cost of lowering the demon ward fence the crusaders put around the worldwound, permanently.

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What if you just openly worship an evil god? Like if you're Chelish. What's the reaction there.

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>protagonist gain Mythic power
Warlord-type path was so fucking disappointing.

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you think everyone around you is an idiot, and you dont mind because their good nature will be easy to exploit!

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I like to imagine Pelor's head is an actual sun.

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Buttmad frustration. The Order of Hellknights are intensely supporting Iomedaen troops, since Asmodeus fucking hates demons. Crusaders are so strained that they cannot refuse any help, due to the Worldwound, Razmiran, the hordes of Belzken, etc.

I find all Mythic stuff rather disappointing.

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Which, the Marshal Path? Eh, dual-path it with Guardian and it works very well.

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You can be nice and Chelish. You can even be evil and nice and Chelish, at least to everyone who isn't an ordained human sacrifice.

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That doesn't seem anywhere near worth it, unless this Mythic-powered protagonist somehow manages to close the Worldwound.

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It's pretty shit m8. Crap range, no way to get real mileage out of its abilities, very consumptive.

Just be a wizard and do their ridiculous recharge shit.

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You've got it backwards, the sun is Pelor's head ya dummy!

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Doesn't mean monks aren't pussy faggots.

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The ward fence was failing anyway, it could have lasted a few more days maybe and randomly turn off. Instead Iomedae instilled its power into the protags. The crusader's leader later places the full might (not much) of the crusader in their hands. Iomedea herself starts patroning the protagonist more and more as the crusade advances. Basically the player party has the chance to ascend to godhood.

Though they need to deal with two Demon Lords first. And deal with Nocticula.

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I don't know. On the one hand, I want it to be possible for Pelor to manifest and incinerate huge swathes of terrain with his gaze.

On the othr hand, Pelor's gaze meaning the actual sun draws closer to the world is pretty fucking insane too.

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Stupid autocorrect. *Crusaders' *Crusade

Quite. Then again I can play that boy from Secret Journey as a Monk of the Healing Hand archtype.

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You could also just be an Oracle?

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>Father Jack Henbok
Ever since I noticed his name I can't help reading that in an Afrikaans accent

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Well yes but curses, channeling the power of gods and whatnot.

Plus monk is inherently weeaboo.

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Why not both? Why not, when Pelor manifests, have the sun disappear from the sky, and suddenly the sun is Pelor's head.

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That's pretty objective proof that Pelor is the One True Sun God but yeah, that'd be neat.

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How could you have more than one sun god?

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You have more than one sun.

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My arabian adventure setting has hundreds.

They all hate eachother and jihad to become the one true god.

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fair enough.

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Ra I Mawu don't Huitzilopochtli know Lugh I Aten guess Sol I Apollo was Istanu being Surya stupid Dazbog.

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Backwards Heortling detected. We Are All Us, barbarian.Learn to love the Red Godess, or face The Crimson Bat.

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You're DMing it?

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Easily. Just look at real life, most every pantheon had a different sun god.

Now imagine a setting where the gods actually exist, and all the delicious conflict this creates.

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You've only got one pantheon? Step it up senpai. Even if you're doing some comparative anthropology thing and having them all be aspects of one deity.

The God-learners were right.

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must be shit sun gods if they dont actually have that song on lock.

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Ive got multiple pantheons, but only one sun, because you only need one (I can explain, but that would take a LOT of typing, and I have to go in 30 min). Ive got huge pantheons actually, and among the higher gods there is actually a guild of sun-gods, but on the Prime Material Plane, there is only one sun.

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Come at me sis.

Also that's a really nice pic right there. Might you divulge its source?

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>you only need one
You at least need an understudy

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>The God-learners were right.

Godless sorcerer detected.

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>Good people aren't ethnocentric bigots

Good goyim. Only evil people would want to preserve their culture and reject the ways of foreigners!

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Why would a priest of Iomedae be called 'Father'?

>> No.27899706

I found it while googling for the crimson bat mini conversion, so not sure.

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I occasionally do such things.

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Na, the sun god is lashed to the sun disk, by his consent, so he can protect the plane from the Devourer. Other suns have shirked their duties before, and for the first time multiple gods have come together to build a plane to see if they can come up with a design that WONT get overrun by the devourer. So, to show is faith in the design, and help recruit more gods to the project, a Solar Knight bound himself forever to defend the Prime Plane.

You only need one.

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For the same reason a priestess is called "Mother". Respect.

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So this is a homebrew setting? What's it like? I've honestly never heard of you DMing in any story here before. Is it as perverse as you'd expect?

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What if he gets sick? That's p. cool tho.

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I just don't understand why it'd use Christian terms, specifically. Do all the religions do that?

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For some reason I find deities to be extremely annoying plot devices so I try to shy away from them. Religions exist in my settings of course but I leave some degree of ambivalence as to whether they are manmade, divinely inspired, or some mix of the two.

Often, I don't even know myself until I decide what works best for the story halfway through the campaign.

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Iomedae is basic the goddess of paladins and crusading. These have christian roots in the real world.

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Sickness only comes when Fosergriim has decided to call you back to the Eternal Forge to be remade. The High Gods (the gods involved in the Prime Plane) have a deal with him; they'll allow his Huntsman (dudes who hunt immortal beings for a living) free reign over the Prime Plane if he allows one exception to the rule of entropy.

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Yeah its my totally original do not steal setting built up of stuff I stolen.

tl;dr arabian adventures with flying carpets, genies, gnolls, dickass sultans, religious tension. The North is dirty barbarian lands (ye generic D&D setting), the West is islands full of pirates, and fun things, the South bleeds into a multiplanar desert ruled by blue dragons called the Azure Tyrants. The East... People dont go there anymore (Ahriman). Its for a sandboxy game.

I dont bother ranting about my players so I dont post about them, though I do post about games I play in!

Its not ERP. Might have some E in it but its mostly RP. Cant have arabian adventures without belly dancers.

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D&D paladins and real life crusades don't have a lot to do with each other.

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Iomedae=Rule 63 on White Jesus, shes the patron god of crusaders FFS.

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That's hilarious.
Even better than Discworld's gods.
Is it a serious setting or rather some satire?

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DnD Paladins were inspired by, well....


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In my settings, most gods are not worshipped full-time, but are sacrificed and prayed to when necessary- for example, there would be prayer and sacrifices to the harvest deity when it was harvest time, but ignored- and in some cases, abjured and worshipped against- at all other times. There are only a few actual monotheistic religions, which acknowledge other gods but do not worship them, and tend not to proselytize, similar to the Jews.

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Yeah but I'm pretty sure Bohemond wasn't LG.

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>implying Jesus is the patron god of Crusaders
I could see it if you meant YHWH.

>> No.27899864

The terms your looking for is Henotheism: worshiping one god while admitting the existence of others.

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The solution is obvious.

We need to replace all gods with one god.

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The short of it is, Iomedae is inspired by a highly fantasized and stylized interpretation of knights, religious warriors, and crusades, so a lot of christian imagery and conventions show up. It's not historically accurate, and it isn't supposed to be. It's the same shit as most DnD being superficially based on medieval europe.

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>implying Jesus and White Jesus are the same deity

>> No.27899910

And then kill him.

>> No.27899920

There is only ONE god. He is the SUN god. Ra! Ra! Ra! Ra!

>> No.27899938

What nations is she popular in/what's her church like?

I'm trying to remember all the gods in Pathfinder that I thought were funky. I liked the bloody revolutionary one.

>> No.27899973

She's pretty popular. Taldor, Lastwall, Andoran, Magnimar, etc. The generally good places worship her amongst others but she has churches all over.

Though most intensely its the crusader nations worshiping her. Mostly because she champions the war against the Worldwound and Tar-Baphon back in the day. She was actually a Knight of Ozem who ascended to godhood.

>> No.27899983


Or to illustrate the point a bit, pic related.

>> No.27900028

I thought Magnimar was like a wizard place. I'll need to go look up the wiki. Taldor's the knight place, right?

>> No.27900037

Amongst other things. Like being stuck up cunts.

>> No.27900061

Well, if I was gonna pick a particular region to be a "Knight Place" it'd be Mendev.

>> No.27900063

It's called 'being the flower of chivalry'.

>> No.27900085

It might have the most knights, but Taldor is the one that's a vague stereotype of Christian Europe.

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>Iomedaen priest attempts to chastise druid for being a 'tree kneeler'
>gets eaten by wandering bear

I don't know why, but this idea amuses me greatly.

>> No.27900126

Ra! Ra! Rasputin!

Russia's greatest love machine!

>> No.27900147

Level 18 Oracle son of Baba Yaga with mythic potential.

>> No.27900241

Killed by a single pistol shot to the head.

And yet SKR thinks guns are less powerful than bows.

>> No.27900251

SKR's got reverse mythic potential.

>son of Baba Yaga

>> No.27900259

Can anyone remember the name of the belief system from antiquity where everyone assumed everyone elses gods were real, so combatants would often 'steal' their enemies' gods from temples and stuff.

Like, Romans would try to get their enemies' gods to come back to Rome by offering them more worship, better offerings, etc.

>> No.27900261


Check out "Rasputin Must Die."

>> No.27900262

>And yet SKR thinks guns are less powerful than bows.

Wait what? A lead ball that is going to violently deform is gonna be a lot fucking worse than a solid shaft and head that will do no such thing.

>> No.27900287

They should have gone with day, dusk, night.

>> No.27900291

The solid shaft and head will create a smaller wound channel than the violently deforming lead ball. They will also plug up the hole they make, reducing blood loss.

>> No.27900377

I should have been clearer. Worse for the guy getting hit.

I'll never understand this about RPGs. Why do they insist that early firearms have long ass reload times and misfire chances in the name of 'realism' but never want to make the injuries they inflict as fucking godawfully horrific as they were in real life.

>> No.27900389

All irrelevant in a hp based system.

>> No.27900398

Guns being weirdly underpowered and hated by the designers isn't irrelevant in an HP based system.

>> No.27900425

Guns would probably work better in a PF game that used the "armor as DR" variant rules, since firearms ignore armor. In vanilla, this basically means you can hit more often. With those rules, you can do more damage than someone with a bow and arrow or a sword.

>> No.27900440

Not to mention they also give bow-users feats that let them fire two shots in the same six-second period at two separate targets, when they're not letting them just nock and fire multiple arrows at once.

>> No.27900445

Guns are more or less spears with longer range.

And yeah, DND is fucking dumb no matter how you cut it. Crossbows don't scale in power either so they end up being useless. It wouldn't take 20 fucking hits to take a person down.

>> No.27900459

Not really, there is no point to make mudane weapons that do 15d10 damage a turn while thats the providence of 20th level characters. Except if they are incredibly rare to the point where you find one at the end of the game maybe.

But then guns aren't.

>> No.27900470

But they don't ignore armor. They used to proof armor by shooting a gun with it, and would usually engrave around the dent as a point of the smith's pride.

>> No.27900480

>Not really

If you're going to include ranged weapon options in the game and call them viable, don't then make two (or more) of them absolutely inferior to your particular favourite type. In the name of realism. Especially when, as you point out, 20th level characters are far and away past the point of realism.

>> No.27900489


I was referring to how PF uses guns.

>> No.27900574

I see. Never mind then. I don't know... Honestly, getting a square hit by any sort of weapon would probably fuck you up. It seems like damage just doesn't scale with hit points in general.

>> No.27900614

It's not really supposed to. Most people I play with see HP as "health" and when you get hit, you get hit and there's some description of the beating you take, but it may be more accurate to have HP as how much you can turn a potentially dangerous blow into a glancing one, and you only get "really" hurt when your HP finally hits 0.

>> No.27900663

So basically, HP is plot armor.

How does this justify healing spells, then? Do they just replenish your luck or something?

>> No.27900685

It really doesn't make any sense.

>> No.27900714

There are HP based systems where projectile type modifies damage.

>> No.27900730

By that logic, all injuries are the same under an HP system. But that isn't the case. More lethal shit does more HP damage, that's how it has always worked.

>> No.27900777

There are loads of different small religions and cults in the setting I'm running, where my players right now belong to two groups:

The first worship the gods of dawn and dusk, a sort of Buddhist religion with focus on rebirth and healing. Everything has its place and one should be compassionate against all others. With the exception being their templars, who are given free reign to fuck up anyone threatening their faithful as long as they don't use bladed weapons.

The second group worship the allfather, which is basically Christianity reskinned. Its faithful believe there is one true god and that all others are false reflections of him. They send out loads of crusades into the world. Though the religion is widespread, those not belonging to it see it with aversion.

Though my players sometime conflict in how to approach problems due to their faith, they currently focus their efforts to mess as much as they can with a death-cult they encountered some time ago. The cult stole their things and offered their NPC guide to their god. This was not appreciated by the players who for now largely ignore their religious differences.

>> No.27900828

>The first worship the gods of dawn and dusk, a sort of Buddhist religion with focus on rebirth and healing. Everything has its place and one should be compassionate against all others. With the exception being their templars, who are given free reign to fuck up anyone threatening their faithful as long as they don't use bladed weapons.
>implying Buddhism isn't harsh as fuck
Why the restriction on bladed weapons?

>> No.27900854

>not carrying the Black Torch for Mighty Yredelemnul

>> No.27900856

Ostensibly because they don't spill blood. Even though blunt weapons spill a lot of blood.

>> No.27900875


>> No.27900920

Cheibriados. Take it easy, man.

>> No.27900999

Systems with vitality and wounds do a better job of making absurd d20 HP piles make sense.

Vitality scales per level and comes in scads, representing your action hero power to avoid, ignore, or otherwise shrug off big chunks of damage. Vitality recovers fast, even without magical healing, and their's no real penalty for losing it.

Wounds are a fixed, small number representing your ability to actually withstand serious damage. They recover slowly, penalize you for being taken away, and you die when you hit -10.

Combine them with crits that go straight to wounds and 'fun' ensues.

>> No.27901007

>41st millennium
>not venerating the Immortal Emperor

>> No.27901111

>Not serving the Greater Good

It's like you Gue'la don't like happiness and progress.

>> No.27901157

>faggots can't even into Night Lord

>> No.27901174

Lets all embrace undeath, move to the negative energy realm, and just live without gods.

Little John wasn't weeaboo.

I liked how Seventh Sea dealt with it, there were wounds and dramatic wounds.

>> No.27901245

>"Look at me Mortal!"
>"You have been blinded by the love of Pelor"

>> No.27901258

A-HA! So you admit your greater good is just a religion? Got you by your no-... dammit.

>> No.27904662

gods have autism

>> No.27904842


>> No.27904914

Damn straight they do.

>> No.27905019

Well, I'd assume that at the time of the crusades it would go something like:
>Wait, you worship Vecna?
>Why the fuck are you here? Get your ass over to the battlefield and start making skeletons!
Seriously, those guys need all the help they can get.

>> No.27905055

no one really care unless you are being a dick. even evil god worshippers are sometimes not evil. unless you worship zon kuthon, then my party kills on sight.

seriously fuck zon kuthon

>> No.27905138

I always wanted to play a Megaten game where you can just punch the boss in the dick mid-monologue.
Because seriously, the constant law and chaos rants gets really fucking repetitive after a while.

>> No.27905181

>suddenly the sun is Pelor's head.

You say that, but all I can see is the sun baby from Teletubbies, and that leads me to believe the sun baby is Pelor, and I'm pretty sure that ain't right.

>> No.27905202


That should be the defacto cutscene skip option. I've lost count of the number of cutscenes I'd like to skip with a swift punch to the nads.

>> No.27905232

I treat it like StoneSoup.

>> No.27905251

What's with all the Pelor love? Thought /tg/ was for Zarus.

>> No.27905264

This reminds me of a homebrew campaign I played once. My character was devout Shinto Jap schoolgirl. Only too late did the GM realize that perhaps letting the PC raise an army 10,000 strong with Merkavas, Abrams, Raptor jets, and a penchant for heretic-smashing might be a bad thing.

>The cutest Hitler ever

>> No.27905316

Egypt had about 3 sun gods IIRC (ably taken the piss out of in TP's Pyramids, where all the Gods appear in Djelibeybi and the variou ssun gods start fighting over it)

>> No.27905327

>implying that Pelor love isn't the same thing

>> No.27905336

I once played a very devout and fervent cleric of Kord, and our party face was a paladin who was a pronounced agnostic who chose to revere the general notion of not being an asshole. We also had a dwarven pirate who worshipped Farlaghan, a druid who followed Ehlonna, and some witch who was some kind of pantheist.

We all got along just fine. My cleric performed rites for everyone equally and had no problem discussing the finer points of theology with my fellow adventurers. Me and the pally got along best of all, we had a real "Buddy-cop" thing going on; me buffing the shit out of him while he smote Zarusite inquisitors who'd infiltrated the Church of Pelor (Yes, we had a Burning Hate-faction in our campaign). Shit was cash, yo.

>> No.27905610

But they are different.

>> No.27905625

>How do you handle religious differences in your games, /tg/?

With a sword.

>> No.27907618

I dunno. The sourcebook never explained it and I can't be arsed to make something up.

Tell me more about harsh Buddhism

>> No.27907700

the post doesn't deal with ethnocentic issues though

>> No.27907717 [DELETED] 


trips confirm. Pelor is the way

>> No.27908194

Rolled 70


Conan! What is best in life?

>> No.27908695


>> No.27909006

In my world each town and city has a dominant religion, all others are either hidden in basements or moved out of town into the wilderness to avoid persecution.

Persecution takes the form of extra taxation by dominant good religions on neutral or destruction by evil religions on others.

In some cases evil religions may co-exist if their is an evil alliance between the evil demonlords.

Religions attempt to dominate a region in this way because the more worshippers, the more power a deity has.

>> No.27910925

in my little home brew one of the church's says bladed weapons are not on because when the religion was started in aceint times. A blunt weapon baseicly meant you where fighting with your hands or a stick. so now that weapon tech has gone up and their iconic flanged mace spills blood all over the place they keep the rule because to change it would be heresy

>> No.27912986

Usually through semi-automatic weapons fire

>> No.27913454

Got a link?

>> No.27913683 [DELETED] 

>Bjorn heard his breathing, hot and heavy in the dark. He clenched the fingers of his hand, feeling confined.
>"This is how Dreadnoughts must feel," he thought. "Poor bastards."

Chris Wraight, you glorious bastard you.

>> No.27915394

I am an atheist and even I would prefer Jeezus

>> No.27915989

10/10 image, was amused

>> No.27916022

I find a drunken money knife fight solves most issues.

>> No.27916044


But wouldn't some currencies have an unfair size advantage? I wouldn't want to see a £5 note face a £50 note, for example.

>> No.27916057

That's why you use coins. A silver dollar has more weight behind it than a 2 euro piece.

>> No.27916072


But then that means Batman's giant penny would be the undisputed champion.

>> No.27917540

So? Batman always wins anyway.

>> No.27917573

See the thing about White Jesus above, I guess. Buddhism and White Buddhism are pretty different, you've got whole different branches which can be entirely focused on oppressive mysticism (like in Tibet) or can be used to justify war (like in early 20th century Japan).

Buddhism's fundamental principle of removal from the material isn't a principle it's easy to feel good about.

>> No.27917739

In Dark Heresy, how do you deal with Tech-priest vs. the rest for the party, especially Redemptionist clerics.

Would Tech-Priest be open about his religion, or would he do the standard "emperor is the omnissiah" lie to shut everybody up.

>> No.27918670

Gods are all over the fucking place, ranging from weaksauce nature spirits to massively powerful Incarnae (the heads of the whole pantheon)

Option 1: the PCs are directly empowered by the Incarnae - may be all from one, may be a mix. Degree of worship and veneration varies, but everybody is chill with each other.
Smaller gods are usually treated not as joining a religion but allying themselves with an influential organisation.

Option 2: the PCs are Dragonblood Immaculates. They worship pretty much one and only actually fake religion in the setting, which declares the PCs from option 1 demons stealing the power of Incarnae and demands hunting them down and exterminating.
Small gods are treated on the basis of "Yo nigga, you get your festivals on this schedule. Get outta line and we cap yo ass, capiche?"

>> No.27919185

So, quick story time:
>Be only NE in a group of NG, and CG players
>Group ends up in Demon Planes
>Trapped in a room with thousands of pigs, and a sacrificial altar
>Other Characters saying sacrificing animals is disgusting
>I say "Stop being racists, just because they aren't your beliefs, doesn't make them disgusting, plenty of people sacrifice animals to their gods"
>proceed to murder pig whose blood creates a portal blah blah blah

There is a lesson about traditional beliefs and societal standards in an RPG and how in a world with multiple known very real faiths, good people would be more accepting of things they personally wouldn't do, as long as it isn't hurting any other people. Sacrificing pigs and sheep and cats fine, sacrificing people, bad news bears.

>> No.27919215

>Implying Pelor isn't Zarus.


>> No.27919238


>Stop being racists


>> No.27919395

Well, what is the word for someone who discrimates based on religion? Also, religions in fantasy settings are heavily tied to race. So, saying someone's religious practices are disgusting and terrible is tantamount to racism in a way.

>> No.27919442

just use bigot, its generic for any kind of discrimination.

>> No.27919783



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