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After a long grueling day at work/school how do you stave off the all the consuming temptations of the Warp anon? I mean between snorting Warp Dust, blood orgies and the promise of very own girl-dick it's about all I can do to tune out the droning roar of the madness what echoes from beyond the veil. I find chamomile tea and playing video games with my bf helps.

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Unconditional hatred and blind faith.

What more do you need?

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Oh lord, could you imagine if the Warp was actually real in this day and age with this self indulgent generation? We'd be doomed as a species.

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A good book helps.

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> OP

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What more does a woman need other than the promise of someday sitting at the right hand of the God Emperor of Humanity?

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A penis, of course.

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>this self indulgent generation
You mean every single fucking generation that had a previous generation old enough to remember their last generation enough to whine about it to the most recent generation(s)? And all of humanity ever?

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Perspectively, yes, but realistically the more convenient our society and culture have become the more self-indulgent we've been allowed to become.

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So long as you don't mind the smell of bacon.

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What would the best chaos God to worship under be?

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The better question might be how does any god other than Slaanesh actually seduce mortals?

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Mr. Rogers.

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By offering the three things people will do anything for.


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Khorne- Strength of Arms, Bloodlust
Tzeench- Knowledge, Sorcerous Power
Nurgle- Immortality, Papa Nurgle's loving embrace

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> You will never be made a fuck puppet of Tzeentch

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>implying that worshiping the dark gods wouldn't be a good thing

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You're thinking about it wrong. You don't just convert because of 'strength of arms'. What the hell does that mean anyway.

What happens is there's story in the local newspaper about a convicted paedophile, being cautioned for filming little girls in the park. Maybe you have daughter and this is kind of worrying. One evening you're in the local bar talk turns to your worries and fears. Maybe a few of you and some guys you don't know start talking about showing this pedo guy he's not welcome.

Maybe you walk over to his house in your drunken state and you call him into the street and give him a kicking. The cops show up and don't give a shit because he's a pedo.

But you showed him right. Maybe a few nights later, your little gang emboldened by your little vigilantism, go out again and find some scum tagging a local school with shitty graffiti. Maybe you give them a kicking too.

Maybe you start doing this every Saturday, getting to know a bloke, lets call him Dave who seems particularly eager to get you out on the streets, 'into battle' he calls it. A bit violent, but he's got a good heart.


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Strength in Bacon

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Then one night you find some jumped up little street punk, all geared up for robbing. Maybe you've all just drank a little too much, been a little too eager, and you split his head open on the sidewalk.

You've just murdered a guy maybe you should call the police, but dave says he'll take care of it. you spend a couple of days scared out your mind. But no police come, no sirens or flashing lights. You've got away with it.

But of course you all know what you did. Dave wants to go out again a couple of weeks later. You don't but Dave reminds you we're all in this together now. So you go out again. You find another scum, and there's another 'accident'. Only this time you sort of enjoy it. It feels good to take out all the fears, and worries. If only the first bastard hadn't died. It's all this scums fault. fucking worthless pieces of shit. They're all the fucking same.

You're getting cocky. This time you don't hide the body. Or the next. Or the one after that. And soon your little vigilante group is full blown fucking murder club.

because they're all still fucking scum right


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Sooner or later you realise you enjoy this shit. Your baddest motherfuckers in town. Why the fuck should you listen to your shit stain of a boss chewing you out all the time. Doesn't he understand, you're a fucking killer.

No the only people that understand you are Dave and the boys. One day Dave gives a book he's been reading. It's philosophy right, but you don't really understand it. It basically says that the strong have value and the weak don't. That only the strong should survive, Isn't that what you're doing. Weeding out the weak.

Dave introduces you to some of his mates one day. They believe this shit too. You tell them what you do on a saturday night, and they fucking love it. you all go out together and then you find some fucking disabled welfare scrounger, coming back from the food bank. Fucking taking up benefits, human weakness. Polluting the genepool. You fucking kick his head in. The other guys love, and start doing sick doodles in his blood. It's transgressive but so exciting. It feels like you belong somewhere.

You all get matching tattoos to mark your little secret. A stylised skull. Badass

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Over the next couple of weeks you get deeper into this philosophy shit. There's like this force man, they call it Khorne. It's like power and rage. A cleansing force. That's what you are, man, a divine force. Cleaning the universe of all the filth and corruption.

It makes you feel stronger. Every time you take out a fucking nigger, or gangbanger. You start taking a finger. It just makes you feel good, yeah. You're stronger than before. stronger than you've ever felt. You're fucking untouchable.

But there's only 6 of you. Dave doesn't see the potential in what you're doing. You could be so much more. Do so much good. If only there was a few more of you.

So you go to a bar and see if you can convince some gullible guys to come out and give a beating to that convicted pedo that just moved into the area.


And that's how you fall to Chaos

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Why does this sound so damn plausible for a modern setting with warp gods?

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I'd watch this show.

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The Blood God smiles on us this day brothers.

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There is no such thing as the Warp. Now go back to reclaiming the galaxy for all Humanity. Remember, yours are the hands that build the Imperium of Man

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Glad you liked it anons. Comes from living with a minister for a parent. You learn how to convert people into the fold.

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>Implying the next generation won't be more self-indulgent than now.
I'll see you on your holo-porch yelling at kids to stop having sex on your hyper-lawn and join you in talking about the good ol' days.

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Teach us your ways oh might High Priest AnĂ³n

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