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WoD General, hope you guys want some World of Darkness!

What are you gents up to this fine week? Any crazy plans to do something insane? Also feel free to storytime and post your party.

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Welp, started my mortals game last night. Here's the party:

Detective Preest, stereotypical detective
Jewy McJewerstein, the biggest fucking Jew to ever Jew around the Jew town
Shark Lawyer, cut throat guy

And then there is Captain Spaghetti, Accountant that's a certified genius and can't talk to women without freaking out. Already got his ass kicked by a vampire from the VtM game, and went home crying.

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I'm rewriting the changeling the lost rules.

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>I'm rewriting the changeling the lost rules.
How so?

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Okay, story time. What happened?

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Which story you want? The Lawyer and Jew didn't do much, but the detective did follow the plot, and the Accountant went for a bite to eat and got his ass kicked in a strip club after being seduced by an asian girl in a sushi restaurant and running away.

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Accountant first, I guess.

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That seems like a stupid idea

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Alright, well he works at the Prince's company on the highest floor of the building. He's a certified genius and amazing with computers and accounting.

He wrapped up his bizz for the night and went out to get a bite to eat at a sushi restuarant though he thought about the strip club but chose not to go there. He walked in there and sat down to the hot asian woman wearing a red dress with a golden dragon on it who was also smoking. She started asking him questions about his job, while he started getting uncomfortable.

Then she put her hand on his leg. He freak out by it and she began walking her fingers up it, and he stood up saying he had to go some where and ran out to go to the strip club.

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About to run my first politicaly centric VtM game, can't say much, players may be lurking

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He arrived to see the vampire trying to get in and the bouncer went inside to check with the dancer. So they both stood out there waiting. When the vampire was escorted in by the Keeper he went in following them.

He then went in and walked up to the only asian stripper to talk. She asked him a few questions and then if he wanted a dance. He freaked out and ran away to the bar. The Bartender asked him if he wanted a drink and if he was a virgin. He replied by saying "I-I-'ve been with dozens of womans, more womans than you can count. I'm great with women." He then ordered a virgin strawberry daiquiri, and stood in the middle of the fucking room watching the girls.

He then went to the bathroom, got freaked out by a drunk guy and started thinking about what the bartender said. After about 10 minutes he ran out went up to the asian stripper and asked her if the dance was still an offer. He then realized he forgot his drink in the bathroom and ran back to get it.

He ran full force right into the Vampire couple he saw at the door. One of whom is a raging fucking psychopath. He bounced off of him and landed flat on his ass.

The vampire took notice of it.

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The accountant stood up and apologized to him, and the vampire took a draw of his cigarette and said "You better be" and shoved him lightly with his two fucking potence. The accountant went flying back and landed on his ass.

He started crying a bit and ran into the bathroom to hide. After about 15 minutes or so he ran out of the place and went home. When he got home he noticed that the name on the new mailbox was the same name that he heard the vampire say when he was trying to get into the strip club.

He then went inside and hid.

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""I-I-'ve been with dozens of womans, more womans than you can count. I'm great with women."

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Turn him into a vampire, secretly give him fortitude 10 without telling anyone. It'll be funny

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The entire campaign is a bunch of normal people are going to try to kill a single vampire.

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which vampire?

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A minor character in the VtM game.

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The guy the accountant run into, or the guy living in his building?

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How about the detective next?

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The guy living in the building.

The reason they had the same name is that the one that moved in took the guise of the one the Accountant met.

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So I'm getting tired of DnD. Is WoD a good urban fantasy game? I've never gotten to try the genre, although I'm not terribly interested in vampires and werewolves.

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See children, this is what happens when you don't pass your heresy test. Now let's all watch Timmy bleed out on the pavement and see if the rest of you can get it right.

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It's a solid urban fantasy game and you don't have to play it with werewolves or vampires at all. There's plenty of interesting splats and one of the most popular ones in nWoD is mortal.

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Mortal, hunter, mage, or changeling might interest you, depending on what you want out of urban fantasy.

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I'm not familiar with the splatbooks. Could you give me a brief synopsis?


Unsure, I'd just have to give it a try. I just want something not all grimdark all the time.

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>I'm not familiar with the splatbooks. Could you give me a brief synopsis?

> I just want something not all grimdark all the time.
Coulda fooled me with the threats of killing me due to heresy.

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...What? I think you have me confused with someone else.

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WoD is one of the best settings ever made.

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So /tg/

Who's a better faction, Cammies or Sabbat? And why is it the Cammies?

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Between the two I'd actually say the Sabbat, despite not liking the Tzimsce as much as everyone else seems to (which is to say I don't dislike them, but I don't find them awesome above all). I like their setup otherwise, and the Lasombra.

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>I like their setup otherwise, and the Lasombra


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Blame the guy who got me into it. He would not stop about the Assamites and Lasombra to the point that when I got to it I was surprised to find they weren't the most populous and powerful clans.

I managed to avoid interest in the Assamites still, though. I think the Darkness/shadow stuff keeps me interested.

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Come back when you're actually a threat.

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Eh, I'm more of a VtR fan so I don't know much about things like the Brujah (True or not) beyond time travelling and dozens of attacks per turn (though I understand that's not something many Kindred can do).

I like the VII and Belial's Brood, and the En (their founder ruled a vampire domain for 12,000 years) and new Daeva.

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Only the eldest of True Brujah can time travel and that's just basic moving things. Traveling thousands of years back takes dozens of elders.

Only the Antediluvian could do true time travel and she's dead.

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I come with more ideas and stuff about my Little Red motif 'Ling.

I thought that during her durance, her "Grandmother" the Keeper, would have her do seemingly innocuous "chores" that end up being a lot more dire. And that maybe during at least a portion of her durance, her memory was messed with by the Grandmother so maybe Red thinks she's been Red for her whole life. Eventually, the other memories start coming back. Maybe due to the appearance of the Huntsman, who might be another Changeling who saves Red sometimes. I thought it could be him who leads her to escape. Of course, something goes wrong and he has to sacrifice himself.


The Huntsman is actually the Keeper too, playing mind games.

Either way, cue confusing semi-romantic feelings as old memories surface?

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Perhaps her Keeper (normally) played all those roles.
I'm imagining a faceless being that puts on eerie masks dependent upon the role it needs to play for the story of the day, toying with her from all sides the whole time.
And another Changeling, perhaps an escaped previous changeling of hers, knew that he could rescue another changeling if he inserted himself into the story (as the keeper had to let the story play out) so he stole the Keepers' Huntsman mask.

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That's really a neat idea. Yeah, it sounds good. Especially since I imagine the Grandmother to be obsessed with these "stories" enough for that kind of thing to happen.

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Sounds like you're having fun with the concept, that's great, I know you were hooked on the red riding hood thing and originally I shit on it so glad I could prove myself wrong.

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Huhn...not the first time I've seen a weakness like that, but a good enough spin on it that I'm going to be stealing that idea.

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What can I say, I'm a sucker for the classics.

I don't blame you for shitting on it though, I can understand since it's done so often (probably).

I've only been tossing ideas in here so much because by the time I'm back from classes, I'm just too tired and at least if I plan out a bunch of this in advanced I'll be good when I have time to sit down.

Like on of the "chores" I thought might be gathering firewood. I've played around with this idea a bit and come up with some different stuff. Say for example the forest, being fae has living trees in at least one area. The Big Bad Wolf makes an appearance as a trickster in this part, points her to the living and hostile trees. They aren't too happy to see anyone approaching with an axe so they attack.

I wasn't sure what I was going to have happen next at first.

Then it hit me, that could be when Red meets the Huntsman and he saves her.

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That axe might make a nice token after the escape.

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You're right, it would!

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Currently running a Demon the Fallen campaign. First time GM, so hoping it works well. My current PCs are a homeless fiddler Defiler, a 90+ year old Chinese Fiend, and a forensic scientist Slayer.

Since they're non-combatty I have them mystery solving! People are coming into the hospital with ravenous appetites, ready to starve if they don't continuously keep consuming food. A famine spirit has been sneaking around town, and is going to have itself a feast. A plot I completely lifted from Extreme Ghostbusters.

Meanwhile, cats are watching people and things. Just watching. It's starting to worry the group, which is the point!

One of my players having been forevergm for the better part of a decade made me anxious to throw things he wouldn't understand in.

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You got any writing in this general?

>> No.27890269

What do you mean?

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Sounds fun.

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Has anyone used the social rules in God Machine?

I'm trying to figure out how First Impression works. Is it more of an example of closeness? If you're not close are you limited to a slow social maneuvering that only works after days/weeks?

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Can a changeling be a cellphone, radio, or some other mobile communications device?

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You mean an anthropomorphised one? Sure. Something similar to a manikin with redone powers and a tech obsessed keeper.

>> No.27891581

idunno, it does specifically say that those things don't work in the hedge
no cell phone towers and whatnot

I suppose a Fae could make their own cell phone towers and whatnot, but I wouldn't make them compatible with those on earth.

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>Can a changeling be a cellphone, radio, or some other mobile communications device?


I meant more like a phone. Someone has it. It works, but sometimes they get calls from a voice they don't know. The voice seems to know many things and sometimes provides information and advice, other times it asks things of the owner.

They don't know they mysterious voice is actually the phone is a changeling whos body is a functional phone and whose powers mostly deal with remote viewing and their own durability or something.

>> No.27891641

at that point they wouldn't be a changeling

>> No.27891648


if the phone is an npc then the storyteller runs it.

If the phone is a PC then they act as though they are a character that only directly interacts with the party via phone calls and most of the rest of his actions are exchanged via notes with the storyteller.

>> No.27891819

changelings have to be anthropomorphic?

I thought they could end up bent into animalistic and other shapes by the true fae.


what would be a good splat to work from to create a person trapped in such a state as



>> No.27891869

It sounds like Ghost.

A changeling has to escape through the Hedge. If you don't do that you'll never escape, even if you're dragged along. An inanimate object can't do that.

They have to be anthropomorphic to some extent, at least in the beginning. But a human bent into an animalistic shape -is- anthropomorphic. They appear as an animal with humanoid features. But they still have limbs, eyes or sensory organs, stuff like that.
You can be a human-ish robot.

>> No.27891895

If you insist on it being related to a true fae, it could be a Prop, which is a part of a True Fae manifested in the form of an object.

>> No.27891909

I think he's trying to say it's not a player thing.
But for NPCs you can do whatever you want. Make it a cell phone, a microwave, an entire set of kitchen appliances and a dinette set.

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Is there a good ST cheat sheet for Changeling and Demon anywhere? I made the terrible decision to GM a multi-genre game, and keeping track of all the rules is a headache and a half.

>> No.27892252

changeling the lost and demon the fallen?
there nwod rules are pretty simple for things but owod stuff does get complicated

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>I just want something not all grimdark all the time.
WoD may not be your game, since it's synopsis is basically
>Mortal? Everything is stronger and more terrifying than you. You're fucked.
>Supernatural? There are worse things out there than you that you've just put yourself on the radar for and you have to cope with your slow slide into self-destruction to boot. You're fucked.

>> No.27892298

Sorry, Dreaming and Fallen, oWoD.

>> No.27892334

Yeah cause X-files was grimdark as fuck.

>> No.27892352


nWoD is pretty flexible. Its default is some form of horror but it can be bent into just about any mood or tone you like.

>> No.27892403


The systems mechanics lend them selves to flexibility, addition, and modification too.

>> No.27892617

Really depends if it's nWoD or oWoD. nWoD isn't so bad, but oWoD, every single apocalypse is literally poised to happen, and even the monsters are ripping themselves apart. Humanity doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell.

>> No.27892862

>every single apocalypse is literally poised to happen
That's not to say the apocalypse actually has to happen. Everything can be utterly absurd if you set the tone right.

>> No.27892872

any of you guys running/ran the oWOD larp?
do you want to hear some stories from the one i'm co-STing?

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That's not true at all, I think two of the Gehenna scenarios, mortals are none the wiser that the vampires are gone.

>> No.27894054


Didn't humans rise up and assrape the vamps when the masquerade fell in one of the scenarios? Or am I misremembering?

>> No.27894102

That's just Ghenna though. There's still the Time of Judgement, the Apocalypse and the Ascension War ALSO happening

>> No.27894383

Kinda been wanting to play a game of Changeling the Lost sometime. Don't know anyone else who's interested in WoD.

>> No.27894418

And suddenly I'm reminded of Chris-chan
sure, share your stories!

Has anyone bought the Bastion merit for the Changeling? How useful is it?

>> No.27894745

>And suddenly I'm reminded of Chris-chan
We actually brought that up.

>> No.27895184

>Barney exists in cWoD
>he's a Fomori Mokole
I don't even

>> No.27895225

pfahahaha link? or paste the info, I'm curious now

>> No.27895372

Freak Legion, Page 80.
>Action Bill is the star of endless turgid TV and movie adventures. Pentex's OmniTV Network shows this program as well as the popular kids' program "Braney," featuring a loveable purple dinosaur (Actually a Wyrm-Corrupted Mokole).

>> No.27895401

God bless you White Wolf, this shit's so cash

>> No.27895404

I love Freak Legion

Savage Genitalia FTW

>> No.27895405

I just want to play a game of WoD is all, it's all I've wanted to do for years now.

>> No.27895455

>Realm of Deceit
>MUD where you level up until you get posessed

>> No.27895968

Yeah humans are the survivors. The rest of the problems just fuck over the supernaturals.

>> No.27896003


iirc, there's one where the masquerade falls after a big fight in Manhattan, and Vampires become the big media flavour of the week, right up until the humans realise that the vampires are, you know, blood sucking monsters. Then the military come in and assrape the vamps.

Of course, then the antediluvians rise and assrape humanity.

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Currently fighting with not building a Malk.
I like Malkavians, they have spread of powers I favor,
they are creepy if played right (screw the fishmalks),
and your death will most likely not be by diablery because people are afraid.

And so the chance to play V:tM has once again arisen, and I want to play another Clan for once.
Firstly, we allready have a Malk in the group,
and secondly I am known to only play Malks and want to prove that I can play something else...


>> No.27896099

Well fuck man. unmodchat dot com

Make a character. If you want to get instantly swarmed with offers to play, make a female character with huge fucking boobs. If you want to get offers to play from people in the wrong game and utterly outside the game you are playing, make a cow-girl Changeling the Lost character.

Use Dean from Supernateral as your picture and you will get equal parts people makeing fun of it and girls/boys after the D.

>> No.27896145

Spread your wings a little. Ventrue has a solid set of powers. You could go tordore and show people how to play one right. Don't play a Tremre. They make a bunch of ST work.

>> No.27896154

I'm thinking of running a game of V:tR without any clans. Basically all vamps would get three points in each of the physical disciplines (Celerity, Resilience and Vigour), one more point free to put into any discipline, then one clan weakness.

Am I crazy to do this? I figure that V:tR is more about the covenants and politics anyway, so removing the clans might be interesting.

>> No.27896160

And we allready have a Tremere in the group either way. I hate Mages, undead or not too, so those were not on the agenda.

Playing a Toreador right? Hrm...
If I was able to do it for the Malks, I might be able to do it with the Toreadors.

I'll look into it; Especially since Toreadors having Auspex doesn't take it entirely out of my comfort zone.

>> No.27896169

No, that sounds fine. Rip out the predictor's taint and I'd be happy to play in it.

In general? I'd suggest not hesitating to make changes around WOD. I made my vampires able to walk around in daylight at low Blood Potency, as long as they avoid direct sunlight (they burn more like albinos then fulminate of mercury when exposed to sunlight.)

Really messed with player's heads a bit.

>> No.27896175

What other clans are allowed by your ST? Maybe you could play as some independent clan.

>> No.27896181

Auspice, Majesty and Celerity really are an underrated combination. You can spot danger, sway emotions and when you need it you can run the fuck away or fight.

>> No.27896195

Everything I can give him an interesting background to.
Thing is though, while it is not technically a Camarilla city (they are trying) this is set in,
there is close to no non-Camarilla presence there. A hidden Lasombra AT, one Setite and that is anout it, at least what we know of.
So I decided not to special snowflake and stay with the 7 Camarilla Clans for now.

>> No.27896212

Well, oWoD, so Auspex, Celerity and Presence.
And yes, sounds good...
Lets see if I can get a concept for a Toreador then.
Would be worth it, if only to whipe the scoffing of everyone's face that usually happens when the Clan is mentioned.

Now where do I have that Clanbook...

>> No.27896221

Way the fuck better then Ventrue, where Dominate and Majesity have some synergy but in most cases end up being the department of redundancy department. And Fortitude is easily the worst physical.

>> No.27896271


I actually like the idea of low blood potency vamps being able to operate in sunlight, to an extent. Making them burn more like albinos is a good way of putting it.. it's a reminder that the sun isn't welcoming to you, and you're not wanted in the light.

>> No.27896301

You could play a Daughter of Cacophony. Not quite a Malk but similar enough you won't be completely lost. Branch out as you go.

>> No.27896317

It was also to help explain why some powerful vampires would go into Topor to thin thin the blood. As they grew in power getting less and less able to be in the sun was physiologically a huge thing and made BP more of a trade off then something you wanted to get as high as possible.

>> No.27896347

Maybe a Brujah? Just do him as a scholar instead of a brute.

For example, history buff, loved the story of Carthage, travels the land in order to acquire more data and publish his books, speaks fluent Latin and so on.

>> No.27896652

I told you that my Mortals game was gonna be weird Pandora, I told you!

Every time I run a campaign my players turn out to be fucking insane!

>> No.27896687

ha, what happened this time? Also, it looks like you're playing quite often

>> No.27896712

I posted it earlier in the thread.

Though I didn't do the detective's story. But Captain Spaghetti and his awkward adventures are absolutely hilarious.

I have a hard time managing the immersion cause of how much I laugh.

>> No.27896748

Ah, sorry, I thought that was someone else telling their story.
Captain Spaghetti is indeed amazing, I imagine you make Chris-chan references all the time.
So what will happen next?

>> No.27896784

Actually I don't, I expected him to play a normal character. Then after he did this, I looked at his character sheet, 1 Charisma and the Shy flaw.

Huge social autist.

The stuff for the detective is quite dull, he gets hired to find a girl, takes the bus to the night club she was last found to be in, meets the vampire that knew her, and then he breaks into her apartment. The vampire shows up while he's in there and he barely escapes notice. He then comes back in and repeats what he just did in the apartment in front of the vampire.

Nothing terribly neat. I making him watch Sherlock so he can be more modern day detective.

>> No.27896828

> I making him watch Sherlock
if the player agrees, this means he's got quite the dedication

>> No.27896860

This is the guy who plays Markus in my VtM campaign. The raging psychopath that everyone who's moderately sane fears.

>> No.27896896

oh, so you're running 2 games? Cool. It's interesting to see someone play characters that are so different

>> No.27896920

He switched flawlessly between each character in the mortals game when he made his cameo in with Kelly.

Scared the shit out of Captain spaghetti.

>> No.27896950

How appropriate is a medium themed character? I like the flavor of Geist and would like to try it out at least once.

Imagining a guy who keeps getting into arguments with the spirit that posses him

>> No.27897000

Might as well mention one of our Changeling players. Our game ran for about a year now and the player was new to this, like most of the players.
He went with Summer court Elemental and with each passing session his desire to powergame increases exponentially. His every desire is to increase the dice pool for the damage he does. He got most of the fighting merits (no fighting styles, they're not in our game) and rolls about 12 dice on one attack and 11 on the second one (another merit).
We are having our downtime now, after defeating a True Fae and getting one of its titles. We got new contracts and he wrote a giant essay to our GM saying how he wants these contracts to be more combat-focused, argued about the rules, wanted to implement some new ones and create new sub-contract (no idea what he meant).
The funniest thing he did today is dismiss the 4th level clause of the contract because it gives high social buffs and doesn't help him kill stuff. Every contract he encounters he thinks of how he can use it to kill something and if there's even 1 clause that can't be used as such, he'll complain to the GM.
From what I typed it sounds that he's a horrible player, but he's not. He's actually quite a good tactician and a good leader, it's just that he's very trigger happy and to him every situation is solved through violence. And he tries to get everything that could be used to kill stuff.
the GM laughed for 10 minutes when the player messaged him about social buffs being useless.
> WoD
> social buffs being useless
oh and as for pic related, the Summer pc has Clarity 5, not 4, my mistake there

>> No.27897020

ah, I'm the Darkling

>> No.27897039

Pretty appropriate. You could make a medium-themed character for all the splats, really.

>> No.27897076

Making this was so much fun. I am sry for the walls of text, i just couldnt stop myself.

I loved your journal entrys you posted a while back!

>> No.27897098

forgot to mention: We are playing oWod Werewolf: The Apocalypse

>> No.27897209

A Silver Fang with no etiquette? Oh wow.
Christof player sounds awesome for bringing a guitar, probably really helps to set the mood
A question - how do you handle all the shagging that seems to be happening a lot in your game?

>> No.27897389

Yes, Willhelms player didnt think it was necessary for his charcter until one day he really screwed up at an important dinner and is currently taking lessons to increase the skill a bit more.

Well we usually use the fade to black routine. it is more the fluff and romantic yadda yadda we are interested in. Sometimes one of us asks if the sex was good or bad or I sometimes tell the DM: "Ok, she is really upset so she wont be very gentle...". But that is about the most explicit description you´ll get.

>> No.27897441

I would love to hear one situation where the spring court girl has gotten out of a bad situation without any kind of lying. I am currently trying this with one of my characters but it is so hard.

Also, i just bought the changeling (oWod) book and would love to run a campaign but I´ve never DMed before. Is there any kind of premade adventure I could us to get thing going you could recommend?

>> No.27897525

Well, the one time I can remember is when she splint from the party and when we asked where she was going, she just said that she needs to check something out. Most of the time was her not-lying to the party and in-game there was no reason for us to pressure her into telling.
Plus she has high Fleeting Spring and often uses it to change the desire of others, like "he now has the desire to talk to me" so that people wouldn't bother questioning her.
There was also one time when she met a Fae in the mortal's dream, the Fae was waiting for me, so she used Vainglory to change into me (since it wanted to see me) and just said what it wanted to hear without having to lie.

>> No.27897747

>I loved your journal entrys you posted a while back!
Which? I've posted quite a few.

>> No.27897784

- Tzimisce Antiribu...
How is this possible? I thought they couldn't side with the Camarilla.

>> No.27897797

While it's very very unlikely and rare, some antitribu do exist. Although they very rarely stay in Camarilla for a long time because their parent clan and they themselves usually despise the Camarilla or rather the Tremere too much

>> No.27897828

damn man, that's a big group

>> No.27897854

Only person in my group that is Cammie is Stan, and Kelly who's an NPC.

Rest are independents who just live in a Cammie city.

>> No.27897856

Is it? 4-6 people is usually the accepted norm. We used to have 1 more player but he left the uni and we couldn't get in touch with him for half a year

>> No.27897867

eh I run between 3-5 and five pushes it

>> No.27897888

Well, as my GM said, depends on the players. Majority of the group were newbies to this, so it wasn't that difficult to run the game for them. He said that he wouldn't have more than 4 experienced players because they want/have lots more stuff to do

>> No.27897915

yeah sounds about right, we've been playing for almost a decade so I guess we'd be considered experienced

>> No.27898030

wow that's awesome, I've only got into tabletop ~3 years ago

>> No.27898051

i would have guessed longer, since you know so much about vampire the masquerade
but yeah i've been technically into tabletop longer than that, having played some dnd as a teenager, but it didn't really stick and I didn't get back until college where we found a group

>> No.27898173

I just read a lot, I've only actually played 2 VtM games, 1 DtF (which was Rails:The riding) and now CtL. My country is crap when it comes to tabletop, I always get a bit jealous when I read about families who're into tabletop.

>> No.27898254

I am not sure, and i didnt know there were more of them.
It was sth about jimmy the werewolf, really short journal/diary entry the players wrote down (I guess?).
And they were really funny to read, like a really insane mistery novel.

>> No.27898468

How bad of an idea is a Malkavian based on Sherlock Holmes mixed with Edgar Allen Poe?

>> No.27898487

Sounds pretty cool, actually. What did you have in mind?

>> No.27898507

Obviously a would-be crime solver who's addicted to cocaine and grooms underage girls to be his wife-cousin.

>> No.27898519

>dat freckled power house
Lieber Gott im Himmel, mach es so dass ich bald von Irina vergewaltigt werden kann.

>> No.27898583

Well you see I got into a V:TM V20 game recently, however it seems to have died since then but I digress, and I have always wanted to play a Malkavian. I didn't figure out the personality of the character but I ended up making a very competent detective type of a character and writer. The idea was that he'd write down the knowledge acquired, his "cases" and all that. Problem is, as I said, I never quite figured out the personality. So I jut wanted to see how bad of an idea it sounded like to others. But yeah, >>27898507

>> No.27898697

I joke but it seems fine.
I've been wanting to run a detective in a hunter game. Nothing flashy, divorced, always gets the weird cases, unnaturally good at solving them, listens to 80s new wave and just wants his daughter to have a good life.

>> No.27899114


>> No.27899178

So, an autistic crackhead who wants to fuck his cousin?

>> No.27899862

Well, my Ghoul Cheerleader didn't work out, some other Kindred got to her first and put it into her head that I'm bad bad man.

Now the real question is, how do I get my revenge? I already plan on seeing if this other Kindred has any other Kine under his thumb and if so, messing with them.

What would your Kindred do if their Kine looked different?

>> No.27900285

Find out the cause, turn it to my advantage, dispose of ghoul if necessary after revenge was complete.

>> No.27901835


How did your group get together?

>> No.27901896

>any of you guys running/ran the oWOD larp?

I've newer been involved in one. What are the ones you anon's have been to like?
>do you want to hear some stories from the one i'm co-STing?

Yes, I would very much like to hear them.

>> No.27901921



What does that stand for?

>> No.27901967

Multi-User Domain (or Dungeon).
They're from before MMORPGs, they were sites you could connect to through telnet, make a character and play.
Instead of pictures, there's text describing the room you're in, the mobiles (npcs, monsters) you meet and other characters.
Many of them were DnDish, where you'd kill monsters and collect gear and gain levels and such. There were a shitton before MMORPGs came out, and there still are a good amount active right now.

As a side note, the idea of microtransactions was first used on a MUD.

>> No.27901991

Not to be confused with MUSH or MUCK, which was the same thing but rather than being mostly automated, they revolved around the idea of a few admin watching and grading the role-playing and doling out experience for that. These were more RP-heavy games.

>> No.27902146

I wish there was a way to play a legit, tiny fairy style Changeling.

>> No.27902167

I run a regular Masquerade LARP that just switched over to the new book using the preview material until December. I've been doing it since 2003, both Masquerade and a lot of NWoD venues (Requiem and Lost primarily, but also Forsaken and Awakening).

>> No.27902182

how tiny?

I think the thing is if you were playing something small, you wouldn't be playing Changeling, as so much of the game is dealing with reality.

But you can use the system to play tiny avengers or whatever.

>> No.27902201

people I knew through LARP, which I dabble in.

>> No.27902214

Holy crap, someone else knows what a MUSH is.

>> No.27902220

Like the size of someone's hand-tall at least.

I just think it would be neat to see how it would work. I mean, the True Fae can make you whatever they want. Could a mask cover something of that size? lol

>> No.27902249

After a certain point (like when you're hand-tall) you wouldn't have memories of the real world left to return to.

Why would it be neat, though? A pixie doesn't have to blend into society or anything, there's no point in them even going to the real world.

>> No.27902271

Generally the Lost books talk about having to remain roughly the same human size and shape (two arms, two legs, one body, one head) though, IIRC. They use you as a base and alter what you are, without rebuilding you from the ground up.

That said, I had a Token in a Lost game once that was the Sprite's Mirror; it shrunk you down to fairy-size, with the trade-off being that when you got big again you'd leave glittery dust everywhere you went for about an hour.

>> No.27902322

How does being shrank change your memories?

I think it would be interesting, the dynamics of being so small, trying to participate in 'Ling society but having to hide from the real world...

>> No.27902336

How long would that last?

The mirror's effect I mean?

>> No.27902362

The writeup I did for it made it last for a scene or until the user undid the effect. It was funny, our Windwing Changeling, who was based on a butterfly, was the one who got it. He used it to great effect for espionage, but it was hilarious the first time he was walking around the Freehold meeting place and Rose Red, the Spring Monarch, went 'Um... what's that?' and pointed to the sparkly footprints.

>> No.27902396

>How does being shrank change your memories?
When your 'self' is changed so drastically, you lose your sense of self.
You're a pixie. Pixies don't live in the real world, they live in Arcadia. You live in Arcadia. Any lingering memories telling you otherwise are just nightmares.

>> No.27902412

I'm going to have to steal that for if I ever want to make an espionage kind of 'Ling.

>> No.27902447

Sure thing man. I would give you all the stats but it's been so long since I even thought about the specifics of that Token.

>> No.27902469

That sucks.

Could another Changeling rescue them or would you still need to have memories to get out?

Although I know in general it isn't possible to play the pixie, just for curiosity.

>> No.27902499


Gangrel or Brujah have a lot of often unexploited potential.

>> No.27902541

If they came out, they'd have to want it.
If they did, two things, either they'd cut themselves on the Thorns enough to lose the fairy shit that made them a tiny pixie, or they'd just be a hob.

>> No.27902550

They can try but even then, there's got to be some connection for a 'ling to want to come out. Otherwise that disconnect causes Arcadia to just not let them go. Those that come out like that tend to be gibbering madmen and quickly escape back into the Hedge again.

>> No.27902642

What does White Wolf have against pixies?!

This is size-ism!

>> No.27902716

If you take out the human aspect of Changeling you may as well not be playing Changeling. That's it. You can play a pixie, just like you can play a Twilight vampire or a Hellsing vampire or whatever. But there are more appropriate games for that stuff. You could even use the toolbox that is nWoD rules to make it.

>> No.27902750

If I can't play it in the nWoD rules, I can't play it at all. I don't have a group or anything, I MIGHT be able to find a chat or a forum or something.

>> No.27902779

Well if you don't have a group or anything you couldn't play it even if it was in the nWoD rules.

>> No.27902794

I...I uh, just finished my 2nd playthrough of VtM: Bloodlines, and I want to learn more about the setting. Where's a good place to start?

>> No.27902822

Vampire the Masquerade core rules.

>> No.27902835

If I could, I could always find a chat or a forum, but they often are only nWoD with some additional house rules.

>> No.27902858

Much obliged.

>> No.27902887

From there you might develop an interest in a certain clan or time period, and there's further books to learn about them.

There's plenty of non-nWoD chats or forums, though they're just RP. Honestly you might have luck in the ERP thread. They have a lot of links to RP sites, and they aren't all about sexing it up.

>> No.27902904

Be aware that, once you get past the setting and into the actual mechanics, VtMB is a shit representation, and next to NOTHING in that as far as mechanics is a good representation of the tabletop game.

>> No.27902932

There's a ton of RP-heavy NWoD and OWoD MUSHes, which are essentially giant, real-time chatrooms that are used for RP.

The Reach is one of the biggest for NWoD, with something like 200 players logged in at peak hours on average.

>> No.27902984

Tremere and Nosferatu are my favourite so far, I read a little about them on a wiki and.

I don't expect the mechanics to be similar, of course, there are no active groups round my area so I probably won't play it anyway.

>> No.27903056

They both have clanbooks that give more detail.

There's probably some books that go into more depth about them (Tremere's betrayal and the Nosferatu thing with Baba Yaga and her Nosferatu-killing machines) but I don't know which, someone else may be able to direct you to the right book.

>> No.27903081


Is Gretl mentally challenged or just maladjusted to life outside the gilded fantasy she apparently grew up in?

>> No.27903114

The Dark Ages books go into the Tremere creation and betrayal of the Salubri in great detail. In fact, DA has two books: High Clans and Low Clans, which covers most of the Clans origins and ancient history (including dead bloodlines and such things).

The clanbooks are good for general info on the clans; I'd suggest the later Revised Clan Books.

>> No.27903141

Where do you think would be a good place for a changeling to live outside of courts in Los Angeles? My changeling wants to find somewhere a bit outside the freehold because she's been making some enemies thanks to her fame as a fighter in a cage fighting circle.

>> No.27903153

>There was also one time when she met a Fae in the mortal's dream, the Fae was waiting for me, so she used Vainglory to change into me (since it wanted to see me) and just said what it wanted to hear without having to lie.

I'm having trouble making sense of this sentence. Could you say again please?

>> No.27903173

A hotel? An apartment building? A condo, a trailer park? Any would really fit.
Or did you mean a specific place, like down the road from the Griffith park observatory?

>> No.27903201


Most non-Sabbat Tzimisce are some form of Autarkis. Sometimes you find one that will work with the Camarilla for a little while but they usually want to quickly get back to doing there own thing.

>> No.27903214

Vainglory is a contract.
It doesn't really let you change form though so dunno.

>> No.27903228

The Storyteller wants me to pick a specific spot, since there's alot of territorial issues between LA supernats. The Freehold takes up the area between South Los Angeles and San Pedro harbor, that one long weirdass strip of city, so I was thinking maybe some area along Manhattan Beach? I dont know LA that well personally.

>> No.27903271

There's a small faction of Old Clan Tzimisce in the Ivory Tower that could be considered Antitribu. Though they're smaller in number than the Lasombra Antitribu in the Ivory Tower.

>> No.27903327

I don't either.
Demon the Fallen has a book on LA, one of the other splats might also.
I suppose the easy thing to do would be to ask what places aren't claimed by nasties like vampires and just settle in one of those.

>> No.27903332

I found the map the ST made of LA, it doesn't have the surrounding areas unfortunately.

>> No.27903840


please explain the character in more detail.

Who is this character and what leads you to describe them as a mix of Sherlock Holmes and Edgar Allen Poe?

>> No.27903859

>grooms underage girls to be his wife-cousin.

I thought that was like Jerry Lee Lewis or Lewis Carol.

>> No.27903919

While Jerry Lee did marry his cousin, no one can be sure whether Lewis Carroll wanted to do little girls, though he was certainly interested in youth, it doesn't seem to be a sexual interest.

And Edgar Allan Poe married his (now) underage cousin, same as Jerry Lee.

>> No.27903999


Assuming someone did it to them against their will, he would probably try to get the ghoul help and find out who did it to them.

>> No.27904048

Well, there was this mortal she protected. And that mortal caught the eye of a True Fae. That True Fae, the Jester, met me in the Hedge before that and thought I also was a True Fae (he doesn't get what lying is). So I pretended to help him get that mortal. Then the Glass lady got into the mortal's dream to check up on him and saw Jester. She used the Vainglory contract that allows you to appear as someone Jester desired to see, and that someone was me.

>> No.27904096

You mean Vainglory 1?

>> No.27904128


I learned some new things.

Thank you both.

So a MUCH or MUCK are in some ways simular to forum based game in that you interact by posting and roleplay as a group online potentially with more than a single authority figure enforcing rules (the admins and mods)

But are also very different in that they feature more mechanics and interactions happen at a faster pace?

>> No.27904186

In a MUD or MUCK doing something is as easy as:
say I'm going to do something.
Which may show up as:
>Anon says, "I'm going to do something."
emote is doing something.
Which shows up as:
>Anon is doing something.

So things can be a lot faster. Generally you have scheduled times for events when admin will do stuff or players will get together.
Though in MUDs its pretty much mostly automated and the admin just add content in the form of areas and monsters, they don't kickstart stories as much as they do in MUSHes or MUCKs.

>> No.27904190

>After a certain point (like when you're hand-tall) you wouldn't have memories of the real world left to return to.

Are you saying that for C:tL changelings the less human in size and shape they become before escaping the less of your soul and original memories they retain?

>> No.27904204

MUSHes tend to be more like a large, online tabletop with a persistent world. MUSHes (and MUXen, MUCKs, MOOs, all are variants of a similar setup) are object-based, and you are logged into a character 'object' that is your PC, which can move around room 'objects' and such things. Think of it as somewhat like IRC but scaled up; they also have internal coding languages that people can use to make dice rollers, automated combat systems, and many many things.

Generally the roleplay happens at a faster pace than any PbP or email-based game. And a game may have as few as one staffer, or as many as ten to twenty depending on the size of the game.

The Reach MUX, which I mentioned upthread, has something like 20 or so staffers to account for all their players, and the staff is divided up by supernatural type (they allow everything, including weird stuff like Immortals and Possessed).

More or less. There is less 'you' there after all, and so you don't associate the new 'you' with the 'you' that the memories are associated with.

>> No.27904235

Probably, not that familiar with it

>> No.27904237

I'm saying the less human you are less of your human side you remember.
Your soul is torn apart by the Thorns and has nothing to do with your size.

>> No.27904254

Are there any metals to be found underground in the Hedge, or is it all just brambles and misfortune? My 'Ling dug out his own Hollow, and I'm thinking about having him make a mineshaft entrance in it or something, but I wanna know it it'd be worth it.

>> No.27904272


If you have memories of, and a desire to return to, the "real world" can a changeling that can't move on their own be carried out?

>> No.27904286

If the ST says so.

>> No.27904302

Brambles and misfortune but if your ST says you find gold you find gold.

>> No.27904303

You can. But in that instance, it'd be more likely that the Lost would be drawn to move, forced to do so by their desperation.

I played a Stonebones Ogre once that was a pillar holding up a gem mine by a Keeper who took the form of a bunch of dwarves. His memories of his family made him snap his own bonds, breaking himself free from the stone he was carved into a forcing himself to move.

My current character is a Metalflesh Elemental who is a wind-up tin soldier. He broke his own winding gears in order to escape back to his wife and daughter.

>> No.27904321

>1 Year + PbP game officially shitcanned by absentee ST.
>Kinda glad because the ST was shit.
>Kinda sad because we made awesome PCs.

>> No.27904327


>> No.27904388

Aahh, alright. I guess I'll just ask the ST then. I know in Arcadia, the findable metals depend on the whims of the fae that run the zone.

>> No.27904407


Nope, V20 with Requiem stuff 'snuck in'

>> No.27904521


For instance a changeling in the form of a "phone" or some other "living device/object" who's main goal is to get a better (probably more humanoid) body something that can be done in C:tL?

Being almost completely dependent on manipulating, or receiving the benefice of, others and having to make the best and most creative use of their limited that they can in the hopes of getting a body more suitable for living in seems like it could work as a character concept.

Would it work in C:tL?

>> No.27904562

I only played the game once with my good friend who went out and bought the World of Darkness book and a few months later I got a book called Rite of Passage and I thought neato, but needless to say I want to get into the game but have no group and I am new as fuck to it

>> No.27904585

Play VtMB

>> No.27904591

Not as a traditional Changeling player.
You wouldn't have stats beyond some mental stuff, or clarity, or anything.

The bottom line is, no, the book doesn't say you can do that. But if your ST gives you the okay, sure, just like you can be a vampire who walks around in the sun and a werewolf who turns into a fire-breathing dragon straight out of DnD instead of a wolf.

>> No.27904610

>He broke his own winding gears

broke as in "broke the casual reconstruction of reality that made him dependant on those winding gears being wound to keep functioning"

Or broke them as in "the mechanism of the gears both supplied him with energy and governed his bodies movements so now he is free to try to return home but is going to 'starve' or go into some form of stasis when his springs finally wind down"?

>> No.27904614

I have a ton of times but I really consider playing it as playing the actual game because it is more in-depth and this is just a visual aid of sorts

>> No.27904699

Well someone posted in the thread where to find to find a game.

>> No.27904729


Are you two talking about the PnP RPG or the video game?

>> No.27904764

He broke the gears that kept him bound to having to be wound up with a key, giving himself his free mobility to escape from Arcadia.

>> No.27904769

I thought he was referring to the video game

>> No.27904839

As someone who has never played this franchise before, I have a few questions. I found Mage: The Awakening at a bookstore and I really like the idea. However, I know that my group will probably want more variety than just mages. I read that all of these games use the same system and are in the same world. How well could one mix and match characters from multiple sources? Are they designed to be swappable? And in universe terms, how likely would it be for a bunch of nasties and humies to want to team up?

>> No.27904893

Mechanically they are designed to interact with each other, as they have a consolidated mechanic system.

Thematically, it's hard to mix many of them together. And mixing Mages with anything is just asking for trouble, since the Awakened can do SO MUCH by dint of their magic.

That said, it can be done. But many of us advise not to do it for your first game.

As far as 'in universe' that's up to you; the game doesn't have a lot of predefined, preconcieved 'and all vampires feel <X> about all mages, and all werewolves feel <Y> about all changelings'.

>> No.27904955

To be a little more clear, they're designed to interact as in Mages can run into vampires and talk with or fight with them.
Not interact as in like everyone plays a different thing. This is generally a bad idea as this guy said, but for more reason than simple imbalance.
Vampires are based around vampire society and sleep during the day and prey on humans.
So they don't make good 'adventuring' partners with folks who generally sleep at night, would not fit in in vampire society and are prey for vampires.

Within each splat (Vampire, werewolf, mage, etc) there tend to be a lot of different options for play. In Mage you have the paths and orders and entitlements, and even if you have two characters with those the same, they can have different magics.

>> No.27905040

Thus why I said mechanically they're made to interact.

Each supernatural type is better when focused on their own issues; politics and power struggles for Kindred, spirit world cops for Forsaken; and so on and so forth.

>> No.27905051


Thanks for the help. Now if only I could pitch this in a way that won't make my group say "Why not just play FATE"

>> No.27905238

Don't run crossover with Mages. Mages are entirely balanced within their own gameline but are head and shoulders above the others (except possibly Geist).

>> No.27905270

Well it would be much more appropriate.

>> No.27905292

>Mages are entirely balanced within their own gameline
Untrue, mind is better than all the others.

>> No.27905293

My party of Imbued (Hunters) realized just how fucked they are. Pentex is hot on their heels. Also an undead taxi driver is helping them out. Inb4 VtM: Bloodlines rip off.

>> No.27905410

I'm gonna play in an MtAsc game... IN SPACE! There's gonna be a Traditions and a Technocracy group vvho compete against each other for some still unknovvn objective. Thing is, I have some very basic ideas and I'd like to knovv hovv plausible these are.

First vvould be a very stylish, not at all ascetic Akashic Brotherhood member, vvho puts the "brotha'" in "brotha'hood". Found a picture vvith a martial artist-ish (or at least I can imagine him punching everything) space mage vvith an afro and a disco ball, that's vvhat inspired it. (The game's gonna be as silly as it can get, probably.)

Another is your run-of-the-mill Hermetic mage from House Verditius, vvho just vvants to do MAGITECH! in space.

VVhat other kinds of Mage characters could I take to space?

>> No.27905422

Do or have any of you anons live in a far northern or southern city where the sun dosen't come up for part of the winter and/or dosen't go down for part of the summer?

Can you tell me about how life in the city is effected during those times?

>> No.27905438


how long has this game been going on?

>> No.27905443

This is bullshit, but I've explained why in at least a dozen threads by this point and I'm tired of it.

>> No.27905718

About a month but so far I've been introducing them to system. Two of my players are new to oWoD, while the otherts know what is coming for them, but my last game with them (played about two years ago) concentrated on normal humans. Being imbued by Messengers is something new for them, which I like. Pentex just came to their city and it will be hell on earth.

>> No.27906025

Can someone kind of red pill me on character creation for nWoD? Virtues and Vices etc

>> No.27906078

VVhich splat are you interested in?

>> No.27906151

>red pill
Great we're using that here now.

Well if you use the nWoD core stuff it is technically possible for a character to get a benefit by putting all his dots in a few specialized areas, maxing them as much as possible, rather than spreading them out.

The idea is that since it costs more to bring a skill or attribute up from low numbers to high, if you already have them at high you have an advantage, exp wise.

That said the idea falls apart in normal play as most games are not about raising all your stats as high as possible.

>> No.27906190

Well essentially, I'm wanting to create a Toreador that's similar to Vince Noir in character. But character creation sheets are currently getting the better of me.

>> No.27906230

Okay, so a vampire.


This is a helpful link. VVhat exactly do you have problems vvith? Did your ST not tell you hovv many points you could distribute?

>> No.27906237

In Vampire the Masquerade?
There's a bloodline for them in VtR.
But I don't know anything about Masquerade chargen other than it's more complicated than Requiem's.

>> No.27906277


wouldn't the house Verditius guy fit better in the sons of Ether?

>> No.27906305

Yeah, probably, but I'd vvant to enchant mundane stuff, not create completely nevv machines.

>> No.27906978

Do low generation shovelheads have any advantages over high generation shovelheads assuming they are embraced and thrown at the enemy without any training or "education",

>> No.27907211

A higher maximum blood pool, and more points to spend per turn.

>> No.27907233

Also resistance to Dominate.

>> No.27907326

Any of you folks play Geist: the Sin Eaters?

I started up a game that unfortunately only got to run for one session this past summer, but we plan on reviving it once our group is back together in the winter. Despite not really knowing what to expect (and admittedly under-preparing) the game was a lot of fun. The system seems really cool, and the dynamic that developed between the party members after just a few hours was fantastic.

Anyone have stories to share about the game? Any good experiences? It doesn't seem to get enough love among WoD fans, sadly.

>> No.27907508

Bro, you need get a new key board. You posting' with the vv for how long now?

>> No.27907549

Are there any splats that stat out movie monsters in the nWoD system? I've been thinking of running a mortals/hunters game set in the 80s based off the likes of the Lost Boys, Fright Night, and An American Werewolf, and a lot of the setting as is won't exactly fit with the feel I'm aiming for.

>> No.27907574

I have a nevv usb keyboard, it's just uncomfortable to use vvhile lying in bed vvith my laptop on my... lap.
Also vvtf someone actually remembers me here?

>> No.27907643

Hunter the Vigil has what you're looking for.
The core book has a monster maker (using 'dread powers') and each book has more powers to add and tips on how to run splats in different ways, including like monster movies.

It's actually pretty useful.

>> No.27907682

Hey, /tg/, I'm looking for some advice for a Wraith one-shot I'm planning on running using the "Wraith: The Great War" supplement.

Unfortunately I don't have the characters yet, so the plot is a little rough right now. In any case, the setting will be Madrid in 1918, just before the end of the war. Ideally, I'd like most of the characters to have been killed by the Spanish Influenza, and subsequently joining the legions of the Skeletal Lord in Necropolis Madrid. In the splatbook, it describes the the Skeletal Lord discovers a group of prophetic wraiths that help him in the war, and I'd like my characters to get caught up in the mission to help bring these wraiths back to Madrid, perhaps having to avoid being caught by the Smiling Lord or getting lost in the Maelstrom or something. Unfortunately I've never run a Wraith game before, and so I have no idea if this is a good idea. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Also, I have a question about how the Shadowlands work: So assuming you can see all of the living people, and assuming some of the buildings are different in the shadowlands than they are in the skinlands, how does that work? Like, if there's a ruined skyscraper that now exists in the Shadowlands, but a waterpark has been build there in the Skinlands, would a wraith see kids going down invisible waterslides inside a ruined skyscraper?

>> No.27907684

Cool. I haven't had a chance to flip through it yet. Any tips or tricks you have from personal experience regarding it in general or monster making, or is it pretty self explanatory?

>> No.27907709

GSE is super cool, it's in my holy trinity of Splats.

Forgotten master race

>> No.27907720

Antagonist book helps.

>> No.27907794

This is only my first time running or playing in a WoD game, but I can already see why. The concept is really cool, and even though I love the feel of the rest of the nWoD line Geist seems in many ways to be a very nice breath of fresh air.

>> No.27907805

It's pretty self explanatory.
I think the term dread powers is apt, but it really insinuates...idunno, a sort of magical powers. Which it isn't.

An example is Dread Attack, which is essentially 'attack with fangs, claws, meat cleaver, chainsaw' whatever the bad guy has handy and adds +1 lethal to their STR/Weaponry or Brawl rolls.

But then it has the other side, with hypnosis and corpse riding.

It's all pretty easy. The sections in each of the hunter books on making antagonists really help, too, they figure if someone is using the other books they don't need to be told how to use it so the chapter on antagonists is pretty much all dedicated to people not using the other books.

>> No.27907811

What Threshold was the Bound?

>> No.27907818

It's pretty easy to make npcs once you get used to it, but a good rule of thumb is that if you role three dice, you are most likely going to get one success.

That makes it easier to gauge how much damage a monster can do in a round. Also how skilled it is and so on.

>> No.27907844

Why is WWtA so horrible? I downloaded the 20th anniversary, it read like one big Green propaganda book. Humans in the city are naturally evil, why? Because they pollute, and don't care. Hell the comic they had, said that fracking and oil drilling is killing Gaia. It was either Gaia is dying, Wyrm this, Wyrm that, GO GREEN!, Werewolves that are into beastality are more respected than those who fuck humans, werewolfxwerewolf is forbidden but nothing is done about it.

I much rather have the spirit cops of WWtF then WWtA.

>> No.27907876

Your vv is recognizable.

>> No.27907879

Are there any stigmas attached to playing a malkavian other than the old fishmalk pitfall? How confident of a roleplayer do you have to be to pull it off in a way that doesn't piss off/endanger the other players?

>> No.27907900

Me too.
But to be fair the entirety of oWoD is a little more over the top and extreme in regards to motivations.
And it's very antiestablishment. Many people look at the Mage traditions now and see them as the bad guys. But back in the 90s if you felt that way you were a sellout.
It was appropriate for the time.

I personally like WWtF much more, it's my favorite of the nwod splats.

>> No.27907915

Remember they all have a mental disorder, look one up on Internet. I think one the best Malks done was Jeanette/Theresa from VTM Bloodlines.

>> No.27907944

>I think one the best Malks done was Jeanette/Theresa from VTM Bloodlines.
Which really had the benefit of not being a player character.
It's very easy to make a character seem well done when they only come out to do their script then leave. Playing is much different.

>> No.27907952

I'm DMing, but among the party there was one who was The Torn (murdered in a senseless gang shooting), one was The Silent (killed by suicide, her spirit broken long before her body hit the pavement), and the last was either The Prey or The Forgotten (drowned, but only because he happened to be in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time).

I decided to run little preludes in each of their mortal lives, since the players were also all entirely new to WoD. It was admittedly pretty fun seeing how they reacted to their own untimely deaths.

>> No.27907953

Don't know, I think Grout was a more compeling malkavian in that game.

>> No.27907955

No, but I personally think you have to be a damn good roleplay to play one well. I'm pretty anal about that stuff though, other players might not mind as much as me but it sure does piss me off faster than a gallon of water than seeing someone on /tg/ saying they don't play a Fishmalk and then talk about how XD randumb their Malkavian is

>He has to talk to his brain trust; a jar of pickled fishe and stufffed teady bear before he does anything!

>She's Pyro from TF2!

>He constantly says everything in a sing-song voice and is sooo schizo :P

Man I'm getting mad just thinking about it. Last Malkavian I played was manic-depressive and it was super hard, I had to research the condition a lot before I even felt comfortable playing it.

>> No.27908038

Just don't make having a mental illness be "wacky", and you should probably be fine. Though reading up on some cases might help.

>> No.27908086


pls respond ;_;

>> No.27908128

Got any tips? I actually had a similar idea.

>> No.27908132

I'd help but I'm not well versed in cWoD, especially Wraith. Demon is the only CWoD game I know well enough to help people with. I guess I have tertiary knowledge on VtM and WtA too but I'll shut up now

>> No.27908134

I don't know much about your exact situation but when you want the players to fill certain roles its best to let them know that first thing so you don't have someone coming to the table with a john rambo who died in vietnam or something.
It'd probably help if you were there when they made their characters or helped with them.

>> No.27908180

Idk player Malk was hilarious. Tv talking to you, yelling stop to stop signs, seeing stuff that wasn't there, hearing stuff that wasn't there. Plus dem outfits.

>> No.27908199

Malk PC was a fucking fishmalk 85% of the time

>> No.27908226

It was hilarious though. It was fishmalk done right. Your answers to everything was off the top bizarre.

>> No.27908234

I was referring to Jeanette/Theresa.

>> No.27908270

It wasn't hilarious at all. Being bizarre for the sake of the bizarre isn't funny

>> No.27908289


Yeah I'm working with them on it. So far I've got a magician who died of alcohol poisoning. His major fetter is his favorite theater from childhood. I'm thinking that the rest of the Wraiths might have some connection with the government, and are ambushed and shot inside the theater by gangsters. Upon arrival in the Shadowlands, they find our magician friend hiding out in the theater. That's about all I got, but it's something.

>> No.27908293

So...pretty much the opposite of the malk PC from the vidya is what I'm aiming for?

>> No.27908336

Well to be fair look at it this way.
Does it matter what /tg/ thinks about your character? As long as everyone's having fun and you're not getting on the nerves of the other gamers, you're set.

But generally you'll want to find an actual mental illness and run with it. And avoid schizophrenia or other poorly understood ones.

>> No.27908340


>> No.27908344

Yeah that's what I said earlier. Malkavians are mentally fractured which can show itself in a ton of different ways, open up a psychology book and go from there.

Mechanically, they have a Derangement permanently. To my knowledge, there is no xd randumb derangement

>> No.27908763

Not strictly better than all the rest, but you've got to admit it's top-tier

>Best by virtue of huge dice pools:
Mind, Fate, Life

>Potentially best but require a permissive GM
Matter, Spirit

>A few unique and useful tricks each tier
Time, Space, Prime

>All style and meh substance
Forces, Death

The idea that Mage is balanced even internally is just silly.

>> No.27911331


But there still more likely than not to get ashed, yes?

>> No.27911372

How many spats could this scene easily apply to?


>> No.27911417


What is Gretl's major malfunction?

I thought Silver fangs were the stupid crazy inbred ones. Then again the Glass Walkers are one of the groups least likely to kill their own deformed or mentally abnormal children.

>> No.27911430


How the hell is Kuddly McDumbfuck the Alpha?

>> No.27911455


what is your character's backstory?

>> No.27911599

Why would you expect ANY White Wolf game to be balanced?

>> No.27911649

I got invited to a Werewolf game with the main theme being 'mysticism and sex' whatever that means. The girl who pitched it for me is pretty cool and I've rp'd with her before (not to mention she wants to have a 3some with me and my gf).

I've only ever played oWoD and a little Requiem. Should I do it and what should I expect?

>> No.27911734

>should I do it?
>what should I expect?
To be doing it doggy style

>> No.27911858


Yup, and it was hilarious. For you, the guy playing him.

Playing that character in a group with other people would have been horrendous though.

>> No.27911940

that's an... interesting pic you've got there.
Was taken 2 years ago even though in Arcadia it's been ~10 years. She was taken not because she was good at something, but because she witnessed the spring Equinox in a particular park and that pissed the future Keeper off, so she was taken. There she was forced to adapt to the darkness, learned to imitate voices in order to survive and when she got really good at that and sneaking, the Keeper made her Her shadow - she follows the Keeper, shrouded in darkness, and repeating what the Keeper said, like an echo. One day the Keeper was just gone. So she managed to run away.
The Keeper's domain was a labyrinth of streets and flats that never ended and defied gravity (got the idea from Junji Ito's horror mange), with 2 moons, all in perpetual twilight.

>> No.27912021

Malkavian elder here suppressing his madness a painful amount so please to do not heed my words,

Some say Malkav was cursed by Cain. Some say Malkav gave Cain his sanity. This is all false. Malkav was a seer who unlocked site into everything that could and will happen. Be like Malkav, you have lost your mind but you see all. Being Malkavian isn't about having a roaring good time. Being Malkavian is about teaching others while having to deal with your own awakened state.

To some, embracing the sight helps cope with our curse. Sure the non awakened will think this method foolish but a 'lesson' will teach them otherwise. Perhaps that Tremere's library should be set a blaze so that they learn the quest for knowledge is far more important then the knowledge itself? I am not here to tell you how to deal with our blessing and curse. I am just here to warn you of the dangers if you act like a total fool. We all need allies these final nights.

Not excuse me for I have to give a Giovani a lesson in Turkish history...

>> No.27912305

Technically, Schizophrenia could manifest itself that way.

>> No.27912735

Well it mostly comes down to: Daddy never loved me.
While Gretl went to that tropical island the rest of the group discovered that the guy she is marrying is indeed her uncle who is all about "bringing the family back together" while her mother went on a killing spree containing Gretls father and a lot of innocent bystanders.
Turns out her mother is a crazy psycho black spiral dancer bitch and the reason Gretls father always treated her in such a clinical, distanced manner. She just reminded him too much of her mother.
So I guess it makes sense...or the DM just tried to make sense of all the weird stuff Gretls been up to the last two years we´ve been playing this campaign.

But I have to really compliment her player.
All that crazy shit she pulled had some kind of justification and made perfect sense from her characters weird point of view.
She just didnt care about stuff like renown points or rising up in rank. She just did her thing and it was hilarious every time.
Gretl probably wont survive the most recent shit she pulled but i will miss her forever.

Because he is the Silver Fang, mate.
Will you deny him his birthright?
(Also, he is not that stupid, we just like to make fun of him that way)

>> No.27914104

Our first changeling game that happened awhile ago, was a good one. However our GM has GMADHD so he gets bored when he can't think of new ideas, but it really ended up bizarre. We had some houserules like dual kiths from two different seemings, then later he opened up all the splats.

Three-Four players

We had the Russian Elemental-Giant that was brass and electricity, he fought for his Lord as like a Pitbull in a dog fighting ring. Except he acted more as a whipping boy for amusement.

His GF a Fairest Polychromatic/Flowering who was a dancing flower for her Lord that was plucked everyday (aka ripped apart) before being out back together.

Third slot we had guests that made characters for whenever they show up. So my memory isn't clear on the types.

Then my character, Roteater/Tunnelgrub, he was a rat. His lord was absent, but that didn't make his life any better. He was always scared of everything.

Well when we opened up all the splats we had

Werewolf (former Changeling)
Female changeling from above
Nosferatu Vampire (former changeling)

Werewolf went and got his own pack, the Changeling continued her nature stuff, and I got a 12 year old girl that I made I to a ghoul at first then sired her. That character was nick named 12yearoldgirlvampiretrainervampiresan~

>> No.27914240

>We had some houserules like dual kiths from two different seemings
that's not a house rule, that's the official rule. I'm a Darkling/Ice Elemental here >>27897000
wait, so how did you get Embraced and how did the giant got werewolf'd?

>> No.27914811

Well it is.
Someone with five dots in brawl is just as good in brawl as someone with five dots in politics is in politics.

The guy you're commenting to is just responding to a comment that 'mage is internally balanced.'

>> No.27915653

Well I just played the weirdest game of my VtM to date. That was nightmare fuel.

Pandora, you be terrified of what happened.

>> No.27915662

Story time, anon. I want to hear this.

>> No.27915738

Alright let me put on my namefag hate. I run >>27896860 this game.

So basically Markus went and saved Jimmy from being executed and they went back to Moore's mansion. Kelly basically invited Markus on a date, and Markus thought it was just her wanting to see him. So when they got back, Markus went to see the Anarchs, who he spent a favor to capture Johnathon, the Prince's grandchilder, who happens to have lived in Moore's neighborhood as a child and was utterly terrified when found out Moore was his childhood nightmare.

Johnathon Rorschrecked out of the place earlier and Markus had to leave it to the Anarchs to hunt him and bring him back alive. Meanwhile Moore and Stan got Masquerade preservation duty.

So Markus went and picked up the staked Johnathon who apparently destroyed a large chuck of the city, took multiple grenades to the chest, and injured over 10 Anarchs before being brought down. He also destroyed their bar's front wall entirely. Kelly was latched on to Markus the whole time when they got back and was annoying Markus.

So they took Johnathon back, unstaked him, and explained what the fuck the Beast was to him. All the while Kelly is basically moving towards Markus' neck. She then bite him and sucked out 3 of his pool and let go. Markus got pissed but says nothing more of it, and he asks Moore to bring him some blood.

That's when Moore decides it's a good idea to give Markus a blood pack with Bath Salts in it as an experiment.

>> No.27915815

Hey look it's my Bound

>> No.27915829

> a blood pack with Bath Salts in it
Oh fuck. What happened next?

>> No.27915853

This went exactly like how you wouldn't expect it to. Markus was barely affected by the drug at first due to him always being a step from frenzy. However he slowly changed to rage and began to look around for more blood, and Jimmy is a big sack of delicious smelling blood to them. So Markus being at 6 Blood at this time began to move towards Jimmy to drain him. Kelly who was still attached to Markus at the hip, then bite him and sucked out the drug, into herself.

Markus then came to and Kelly fell to the ground. Markus having only bits and pieces of a memory started screaming and yelling about what Moore did. Then Kelly got back up with fangs bared and smelled Jimmy. Markus turned and say the girl who he had a level 1 blood bond with freaking out as Moore said she was drugged.

He then positioned himself between Kelly and Jimmy and attempted to block her. Kelly however shit all over him in terms of speed and started trying to side step him. She made the leap towards Jimmy and Markus managed to tackle her, and bite into her sucking out the drugs back into himself.

So first into Markus, then into Kelly, then back to Markus.

Kelly came to, and Markus jumped the human Moore brought up and sucked it dry. Jimmy then bear hugged him, and they took him down the elevator. Kelly was panicking, Moore was terrified, and Jimmy was trying to not die.

Markus however was seeing all of them as Sabbat that needed to die but Kelly. So they got in Moore's elevator.

>> No.27915888

Markus barely managed to control himself but as they got to just above the floor where Moore had his cages for experiments like this, he lost control of his frenzy and throw down his shroud. The elevator lurched to a halt. No one could see anything and it felt like they were on fire.

So Kelly did the only ration thing, and bite Markus again to suck out the drug. Markus proceeded to come to again and began to scream at Moore. Jimmy and Moore got out just as Kelly came to Markus once again stood between them. Kelly then began insulting him, Markus shrugged them off as nothing until she slapped him. He attempted to slap back but she dodged the blow.

Markus then induced frenzy.

>> No.27915932

Not exactly scientists, these vampires, are they.

>> No.27915957

They then began a hissing match with fangs bared and slapping one another. Jimmy was asking Moore if this was how vampires mated, and Moore went along with the idea. This continues for about 2 minutes. Then Markus attempted to tackle her, and Kelly fucked up her dodge, and he plowed right into her. Markus is on top of her, he's frenzied with god like strength, and he then bites her and takes the drug back again.

His Beast then emerges to protect him from the drug, and he turns into a liquid shadow and seeps out of the elevator towards Jimmy and Moore. He returns to normal form in front of them with the drug burned out.

Jimmy and Moore are terrified and amazed at what just occurred. So they all get back in the elevator with Markus holding Kelly, and get to the top of the mansion again, where they see Johnathon and the blood pack Moore handed him early. He offers it to Markus and Markus chows it down.

This one was full of pot.

>> No.27915975

>Forces in bottom tier
Both Forces and Matter are high if not top tier for their sheer utility. If you're using Forces to cast Fireball you're not using your Arcana right.

I'm with you on Death, though.

>> No.27916047

Kelly comes to and sees Markus zoning out and asking what happened. Markus mean while is playing with shadows on his hands. Moore tells her he's high as fuck.

Markus then stands up and starts walking to the bathroom. Markus' Beast has the ability to pull people into mirrors should Markus ever be near a reflective surface. Markus wanted to see what the fuck he looked like, and wander off to find a mirror.

Kelly followed him in hot pursuit, and position herself between Markus and the bathroom mirror. She then bite into him and sucked out the pot.

Markus came to, saw her zoned out on the ground, picked her up, avoided the mirror and took her to the den and proceeded to obsessively watch over her like she was his love. He completely ignored most conversation around them and kept yelling for Moore to fix her.

Markus was at level 2 Blood bond at this point by the way. Moore then found out that if Kelly fell in love it'd remove her curse possibly and she'd turn into her old self, who was like Markus but turned up to 11.

So Markus, who's addicted to vampire blood, is a raging psychopath, and has huge anger issues, is now obsessed with Kelly and will ignore all logic and reason when it comes to her, caring only to protect her.

>> No.27916080


I see.

Thank you.

>> No.27916411

>Close the thread confident enough to try my hand with a malkavian PC.
>Check it this morning to see if anyone else replied.
>See this post.
I guess this is going to be harder than I thought.

>> No.27916420

It's been awhile, so forgive me about stuff like that. As for embrassing, he allowed it basically he was drained of his glamour and drank his sire almost dry. This allowed him to be sired, but he lost all his changeling stuff. Also the werewolf he just changed, he was a wolfblood or something. It turned out to be a funny hot mess that didn't last long.

>> No.27916518

Onyx Path is planning for 2015.

Wraith20 in 2014.
I guess some people want an update on Orpheus, though idunno if it really needs one.

What would you like to see out in 2015 (or just out) from the World of Darkness?

>> No.27916628

>More Geist books
>More fiction books
>Tzimisce in VtR

>> No.27916639

>Tzimisce in VtR
The translation guide is already out

>> No.27916659

Yeah I know, I just like reading stuff about them and it would be interesting to read a few pages about them in VtR.

>> No.27916826

More 20 books. Updated clan books.

>> No.27916994

Yeah I fucked up proper. Well at least I can begin work on the LOPEZ.

>> No.27917018

At least it wasn't the supersoldiers level of fuck up, and you might have saved the city using the power of love and friendship.

>> No.27917023

Get out of here you old bastard.

>> No.27917072

Markus Senpai, I'm pregnant and your the father.

>> No.27917083

Also I know it's you Michael, because Chris is at school

>> No.27917110

Actually it's Justin. Mike told me the story, found it fucking hilarious.

>> No.27917157

Nigga you think I believe those lies you spoutin off.

>> No.27917184

Meanwhile in the city of Bayshore

>> No.27917280

That reminds me

Has anyone here played that MMO "The Secret World" ? It gives me pretty good WoD vibes.

>> No.27917323

Kind of it's got some similarities but isn't as dark.

>> No.27917324

No, you didn't tell me a story.

>> No.27917336

It begins

>> No.27917339

I forgot Justin had a trip

>> No.27917341

No not dark enough at all

>> No.27917346

I don't remember anyone telling me any story.

>> No.27917843

> Wraith20 in 2014.
Fuck yes. Hell fucking yes.

>> No.27917859

Are they going to release anything similar to Imperial Mysteries for the other splats?

>> No.27918242

What game is this?

>> No.27919280

Not if you don't suggest it.

They're talking about it on

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