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Why do people hate Tau so much? Frankly, I love the idea of faction consisting of a bunch of xenos under the rule of an ancient Indian/Theocratic government.

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>Why do people hate Tau so much?
Either because of Riptides, or they just feel that Tau don't belong in 40k, or both?

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Why do people hate the Necrons so much? Frankly, I love the idea of a faction consisting of a bunch of undead androids under the rule of an ancient Egyptian/dynastic monarchy.

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>inb4 hurr weaboo shit get out of my grimdarkness!!!!!

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>Why do people hate Tau so much?
They don't. Only marine players do, because they're insufferable cock-bags..

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>weeaboo horseshit in a heavy metal/ operatic setting
>absurdly broken units that destroyed the 6th ed meta and basically turned the competitive scene into "For the love of God let me go first so I can hide behind the few scattered pieces of terrain large enough to block LoS"

Yeah, I wonder why people hate Tau. Totally fucking mind-boggling.

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1. Too much thematical contrast for some people.
2. They're immensely annoying and at times utter bullshit on the table.

Pretty much sam reasons why people hate other 40k armies/factions.

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>Ancient Egyptian dynasty
This is why. They are a clumsy blend of Eldar and Tyranids

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Because overall, the Tau aren't that grimderp, and it's generally upsetting to 40k players when things aren't utterly horrible.

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I dislike the Tau fanbase that wants to shove them in everything. The Tau are too small to be relevant. Eldar Craftworlds are at least all over the galaxy, Tau are contained to the borders of Ultramar on the ass end of the galaxy.

I also wish GW would focus more on the fact that Ethereals mind control the Tau.

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I don't hate Tau. I hate obnoxious players that can't stop stuffing their crappy opinions and 1d4chan "facts" in my face.

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>''Join or die''
>Mind control
>The person has zero value compared to the group
>COMMUNISM (Most evil of all)

How are the Tau not grimdark again?

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Because people keep posting them here.

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Tau didn't win Dark Crusade.
>''Join or die''
You at least get to join.
>COMMUNISM (Most evil of all)
It's more of a horribly strict racial caste system like India has.

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>Why do people hate Tau so much?

Neckbeards can't handle strong, independent aliens who don't need no humans.

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>Tau didn't win Dark Crusade.

Doesn't matter and also picture related

>You at least get to join.

Then the Necrons aren't grimdark either because a lot of them follow that policy.

>It's more of a horribly strict racial caste system like India has.

Whatever it is its pure evil.

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> orks

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The main complain is that they don't fit in thematically, and were only added to attract the Asian market. Also they are a very minor faction who were created from nothing, when more established factions were ignored (primarily the Hurd).

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>Don't need humans

Did you miss the whole Ghazy and Yarrick Warmance in Armageddon?

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>Whatever it is its pure evil.
I agree, kill them all. There's nothing worse than the Gue'vasa that willingly submit to the rule of Xenos that control their populace like ants.

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Looks like a Fantasy Flight book, FF has a long history of contradicting fluff left and right.

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The Hrud were ignored with good reason. The Skaven are fucking stupid in WHFB, they'd only be more so in 40k.

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>fucking stupid
>not the best part of Fantasy

The fuck?

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Why do people hate Eldars so much? Frankly, I love the idea of a faction consisting of a bunch of space elves with a shittone of references to different ancient cultures.

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>there are people that don't like the skaven in fantasy

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Stupid, man-thing!

Skaven are the master race.

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The Eldar don't have a monopoly on a whole theme.

Certainly not when they are a clumsy mesh mash of ancient cultures.

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I love the Eldar. They're my favorite xenos. People scream and stamp their feet at them because they think they're the 'weeaboo' faction.

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> implying DE not took so many Skaven things in 40k already

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Too many shit blueberry threads.
/a/utists taking it too far, in their typical fashion.
Riptides probably help generate some hate.
I like/collect Tau but the stupid threads on /tg/ make me want to hate them.

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You mean people scream Tau are weeaboo?

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Nope, It has nothing to do with them being weeaboo.

It's more about their role in the fluff and the way they act. Reading anything about them is dreadful. You can't go two sentences in any Eldar material without being between with the DOOM stick.

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No he mean people scream pic-related is katana.

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You can.

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Tau are the newest faction, they are marketed towards the newest players. Children

Children love tau, so do weeaboos. Everyone hates children and weeaboos

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People scream Eldar are weeaboo because they're lithe and thin like an animu character.
Yeah I get sick of the DOOOM shit but that's mainly Ulthwe(thanks dawn of war!), there's still at least over a dozen Craftworlds that're still rocking.

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But children love marines too.

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But Space Marines are the faction marketed the most to children.

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I just can't.

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But that is clearly a falchion

The Eldar have nothing to do with Asiatics, they're a mixture of Indus valley, babylonian, and african civilizations

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>anything to do with anime instead outside of their battlesuits
you shouldn't talk about things you don't know about

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Because Iyanna is whiny.

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Some of their sword DO look like katanas, and their guns shoot ninja-stars and shit?

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If anything, Tau are more like a Colonial era Indian army. Complete with native irregulars, firing lines, and war beasts.

The Tau are pretty much a mixture of Indian, British, with a smidge of chinese.

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Their shoulderpads look like Japanese Sode, they have katana bonding knives and they pilot battlesuits that were designed to try and cash in on the mecha craze to.

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They have japanese influence too but they are far from lelweaboo.

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How the fuck are Eldar Egyptian.

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ignore that >to

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They aren't weaboo but to be fair it doesn't help that every time they're voiced in vidyagaems they sound japanese as fuck

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>some of their equipment has a Japanese aesthetic

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Besides their entire out of place Noblebright Shounen crap in a Grimdark universe?

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Dense motherfucker.

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Their Exarch helmets look like stylized egyptian helmets and masks complete with the little chin decal
Not even circling the giant pyramids in the background or the obvious eye of horus?

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see: >>27884885
you obviously don't know what either of those words mean

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>anything to do with anime outside ONE OF THE MOST FAMOUS GENRES OF THE ART FORM

You're not real bright, are you?

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Weaboo literally means Wapanese, which Tau are not.
Just discard those retarded accusations like I do.

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Oh, I see.
Yeah, you've proven their clear monopoly on Egyptian themes.

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They are, by far, the single worst part of fantasy. I challenge you to find me a single faction with more faggotry and idiocy surrounding it.

>hurr, responsible for endless plagues
>hurr, have went to outright war against empire forces
>hurr, dey dun exist, gais

Yeah, fuck off, they're a retarded addition that would be better off forgotten. They're kept around because furries like them.

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not a tau fan, but would totally read a kawaii manga about a romance between a combat suit pilot and a fire warrior

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Actually they look like African masks to me.

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>just deny deny deny and sob in private when you get called on your bullshit like I do

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I'm not calling Tau weeaboo since I don't use weeaboo as an insult. It's pretty stupid to abhor anything that has any kind of Japanese influence.

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Kyun kyun, Kyun kyun, Watashii no kare wa a pilot


^Rare footage of Tau tv show project that was canceled

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>a single faction with more faggotry and idiocy

Anything related to Chaos. Ever.

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>grasping at straws
it's completely irrelevant that mecha anime is the most popular. it doesn't make the tau more anime-esque

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I was under the impression the whole communist thing was being phased out by GW. My biggest beef with the Tau is the incessant heroism and optimism totally at odds with not only the rest of the 40k lore, but their own fluff before 6th ed.

Fucking Farsight.
>I will protect my friends and honor my famiru, senpai!

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Oh come now, haven't you looked at the REST of Fantasy's lore?
>We Dwarves never forget a grudge.
>We're the Slann. We're so powerful that we can move continents around with our thoughts. Our most powerful leader is a rotting corpse that was so heavily enchanted it still rapes entire armies with lightning bolts.
>We're the Empire! We have an entire academy of wizards WHO EXPLODE.
>Arbaal the Undefeated, unstoppable Warmaster of Chaos, Invulnerable, Unbeatable, gets punked in one hit by a random Warboss who wanted to get in on the fun.

Not to mention the entirety of King's run on Gotrek and Felix

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Don't forget the old Wave Serpent, which looks like one of those old Hellenic triremes.

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>not liking the idea of insidious ratmen that have dug underneath the entire world
It's like you hate good things..

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>it doesn't make Tau anime-esque that the area where they are most unique and their most recognizable units are blatantly stolen from one of the most popular genres of anime

You're a fucking moron.

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Bullshit. Chaos makes infinitely more sense than the Skaven. At least Chaos can excuse its questionable actions with the fact they're corrupted by a force of madness from beyond. What's the excuse of the Skaven for acting like morons?

>> No.27885531

>incessant heroism and optimism is at odds with the Lore


People are incessantly heroic constantly. The Emperor Protects.

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So wait, am I the only one who realizes that the Tau are closer to Republican Rome then any other political system?

>> No.27885536

Aren't Combat suit pilots ALL fire warriors? Excetp for that one earth cast in the farsight enclaves

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The word started as an insult. Wapanese was slightly less severe than Wigger.

Or you could be a retarded chucklefuck like >>27885455 and >>27885460 and just not know what some words mean.

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>Gotrek and Felix
Only the dead.

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>gets punked in one hit by a random Warboss who wanted to get in on the fun

Grimgor is the shit, green iz da best. Deal with it.

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yes. More proper would probably be an Air Caste pilot and a Fire Warrior. And their love is forbidden because muh caste

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they are rats.

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You do know there are western mecha settings, right?

Why are tripfags so stupid?

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I really like tau, they're kinda like terrestrial dolphins, weird, blue, and have sex for pleasure. I think they belong more as a playable race in 40k then necrons, or gay knights.

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>Chaos makes infinitely more sense than the Skaven

In what way? Why not just have a Viking-esque faction (Warriors) and an evil Mother Nature faction (Beastment) instead of a fucking retarded composite of HURR DURR BLOOD BLOOD SKULLS SKULLS CHAOS EVERYWHERE.

Chaos is retarded, has always been retarded, and will always be retarded.

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Of course he is. He took out THE WARMASTER OF CHAOS IN ONE FUCKING HIT. Chaos wasn't even fighting the Orcs, they just fucking jumped out of a bush and started shredding everyone.

>> No.27885610

>gotrek and felix
>muh starmetal axe
>muh coming close to dying every time but >always staying alive
muh shoved in romance for felix that dies

every fucking book, I swear.

>> No.27885615

I never said that they weren't anime-esque, you mongoloid.

>their most recognizable units are blatantly stolen from one of the most popular genres of anime
That doesn't magically turn the entire faction into an anime clusterfuck.

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The Imperium has heroism, but no optimism. You save a hive, it'll get invaded next year as everyone will die anyway. The Tau just. Help. Everyone. Gah.

All in all, I'm fine with Tau, for the most part. Now don't get me started on Newcrons.....

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Even in LotR the dwarves were stubborn and prone to holding grudges.

What's so dumb about the Slaan, how are they any worse than say elven high mages?

The empire has such a college of wizards because if they didn't, they'd get raped by anything magical.

You do know that warbosses aren't just random warriors, right? Each one is a figure of martial excellence that manages through cunning and strength of will to keep one of the most unruly and dangerous forces in line. Getting sucker punched by one will suck for everythong.

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It also have to do with the fact that their stories almost always follow this mold

-We are Eldar. we superior. Nothing can harm us. We will ignore this threat even though we were warned about it and could see it miles away (Coming DOOM)
-By Isha! How could we not see this coming? Damn our pride and hubris (Imminent DOOM)
-Oh the eldermanity! Woe is us. So much precious Eldar lives are lost Baaaaaaaw (THE DOOM)
-HAAAAAAAAAAAAALP. Who could save us? Is this our final hour? (DOOM intensifies)
-Worry not, I am Hero whatishisface longears and I brought with me a Deus ex machina (DOOM averted)
-The Aftermath follows two routes :
a)Bittersweet ending. We triumphed over that unforeseeable threat but we lost so much and we are DOOMED anyways
b) ''Just as Planned''.

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Orks is da strongest

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Don't forget Schola Progenium high-school drama. I'd eat that shit up.

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>you do know there are western mecha settings right

Yeah, and they don't look like Riptides. They look like Sentinels.

>> No.27885649

Skaven and Beastmen are also creatures of Chaos. Warpstone is crystallize Chaos, is it not?

>> No.27885651

Duh. Chaos. The only actual threats are the comparatively sane ones, which is why the Skaven are much more dangerous, being possessed of technical knowhow, high mobility, and lightning machineguns.

>> No.27885673

That just made it funnier to me.

Also it wasn't a Starmetal Axe, it was the Axe of the Runelords. He found it in that big treasury under whatchamacallitvilleburg, Kharak Eight Peaks.

>> No.27885678

>the tau help everyone

The Tau EXPAND over everyone. It's like, whats your problem, man? They're an aggressively expansionist power, they don't have the size to just roll everyone like the Imperium, so they use diplomacy. Hell, the Imperium uses diplomacy all the time.

>> No.27885684

>chaos is retarded

You're a tripfag, your opinion is invalidated by your attention whoring. If you can't see the appeal of a cosmic force of corruption that's created of the worst natures of sapient beings, and in fact would prefer some retarded fiction about rats that nobody believes in the existence of to it. Well, let's just say that it's pretty obvious why you'd be a tripfag.

>> No.27885700

Read the rest of that post, jackass

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File: 1.24 MB, 2400x1697, _1343904566864.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27885705

Oh I could've sworn the axe was made out of Starmetal or something to explain how he was able to solo a Bloodthirster and a Vampire Lord.

>> No.27885733

>Why not just have

They do have. They're literally called Warriors (of Chaos) and Beastmen.

>> No.27885736

What am I looking at? What's with that space marine?

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File: 322 KB, 500x778, fan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fan art

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File: 48 KB, 720x416, robot jox.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Say that to my face, fucker

>> No.27885760

I really don't get why the Tau having a vaguely manga inspired look is such a big deal.

Is /tg/ secretly /pol/? Are we fretting over the presence of foreign influences in our media corrupting our youth or something?

>> No.27885775

It was that too, but the main thing is it was the Axe of the Runelords, AKA "Bloodthirster Raper". What's more unbelievable is that Felix managed to carry the Hammer of the Runelords without dying. Isn't that sort of like some random berk picking up Sigmar's Hammer?

>> No.27885782

Phobos Pattern Armor or something like that. There is a story to go with the picture I forgot the details.

>> No.27885787

Well, I've seen that space marine design before. What's with the right arm?

>> No.27885789

Warhammer is suppose to be a gothic and western setting.

>> No.27885795

Bionic by the look of it

>> No.27885796

I think he's saying that beastmen and Warriors of Chaos don't need to worship demons and be covered in skulls, and that he doesn't like the whole "spikes and skulls of edginess and EVIL" look.

>> No.27885809

>having a vaguely manga inspired look is such a big deal.

That's not it. It's when people wrongfully accuse Tau of being weaboo is when people get pissy.

>> No.27885811

Warhammer 40k is and always has been a reflection of whatever was popular in science fiction that GW could rip off.

>> No.27885816

The great irony of 4chan is that even though it was originally created to discuss certain Japanese things like Anime/Manga you have people who scream and shout WEEABOO any time someone shows an interest in it.

>> No.27885822

What the hell is a carnac?

>> No.27885823

I actually very much like the new Tau. Their models could be more like Blance's sketches, but otherwise the fluff is starting to get gritty enough. The whole "no concept of family ties", not FTL, dudes kept in ice for eons only to serve when they're needed, fucking up left and right, using fission power (and irradiating soldiers in the process), etc.

My problem isn't with Tau, it's with the white knight assholes who will defend the Tau as the "good guy" faction till the end of days, shit on any claims to the contrary.

>> No.27885835

Because a bunch of grognards doesn't understand that 40k is utterly campy and non-serious setting.

And if you think you westerners have it bad, russian 40k grognards are way worse.

>> No.27885841

Beastmen don't even go out of their way to worship the gods. They're pure children of Chaos. Honestly I love the Beastmen lore a lot more than the Warriors of Chaos lore.
>go smear shit on anything brightly colored or civilized
>go rape everything

>> No.27885846

No it isn't. That's what you, as a buttmad fan have put on it.

Warhammer 40k is supposed to be a kitchen sink of fantasy tropes dressed up as a vague parody of various science fiction shows and universes. It was never pure, and its original aesthetic and themes were all over the fucking place. The current gothic extreme GRIMDERP started with 3rd edition, the same edition the Tau were introduced in.

>> No.27885849

Imperial Renegades, only they've probably decided to work with Farsight in exchange for supplies, recruits, and tech.

>> No.27885860

>My problem isn't with Tau, it's with the white knight assholes who will defend the Tau as the "good guy" faction till the end of days, shit on any claims to the contrary.

But the Tau are good guys. At least a part of them are.

The Farsight Enclaves. So when people say the Tau are good guys, they are half right.

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File: 65 KB, 563x601, transdimentional bait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

holy shit, this tripfag has been baiting us hard, and we all fell for it

>> No.27885866

drones in power armour, its fanart.

>> No.27885887

Really, even the Tau proper are an infinitely better option than the Imperium. Sure you'll live under an oppressive orthodoxy, but at least you'll do so in relative comfort.

>> No.27885891

>If you can't see the appeal of a cosmic force of corruption

You know why I don't see the appeal? BECAUSE IT'S HUMAN GODDAMN NATURE. We don't need any help to be sadistic or psychotic or tamper with things we have no business fucking with. Sorry I'm not a 16 year old obsessed with FIGHT THE POWER and letting out my rage in a blood drunk fury you freaking sociopath. Your opinion is invalidated because you're an idiot.

>that nobody believes in

Did you really just argue for realism in a fantasy setting after defending the utterly ridiculous idea of "gods" being thought into existence?

Yeah, you really are retarded. Fuck off.

>> No.27885904
File: 59 KB, 800x600, 163734_md-Allies, Blood Angels, Brofist, Fist Bump, Fistbump, Humor, Necrons.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


didn't you know that Space Marines hang out with xenos now? It might as well be canon.

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File: 33 KB, 429x410, 1382341304057.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

See this shit right here? This is why people hate the Tau and the Tau fanbase
>empire of less than 200 worlds
>bordering the most powerful and efficient realm within the Imperium (Ultramar)
>join da greater good you'll be comfy even though you have a human god that loves you and wants to protect you along with trillions of other fellow humans.
Living under the Tau is living under the Xeno. There's nothing worse than submitting yourself to a XENO. Especially a fucking weak xeno empire.

>> No.27885943

Tribes of the Chaos wastes worship all manner of gods (hell, according to some claims all the gods in WHFB are just the Big 4, except Sigmar) and have all sorts of themes to them. Same with Beastmen. GW just can't cater to every nuance of their persona, so we're left with the most generic and most distinguishable features.

You can make any style you want. I do like cleaner Chaos too and my CSM have been made with mainly loyalist bits that have been painted and decorated in a style most fit for fleet based Chaos corsairs.

>> No.27885947

If that's the case, then people wouldn't find the Tau theme to be offensive and subversive to the soul of the setting.

>> No.27885955

Oh, u mad.

Gods are a common mythological trope, and the idea of gods being thought into existence has roots in Jungian psychology.

Rat people that nobody believes in despite repeated military clashes with that live underneath the very cities of humanity are not and do not.

I may be a retard (according to your standards) but I'll never be an assdamaged attention whore.

>> No.27885962


Tell me how much anime influence there is in the Fire Warriors, tripfag.

Christ, how can one person be so bloody stupid.

>> No.27885989

>join da greater good you'll be comfy even though you have a human god that loves you and wants to protect you along with trillions of other fellow humans.

But that human god (who isn't a god and engaged in violent reprisals against hist worship) doesn't do shit. He's a vegetable stuck in a chair whose name is invoked to justify the tyranny of the high lords of Terra.

The very presence of a better alternative makes the Imperium infinitely more grimdark and I for one rather like it.

>> No.27885990

The average Empire peasant doesn't believe in Ratmen. The average Empire general does.

Don't you think it's funny that everybody is terrified of beastmen that live in the woods and is a real tangible threat yet nobody thinks of the ratmen that live in the sewers?

>> No.27886026

Here's an interesting fact for you: fans (any kind of fan, if you identify as a fan, this applies to you) are whiny, idiotic dipshits that will bitch and moan and cry and carry on about ANY change. Evidence of this in 40k fandom can be seen with the shitstorms that have surrounded the release of every codex.

>> No.27886041

>You know why I don't see the appeal? BECAUSE IT'S HUMAN GODDAMN NATURE.

That's what makes in scary. It takes something easy for all the laymen we never hear of in the setting to fall into and then forces them to crank the dial up to 11. How would you like it if there was some mysterious force that pushed you to murder every time someone even slightly annoyed you or rape any moment you were even slightly aroused.

I don't play Chaos but I love them as the enemy. It's everything you don't want to be unless your an edgy teenager

>> No.27886043

The Tau is not a better alternative. You're betraying your species for a fledgling and ignorant foreign power that doesn't have any idea how the galaxy works outside of what the mindcontrolling ethereals and secret police tells them.

The Tau are NOT better than the Imperium. You simply can't compare the quality of life in the tiny empire to a million world spanning human empire.

Also the Emperor is a very real god, the Tau can't explain the miraculous abilities of His faithful servants like Sisters of Battle and their Living Saints.

>> No.27886057


And I win, we're done here.


There you go.

"Manga inspired".

>> No.27886070

The fact that submitting to xeno communists with a caste system is the least worst option makes 40k even more grimdark IMO.

If you inserted the tau into something like star trek they would be the BBEG for at least a season, but in 40k they are the "good guys".

>> No.27886072

A gilded cage is still a cage. You might be safer, but you're also in a 24/7 grind with little personal time or space. Your bosses are sure they're the hottest shit in the galaxy, their leadership doesn't change much, ruling class is a race on its own, etc.

>> No.27886083


At least they were in 3rd edition.

>> No.27886099

I'm not betraying my species by joining the Tau. My species betrayed me by subjecting all of humanity to an oppressive shithole that seems to exist only to destroy human lives for the vaguest action or thought out of the ordinary.

Also, you don't need to worship chaos to perform sorcery. The SoB just get a pass because they prattle on about the Emperor loud enough.

>> No.27886101

Grimdark 40k is best 40k.

Euros go home.

>> No.27886104

so were tau

>> No.27886118

>aesthetically inspired by manga
i still fail to see how that makes them weebs, outside of Farshit. They're manga-esque space commies then

>> No.27886119

>And I win, we're done here.

You can't win an internet debate. Also nice way to address the point. All out of arguments, you drooling moron?

>> No.27886126

It's a better alternative for the average Imperial dude is can't catch a break and is living a shitty life. The dude the Emperor wouldn't care about.

Better quality of life, better living standards, and a a wider wiggle room.

>You're betraying your species

humans are self serving. Who would have thought!

>> No.27886141

And that's different from the Imperium...how?

>> No.27886143

Sorry, I don't find Chaos at all intimidating, I find them utterly pathetic. HURR I'M BLESSED WITH SUPER HUMAN STRENGTH AND MAGICAL ABILITIES AND WEAR UNHOLY ARMOR THAT DOES SOMETHING RIDICULOUS and then he gets dragged down by half a dozen guys with mass-produced pointy metal sticks.

Not only do I not find that blowhard clown in fancy armor not appealing or scary, I want to know more about the 6 goons pulled off the street, slapped in tin foil and thrown at that guy while somebody behind them screams GOOD LUCK LADS.

>> No.27886151

>>outside of Farshit

>People hating on Farsight

I never thought I would see the day.

>> No.27886175
File: 2.64 MB, 400x336, 1362621586750.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm not betraying my species by joining the Tau.
Yes you are. You're falling for a pipedream spewed up by the Ethereals and the water caste.
>My species betrayed me by subjecting all of humanity to an oppressive shithole
You're one person out of TRILLIONS of other humans. There are more humans on a single hiveworld than there are Tau throughout the entire empire. If you think everybody in the Imperium has the life of an oppressed forge world worker or underhive city then you're silly. The Gue'vasa (which is Tau for Helper Human) are used as propaganda propped up by the water caste to coerce the weak minded and lost. You'd be one of them.
>Also, you don't need to worship chaos to perform sorcery. The SoB just get a pass because they prattle on about the Emperor loud enough.
This is just getting heretical now.

>> No.27886177

Whats wrong with something having a little inspiration from Japan?

Are we still at war with Japan or something?

>> No.27886184 [DELETED] 

>you can't win an internet debate

When all you have left is "You mad" and "assravaged attention whore", yeah I did win. Thanks for playing loser.


Is the average intelligence of a weeaboo just a few marks lower than everyone else? Seems that way.

>> No.27886193


I don't really hate them but their asthetic style is not appealing to me at all. It doesn't help that they are so ridiculous on the table right now.

>> No.27886201
File: 132 KB, 531x882, IIUP_devotional_damocles_gulf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>humans are self serving. Who would have thought!

>> No.27886202

according to neckbeards 40k isn't allowed out of the 80s

>> No.27886203

You missed that one thread labeling Farsight as noblebright. /tg/ certainly didn't like Farsight that day.

>> No.27886206


Ever since the supplement turned him from mysterious unknowable badass into NOBLEBRIGHT LIFESTEAL BIG BOSSU he became garbage.

>> No.27886211

>A gilded cage is still a cage

A comfy gilded cage is better than spiked dirty cage, to the the average Imperial.

That's why planets are defecting to the Tau Empire and Guardsmen are executed by their own side in the billions in Tau and imperial conflicts. Many would buy what the Tau are selling.

>> No.27886236

A pipedream that has kicked the Imperium's ass every time they tried anything more substantial than taking lightly defended border worlds.

The Imperium is a rotting, bloated carcass that's awaiting its inevitable rupture as the gases of its decomposition destroy it.

The emperor, if he's even aware, is a tortured figure interred as a vegetable and subject to worship that he despised in every form to justify the rulership of people that want nothing more than for him to stay that way for eternity.

>> No.27886239
File: 40 KB, 250x326, 250px-Chaos_Dreadnought_artwork.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27886241

Guardsmen aren't executed after fighting the Tau. They're fucking executed when they come in contact with the ruinous power, which has been proven through countless observation that it corrupts. Everything is subject to corruption by Chaos except the faithful in the Emperor.

>> No.27886251

>join Tau
>defeat Imperium
>Emperor ded
>no more protecting humanity
>each human becomes a portal to daemons
>Chaos takes over

Yeah, good going, traitor.

You're thinking of the immediate problem. There's bigger things at play than your comfort and "subjugation" and "oppression". The Emperor and the Imperium are playing the long game. They're looking to making sure humanity actually survives. When we're not besieged by aliens and monsters, and preyed on by daemons and heretics, then maybe we could ease off and build that paradise. Tau have it easy, they're a tiny ass empire barely a blip on the radar, cocooned in their own little world with no idea of the shit going on out there.

>> No.27886254

That's some interesting selective blindness you have there. You seem only capable of seeing insults. A touch insecure?

>> No.27886257

And here we go with the fanwank.

Another reason Tau are fucking intolerable.

>> No.27886265

In terms of actions and beliefs, they're pretty fucking far from any Japanese doctrines. The fucking Imperium is more Japanese because of their worship of an emperor who's also a holy figure.

The similarities to anime end with the battlesuits and art style.

>> No.27886268


I don't think any Tau fan expects them to actually defeat the Imperium.

>> No.27886272

This right here is why no one likes the Tau

Bunch of self absorbed hippies.

>> No.27886277

It's easy to not be scared when your looking down at them on a table top, if you were one of those tinfoil guys you would be thinking about the incoming mutilation, rape, and then super STD that turns you into a newt. and then his armor comes off him and does the same thing to your buddy. all because theirs the asshole behind you who owns you and can get a god to stomp on you if you don't listen to him.

I find chaos funny too. I also find clowns funny. If a million clowns were on my doorstep screaming for my blood I wouldn't find clowns funny anymore

>> No.27886282

I skipped over your repetitive bullshit and went straight to what you really were trying to say.

>> No.27886284

Get out.

>> No.27886290

>When all you have left is "You mad" and "assravaged attention whore", yeah I did win. Thanks for playing loser.
Not that guy, but he actually made another point you refused to address. Perhaps you shouldn't be so quick to proclaim yourself victor when all you did was ignore the bullets the enemy is firing at you.

>> No.27886308
File: 543 KB, 2048x1280, 1381915238806.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>A pipedream that has kicked the Imperium's ass every time they tried anything more substantial than taking lightly defended border worlds.
What? The Damoclese crusade was a minor force and it ground the Tau Empire down to a stalemate, which is exactly what the Imperium excels at. The Tau can't handle attrition, they don't have the billions of bodies to throw in the meatgrinder that the Imperium does.

The Tau have done nothing but prey on unguarded Imperial worlds with subversive diplomats and propaganda or outright invading them in the 3rd sphere expansion while the bulk of the Imperial forces were off in Armageddon or Cadia.

I'd love to see the Tau try to crack Ultramar.

>> No.27886320

>The war in the Canis Salient has ground to a brutal stalemate, with the Imperium unable to gain significant footholds within the Greyhell Front, and the Tau forced to employ every trick and stratagem they know to fend off the Crusade’s forces.

>The endless conflict has seen hundreds of billions of Imperial Guardsmen dead to the guns of the Tau and the paranoia of their commanders, and morale has been slipping for years.

-Jericho Reach

According to some in the Imperium, The Greater Good is as dangerous as Chaos corruption.

>> No.27886322


It's basic fact, the only time the Imperium has attempted to take a sept world, they got their asses destroyed by superior technology and tactics.

What, does it hurt you to see Imperium dad lose?

Fuck, if anything, the Imperium is the most intolerable wank in the setting.


At least the Tau have the excuse of being innovative and technologically advanced.

>> No.27886342

and people say the Tau are a wank

>I'd love to see them crack Ultramar

Yep, can't have anything outdoing da muhreens!

>> No.27886346


Good luck with that.

>> No.27886350

>Tau fanwank is intolerable
You obviously haven't seen the Imperiumfags fanwanking here

>> No.27886363

Imperiumfag fanwank is the heart of soul of 40k wanking. Tau wank is just irritating.

>> No.27886378

>implying Tau are worse than the Imperium

Also, most Imperial worlds are their own culture and run by their own style of government. All the Imperium bothers them with is that they have an Imperial Commander (governor), pay tithes and raise their own PDF. Many worlds don't even know of the Imperium's existence. There's plenty of worlds where life is perfectly normal without any oppression from the Imperium. And you have people who have risen from the ground up, like Creed. You really see Tau letting some smelly alien rising to such power he could command armies? Fuck, they limit even their own people. 1/5 of their species is dedicated cannon fodder. What's the chance a human will end up serving the Guard? IG takes the top 10% of planetary PDF. And that comes from what the planet deems fit to serve as their defense.

>> No.27886385

>It's basic fact, the only time the Imperium has attempted to take a sept world, they got their asses destroyed by superior technology and tactics.
"When the Imperial fleet reached the Tau Sept world of Dal'yth Prime, however, the Crusade ground to a bloody stalemate as the formidable numbers and high technology of the Tau and their Kroot allies thwarted every attempt to capture the world or its star system. Many months of terrible fighting ensued with nothing gained on either side."
Attrition is where the Imperium wins its wars. The crusade was called off because of Hive Fleet Behemoth.
I don't like the Ultramarines. It's just a fact that Ultramar is one of the most efficiently run sections of the Imperium. It's a self contained empire.

>> No.27886387

No I know how bad it is, I refuse to read any Black Library shit because I know how ridiculous it's going to be.

>> No.27886394

They were. They were kinda "grey" as much of modern day goverments.
Also they way they acted when the ethereal died was to stoically march against the enemy lines firing forming a line of hate, somehow like the guys in Zulu.

Now, in lore, they are just brainwashed 1984 yellow japs who shout banzai and act like the zombies from WWZ (the movie) when the ethereal is killed; and evolved from cows.

Also they got the retarditis like most of the universe and instead of "mobile warfare/disregard bigass mechas in favor of air supremacy" they are "Hold the line or shamefur dispray by samurais in robots"

>> No.27886402
File: 2.39 MB, 2480x3507, tau_0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But the gue'vesa are still allowed to worship the emperor, so I doubt the tau would just pull the plug.

>> No.27886411


Seeing your enemy actually functioning while you're likely treated like dirt and are under the gun of a commisar 24/7 is probably not good for morale.

>> No.27886429

They're just happy with it taking out the trash while they lounge around, worry about their 1st Sept Problems and shit on the Imperium.

>> No.27886432

You can't revere the immortal emperor if you side with the Tau over your fellow man.

>> No.27886435

Hell if I know. I for one like the Tau because their combat mechs look neat and fun to paint.

Yeah, I also like mecha anime. But what's so terrible about that, really? We're all a bunch of nerds anyway, does it really matter what flavor of nerd we are?

>> No.27886448

>Also, most Imperial worlds are their own culture and run by their own style of government.

It's been established that the the majority of the Imperium is a shithole of tyranny and oppression.

The average dude living in the Imperium would want to catch a break from that and live a comfortable life.

>> No.27886453


Glame the grognards who take 40k too seriously.

>> No.27886462

Your fellow man is infinitely more likely to shoot you for thinking bad thoughts. Also, the empire that you're conflating with humanity has destroyed countless independent human empires. If anything, siding with the Imperium is the biggest betrayal to humanity you can commit, if you go by sheer numbers of dead humans.

>> No.27886476

The average "dude" worships the Emperor and is happy knowing that his tiny little existence was spent as a cog in the Imperium.

>> No.27886485

>Wanting to fuck an air caste
>Wanting to fuck a girl who can't walk on a planet unsupported much less withstand the relentless pounding that is Fire caste loving

Yeah, no. Water caste would make more sense. If just because it would be more fappable by human standards because WC are the hot ones

>> No.27886500


>is happy knowing that his tiny little existence was spent as a cog in the Imperium.

I really doubt that.

>> No.27886503

Grimdark serious 40k is best 40k

>> No.27886510

>Hate Tau
Why would I hate them. They are like a free buffet when my swarm gets in to charging distance...

>> No.27886519

The Imperium is the only thing keeping the human species dominant and surviving. Without the shining light of the astronomicon given to mankind by the Emperor himself Warp travel would be nigh impossible.

>> No.27886536


OY! Jumpin oud da bush iz wut orks does best!

>> No.27886539

So, seeing that you're find with using FFG as a source, shall we pull out all the shit they got on the Tau?

>average Imperial

What is the life of an "average imperial"? You just pull the shittiest examples and use that vs. the fancy clean planets of the Tau. Imperium has whole worlds kept for their beauty. They got worlds where people live their lives not even knowing about the Imperium. You look at the most oppressed and stretch it out to cover the entire Imperium. Billions of Imperials are born, live and die without ever seeing war.

>> No.27886540

>does it really matter what flavor of nerd we are

>> No.27886563

How do the Eldar FTL travel between worlds?

>> No.27886567

dude tau must be almost 10 years old now at least. 'newest faction' doesn't really cut it any more as an excuse

>> No.27886578


Webway. Empy was investigating it but he got...distracted.

>> No.27886584

How do you kill a billion guardsmen on your own side.

Does a commissar walk up to each one of them and shoot him in face? His fingers will fall off before he reaches a hundred.

>> No.27886600

You shouldn't.

The citizens of the Imperium know what is expected of them and they are proud to fulfill that expectation.

>> No.27886617

For now. Humans have just joined them.

Established where?

>> No.27886631


The point is its a combination and a morale nightmare. Seeing an enemy that is not only not treated like dirt like you are but is liquidating your men with technology you never seen all while under the eye of a commisar who is all to eager to BLAM you is just not good for morale.

Your average imperial guardsman isn't going to be some devout paragon of faith to the emperor.

>> No.27886639

Webway, yeah.

Some places in the fringes of the galaxy are beyond known webway tunnels so the Eldar have to take a wraithship and construct webway portals. If Dark Crusade is any reference.

>> No.27886675
File: 117 KB, 520x600, desertions.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Your average imperial guardsman isn't going to be some devout paragon of faith to the emperor.

b-b-but muh bowels of steel

>> No.27886683
File: 248 KB, 963x580, Imperial life.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>So, seeing that you're find with using FFG as a source, shall we pull out all the shit they got on the Tau?

Actually, I am the one who posted this (>>27884973)

So you can use it if you want. Even with it the Tau are a better option to average Imperial dude who lives in this kind of hellhole.

Or are you gonna tell me that those people who suffer these conditions won't actually consider defecting to a less punishing places?

>> No.27886685

4 edition codex says they jump through the Warp to reach points out of webway range. However they don't like this way for reasons.

>> No.27886701

Oh really? I guess that explains how they were even able to get the wraithship out there in the first place.

Do craftworlds move through the webway or just drift?

>> No.27886706

>leader you did not choose
>ideology forced on you
>your status in society deems what you're good at
>forced to fight or work
>sent on ship far away from home to fight all manner of aliens and monsters
>kept in the dark about many things
>given weapons and technology that might kill you

If it's Tau, it's for the greater good and you do it willingly, knowing your life is given for the good of all.

If it's Imperial, it's because they're evil and have no respect for you what so ever.

>> No.27886724


Isn't there a blurb about how the Tau can't even comprehend how a Hive World would function?

>> No.27886725

>Established where?

The rulebook (>>27886683) and like the introduction in ever 40K work ever.

>> No.27886726

They can move through the Webway but there's only few passages wide enough to contain a craftworld.

>> No.27886727

You mean a Generic Unknowable Badass.

At least with him being Life-Stealing Raiden he's got something to differentiate himself from EVERY OTHER COMMANDER IN THE TAU EMPIRE.

>> No.27886746

I think its in the Last Chancer books.

But the Tau captured a Hive world recently. So I think they know how they function now.

>> No.27886754

Lets ask the dude in Alabama living in a trailer park with bad health and shit whether or not he'd like to live in a warm social healthcare utopia in Scandinavia.

>> No.27886755

I think they can go through the webway, but the webway is more like a tunnel system, so they need to make sure they use a passage with an entrance, exit and an entire passage big enough to fit the entire craftworld the whole way through.

There are not a lot of webway portals that big left.

>> No.27886762

Do Guel'a get to bang taugirls?

That'd be a good selling point.

>> No.27886788

In the Enclave it's possible. Since everyone is equal and its a liberal democracy.

>> No.27886797

It also says "there is only war", but I've read plenty of novels without any war. And plenty where people seem to be doing just fine without being high born.

>> No.27886808

>liberal democracy
pick one

>> No.27886811


Typical xeno scum propaganda

>> No.27886823

You missed the part that starts with ''To be a man..''

>> No.27886832 [DELETED] 

>people get hilariously pissy when others correctly point out that their race are a bunch of weeaboo samurai Mary sues.


>> No.27886842 [DELETED] 

/pol/ pls.

>> No.27886849 [DELETED] 


>All those incorrect buzzwords.

>> No.27886854

Doubt it. Tau aren't allowed to breed outside their caste.

>> No.27886863

Unless you're in the Enclave where they don't give a fuck.

>> No.27886866

>No Taufu sex

Purge them.

Purge them all.

>> No.27886873 [DELETED] 


>> No.27886881

who said anything about breeding? Giggety.

>> No.27886885 [DELETED] 

I got some bad news for you: /pol/ may be angry and stupid, but they know more than you do. But don't take my word for it. Perhaps you'll trust the BBC?

>> No.27886894 [DELETED] 


And here we go, /pol/ shitting up another thread.

>> No.27886898

So the enclave is casteless and doesn't allow ethereal brainwashing? Nice.

>> No.27886902

I think you need to calibrate your sarcasm-o-meter, because that's was sort of the whole point. When ever it's a Tau throwing his life away for the state, it's through self-sacrifice and done willingly, if it's Imperial, he's a brainwashed mook or an uncaring society who's better of dead anyway.

>> No.27886904

This is what everyone wanted Farsight to be!

>> No.27886919


Shows what you know about religious fanaticism.

>> No.27886927

And thus, you have shown why the Imperium is infinitely better and will succeed no matter the odds.

>> No.27886942


I'm aware that there are plenty of fanatics in the Imperium, but is your average citizen that devoted?

>> No.27886951

>doesn't allow ethereal brainwashing


It was the Etherals who were imposing the Caste system and its laws.

>> No.27886967

considering the average person doesn't know how to read or write and works for 20 hours a day I'd say so.

>> No.27886975

He's a pretty cool guy. There are far worse things in 40k than Farsight and his fancy sword.

>> No.27886982

And, you know, they're all ninjas.
And they drive around in EVAs.
And they're even more racist than the regular factions. Which in 40k is really saying something.

I mean, granted, 40k is a horrid, cancerous self-parody that will continue to overshadow more mechanically sound wargames and make the hobby even more inaccessible than it would normally be for years to come, but I've sort of lost my train of thought here.

>> No.27886991

I don't like how they're called the Tau empire when in all odds, the number of people non-Tau out number the Tau.

>> No.27886995
File: 96 KB, 1024x768, tau_kickboxing_by_digitalhex-d6g66bz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What about...we can like tau...and don't like animes...what about we can like japanese culture...without being weeaboo?...what if...they're just mother fucking bad asses that fuck you up in the ass with their battle suit peanus, and destroys you if you refuse to be mind controlled and sterilised ?...I like dis.

>> No.27887011
File: 6 KB, 575x130, New power.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'd love to see the Tau try to crack Ultramar.


>> No.27887026

It's heavily implied that the Tau higher ups mind control their people. Do they do the same for their allies? Also, how are decision process for the Empire? Do only the Tau make decisions or do other races get in and have their say?

>> No.27887030
File: 455 KB, 300x900, 1356928275318.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh god.

>> No.27887039

Couldn't you say the same for most classic Empires, like the Roman or the British?

>> No.27887047

>Tau empire when in all odds, the number of people non-Tau out number the Tau.

Hmmm does that mean, in your logic, that the English Empire should have been renamed the Indian Empire?

>> No.27887056

Could you please write like a normal human being?
Jesus, between this and the smilies it feels like no-one takes board etiquette seriously anymore.
Did fucking Yogscast mention us or something?

>> No.27887060

> they're all ninjas
> hurr durr every lithe agile warrior is a ninja

>> No.27887062

>Do they do the same for their allies?
Pretty sure they just give monies to Kroot. Vespid I have no clue.

>> No.27887067

>And they're even more racist than the regular factions. Which in 40k is really saying something.
Eldar don't have a shoot on sight order for any non-eldar like most humans do. They're just snarky and condescending. Except for Biel-Tan, they'll kill fucking everyone that isn't eldar..

>> No.27887072

I guess GW left that there in case they ever wanted to discontinue Tau and write them out of the fluff.

>> No.27887076

> The Tau federation

>> No.27887092

Except for kawaii macha-chan.

>> No.27887096
File: 982 KB, 320x287, 1367459946936.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all those ellipses
shoot me now.

>> No.27887097


>> No.27887115

Makes me wonder just how atrocious the fluff for that battle would be if Ward had anything to do with it.

>> No.27887122

I'm pretty sure they are ok with jokaero, sslyth and such.

>> No.27887123

>Do they do the same for their allies?

Implied with the Vespids.

>Also, how are decision process for the Empire? Do only the Tau make decisions or do other races get in and have their say?

Representatives from the four castes and from alien races hold meetings with the Ethereals. They discuss things and then the Ethereals choose the what they think is the right action.

>> No.27887139

They also look at the Tau like a stupid young cousin who you can tell is really trying to impress them so they'll join their club.

>> No.27887144

So scouts are ninjas now!

>> No.27887182

The hatred begins and ends with the Tau player base. The amount of socially maljusted weaboo bronies that play Tau is overwhelming. They also shove their shit faction down everyones throats, particularly on /tg/.

>> No.27887184

I like the fact that people see Tau as the good guys. I thought that that was kind of the point. It just shows their propaganda and rhetoric is working.

Every decision they make is self serving. Every good act is to manipulate. Every oppressive act is hidden.

Apart from Farsight but then most factions has a few good apples.

>> No.27887197
File: 69 KB, 615x748, necron_lady_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Like this?

>> No.27887205


That what /a/ is for. If shit like weaboo wasn't an issue, 4chan wouldn't have 15 containment boards for shit like mlp and pokemon.

>> No.27887233

>ULTRAMARINES! Entire Tau army is devastated in 15 minutes. Remaining Tau marvel at the strength of the ULTRAMARINES and wisely bow down to their new SPIRITUAL LIEGE. The Tau Empire cease to exist and become a part of the Ultramar realm.

>> No.27887238

I think I read somewhere about cast council that make internal decisions. Ethereals don't need to decide everything all the time.
Also kroots seem autonomous. I think other races still have their own political system on their worlds. Again, there is no need to control everything all the time, just what really matter.

>> No.27887306

>tau are brainwashed
>idiots/brainwashed will be heroic

>i will protect my friends and honor my famiru senpai!
besides you trying to shove in the idea its weeaboo how is that any different to the imperial guard?
the tau are meant to be the subtle evil - a husk faction controlled by different xenos (etherals) who in turn could be puppets to another (eldar)
>the entire point is the tau player ends up noblebright, because they are as brainwashed as the tau themselves

>> No.27887312

god Iyanna looks downsy in this picture

>> No.27887317

I don't know, they are pretty stupid from a fluff perspective as well. Yes, they are Orwellian communist enough to fit the NO GOOD GUYS ALLOWED theme, despite some of their fans' inability to comprehend this. But they are so fucking insignificant, tiny and powerless.
They are like the new comic relief faction after Orks became all grimdark, a bunch of hopelessly weak and naive fools that only continue to exist because no one powerful really care enough about them.

>> No.27887343
File: 175 KB, 1201x1536, 2013-08-30_013117.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

GW can't into Iyanna.

>> No.27887355

It actually got worse.

>> No.27887370
File: 74 KB, 272x600, Iyanna_Arienal_art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As I said they can't
Only Sabertooth drawed a decent one.

>> No.27887381
File: 13 KB, 400x400, laughinginquisitors.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eldar: Our women look like men, and our men look like women.

>> No.27887404
File: 29 KB, 500x497, $(KGrHqVHJB8FI!H8rJ+oBS!TPOHqig~~60_12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> sisters of battle
> all of them
Try more mon-keigh.

>> No.27887416

Except they didn't since it's not a drawing.
also the word is "drew".

>> No.27887417

Next space marine codex has Riptide dreads that can only be fielded by ultramarines and their successors.

>> No.27887431

Mother of Oblivion model when, FW?

I like that GW is becoming more women friendly by introducing more female characters and giving them leading roles. Enough with the sausagefest!

>> No.27887451

Except that Necrons are the absolute worst place to start adding females.

pls go.

>> No.27887479

And why is that? Are you afraid of strong and independent Phaerakhs who need no Overlords?

>> No.27887514

Robots with tits are dumb.

>> No.27887518

>it is better to die to a dead man then to live

ok why not destroy all of humanity to summon the god emperor?

>> No.27887537
File: 601 KB, 2048x1324, 1314374773863.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not seeing the issue here.

>> No.27887544
File: 66 KB, 900x900, Xeno 20.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's mean!
Stop that!

>> No.27887547

They ain't robots.

They are androids built in the image of their former selves. Female Necrons not having tits, that would be stupid.

>> No.27887562

Now post her actual mini.

>> No.27887614

But they don't need tits anymore, they serve no actual purpose. Just a waste of metal.

Nobody in their right mind puts a woman in charge of anything. Look how bad the Eldar are doing, a lot of the higher-ups are women and the race is dying lel.

>> No.27887651

To be honest Starbane is a man.
And I don't think it makes him even a bit better.

>> No.27887671

Virtually everything about newcron engineering is a gigantic waste of metal built for purely cosmetic purposes.

Or are you going to tell me that wearing a silly tiara has an effective use?

And Newcrons aren't int heir right minds, that's the whole point.
Which is why they do happen to have at least one female phaeron.

>> No.27887715

Yes, they do. Tits are an important part of femininity. A Necron lady wouldn't want to look like a guy.

>Nobody in their right mind puts a woman in charge of anything.

Necrons did and the Phaerakh Xun is kicking so much ass right now.

>> No.27887716

Welp, that explains all of it.
Thanks again, Ward.

>> No.27887723


>> No.27887769

Or maybe she would, to a degree, if she wanted to assert her authority in a society where most rulers are male.
Like in real life with power hair and power suits.

He used the term "phaerakh", what the fuck made you think he may have been talking about oldcrons?

>> No.27887806


This is the worst thing to ever come out of /tg/.

>> No.27887819

No, not enough with the sausagefest.
40k without the sausagefest is like beer without malt.
And if GW was trying to become more women-friendly they'd start by giving the sisters a proper update and new miniatures.
And if they were actually trying to attract female players they'd have released the tyranid codex already.

>> No.27887841

What is it with chicks and the tyranids? Every girl I've met that's had a passing interest in 40k loves the Tyranids more than any other faction.

>> No.27887855

Step one:
read a few threads on the board to get a taste of the overall level of debate on /tg/
Step two:
realize that she's actually one of the best thing to ever come out of /tg/
Step three:
feel sorry about what you just said
Step four:
apologize to Xeno for saying silly, mean things.

>> No.27887866
File: 30 KB, 352x288, dalek-bumps.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're not breasts!

>> No.27887891

either because they have a weird sexual attraction to them or because, since tyranids are as genderless as 40k gets, they feel like they'll avoid getting tagged as "trying to fit in" or "being a slut", if they play nids.

Still, nids are fucking manly, generally speaking.

>> No.27887938
File: 277 KB, 772x551, Concept_10_L.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are now focusing on the Broodlord's crotch manually.

>> No.27887978

>fanbase that wants to shove them in everything
You just described the 40k fanbase, in it's entirety, so pardon me if I think that's retarded.

>> No.27887996

>it is entirety

>> No.27888037

/pol/ pls go

>> No.27888053
File: 20 KB, 362x165, 1382365725758.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You new here, friend?

>> No.27888074

>I have no argument.
Well spotted grammar police.

>> No.27888135

Yeah, 40k fans are kinda like furries and MLP fans like that.

>> No.27888230

You're talking to a 40k player, they're scared of things outside their comfort zone, and will fling shit at it all day long instead of doing the reasonable thing.

>> No.27888357

As a matter of fact, /tg/ is one of the least misogynistic boards, along with the porn ones and /fa/.

>> No.27888393

dunno about players. I'm a 40k fan, who loves to take the grimdark shit seriously, but I suppose that actually playing it makes you feel a lot more involved.

>> No.27888414

Isn't that true of nerds of all kinds?
(that's a rhetoric question, no need to answer it, all nerds are like that, that's why they're nerds and not normalfags or true rebels either)

>> No.27888543


>Veilwalker's illusions faded away, and she beckoned Yriel after her into the shadows of the shrine.
>Tightening his grip on the Spear of Twilight, Yriel followed.
>It was a long time before he was seen in that part of the galaxy again.

I bet Macha wrote this.

>> No.27888616


Says the manchildren crying over someone insulting their robotic waifu.

>> No.27888675

No, actually the one getting pissed at you getting pissed at her was me here

>> No.27888689


Shh baby shh.

>> No.27888866

>all those tears
don't stain your keyboard.

>> No.27888895


Nice projecting :^)

>> No.27888997

only fuccbois project

>> No.27889193

There is a good reason I've always play Farsight Enclave. They're the bro faction of this setting.

>> No.27889309


Calm down

>> No.27889635
File: 41 KB, 244x239, nigga seriously.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If you inserted the tau into something like star trek they would be the BBEG for at least a season, but in 40k they are the "good guys".
You guys really like TVTropes don't you?

>> No.27892073

Arrived in 40K via retcon shoehorning, should be squatted even harder than the space dorfs. They never existed PERIOD FULL STOP END OF STORY.

>> No.27892440

I'm fine with the Ultramarines/their Successor Chapters just purging the whole empire.

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