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Do alot of half-orcs have orcish mothers?

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Easily 90% of them.

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I'd say it's the other way around.
Because rape.

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You really think female orcs are weaker than the average human male?

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orcs are too noble to rape retard

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I'd say you're wrong. Because of rape.

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you are wrong, it's really at least 90% of them have orcish mothers. I have statistics to prove it

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I once had a half-orc who had half-orc parents, who had half-orc parents before them and so on as far as memory could go.

It was fun.

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I've always figured that most half-orcs are bastards born of raped mothers, though it depends what type of orc you're looking at. An Orc father normally means abandonment I'm guessing, leading to a human (or other race) upbringing, while an orc mother might hold onto her child and rear it in her own way.

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half-orc is a name. They aren't genetically orcish, any more than halflings are half-human. The races can interbreed, and half-orcs have a resembalance to such an analog pairing but assuming a half-orc has ANY orcish parents only demonstrates you're a bit of a racist.

also, zero percent are a product of rape. there's none of that at my game table. It might be triggering for some players.

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I'd say most human males orc females interact with are tougher humans. Border guards, adventurers, that sort of thing. So there could definitely be attraction there.

On the other hand, there would certainly be cultural issues. It's sort of like how tons of black girls like white guys but both the white guys and black girls assume the other's not interested.

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>yfw orc women are into /ss/

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Orc mama need snu snu too.

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You are the worst person, whether you're joking or not.

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>>also, zero percent are a product of rape. there's none of that at my game table. It might be triggering for some players.

Yeah, I've learned avoid this sort of thing myself. I always ask the players what things bug them before starting a campaign.

Semi-related: I once was asked to cameo in my friend's High School themed nWoD Mortal game as a school shooter. We did this excellent scene where I made the quarterback beg for his life.

Anyways, it killed the game because one of the players had a traumatic experience with guns when she was young.

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No, the worst person thinks Gor is a good setting.

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Nah, that's the second worst. Science has proven hat no rape guy is indeed the worst.

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A good point.

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What about "Guy who replaces the characters in a Gor setting with MLP and Sanic characters"?

He has to be worse.

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Nah, he's just pathetic.

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I always felt that attraction between different races (IRL) was always a genetic trigger to get you as far as possible from your relatives' genes.

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And yet many men marry women who remind them of their mother in some way.

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what if he makes a webcomic out of it and uses comic sans font type?

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well... it worked once

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And the characters don't use coasters.

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Research shows that the chances of something like that actually existing are very slim. If you heard stories it's most likely a fictional compound person or an urban legend.

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Get the fuck of here Freud. No one likes you and your theories are debunked shit.

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>It might be triggering for some players

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We don't speak of them

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Is it bad that I think Sanics are amazing, and I wish my collection were larger?

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Or pin their thaints.

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>and my character's mother was raped
>oh shit... someone get Timmy's pills!
and then Timmy raped everyone in the room because he was triggered

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LOLth! A face we can trust!

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>assuming a half-orc has ANY orcish parents only demonstrates you're a bit of a racist.

I'll be more open-minded the next time I meet one.

>It might be triggering for some players

Stop posting here.

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>that treasure trail

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Sure, why not.

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It's important to sort out whether they're BSing or not.

Asshole who wants all social interaction to be on their own terms and makes up all sorts of rules for their friends to follow? Yeah, they're nuts. Stop talking to them.

But if someone had a traumatic experience with rape, don't be an asshole. Leave that shit out.

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>No rape because Alex was raped.
>No bandits because Herb was mugged.
>No wolves because Ted's dog just died.
>No fun allowed.

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or you can use the magic of roleplaying to help him/her deal with the experience

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What if I'd just like the games to be lighthearted and fun, and that kind of grimdarkness generally not showing up in-game?

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>not asking your group what themes they're comfortable with before character generation
>not 'forgetting' to invite back anyone who is easily offended

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What the fuck am I reading?

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not fuck, rape

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>It is easy for you to enter me, semen from Steven is still pouring out of me, and acts as a lubricant.

Is this casual FATAL with opposite intentions?

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I imagine this is supposed to be educational. Like monopoly.

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I'm wondering that too...

My only question is WHY WOULD ANYONE WRITE THIS!?

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The Femanist Regime

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That's not really equatable. We live in integrated societies. Other races are simply a fact of life. In a segregated fantasy setting a human/orc wouldn't even see each other outside of a rare and usually violent encounter. xenophilic fetishists would be an incredibly rare thing, and "assuming the other's not interested" would be really low on the cultural issues to deal with. Shit, they'd be so incredibly racist to each other and entirely by accident it might not even be worth it.

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>mother might hold onto her child and rear it in her own way.
>mother might rear her own child
oh my...

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We tend to be attracted to physically different people but behaviorally similar ones. Ideally, you'd want someone who looks nothing like anyone you're related to but acts more or less like your mother, or some other close female caregiver

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> In a segregated fantasy setting

Not all fantasy settings are like that.

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because sweden

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Nigger do you even know what rearing a child means?

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I would imagine so; just like monopoly, this game would teach people that some games were designed to destroy friendships and familial bonds.

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race mixing was taboo for an exceedingly long period of human history. It isn't even all that prevalent nowadays

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Black girls like white guys? Hmm...

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The only half Orc I ever played - Bann - was human father, Orc mother.

Basically, one day the town crazy left and showed up about a year and a half later with half his teeth missing, some weird tatoos and a grey baby. He didn't really talk much about the time he spent away, didn't bother raising the son to be very Orcish - Bann couldn't even speak the Orc language since the town he spent his childhood, adolescence and early adulthood in was majority humans, small minority Dwarves and him as the the only half Orc. Later in the game, when they'd become semi-proper adventurers, he had to make do with a magic helmet that was sentient and COULD talk Orcish to translate for him - but it was an artifact of a CN trickster god so, you know, everything was taken with a pinch of salt.

Since part of the game involved encountering Orcs from his mother's tribe, the epilogue for the campaign had my half-Orc - who had been slowly transforming from humble blacksmith to true barbarian-king over the game - striking out into the Orcish wilds to find his mother. I never came back to the character, but I like to think he ended his days smothered in Orc bitches, chief of his own small tribe somewhere. And that he eventually learned to speak Orcish.

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something wonderfully incest-y?

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I am attracted to short, curvy women with a cute little button nose. Pretty much like my mom. However I don't find my mother to be attractive in the least.

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That's what it says, but it still seems pretty odd. I don't think it would work all that well and I don't really think it would teach much of anything. And if it did work, I'd imagine you'd just start to feel uncomfortable about the other players.

It means raising a child. Just standard parenting.

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Nope. It means raising them.

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If we're talking the usual women stay in the tribe orcs, probably not many. I've played 4 half-orcs, and only one had a human mother. the father was a demon though

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>female dwarfs

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fuck, I mean orc mother

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We're not attracted to our actual early caregivers, even if we're attracted to their qualities. I forget the name for the phenomenon

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Westermarck effect? Or is that just for close siblings?

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I would hit that into orbit. Assuming of course that she didn't hit me first. She looks like she could make it hurt.

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I believe it applies to anyone you spent most of early childhood with

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50% because orcs rape regardless of gender

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But female orcs don't raid, so they wouldn't get chances to rape. Non-orcs anyway. Maybe that's why orc men rape so much - they're tired of getting raped by orc women and just want to be on top without having to fight for it.

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Depends on the setting, though. In some places female orcs might join the guys on a raid just fine.

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Reminds me of that MMO race that has a custom where to ask someone on a date you have to beat them in hand-to-hand
Anyway, I'm sure there are a lot of orc women who fancy themselves elf males doujins fucking where

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Its also called reverse sexual imprinting and is only a theoretical social phenomenon officially, but it does seem to have some merit, even if not 100% proven.

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...Then why the hell is she playing a game which can tend to feature guns quite a bit?

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Fuck, that reminds me, I've dealt with uneducated fools that think that Freud was like the biggest name is psychology, and that he's still taught in high schools and colleges.

Needless to say, I pursued it and he admitted to never having took a psychology class, but it still hurt me in the soul.

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>female orcs don't raid
maybe that's why i've yet to see female orc on male elf smut. it's always male/female orc with female elf because i assume they don't take male elves home. curse a fem orcs dedication to domestic duties

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Depends on the orc.

Any orc father who wishes for their bloodline to thrive must be there to impart the essentials of orcdom into their hybrid offspring.

Usually this involves teaching them the history songs, how to make simple hunting tools out of local materials, how to silently track and kill something big and nasty and how to suffer and endure without complaint.

This gives the hybrid a good start in life regardless of which path in life they take.

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My name is Steven and that line was hilarious to read

>> No.27882626

>and that he's still taught in high schools and colleges.
He sort of is. I've covered Freudian concepts like three or four times in school. They do tell you they're mostly bullshit though and they really only cover them to explain the background of psychology and other theories that came after him.

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We had a thread not long ago about a male elf, an exceptionally weathered and manly one, managing to seduce a female orc.

Founded a new elven house renowned for its warrior-priests.

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True, but the issue is that the layman thinks that his theories were valid.

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I always got the impression orc society was kinda like a lion pride. The women stay at home and become exceedingly proficient hunters, while the men go out and deal with rival clans. Under this model women would value practical strength and skill while men would idolize glorious daring and a strong sword arm.

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/tg/ has made me favor the idea that female dwarves are, in fact, elves. I like the idea that all dwarves are burly, short little men who are obsessively pragmatic except, of course, for their flower.

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>female dwarves are, in fact, elves

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Pic deliciously on-topic

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/tg/'s perception of dwarves is a sickness. if you actually like any of the garbage we generate for dwarves then truly you are lost to the realm of sane men

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That guy does some really hot /ss/ stuff, and it's almost all orc females kidnapping raping and fighting each other over elf shotas.

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No, they're all products of a male orc raping a female human. The existence of half-orcs is a shameful blight, and they're all mongrel bastards who should never have existed.

>> No.27882819

Also the males are in heterosexual partnerships and sometimes bum? Cute.
Also lion men wouldn't go out. Other men would fuck their pride while they are busy showing off.

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Its not rape if its an elf.

Also I would wager at least a small majority have orcish mothers considering they tend to kill most the people when they raid communities.

More male orcs rape more non-orcs than female orcs. However, if the person they rape ends up dead too (likely frequent for both female and male orcs raping people) only the female orc will still produce the offspring of that rape.

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They are both part of the Alfar species/race with far greater sexual dimorphism.

The reason all elves are girly and all dorfs are manly is because they are both the same people. The reason elves live forever and dorfs don't is because there is a greater mortality rate in mine work.

Or so it has been suggested.

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That guy got a name?

>> No.27882850


Yeah, I always use that background. Why mess with tradition? Personally, I like the idea that some species are so evil, they've literally raped an entire offshoot into existence.

As you'd guess, PCs in my games take particular enjoyment in killing orcs.

>> No.27882877

Eh, it's not exactly like one. I imagine lions would be a bit more proactive about clan defense if they had the temptation of rape free loot.

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I hope you realize you've just described spaniards.

>> No.27882899

....Maybe. Seeing as human civilization, successful, is heavily patriarchal and many of them practiced infanticide...

>> No.27882906

Rape AND free loot.

>> No.27882934

Except thats incredibly stupid you fucking retard.

Racism, Intolerance and Bigotry were the normal. Forever and for everyone. Without the very specific set of circumstances of the 20th century, this will never change.

Otherwise there would never have been a species divergence in the first place you scientifically stunted incompetent.

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>/tg/ hates elves
>/tg/ makes dwarf females elves

You guys really fucked this one up.

>> No.27882958

Why are you so hostile about someone enjoying a different kind of game than you?

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no, see, it makes perfect sense.
/tg/ likes things like themselves. burly neckbeards who love gold and fighting.
/tg/ hates women.
Making all "dwarves" masculine and having the females of the species be something /tg/ hates is really just riding that out to it's logical conclusion

I really wish /tg/ didn't hate women, gays and non-whites as much as it does. Not even trolling, ya'll have issues.

>> No.27883045

So Orcs=Niggers? Great. Great. IRL stereotypes in a Fantasy game.


>> No.27883052

neckbeards aren't burly. They run the range of skinnyfat to obese, but rarely ever have enough muscle to be called "burly"

>> No.27883059

They like to think they're burly, though. That's the point.

>> No.27883069

okay, they see themselves as burly.

>> No.27883074

Since when do Feminists make RPGs?

>> No.27883075

Doesn't /tg/ like non-white women though?

>> No.27883085

they rarely enjoy fighting either. most of us are awful at it

>> No.27883087

But then the humans respond, after killing the raider party, by tracking the survivors back to camp and massacreing the lot of the vermin.

Nomads lose against settled farmers. Its the story of civilization.

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This post made me create a new folder in my RPG folder. I named it "The Shame Folder" and it will remain there. Until rape rears it's head in one of my future campaigns wiuth me either as a player and a doughe GM or as a GM and a player being an asshat and I will stand up and yell "I HAVE THE SUPPLEMENT FOR THAT!" And look bewidlered and happy and show them this. And then i will adamantly insist that we play this to the letter.
That will show them.

That will show them ALL.

>> No.27883099

But they like to think they could.

See, that's the thing: the dwarves represent of everything that they think as manly, including fighting, alcohol, and beards. So naturally they are the ideal men of any setting.

>> No.27883107

Most neckbeards I meet do, in fact, attempt to physically bully people. Often because they lack self-awareness or have never been in a real fight and think of it very much i terms of violence in media and games are cool, and IZ DA BIGGEST, SO IZ DA BOSS.

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You mean brown women who have no trait of actual brown people and fair hair?

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We like anything with a vagina or appropriate vagina-analogue.

>> No.27883149

Because of the attitude that goes with it. As if that stuff was in anyway sensible or even desirable or perhaps even reasonable.

It breaks immersion and destroys suspense of disbelief.

Modern day morality in Iron Age or before is simply the height of stupidity.

>> No.27883231

>Modern day morality in Iron Age or before is simply the height of stupidity.


Why must each game insist on being historically accurate to the absolute letter, every player being a history major or something? Why couldn't they divert away from it into something more enjoyable and adventurous? It's fucking fantasy, with magic and shit: anything goes.

>> No.27883249

We have way different ideas of "suspension of disbelief". Yours come from historical accuracy: mine stems from context within setting, that may or may not have anything to do with how real life does things.

These are entirely different approaches, and both are fine. Please stop enforcing your point of view as the absolute truth.

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i like how its says any gender can play any part, but then goes on to only refer to the victim as a woman. dat self victimization of the female gender

>> No.27883267

>Why must each game insist on being historically accurate to the absolute letter

Nice strawman brah. Need a light?

SJW Tumblrtards have absolutely no place in 99% of RPGs and its sad to see them in vidya. Fuck off and die.

>> No.27883271

It outright says the reasons it does this.

>> No.27883280

If you have a beard that extends down your neck are you automatically a neckbeard?

>> No.27883290

I've had some perfectly fine games without all orcs being rapist monsters.

In fact, games where orcs are all rapist monsters tend to be significantly less fun.

>> No.27883292

No. what breaks immersion is spending 45 minutes of what should be time hacking and slashing through kobold bandits to their chief, "Whitescale Sturmfang" who is actually a bugbear dressed in snakeskin, but who has the kobolds all too intimidated to say otherwise, but someone is having a panic attack and flashbacks to when they were molested by their priest because some sweaty neckbeards with his hands under the table asked if the female victims in the caravan were raped.

It isn't a real world Iron Age. it's a magical world that doesn't exist, and details of it, like racism, sexism, or violence exist only in their narrative value for the enjoyment of the 5-6 people gathered around the table at that very moment.

Your wanting knights who rape has no more right to exist narratively than a world without rape.

>> No.27883310

it has to only grow on your neck

>> No.27883330

i must have missed it. spell it out or page number it for me, if you please

>> No.27883355

>Your wanting knights who rape has no more right to exist narratively than a world without rape.

Stop denying my rights.

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Makes sense though I wouldn't say it exclusively.

In our commoner game one of the players is an orc lady who lives outside of town on her own farm with a human house husband. She used to be a raider but settled down after lots of failure.

Of course therein lies the problem that we can't have our hamlet's primary protector being taken out of commission for who knows how long, by being burdened with kids. So on the side we're had the husband hold out on her in that regard.

>mfw the player doesn't know

>> No.27883377

>Stop denying my knights

>> No.27883382

>Naturally, but statistically quite unlikely, tables can be turned gender-wise. In any case, I don’t trust most of you not to think ”woman” even if I wrote ”victim”. Gay rape is of course also possible, but watch §4 in the Rules of the Game.

>> No.27883391

It's actually a sign of poor grooming. they don't know how to maintain a proper beard, or really clean shave properly, so stubble and 5'oclock shadow grows thicker along harder to groom surfaces, like the neck. If you deliberately just grow a beard on the neck, but groom it properly, it's a chinstrap.

It's also the reason they're associated with other signs they don't groom properly, like body odor, stained and torn clothing, or stained teeth.

>> No.27883434

Yeah see that last sentence? Tumblrtards do this implicitly. Cant have a Paladin who marches and kills the evil ruler and all his explicit supporters, cant have him say anything they identify wih as evil. Cant go stomp out an Orc encampment after multiple raids and a history of being barbaric fucking savages. Because Muh Diversity.

Cant have an adventure of just elves or just dwarves or especially just humans, its too Racist or some other bullshit. Cant have start from native towns of just that one species. Nope, everywhere has to be a multiculti paradise of bullshit.

Cant have Elves and Humans and Dwarves have fully separate nations that maintain trade contact at modt but ultimately stick with their own kind and own nation and hold their own culture highest. Cant have them just accept the differences and stay different and proud of themselves. Noooo....gotta blanda upp or some other nonsense.

Only Human or Elf women get victimized by dem orcz. Rape is something complete and total monsters do instead...somehing that happens during war and something that happens eith ones you actually know.

Its something totally and horrifically devastating instead...something most women move from. Something that, physically, is usually not as harmful as an average fist fight. Usually. Some exceptional rapes are of course very brutal and injuries sustained crippling if not life threatening.

Nope. Only dem savages do it.

Its a load of bullshit and tumblrtards cant stand it when it flows the otherway.

>> No.27883461

Well, you know just what you're doing? You're doing the exact same shit except from the other way around. You push your views to us just the same, and you think you're somehow better or more noble because they did it first.

Stop with that shit. Just enjoy what you enjoy, don't lower yourself to their level.

>> No.27883466

Huehuehue. I never acually said they were all RAPIST monsters. Just savage nomadic raiders. At best like the Steppe people. At worst, genocide bait because nobody is going to tolerate that shit for long.

>> No.27883541

Ask? Its best to just assume they were. I dont tolerate people who have trigger episodes in my house. Too many of them were violent and destructive or just overall disruptive. And they had to be forcibly removed. Except for one guy whose friends said I should apologize...when we were freeing the slaves and rescuing them in game.

And so I went and got my pistol and my fathers shotgun. Then they got the message and left. My house is not a fucking mental ward.

Oh and nice job turning this into a rape discussion. Thats not what this was really about. But nice misdirection.

>> No.27883557

Of all the things that never happened, that never happened the most, Internet Tough Guy.

We get it. You have VERY STRICT STANDARDS of what you tolerate in game from your friends. So much so, that you never game and have no friends.

>> No.27883564

No. They constantly push their fucking bullshit on everyone.

>> No.27883575

And you don't? You really don't do that right now?

>> No.27883582

Sometimes the other way around must be just as loudly supported, if only to keep the former at bay

>> No.27883627

Frankly, I'd rather have people opposed to rape and stuff like that, than people embracing it and having it in the game.

I mean, I'm not triggered or anything, I just think it's a whole can of worms that tends to make people uncomfortable. Makes for better games without.

>> No.27883655

Strict standards? No. Nutcase starts breaking my shit because of "muh trigger" and his friends refuse to escort him out of the house? No. Fuck that guy.

My games avoid this entire issue by a solid declaration of 8 species, multiple races per species, and zero interspecies children.

So no "muh half orc. Wasnt a product of rapes" shit.

I got way too tired of /tg/ (that guy) bullshit. It got real old real fast.

Now depending when Im not DM, I just go with the flow. Except usually with Paladins, even if Im not that player.

Paladins should honestly be a mixture of LEO/Minister/Assasin. Some politicians in some settings need to die. Or just fuck up and be visibly corrupt in his/her view.

>> No.27883659

I think sometimes you need to make players at least a bit uncomfortable cause a lot of them tend to ignore that their characters would be uncomfortable in these situations unless they feel it themselves.

>> No.27883681

Sure, but there are a lot of ways to make them uncomfortable, especially with a good DM that knows what he's doing.

>> No.27883691

So? See>>27881626

>assuming they might be half orc is racist

Fuck is this dumbshit?

>> No.27883701

>Nutcase starts breaking my shit because of "muh trigger" and his friends refuse to escort him out of the house?

Has this ever actually happened to you? Because in my case, if someone's uncomfortable about something, he simply states it as such. He won't start breaking shit or act irrational or whatever.

Well, we did have one guy that fainted.

>> No.27883721

I apologize for none of my ancestor's deeds, take that Mexico.

>> No.27883792

Accepting that it's a real human concern is part of being opposed to it happening. There's nothing wrong with it being addressed in a scenario where it would be not only possible but likely. Stories are made as a way to reflect on human experience; there's no reason to not include something because it makes you feel icky. That's half a reason to include it in the first place.

It's not like you're going to viscerally describe the act in progress. Well, hopefully you won't

>> No.27883824

>Was hopining for some hot female orc on wimpy elf saucy action
>Get a shit-flinging argument on rape instead

You had ONE job, /tg/. ONE JOB.

>> No.27883835

Three times. Two different people. First and third the woman was mostly normal, but when she flipped out, we got her out of my house while we cleaned up the glass from the First, accident, and she calmed the fuck down. Then I told her explicitly to tell us what the problem was or she could go home. Third time another player had been teasing her about somehing entirely different and relatively normal. She flipped her shit. Didnt play with her at my house again.

2nd time was an internet group. Five people. Two random players and a group of three friends. Busted my coffee table and his friends and one of the randoms said *I* should apologize. Instead of simply leaving themselves if shit was that bad.

And so they were forced to leave after I loaded some shells in front of them. Fuck Net Groups.

There have been other incidents but not at my place. And so IDGAF too much. I just bail when it gets to a place I dont like and luckily nobody has made much of an issue of it.

>> No.27883844

>Not being so close to your players that you use all of their deepest fears, phobias, awful experiences as well as their best memories and life experiences to build up the most self-affecting game ever.

It's like you don't even care about them.

>> No.27883855

One job. And hundreds of workers with no direction or management...

>> No.27884064

You're using the complain of oppression to defend a rather subpar sounding fantasy experience. Entirely homogeneous settlements and cultures, samey interracial relations, and the generic badguys. Your preferences rely on cliches like the original star trek relied on Styrofoam rocks.

>> No.27884121

nobody appreciates the classics anymore

>> No.27884221

Yeah so many games ruined by people having traumatic experiences with inanimate objects

>> No.27884266

How the hell do you even meet people like that? And why did you let them into your home?

>> No.27884303


>> No.27884368

>"I don't trust you MALE PIGS to be able to differentiate between victims and womyn"

>> No.27884384


>> No.27884419

That dude on the left is wearing a full-body jaguar suit. Fucking based.

>> No.27884421

Of course it has IRL stereotypes. That is part of what Fantasy is for.

>> No.27884480
File: 46 KB, 640x480, flookytears.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/tg/ is less that way than most other boards , so maybe just go back to leddit or rpg.net you slant eyed whore faggot.
>come to 4chan
>expect entire board cultures to change to accomodate your personal hugbox requirements

>> No.27884504

>rape themes

DIBS ON http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IPzwiKk0BE

>> No.27884513

Well, people would assume that the victim was a woman even if they didn't ever refer to them as female. And as they point out, that is statistically true. Also, I'm pretty sure it says the idea, the text and the layout were done by someone named Tobias, so it was probably written by a guy.

>> No.27884517

Missing the point

>> No.27884574

If it's sweden I suposse you have to roleplay being Jamal, Ahmed, etc, isn't?

>> No.27884595

>foreigners portrayed in any kind of negative light or action


>> No.27884700 [DELETED] 
File: 273 KB, 900x652, ThatDamnBard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A surprising amount. Orc males are legendary for playing rough and not waiting for a yes.

Human males, in comparison, are polite, sensitive, and considerate lovers. Especially when you can easily rip his arms out of their sockets should he fail to please you.
While orcs are known to raid human settlements and make off with the women, they also bring along female warriors. Who, thinking more clearly due to the lack of male posturing, tend to steal men with useful skills, like the blacksmith, or the baker.

You also have human bards, who are legendary for fucking anything capable of saying yes.
> Pic related.

On the other hand, orc males are rough, large, well hung, and manly as fuck. Many women 'raped' by orcs weren't raped, but simply claimed it after the fact to hide their secret fetish.

>> No.27884850

>women raped by black men weren't really raped.

>> No.27884918

>scorpitaur and centaur making eyes at each other

>> No.27884921

thats a horribly forced meme

>> No.27884937

>Again with the orcs = black men

Shame on you.

>> No.27884952

Well, you did describe black men.

>> No.27884992
File: 106 KB, 600x1228, BunnyOrc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Fantasy
> Real-world racism
Pick one.

Of course, you do get the odd female orc who rejects her race and wishes to live among the humans. They're usually a curiosity, but sometimes take advantage of their orc nature to snare a human male.

>> No.27885003

im not even gonna read. what is the crux of the matter?

>> No.27885037

>orc women who fancy themselves elf males
huehuehue. K.T Andersson has a pic of that too.
he draws orcs well...

>> No.27885068

FATAL written by closeted egotist swedish neofeminists insated of closeted racist nerds from wherever

>> No.27885109

Something like playing through a gang-rape situation to make it something closer to you and understand how rapists and people who get raped feel.

>> No.27885130

Fredrik KT Anderson

>> No.27885164

>hating gays
Where do you think we are?

>> No.27885177

Welp, this thread is pretty much shit.

>> No.27885191

Everyone I've ever met who frequented /tg/ was at least mildly interested in experimentation with a right member of the same sex, true story.

Personally I've had sex with more guys than most women I know.

Sorry for the divergence

>> No.27885199


Getting a bit /pol/ here, but. It basically comes down education and stability. For some black women, white men tend to land better, more stable jobs and can more easily provide for a family than black men. Mind you, some of these black women ALSO tend to be about as educated (college or above), so it's likely simple economics and similar interests.

>> No.27885316

Who gives a shit what you think?

>> No.27885338
File: 975 KB, 400x225, you may not be this fabolous but by god you are almost there.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My point!
/tg is totally gay

>> No.27885345

>not having parallels to the real world in any way.

>> No.27885374

Who gives a shit whether you give a shit?

>> No.27885380

Not totally.

I myself have no leanings that way but have no problem with those who do.

>> No.27885384

Can vouch for this, made out with more guys, had sex with more girls

tfw i'll never be a wizard.

>> No.27885395

What would this MMO's name be?

>> No.27885582

>I'm a huge faggot with a trip and delusions of entitlement, please ignore me!

Do you not see any value in exploring reality through fiction? Ron Howard and Richard Wagner both used a blend of history and myth to create the foundations from which modern fantasy is derived.

>> No.27885668
File: 492 KB, 800x1015, FluffyWingedHarpy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not totally gay. Just a bit.

I'm bisexual, I'm totally comfortable with it. Just means more options.

Besides, this is /tg/. Male or female is not the main question.

>> No.27885688
File: 51 KB, 558x705, You're gonna carry that edge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27885710

My old character had a trio of NPCs in his backstory. They were part of his old ship crew. The Helmsman was Dirt and he was a hunched and elderly Orc but in his heyday he was quite a sight; Brazen, Guileful, Muscular, Heroic and oddly always well oiled. He was like a Green Fabio. He charmed a beautiful bar girl in every port despite never learning a single word of common, "The Noble Savage" goes a long way. He had many Sons but the eldest were Rodger and Ruger who joined him on the ship. Rodger was a Half-orc and tactical genius, The golden child of his numerous trysts. Ruger was the same age as Rodger but was full blooded Orc. Ruger was strong but dumb, the result of terrible mistaken night of too much ale and a dark bar.

This story concerning half-orcs included no rape

>> No.27885776
File: 88 KB, 410x694, welcome to tg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27885818
File: 155 KB, 800x391, 1380348004757.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.27885820

It's not called gay.
It's called free from women taint.
We'll be fathers of men.

>> No.27885861

We are all fathers of men.

>> No.27885869
File: 30 KB, 228x271, HONOR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

truly, she is my son

>> No.27885949

>Maximilianesque armor.
>In fucking America.

Into the sacrificial pit it goes.

>> No.27886007

How the fuck does that work? Two different species cannot create fertile offspring, which is why Mules and Ligers don't have children. Even if they could wouldn't there be half half orcs then?

>> No.27886066

who draws these?

>> No.27886074

Ehh, most of the settings seem to handle it just fine, with plenty of half-elves and -orcs having children of their own. It's fucking fantasy, not mules.

>> No.27886103

Clearly, they're not two different species.

>> No.27886114

>Two different species cannot create fertile offspring
According to Earth biology as we know it. Usually.
Who knows how it might work in a world of owlbears and gelatinous cubes.

>> No.27886150

you seem to think that chromosomal biology is at work; how about if species in this instance are not species in the way that donkeys and horses are but more in the racial sense of black and white? there are no chromosomal reasons for infertility, as would be the case for mules and ligers, but rather a different genetic difference.

>> No.27886155

>doesn't know Oglaf by now

How do you live with such lack of honor?

>> No.27886168

It is generally accepted that d&d half breeds are fertile. A half-half breed would probably have blood too diluted to notice a significant difference from the dominant parent species. Eventually theyd fall back into into of the parent species completely.

Also, there are rare instances for female mules being fertile.

>> No.27886232

Technically, there has been successful Liger offspring.

>> No.27886406

I feel sad now.

>> No.27886624

You should feel bad, CIS scum!

>> No.27887113

What if it's male elves are the ones that get pregnant?

>> No.27887163


Steve wtf r u doan

>> No.27887765

Trying to not rape, I swear.

>> No.27888007

Just popping in to let you know that most siblings divided at birth who meet each other in adulthood find each other hot.

>> No.27888177

Nothing is sexier than rule 63 of yourself.

>> No.27888194

What about delicious older ladies?

>> No.27888914

Thank you!

>> No.27890005

Why put up with women when you could have a loli instead?

>> No.27890022

and Dwarves = Jews
Racism is a pretty deep part of the standard fantasy world.

>> No.27890055

>which is why Mules and Ligers don't have children.
But that's wrong. There have been fertile mules and ligers. In fact there's even been a third-generation mule.
It's just that fertile hybrids are rare enough that it's unlikely you'll end up with two of them in the same group without intentionally trying for it.

>> No.27890274

If you don't physically rape your players at the table, you are a shit DM.

>> No.27890451

I'm not, I do like little girls though. Does that count?

>> No.27890582

All I really want is to fuck a green girl.
I blame Star Trek. Those damned Orion women.

>> No.27891305

Elves and dwarves are them same because:
>Elves are female dwarves and dwarves are male elves.
No, that's kind of lame.
>Elves are elves of the light, dwarves are the elves of the dark
This is acceptable.

>> No.27891681

That arena faggot from Oblivion wouldn't say.

>> No.27891816
File: 15 KB, 583x474, maximum homosexuality.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's a reason the /tg/ - Totally Gay joke exists

>> No.27891842

>race mixing was taboo for an exceedingly long period of human history
No it wasn't. the worst it got was no MARRIAGE outside of your race, you could fuck whatever you wanted and nobody cared.

>> No.27891846


Depends on how far separated the species in question are. Grizzly and Polar bears are completely interfertile, with no complications.

>> No.27891927

Probably. Orcs are bigger and bulkier than humans, which is going to put a lot of stress on a human woman giving birth to one. Combine this with medieval medicine, and you're going to end up with a low survival rate for human mothers of half-orcs.

Meanwhile, if a female orc can handle an orcish baby, she can handle a half-orc one with ease. Much higher survival rates than normal.

Hell, you'd almost expect the females to be the ones doing the raiding and raping. Easier childbirths, children have more acute senses (+2 Wis = +1 to Listen and Spot) and lack orcish photosensitivity, which makes them better hunters and providers for them in their old age.

>> No.27891961

But they are also weaker. Puny humans can't even wrestle wolves.

>> No.27892151

My character has an orc mother, she lives happily with my character's human father.

I'll tell you the secret, my character's father has an is intelligent, wis, charming, and highly dextrous. So his strength isn't that high, he learned way more ways to please a woman than any joe fighter in his days as a rogue.

When my character left home to make it big with his father's old crew, my character's mother had the biggest smile on her face. I didn't realize it at the time, it's not because she was proud (who's mom is proud when they hear their son is going to make a living by thievery, sex, and murder?) but because she'd finally have my character's old man to herself and not have to worry about accidentally hurting anyone else in the household when she really gets into it.

>> No.27892434

The modern concept of race wasn't developed until a few centuries ago. A white European wouldn't find it weird that his daughter wants to marry a rich swarthy trader. The dude has money and a penis, ka-ching.

>> No.27892455

Puny humans also have better weapons and armor, and half humans can actually get into settlements without being attacked.

>> No.27892474

>ern concept of race wasn't developed until a few centuries ago. A whi
>implying humans can make weapons better than our smiths
They aren't dwarves Krug.

>> No.27892739

Someone's been playing Elder Scrolls.

>> No.27893024

>While their kids fight
Keeps the harem interesting.

>> No.27893067

Dunno, I hear Polynesians are proportional to the rest of them.

Wait, that was a joke but now I'm considering the implications of Polynesians being orcs. Seafaring foodies who you do NOT want to fuck with. Since sometimes Asians are dipicted as elves, and in WW2 some Polynesians fucking hated the Japanese to the point of sometimes cannibalization of them as an extra layer of FUCKYOU, this has merit. But now I'm stuck figuring out who Americans are. Wait, the mixing pot nation of immigrants must be a civilization of bards from all races.

>> No.27893080

Yeah, this.
Aside from religious differences, a nation with an open enough mind via being a trade hub would be accepting of any male with money.

>> No.27893090

What if humans, orcs, and dwarfs mainly use humans to keep genetic variety?

>> No.27893169
File: 1.21 MB, 1438x1113, 010.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's well known /co/ is into /ss/. They also have the most drawfags.
Unfortunately, Orc Stain lacks orcish females. As does 40k, WHFB, and I don't think any of the D&D or Pathfinder comics had non-villain orcs. Or orc females at all for that matter.
TES never had a comic, and generally /co/ likes to hate on WoW unless someone dumps the comics and only for the duration.

So we need something with orc females to get their attention.

>> No.27893232

Never head the term "treasure trail" before, I always heard it as "pathway to heaven". I don't live in a particularly religious area, any more so than most places.

Maybe it's a Northwestern US thing?

>> No.27893254


>> No.27893277
File: 231 KB, 828x747, Goblin_Sapper_by_joeartguy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Treat me right, big boy, an I may go up on you.

>> No.27893289

Nobody is as bisexual as /co/.
It's a requirement. You must like both Dick Grayson and Evangeline's hips and asses in equal measure.

>> No.27893331
File: 79 KB, 560x700, dfas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

See, I've always seen dwarves as being a sister race to humanity anytime there's no hobbits.
Not generic haflings, I mean hobbits in all but name.

Elves on the other hand are what humans will evolve into, with those styles of giants that live luxurious lives in sky castles and shit being the next stage of dwarf.

>> No.27893362
File: 48 KB, 333x286, 3chivalrous5me.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27893371

One day he'll update Pawn.

>> No.27893389

Fuck, that's adorable.
I really like the idea of an orc in a modern setting, more real life than Shadowrun, walking a pug in his bathrobe sweatpants and slippers because he gives no fucks and it's the weekend.

>> No.27893411
File: 122 KB, 671x526, 1344159107658.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...yeah, I'd go for that. Depending on how the night goes, stick around in the morning to see how things go from there too.

>> No.27893440


I now want to make a sidescrolling vidya that's procedurally generated where you play as an orc female barbarian and rescue her man from kidnappers of various kinds. Replay value is in unlocking shit to customize your stronghold, and seeing your horde of children grow up between adventures.

Would /tg/ play?

>> No.27893483
File: 56 KB, 389x482, twewt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think you used the wrong image.

>> No.27893518
File: 464 KB, 1280x768, SR Orc Thug Censored.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Orcs you say?

>> No.27893541
File: 302 KB, 1904x2048, SkinSpectrums_Ork-Troll-Human.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Orcs you say?

>> No.27893561

Yeah but it lasted a while.

Compared to everyone else on here, /tg/ is damn organized.

>> No.27893563
File: 87 KB, 212x278, pc_orkfemale_04b_biker_zps6a9294b9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27893575
File: 90 KB, 212x278, pc_orkfemale_02a_shaman_zps30ee153e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27893596
File: 38 KB, 400x350, worst_thread_in_the_world.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/tg/, you disappoint me.

>> No.27893646

To be fair, there's not much femorc on male elf artwork.
Plus, bans are kinda liberal right now so I'm not gonna dump my orcfem pics.

Most potential pic I've seen though it a topless orc female raising a toast for new years asking for many young elven cocks in the coming year. Sadly, the artist only elaborated on that pic once. She had a cock too by commission.

>> No.27893675

Not much fantasy female on male love in general actually. Mostly European comics with bad artwork, worthy of Crumb.
Elf, vampire, orc, dwarf, nothing. No female on male rape, no /ss/, and little for consensual.

Best I've seen actually is once of Richard Moore's porn works with a female dwarf on a male human blacksmith.

>> No.27893745

I like that for some reason.
The idea of the mixture, the dash of green-gray and tusks mixed into the local phenotype is not just the result of rape and fear and pain, but of, perhaps, a species on the edge of decline enriching their chances of continuing.

Sure, Kevin Silent-Hunter Rangah is not quite as broad and tall as his great-grandfather but he still knows the history chants and the ancestor song. He blooded and killed a Flar when he became a man and can expect to raise many strong fine children to carry on his name and his deeds. The People carry on, adapting and adjusting and never breaking.

>> No.27893770

I don't know if polynesians are orcs, but orcs are polynesians

>> No.27893824

As you used a TES picture there are not Half breeds. You are always the race of your mother.

>> No.27893825

/tg/, what has happened? I leave the board for summer and suddenly every legitimate question delves into badwrongfun. Or maybe the OP was baiting.

Bad things, like rape, don't just go away simply by not dealing with it. The game shouldn't wander into unnecessary actions. A depiction of a horrible and tyrannical society, rape may be used as an effective method of getting the message across. One of my players has been in a abusive relationship and admitted to me that roleplaying helped her to deal with the fallout. She has gained the strength to deal with abuse and her wavering emotions. Players shouldn't play better themselves in a game. Instead, they play characters who are different than their players, can deal with situations in a different manner than the player.

>> No.27893871


Any Tolkien scholars in here to confirm/deny?

>> No.27893886

You mean WETA Studio scholars?

>> No.27893918

Polynesians as orcs has always kind of worked for me. Maoris doing a haka is about as orcish as we can manage.

>> No.27893943

Male hybrid tend to be the ones that are non-fertile. It is suspected now that most female hybrids maintain their interfertility with their parent's and closely related species.

>> No.27893952
File: 681 KB, 777x928, scan0004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Orc Stain may lack females orcs, but Bowie can have her way with me anytime she wants.

>> No.27893961

Is her origin story out yet?

>> No.27893972

Sadly no. I hear Stokoe is working on it again, but not as fast as I'd like.

>> No.27893978

Well the problem with that assumption is that Polynesians, especially Tongans, were actually pretty open to negotiations. While certainly a culture based on physical strength, it wasn't a destructive drive to destroy everything.

Orcs as a concept seem to parallel migrating hordes of culturally alien people like the Lombards and Vandals. A force you must deal with extermination or else they will bleed the land dry.

>> No.27894208

Dude we didn't have people who could say with almost 100% accuracy who is objectively good and who is bad, and we also didn't have creatures personifying good and evil dropping by from time to time. I mean seriously if a guy who gives you miraculous powers outright tells you that rape is bad and you will have your powers taken away for raping someone or even looking away your attitude towards rape will change even if you live in Iron Age.

>> No.27894344

Which is strange, since the fall of Rome analogue fell already Atlantis-style.

Orcs seem to be to be the natural conclusion for Tolkien's view on Nazi Germany combined with the ancient German. A strong-willed race, corrupted over time into depravity. But it's always worth bringing up that it's mentioned that no race fought entirely on one side of the conflict, so there were orcs and goblins in the Good army as well as elves in the Evil.

>> No.27894353

>Kane and Holt

>> No.27894575 [DELETED] 

>Bad things, like rape, don't just go away simply by not dealing with it.

But you can pretend they do. And that's like half the point of roleplaying, pretending.

>> No.27894756

As my first /tg/ thread, I think I'll enjoy this board very much.

>> No.27894783

Welcome to /tg/.

>> No.27894790


And every individual has a certain attitude to what kind of themes can be used. You can stick to your group, whatever they do, if you are truly satisfied.

Most of my players like grimderp, so they can be the valorous heroes or anti-heroes with personality problems. Since I'm not a whizzard-GM, they can attempt to do anything they seem to be relevant and make a satisfactory story. Just pick you fights wisely.

>> No.27894807

T-Thanks anon. I would be lurking, but I just had to say something.

>> No.27895524

What the hell is /ss/?

>> No.27895553

Straight Shota. Curvy mature women wishing to have fun with young boys.

>> No.27895566

Straight shota.

>What does that mean

Generally, older girl or woman engaging in sexual acts with barely pubescent, sometimes pre-pubescent boy. High likelihood of incest.

>> No.27895575

How young we talking here?

>> No.27895589

It's got more to do with how youthful they are than the actual age: anything from prepubescent to young adult can do, depending on how he looks and behaves.

>> No.27895590


>implying orcs don't take their women into battle
>implying orc women don't violently rape the shit out of whatever puny human males couldn't fight back / were incapacitated during the battle
>implying orcs know anything other than brutality and rape
>do you even orc psychology?

Also, I like to think that a lot of half orcs don't find many mates that aren't also half-orc, making their children... Well, half orcs. So I imagine many half orc parents aren't rape victims, just... half orc.

>inb4 "death by snu-snu"

>> No.27895604

Straight Shota; younger boys and older women

>> No.27895610

Thanks anons, now I know.

>> No.27897657

>picking one
I always pick both. Fantasy detroit makes for super fun campaigns

>> No.27899063

>Steppe nomads start the Sea People migration that destroys most Bronze Age empires
>Steppe nomads start the barbarian migrations that destroy Rome
>Steppe nomads push the Turks into Eastern Roman and Caliphate lands
>Steppe nomads under Genghis rape China, the Middle East and Eastern Europe
>Steppe nomads

The Huns, Scythians, Timurids, Tsiong-nu and Mongols would like a word with you...

>> No.27899088
File: 309 KB, 503x850, Femork.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying female orcs can rape

>> No.27899096
File: 73 KB, 400x557, 1365108885937.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cant, rather. Because they totally can rape.

>> No.27899110

Theres one artist I know of who has a fetish for orc musclegirl on elf shota /ss/

>> No.27899169

>muh opinions
Whatever you say, pal.

>> No.27899186

>/tg/ has a huge tsunboner for elves but identifies with dwarves despite acting nothing like them
>therefore, /tg/ makes elves the official waifus of dwarves
Makes sense to me.

>> No.27899265

Nonsense. Who would they rape?
They can't rape the willing.

>> No.27899271

They can when they shove a broom handle up your ass, and forcibly stimulate your prostate.

>> No.27899287
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>Who would they rape?
Each other. Its how they establish dominance and fight over lootslaves.

>> No.27899311

The CDC actually disagrees with you. Female rapists are around 40 percent of total, and male victims are around the same percentage as female, although that's assuming no one has ever been raped in prison.

>> No.27899400
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>namefags complaining about tripfags

well that'll be the day-ay-ay when I die

>> No.27900458

Which CDC statistics are you talking about? The only ones I can find show more female victims than male. And are those worldwide statistics or for a specific country? Because I just meant in general.

>> No.27900985

Not quite how genetics work.

Two hybrids go the horizontal jig and the offspring can be anywhere between full orc and full human depending on which genes combine.

If there was already some orc blood in one of the human grandparents or some human blood in one of the orc grandparents it further complicates things.

So you could have two half-orcs produce a pure human or a pure orc. Unlikely. Very unlikely. Still possible.

>> No.27902175

You sure the genetics would work like this in fantasy settings, though? As it seems, half-elves and -orcs appear to be their own races at most places.

>> No.27903945
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>mfw I'm short with excessive body hair
>mfw I'm a jew
>mfw I was a dwarf all along

>> No.27904439
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Why don't you have a strong green waifu yet?

>> No.27904461
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>> No.27904480

>Two different species cannot create fertile offspring
Humans and Neanderthals. Checkmate atheist.

>> No.27904647
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Links or artist?

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