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Help me understand.

Everything in this purple list comes with the $100 pledge right? It seems like a good deal. Has anyone ever bought their products?

Source: Kickstarter - Reaper Miniature Bones 2

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The sculpts are good, not great, the cast quality is very good on big stuff, ok on bulky human sized, and kind of weak on the thin stuff.

The material is pretty squishy, but it bends back into shape without much fuss, and can take a beating without being destroyed.

The value is pretty great for what you get.

Pic related, a giantess from the first kickstarter.

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Hmm, so, would you say its worth it? The sheer amount of minis for that price seems amazing.

Could you compare to GW plastics? Those are the only ones I've ever handled.

>> No.27874550

Different anon
They're a softer plastic. Pretty flexible. Supposedly they don't need to be primed, but it still works best if they are. From that big list of minis you have, you can get a good idea of how detailed they are.

Snakeman from the last one.

What is up with all of these number captchas?

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Yes, especially since they'll almost certainly add more before they're done.

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hm, is it just me or is Bones 2 a worse deal than Bones 1?

$100 instead of 50, you don't seem to get twice as much. Or is this my imagination?

granted the minis are of stuff I'd find more useful (easier to get lots of skaven, beastmen, skeletons, zombies, etc.) but nonetheless... double price value, not sure if that's as good of a deal

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or was bones 1 $100 per vampire pack? actually yeah I think ti was $100/pack, disregard.

>> No.27875733

Last time, I bought 4x vampire sets. My wife is dutifully painting em, and they look great. I might get another 4x of these, then I'll really have an awesome bunch of packs of armies. I'll have 72 undead (16 mummies, 16 ghouls, 36 skeletons) in this one alone, which will make for a nice force.

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150 figs for 100 buck is quantity vs quality.
If they end up adding 50 figures to core before it's all said and done I won't pull my pledge.
Right now, there's only about a 1/3 of the core figures that I find interesting. How many hero sets does one need?

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I hope the number captchas never stop. they are so much easier to solve when I am on my phone.

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>What is up with all of these number captchas?

That's Google using you to confirm addresses they scan while making Google Street View maps. It's vaguely creepy in a Big Brother sort of way.

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They've revealed the next stuff in Expansion 2.

Sill no word on when the Core Set gets bigger, though...

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Okay, let's break this down.

1. Pledge at least $1. You can order anything you like that's available. Just want a particular dragon? Pledge $15, chose the $1 option, and when pledge manage comes around say "I want this $15 dragon" and reaper will be all like "Cool, we'll take your pledge and give you the $15 dragon as a reward after we make it."

2. Pledge $100, Get the Core: Curretly sitting at 153 minis and 70-odd bases. Roughly 0.44 per piece, (or 0.65 per mini and the bases are all free, whatever)

3. Pick and chose your Additions: On the orange backgrounds you've got a buffet of choices ranging from $10 to $30. Pick which ones you like, increase your basic pledge by that amount (or TO that amount)

4. The Expansion Sets: Each one is $50.
>Currently, Set 1 is the only complete one (39 figures for $50, or $1.28 apiece for multiple large figures).
>Expansion set 2. is only up to 12 figures for $50 ($4.16 per figure, Fairly close to Bones retail on large figures)
>set 3 which is 10 figures for $50 ($5 per. Again, close to bones retail, and a damn good deal on that terrain.)

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any news on that european distributor rumor?

>> No.27880061

>4 Vampires
Why. I get spending a lot on this, I got one of everything, orcpocalypse, the paints, and two cases, but I don't understand all those dupes. When do you actually use an army that size?

>> No.27880076

Well, there's no rule that says you can't paint them villanous colors and have them be bad guys. I agree more monsters would be more useful though.

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God, I really hope this takes off. I'm not denying that Core is a GREAT deal, but dropping 100 bucks on a bunch of dudemen isn't something I'm 100% sure I can afford right now unless it's a mindblowing deal, and I'm not sure this will be /quite/ good enough to justify to myself just yet.

I want this, but I just don't know if it's worth blowing pretty much my only spare 100 bucks on as it stands.

>> No.27880099

Ah, feck. I was hoping it'd just be a huge 'town' expansion instead of angels and what not.

>> No.27880103


I've heard nothing. I'm not following too closely though.


As far as we know, this deal is only getting better. If you make time on the last day to check it out, you can have a better picture of what all you'd actually be getting.

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I acidentally miscalculated my pledge last time and used the extra to buy another set of villagers.

>> No.27880115

Oh, I'm already pledged. I've just kind of got my finger nervously on the recind button. I want this, but every time another stretch goal goes by without an update to core, my mind flashes to all the other shit I could get for $100.

>> No.27880126

I agree, AND it'll tie up that spare hundred for about a year.
That's what I'm debating right now, core needs some new life

>> No.27880200

>Calvary and town guards
Okay sweet!
Never used them before, but, uh, sure, why not?
>Tentacles and shadow demons
... THe hell are they going for?

Okay, Reaper? hi, this is the gaming public.

We'd like, y'know a THEME or something to these?

I mean, seriously, i would have been cool with set 1 being all random stuff, 'cause random stuff is cool, we need more random stuff.

But set 2, you open with calvary and town guards, and now it's angels and tentacles? The fuck? C'mon, a little consistency please? I really want those dudemans on horseback, hell i want more dudemans on horseback. I want people riding velociraptors, people riding eagles, people riding unicorns pegasi and plain old regular ponies (cutie mark not required)... And instead i'm looking at... tentacles?

As for the third expansion set: It was modern terrain, awesome modern terrain. Well worth the cost, since a laser-cut dumpster, which looks like ass, will set you back $6.00. But now, you've gone and added zerg / aliens, so, it's Sci-Fi now... Don't jinx it. put some CAV units in there or a properly stompy robot or something.

>> No.27880234


I'm not backing out. But I am cautious in my optimisim. Last time the thing went berserk right at the end and the core exploded... until the gnomes came but whatever. I'm holding out to the end here.

>> No.27880299


I feel like we might be missing the Penny Arcade bump we got last time.

>> No.27880328

...And we lost a lot of international backers because of goddamn shipping.

>> No.27880363

Well, last Bones, the core had somewhere around 220 figures (not counting those tiny familiars) when it ended, and that INCLUDED translucent figures.
So if they want pledges to hand on at the end, they'll need to come at least close to that.

>> No.27880461

>last time was 220
>This time is 153, with 6 days to go

Yeah, unless we get another big-boost, we won't see that display piece they were teasing in the last video.

>> No.27880474

This. This so goddamn hard. I was really hoping Expansion 3 was going to be all terrain. It might have gotten fewer purchases but I think it would've been more honest in its sales numbers that way.

>> No.27880555

You mean 4 days.
Yeah, and that teaser display won't be part of core. Last core set had 5 large pieces in it, and we've already seen 5 big guys in this one.

I got a first wave slot so I'll wait until the very last day to see where they take us, but what else is there that could be added to core? A Sophie, fairies perhaps? Idk, but it would be awesome if Reaper added some clear/translucent figures to the core like last time.

>> No.27880560


Clearly they need to give the Core set some more juice quickly, if they want the critical mass to start rolling in.

>> No.27880578

My bet is the next stretch goal that comes into view is going to be core.

>> No.27880626

Would it be possible for me to just take Expansion #3 on its own? I'm confused by this new format compared to the old one, and #3 with its scifi/terrain focus is the only stuff I ACTUALLY want more models of.

>> No.27880684

Yes. Pledge $50, when pledge manager comes around, pick expansion #3. You're done.

>> No.27880698


Yes. Pledge 50$, pick the 1$ reward tier and choose the expansion once the pledge manager goes out.

>> No.27880745

"There's still more to come for the Core Set!"

Then fucking SHOW US, Reaper, instead of adding on more paid addons while talking about how much better the core set is going to get.

>> No.27880775

>Mr. Bones

>> No.27880887

I honestly don't think the core is going to get much better, especially at the rate we're going. There's enough slots of expansion 2 and 3 to last until 3 mil

>> No.27880959

I'll be leaving a wave one slot if this is it for core.

Sorry Reaper, this kickstarter is a let down at this point.

>> No.27881127


I'm sure it'll get a bit bigger with the massive explosion over the last two days, but yeah, I am probably yanking my pledge. Reaper's handling of this kickstarter has been a serious disappointment.

>> No.27881159


Agreed. Even if those goals are far off, knowing what's coming will likely keep interest building.

>> No.27881173

The problem it's that the explosion is going to be much smaller sure to the lack of core items, which results in less pledges, causing a vicious cycle. Report really didn't prime the pump enough

>> No.27881213

Fuck, the internet is an asshole.

>God Reaper, this is ONLY the SECOND best deal on miniatures EVER. Way to drop the ball!

Granted, I'm spending less on this one than I did on the first, but shit.

>> No.27881229


Yay for entitlement. And perception mattering far more than reality.

>> No.27881244

We're not angry that they're cheating us. We're disappointed that they didn't handle this better to reach it's full potential.

>> No.27881266


Man, I sure love posts like this. I bet you've NEVER complained when a game, book, film, sports team, or other product failed to live up to its predecessor. Hop right on that high horse and keep lecturing us.

>> No.27881381

We just crossed the line for adding those aliums to Expansion 3. Any guesses as to what'll be added to it next?

>> No.27881569

We crossed that a long time ago man

>> No.27881916

Hopefully more terrain, sci-fi, or modern figures.

>> No.27882091

Just realized: to hit the Expansion 2 stretch goal, all we'd really need is for all current backers to increase their existing pledge by $18.

One paint set each, and we'd be at the next big reveal.

>> No.27882147

damn I wan't that shadow hound and the town's guards.

>> No.27882160

Attention reaper whiners:
Mars Attacks backer here: At least your campaign has a net positive cash flow.
We've lost 14 backers in 2 days!

>> No.27882251


The only days that really matter for well-known kickstarters are the first and last two.

>> No.27882320

>minis for pennies on the dollar

>> No.27882421

>Just like the Dark Knight Rises

Oh shit will some Ronald McDonald clone slip in the back door of our Kickstarter and open fire with a pistol?

>> No.27882423


By all means, please continue flinging insults from your position of perceived moral superiority. The day anybody on /tg/ has never bitched about a sequel or successor work is the day /tg/ collapses in fiery ruin.

Reaper II is great value for money. It has also been handled worse to date than the previous KS. Attempting to shut down discussion of this KS's flaws in comparison to its predecessor is misguided at best. Said flaws do not cease to exist simply because Reaper II still offers a large amount of minis for very cheap.

>> No.27882470

Mr Bones

I don't like this

>> No.27883229


Very few of us do.

>> No.27883328

We're not mad honey, we're just disappointed.

>> No.27884090

Anyone want to wager a guess at what comes next?
A Sophie has to appear at some point, right? And then judging from the old sneak peak Bonesylvania map (if it's related at all), Trolls? Fairies? At the very end something skeletal?

>> No.27884091

>Pledge increased $12

>> No.27884293

Yeah anon, they got me too.

>> No.27884470


Kaladrax 2 - revenge of the skeledragon?

>> No.27885407

Any anon have the Bonesylvania map that they posted briefly (4-5 days ago?) showing the valley of bones?
It looked like the finish line for how many ad-ons they were expecting this KS.

>> No.27885473

forgot pic
The bottom half of this???

>> No.27885514


>> No.27885953


Thanks, that was a great breakdown.

>> No.27886157

Out of the 13k people that backed it last time, only 1200 Sophies were made, 800 clothed 400 not clothed, everyone else turned it in for other stuff.
Source: Reaper comment on KS to question about # of Sophies made.

>> No.27886278

Oh well played reaper.

>> No.27886405

Well, everything i want now comes to $380. My Budget only comes to $350. I guess I could drop the paint set, and have $6 to buy something else...

>> No.27886535

Yeah, but if it makes my GPS work better, I'm okay with it.
>Driving with an early TomTom GPS, circa 2004
>"You have arrived at your destination" never was *at* your destination.

The GPS was really only good for getting you within about a quarter mile of wherever you wanted to be... after that, you had to navigate by sight.

>GPS says "You have Arrived" while still driving on a highway with no exit ramps in sight.
>Building has it's back to the highway, I should have gotten off at the last exit.

>> No.27886766

You called it.

>> No.27886807

Well i feel silly now

>> No.27886831

Is it going to be a normal sized mini then?

>> No.27886837

They should just make it an option then, I'm sure some of the ones already there are less popular than a Sophie figure would be. Not everything is for everyone, in fact most stuff isn't.

>> No.27887074 [DELETED] 


>> No.27887110


>> No.27887198

@Randy - standard character size, in Bones, and $2. The Calculator update is more intense, and takes a bit of time, but we'll have it shortly

>> No.27887256

>>Since Sophie, we've gone up 2k in about 10 minutes

Reaper, the more you add to the core, the more you get pledged!

>> No.27887399

They are smart in not revealing everything at once, BUT they are dumb in not having at least one goal for everything that isn't done expanding revealed at all times. It helps grab people on the edge if they think/know there is more to come, and the only way to think/know is for there to be revealed goals.

>> No.27887741

good thing I always put "loli" in for the not checked half of the capcha

>> No.27887760

Loli? I thought the default word was Nigger?

>> No.27887789

It is.

>> No.27887907

Yeah I always put nigger

Captcha: Delzil nigger

>> No.27888032

Each to their own, I guess.

>> No.27888049

Nope. You're just doing it wrong.

>> No.27888144

It is, but I'm more amused by the idea of loli turning up where it shouldn't than nigger

>> No.27888182

Why do we not have any black loli minis?

>> No.27888199

because reaper hates fun.

>> No.27888246

What's stopping you from painting one?

>> No.27888289

You're all asshats. A half second out of your day that doesn't even take any longer than the typing of Nigger you do anyway, to help expand the online catalog of human knowledge, and you're really so petty as to try to fuck it up?

>> No.27888328

I'm pretty sure you meant to say "to assist with data collection on behalf of a for-profit company".

>> No.27888361

>you're really so petty as to try to fuck it up
Yes, yes I am.

>> No.27888382

Those are books. Those selections are from old books that have been scanned, and the words you type in are the ones the auto-software couldn't recognize, hence why they use such old fashioned scripts and antiquated spellings and characters like the Long S.

>> No.27888509 [DELETED] 


That makes absolutely no sense. If the software needs ME to tell it what it says, then how can it tell if I'm wrong?

>> No.27888532

It can't. The part that you can replace with "Nigger" is from a book. The other part is just a random "You're not a robot" verification.

>> No.27888640

I typically don't unless captcha is being a bitch and giving me unreadable shit or refreshing on me instead if submitting.(I actually already knew what it is doing)

>> No.27888837

I really do not understand these cries of inconsistency. Reaper has always marketed their stuff based on variety. They have something for everyone and it's why their ranges are so goddamn huge.
I think you're silly, and even uncreative if you can't imagine what to do with mismatching things like these.
Paint the town guard like mystic crusader sorts, paint the angels to match but make them more dark and otherworldly, and give them shadow powers. You now have an entire villainous organization for your players to fight and to fluff out a setting.

>> No.27888899

Way better Sophie than last year. I can actually see this being used in my games.

>> No.27889037

She could still be better though, they could make her a loli.

>> No.27889091

>loli sophie

>> No.27889818

Noow there's a mini I'd pay $3 to get naked.

>> No.27889979

I'm still torn on whether or not I should get in on this. There's no modern or futiristic guys this time around, no CAV, and no Reaper Warlord. Last time you got a sample platter of everything, this time it's mostly fantasy figures.

Being able to add-on the big dragons is a plus. But the expansion sets kinda suck since it's $50 for figures of varying quality. For a lot of them, you'd be better off buying singles off ebay.

The deal on paint, however, is pehnomenal.

So... whos in? Who's out? Why are you in and why are you out?

I missed Itar's workshop Hirst Arts kickstarter, and I'm kicking myself. With this at least I can get some dungeon decor.

>> No.27890152

Yeah, I added extra decor to my pledge. This is where I stand-
Still waiting to see if any clear/translucent figures will be added to the core like last time. I'll wait til last day to decide if I'll stay on or get off.

>> No.27890194


I was not impressed by the clear figures last time. They look too much like toys. I'd be happier if I could get them in regular bones plastic

Bones are already too soft and toy-like, I don't need more of a reminder that I'm an overgrown man-child playing with toys.

>> No.27890375

I thought the same thing, that they looked cheap...until I saw them painted. Someone even hooked up the large fire elemental with an LED after painting it.
After I saw some paint jobs, I tracked them down at my FLGS.

>> No.27890839

How good do they light up with LEDs?

>> No.27891281


That actually looks really nice. I wasn't sure what to do with the firey ones, but that'll do nicely.

>> No.27891823

The red ones do well, (the ghostly summons would probably work too, being large) but you need really bright LEDS.
I really love the gold tones on the lesser fire elemental. I've seen them painted in yellows, and oranges, but it wasn't too my liking.

>> No.27891928


>> No.27892573

Here you go.

I doubt we'll get to the Valley of Bones, but I wish we would. I need more undead minis.

>> No.27892588


If the last day can get us some serious critical mass, then maybe.

But with the international shipping issues, maybe not.

>> No.27892655

I hope so. I missed the last one, so I really want to get the most out of this. I wonder if they'll eventually do another run of Bones?

And a cropped version.

>> No.27893003


They'll probably keep doing Bones runs until the end of time.

They're selling tons of individual Bones, but the high initial cost of producing Bones molds makes it hard to expand the line without a large influx of capital - thus the kickstarter takes the place of outside investors and ensures they won't be losing money making a mold for a poor selling Bones miniature.

>> No.27893310

Thanks anon

>> No.27893581


Faeries, pirates, troll..

With troll slayer sophie I'll assume that troll will be a core set addition.

And I'll assume the bones at the bottom will represent the fucktons we'll get on the last days? Seems they've mapped it out pretty well. I think they are carefully adjusting goals to get us there at the right time, not the right dollar amount.

>> No.27893883


About to go to sleep. We'll probably have her unlocked once I wake up.

>> No.27894057

I bought in early; I'm definitely going for core + exp1, plus some of the optionals, like Narthrax. I'm on the fence about exp2, although it could still open up, and exp3 currently doesn't look like it's doing it for me.

It's still a good deal, but there just hasn't been the excitement that I seem to remember from last time. Or maybe that's wishful thinking?

Whatever, it's still gaming minis for cheap.

>> No.27894135

Is there a way to get into this without a credit card? Do they accept paypal?

>> No.27894166

Get one of those visa/mastercard debit cards.

>> No.27894198

For some reason I cannot apply for one. Fucking Canada.

>> No.27894209


You don't get one standard with your bank account? Weird.

>> No.27894225

The bottom sign should just say "Profit"

>> No.27894235

The closest thing we have is "Interac Online", which is supported by fucking nobody. I'm so used to sites supporting Paypal that I've never had this issue.

>> No.27894705


you know i think they supported paypal last year through something but typically yea you gotta use amazon to pay, so if they don't accept it it won't work.

they don't sell prepaid debit cards at your groceries?

>> No.27894714


also >amazon gift cards might work....


>> No.27894746

I don't think they did. Many other kickstarters do, but I don't think Bones was one of them.

>> No.27895838

I'm planning on re-texting all of my gamer friends the last day, and maybe again when there's like an hour left.

>> No.27896488

They did: but through the pledge manager.

>With the pledge manager you’ll be able to:
- Give us your shipping address.
- Add to your initial pledge and get more stuff.
>- Use PayPal or a credit card for payment of stuff beyond your initial pledge.
- Adjust your pledge if your math was off or you didn’t add any money for shipping (international backers).

All text quoted from the E-mail sent by Reaper to backers.

So here's what you do:
Go out: Buy a prepaid visa card (they sell them at walmart fer christ sakes). Put $5 or $20 or whatever.
Set up an amazon account with that card.
Pledge at the $1 level (Wave 9 shipping now) using that card. Pledge as much as you put on the card.

When the pledge manager rolls around, use Paypal to supplement your $1 order.

>> No.27897278

Might add 2 bucks to my pledge for a second one.

>> No.27897309

The biggest gamble here is "will I still be playing DND with my group in 15 months"

>> No.27897423

I'm 30, and I've been asking myself similar questions for over a decade now. Groups come and go when you're a gamer, what you should be asking yourself is "Will I still want to game in 15 months?"

>> No.27897718


And now that we have, we again have no core set goal in sight.

Get it together, Reaper.

>> No.27898076

We got a new video! That's just as good! Seriously Reaper, post more stretch goals.

>> No.27898486


Seriously, why can't they just post more core set goals. Even if the goal isn't that close, it at least shows the awesome that comes later in the Core Set.

>> No.27898657

They're being pretty stubborn about having only two goals at a time. They said something along the lines of "Kickstarters that reveal a ton of goals are less successful"

>> No.27899435

Because they're looking for a different kind of success than last time.

>> No.27899452

To which the answer is, as we all know, Yes. Our hobby is more addictive than marijuana.

>> No.27899732

Is anyone else worried by their decision to reveal expansion 2 and 3 so slowly? I don't think they thought it through,at the rate it's going they won't be worth the price and tons of people will revoke the funds on it at the last second, instead of getting tons of people going for them...

>> No.27900374

Put everything you want on the card because that way it counts towards stretch goals.

>> No.27900406

Exactly, because it's not like expansion reveals are usually bigger than core reveals. Oh wait.

>> No.27900438

Shadow Demon

So much want

>> No.27902349

Dead kickstarter.

>> No.27902399


That looks like one of my half-assed doodles that I like to forget that I made.

>> No.27903041

... shit, mine too...
although I still really enjoy this one

>> No.27903049

Yep, dead in the water. I mean they only got 2 million, can you believe how shit this is?

>> No.27904536

71 hours to go...think we'll be getting that final rush any time soon?

>> No.27904571


>> No.27904603

Really? Maybe all at once at the beginning. That makes sense, but at this stage, it seems like it could only benefit from it.

>> No.27904640


Yeah, I would think that it's obvious, but Reaper isn't budging and their kickstarter comments only back them out.

>> No.27904672

I think it was last two days last time? so tomorrow this will hopefully go nuts.

>> No.27904684

Well it's the same here, isn't it? People have been pointing out the inconsistencies since practically day one of the kickstarter, but apologists just keep on making excuses for Reaper.

>> No.27904726

Yeah, I hear ya on that, I'll prob add a Mr. Bones as well

>> No.27904747


Yeah. It's a shame because Reaper actually listens too, which is great for getting the minis we want, but sad when the sometimes valid criticism is drowned out.

>> No.27904899

They haven't listened to me.

>> No.27904932


Are you the loli guy again?

>> No.27904958 [DELETED] 

maybe, you a cop are you?

>> No.27904961

Because they're too busy listening to all the bootlickers telling them that it's A-OK that they're offering more expansions, less core, no international shipping, etc.

After all, who would you rather listen to, a handful of people with sense and criticism, or the legions of brown-nosers worshiping the ground you walk on?

>> No.27905002

maybe, you a cop?

>> No.27905018


The thing is the expansions are fine in principal, it makes sense as they were actually dangerously close to losing money on the last kickstarter. The biggest problem is the fact that they're not even showing the next step in both, therefore people don't know what they're pledging for and are less likely to chip in the $50 for what is less value and might not even have anything they want.

I really wish this was as good as last time, but this time around I might just do core + a bunch of paints. We're never going to make it to the boneyard.

>> No.27905079

This anon speaks truth. I got a vampire box and a number of extras last time around, and the smaller figures are very hit-or-miss. The big ones are excellent, though. I will definitely be picking up some of the bigger extras and the paint sets, but I don't know if I'm going to bother with the core set.

>> No.27905227

Thoughts on Expansion 1? It looks good, but I don't know if I want to pull the trigger after spending $100 on the core set.

>> No.27905334


It's still good value, and it's really worth it if you would actually use the minis in it.

>> No.27905561

What's every one's opinion of the Gelatinous Cube? I see they run about $50 if you can find them for the pathfinder version.

>> No.27905643

Why pay $10 when I can just ejaculate on a chessex container a couple times and get the same thing?

>> No.27905845

I tried that anon, but the other players at the table disapprove.

>> No.27905897


You can make cheap ones yourself with some transparencies and hot glue. I personally don't like theirs too much due to it not being very cube.

>> No.27905903

What about glue? did you try telling them it was glue?

>> No.27908262

just backed! 1xkraken, 1xmashaaf,1xsophie + $10 AU delivery totally about 40 bucks, not too interested in the core

>> No.27908509

got the core and the first expansion.

getting the dungeon decor 2, the rats, and maashaf

so far, the other expansions aren't enticing me to throw in for them.

>> No.27908714

Core, Kraken, water elementa, hill giants and cube ~$50 shipping. I'll probably get expansion #2, but it depends what they add with the rest of the stretch goals.

>> No.27908778

I'm currently in for $150 but I'm strongly considering dropping down to just Kraken + 2 paint sets + whatever big thing they have coming at the end.

>> No.27908997

thinking about adding the paints too.

>> No.27909211


Paints are 100% worth it if you are ever going to paint. I honestly don't think a better deal will ever roll around, at least not for the same quality of paint.

>> No.27910619

>I'm in for x amount but am considering DROPPING down to x+1 and then more.

>> No.27910684

presumably they meant the things they listed and no core.

>> No.27910768

Has anyone gone through and calculated the price for the non-bone equivalent of any of the sets?

>> No.27910953

The core would be over 300 alone(most single figures cost 2.5). The only expansion that is decently above it's cost is the first one. The fuck-huge stand alone figures are also a kill.

>> No.27911047

$42 in shipping is really busting my balls. Thinking of canceling and just cherrypick miniatures I actually want next year.

>> No.27911627

It's a question of how much you want, and of what. Some of the bigger ones will probably have 20+ increase in price(such as the Kraken), if you plan on getting 2 or 3 of them it might cost you more than the shipping difference, hell the Kraken might alone end up costing 60+ since the resin version costed 100, so if you want it you're better off getting it here.

>> No.27911682

I like the goat Demon Lord, the Hill Giants and Narthrax. Not sure they are gonna be as expensive as the Kraken (that I don't see myself using for anything)?

>> No.27912184

Huh. More Aliens for Expansion #3.

>> No.27912229

I know what I'm not getting.

>> No.27912255


Yeah, I'm not particularly impressed with Expansion 3. The scenery might be handy, but those aliens are not particularly good lookin'.

Mostly just hoping we make the Shadow Creatures unlock for Expansion 2, at this point.

>> No.27912295

>The scenery might be handy
It's a fucking box. Why does anyone need a plastic/resin box? Just make one out of the suitable materials that boxes already are, metal, wood.

>> No.27912341

So they are litterally going for Xcom with it... Whelp if it does get to the last, it'll probably be marine guys and maybe a vehicle.

>> No.27912372

I can imagine more interesting Xcom enemies than those though.

>> No.27913222

>they were actually dangerously close to losing money on the last kickstarter
Why is this a problem? they got the funding for the molds and infrastructure, they mitigated the risk of investing on a new product.

>> No.27913807


Because if they had a hundred more backers last time they would have had to take out a loan to actually pay for all the minis + shipping (I'm making up this number, but they were pretty close to net loss). Obviously they're going to do their best to avoid that this time.

>> No.27913882

Unless the loss due to the high amount of kickstarter pledges is bigger than the price of the molds I really can't see this being a problem.

This discussion is pointless unless we know how much does it cost to make a mold and produce a mini in it

>> No.27913944


Well, this is how they spend the money last time.

>> No.27913977

So, instead of taking out a loan of 2 million to make their molds they got a 54k profit?

I wonder how long it would take those molds to break even if they didn't had the first kickstarter.

>> No.27914242

Sell this to me, Anon. How much would these paint sets normally cost?

>> No.27914292

$3.30 per bottle

>> No.27914777

I'm still on the edge with the paints.
They are so cheap, but I already have so many paints...

Can anyone give any input on how reaper paints differ from vallejo's?

>> No.27915017

That's pretty fucking good then.

Ugh, I hate the wait.

>> No.27915672

Well, it seems to have slowed down even more. Not good when it's only got little over two days left.

I've got a september delivery core set, along with expansion 2 and 3 and a couple of the add-ons, but I'm international, so I might just bow out of the expansions if they don't begin to look interesting enough/like good enough a deal. I _will_ have to wait about a year and pay customs in addition to shipping, after all.

I'm alright with Greys, they're just not my thing - but I could always use 'em for running tactical board game scenario.

I'm a bit apprehensive, is all I'm saying. Don't really have a job lined up for me come next summer, either.

>> No.27915703

Is anybody else planning on pledging more, but they haven't yet? I went in for $100 day one, but I'm planning on getting expansion 1, a case, the paints, probably expansion 3, and some extras, I'm just waiting till the last day or so when I have a good idea of the approximate amount I'm going to spend.

>> No.27915813


I may drop another fifteen/twenty bucks on it. Got Core, Expansion One and a couple of the options, at the moment. Mostly waiting on seeing what else unlocks, at this point.

>> No.27915880

I'm thinking the opposite: If you sit and wait to see what unlocks, you're not really moving that meter - you can always reduce your pledge if it turns out you didn't want an expansion.

>> No.27916139

new goal

>> No.27916163

I would have bought this, but all these sculpts are many times worse than the first round. They're really digging into the shit-heap to fill out this line.

Either re-sculpt your models with your millions, or sell them for half the price you're asking, because these are not worth it.

>> No.27916219

Ooh nice, i could use a bullet.

>> No.27916228

Oddly, the Greys will fit in well with the Mars attacks saucers i'm getting.

>> No.27916709


>> No.27917180


I'm not a fan of the way he makes a violent blanket statement against reaper at the start and then follows it with "from my point of view," like his opinions on painting style and preferences are fact, but he does make some good points about the differences in paint manufacturing styles later on.

I haven't noticed any of this "cracking" phenomenon he talks about when layer painting my own minis with reaper paint, but I'm going to look for it more carefully in the future.

>tl;dw- I HATE REAPER PAINTS THEY SUCK SO BAD... for my particular painting style. Results may vary.

>> No.27917215

> set 3
> anything but a glorious X-Com Tabletop starter kit
Get out of my house.

>> No.27917287

So... it's bad form for me to type "f" when I know that the letter is clearly a fancy, old-fashioned "s"?

Captcha: fresuld the

>> No.27917325

I'm buying the three not-shitty dragons, the Lords of Evil or whatever (with the liches and vampires, not the WHY CAN'T I HOLD ALL THESE HORNS guys) to be my Vampire Counts lords/heroes, and Mr. Bones to be my campaign's BBEG

>> No.27917361


>> No.27917377

Can I pledge a million dollars to get all the unlocks, and then revoke that pledge? :3

>> No.27917463

Uhhh... I might have just found a new Bastiladon.

>> No.27917763

Sure, they don't charge until the campaign is over

>> No.27917854

>The scales on its legs
Oh come on, reaper, you're better than that...
I guess that the sculpter must have been extremely short on time, those legs are terrible...
It shouldn't be hard to replace them, I guess, but that really mars this model for me.

At least we're seeing progress and the grays are cool - I know some people who will go APE about a cheap flying saucer mini.
too bad they're all overseas~

>> No.27917880

That's seriously the laziest, ugliest scales I've ever seen in a sculpt. They didn't even try.

>> No.27918192

>something gets added
I hate you people.

>> No.27918417

I have my doubts that the sculpt is finalized. The sculptors are mostly on site there today, and cranking out what they can, as fast as they can.

>> No.27918969

Maybe it shouldn't suck so much then?

>> No.27919121

There's two posts bitching about it. Stop letting your butt get so hurt

>> No.27919140

Who cares how many there are? It's legitimate criticism of a product that they want money for.

>> No.27919154

are you retarded? read my post, then read the post I responded to.

>> No.27919168

What's the problem here? He needs to shut up, and you need to stop giving his trolling even an ounce of credibility.

>> No.27919270

Meh, I'm probably gonna cancel my pledge. The general content just seem very underwhelming compared to last years kickstarter.

>> No.27919310

They almost lost money last year, I don't know what the hell you expected this year.

>> No.27919334

YA BLEW IT REAPER. You should have started with 100 new models, and added nothing but core expansions becaus 30% of retail is just too much.

>> No.27919362

>They almost lost money last year
Not really. They had their costs extremely well estimated and came out quite far ahead.

>> No.27919411

The goal was to bring all production stateside. They didn't get anywhere near that. Which is why they are being more careful this time. They need a bunch of new equipment.

>> No.27919416

Sorry, I looked at the wrong information. I still think it's insane to assume anything would be close to the first bones, that was a fluke, a happy fluke, but one none the less.

>> No.27919483

I don't like the selection of minis in the core pledge this year very much. Also; the Pathfinder minis look for the most part very ugly with their awkward poses and heroic scale proportions.

>> No.27919489

Sorry anon, I was upset with expansion set 3, BEFORE greys were shown. Now I'm happy. They're definitely making my X-Com Tabletop dreams a reality.

>> No.27919568

Creator Reaper Miniatures 1 minute ago
@Michael - no, the Burrowing Horrors legs are being re-done now, actually. We shot it before it was technically ready

>> No.27919606

Man, I think I'll be cancelling my pledge soonish if there isn't much of a change in the core set. If someone wants to get to wave 2 in the next few days, keep your eyes open.

>> No.27919612

Might as well go for the Mantic Mars Attack kickstarter instead if you want UFO's, aliens and cityscape stuff.

>> No.27919615

Ha, suck it, fags.

>> No.27919689

I still don't like it.

>> No.27919830

Classic /tg/

>> No.27919852

I'm already doing both. I got the $300 pledge special for Mars attacks, the one over the convention weekend, so that's $375 in bonus extra content.

>> No.27919866


Yea i posted a comment about it,

I wish they'd show the next goal for each xpack and then have the core/addons as a separate track- with a goal for that always showing as well.

>> No.27919946


I'm pretty sure that's what EVERYONE wants, but Reaper just doesn't like money, I suppose.

>> No.27920005

Well, it sounds like you are set up for Xcom shenanigans then. Apparently Mantic's new restic formula is a huge improvement over the stuff they have been using as well.

>> No.27920092

does /tg/ have a homebrew for x-com or is it more of a setting?

>> No.27920117

I'd just use Rifts for it.

>> No.27920282

Guaran-fucking-tee you'll regret it. We unlocked Cthulu with SECONDS left last time.

>> No.27920310

I'm worried we're not going to see a giant spike in final two days :-/
I mean, who has not heard of the ks that would want in?

>> No.27920326

Well when there are 100 minis available for 100$ I am sure as hell not going to pay 50$ for 16 minis. I wish they would just post a real full size expansion with ~40 minis in it or something after a bunch of extras you could buy and then perhaps expand the, already reasonable, expansion from there. Once the expansion hit the 50-60 minis mark, they could make a few more stretch goals for extras you can buy and expansions for core and previous extras and then make a new ~40 sized expansion instead of this shit.

I really want to spend 300$ for this kickstarter as well and I have no problems adding a little to that as well but this is just plain bad compared to the first one.

>> No.27920336

Kicktraq is estimating $2,511,786, that's only to part three of expansion 3.

>> No.27920356

I hope they add a fuckton more aliens and marines to that. If they do I am sure as fuck going to buy one or two of those but for 18 minits? No way in hell im paying 50$ - plus postage. No fucking way.

The minis are awesome and I would love them for my roswell rpgs and homebrew x-com wargame but no way Im paying that much for that little

>> No.27920403

>whaa I got what is essentially free molds which would have otherwise cost me 2 mil and I only got a profit of 54$ after all expenses were paid

Is this where I am supposed to feel bad for them? They got what they made the kickstarter for. KS is not for making a super profit straight away. It is to kickstart projects you can make a ton of money of later but dont have the funding to do. They got a nice little profit so I see no reason to feel bad for them based on that, taking into account the money they are going to rake in from those molds.

>> No.27920439

>implying kicktraq is ever anywhere close on large gaming KSs.

>> No.27920471


The problem isn't' that they didn't make enough profit, it was that costs were exponentially rising due to way more backer than they expected. It's simply too risky to do the same thing because with the increased awareness they were pretty much guaranteed to lose money.

I do think they dialed back too hard though. If they ever do a Bones III it'll probably be perfect, especially now that we have an amazing campaign and an alright campaign to look back on.

>> No.27920473

And this time, they're trying to move production to the states, so that Bones3 can be made on site. So they want a bigger margin. It's all going to capital improvements, so what does it matter?

>> No.27920555

It's not just new people, it's people increasing their pledges. I bet most people haven't been addjusting their pledges daily. On the last day, everyone's going to pledge for everything the want. Then new stuff will unlock, and everyone will have to repledge accordingly, on and on until it ends.

>> No.27920616

in an hour the 48 hour "remind me" emails go out. that will cause the final surge. Just like it did on Zombicide Season 2. And once again, it will be fun to laugh at Kicktraq projecting a number lower than the current total. Just like in Z2

>> No.27920644

Reaper said they'll allow people to change after the kickstarter. I'd almost guess they are hoping people do it after so they have to give kickstarter the least amount possible.

>> No.27920646


I hope you're right.

You're probably right

>> No.27920671

I'm always right. it's kinda my "thing", man.

>> No.27920686

WE GOT....bases.......fuck

>> No.27920715

it's a 25K stretch goal. we'll hit that in about 3 hours at current pace. And they're saying the next one, is definitely not bases.

>> No.27920726

I just wish the like 3 or 4 asshats that actually wanted it weren't such obnoxious screaming faggots.

>> No.27920771


it's not even about more shit for core necessarily, i just think there should be paths.

Each xpack is its own, then core/addons. And I think core and addons should alternate. Trick cards should be sprinkled on top, not a replacement for actual goals. And the trick cards should sometimes be added to the xpacks. I'm in for expansion 1 but I wouldn't mind another little something to make me feel good about it.

Also they need to fucking finish 2 and 3 so if they havea 4 and 5 they can get those going. They obviously have the expansions set up so that if they finish it'll still be profitable so they may as well rush em out so we can decide. I'm eyeing the fence for 2 but I wouldn't say I'm even on it.

Bases are nice but they are a slap in the face if that's the only core goal. They should be an EXTRA on top of regular goals. We should be looking at a legitimate purple goal right now, as well as one for each xpack, and then, also, the bases which we've already earned- they shouldn't even be a 'goal' just a 'look what you earned and didnt even know it! yay!'

aka bonus. shadow goals, revealed when met.

>> No.27920809


And which half do you think they verify and use?

>> No.27920834

Eh, I can't get too upset. The deal is crazy good already if you're not dealing with international shipping. And I'm in on all 3 expansions already, so it's just Christmas for me when they get stuff revealed. Would be nice to see some real core though. Or even a new Orange.

>> No.27920892


oh yes, I don't mean to imply I'm backing out or any shit like that. negative opinion of some things doesn't mean endofworld etc. they're still doin a good job

but they could do better! :|

>> No.27920914

>they could do better!
They could. However, as not doing better was an intentional choice, it's highly unlikely that they will.

>> No.27920920


Not that guy, but that sums up my sentiments exactly


>> No.27920924

most certainly. They seem to learn quick though. Company founded by accountants. /pol/ would have accusations.

>> No.27920943


I also think they could have set up an international shipping deal that cost them a little more but made it seem less daunting.. like 50$ flat rate or some shit.

I think the main thing is we haven't had a real core goal in a very long time. That is legitimately frustrating. Bases are cool, one-offs are cool, but they are not the same as '5 or 6 guys thematically linked.'

Town guard should have been a core set, for one thing.

>> No.27920950

I think they expansions were a great idea, with poor execution. I think the best thing for them to do would have been to have all three expansion sets out right away, then any future stretch goal that increased them should have been [Main Stretchgoal] + [Mini for Exp. Pack.]

>> No.27920962


If you look at all the latest updates the wording no longer promises more core goals, just tricks. We're not getting any more than one or two minis at a time for core from now on.

>> No.27920989

I've been saying it since the beginning and I'll say it again. The first Bones was a genuine move to improve the company.

This one is an attempt to copy the success of the first, and profit as much as possible from it. Not grow the company. Not increase plastic production. Just straight up using Kickstarter as a storefront.

>> No.27921014

Yeah, they put all the cool looking stuff outside the core set and it annoys me.

>> No.27921023


yea, kind of. still a great deal for us, still expanding the line, and i do want to support the company

but it does seem like they want to get more $. though when you think of it, the $ goes towards bringin production to the usa. which is kind of the point. ohwell

que sera sera?

>> No.27921058

>Trick cards should be sprinkled on top, not a replacement for actual goals.
They are? They announce all the big goals and then have little trick card goals in between.

>> No.27921067

Your are an idiot. They have a ton of new sculpts, and already more new minis in plastic than the last KS. And as stated, they are doing this one to move ALL production to the states. Compared to CMoN, Reaper are saints about only offering new product, and not competing with other companies.

Of course, I pledge way too much to CMoN too. one of everything on Relic Knights...

>> No.27921077


but we no longer have core goals, and there's no addon goal atm. the trick goals 'replace' that apparently

>> No.27921081

>your are an idiot

Apparently I am too.

Typing with passion... forgive me oh great spell checking masters.

>> No.27921164

You do realize that adding them as add-ons is the only way they can not lose money on the big models right? You also realize that the expansion stretch goals are bigger than the core-only ones right?

If anything they structured this one to allow them to finance more molds.

>> No.27921190

>The only way
Sorry, but I'm more inclined to believe the numbers that Reaper themselves released rather than some anonymous poster.

>> No.27921228

please show me the numbers posted by reaper that support your position that Reaper can add dragons to core and still make a profit.

>> No.27921274


Shows that the previous kickstarter was extremely well-budgeted and easily repeated.

>> No.27921289

I think I'm content. Reaper realized the cost of metal was getting out of control, and we wouldn't buy large beasts at the prices they'd have to charge. Rather than going the GW route, and charging 6 bucks for an infantry model, they came up with Bones. I like working with Bonesium more than plastic or metal. It's cheaper. I lose a little detail,but not enough to care for my tabletop standard paint jobs. Let them money grab a bit. It's still 20% of retail, and I like having a crushing weight of unpainted models around me.

>> No.27921300

You mean the one where they put dragons in add-ons?

>> No.27921367

I don't really get all the hate. It's not as good of a deal as the last one, but it's still a great deal. If that isn't good enough for you, don't back it. This just seems really low on the list of shit worth vehemently complaining about.

>> No.27921420

But you see reaper are rippnig you off. Aren't you shocked by their blatant money grubbing with them selling their product for a third of its regular cost? A WHOLE THIRD. It is maddening how much they are trying to rip you off but you are too blind to see it.

>> No.27921468


I was interested but then I heard that they're going to add a LOT of costs to european shipping. Like +10 euro per extra figure.

Do they have a calculator this time to see how much you're in for if you're european?

>> No.27921509

Yes, it's literally the first thing under the main ks banner: https://ks.reapermini.com/

>> No.27921528

Yes. enter your address in the pledge calculator, and it'll figure that out for you. And keep in mind, it's not reaper adding 10 dollars, it's your country tacking onto the postage at the end to encourage you to buy locally. talk to your politicians.

>> No.27921536

They do, click the link to the pledge calculator on the kickstarter page. Not sure about it including import taxes though.

>> No.27921537

I'm sad nobody wants more paints. They're the best part, but they're not sexy, so I doubt we'll see another paint set before the end.

My biggest regret for the last one was that I only bought half the paint sets.

>> No.27921584


I only got the basic set last time. I need metallics really badly, but I think I'll have to cave and buy them retail.

>> No.27921589

Yeah. I'm in for both sets. they're my prefered paint and it's hard to beat 1.50 a bottle for "foundation" style pigment density.

>> No.27921608

get Vallejo's airbrush metalics and just use a brush with them. Finest pigment anywhere. Everyone else looks like fugging glitter after using it.

>> No.27921668


Thanks for the recommendation. I was actually eyeing my daughter's nail polish...

>> No.27921723

>daughter's nail polish
Why do you want your daughter to grow up to be a whore anon?

>> No.27921733

Reminder emails are out. let's see how right I was. In an hour. when I can see kicktraq update again.

>> No.27921745

Reminder emails are out!

Here we go!

>> No.27921783


Ah yeah it wasn't there at the start, hadn't really bothered to look since they estimated some 150 euro of shipping, which is roughly 200 USD.

>> No.27921788

foo! I just said that. Check yo'self.

>> No.27921799


Why the shit does it require registration to CALCULATE A HYPOTHETICAL ORDER


>> No.27921857

Because this calculator will also be the pledge manager once the KS is over by adding a single button to finalize your order.

But I'm sure it's actually an elaborate plot by reaper to spam your inbox.

>> No.27921878



because glitter or..

>> No.27921880

Whoa. No.

If it's like that, at least use a decent system. Like, GURPS or almost anything that isn't RIFTS really.

>> No.27921897

Actually, I intend to modify Mars Attacks for it. Either that or Deep Wars

>> No.27921956


Because I want to be FABULOUS

>> No.27921979


What do you mean, finalize? Do I have to place an order first to be able to calculate how much I have to pay? The whole concept of needing registration to see how much shipping is going to be is ludicrous in itself.

>> No.27922075


just log in with facebook, it's not a huge deal..

>> No.27922104


>> No.27922107

anyone else still kicking theirself for not getting Bones 1?

>> No.27922123

Yeah, more than ever. I just couldn't afford it at the time. Looks like I missed out on something that will never happen again.

>> No.27922139

Because you are teaching your precious little girl to dress up like a painted whore.

>> No.27922188

No, you don't even have to pledge at this point. Just register, figure out what you want, and close the window. not a big deal.

>> No.27922199

You log in because it saves what you pick. So if you want to add something then you don't have to put in everything all over again. It also makes things simpler when the kickstarter is over. Because you need to tell them what you want after the kickstarter is over by making the pledge calculator this way all you will need to do is log in and click the button to send it off to Reaper.

>> No.27922246

>Pass a Milestone!
>Another core update!
>It's BASES!

C'mon reaper: Basic black disc bases? WTF? Can't you give us something interesting? Like PIC FUCKING RELATED. Seriously, look at these magnificent motherfuckers.

>> No.27922256

I know, right? Fucker acts like my parents. it wanted to know something about me! Haxxors stealing my identity! Meanwhile, he hangs out on one of the least secure sites on the internet.

>> No.27922282

It's not like it wants your credit card info, It just wants a location that it'll ship your stuff to.

And how is this "lease secure"? I don't see any russians.

>> No.27922309

LEAST. Goddamn autocowreck.

>> No.27922314


...nail polish makes you a whore?

>> No.27922329

Glittery nail polish does.

Ever seen a stripper without glitter?


>> No.27922334



those bases are amazing, there are so many others they have and types of cinematic bases in general... no idea why they won't do it.

>> No.27922346


These bases are essentially the test run of their American manufacturing. Boring, but I'm not complaining, they wouldnnt have been minis if they weren't there.

>> No.27922353


>being this 4chan

>> No.27922369

... Okay, I can get behind the american manufacturing making the bases.

I'll accept it. I just hope we still make 2,500,000 so I can get me some greys.

>> No.27922391

Because in general reaper doesn't like to compete with a whole lot of other companies. They could easily put out textured bases, or even DF tiles in bones material. they instead play nice with the smaller companies that make their living off of those items. The only people they go toe to toe with are WotC for the most part. Besides. Go to Happy Seppuku and get some stamps. Never worry about detailed bases again.

>> No.27922419

It doesn't make you a whore, but it does put you on the track to whore town.

>> No.27922424


I'm so mad I missed their Kickstarter.

>> No.27922435

Stop discouraging people from raising whores, fucker.

>> No.27922440


thewarstore i think sells some really nice ones too..

>> No.27922458

I already had most of their stamps before their KS. I'd like to try the new material though.

>> No.27922459

>Happy Seppuku
Wow, did not know that existed... Only about $12 per base-stamp? That's really damn cool.

>> No.27922474

If I can't have my loli whores, you don't get grown up whores.

>> No.27922498


I regret ever bringing up my daughter.

>> No.27922534

Yeah. really decent service too. Sent me a wrong stamp once, and told me to keep it. Overnighted the right one. Guess they had 2 similar looking stamps in bins right next to each other. That's when it was still a home business. Not sure if the KS boosted him to full time.

>> No.27922536

yeah, this course of discussion reeks of unhappy adult men who have never known the joy of playing a role in the fairy queen tea party with their daughter.

>> No.27922551

So, the thing is pretty much there, huh. 2.5 or 2.6 million at max.

>> No.27922558

Why would I? I do that with your daughter without having to pay for her food and education. And when I'm done, you actually pay me to get her back. sucker.

>> No.27922578

heh. no, most gaming KSs make 30-50% of their income in the last 48 hours.

>> No.27922585


>> No.27922597



>> No.27922605


>> No.27922632


>saving a google'd image instead of pasting the URL

>> No.27922644

we'd need a shit ton of fence-sitters to jump on right now.

>> No.27922657

>Not building your image library.

>> No.27922666

I would, but then I might molest her friends. Her sexy, hypothetical friends.

>> No.27922688


>saving a quickmeme image instead of making your own

>> No.27922715

Were you around on the last one? They always save a couple of really large must haves for the last day. Last year it was Kaladrax at noon. and the Cthulhu once he was reached. Numbers skyrocketed. This year we've seen teasers for a fuckhuge dragon on a set of ruins, and we're told that's not the largest sculpt. We'll easily pass 2.5

>> No.27922731

By "they" I mean gaming KSs in general. Relic Knights did it with the big multi faction things.

>> No.27922741

>Implying the world needs yet another copy of the Taken image macro.

>> No.27922753


I want the ruins dragon. I got Kaladrax and Cthulu last year and even though I'll probably never get to use them I have no regrets.

>> No.27922759

Last time, Bones got this last-minute "bump" from Penny Arcade. I don't know if that will happen twice.

>> No.27922788

yeah. I did vampire, those 2. Nethyrmaul, the deepones, and the mythos creatures. Gotta have my lovecraft stuff.

>> No.27922790


No you retards, I'm on the fence about buying into this at all or not. I don't want to sign up, I don't want my items to be stored, I just want to know how much shipping is going to be so I can decide if it is worth it or not. If they can't do something as SIMPLE as this right, how are they going to handle millions of dollars and tens of thousands of orders properly.

I sure as shit am not going to make a facebook account over this.

>> No.27922804

Damn those guys are awesome. Still can't wait until I get RK in my hands.

>> No.27922835

Being as retarded as you are I say keep your money, it will taint Reaper with its stupidity.

>> No.27922856

I never made a facebook account for this. Dude. They've delivered on one KS of this magnatude already, and they did it well. Doing it the way they are will prevent them having to track down people for shipping and all that shit like they had to last time. It held them up over a month at the end trying to sort shit out with internationals. But fuck you. If you're unable to type a dozen fucking words into a form to save 80% off of retail, and then maybe pay that in shipping, meaning you still get the shit for 40% of retail, then go fuck yourself. I could care less about one crybaby neckbeard's pledge.

>> No.27922878

He's stupid for expecting to be able to find the cost of shipping without being required to sign up for things?

That's something that's considered unreasonable now? What the flying fuck?

>> No.27922893

god damn it's liberating to respond on here where I don't have to watch my mouth.

>> No.27922896

They already do, you idiot. That pledge calculator is just that.

>> No.27922906

He's stupid for having the reasons for why they doing this explained to him and then throwing a tantrum.

>> No.27922910


If you niggers could just tell me how much shipping to the Netherlands is going to be that would be great instead of all this attacking me because I don't like this way of doing business.

Do you tards give out your info on the internet all the time or what?

>> No.27922913

It's a throw away account for a fucking pledge manager. He's not signing away anything. He can even enter a fake address as long as he gets the postal code right so they can figure out what country he's in for shipping. Or fuck, make a completely throw away account. use a throw away email address. Do I have to do fucking everything for him?

>> No.27922936

Okay, let me walk you through how to do this mess-free.

1. Go to https://ks.reapermini.com/login

2. Over in the right-hand column, it asks for your kickstarter E-mail addy. You can either use THAT, which you need to get involved with the kickstarter at all, OR you can go to https://www.guerrillamail.com/ and make a fake e-mail, and use THAT

>> No.27922941

When I'm ordering a product? Fuck yes i do. it's how they bill me and ship my fucking product.

>> No.27922946


For fucks sake, you could have seen the answer yourself by now already.

Jesus christ on a pogostick.

>> No.27922951


Sure thing buddy

Initiating rumours about the whole thing being one huge scam

>> No.27922958

I could do that if
1. I lived in the Netherlands
2. You actually told us what you were pledging for
3. You stopped acting like a child throwing a temper tantrum.

>> No.27922994


Give me your address and what you plan on buying and I'll do it

>> No.27922997

Just ignore them. 4chan in general has adopted this obnoxious "the customer is always wrong" mentality where any criticism of a company is automatically whining, crying, edgy, euphoric, whatever.

You're not going to get anything out of them other than "The company is right! Do what they ask of you!"

>> No.27923039

Or, you know, he could act like a person with a functioning fucking brain and just use the bloody calculator.

He could even lie if he was so bloody concerned about his privacy. Just use the name Dinky McFuckingIdiot and use Netherlands as his home and everything could have been done already.

But no. He's a fucking idiot.

>> No.27923048

Okay, okay, okay... i'm making a fake access for this asshole.


>> No.27923054

Yeah, how dare they ask your address so they can calculate shipping to it. The nerve

>> No.27923060

Yes. You are completely right. We should avoid ordering from any company that wants to know where we live so they can calculate shipping. And adding my email address as a unique key for a database, so my anticipated 17 thousand pledgers don't have to enter the same information every time they use my pledge calculator is completely unreasonable.

>> No.27923065

Only core shipping is $41. What options does this fucker want?

>> No.27923082

>wants to know your address
Goalposts moved!

>> No.27923098

Youll want the Kraken. He's massive and awesome. And Narthrax. And whatever new shit they add on the last day. Me? I'm getting a shit load of Burrowing Horrors.

>> No.27923106

Shipping for the core set only is $41.89 to the netherlands.

>> No.27923113

You should reply to the person asking, not me.

>> No.27923168

That guy is a dick, you get the answer instead.

>> No.27923172

Ordering one of everything nets me a total shipping of $104. This is on a $522 order though. Ordering *just* the core set, shipping is only $41.

This is presuming that you live in the Netherlands. Specifically that your name is Ivan Denisovich and that you live at Raam 1 in Gouda.

>> No.27923179

Seems like the Horrors would make great Mawlocs.

Y'know, if Mawlocs didn't suck.

>> No.27923186


Did it myself as Nigger nigger, living on Your Mom Street 69 with phone number 061234567890. Thank you for your kindness.

I hope they are fucking happy with all that useful information and the time it wasted for me because if I do decide to order, I need to make an account and actually pledge anyway. I design company processes and computer programs for enterprises for a living so what the fuck do I know, right.

They could just as easily have you enter your country and province and calculate your shipping based on that. They don't need your goddamn phone number for it. I can't even begin to describe how utterly inane and retarded this registration hurdle is to people who are on the fence about buying in. It doesn't even have the right currency. I don't know what they need the info for if they aren't going to use it for anything functional.

Also, shipping is goddamn expensive this time around.


They don't need your address, just your country you dingus

>> No.27923202

You need to give this information to pledge anyway, what is the big fucking deal?

>> No.27923214

I'm using them for Bulettes. Going to just harass the fuck out of the halfling obsessed douchebag in my group. Grudgey as fuck.

>> No.27923224


If I had to register at every store before being able to see their prices, I'd be on a million mailing lists. Just the very concept of it is preposterous.

>> No.27923231


The thing is, they're going to need everyone that pledges to fill in the form eventually. I think they're trying to save some time hunting down stragglers this time.

>> No.27923247

Good thing this isn't a store then

>> No.27923250

Oh, and before you ask: I live in the US. I used Google maps to pick a random street in the center of the netherlands, used Guerrilla mail to establish a fake e-mail. Put in the name of a protagonist from russian literature, and made my phone number as 8675309. Then calculated for just core, and one with everything.

Just core is $41 shipping (about 29 euro) and Everything is $104 (about 75 euro)

>> No.27923271

Jenny? Is that you? Hello Jenny don't you change your number.

>> No.27923281


That's exactly what I'm saying. You're chasing away floaters who haven't decided yet by having them register with their home address and even their phone number. They are shooting themselves in the foot with this. They don't even use any of the info on the calculator so why not make one calculator, copy paste it for people who don't want to register and be done with it.

>> No.27923284

I really like how the guy is just phoning a number he found written on the wall of a bathroom stall in that song.

>> No.27923294

How is this chasing them away? It's necessary to know where you ARE to find out how much shipping to YOU will cost.

>> No.27923301


Yeah, I see your point.

>> No.27923317

And then, he's like. don't change it. Cuz you're not anywhere, that I can't find you. *loud breathing*

>> No.27923323


Thank you, you're a shining light on this board filled with the socially inept who feel the need to hate people for not wanting to put their info out there on shabby sites with bad designs made up by people who clearly have no idea what they're doing web-wise.

>> No.27923334

They are only chasing away paranoid idiots, to which I say good riddance.

>> No.27923357


Honestly, i signed up the day it was issued, and i've noticed exactly 0 spam messages in my inbox from this. And this is using my real E-mail address, the same one I use for Kickstarter.

>> No.27923395


Just a country and zipcode or even the province will do for this. They don't need your name, street and phone number. You seriously do not want to know exactly how not secure the internet really is, especially on websites that can't even design a proper calculator with a list of what you've selected and the option to remove items.

>> No.27923424

True. same email address as last year, and I've never received anything other than a shipping confirmation from Reaper. There were the update emails sent by KS. but you can opt out if you desperately don't want to know what's going on with the project.

>> No.27923427

oh please, enlighten me good anon. For you have proven youreslf to be wise and virtuous, and not at all a petulant child.

>> No.27923444

No problem. So, is 29-75 euro too much for shipping?

>> No.27923474


Oh yes because of course bad things never happen. You can go out at night without worries too because the police exist.


It's not about the spam. The calculator is missing the most basic functions that everyone who has taken any kind of compsci class knows to incorporate. It's cute that they use SSL to "protect" your info but that does pretty much nothing. The first "law" or rule of design is that everything you can do you must be able to undo it after. With the exception of video games. I just don't feel safe entrusting my information to people who can't even get the most simple basics right, violating a hundred design rules in a single page with barely anything on it.

>> No.27923505

Yeah, Reaper isn't great on the web-app side of things. I believe they have only one guy that does this stuff.

>> No.27923506


It is pretty steep when you add on the import costs on top of it. What you would get for 400 would cost me around 750 with shipping from what I can tell.

Tbh I didn't even really look at what I was selecting, I just clicked everything that said demon, giant or dragon because you know those are going to look great. Also, giant jelly cube.

>> No.27923534

So... what function is this that is missing?
And, how do you bypass SSL?
And what can't you undo?
And you seem a touch paranoid for someone who doesn't into Guerillamail.

>> No.27923558

>Giant jelly cube
Wow, I know you liked to suck dicks, but just... wow.

>> No.27923604

Gelatinous cube is awesome. Transparent, and you can stick PC models into it. I'm going to throw one in every fucking dungeon I do. They'll be in pit traps, dropping from ceiling traps. Sneaking up on PCs while they sleep at their favorite inn...

>> No.27923614

Comp Sci major here, you're full of shit. The biggest thing is how you are so dumb not to realize you can 'remove' items by dropping the number to zero. Let me guess, you're some sort of shitty web dev that is only concerned with stuff looking nice.

>> No.27923665


Must be chrome then. Every time I click recalculate it resets all the numbers to 0 but it retains what you've listed without being able to see what it is. As for what I do, I'm currently being trained to work with big data for data mining and machine learning.

>> No.27923683

I'm having no problems at all with it in Chrome.

>> No.27923748

no problems in chrome here either, even in incognito mode. Have you tried updating chrome? or maybe using firefox?

>> No.27923765

Nice. Barbarians trick card.

>> No.27923782

And its another purple

>> No.27923792

Ooohh... Barbarians. Me Likey.

>> No.27923800

Bare-boobed barbarian bimbo in a bit under $75K. And an under-dressed Dovahkiin too, I guess.

>> No.27923818

Finally, some decent cheesecake AND beefcake.

>> No.27923821


Welp, I think I'm going to keep the core set.

>> No.27923822

Looks like we know where the business trip hasslefree mentions on their webpage was to.

>> No.27923823

Fuck everyone bitching. 1-2 models with short intervals is pretty great.

>> No.27923836

it's not prices, it's shipping costs, those are two different things

>> No.27923842


This is what I wish was happening earlier, but now is fine too.

All my worries have been dissipated.

>> No.27923856

Yeah, Bryan was saying in the comments that they were saving a ton of stuff for the end of KS rush. I don't think it'll get as good as Vampire did. But I seriously doubt anyone can seriously consider it a bad deal.

>> No.27923878

>"Hello, welcome to Reaper miniatures."
"Yeah, I'd like to buy a bunch of stuff from you."
>"Fantastic! Here you go"
"Oh, i'm not in the united states."
>"Oh, okay, where can we ship these then?"
>"Sir, or madam, please calm down we just nee-"
>"The fuck?"

>> No.27923903


I didn't mean you had to sign up for facebook, I assumed you weren't some fedora wearing /v/ fag who thinks facebook is everything wrong with society or, whatever

I just meant you can hit 'log in with facebook' and then you don't have to register because it does it all automatic. If you don't have facebook then you gotta sign up. Also, what the fuck is wrong with signing up? Do you think if you put in your address they'll come kidnap you after you get off the bus from school?

Seriously, why are people so afraid of signing up for shit? It's so weird. If you were told you needed an account with photobucket or yahoo or steam you'd just pop in your email with a period in it and your stock password and that'd be that- but oh shit facebook oh shit kickstarter the nsa gonna get my phone # man pls no dont send me info on other kickstarters i might like fuck why didnt i listen why did i become atumblrfag why did i do it

anyway, it auto uploads your profile image but you can change that and your name before posting on the comments if you like. sort of like how cracked does it.

>> No.27923926

Some people think they are special snowflakes and so much more interesting than everyone else that people will be super interested in tracking them and what they do.

>> No.27923950

We're going to need a new thread soon.

Anyone have the numbers for how many minis are in each part?

>> No.27923967

we can jump over to >>>27917393

>> No.27923972

Use this site for that:

>> No.27923995


Sweet, thanks

>> No.27924004


i love how this is still reaper's fault. why couldn't you have just signed up yourself with fake shit? how is it bad design?

>> No.27924036


It was put together by the guy who runs their forums in like a day, he wanted to get it out fast so people could figure out shipping. Why do I care if someone knows my name and where I live, and that I like reaper shit?

What is the security risk, exactly? You pay through amazon.

>> No.27924060


I was gonna say 'we got tits' but

we got tit

>> No.27924181


>154 minis
~0.64 apiece
Plus bases.

Expansion 1
>39 minis
~$1.28 / mini
much cheaper than bones retail, especially on the big figures.

Expansion 2:
7 minis
$7.14 / mini
About bones retail. each unlock makes it less though.

Expansion 3
10 minis
$5 / mini
Yeah, that's pretty close to retail. Of course, a laser-cut piece of 28 mm terrain will look like ass and cost $6 minimum.

>> No.27924235

Expansion 2: 12 minis.

Sorry, my bad.

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