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Hey /tg/,

I'm looking for some images that were dumped on here a while ago. They mostly depicted a feminine Sauron, and his (somewhat romantic) adventures with Melkor. Anybody know what I'm talking about?

Otherwise, Tolkein general I suppose.

Pic related

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dangerously furry

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Man I had a whole compilation but I deleted them because they made me question my sexuality.

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>Should not want that maiar ass.
>Still want to tap that maiar ass.
Goddammit /tg/.

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Arent these the ones from some equality bullshit where some artist thought there wasn't enough minorities and women in LOTR and thought it should be more politically correct?

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Who really gives a rats ass, Female Sauron is just.... DAMN.

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I dunno, but I took more offense at the positive portrayal of some of the most wicked and vile beings to ever exist in fiction.

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I dont think Sauron is female here, just sexy.

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Still, damn.
Who gives a fuck what the artists reasoning is, I just want to see sexy valar and maiar.

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Let me see if I can find where I saved them..

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I have some bad news for you Anon.
This Sauron isn't female.

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It's a trap.

Although Sauron is technically a shapeshifting spirit (does he even have a gender?) so it might not be a problem.

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>Implying that's bad news.

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He said "feminine" not "female" as well as referring to sauron as he.

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I'm jealous of this Sauron's gorgeous flowing locks.

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reverse image search... you are welcome.
Now post some more sexy saur

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Please, for the love of god, someone shoop some breasts onto him so that I can enjoy these pictures without cognitive dissonance.

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You'll fap to a trap and like it or its off to bed with no supper for you young man.

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>Not sucummbing to the temptations of the aprentice to Melkor/Morgoth/Bauglir regardless of breasts
>55 7th age

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Seems legit, lets let this one make rings for everyone, jut like the ones we have.

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This is the last one I saved. Hopefully someone else has more

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uh this is the guy's DA.... read the thread...

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One thing I always found amusing about the LOTR metaplot is that if Melkor hadn't weakened himself by creating evil, he could've bitchslapped Tulkas.

The only way for Melkor to advance his plot was by ensuring his defeat.

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It's almost like it's an allusion to something, but I can't place my finger on what.

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I'll be in a car for the next seven hours, but I'll post all the pics if the thread's still alive.

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why contain it?

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>there are people on /tg/ RIGHT NOW that still think that Tolkien wrote LotR as an allusion to Christianity despite the man himself having vehemently denied it multiple times

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Nope. This guy just really, really likes men and effeminate ones especially.

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True enough, but the Simarillion, oh fuck no that's 90% Christian allegory.

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I had a feeling this was either the work of a gay guy or a girl.

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>Anybody ever bitchslapping Tulkas

Not fucking likely.

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Yeah, no.

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shh, any story with good vs. evil, evil beings subtly tempting others, or some form of self-sacrifice is clearly Christian allegory. I mean, those themes have never been used elsewhere in all of human history!

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>"he denied it so it's not true!"
>implying allegory wasn't just out of fashion at the time
>implying he wasn't just trying to keep intellectual favor

Yeah, and the Lord of the Rings totally didn't have parallels to World War 2. It's true because he said it didn't!

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>lewis's works published around the same time were selling like fucking hotcakes, ham-fisted biblical allegory and all
>"hurr durr muh writing fashun"

i hope to god you're trolling

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It was out of favor with the "intellectual" community, I hope I made that clear. They were are and always have been the Proto-Hipsters of their day. But Tolkien had to work with these people everyday because of his job as a Professor.

I know the public loved all that stuff, that's why Tolkien's stuff sold so well after all.

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>world war 2
He started writing the book before world war 2.

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You need to check your timeline. Your assumptions are wildly off-mark.

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And written all throughout it and not published until after it was all over.

You DO know how books go through revisions CONSTANTLY right? The whole thing was obviously just his thoughts and feelings on the War and those involved at the time.

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This is awsome, is there more?

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what parallels did LotR have to WW2? That there was a big bad guy fighting the good free guys? Whoa, that was definitely about WW2 and not a generic fantasy story

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Fucking bishie Sauron. He should be dark and handsome and manly, not sparkly and feminine.

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He explicitly denied that. Hobbits are English, yes, but Sauron is not Hitler. If LotR is an allegory, it's an allegory about power and how corrupting it is, not about how much Nazis suck.

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Actually at one point he gave a plot outline for an alternate version if he would have actually written it as an allegory for WWII.

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This is Sauron circa Numenor.

He was explicitly super pretty and harmless-looking, as it served his purposes at the time.

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> 2013
> Using Maiar as anything but a plural
>Melkor post rape of the Silmarils
>Not hideous.
What the ever-loving fuck?
You know Tolkien and Lewis were good friends and members of the same writers' club, right?
Just because work A has parallels with event B doesn't mean A was written about B. It is probably the case that WW2 influenced LotR, of course, but that's not the same as being a story about WW2, any more than Star Wars is about the Cold War.

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Good-looking and girly are not the same thing. He was "fair" not "feminine".

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just because someone denies something, doesn't mean that that thing is false.

Otherwise, it would be pretty hard to convict people of crimes.

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It also doesn't read like a WW2 allegory. Yeah, you have good guys, some of whom are pretty damn British, and some bad guys to the East with a harsh-sounding language. That's about it. Any allegory in LotR is obviously about the danger of power, and using evil against evil. That's hardly specific (or even particularly relevant) to WW2.

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Don't forget the mechanization of war. Instead of knights in shining armour you got lands turned to muddy wastelands, factories spewing fire and smoke, mass-production of men and arms, etc.

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That's World War 1 more than 2.

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I have some of them, but not all.

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>implying that wasn't sort of my point

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>God damn it Sauron stop being such a fag
Melkor is so cool in this

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What the fuck is furry about that? Are animals furry now?

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Why is there so little fetish smut based on LOTR, /tg/?

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Lewis was also insistent that his stuff wasn't allegory, but in his case he was niggling about semantics.

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No. You tit.

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>dangerously furry

... Sauron could turn into a werewolf/wolf. Wolves were his primary servants in some parts of the story.

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He literally said "Female Sauron".

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They are if you want to fuck them.

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I wasn't aware he was a chick.

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Love this one.

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Poor Melkior.

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Good Melkior, show her the hammer. Bitches love hammers.

Varda is clearly a lesbian.

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Why do you want to fuck them?

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Because reasons. I've seen "art" of Peter Jackson's Sauron dressed in a corset, heels and stockings. You don't want that to happen to you.

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/I/ don't. But apparently Anon does.

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Sauron is 10/10 waifu/husbando.

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Sorry, that wasn't clear.

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Where's my Beorn and Luthien fanfics where they fuck as werewolf and bat-woman?

>> No.27862094

Judging by the way it was phrased in the Silmarillion, Beorn probably would have had a hard time keeping it up under those circumstances.

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>Melkor's face when he realizes he might not be quite as heterosexual as he thought

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Did no one here stop to think that, while LotR was not an allegory, it could still be -influenced- by certain things? It's not like pulling influence from some place automatically makes it an allegory of it. Tolkien got his inspiration/themes from many different mythos, and his experience in WWI(and the subsequent WWII) clearly colored his own perceptions of warfare. Which is why it's such a dark and scarey thing in his writing rather than the typical romanticizing medieval warfare gets.

Doesn't mean it's an allegory.

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Beorn wouldn't be born for thousands of years. You mean Beren. Also, of course they didn't have sex. They weren't married. Duh.

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See my post >>27861233 the last part.
Of course the Professor was influenced by the World Wars.

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Hell, I'd take that Sauron's One Ring, if your palantir-scrying can divine my machinations.

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That's why there should be smutfics, duh.

>> No.27862205

Poor, jilted bride of a Sauron.

>> No.27862210

The funny thing about this fan art is that it has fan art.

>> No.27862213

Sorry but I cannot.
Why didn't Sauron just shapeshift into a woman if he's so feminine anyway?

>> No.27862214

Srs Tolkienfag here. I like that one.

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Fucking hell, /tg/.

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Feed my power.

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There's sadly very little fan art of Tulkas.

>> No.27862249

Frodo, you're a fucking retard.

Also, a while ago I was watching a LOTR marathon with friends and I got too drunk, and had an amazing idea for an alternative LOTR campaign, but I completely forgot it.

All I remember about it was that it featured Melkor not being evil. I dunno who ended up being evil. Perhaps the evil in man? Numenor?

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>> No.27862255

Is that muscle wizard?

>> No.27862263

Tulkas the Wrestler, Bane of Melkor.

>> No.27862271

so... the last ringbearer?

>> No.27862282


>Melkor not being evil
The first thing that comes to mind is The Last Ringbearer, but that probably wasn't it. I don't think Melkor was even in that.

>> No.27862283

> Not ruddy-skinned. Not laughing. Wtf is with the tattoos?
1/10 would not Astaldo

>> No.27862285

How lewd Sauron.

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Should I move on to other artists?

>> No.27862313

No, not The Last Ringbearer.

I mean some honest shit where Melkor never becomes evil. Melkor never becomes Morgoth.

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>> No.27862324

Wasn't that supposed to be some sort of golden age where Fëanor makes all manner of miraculous things that enrich Arda immeasurably?

>> No.27862339

>You will never have a spunky blacksmith waifu with fiery orange hair and glowing eyes
Feels bad, man. Feels real bad.

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>> No.27862367

Fingolfin really did not like that show.

>> No.27862377

Is he a waifu or a husbando though?
Still haven't figured out.

>> No.27862387

Why is Sauron there twice?

>> No.27862391

Does it matter? If they're that cute, they're a waifu.

>> No.27862441

Go right ahead, I guess.

>> No.27862449

Does Saurons expression remind anyone else of the words ''Mega Milk'', also Sauron has a kind of eger Deb from Dexter thing going on.

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>> No.27862469

This takes on an entirely new meaning with these pictures...


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>> No.27862482

>Sauron is suddenly no longer a orange haired and glowing eyed qt

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>> No.27862493

That's what you get ya white dummies if you ignore dat bootay.

Your dick starts going duppyman. Focus on that cola-shape, and your dick will never betray you nigga.

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>> No.27862525


Hips > booty?

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>> No.27862570

Hips fall under booty, learn your fucking biology kid.

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>Eru's shitty cheater arriving late for no reason at all
He doesn't deserve fanart.

>> No.27862603

This thread is making Sauron too cute.
I'll never be capable of taking him seriously again.

>> No.27862615

Who's the broad on the bottom right?

>> No.27862638

Is the Silmarillion any good?
I have read the Hobbit when I was small but never finished LotR so I was wondering if the Silmarillion is an interesting book to read.

>> No.27862647

That can't be right, can it? Wouldn't that be like saying that shoulders fall under rack?

>> No.27862667

It's very boring to read, honestly.

>> No.27862679

Rack falls under booty.

Booty is all bodyparts that stick out of a girl that don't stick out on a boy.

Boobs, ass, hips.

>> No.27862683

Guessing it's supposed to beSauron's vampire lieutenant, Thuringwethil.

It's a history book. If you find history interesting, it's good. If you want a story like the trilogy, you'll be in despair.

>> No.27862703

I finished reading it today, and it felt like I finished studying for the worst exam in history.
I can't reccommend it. It's a huge chore to read, introduces 50 new characters per paragraph, refers to everyone by at least 5 different names (you are expected to remember all of them).
Just read stuff on wikis if you really want to know.

>> No.27862708

Gotta take a break. I need to run some errands.

>> No.27862730

I enjoyed the hell out of it. Very epic feeling. Is a history book. Kinda like a very dry book on ancient mythology. If you can read between the lines and reframe things in your mind, it becomes hella badass.

>> No.27862768

> I don't want to be a spirit
I feel like cutting some onions.

>> No.27862856

The problem with the Simaliro-... that book is that people forget that Tolkien wasn't just some fucking fantasy writer.

He was an academic writer. The guy had skills, and scientific insight on history, mythology and language.

That ain't no fucking Lodoss War nigga. It's some serious research you're handling there.

>> No.27862928

>scientific insight
>Melkor is evil because reasons

>> No.27862948

looks a lot like the guys from Immortals, but i think it catches sauron in his earlier years pretty fine

>> No.27862958

Just like in the mythology Tolkien studied.

The idea that evil must be explained is modern.

Back in the days, Loki and the Devil just did evil because that was the role given to them by fate/God.

>> No.27862978

I watched Immortals on 50mg of 2C-B, tripping absolute balls.

It was pretty amazing, except I kept thinking I was watching a painting.

>> No.27862983

Loki wasn't really evil at first.
He just liked to troll people.
Then in backfired and somebody got killed. So he got punished and became pretty evil.

>> No.27862985


>> No.27863028

Well considering he could change his shape all up to the point where he lost his ring, i guess he could be whatever the fuck gender he wanted to right?

Tolkienverse: The ultimate fantasy for transpeople

>> No.27863048

Did I ever say they were evil?

I only said they did evil.

Goddamn you Christian cocksuckers truly scrape the bottom of the intelligence barrel.

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>> No.27863069


>> No.27863114

Is this even the same artist as fem Sauron?

>> No.27863159

No clue.

>> No.27863167

Secondary World gods are very tame regarding transforming and sexual activities when comparing to other pantheons. Few examples are Zeus who went around shapeshifting and had over 200 offsprings with at least 50 different mothers and then there's Loki, who changed himself into a giant horse mare so he/she could lure a giant horse to fuck him/her in order to have a giant miss his deadline on building a wall. The resulting child was Sleipnir, loki also fathered Hel, Fenrir (the giant wolf), Jörmungandr the world serpent and few others.
I would conclude with these two examples that Tolkienverse is not the ultimate fantasy for transpeople.

>> No.27863171

Obviously not?

>> No.27863176

No it's not, unfortunately I can't recall the name of the fem sauron artist in the OP.

>> No.27863212

He didn't really ever become evil did he? Like the last thing he did was provoking the death of Balder, but he never really did it as an evil act, he never thought "i'll kill him, that'll show those bastards". He did it because the gods had a fucking game throwing shit at Balder that would kill any other man, and were like "seriously nothing can kill this dude" and loki being loki just went "orly? challenge accepted!".

Realizing he's fucked up he then flees but the gods capture him, turns one of his kids into a wolf that kills one of his other sons, only to tie loki up with the entrails of his dead son and torture him with unbearable pain until the literal end of the world, during which loki doesn't actually have much of a choice what to do, because it's all been prophetized and he can't escape his destiny.

I couldn't blame loki turning evil after that, but i don't think any of the legends ever mentioning him actually becoming evil.

>> No.27863276

Loki was never really malicious, he just thought different to the Gods, mainly because Loki wasn't God, he was Jotun, or at least half Jotun.

>> No.27863307

It's Phobs. Really, you people would know this if you would actually try to read the thread.

>> No.27863319

No, as has already been stated in the thread. The art styles aren't even the same.

>> No.27863352

>nigger elves and maia

>> No.27863356

Delicious brown elves, you son of a bitch.

>> No.27863364

honestly i always thought that distinction was BS. Odin was born to two Jotuns, his wife Frigg was apparently born of the earth not unlike the Jotuns, so basically all the Æsir are Jotuns too. Not to mention that they frequently hung out with Jotuns anyway such as Ægir, and treated them as equals. Really the only gods that can't be said to be Jotuns are the Vanir, but from what scholars can deduce they were probably elfs, so still not all that special compared to Jotuns.

>> No.27863382

>in Lotr

elves are pure, white is pure

fuck your rape elfs

>> No.27863388

Maiar, damnit! Maia is the singular, maiar the plural. There are two maiar in the picture.

>> No.27863400


>then it backfired
that pretty much sums up all his tales that aren't him and Thor bromancing across the world.

Like that time he used some clever word to trick some dwarves and they were all like "yeah, that's funny, real funny." and then sewed his eyelids and lips shut and just left him on an island.

>> No.27863401

>Well there's Galadriel but she's just there looking stunning and awesome and not much else sadly
>That entire load of bullshit

>> No.27863408


>> No.27863435

>Melkor killed
>Tuned into a shapeless spirit
>Ring lost
>Killed by two hobbits
Being Sauron is suffering.

>> No.27863438


>> No.27863447

Living and dying the thug life in Beleriand and Middle-Earth.

>> No.27863475

>tfw the only one not impressed by this artwork

>> No.27863498

>Everyone with inherent magical powers is black
And here I thought "magical negro" was figurative.

>> No.27863517

You. I like you.

>> No.27863519

>"I felt bad liking the movie as much as I did"
>You're not allowed to like a movie that isn't at least 50% black

>> No.27863527 [SPOILER] 

He sort of draws straight stuff, too.

>> No.27863542

Borr and Buri are from Audumla, they are not from Frost Giants which came from Ymir. Bestla, the mother of Odin, was Frost Giant, but Borr was not, Odin is only half Frost Giant, and from Odin, stuff started to get more mixed. Sufficed to say that Loki's both parents were Frost Giants. Some sources say Loki is a proper brother to Thor, though they have no same blood from some more creditable sources, despite Nött being Jötunn.

>> No.27863553

>Complaining that everyone in LotR is white when it's specifically designed as a Western European mythology
This is like complaining about the lack of blacks in a wuxia movie set in mythical ancient China.

Tell me they realize this.

>> No.27863573

They are americans. You can't be sure for what they know or don't know. Even the most basic stuff.

They consider Pizza to be a vegetable.

>> No.27863629

Or when the gods didn't want to pay some guy for rebuilding their castle and he turned into a mare to distract the magic workhorse. Then he got fucked by said horse and gave birth to something, I forgot what it was.

>> No.27863631

The best kind of dark lord.

>> No.27863645

You're not gay enough to be on /tg/ son.

>> No.27863685

Femron is not pleased.

>> No.27863705


>> No.27863707

Considering that the art in question is better quality than at least 95% of the stuff posted in /tg/, either you're blind or some elitist demanding established classical styles, or most likely an idiot and a troll.

>> No.27863725

>tfw you will never plow through the fags of the last alliance trying to destroy your utopia

>> No.27863754

They don't get how skin colour works, do they?

>> No.27863770

Is it just me or does it only seem gay from Sauron to Morgoth?

From Morgoth to Sauron seems less gay, because I dunno.

Morgoth is less human than Sauron or more like more inhuman, so I dunno.

>> No.27863798


That actually happened to my warblade in a D&D campaign. He conquered this one small kingdom, and the new concubine actually wanted to get raped, and ended up taking the initiative.

After the awkward and stunning first go, the tables were turned on her and she ended up unconscious.

>> No.27863807

Just how high are you on scale of yes to what?

>> No.27863823


Christian allegory is just Judiastic allegory, which in turn is Zoroastrian allegory, which in turn was basically Sumerian folk mythology somehow turned into a religion. It's all fiction from the start, except to soft-skulled weaklings and morons so desperate to be a special snowflake that they'll buy into the biggest scam ever devised by humankind rather than accept that the universe doesn't give a rat's ass about them or their problems.

>> No.27863825

If anything, they don't know how geography works.

I mean, we only see Indo-Europeans. Fantasy!Scandinavians, Fantasy!English, Fantasy!Arabs... you get the idea.

Fantasy!Africans aren't shown. They're not ignored. They're just not there, in Middle-Earth.

If Aragorn sends some fucking boats south, perhaps one day he'll discover the Fantasy!African lands, with black humans, and black elves, and black dwarves and black hobbits.

>> No.27863832

>and she ended up unconscious.
Well that's no fun. You're not supposed to go all the way to unconscious, you're supposed to stop at "happy, exhausted, blissed-out mess who doesn't remember how words work".

>> No.27863851


Melkor's not dead.

>> No.27863852

That was were it ended. She said "My god..." and fell more asleep than unconscious. But yeah, it was actually pretty fun because afterwards she insisted in following my PC everywhere.

>> No.27863860

Yes. Might reach What by the end of the evening.

I went beyond What yesterday night.

You know you're pretty high when the darkness is spinning circles.

>> No.27863870

Alright so how d'ya sign up to work for Mordor?

>> No.27863882

Be corrupted by evil artifacts, or be an Easterling.

>> No.27863937

Tell me more about these artifacts then.

>> No.27863972

Rings of power, palantiri, Morgul-blades. Also rejection of Illuvatar and worship of Morgoth as part of a mad dream to surpass the Doom of Men, as happened to the Black Numenorians.

>> No.27863981

they come in form of rings, mostly.

or you just have something to offer sauron would want, like saruman.

>> No.27864013

Just go to the nearest recruitment office and sign up there. If you've got the guts and the will to power, you'll go to high places. It's pretty much a professional goal to strive to become the new dark lord for every servant of the current dark lord.
Why would it be difficult to join with Mordor? Sauron's greatest weapon was betrayal, he welcomed allies with open arms.

>> No.27864028

Oh, that's fine, then.

You made it sound like he literally fucked her unconscious, which is a bit rude.

>> No.27864043

Well, yes.

>> No.27864067

Depends on the situation.

Fucking a girl "unconscious" is only rude if you rape her.

>> No.27864078

>or you just have something to offer sauron would want, like saruman.

>> No.27864096

Not getting to enjoy the afterglow because you're unconscious before it's over isn't fun.

>> No.27864105

Sort of makes me want to play a LOTR rpg where you play as agents of Mordor or something.

>> No.27864133

Sauron you slut.
You didn't even have a body at that point.

>> No.27864169

No, but I am sick of the same pseudo-disney style aped by people who fawned over an HP artist on dA because there was a backlash against the shitty animu style drawn there.

Take a trip through tumblr and you'll find more of this same "artsy" disney/"western" bullshit. Fuck, even Penny Arcade had a period when their serious strips had a similar style. It's the same generic ~fancy~ art style that infests anthropomorphic art. They're all trying to copy one anothers' same copied style to varying degrees of retardation.

>> No.27864248

>implying he doesn't want to give ghost blowjobs

>> No.27864257

I doubt it.

>> No.27864287


>> No.27864315

Right, because artstyle is never 'aped' and art has nothing to do with things like inspiration, copying, expression. You frown upon a single shpere of artstyle for the sole reason that it emerged popularity on terms that you don't like, I think you should deal with it and begin to aknowledge your own ignorace about art.

>> No.27864398

>look at me, I'm so edgy!
Here's a hint. If you want to be taken seriously, don't be such an edgemaster.

>> No.27864419

Quit jerking off to originality cunt.

There is no originality. Only leaps of genius that are so far ahead of the curve other people won't see it coming. Really, good artists are just good at hiding where they steal and making what they steal their own.

There's nothing new under the sun. Everything that exists and will exist, already exists in one form or another.

The trick is the transformation.

>> No.27864551

Fucking Sauron.
Bet he knew where the Ring was the entire but didn't do anything because he liked to watch Frodo/Gollum/Bilbo sleep.

>> No.27865054

>Sauron a disembodied spirit
Uh, no?

That's movie crap. I believe, if I remember right, Sauron had regained a body by the time the books started. I think he was even kicking around in THE HOBBIT under a different title. Sauron was just very weak and too vulnerable to take the battlefield himself. He had poured all of himself in to the ring, and he wasn't much without it.

He was no a big burning eye on top of his tower(there was no eye on top of there in the book at all). He was not a spirit. He was a physical being sitting in his tower biding his time and commanding his armies from there. A very real individual. The whole burning eye stuff is just creative use of language.

>> No.27865083

It was very ambiguous.
The only time we see him is when his ghost shows up as an ash monster after the one ring is destroyed, only to get blown away by the wind.

>> No.27865214

The Necromancer of Dol Guldur, yes.

>> No.27865215

He was an actual physical person in The Hobbit. The necromancer that was infesting the woods, if I recall.

>> No.27865250

He never appears. He never does anything.
They just refer to the Necromancer.
He could still be a ghost.

>> No.27865307

Holy shit, this thread is still alive.

>> No.27865313

But you have nothing saying he's just a spirit floating around except halfassed movies.

>> No.27865330


>> No.27865352


>> No.27865359

You have nothing saying he's anything.
He's never really described with anything other than vague and poetic terms.

>> No.27865373

So question about the whole lotr thing; in FotR when they try to go over Carahadras and turn back because the mountain is to angry or something, what the fuck is the mountain? What is with it that it fucked with an angel and was beyond Gandalf's power etc? What kind of spirit was it?

>> No.27865390

Saruman was being a dick.

>> No.27865391


>> No.27865420


>> No.27865434

That was the movie.

In the book, the mountain was just super pissed off or something.

>> No.27865444


>> No.27865460

I remember Gandalf saying Saruman's shadow had been cast on the mountain or something like that.
The movie just made it more blatant for the intellectually impaired.

>> No.27865466


>> No.27865491


>> No.27865495

An addendum dealing with interactions between them and fantasy Songhai or Axum? I'd read it

>> No.27865511


>> No.27865529


>> No.27865552


>> No.27865567

Wasn't it confirmed somewhere, though? Not in the book itself, but separately?

>> No.27865568


>> No.27865592


>> No.27865617


Am I having a stroke, or is this English broken?

>> No.27865630


>> No.27865688

I'm not exactly sure which definition of "fair" this artist is going by...

>> No.27865689

Love this guy's Eonwë.

>> No.27865744

I have no idea what you are trying to say.

>> No.27865797


>> No.27865804

are pretty good LoTR songs

>> No.27865812


>> No.27865837

Goddamit, this thread is too Jojo for me.

>> No.27865844

Delicious brown Galadriel. I would do the lewdest things to her and they'd probably all be old hat to her, considering that she's one of the oldest Eldar still alive. I mean, hell, she was a contemporary of Fëanor.

>> No.27865875

>Donato Giancola
That reminds me, I don't think I filled out my folder of his art. Better get to it.

>> No.27865886

>actually wanting to have sex with a Noldorin

>> No.27865943


>> No.27865955

Isn't she a quarter-Vanyar and quarter-Telerin as well? She's got the blood of all the oldschool elves in her veins.

>> No.27865977

Well Odin and Loki are blood brothers, not sure how seriously they took it back then, but i could see that as being the source of that impression

>> No.27866017


It was good enough for Luthien and Idril. They craved the Man-cock. Galadriel's just frigid.

>> No.27866018

Possibly quarter-Vanyar, but also possible that she
is half-Telerin, as her grandmother is no known.

>> No.27866053


Indis of the Vanyar is Galadriel's grandmother. She was Finwe's second wife when Miriel died.

>> No.27866089

Yes, approximately half-Telerin and quarter-Vanyar. Her mother Eärwen was Telerin, and her father Finarfin is half-Noldor, half-Vanyar as one of Finwë's sons with Indis. The question is what kind of provenance Galadriel's mother's mother had. Still, kind of a big deal, incredibly ancient, etc., etc. Probably has incredibly depraved tastes after endless centuries of novelty-seeking.

I think he meant on the mother's side.

>> No.27866138


Okay. I dun goofed.

>> No.27866151


You clearly did not see how much effort went into those films.

>> No.27866184


Olwe's wife? Yeah, she's never named in any of Tolkien's works.

>> No.27866185

Why does /tg/ never use traps as villains?

>> No.27866218

Because we want to romance the traps and treat them tenderly, not vanquish them with cold steel and bright spell.

>> No.27866219

Speak for yourself.

>> No.27866289

But doesn't it feel good to do that while redeeming them after defeating them?

Do tell!

>> No.27866330

>art critic visits deviantart.gif

>> No.27866456

Oh. I guess I'm just wrong then. Thanks.

Could have sworn they described is too angry and too proud or something, though.

>> No.27866662


Dude, are you for real? Freyr and Freyja were both strongly tied to Elves. Both fertility gods (among the Aesir, interestingly enough, Thor was that before Vanir got folded in). Brother and sister and maybe married in the original myths. And very similar in description to the Ljosalfar of Nordic myth.

>> No.27866788


Actually, dude, he was a disembodied spirit for some time after Isildur cut off his finger and took his ring.

He started becoming embodied again around the time of the Necromancer, when he started gathering the Dwarf rings of power, since he couldn't really corrupt the Dwarfs, just turn them greedier. And the rings he didn't get were et by dragons.

>> No.27866793

>you will never desperately try ever more contrived scenarios to pleasure Galadriel
>you will never experience her quiet dissappointment and sad stares as she remembers the divine fucks of her youth
>you will never feel deeply inadequate, but still have her console you and encourage you to try with other women

>> No.27866827


Basically, it was the genius loci of Caradhras. Effectively, the whole place had been corrupted, possibly due to the influence of the Balrog in Moria.

>> No.27866934

>He started becoming embodied again around the time of the Necromancer

And what I said was
>Sauron had regained a body by the time the books started.

So pretty much what I already said.

>> No.27866965

>implying anybody with less than several millennia of highly-honed sensual knowledge could please an experienced elf-maiden

The only reason Arwen and Luthien were content with their choices was because they didn't know any better. Galadriel, for her part, remembers the balrog gangbangs of her younger days with wistful fondness. Even her cousin-husband has a hard time keeping up.

>> No.27867023


>balrog gangbangs

Ah, so her terrible lady of darkness thing wasn't actually about ruling, it was her pent-up desire for kinky sex after spending millennia as the goody-goody queen of all elves in Middle Earth.

>> No.27867035

Those lashes of flame, man.

>> No.27867134

That desolation between Lorien and Rauros. That's the fallout from one of her better orgies.

>> No.27867220


I imagine she would use the power of her ring (Narya was it?) to change her shape into some unassuming girl and going out in secret to get into sexual escapades, just to get some variety. Turn into a human peasant girl and walk around looking harmless in the neighboring human areas, hoping some raiders or orcs will pounce on her and "rape" her.

>Oh no, oh woe is me. P-please let me go...

>> No.27867445


This comic is now about Galadriel

>> No.27867543

Color scheme on Manwë is wrong wrong wrong

>> No.27867555


>Galadriel gets bored
>turns into orc female
>goes out and abducts humans and elves for snu-snu
>nobody will ever know

>> No.27867877

>you will never see another quality Tolkien smut thread

>> No.27868282

Oh I will.

Thanks to David, I now know where to look.

>> No.27868341


who the fuck is David

>> No.27868873

Wtf is this shit?

>> No.27868988

She's too sultry. Galadriel (especially by the Third Age) is supposed to be super-pure. She should be beautiful, but not 'sexy'.

>> No.27869061

Ainu and Mairon stroll around Arda and come across Melkor.

>> No.27869119

Being linked to something is not the same as being that thing. Those two in particular are connected to the elves. What about Njord?

>> No.27869162

I knew that. But who's the lion guy, and what's with the shitty dialogue?

>> No.27869217

Fun fact, Tolkien couldn't decide how closely related they should be. It varies in his writings.

>> No.27869244

> Thinks orcs have females

>> No.27869394


>thinking it matters when you have vast magical powers and you can't just be whatever you can think up


>> No.27869962


>Sea, wealth, and crop fertility god
>also tied to brewing

A few things that are somewhat traditionally tied to the faerie realms.

And in myth, being linked to a thing usually means sharing some of its qualities.

Honestly, though, it's kind of mixed up. You have stone age gods (Jotun), bronze age gods (Vanir) and iron age gods (Vanir) all placed together, and the main reason we have the specific mix we know so well now is because we have about 6 different primary sources for Nordic myth. Mainly because among most Nordic peoples, a serious level of literacy and scholarship coincided with conversion to Christianity.

We're trying to make an organized mythology out of something that wasn't horribly organized, and whose chroniclers were Christians who either A: wanted to demonize the pagan gods, or B: thought they were cool stories that should be kept (although Iceland largely worshiped the Vanir, and Snorri interestingly enough focused on the Aesir).

>> No.27870579

>Fantasy!Africans aren't shown.
What do you think Orcs are?

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