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Why is he so perfect?

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Because he's thin. Take notes, bitches.

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Norn thread?
Norn thread.

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which has the more disturbing art, Phyrexian stuff or Innistrad?

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Depends on your definition of disturbing.

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Sheoldred! Stop whispering at Jin.

Jin! Stop probing Sheoldred.

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Innistrad certainly has the bloodiest.

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Are Phyrexian Preators bros to each other?

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No, they hate each other.

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Innistrad was occasionally spooky but not very disturbing.

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Innistrad had more blood and some light gore. Phyrexia had more body horror and mind rape. I personally think the latter is more disturbing, but I guess it varies.

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I'm now picturing Elsh Norn as the only thing keeping the preators even close to functioning together, like a tired mom thats just fucking tired of dealing with all the other assholes.

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>Why is he so perfect?
Because he was grown in a vat to be perfect.

Just not as perfect as Elesh Norn.

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They fucking hate each other.

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Why? They don't like being the council of doom?

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I seem to recall something was published indicating that Elesh Norn had conquered several of the other praetors' lands and subjugated them.

So probably less like a tired mom and more like Francisco Franco trying to deal with all the weird little factions in post-revolution Spain.

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>Elesh Norn had conquered several of the other praetors' lands and subjugated them
>and subjugated them
That seems like prime material for the smut thread.

Has there ever been any Elesh Norn + Sheoldred lewd material?

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not as far as i know. though sheoldred is pretty perverted already

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Sheoldred is a backstabbing bitch by nature.
Jin-Gitaxias is a scheming asshole who spies on everyone else.
Vorinclex doesn't care about the others' plans and just wants to hunt and eat.
Urabrask is a reclusive closet softie.
Elesh Norn wants to dominate and convert these guys to her way of thinking.

Nobody is getting along.

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>Elesh Norn + Sheoldred lewd material
I think there've been some pics of them just hugging or just being generically kawaii, but I don't have anything saved.

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Actually Sheoldred is paranoid as fuck because of her inferiority complex caused by her small size which in turn makes her a backstabbing bitch.

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>Sheoldred is paranoid as fuck because of her inferiority complex caused by her small size
I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that her faction is composed almost entirely of things that want to kill her and take her place.

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But Sheoldred is huge, like bigger than an elephant huge. Just look at her >>27842711

Elesh Norn is barely any larger than a normal person and yet she doesn't have any of that paranoia silliness.

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The big crab thing isn't part of Sheoldred, it's more like a vehicle she uses to get around.

Sheoldred is basically just a torso with a small lamia-style tail that she uses like a biomechanical USB cord to plug into various pieces of technology such as the crab body. See pic related.

She's tiny as fuck.

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>small size
I don't think an evil overlord of black color machine nightmares from hell cares about such petty things.

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Never seen this pic before, that is cool.

I did notice something interesting though... the praetors each represent the sins of their respective colors.

Jin is a heartless scientist in blue.

Sheoldred is a paranoid betrayer in black.

Vorinclex is a monstrous devourer, caring only for evolution at any cost in green.

Elesh is an almost "divine" dominator, using conversion/destruction as law.

Urabrask is the only one that goes completely against his colors. He is a level headed slave master who chooses to forgo war in favor of the "great work".

I'm kinda just thinking out loud, this is most likely well known.

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D'awww, that's kinda adorable in a horrifyingly phyrexian sort of way.

>that feel when you will never have Sheoldred seductively slip off her spiky armor, wrap her tail around you and spend hours lovingly snuggling with you and holding hands while she whispers sweet nothings in your ear

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I don't think your mortal mind could survive the mind-rape.

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Where did the whole "cuddling it super-lewd" thing come from?

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The joke is that it's the least lewd of all possible things, so treating it like something perverse is funny.

Did you miss the last couple years?

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/d/ says hello and where is the horny parasitic mind fucking?

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You weren't here when people were writing it in these threads? There's been all kinds of phyrexian lewds posted, although that was probably 6 months ago or earlier now.

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