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All word and pixel /tg/-related lewdness is welcome here, so long as the rules are followed. Writefags, consider pastebin/1d4chan rather than dumping for long stories so they don't get lost in between threads; drawfags with uncensored pictures need to host their images offsite and link to them. Enjoy; remember to play nice and that all contributions and requests are welcome!

Master pastebin (contains links to all stories produced by the threads, recently added ones are at the top of the pastebin)

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I'm not here for the actual thread, I'm just here to say

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...And is that bad?

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I want to see lewdanon draw a picture of macha doing both at the same time.

Schlicking and drawing, I mean.

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Figured this is at least slightly relevant:

"Why are you here, little childe dear?" the Lizard hissed to the child, "no clever childe stays, here in the chase."
And the childe bowed her head and wiped her hands, "I am no clever childe, dear Lizard, but I come for reason pure. I beseech you to show to me the tree of great allure."
"Oh why oh why, does the childe pine?" the Lizard smartly replied, drawing closer, "no lavish childe needs, that which the tree deeds."
And the childe stepped back, uncertain, "I am no lavish childe, dear Lizard, but I come for reason kind. I need the tree, you see, to feed my family; as food we could not find."
Drawing himself around a tree, he stare down the childe from above, "oh yes I see, but I ask one favor, please tell me;" the lizard drew in a breath. "You are a maiden fair, but is your true maiden still there?"
And the childe blushed and faltered, "yes dear lizard I am maiden fair. But that is a question, rare."
The Lizard smirked as only a lizard could, and drew himself up. The childe backed away, becoming aware of a slowly dawning realization. Then the Lizard was upon them

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lol wut

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Why not combine the two?
Shlick drawing could be the next great popular artform!

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We don't have that, but we do have these pics of her taking it up the ass.


Oh, and ignore ND. For the purpose of these threads, he does not exist.

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I'd write about it if lewdanon drew it.

I can do a little writing. Not Edinbro-tier or like ELH, but I get by.

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Give it a shot. Lewdanon draws stuff that catches his interest, so if you do a good enough job writing it he might draw it.

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Just an update, I'm still here and still working.

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Oh, speaking of which Macha's apparently been busy. Guess how she broke the news to Taldeer about how she ceased being the Ever Virgin.

She snuck into her room and left a video of her and Leon going at it. And Eldrad was apparently watching them the whole time. Truly his dickishness knows no bounds.

Nice to hear it. I'll probably turn in soon, but I'll be back in a few hours or so. If anyone finishes anything, leave it in a pastebin so I can put it in the archives.

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Might take a week or two. I'm a slow writer. Or I could get taken by inspiration and crank it out before the end of Sunday.

What's a good wordcount?

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He also has gone on record saying he will draw a request for anyone who writes him some Harlequin smut.

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Depends. 3000-4000 words or so is considered more or less average, but if you'd prefer it to be longer or shorter there's nothing stopping you.

Especially if Cultist-Chan is also involved. No, really.

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Dammit, we've been hit by an autosage again.

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Harlequin smut...as in the people who's souls were taken by Ceg?

Sure, I could try that.

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