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It's out. /v/ and /vg/ are too underage to talk about that game.
Inb4: the price is too damn high for anyone to play it.

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Has anyone tried building SC yet? Who's best chassis? Last ime i tried throwing Cyclops vs my friend's Ghost King and he's got murdered horribly, twice. And the second time he was outfitted through and through, while Ghost King only had weapon from Deathmatch.

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>35 bucks
Not too bad, considering everything.
But it's a jump from what I've normally come to expect from Illwinter.
Anyone know what they changed from Dom3?

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There's a list of changes on official site

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Has anyone made a setting/system for tabletop from this? There is just so much potential at every level.

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I guess it's every "kingmaker" game or ruleset. Just rip the fluff and setting of dominions and you're golden

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Use PF/3.5 to accurately represent how broke dick magic is.

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Oh come on, magic isn't that bad.
If you have your own magic.

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Is it still broken if dom 4, tho?

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>in dom 4

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Some spells are ridiculous, but overall its fairly balanced magicwise.
It is still heavily magic focused though, so your army has to be prepared to combat mage circles, which is difficult without heavy losses.

The only "Broken" spell in Dom4 is Burden of Time, a Thaumaturgy 5 spell that AGES EVERYONE ON THE PLANET TO DEATH.
Thats right, a level 5 spell that wipes out everyone but Ermor. Now sure when it begins everyone will gang up on Ermor, but you can just sit in one castle and wait out your inevitable victory.

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Its an improvement over Dom3 for sure, i feel like $20 might have been a fairer price, but its still worth $35 and really is a fun game.

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I'd bought this game instantly if it was 20 or 15 bucks. I feel like Illwinter loses a lot of potential cutomers who would otherwise throw dosh at them.

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According to the manual, part of the reason the game is so... similar to Dom3 is a combination of huge initial goals (LETS MAKE A 3D MAP INSTEAD OF SQUARES WITH REAL TIME COMBAT) followed by a realization of "OH GOD WE ARE GOING TO MAKE THE NEXT C&C4".

But yeah they lose a lot of more casual customers i think because of that $35 price tag, as with graphics as unimpressive as those in the dominions series, many people will see it as "low quality" without trying it.

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I love videogames thread on /tg/

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You should, if you're not a filthy furry.

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Thirtyfive bucks isn't bad, but I want it on Steam...

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Well, it has been confirmed by the devs that they want to get it onto steam and when/if it gets on steam any Desura owners will get a steam key (but steam owners will not get a desura key) so... at least there's that.

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No i think that's why they cancelled Trade and Taint.

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Within 30 turns of you hitting end turn and AFKing whilst your foes age and starve to death you can have wiped out half the world's population.

Given enough time with this spell on even the undead can die of old age.
They should have called the spell Strange aeons, because that is what this shit is.

That said its not what the spell does thats bullshit, its that its a LEVEL 5 GLOBAL SPELL.

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Never heard of that, what was it supposed to be?

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According to the manual, it was a game where you roamed around between towns trading and shit. Eventually you could make your own settlement and whatnot and even become a wizard with your own tower and stuff.
Thing is, the more magic people in the world used, the more "tainted" the world got, causing horrors to attack things.
The idea was you started as a humble trader, then became a lord, then had to battle the impending apocalypse because the longer the game went the stronger and more numerous the horrors would get eventually wiping the world out.

Also magic was one of the only things strong enough to harm horrors, so your only weapon against them MAKES MORE OF THEM.

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>it has been confirmed ... Desura owners will get a steam key
Got a source?

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Yes, hold on a second.

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That "Edirr" guy is... possibly a community manager or something.
I'm not sure what his exact position is, but he is the voice of the development team on the forums.

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>I'm not sure what his exact position is
He says it in the very thread you linked.
>I work with Illwinter on Dominions 4 (and previously on Coqnuest of Elysium 3 and Dominions 3) on a volunteer basis as a beta tester, community manager, document writer and general all around help, but I am not a full-fledged member of the company and I do not work at Illwinter. That's an important distinction even if it may sound and seem minor. I am active in the online communities for Illwinter's games and have thus assumed responsibilities on my own initiative because I want them to to do well.
tl;dr: He's the Chief Fanboy.

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Nevertheless, he does actually get to talk to Illwinter.

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>Can only pay with Paypal, Visa, or Mastercard
>only have American Express and Discover
Welp. Guess I'm waiting on Steam after all.

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As expected of time wi- gods?

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I think one of the MA Ermor national heroes could cast it if you throw him a skull staff, so it can be just a wizard.

Also half the "gods" are just really old wizards. You play someone who WANTS to be god, not someone who is.

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Old wizards or other powerful magic/semi-magic beings.
Like dragons and cursed statues etc.

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Or a really big olm.

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That makes very little sense to me. Isn't the Ghost King's only real strength his cold aura and etherealness? If you have a ring of frost you should be able to fight him on an even ground, provided you have enough reinvigoration to not pass out from exhaustion while he laughs at you.

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Seriously, the Baphomet pretender is the wizard of OZ.

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Etherealness shouldn't even work against any decent SC as they should have a magic weapon.
He does have a solid fear though and 18 base Defense Skill, so if you focus on Defense > Protection (which is very possible when you have ethereal to protect you from regular unit plebs) you could make yourself only possible to hit less then 1% of the time.

Lets face it, a Ghost King with Chain Mail of Displacement, Cat Charm and either a good defense two hander or dual wielding a Main Gauche of Parrying and a good weapon would take something like 30 attacks per round to lower his defense enough to hit him.

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If you let Ermor live long enough to cast Burden of Time you're doing something wrong anyway. It's not as big a deal as you make it out to be.

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I had Fire Brand, Lucky Coin Shield, cloak that gives you ethereal trait, boots for trample and girdle that gives reinvegoration. Didn't have frost ring though.

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Does anyone want to play some MP Dom3 or Dom4?

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I can't spend $35 on it right now.

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On larger maps your options are quit limited to beat someone before they can hit Thaum 5.
At thaum 7 sure, but realistically breaking through those undead hordes to try and beat him before it takes effect is absurd and its not like anyone can dispel magic from a guy who gets FIFTEEN DEATH GEMS A TURN FROM HIS CAPITAL ALONE.
Priest Spam is relatively effective against his regular groups, but nations without holy3 or easily spammable holy2 priests will struggle against squads supported by Ermorian bishops, not to mention you need to have nature magic pots to give your soldiers the supplies just to survive in his land, let alone actually survive the battles.

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Woops, forgot to type out my reply to you in >>27838524
Anyway frost ring would have been smart, sounds like you just fell unconcious before you could beat through him.
Lucky Coin isn't so great for high health pretenders any more, Luck only applies to blows that would reduce you to 0 HP or lower instead of all hits like in Dom3.
It is 75% chance now though, so blessing regular troops with luck or giving standard commanders lucky items is still a great idea.

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Right, but he said the GK was naked except for that bullshit trident.
Well, that probably was a part of it. You want boots of the messenger on an SC most of the time. As I understand it, Fire Brand is more for carving up armies than it is for fighting SCs. But yeah, you need frost ring to fight units with chill aura. You probably want fire immunity to deal with anything with heat, too.
That cloak was doing nothing for you, since the champion's trident is magical. Ditch it for a cloak of invulnerability or some rainbow armor or a unique artifact or something.

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Of course, everything in this post only applies to Dom3.
What summons do you like to use for a bona fide SC? No thugs allowed.

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Almost nothing is better than a Marignon Angel of Fury, as it has Damage Reversal.

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He had like five afflictions after those battles and got stomped by PD later. I didn't even know undead can get afflictions.

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Yeah, soulless have a pretty good chance of spawning with afflictions to begin with. I think the only one undead are immune to is disease.

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Guys I just got this game and I am so confused, is their a noob guide anywhere?

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Here's the wiki for dom 3.
Dwarven Hammers are amazing items.

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Not really. Ermor's research is slow as molasses because they have to summon all their mages, so you should have a comfortable research lead on him. This also means that you should have option to deal with him long before the dude hits Thaum 5. Besides that, if he rushes Thaum 5, he isn't rushing Conj 3 for Dark Knowledge and is thus gimping his Death gem output.

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He starts with 15 death gems a turn.

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Can't you just dispell it?

Also, can't other nations of long living creatures make use of it?

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or worse, a questfag.

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He can summon one mage a turn with his starting income and unlike other nations doesn't need to waste time on STR or commanders, so he will have an excellent research income.
Not to mention he WILL have magic 3 scales (+3 to the RP of each of his mages) as he has nearly limitless design points to work with compared to other nations thanks to Death 3, Turmoil 3, Sloth 3, Cold 3 being not only viable but optimal.

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Their troops will last longer certainly, but its 10 years or so to around 300 troops every turn.
More importantly though is no matter what nation you are, population dies from Burden of Time, so your income is eternally sinking.

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Ever notice how when you cast a big spell like forge of the ancients or well of misery, you have the option of spending more gems? Basically, each extra gem you spend translates to one additional astral pearl your enemy has to spend to dispell your enchantment. LA Ermor gets 15 death gems from their capital per turn.
Magic 3 is a +2 boost.

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Which about one mage a turn, and that's assuming he gimps himself by never summoning any priests or casting Dark knowledge. Everybody else can just crank out cheap castles and get the mage train rolling.


He won't have an excellent research income. Personally I've never seen Ermor pull ahead in research in the early game, and as mentioned, if he rushes Thaum 5 right away, he gimps himself bad by not getting the must-have spells from the other schools.

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In Dom4 its one RP per point on the scale now.
Also castles are hugely expensive and he can still crank out priests every third turn before he begins getting more sources of gem income or frontload his priest creation then swap to pure researching.

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Also something i don't think people realize is ALL mages are about 30 years older in Dom4, you do not become a mage without tons of study, half of them START in old age, so burden of time kills them quicksmart as it checks for aging effects every turn instead of every year.

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>Also castles are hugely expensive

Not really, you just have to prioritize building castles over other stuff. I've been able to crank out a new castle every tenth turn with no big problems.

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>Network or Play by E-Mail for multiplayer

I've always wanted to play this but it is just so fucking tedious to do play by email. Anyone tried the networking option yet?

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This sounds utterly wonderful.

I hope they make it, sans 3D. I sincerely doubt their playerbase would give a shit about the 3D anyway

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I play it frequently, basically one person hosts, then the other players connect to that host.
The only difficulty is that the person hosting it has to run two copies of the game, one as a "client" and one as a host.
It works wonderfully other than sometimes crashing when sending the map file initially.
By 3D they meant you moved in actual... movement. Not squares.
It was still sprite grafix

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That's fucking pathnotes.

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Do you autolose when all your provinces have zero population?

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I don't know, but production and income are based on population, so if you don't stop BoT quickly enough, you're fucked regardless.

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Im just looking for a sandbox mode but I cant fucking figure out if there is one. the manual doesnt come with the game.

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>> No.27844803

Sandbox? Like what?
Just messing around with no opponents?
Not sure if you can do that, but you can get a similar feel by sticking a single Easy AI on a fuckhueg map.

>> No.27844834

I tried that and the "easy ai" made a fuckhuge army of over 3000 soldiers and sent neverending waves to my capital.

>> No.27844892

Huh. Expand faster, I guess.
If it's holding over half the map, you'll have problems regardless of difficulty.
In any case, you can always experiment until you get raped, start a new game, and experiment with something else.
Build up your knowledge through multiple playthroughs.
Have you played Dom3? I don't know if Dom4 has a wiki yet, but not too much has changed from 3, so the basics on that wiki might help.

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never played three, I only bought the new one because someone on here said dominions was the closest thing to being a necromancer that modern vdeo games have.

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If you want necromancy, go Ermor.
It was Late Age in 3, but I think it's been moved to Middle Age for 4.
Basically, just fuck with the dominion sliders for max points, max out your dominion candles at 10, and watch the skellingtums roll in.
Pic too related.

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Thought experiment: All pretenders are now permanently blessed, just like prophets are. How does this affect your pretender design and game strategy?

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It'd make High Nature/Earth pretenders even more common, for one thing.

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I would have thought it would popularize water even more.
>Water 10 now grants a total of 15 bonus defense AND quickness.

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Buh-buh-but muh regen! Muh reinvigoration!

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