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New one because the old one died and OP forgot to put one up

Welp, it's that time again.

All word and pixel /tg/-related lewdness is welcome here, so long as the rules are followed. Writefags, consider pastebin/1d4chan rather than dumping for long stories so they don't get lost in between threads; drawfags with uncensored pictures need to host their images offsite and link to them. Enjoy; remember to play nice and that all contributions and requests are welcome!

pastebins and whatnot to follow

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Master pastebin (contains all links to recently added and/or modified stories)

new stuff by Smutomancer
The Convent of Sanctified Souls
>Fairly standard setup, Sister x Novice Clergyboy. But what the hell, I enjoyed writing it and I hope you enjoy... 'reading' it.

also, Seeding Midnight Part 7 is up

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Woah wait a second how did I miss this one.
looks like my /ss/ scanner needs a tune-up

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Thanks. Forgot to do so myself.

It was in the earlier version of this thread. I had to delete it- it was hit with an autosage and wouldn't have lasted long.

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I just hope our merciful janitors will allow this thread to continue.


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As long as the lewdness doesn't get too blatant over here, we should be ok. Worst case, another thread can be made.

>reported edsfulth
CAPTCHA, why must you betray us?

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It's merely been bidding its time, learning our ways, waiting.
Now it knows our weaknesses.

The end is nigh.

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Did that M:tG Kos x Feather smutfic ever get made?

>> No.27820266

I don't remember- a lot of the old requests ended up not being written since we had few active writers then. The situation's improved somewhat, so there might be a chance that someone else will take it up now.

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>> No.27820647

Just finished that one. I can't believe it took me this long to develop a thing for the bolter bitches. Granted, there are a few typos here and there, but that's nothing a quick look-over and a couple of edits can't fix. All in all, you did good- it certainly takes off the sting from learning that GW isn't even pretending to care about the Sisters any longer. (Seriously, the WD codex almost looks like an improvement now, as sad as that might sound.)

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As long as it doesn't leak into the thread, they've got no reason to do anything. They're there to uphold the global rules, nothing more. As long as it breaks none, should be fine.
Still not able to do anything I am afraid. My time that I spend not asleep is usually on games. But, seeing as this is a thing now, not like I'm going anywhere. I'll hopefully be better soon.

If Lewd is around, don't suppose you could do a picture of a female Felnid acting like a real cat in an Imperial Guard barracks? Perhaps pulling on a bra strap with it's teeth/mouth while the other PDF/IG female guardsmen is trying to put it on.

I've been collecting Felnid pictures.

Pic related, from another drawthread.

Anybody else is welcome to try. But I assumed Lewd would be in here doing his thing. That's if you're up for it, I understand if you're not.

Going to sleep now, might be on later to do some small stuff.

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Lewd's bound to show up eventually- he always does. I'm sure he'll pick up the request when he gets here.

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What happened in the last thread?

>> No.27820822

I was its OP, so I can fill you in there.

For some reason, it had gone into autosage within less than an hour despite being at less than 10 posts. I had to delete it since it was already on page 7 and wouldn't have survived much longer. The odd thing is that hardly anything had even been posted- just Smutomancer's fic.

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No I just thought it fit, was back when the "spear of twilight pic" was a little too risque for /tg/
good thing I saved it heh

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Ah yes, I remember that pic. Good times.

>> No.27820904

Yeah, I REALLY need to go back and edit that one.

>> No.27820974

It's just typos- shouldn't take longer than a couple of minutes, I'd say.

>> No.27821044

I'm gonna tackle that right now. Is it still available while I'm editing it? I'd hate to shut it down while people are trying to read it.

Either way, feel free to point out any typos you notice so I can fix them up.

>> No.27821138

I think so. I have it open right now, so I'll point out some of the more embarrassing ones (as labeled by their line number on the pastebin).

Line 52: "Sisters" should be singular.
Line 136: should be "attach" and not "attack".
Line 293: In the last sentence, "his" should be "her"

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Damn that was hot as hell
Dat twist at the end was nice too, also all that unfing and emphasis of her complete domination of him.

>> No.27821355

Not for long, it looks like. Now if JWF would kindly get to the next part- it's obvious that it'll be the finale (and hopefully there'll be vanilla with both Izzara and Thrali to make up for all that- I never did care for the excessively rape-y stuff).

>> No.27821394

Oh I was talking about the Sisters fic, I'm halfway through Seeding Midnight.
Oh god I actually got scared for Relan for a second. Stop making me feels in a lewdfic writers.

>> No.27821452

I think I got most of them, but I'll continue to look over the text to make sure.
And the other stuff too, I suppose.

>> No.27821453

Yeah- I don't know if that means that they're being successful writers or if I'm simply a dolt who empathizes with fictional characters too much for his own good. Either way, the cliffhanger is only getting me more worked up.

>> No.27821476

The twist, I didn't get it. What does it mean?

>> No.27821498

She was trying to put on the wrong armor.

You were talking about Smutomancer's fic, right? Because for SM part 7 the twist should be obvious.

>> No.27821521

Actually, I thought the twist was that she staged the whole thing just to get that choirboy cock.
Hence the whole: I'm gonna make you my manservant/cockslave that the Sister implies at the end.

>> No.27821901

Its good stuff mang.

>> No.27822197

>see my fic on the master pastebin
Oh, cool-
>warning label spoils the big twist in ALLCAPS
>It's labeled as a different thing than the prompt I wrote it for

>> No.27822364

The ball stomping one?

Same thing happened with the Dorf pegging one. It's not fair to pull that on a reader since it's too niche of a fetish.

>> No.27822502

>ball stomping
>a plot twist

>> No.27822516

Dorf pegging isn't that niche.

>> No.27822535

Let's give this thread a few bumps.

>> No.27822554

>That feel for every 10 Lewd pics there is only 1 smutfics

>> No.27822569

>Lewd drew Slaanesh
More. Please for the love of the Prince more.

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It does take a long time to write, you know. There's only so many ways you can say, "and it was really hot and wet around the penis and it felt really good."
Also, Lewd is not a person with human limits, but some magical entity of pure smut that graces us with its bounty when it is pleased. I shudder to imagine its wrath when angered. Can you really compare a simple smut writer to so powerful a being?

But now that you mention it, there hasn't been a single request in this thread yet (for a story).

>> No.27822627

Could someone finish the Slaany Khorne fic ELH was working on? That be cool.

>> No.27822636

>But now that you mention it, there hasn't been a single request in this thread yet (for a story).

Hrm, lets rectify that.

I humbly request some harlequin funtimes, not too fussy on who the other party is (as long as its not orks or nids) and not to 'dark' in nature

>> No.27822656


Oh, I got one, a daemonette of cuddling. Her sole reason for existing is to experience the most sensual, lewd, and perfect cuddles in the universe. She goes forth to fulfill her reason for being, while the universe shudders in fear.

>> No.27822680

oh god yes, someone must do this

does she have a rival daemonette of hand holding?

>> No.27822693

You two are really sick, you know that?

>> No.27822809


Sure, why not. I can see it now, they try to seduce a Guardsman using their special talents, but he gets impatient after long hours of hand holding and cuddling so he leaves to go fuck the hot little red head down in supply.

>> No.27822858

hey whose to say they don't horizontally dance, but that their fetish is hand holding and cuddles, the sex would be the foreplay

>> No.27823003

Which one should I pant as Macha and should I pant Taldeer /tg/?

>> No.27823052

middle one looks best, and unles your gonna paint LIIVI then taldeer will look out of place

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>> No.27823333

What's happening on this pic?

>> No.27823341

I kind of wish Lewd would do an art for that Lelith v Macha pillow fight greentext from last week's thread.
I need it for reasons.

>> No.27823403

>no ghosthelms

>> No.27823648

>I had to delete it

>> No.27823668

>This has to be the stupidest idea I've ever heard, and borderline heresy as well!
>Please, general, trust Castellan Creed. He knows what he's doing.
>But holding the summit meeting on a daemon world within the Occularis Terribius?
>Totally safe from any spying.
>While disguised as... daemons?
>Lord Creed maintains a small mansion there in his "other" identity. Nothing will appear to go on there that isn't common practice.
>It's mad. Insane. I won't do it.
>That's a shame sir, the fleet master, Inquisitorial delegation and several others are already there. Your presence will be missed, and a bit conspicuous.
>...fine. But Creed had better be right about this.
>Of course he is, sir. Here's your daemonette disguise.
>That thing is...
>...rather sizeable, yes. All for the sake of authenticity.

>> No.27823808

I've been sitting with this on my hard-drive for ages but living in a tent-city with no stable net - and having more important things to do ment I never really could finish it. I am however, typing away at it again now that I am back.

This was a request by a random anon from a 40K RPG general thread after I wrote a silly thing about a inquisitioner getting fapped on. If you are here anon its been delivered, it was late, but it was delivered.


Stay tuned for the rest.

>> No.27823827

Felnids in the IG? What heresy is this?

>> No.27824119

Hmm... I might be able to whip something up. I'll try to have it done by tonight.

>> No.27824366

The fun kind of heresy, obviously.

>> No.27824375


>> No.27824427

Smut sans context.

>> No.27824467

/r/ MMF Bisexual guardsman action. Because life is to short in the Guard to waste the rare downtime on not getting it on.

>> No.27824475

>tentacle rape
Well, I'm sure at least one anon was looking forward to something like that. Archived, by the way.

>> No.27824496

That arrived at precisely the right moment. Rather well done.

>> No.27824518

If anyone is low on ideas may i suggest a fic about a puritan female inquisitor or high level acolyte infiltrating a slaneshii coven and gradually succumbing to the delights and desires of flesh?

Main "theme" of the story would be corruption (mostly mental but physical is also OK) but beyond that the author can toss in whatever he or she wishes.

>> No.27824618


> "B...But Lacy, what if the Commissar sees us?"
> "Oh you worry too much. And even if he did, all I have to do is offer to let him pet my tail."
> "T-That doesn't...N-No! Not there!"
> "Nyaa~"


> "Rumor has it you ended up making another reject, girlyman. What happened to be the Chaos God of Perfection?"
> "Shut up Bird Brain. I do not make rejects. Every single one of my demons has a purpose. It's not my fault if you can't see it."
> "Alright, I'll bite. Why is it obsessed with cuddles?"
> "...Because I decided that it should be so, clearly."
> "Uh-huh, which is why she *just* so happened to be spawned after your little fling with Khorn..."

They say that the Eye of Terror grew three times that day.

>> No.27824649

>tentacle rape
good, good

>> No.27824672

I never knew you were into that stuff, Eldrad. Maybe the excessive libido really DOES run in the Ulthran family. (Macha and Taldeer can certainly attest to that.)

>> No.27824698

...Is that Cultist-Chan to the left?

>> No.27824802

If the guy is Yriel, I'm certain Lewdanon will love you for it.

>> No.27824854

And not only Lewd.

>> No.27824893

Nice work!

>> No.27824898

Things are kinda fucked up right now, but I'll try to think of something to write about involving Sisters.

Tomorrow night delivery.

>> No.27824915

Don't forget about Macha's Interlewd.

If you can't think of something, Smutomancer has you covered with Sisters of Battle right now. Good thing too- the new codex actually makes the WD one look good.

>> No.27824999


Oh, and because I feel horrible about it still - Lelith's stuff has been delayed again. Horrid mood does not help smut make.

>> No.27825008

Damn. Oh well, there's always tomorrow. Or next week- whichever it turns out to be.

>> No.27825029

> Lelith's stuff has been delayed again
Wait, what?
Did anyone saved the gallery?

>> No.27825041


I have no idea what you mean, but have this.

>> No.27825043

I'm not so sure I agree. It feels much more like a step sideways than a step back, if you follow. So while we're waiting for a Codex that does more than "update" the lackluster choices we've always had, we'll see what can be done with Immolators, Exorcists, and special weapons strung together with hopes and dreams.

My bad if this accidentally turns into 100+ posts bitching about the new Codex. Cause that's definitely not what I'm going for.

>> No.27825147

And I have this. It's going to be another long wait, but I'm certain ELH will make it worth the time.

>> No.27825155 [DELETED] 

Hey, guys, can I play too?!

>> No.27825159 [DELETED] 


>> No.27825162 [DELETED] 


>> No.27825176

Only smut is welcome here, and Xeno is a basement dweller who never gets laid.

>> No.27825211 [DELETED] 

W-what?! That's not true! I have totally gotten laid!

>> No.27825219


>> No.27825232

As much as I hate to agree with the avatarfag, he is technically correct. Provider wrote this one up a month or so ago. (It also has Macha and Cata-Chan, if that's any consolation.)

In any case, just report and hide the posts if they're that offensive. (And if you do find anything here offensive, why the hell are you on this thread?)


>> No.27825235

do you even know what "getting laid" means?

>> No.27825246 [DELETED] 

...third base?

>> No.27825249 [DELETED] 

Never come back.

>> No.27825255 [DELETED] 

Worst characterization of Xeno ever.

>> No.27825258

Which is?

>> No.27825259 [DELETED] 


>> No.27825270

You'll have to take it up with The Provider, then.

In any case, stop feeding the troll...again.

>> No.27825271

Not quite but it's pretty OOC.

>> No.27825276 [DELETED] 

You fools! Your resistance only makes her penis harder!

>> No.27825285 [DELETED] 

Direct stimulation of the sexual organs?

>> No.27825292

Yep. Just live it along.

>> No.27825294

then it never happened to you!
you don't have a thingie
also the real Xeno is currently a scarab.

>> No.27825321 [DELETED] 

What do you mean, I don't have a thingie? I have all kinds of thingies.

>> No.27825337

I pay more attention to the fluff than the crunch but I think I know what you mean.

To change the subject, the people seem a little starved for content, so would you mind give a quick preview of the Interlewd to tide them over?

>> No.27825352 [DELETED] 


>> No.27825369

Why, Lewd?!
You was my hero...

>> No.27825375 [DELETED] 

Slut protocol, [email protected]!

>> No.27825388

Don't bite the hand that feeds you, anon. Lewdanon is like Midas- whatever he draws turns to lewd. And I wouldn't want it any other way.

>> No.27825402

I'm somewhat disappointed that the smut-thread consists entirely of 40k lewds, but I'm not surprised.

>> No.27825414 [DELETED] 

This is not Lewd's first take on Xeno

>Slut protocol
Yeah, pretty much.

>> No.27825441

What have you done with our beloved censer bar!

>> No.27825448

Did you miss the tentacle rape one earlier up?

And we're aware most of this is 40k-related, but that's because most of the requests are 40k-related. Can't blame the writefags for knowing their audience.

>> No.27825460 [DELETED] 

Remember when the lewdest thing Xeno ever did was construct scarabs?

>> No.27825495

Mmm, yes, all those thin, clicking legs softly caressing you as they swarm over your entire body, their perfectly soft steps and brushing strides tantalizing every inch of exposed flesh.

>> No.27825580

Looks like Nicedaemonette choked on doing the Sister/ReasonableDaemonette fic with lots of emotionally and physically satisfying sex leading to a polyamorous relationship witht he other RDaemonetes

>> No.27825595

Yeah, but Xeno constructing scarabs was way lewder than a lesbian fapfic.

>> No.27825597

Last week he said something about having to fix a roof or something like that. Riiiight...

>> No.27825644

And this is when I stop feeding the obvious troll talking to himself.

>> No.27825646

Yeah, he showed up almost as soon as the thread was going to be pruned and did his usual thing, then got called out for it.

>> No.27825773

I was the one who wrote that.

And yeah, I wasn't surprised, just hopeful there would be other content.

>> No.27825806

Were you? Hard to tell since most of the writers prefer not to namefag. In any case, there's still a fair amount of demand for smut featuring other franchises, so you can always keep writing and see what you can do.

I'd do it myself, but I'm just the archivist.

>> No.27825827

Frankly, with the speed I write, chances are I won't even pop up in the thread again for months.

If anyone has any suggestions as to non--40k lewdfics they might like to see written though, I could certainly give a hack at it.

At the moment though, my internet is taking a shit and so I shall be taking my leave.

>> No.27825847

There was the MtG one further up, and I'd personally like to see something with succubi in it (the DnD version, not the Dark Eldar version- although I'd highly approve of that too).

>> No.27826172

>The Convent of Sanctified Souls

That was great. There could've been more cuddling, but damn...I like how his young age was implied with his status and physical size, rather than explicitly stated.

>> No.27826192

I know. But that Sister didn't exactly seem like the cuddling sort of person anyway.

>> No.27826306

Dude, there is an entire subset of NiceDaemonettes for that, we call them CuttleDaemonettes!
Even commissioned a picture of one on a /d/rawthread:

I might do a oneshot featuring one if I get stuck with the next bit of my DaemonetteXSororita bit, but be warned that it will contain merging and "soul vore"...

>Implying Handholding isn't just a very specific form of cuddling...
Anon, do you even handsex?

Best kind of Heresy, THAT'S WHAT!!!

I'll get RIGHT on that after I'm done with this Sororita.

Ya see, this is why we're not too fond of Tzeentchians here in the Daughter's of Peace, they'll often be dicks just to be dicks...
...We don't like dicks 'round these parts!

Well I'll get to non-40k smut eventually, but I came to /tg/ for Warham related feels...

Damn it, I already have enough on my plate as is, I don't need any more ideas to side track me further!

Uh dude, I DID finish the first bit the weekend OF the challange...
Not my fault you weren't around to see it...

I DID have to go help with my sister's roof, that's why I wasn't able to do any writting last weekend...
How do I set up one of these pastebin things to post what I already have up, even though there isn't going to be any lewdness until next week?

>> No.27826394

...you go to the main page and click the "new paste" button. It's simple.

And what did we tell you about keeping the RP to yourself? All it does is annoy people. Same with trying to reply to 10 different things in one post- some of those people might not even be here to notice you replied to them.

>> No.27826433


And would you rather I eat up our limited postcount with numerious small replies rather then one BIG one?

>> No.27826455

No, I'd rather you be a bit more selective about what you reply to. You don't have to reply to every little thing that pops up.

>> No.27826464

I'm in the middle of writing an unnecessarily long fapfic.
Stand fast, Anons!

>> No.27826477

There is no such thing as an unnecessarily long fapfic.

>> No.27826573


>> No.27826595

This is what I have so far:

“So, little one. Did you do as I said?”

“Yeah, Auntie Macha,” Lofn whispered. “But why not just tell mom and dad you're here?”

The Farseer gave her niece a manic grin. “Please, little one. Just let me have this moment. And you remembered to lock the door behind you?”

“Just like you told me.” The little half-eldar grinned. “They're gonna be so mad.”

“Oh,” Macha insisted, “more than you could imagine...”

It began with vague white noise, the static of a vid-player that had yet to receive an input signal. In her sleep, Taldeer stirred slightly at the nuisance. Thinking that LIIVI must have left it on by mistake, she nudged her husband in the ribs.

“Honey,” she muttered, “kill that damn thing, would you?”

Then, she heard something more familiar: the voice of someone she knew. The smooth, unintentionally sultry contralto could only belong to her sister, who had gone missing some time ago. The Farseer sat up in bed and stared at the vid-player in wide-eyed disbelief as she realized what she was watching.

“... LIIIVI!?”

On-screen, her sister was laying on a bed, the bare flesh of her breasts and stomach pressed against the silky linens and her smooth, toned ankles up in the air behind her. She beckoned to someone just out of frame, a seductive smile tugging at her lips. “Come here,” she said as she slid her knees forward and raised her hips. “Do not keep me waiting, lover mon'keigh.” As the image of a tall, well-muscled human male positioned himself behind Macha, Taldeer's dismay reached a zenith.

In Ulthwe's Dome of Crystal, Eldrad grinned to himself. “Unbelievable, aren't they?” he muttered to the trees before him. “Be patient,” he continued, as if continuing one half of a conversation between himself and some unseen entity. “The time will come soon enough, so let them make it here at their own pace.”

>> No.27826640

Ohhh Macha...this is great.

>> No.27826642

I also take my sweet time writing, so don't expect it any time soon.
I hope its worth the wait, though.

>> No.27826662

Good to see that Macha decided to go for the least subtle route possible for breaking the news.

And why am I not surprised that Eldrad was watching the whole thing?

>> No.27826667

Because Eldrad is a douchebag?

>> No.27826702


It could've been forceful, rape'esque cuddling.

>> No.27826739

Ha! That is awesome. Thanks man.

I'm just assuming Felnids would be used in Planetary Defence Forces.

Besides, since GW spat on SoB and want them dead, they can suck their established fluff.

>> No.27826889

Wow, Macha made a porno.
When did she sneak that camera in.

>> No.27826923


...I'm drawing distinctions but this is kinda...
I have a shadowrun game to play in.

>> No.27826939

Good point. And I never thought her mother would be peeping as well.

Looks like the hyperactive sex drive really does run in the family.

>> No.27826943


Orgasm spells, orgasm spells everywhere. You're like the defacto catgirl name now.

A paragraph of Lelith has been written.

>> No.27826967

Ooh, excellent. Session's in like, five hours, but I need to talk beforehand and we need you in the place with the games.

Our russian made bank.

>> No.27827088

Some guy did a very short thing about cuddling, but it was with Slaanesh, not a daemonette.

>> No.27827144

>we call them CuttleDaemonettes!
No, YOU call them that, and you also said you would leave this threads alone.

>> No.27827189 [DELETED] 

Or cultist on harlequin fun times.

>> No.27827249

I think I blew my cleverness load on "Katala Grim" last weekend, and now I can't come up with names for people. Any ideas for names that would work well for a Felinid? I mean, other than Lacy?

I've got a name for a Sister already, because "Sister Sara" tickled my military history jimmies.

>> No.27827277

Take your time Anon, good smut is better than fast smut anyday.
It takes me FOREVER to eek a few paragraphs out, but from what I've seen in this thread there is PLENTY of demand for what I'm writing.

Did YOU request artwork of the subject to have on hand for reference?
Unless you have content, put up or shut up.

>Leaving these threads alone.
Why would I ever do that?

>> No.27827304


I know that feeling. It's why Lelith is going SO GOD DAMN SLOW.

Try Aina or Bastet on for size

>> No.27827502


For a felinid


>> No.27827534

>Xeno is a basement dweller who never gets laid.
You do realize that is Macha's characterization before all this stuff happened, right

>> No.27827589

Because you are an attention whore who does nothing but clog the thread with his shitty attempts at erp.

>> No.27827628

I like 'Aina' quite a bit, so I might just re-use it and pretend like I've never used it for a felinid before.
'Elavu' has a nice ring to it, but it feels more like an Eldar name somehow. I'm not entirely sure why that is.

>> No.27827632

Hey I'm trying to provide content...

...And seriously, make up your minds people, do I either post at everything that strikes my fancy or consolidate all my shit into a single post?

>> No.27827709

Aina sounds just fine to me.

Neither. Don't post at everything if it's not 100% necessary to do so. And don't namefag unless you have content to actually deliver- otherwise it makes you seem like an attention whore (even if you aren't actually one).

>> No.27827766

And quit going on about your fucking 40K alternate universe/head canon shit. No one cares.

>> No.27827778

Still need more practice before I can start on the Macha and Taldeer version...

>> No.27827824


I highly approve of the new Tyranid-chan.

>> No.27827840

Naw, I'd say it's looking good so far. Why not get started on it?

Also, I think we have a new -chan.

>> No.27827854

Hm, now I got images of Gabriel and Macha having sex now.

>> No.27827864

Ah but Anon, don't you realise what I'm doing by writting Smut?
...I'm letting my headcanon corrupt YOUR headcanon!

>My Lictor can't be this cute!

>> No.27827913

>box for "unsatisfied" shows her sulking amidst a few bloody scraps of guardsman.

>> No.27827942

>don't you realise what I'm doing by writting Smut?
You're not writing smut, though
>...I'm letting my headcanon corrupt YOUR headcanon!
No, you're attention whoring. Stop.

>> No.27827963

The spit/swallow page should have her licking up whats left on her face with some kinda long tongue. No self respecting nid would let dat biomass go to waste.

>> No.27827964





Lofn's Ripper went and grew up. It's second-hand exposure to SO MUCH LEWD is why it turned out like this. Suddenly, Unyuufex cuddles don't seem all that bad.

>> No.27827968

Without the necrophilia part, I would hope. We have to pretend that we have standards every now and then.

There's a report button there for a reason, you know.

>> No.27827974

I'm writting smut RIGHT now, it just isn't going to get to the lewdness until the next section...
I told you all that it would take TIME!

>> No.27827993

Except Macha was the first and default farseer for the Dawn of Eldar and was therefore a strong eldar woman who didn't need no Space Marines.
We here on /tg/ just made her into a sexually frustrated nymph, but not saying she couldn't be both.

>> No.27828000

It certainly will if you keep whining like that. Instead of talking about how you're going to write it, try actually doing it.

>> No.27828018

>ripper grew up into a lictor
Was Sie mit dem Rauchen?

>> No.27828033

Of course, who doesn't imagine a space marine plowing our poor little macha?

>> No.27828043

Tyranid based character?

Do Genestealers morph into humans? I can't remember.


Wait, you're doing a Felinid fic? Sweet. I look forward to it. I was doing base work for one awhile ago but never actually wrote it. Hence the picture request LewdAnon kindly did for me.

I still can't get over how awesome Lacy (the Felinid) face is. Half fun half derp.

Right, that's me for the night most likely. Sorry I've not been able to contribute, but I do read the work people do. It's all great.

Shame GW doesn't care about some of its products as much as we do.

>> No.27828062

>mfw after the initially shock and Taldeer explosion of anger....they still haven't turned off the Macha-porn and both get aroused, which only shocks them more.

>> No.27828065 [DELETED] 

Actually, she is both- as frustrated as she was, she still proved to be a proficient Farseer and leader in spite of it. I guess it comes with the incredible willpower needed to master all those psychic powers.


>> No.27828101

The lack of Sister on Battle x Space marine is upsetting.

>> No.27828147

They don't morph, they just have successively less and less monstrous human rapecult babies. Until they wrap back around into pure nid again after four generations, somehow.

>> No.27828175

She's both- with all that willpower that comes with being a Farseer, it makes sense that she'd be able to put her libido aside long enough to carry out her mission on Tartarus.

C.S. Goto did imply she had feelings for Gabe in the novels. He also claimed she was blonde, so that obviously isn't a valid source of info.

I think Provider did one with a Blood Angel and a Hospitaller a while back, but I can't seem to find it right now.

>> No.27828179

So to get Tyranid-waifus, we just have to expose the Hivemind to Macha-levels of Pervertedness!

...That... might actually be easier said than done...

...Well honestly the constant nagging is doing a pretty good job of keeping me on task...

No, Genestealers just infect another species' genitalia with a retrovirus that forces them to give birth to Genestealer Hybrids, which get progressively MORE 'Niddy through the generations until you have Full Genestealers...

Mind you, I've done plenty of thinking on the subject, especially how... inefficient and time consuming it is...

>> No.27828187

I did one ages ago. Reverse Rape. Sure you've read it. If not:



So, the picture Lewd drew could be a 3rd generation Genestealer? Or is it just fan creation idea? Either way, it's good.

>> No.27828192

I like Ripper-chan being Ripper-chan. Maybe its just a new strain of nid from the new splinter fleet comprised entirely of monstergirls, tentacle rape, and lewd - Hive Fleet Hentai.

>> No.27828194

Well, it's going to be worked into the fic I started to celebrate the new Codex. It was going to be all like "fuck yeah, Sororitas!", with a Space Marine getting femdommed and denied and shit. Until last night, that is.

Now it's going to be more tender lesbian lovings, cuddles, and feels, with Sisters of the Argent Shroud featured. Because they deserve to have nice things every once in a while.

>> No.27828220

>implying I havent been using it

>> No.27828224

Oh right. That makes sense. Crazy Nids.

Indeed I did, thank you for remembering!


If you're OP and need ot add it to the Master List.

>> No.27828249

It says in the picture that it's a Lictor. Hey, if we can turn a Carnifex into a loli...

I wasn't OP for this particular thread, but I'll add it right now.

>> No.27828252

It is not a genestealer. It is a lictor.

>> No.27828260

Dude, I have TWO story ideas for how this comes about, one from the result of the Daugther's of Peace's efforts, the other due to the fleet's Norm Queen herself.

>> No.27828316

>Daugther's of Peace
Go away.

>> No.27828375

Before gushing about those, write the story you're working on right now. Most of the people here are losing their patience with you as it is.

To prove that you aren't just attention whoring, do NOT reply to this post. Think of it as a test of willpower.

>> No.27828580

We're going to get the full version of this soon, right?

>> No.27828594

We can only hope. But probably not since he's working on something else.

>> No.27828665

I saw, but I was trying to canon it. Probably a silly idea.

But, /tg/ has made Lolifex before, so nothing wrong with it. Was just trying to justify it in the setting somehow!

>> No.27828726

Possibly tomorrow night.

I am studying the muscles of the pelvic girdle.

>> No.27828792

I've got time.

But with any luck pic related should help you out there.

>> No.27828829

Well like I've said here:
And here:
I've put WAY too much thought into Tittynids and how to bring them about in Canon...

The best is probably a Norm Queen deciding that, since this Galaxy's Native Biomass is putting up such a good fight, they might actually stand a chance to fight against whatever is chasing them if they were to join forces.
Easiest way to secure the natives compliance is to play on their natural instincts, hence modifying her Bioforms to be physically attractive.

>> No.27828956

How many words is a decently sized fapfic, thread?

>> No.27828974

I'm new here. I didn't know /tg/ had this much artistic talent. Writing especially. Does that have something to do with roleplaying improving storytelling skills?

>> No.27828984

If you're going for word count rather than content, you've already done a bad.

>> No.27829007


If you write well and fetishes relevant to me, you should aim for 6000 pages minimum.

>> No.27829009

>I've put WAY too much thought into Tittynids and how to bring them about in Canon...
Tittynids ARE canon. Genestealers are a thing.
They fuck a lot with the natives to produce hybrids.

>> No.27829065

Yeah, it does. Good writing is the first step towards making a believable character that people can relate to.

I hope you meant 6000 words. 6000 pages would be longer than all 7 volumes of Proust's "In Search Of Lost Time". Combined.

>> No.27829145


6000 pages would approximate GRRM's ASOIAF, which is kind of what I was going for. His last book was 1050 pages, and I read it in 3 days. If it had been a fapfic, my dick would've burned off from friction. That's my dream.

>> No.27829154

Possibly, or perhaps it's the other way round, with the Creatively Talented being drawn to Role Playing as a hobby...

Also this IS Smut we're talking about, and people will do the most fascinating things when it comes to their fetish.

Well YEAH, Genestealers EXIST, but they got hit with the Censorderp even harder than the Daemonettes...
So now the all they do is stab their tongue into you, at best giving you a mouthjob or a kiss.

Good luck finding anything on one that actually looks good and Feminine...

>> No.27829270

>death by kiss

That'd be fucking embarrassing.
I bet a lamenter has died like that.

>> No.27829335

Well realise the implication is that a Genestealer's tongue can go all Xenomorph Second Mouth on you AND is prehensile....
...Not very pleasent frenchers those Genestealers are...

In other news, UPDATE!

Be weary of the Ruinous Powers, for their temptations can come in numerous and subtle forms…
Aine tumbled through the senseless void, her Chainsword having tore it’s way up the Mage’s body and through his collar.
The pair spun weightless for countless moments, the Witch’s coarse spewing vicera and blood from its huge gash, and the Sororita feared that she may be doomed to never recover Saint Chekhov’s Pistol eternally dangling before her…
…That is until a gigantic, jagged wall of magenta came into view.

Two bodies crashed into the surface of the Warp Plain, heralding the appearance of new arrivals.
The scent of fresh blood drew the attention of the Bloodletters, but the awkwardness of the crash peaked the interest of a more curious mind…

Sister Walperga rose from the gritty stone ‘floor’ and tangled mess that was the Sorcerers’ body, holstering her Hand Flamer to retrieve the stolen Bolt Pistol.
As she righted herself, she saw three towering figures approach.

>> No.27829361

“What do we have here?” Question the Khornite Daemon to the left in an oddly tenor voice.
“Seems one of the False God’s Warriors has bested one of the Trickster’s pawns…” Growled the central Bloodletter, probably the leader from how it carried itself, in a guttural tone, “Pity they weren’t able to finish them in the Materium…”
As the trio drew closer, their head began chuckling slightly, “Or perhaps fortune that we can now show them a REAL FIGHT!”
The lead Daemon threw up its blade in preparation to cleave the Sororita in twain and let fly the chant of its Dark God.


…Only to be interrupted as someone garbed in purple robes slid beneath its crotch from behind, pull its beastly legs out from under it, and force it to drag its compatriots down with it as it fell.
Aine couldn’t identify who, or even what, her savoir was underneath their heavy attire, and before she could manage to ask or even thank them they held out a wrapped limb.

“Come with me if you want to live.”


Ugh, it's half as long as last time and might delay lewdness even further, but it was a good break point...

>> No.27829383

Better than nothing, I suppose.

>> No.27829393

She stopped for a moment, biting the corner of her mouth as she looked at her hairless groin; it was more for hygienic purposes than aesthetics. Her lower lips were wet, and her juices poured down her muscular thighs as her arousal became more than prominent to her. She loved her fingertips over her thighs, the pressure applied to the corner of her mouth increasing as her nails glazed lightly over her thighs, making more juices pour from her lower lips and snake down her legs. The Eldar looked anxiously at her womanhood, and with two fingers, “walked” them across her thighs, before resting them above her womanhood, her fingers hovering over it

Here's a teaser /tg/

>> No.27829477


>still nothing lewd
>barely three paragraphs
>wasting three posts to post whats already in the pastebin
No, this is not enough to be worth you ruining the threads every single fucking weekend. Go the fuck away and don't come back until you have something actually worthwhile to post.

>> No.27829482

that is only the F0 genestealers. There is F1, 2, 3, and 4 too.

>> No.27829537

I've had enough of her too.

I'd just like to take a moment to remind ND that I can take things out of the master pastebin as well as add them. And until ND gives me an EXCELLENT reason for putting it back in, I'm taking it out.

>> No.27829577

thanks, I am really loving seeding midnight thus far.

>> No.27829605

Why don't YOU?!
Seriously, I don't see how you can be making a fuss about what goes down in a free smut thread if you aren't even contributing...

Yeah, but only F3 and 4 even look HUMAN... and all the artwork depects those as Lurch-esk bald guys...

>> No.27829662

>Yeah, but only F3 and 4 even look HUMAN
that is the whole point. some of the generations of genestealers don't look human and yet have sexual reproduction (instead of that tongue thing)

>> No.27829686

Fine, I wasn't going to even put it on Pastebin until it actually got to Lewdness ANYWAYS, it's just to keep fucktards from continuing to claim I haven't lived up to the stupid damn challenge you already told me I met!

You want this drama to keep cluttering up the thread, fine, but quit bitching that my corruption fic is taking too long when I told you from the begining that it WOULD TAKE TIME TO WRITE!

>> No.27829739

See, this is why nobody likes you. You can't take the smallest bit of criticism without completely flying off the handle,. Seriously, I can just hear you saying "You're just jealous of me, that's why you hate me!" And at least other anons who don't contribute anything know better than to act like this thread is their fucking blog.

>> No.27829748

I hope Seeding Midnight ends in cute drow being free to pleasure a human (while being pleasured by half-orc) however she wants. And lots of seeding midnight.

>> No.27829771

Its a dude. A dude who pretends to be a "nice daemonette" on 4chan.

>> No.27829784

I too hope Izzara (the matron's daughter) ends up escaping the underdark with them. So far I get the feeling it would.

>> No.27829787

I hope it ends with them actually impregnating the night so that it stays true to the name.

>> No.27829847


When I gave the challenge, I expected that you would take no longer than a week to finish it after the first part- and would do so without your normal bad behavior. I see now that I was far too generous.

If you weren't a shitposter from the very beginning, you certainly are now. Had you taken the criticism with something resembling maturity, I might have continued to give you the benefit of the doubt. Instead you make excuses and whine about how "I SAID IT WOULD TAKE TIME TO WRITE", like we should be thankful that you even tried to write anything that didn't relate directly to yourself.

There are a lot websites who will be happy to stroke your e-penis and tell you that you're the best writer who ever lived, but this is not one of them. Just go.

>> No.27829868

No, the reason I fly off the handle is because THAT'S NOT EVEN A FUCKING CRITICISM OF THE WORK!

And no, I realise I'm fucking annoying as hell, why do you think I'm attention whoring on an anonymous image board porn thread in the first place?
Thing is, it's the same half a dozen faggots who just don't like me period see the name tag and tell me to GTFO.
This is despite the fact that using a name in the first place apparently allows them to outright ignore my post, and me actually trying to help others alongside my roleplaying shenanigans.

I've been here from the begining, and I'll probably be stubborn enough to be here till the end, so save your fucking breath and get over it.

>> No.27829895

Me too. I think he'll grab the two girls on the way out and the story will end with Izzara being free to let Relan do everything she wants to her.

>> No.27829991

Poor Macha's anus.

>> No.27830074

you realize that 1 or 2 bad apples are trolling you and 99% of the rest are simply ignoring them?

>> No.27830114

I havent been pestering him since I can ignore attention whores, but I would like ND gone too. He just shits up the threads for no reason.

>> No.27830119

Well I'm sorry I didn't live up to your expectations, but I'm not going to get less annoying now.

There hasn't been any actual criticism of the work, just on how annoying I am.

I told you it would take time because it TAKES ME A LONG TIME TO GET ANYTHING WRITTEN.
That's a THING with me, my ENTIRE life has been fucked over by my inability to write fast enough to meet deadlines, so I warned that even if I did work on lewds they will take a while to come to fruition.

I don't want E-peeny stroking, I want acknowledgment worth merit, and the Anon are the best and hardest damned critic there is.

Yes I know, but I'm EASILY riled...
So much so that I've actually invented things to be rustled about to keep my Jimmies intact...

>> No.27830187

I'm a big fat faggot and I suck at writing

>> No.27830227 [DELETED] 

Who are you saying sucks at writing!
I want an actual breakdown of the problems with my composition to back that up, if you are Daemonette enough to make those claims that is...

>> No.27830243

>There hasn't been any actual criticism of the work
You have yet to write anything to criticize. If you mean that shitty intro to nonexistent smut, its dull, cliche, and rife with spelling and grammatical errors. Of course, I dont expect Dostoevsky from my porn, but you havent written any fucking porn. You shat out half a page of setup and then proceeded to shit up the thread.

>> No.27830247 [DELETED] 

All right, let me try.
First, there are the typos already mentioned. Before submitting it, it's always a good idea to read through it to make sure that you didn't put in the wrong words by accident. It takes maybe 10 minutes at most to do that. Second, the grammar is rather awkward and there's plenty of incomplete sentences scattered through it.
Last (for the moment), people expected you to start on the lewd and they were disappointed when you failed to do so. (The fact that you still had enough time to piss people off did not help your case then, and it still doesn't now.) I strongly suggest you learn to control yourself better, because if you keep acting the same way you are now then it's only going to get worse for you.

I'm no stranger to random anons using other people's names to irritate the initial namefag.

Is that better?

And this is why

>> No.27830272 [DELETED] 

Who are you saying sucks at writing!
I want an actual breakdown of the problems with my composition to back that up, if you are Daemonette enough to make those claims that is...

>> No.27830294

Woooah I can't wait.
>Dat BJ/Spit swallow pic.
Can't wait for Macha's mmm.

>> No.27830340

Me neither.

>> No.27830387

I hope Macha's pic is her winking.
that is muh fetish

>> No.27830416

i have an eyelid fetish

>> No.27830467

I already said, the porn will take some time...
This is a corruption piece, so it needs set up so there is something there to corrupt.

Ah, awkward grammar and incomplete sentences...
I was afraid of that, I'm like literally retarded when it comes to language composition...
Don't suppose there'd be some way I could get some proof reading, is there?

As for the actual smut, well, tough shit...
It's a corruption piece, which means you have to spend the intro establishing what's what.

I might do that one shot with the CuttleDaemonette, but it's going to take me a while to get back into the mood and I might not even have it done by Sunday night/Monday Morning...

Wait, did the mod just delete my critics? DAMN IT I WANTED THOSE!!!

>> No.27830493


Lipbites. Hot damn.

>> No.27830514

>I already said, the porn will take some time...
Then in the meantime, stop shitting up these threads and treating them like your personal blog for fucks sake.

>> No.27830549

Very well. Start with that first. And there's also some big problems with typos ("weary" instead of "wary", for example). It only takes a few minutes to look over what you've written before hitting the submit button.

He's right- if you have time to post about one part of your headcanon or another, you have time to write more instead. Instead of trying to argue with your critics, prove them wrong instead. Let your work speak for you.

>> No.27830593

Which pic?

>> No.27830681

The future "BJ" pic of the sex face meme lewds working on. Since he's practicing with tyranids right now for preparation.

>> No.27830683

>“Unbelievable, aren't they?”
And he hasn't even seen the spinning yet...

>> No.27830741

Well the problem with self-review is that something has to strike you as wrong first before you can correct it.
Hence why peer reviewing drafts is a thing, you need another perspective to make sure what you're trying to say is actually getting through to someone else.
Probably the same reason why my headcanon ramblings are so annoying; I see my whole mental picture while everyone else gets mad libs and nonsense.

I'll try the oneshot, but be warned that it gets freaky...
A "Good" end would involve becoming the Daemonettes conjoined twin...

On that note then, what would be involved in the process of striping a Guardsmen of their armor?

>> No.27830806

That's "stripping" and not "striping", for a start. Best way to deal with errors is to become more conscious of them so you can catch them before it's too late.

And I'd think it might be similar to modern body armor, if that's any help.

>> No.27830834


>> No.27830853


...And yeah, would any of our /k/omrades care to enlighten us on what that would be like?

>> No.27830890

You cheeky fucker.

>> No.27830931

That's what you get for not remembering the context.

>> No.27830954

This is a fair point. I now have a mental image of Eldrad narrating that whole scene like it's an MMA match.

God I love you sometimes, /tg/.

Not really? It seems the plates of "typical" IG armor go over everything else, where a modern ballistic vest like the IOTV has plates inserted into a soft shell that goes over the BDU like a vest.

So I guess it comes off however you want it to come off.

>> No.27830982

> I now have a mental image of Eldrad narrating that whole scene like it's an MMA match.

ELH (or whoever else does the greentexts here), I believe that's your cue.

>> No.27831022

So what does our standard guardsman have to wear besides their BDU and undergarments?

>> No.27831039

Whatever you want him to wear, basically.

>> No.27831091

Well, Flak is standard for ordinary troopers, but there's probably as many patterns for that as there are for their weapons. Most images seem to show Flak as consisting of hard plates strung together by straps that go directly over the BDU.

Which now that I noticed it is utter shit, since there's no real load bearing system for the plates.

>> No.27831093 [DELETED] 

Have him be a Catachan so he can go [spooiler]commando[/spoiler].

>> No.27831126

IG troopers wish they had as much protection as star wars storm troopers.

>> No.27831145

Have him be a Catachan so he can go commando.

>> No.27831232

>that V-sign
you should follow up with double V-sign

>> No.27831295

she looks like she is getting it up the pooper or something.


>> No.27831315

>posts Shiniez art
>calls me cheeky


>> No.27831324

Lol Lewd strikes again. Guess that original poster should have specified "winking during BJ"
this will do though, fap fap fap

>> No.27831337

I just googled "aheago gif"

but if I'm not mistaken, the girl is from PreCure

>> No.27831361

*"ahegao gif"

>> No.27831403

isn't it supposed to be lewd?

>> No.27831585

Lewd the drawfag. Not the general term, though I suppose that is the point.

>> No.27831625

Goddamn that's brilliant Lewd!

>> No.27831771

oooh, someone is CALLED lewd. heh. thanks for explaining.

>> No.27831828

Technically he doesn't have a name, but it's what everyone else calls him.

>> No.27831849

Well, "lewdanon".

>> No.27831852

It's short of Lewdanon. That's what we in these threads named him; he always posts as anonymous.
Occasionally he graces us with a new image, and for that we are eternally grateful.

>> No.27832168

You know you love it.

I need to get some sleep, have an unrelated image.

>> No.27832181

>Dat /ss/

>> No.27832417

I certainly am.

You know, I think the left, middle, and right parts of the pic would fill in nicely for "scared", "painful", and "about to orgasm", respectively. What do all of you think?

>> No.27832740

It looks more like Unsatisfied, Painful, and Satisfied to me.

>> No.27832785

I see "Hey, where are you putting that thing?", "OH GOD OH GOD ITS IN MY ASS", and "Dammit, this feels way better than it should", myself.

>> No.27832855

Yeah, I see where you're coming from.

>> No.27832888

can't unsee... and thats ok.

>> No.27833257

Why would you ever WANT to unsee it?

>> No.27833315

Why doesn't time go faster, god.

>> No.27833352

Because it'd interfere with daily activities that aren't related to masturbation.

>> No.27833554

I don't want to unsee it, that is why i said it is OK that I can't.

true, true. Lucky its the weekend so its ok to spend all day watching porn and masturbating... although that is what i do during weekdays too since i work from home

>> No.27833726

You lucky son of a bitch.

To pass the time a bit, can we get our writefags to check in and let us know how their work is going?

Oh, and I tried to look up more of those "sex face memes" like the one Lewdanon posted. It figures that nearly all of them involved gay sex...

What I'm trying to say is that the sooner Lewd starts on Macha and Taldeer's faces, the better. I need something to remove the crudely made Transformers yaoi from my brain. (I knew I should have listened to 4chan about visiting dA...)

>> No.27833808

It's taking waaaaaay longer to finish this Harlequin fic than I thought it would. It sure didn't help that I overslept after getting home from work. I usually try to wake up around 2 or 3, but I was out like a light until 6:30.

Anyway, I'm working as fast as I can to catch up.

Having learned my lesson with that Arielle x Finubar fic, I decided not to use Yriel. I'm just going to stay away from established characters from now on.

>> No.27833917

Poor thing could use a break, especially after 5th.

>Hive Fleet Hentai
DON'T... tempt me...

Also this:

>> No.27833926

I thought Avelorn Dreams was pretty good, but I'm fine with whichever set of characters you end up using. I'm sure it'll be fine either way.

>> No.27833961

Hey look, Unyuufex found somebody to cuddle without killing them in the process! This thread never ceases to amaze me.

And neither does Lewdanon.

>> No.27833966

Like thirty seconds from passing out, because it's three in the morning.

I have the Sister piece planned, and bits of the Macha Interlewd are ready.

>> No.27833988

Excellent. Post them up as soon as they're finished (and when you come to).

>> No.27834009

>dat link
Emperor praise you, Lewd!

>> No.27834077


>Hive Fleet Hentai

Wouldn't be the first of its kind on /tg/, go for it.

>> No.27834090

Now we need Nid-Chan pleasuring herself on Unyuufexs head horn nub thing
I'm tempting you, Lewdanon.

>> No.27834137

>ripper-chan on top of unyuufex's horn, begging to be fed

It's the little details that make it better.

>> No.27834182

I thought he was doing the whole gagging pantomime, because all that non-lewd cuddling was grossing him out.

>> No.27834195

Actually, he's disgusted by the sappiness.

>> No.27834218

Oh god, all that time spent with Macha has corrupted its tiny mind.

>> No.27834376

Your Macha pieces are like delcious bite sized morsels that are perfect appetizers for the "main course"

>> No.27834410

I've already begun collecting it in the 1d4chan page. Would the title "Leon and Macha Make a Porno" be an appropriate name for this?

>> No.27834431


>> No.27834521

I'll take that as a yes, then. Edinbro's probably asleep now, so I'll just get back to waiting.

To think Macha went from pic related all the way to leaving a porn video with her new lover with Taldeer just to rub it in...it warms my heart. And my dick. Mostly the latter.

>> No.27834595

Well its only fair. I mean Macha probably has ton of "homemade video" of Taldeer and LIIVI going all out. She just wants to balance the score is all.

>> No.27834659

I remember in one of the greentexts that she made a video of Lofn's conception- which she showed to Lofn at some point.

>> No.27834683

Yeah that's why I asked, GW is horrible when it comes to actual explanations, so the fandom often has their own ideas solidified to close the gap.
I'm thinking a shoulder/chest harness with extra plate hanging down to cover the lower bits looks about right, like a First World War Trench Cuirass with Shoulder Pads.

But seriously, Cata-chan would wear some sort of support...
Having your squishy bits bouncing as you bound through the bush may sound erotic, but really it's just uncomfortable...


>> No.27834688


>> No.27834706

>Leon and Macha Make a Porno
It's cheeky, and I like it.

>> No.27834707

>implying it wouldn't be a bunch of fedora wearing otaku tyranids wearing anime shirts shopping at a hentai store.

>> No.27834737

>fedora wearing otaku tyranids wearing anime shirts shopping at a hentai store

BRB, off to the drawthread.

>> No.27834781

Glorious, please bring back any visual prizes you acquire.

>> No.27834806

Unfortunately, it seems like it's been dead for a while but we could get lucky.

>> No.27834929


>> No.27834979

That works too, though I have to wonder how Ripper-chan found that fedora and trenchcoat in a Size -5.

>> No.27835012

Lofn made them for him, obviously...

>> No.27835057

ITT: Perverted Rippers interested in visual diagrams of mammalian reproduction.

>> No.27835084

Wait, are Eldar technically mammalian? They have all the same organs (or at least ones that allow successful crossbreeding), but Xenology's kind of inconsistent about that.

>> No.27835141

Do they have mammary glands? If yes, then mammal.
Eldar have tits. So yes.

>> No.27835158


... biology doesn't exactly work that way.

being a mammal means that you are of earthly stock.

that said, they do make good mammaloids.

>> No.27835177

Which has always made me wonder, why haven't the Tyranids adopted Breasts as a means of storing and transferring Biomass?

>> No.27835181


> "LOFN!"
> "Y-Yes Mom?"
> "I don't..."
> "I swear, I don't know how that got there!"
> Ripper cackles somewhere offscreen like Scooby Doo

>> No.27835200

The perfect crime.

>> No.27835209

The have hair and tits.
That's the requirements for being a mammal

>> No.27835239

Because then GW would have to add clothes to their models, and that would cost them more money than they're willing to spend.

>> No.27835252

If the shoe fits. Scientists are talking about extraterrestrial bacteria and shit. If the thing the find conforms to categories we have here, why not use it? If you find a creature that, for all intent and purpose resembles a rodent, why not class is under rodent? Do we have to make a separate "space rodent" category, if the only real difference is that it's not of terrestrial origin? They don't class whales and dolphins as "sea mammals" because they live in the sea unlike cows and other "traditional" mammals.

Also, you got some classification I don't know about, because tits is pretty much the classification of a mammal. It's in the name.

>> No.27835274

What about dolphins and whales? Or those cats and hairless moles?

>> No.27835302

Whiskers count, and I think that dolphins might have hair somewhere...

>> No.27835315


You could do it that way, but then you would have a mammal who literally has no common ancestors with any other mammals unless they happen to come from the same planet.

>> No.27835317

Whales actually do have hair. It's just very hard to see.

>> No.27835335

Oh, and most of the time it falls out by adulthood.

>> No.27835394

>that link
I literally made a new folder in my downloads section only for that picture.

>> No.27835402

First the Sororitas, and now this!!!
Are you allergic to Money or something?

Probably in their Rape Caves...
They keep the scalps of their victims as trophies.
...Or Eyelashes, I don't know...

Throne damn it, how in the fuck did she get herself into this mess?!
Fucking cultist tore through the line like it was made of old moth-eaten tissue rations, even gutting the Cuntissar before she’d even had an excuse to ventilate anyone’s skull.
Only option was to run, but where?!
Sanders immediately tried to join the traitors, but the crazy fucks were just as willing to rip that coward’s spine out of her ass like they did with everyone else they got a hold of…
Getting off this damn rock would be good, but that’s exactly where the bloody shits were running to, and they’d practically been thrown out of the landing shuttles so the flyboys could float away scott free as usual…
Here she was, alone, scrambling around the ruins of some bumpkin, backwater hab, simply running scared until whatever horrible fate eventually claimed her…
…Could it get any worse?
...Should I sneek in her being a Felnid, or keep her vanilla human?

>> No.27835410

They'd probably change the specification chart to have "Planet of origin" be the above Domain.

So Earthican creatures would be "Terra Eukaryote Animalia.... etc"

Space creatures would be "Mars..." If they had a similar biological structure to say, bacteria or protists, then they would fall under those designations. They wouldn't be exactly the same, but it would still work because of the Mars or Ursa Major prefix.
There would likely be entirely original domains and such as well, of course.

Wait, wasn't this a smut thread?

>> No.27835432

Don't forget the other ones.

http://i.imgur.com/C11B1a8.jpg (LelithxEldar slave)
http://i.imgur.com/1Etnxkt.jpg (Lictor-Chan)
http://i.imgur.com/iiGF877.jpg (Harlequin)
http://i.imgur.com/aODKqV6.jpg (SoBxAdMech)

Your choice. We can't decide everything for you.

And for future reference, lighten up on the ellipses- it makes the action seem unnecessarily drawn out.

>> No.27835434

>Felnid or boring oomie

Is that even a question? Catgirl all the way

>> No.27835448

>Implying we're still not talking BIOLOGY here...
Anon, do you even "Four Fs?"

>> No.27835451

It is. We just get easily distracted. Oh, and remind me to get another one up within an hour or two- we've been going faster than usual today.

>> No.27835460

Already have those saved in my Lewdanon folder.
It's just, damn. That one picture deserved a whole seperate folder.

>> No.27835465

Those are all in fact mammals.

>> No.27835583

All I got left: http://imgur.com/1iwXgd4,xvTc53I,hl5Hwrv#0
So eh I hope that's okay.

>> No.27835660

>all that macha buttsex

Now all we need is vaginal. Can't forget that.

>> No.27835712

Your story is already past full retard and it still hasn't gotten to the smut yet, so I don't fuckin care. Just stop shitting up the thread and FUCKING WRITE.

>> No.27835756

It's not like you're being any more helpful. Besides, we're already in autosage.

>> No.27835779

Honestly, if GW added tits to all their models without clothing, their profits would be large enough to field enough infantry and artillery to overthrow the Brazilian government.

>> No.27835790

This is going to sound really trashy but...

>modern human finds himself in fantasyland
>starts a fight with a nomad in a bar and kill him
>discovers a "you break it, you buy it" policy
>engaged to nomad daughter
>consummation ensues

>> No.27835805

>This is going to sound really trashy but...
Well it IS trashy, but this isn't /lit/- as long as there's porn, you're good.

>> No.27835812

>we're already in autosage.
On that note, lets wait until like page 9 or 10 before making a new one.

>> No.27835826

Gotcha. I might have fallen asleep by then, so if one doesn't get made by then one of you guys can take over for me.

>> No.27835843

>starts a fight with a nomad in a bar and kills him
>discovers a "you break it, you buy it" policy
>has to carry around a dead guys corpse from now on.
i like this version better personally.

>> No.27835865


>"Behold, lord, the might warrior, John Corpsebearer!"
>"I never asked for this! It's just this stupid nomad tradition!"

>> No.27835884

>starts a fight with a nomad in a bar and kills him
>discovers a "you break it, you buy it" policy
>the floating skull of the nomad he killed now follows him everywhere and mocks everything he does, including when the outrealmer is fucking Skully's daughter
Best version

>> No.27835900

He also uses the nomad's dead body as his main weapon.
luckily, the nomad drank lots of milk, so his bones are nigh-unbreakable

>> No.27835908

Knows a thing about boning.

Badhum tsh.

>> No.27835917

Someone has got to make that into a full-fledged novel.

>> No.27835920

>Starts a fight with a nomad in a bar and kills him.
>Discovers a "you break it, you buy it" policy.
>Has to become new Town Nomad.
>Modern Human questions how that even works and points out the ridiculousness of the situation.
>Starts a revolution in Fantasyland.

>> No.27835921


>Give it to her, you wuss, she's not a delicate flower
>She's clearly enjoying it, Dad
>My girl is trying not to offend your delicate outrealmer sensibilities
>Shut up, you're dead! I killed you!
>Less cushion, more pushin', boy.

>> No.27835927

Aaaaand you killed the joke. Thanks, asshole.

>> No.27835938

Meta go home

>> No.27835955

ND, I'll be brief this time. You think too much. Just sit back and embrace the ridiculousness.

Well, explain >>27835921

>> No.27835979

I dont think he thinks enough, to be honest.

>> No.27836011

But now we have John Corpsebearer, Outrealmer wandering the countryside with his betrothed wife and the floating skull of his predecessor, fighting off come what may with the body of said predecessor, and all the while complaining that he just wanted a shot of booze.

Sounds like the next great Animu to me...

>> No.27836040

And you contributed to exactly none of that. Meta fuck off.

>> No.27836107

Stop drawing attention to it. Can't you chucklefucks just use the filter to hide NS's posts?

ND, if you want them to stop, don't talk about what you're going to write, just write it. We know about your issue with deadlines, but you must remember that /tg/ is a fickle bitch that does not like to be kept waiting!

>> No.27836124

I do think too much, which is why I probably have a problem with actual published porn...

...Most of that shit reads about as bad as what you'd find on Deviantart...

...Still, what I was trying to joke at was the ridiculousness of having a "Town Nomad," since it's an oxymoron.

Meta no...

>> No.27836151

It meant a nomad that was passing through town.

Anyway, just lie low and don't post again until you have some real material (2 pages of it minimum). Otherwise the shitposters will just crawl out of their holes. (And if you must post, go anonymous to do so.)

>> No.27836159


>> No.27836165

>I was trying to joke at was the ridiculousness of having a "Town Nomad,"
Nobody said town nomad until you did, you fucking cretin. The original line was "a nomad in a bar", which makes perfect fucking sense. Stop being a fucking pissant already or fuck off. For fucks sake you're worse than that one autist who was stalking smutwriters, at least he knew he was fucking up and learned from his mistakes.

>> No.27836167

Original idea guy here.

I'll see what I can do with how this silliness has evolved. I'm a bit rusty, and the last erotic thing I wrote was intentionally purple (I was going for a Classical style).

As in meeting a nomad who was visiting the town to trade, not that it was some profession

>> No.27836199

original guy who first fucked up your original idea here.
I'm so sorry

>> No.27836202

Yes I understand the original context, it's just makes the situation that more absurd my way.

>> No.27836217

And now "that one autist" is the guy who runs the archive for the threads (i.e. me).

Think of it this way: If I could get a life and stop being a faggot, so can anyone else here.

>> No.27836226


Actually, it could be written seriously, and with the potential to come out fairly well.

>> No.27836239


>> No.27836259

Well to be fair, you never actually STOPPED your Faggotry, you just found something productive to do with it.

I'm trying to do the same, but at least half the hate comes from my "audacity" to use a damn name tag...

>> No.27836283

No, it's because your posts are asinine

>> No.27836301

Think of it this way, if Stalin rose from the grave but just wanted to raise puppies on an animal farm, people still wouldn't like him because he's Stalin.
Drop your name, become an anon. Since the majority of anons are autists and faggots like you, you won't be recognized.

>> No.27836308

...I'm going to pretend that I didn't hear that insult. I already went and put your earlier work back on the master pastebin, so there's no need to hold grudges.

If you ask me, the simplest way to alleviate all that hate is to not use a nametag. Even the other writefags like Edinbro take it off when it's not immediately relevant to do so.

>> No.27836321

dude, stop digging your own grave and get back to writing

>> No.27836339


>> No.27836374

It wasn't an insult, you've done something wonderful and awesome here.
It's just that happens to be a depository of freaky elfgame porn, so faggotry will be a given.


>> No.27836376

Actually, you have a pretty distinct posting style. So, it could actually be pretty easy to detect a thread of you samefag shitposting.

>> No.27836433

Not entirely true- it's still easy to deduce who an anon might be if you look at their typical posting styles. For example, if I posted the same set of pictures with the same filenames repeatedly (as I normally do in the OPs), then it is safe to conclude that I am in fact the same person across multiple threads.

The point is that people won't always like you, so you have to suck it up and move on with your life.

I understand- it's hard to tell over a few posts on 4chan.

He's right- I sometimes visit /v/ and the samefag shitposters stand out like a sore thumb. Some of them have even been identified IRL, like this fellow in pic related, who went by "TheDude" for a while. (I think he still shows up to insult Nintendo rather frequently.)

>> No.27836451

>Think of it this way, if Stalin rose from the grave but just wanted to raise puppies on an animal farm, people still wouldn't like him because he's Stalin.
A better analogy would be if Stalin rose from the grave but just wanted to raise puppies on an animal farm but then proceeded to be the very same dictator he always was without changing anything about himself, people still wouldn't like him because he's Stalin.

Because ND straight up refuses to learn why people hate him.

>> No.27836475

It only works if you don't announce it. Now everyone's going to see right through you and constantly remind you of the stupidity of yesterday.

Nice try, though.

>> No.27836491

you know, you used to somewhat entertaining, now you're just shitposting, so either fuck off as an anon, or shut up and get back to writing and give us an excuse to not report your faggotry

>> No.27836517

Wtf is goinп on?
Where is smut?

>> No.27836532

The thread's deep into autosage. When it hits page 8 or so, we'll make a new one and more smut will be made. That, and several of the writefags are probably asleep by now.

>> No.27836536

Really though.

>> No.27836545

it was scared away by ND and his cuntmongering

I'll say this to you before ignoring you ND, you continue this in the next thread I'm going to delete it, the only reason I havent deleted this one is because its already past bump limit and has actual smut in it

>> No.27836553

The problem is that you're a self absorbed asshole that seems compelled to hijack these threads.
We're here for smut, not to listen to you bitch for half a hundred posts.

These threads aren't yours and they're not about you. Please, will you just stop with this? I know I can't be the only one that's going to NOT read your smutfics on principle if you don't stop being an annoying git.

>> No.27836564

buried, underneath the flurry of rage-induced posts caused by ND and his cockjuggling.

>> No.27836586

Sounds poorly like faggot.

>> No.27836599

i have the 4chan IRC open right now, and I think a mod is on right now

it would be all too easy to go and let them know about the namefag who's been shitting up /tg/ recently

just saying

>> No.27836610

I would take it back out until he writes some actual fucking smut. Its a smutlist, not a half-baked, unfinished fanfiction list.

>> No.27836624

Do it please. I'm pretty sure offtopic shitposting and roleplaying in threads is bannable.

>> No.27836627

yep, time to strike his unfinished works from the list

>> No.27836642

The worst part is that some faggot (maybe ND, doesn't matter now) went and shitted all over what was once a hilarious concept by dragging it into this insanity.

>> No.27836715

Understood. Sorry, but it looks like you aren't getting a second chance ND.

>> No.27836742

I don't think we want any more attention from the mods than is absolutely necessary.

>> No.27836764

IRC sez reporting him is free game though, and it seems that ND has quite the reputation.

> [01:12] <jbg102> hey, heads up to anyone on /tg/. If you see anybody named "NiceDaemonette", run. Run fast and run far. He ruins everything he touches

>> No.27836788

>IRC sez reporting him is free game though
Ive been doing it for fucking ever and its no good, sadly.

>> No.27836795

I can't wait for part 2 of CoSS! Fell in love with the characters instantly!
Type faster Smutomancer! Faster I say!

>> No.27836803


They also said that if it was that bad you should email the mods directly, or even moot himself. Who knows- ND might even receive the Jim Profit treatment.

>> No.27836826

Seconded. I'm not a big fan of /ss/ but...damn.

>> No.27836831


>> No.27836834

So seeing as ND ruined previous requests for Felinids heres a new request.

Smut + Felinids, anything goes because we seriously need more delicious catgirls

>> No.27836848

Oh it's autosaging.

>> No.27836862

We've been in autosage for hours now. It's too late for bumping.

Extra Large Heresy has a Felinid in it. And it's as part of a threesome with Macha.

>> No.27836879

Ok, I think I've written myself into a corner here with the first person perspective...
I've just gotten to the cuddling, but am at a loss as to how to convey the sensual bonding with this rambling non-sequitur thing I've got going.

No problem, like I said before I wasn't even going to put it to Pastebin until it had some proper lewdness.
I just got sick of the idiots claiming I didn't actually write anything is all.

>> No.27836889


>> No.27836940

>I just got sick of the idiots claiming I didn't actually write anything is all.
But you STILL haven't written anything.

>> No.27836977

Yes I have, it just doesn't have lewdness in it yet!
I just brought in the Daemonette and this is a corruption fic, I need to let her natural smut seep in slowly to lock in the lewdness.

>> No.27837001

I know right the story in itself was hot.
but I think these threads gave me a /ss/ fetish

>> No.27837020

Sorry, time's up.

The mods have been emailed about your shenanigans.

>> No.27837086

Well buddy, before I am forever cast from the halls of /tg/, could you maybe help me on the issue with the current smut fic oneshot I'm writing right now?
The problem that started me posting again in the first place?

>> No.27837121

Here's a tip: forget the setup. If someone asks you to write smut, just do it. But that won't matter now because you won't be here to post it.

>> No.27837137

peepee => vagoo

it's $19.95 for the more advanced tutorials

>> No.27837142

You've been working on it - and ruining these threads - for like a month now. Times up, asshole.

>> No.27837177

The other writefags don't exactly write at super speed, but at least they can write well and do so without creating drama every time they post.

>> No.27837248

Except both parties lack a peepee, and this was specifically requested as a Cuddle fic...

I might have to go and do the whole thing over again from the Daemonette's perspective, since I can't think of the Guardswoman responding with anything other than bland "YES, wrap your X around my Y, brush your A over my B!!!"

>> No.27837276

We've been more than reasonable so far, but if you're going to write anything you'll need to find a different audience now, because the one you're talking to no longer cares what you write.

>> No.27837317

Good lord man, learn to write.

Seriously, play through corruption of champions at least once and if you still can't write at least C-grade smut then you just plain suck.

>> No.27837319

Well you are getting a Smutfic whether you want it or not!

You started this mess, now you are going to reap what you've sown.

>> No.27837344

Again, it's not the smut itself that the problem, it's the presentation...

Dumping for example.

What was that?
Shitting Saints, it’s a Daemon!
Must run, must run faster, be a fast little kitty and climb up a tree like momma told you, run run run…
…Right into it.
Holy Terra, is this thing made of tentacles?!
Oh God Empurrer it’s got me, gittit off gittit off!
Augh, urg… guh?
What the fuck?
Is this thing made of jelly or something, it’s so squishy and stretchy and it’s looking right at me.
Fuck, her fun bags are each bigger then my head…
Her voice is nice though, gentle and soothing like a lullaby, and did she just steal my helmet as she stroked my cheek?
Her tentacles are working my Flak’s straps, yes it’s a bit uncomfortable but you don’t need to remove it.
There it goes, at least you took the stupid boots off as well.
What, my shirt is dirty?
Well yes it’s been a rather filthy day and off it comes.
Wait, how did you get my pants off so smoothly?
I usually can’t get my tail through that damn hole without pulling out a whole handful of hair.
Ok, now I’m in my undies, you are wrapping yourself up my legs and…
…That actually feels kind of nice.

>> No.27837345

How are you going to post it, then? It's rather hard to do that with an IP block.

>> No.27837360

>it's not the smut itself that the problem, it's the presentation...

And it shows. Stream of consciousness does not make for good smut. This isn't a James Joyce novel you're writing.

>> No.27837381

Nice job announcing that you intend to evade a ban. See you in a couple of months, I guess.

>> No.27837388

I figured, but it's what I fell into after my intro...

Back to the lewding board I guess.

>> No.27837407

I seriously hope this isn't what you've been actually working on. This isn't exposition, this is a toxic sludge of mind garbage thrown onto a page. At best this is just a bunch of writer's notes and at worst it's the apocalyptic fallout of a wrecked train of thought.


Since I'm a fucking nice person, I'll throw you a bone. Maybe the daemonette excretes some form of aphrodisiac that causes the victim to become aroused. You can describe the character mental state or the exhaustion from running, or fuck anything really that is taught in a highschool english course.

>> No.27837410

>You started this mess
Actually, you did by being an utterly insufferable cunt at every turn.

>> No.27837426

>God Empurrer
If that was supposed to be a pun, it's the worst pun I've ever seen.

>> No.27837445

I tried the nice guy route, and I can assure you it doesn't work on ND. If he wants to keep writing, he can share it with the mods in his ban appeal.

>> No.27837460

Yeah, given the clusterfuck earlier I sort of figured. But given that soon I shall drift off into sleep, my amount of give-a-fuck is actually incredibly low.

>> No.27837476

Unfortunately it is...

I'm going to have to at least start over again from my intro, but I'm thinking I might have to go at this again entirely from the Daemonette's perspective to keep from falling into the same trap...

...THIS is what happens when I try to go fast!

>> No.27837481

Very well. I think I'll set up the next thread in an hour or so.

See pic related.

>> No.27837498

Seeing as you only have 20 lines and a good fourth of them are useless filler, I wouldn't really chalk it up as a loss.

Pro tip: you are bad at first person narrative, consider switching.

>> No.27837556

Agreed on all counts.

Going to go second person-limited with the Daemonette, but that will have to wait for sleep.

Saving the draft though, as it at least gives me an outline of what I want to happen.

>> No.27837693

All right, I think we're due for another thread. Setting it up now.

>> No.27837740

And it's up.


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