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For all your Dark Heresy/40KRPG needs!

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Anyone have any home-brewed enemies or maps? Currently running a RT game where a gene-locked message led the explorers to a space hulk . Crazed inquisitors and hordes of gene stealers will make a good intro I hope.

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Re-asking if anybody has a scan of the last Deathwatch book.

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Meant to ask this as well, is giving run of the mill gene stealers a 65 in ws a good enough balance when they have less wounds than the strand in the into the storm splat?

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I only have limited knowledge of 40K universe. (read first three horus heresy books) Dont own any actual figs, but would like to play the RPGs.

But there seems to be a lot of different games. Could someone decribe each game with one or two sentences so I can know the basic differences between them.

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Anyone know how to properly play a Navigator in a RT game? My first instinct was "Severus Snape IN SPACE" but I don't want to ham it up when there's two new players involved as well.

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which games in particular are you thinking about?

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i dont know enough about any of them. But Iam a big fan intrigue and horror, but still enjoy heavy amounts of combat.

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Dark Hershey Pre-BoM - plebs ripped from the street and forced into conspiracies that threaten your soul, for masters who don't care if you live or die

Dark Hershey Post-BoM - Competent Badasses who throw around the political and martial weight of the Imperium to destroy anything that threatens your sector.

Rogue Trader: Infinite money, and with a ship to do whatever you want in the Universe


Black Crusade - Evil jackasses betray each other, and maybe actually get things done for the Dark Gods!

Only War: Band of Brothers meets Generation Kill

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WS is hard to boost outside of charging, while shooting is easier to boost.

Having higher WS on enemys is okay.

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What is BoM?

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Whatever you are and whatever you do, the ship HAS to have you. That's what being a Navigator means. You can be a good and noble soul, you can be a corrupt asshole, you can be a conniving heretic or a crusading zealot. But your entire life has been devoted to being this person, literally since before you were born. You're a rich-ass motherfucker who is doomed someday to turn into a monstrous pile of mutated flesh, and right up until that day you're the most important person on whatever ship you step foot upon.

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Blood of Martyrs

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Blood of Martyrs?

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Sounds like I'll have to get my hands on BoM. I'm a bit tired of playing "Inquisitorial vagrant squad: the game"

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Blood of Martyrs, Daemon Hunter, Lathe Worlds, and Book of Judgement turn your team into badasses, as opposed to plebs.

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Anyone managed to get Faith and Coin yet?

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>Anyone have any home-brewed enemies or maps?
have the old space hulk corridors as pdfs, and some material from necromunda and inquisitor (namely flora and fauna of the underhive, alien generators and stuff like that) that might inspire your RT creatures.

recently also stumbled upon an old judge dredd/rogue trader supplement with maps tiles for cityblocks.
even found the link again, here:

looks like
>pic related

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BoM is just expanded Inquistiors Handbook introducing the highly controversial and overpowered Sister of Battle classes.

Daemon Hunter is Grey Knights and Lathe Worlds is expanded Tech-Priest stuff.

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just pretend your in the cyoa thread

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They might not be space hulk fare, but I've got stats for Skorms, the unholy abominations that /tg/ created with the creature generator.

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I love how awesome it makes all the paths sound.

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dafuq are Skorms?

Also, what would you consider the worst aspect of the 40KRPG systems?

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>Also, what would you consider the worst aspect of the 40KRPG systems?

you need other people to play them with

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(Winged Barbarian Centipedes)

Weapon Skill 44
Ballistic Skill 24
Strength 51
Toughness 32
Agility 36
Intelligence 21
Perception 33
Willpower 13
Fellowship 25
Wounds 19

MOVEMENT- 2/4/6/12

Fear 1


HEIGHTENED SENSES- +10 to hearing

CRAWLER- Move speed is half its agility bonus, no penalties for difficult terrain
HOVERER- Creature can hover no higher than two meters, move speed normal
HULKING- You are huge! That means you have huge guts!

HEIGHTENED SENSES- Gained HEIGHTENED SENSES talent (+10 bonus for one sense)
FAST- Increase Agility by 1d10
STRONG- Increase Strength by 1d10
AVARICIOUS- This race cares only for the acquisition of resources and wealth. They trade (grudgingly) with those they percieve as strong, and raid and enslave those they see as weak. Most are likely to carry plentiful weapons and armour as well as trade goods and illicit items.

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Probably the way that xp is shared between talents and skills. Skills that aren't used too much, such as a majority of the lore skills, and other ones like wrangling and swimming are way too expensive for what they provide. Of course you can change the costs but whatever.

Tech-priests are way too overpowered.

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The statted Shadowseers and Farseers be scary motherfuckers. I mean, Autarchs, Kabalites and the like can shred a party in seconds, but these guys can do it in one round - or just ignore all of you, completely.

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What is the most powerful rules-as-written enemy entry in all of the books?

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DH2e's beta fixes the skill issue by making skills a lot more broad and useful, and reducing their number hugely.

Hopefully it gets kept in the shift to Only Heresy.

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In Dark Heresy it's the Greater Daemons, particularly the one in Ascension. Not sure about other lines.

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What would it be like on a pilgrim ship?

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like on a temple world.

only in spaaaace.

Seriously, though. Maybe some kind of ritualized fastening or something going on. Like how on a pilgrimage you endure hardships they do the same, by putting some kind of religious trials in place during the transit

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According to the Rogue Trader book, though, it would seem that navigators are bred in high enough quanitities that all but the poorest void ship owners can afford one. Using your position to blackmail the other players into doing what you want or letting you act like a bitch is not recommended.

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I will be in my first Dark Heresy game soon.
Also at some point in the future i will be hosting a Black Crusade game.
Will playing DH help me understand the rules of BC better?

Which would be better, a straight up cleric, or a guardsmen using faith powers from Blood of Martyrs? My... i dont know what you call 40k RPG GMs doesn't seem keen on letting me play a BoM SoB so i want to be a "holy soldier" of some sort without being an SoB.

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So, the RT group I recently got into where new to warhammer RPG's, so when it came to ships I asked them what they wanted, and they where a bit uncertain, so I offered to make three typical ships to let them see what things usually looked like, and one of them mentioned event horrison. Cut to a few days later when I offered them "the mystery ship" a ship that was stranded on a planet and covered so bad in sand they could not even figure out its pattern, let alone size and then I rolled for all the aspects of the ship. (turns out they've got a missile cruiser long range fuck-em-up ship) with a crew of around 30k that used to run a shitty transport.

So, what are some good quirky things to do on a ship thats apperently old enough to have been mucking around since m31 is covered in saint statues and have eldar xeno tech on it apperently? A few things done so far:

>The Plasma reactor is upside down(they've not discovered it yet)
>The entire ship have a faint smell of ammonia and sulfur, its entierly physic in nature - and the ship keeps telling them its not there.
>The Arboretum have grown completly out of controll and hosts its own complex echo system.
>There lives a kingdom of feral worlders in the ship that are currently freaking out over their homes shaking and leaving the sand.

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Anyone else tend to borrow slightly from old war movies when running Only War? I remember helping my players through regiment creation and they decided to be a tank squad from an ice planet and the premise from the old WW2 movie Sahara popped into my head, where various soldiers of different nationalities and sides are trapped behind enemy lines in the middle of a desert looking for water. There's just so much fun shit to borrow and get inspiration from.

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Go watch the movie The Beast.

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I'm trying to get into Deathwatch in southern Denver area, having a bit of trouble wrapping my mind around it. Anyone got like an idiots guide to deathwatch? Bunch of my friends play but I'm struggling.

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How do i into Alternate Ranks in DH /tg/?
I just want to be the fuckhuge faithful chainsaw cleric and the "Redemptionist" seems to be the way to accomplish this.
But I need to understand how it works.
As far as i can tell, what it would do is replace one of my cleric ranks (probably the first one) but other than that i just use cleric rank progression?
So after i rank up i can still take redemptionist stuff the same way i could take stuff from the novice rank right?

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That's what the books tell you.
What else would you do?

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I don't know I'm very new to the system and i literally had no idea how it worked until halfway through typing out that post.
At which point i finished typing it so someone could double-check my thinking.

Does world of origin matter too much?
Also is Cleric or Assassin better for a melee redemptionist? I'm more interested in the redemptionist theme than the specifics of the rest of his career so i guess whichever one is more "powerful" in such a build is the one i want.

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Depends. You probably want to choose one that gives you what you want in your character.
+5/-5 matters a whole lot for stats.
Background packages are very effective, too.
That is, if you can find a fitting one. The packages for Adepts are almost all pointless. Except for Thy Name I Keep, which is out-the-window OP and the useful Verispex.

If you want to be a priest, by all means be a fucking priest.
They get a ton of dosh (Noble-Born Priests are extremely wealthy at lvl1) and are good at what they do.
Assassins are extremely strong in combat, but outside of that only good for sneaking. The social assassin path is entirely pointless due to the very high cost of Charisma. So, if you want to be competent at priesting, that is no option. Unless you can explain why you are incapable of social graces for five levels.

Just get Cult of the Red Redemption (Imquisitor's Handbook) in Chargen if your GM allows it, grab Redemptionist for level 1 and you get all the burny, purgy goodness.

If your group is with you, you can also grab the Firebrands Cell Directive for Maximum Purge or Iron Evangelists if you plan on not doing all your talking with flamers.

For a fitting Homeworld, just look at the focus you want and choose accordingly.

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I don't know, i wanted my "priesting" to be mostly done by my zealotry.
I inspire by example, not through oratory. I want to be the guy that makes you feel you can win by ripping through the enemy, not the guy who tells you the emperor is with you, but shows you that even if he isnt with you, he's bloody well with me.

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Then you need to be a triple-redemptionist.

Step one: Get the Redemptionist starting level from Blood of Martyrs.
Step two: Get the Redemptionist background from Inquisitor's Handbook.
Step three: Get the Cult of the Red Redemption from Inquisitor's Handbook.

You are now a toasy priest. See if you can convince your GM to let you take the Pyroclast alt rank or whatever it is from Blood of Martyrs for maximum purging.

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Isn't that a bit redundant?

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Run one of the starter missions to get accostumed to the type of game it is.

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At the moment it's probably the Tyranid bio-titans from Deathwatch.

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I can't find a PDF of Inquisitor's Handbook on /rs/. I know the GM has the book so he can double check anything i make, but I'd rather get my character mostly settled before presenting it to him, as he doesn't want the actual first session to be taken up by much character making.

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I was just playing the F.E.A.R. game, particularly its expansion pack, and it really reminded me that attacking a Chaos cult should be 2 spooky for imperial agents

Pic related, it's me being the janitor in the warp drive

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You might have a problem with your eyes.

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Actually im just too stupid to understand Rapidshare's new interface and thought that meant file not found.
Now i see the little thing saying "to download".

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Could anyone that bought Faith and Coin share some info? I'll receive my copy only in two week due to FLGS shenanigans

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First thing to remember in Dark Heresy: your characters aren't powerful because you've made a munchkin. Your characters are powerful because you game the mechanics in play, know and use your modifiers, and play tactically. So first thing: pick the character you want to play. THEN work out how to make it work.

So if you want to play a firebrand "MAY THE EMPEROR HAVE MERCY UPON YOUR SOULS, FOR I SHALL NOT!" cleric, well, here's how:
- First, homeworld. Imperial world is a good base, or pick a shrine world for flavour. Essentially, you want a bonus to either willpower or fellowship or both.

- Second, your class. Cleric would be the one, that sets your equipment and starting skills/talents.

- Third, background packages. There's one specifically for the Cult of the Red Redemption, think about grabbing that. If not, then there are others, take a look, see if anything appeals.

- Fourth, alternate ranks. I'd suggest replacing the first rank of Cleric with the Redemptionist rank, since most of the decent skills from Cleric-1 you already have in character creation. Grab the orator talents and some chain and flame training. If you get far enough up the ranks, consider becoming a Black Priest of Maccabeus, for added daemon smiting power, or a witch hunter, for witch smiting power, or a confessor, for delicious reality-bending faith powers.

- Fifth, playing. Be smart. If you want to go around shouting and screaming at heretics and exhorting your allies to feats of valour, make sure you do actually have some allies to stand between the heretics and you and soak up some bullets. You'll be a short-ranged character, but spend your starting cash on a flamer and some firebombs and see if you can loot a chainsword from somewhere. Clerics get fellowship advances cheap, and with a flamer and firebombs your ballistic skill isn't that important. You should be able to whip up a few peasants to do your dirty work for you, you can move up through cover and burn shit.

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I always try to optimize, but i optimize my character to be the best he can be at what i want him to be, not necessarily the most powerful.
I'm the guy in a 3.5 group who has 13 classes and obscure feats and races from books you haven't heard of, yet still probably only does slightly better than the barbarian.

But to me I'm cool.
That's what i want to do in Dark heresy really.

Thanks for the advice.
Cult of the Red Redemptionist is somewhat... problematic as there is a psyker in the group and that seems to have a much more specific "redeem (kill) anything that isn't so pure it is in fact the emperor" than the vague one the redemptionist rank has.

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Cult of the Red Redemptionist appears to be an "Elite Advance Career" or something and not that good.
The Redemptionist Background gives two skills but takes away 5 fellowship, not sure if its worth getting.

Thanks for all your help, I'll probably just mostly get one or two social things and lots of "kill it with fire" powers to start with and go from there, after hands-on experience with the system i should understand more about what i want.

Also Redemptionists who start at rank 1 START with a chainsword or flamer, but which should i take?

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Cult of the Red Redemption gives you early access to Cleanse and Purify. As an Elite Advance it takes nothing away, safe for 150 xp and you get Flagellant, which allows you to go berserk as a free action. In updated DH, berserking is very powerful. Cleanse and Purify makes flames very, very deadly.
Getting it early makes those heretics weep.

Also Pure Faith from Redemptionist is just about the greatest thing to have, as it allows Faith Talents. Which are quite powerful. Not to mention the resistance against corruption.

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You best be scanning it.

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>You best be scanning it.
No scanner, at most you'll get pictures

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You best be buying a scanner.

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>You best be buying a scanner.
Ok fine I'll try to convince one of my player to let me use his

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The background is not very good, get the other options.
Get what's more expensive, buy the other.
Don't forget to buy fire bombs.

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Good man.

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Yes but again, Cult of the Red Redemption specifies that i basically "Cleanse and Purify" the group's psyker just for existing.
Redemptionist of course makes me extra-zealous about that shit, but it sure as hell doesn't say "Kill the fucking psyker, do it now".

>> No.27825376

In taking this Advance, you aren’t simply entering a cult but
are subscribing to a fixed and narrow view of everything in the
Imperium. If, for example, another player is a psyker or a mutant of any kind, you view them as a heretic and think there is only
one correct response—burn them. This Career Path is best taken
by Acolytes of an Inquisitor of Puritan view and preferably by
Acolytes of a Monodominant or similar firebrand hardliner.

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Also would it be worth looking towards something like two weapon wielder for double hand flamer (or flamer with pistrol grip? Would that even be possible to wield two of?) or double chainsword action for extra purification?
Or even Hand/Pistol Grip Flamer + Chainsword so i can cleanse whilst i redeem?

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Well, your party composition is naturally to be observed.
Thought you wouldn't take some firebrand to go with the psyker, the blighted scholar and the Malfian noble.

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The Redemptionist as normal seems to be a finely tuned tool of anti-heresy, which becomes less finely tuned as it runs out of heresy to cleanse.
The Cult of the Red Redemption just seems... unsuitable for most groups as it starts on full "EVERYONE SHORT OF THE EMPEROR IS A HERETIC" mode.

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Dual hand flamer works. Look to the Cadence Destroyer in Inquisitor's Handbook for a really good one.

>> No.27825542

You sound like you disagree.
But you are right insofar as most stuff in Blood of Martyrs is much more compatible with different groups than the more constricting earlier books.

The Red Redemption is a bunch of extremists so you have a hard time integrating them with anything on the same planet as liberal.

>> No.27825571

Any idea how to get two-weapon fighting with a priest?

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Yeah, what i like about Redemptionists is they normally tread that road, its inevitable that they WILL find new people to call heretics.
But if you put one in the inquisition, it still has the accepted kind in huge numbers.

If i get addicted to killing Heretics am i at more risk of Khorne or Slaanesh?

>> No.27825590

Anyone willing to upload The Emperor's Chosen for Deathwatch somewhere?

>> No.27825634

Depends- do you get addicted to the killing itself or the pain and suffering caused by the killing?

If it's the former, Khorne. If it's the latter, Slaanesh.

>> No.27825714


Check Blood of Martyrs. I thought I saw a dual-wielding priest in there.

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Neither. Chaos preys on the mind without purpose and faith. Just by believing hard enough in the Emperor and hating Chaos you become hard to get. Chaos is corruption and deceit, not a symbol of your emotional nature.
You need to let yourself be corrupted. Unless you have prolonged contact with daemons or mighty artefacts.

The effect of repelling Chaos with disbelief, faith and purity is called Armor of Contempt.
A strong-willed, unwavering believer can remain untainted even after years of fighting heretics on a besmirched world.

When they say 'faith is my shield', that is no hollow phrase but on the level of the soul a simple truth. Heresy lurks in your doubt and weakness of mind.

>> No.27825811

Now that i have had that explained to me i feel less faithful, as i required an explanation to begin with.
Truly i will have to work hard to make my character lacking in the doubt i have in real life.

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It's more about ego than irreplaceability. They're outside the chain of command, and yet at the same time more important than anyone up to and probably including the captain. After all, if you shoot the captain in the middle of the voyage, you can put some other guy in the chair and still get where you're going. I like that tension between someone who can't give orders, and yet can't be entirely ignored.

And yes, they can be replaced. But "all but the poorest ship owners" is still a very small and exclusive club in the 40k world. And additionally, Navigators are bred from within their own powerful noble families. Replacing one means going hat-in-hand to one of the rich and powerful noble families in the Imperium--or finding some shifty motherfucker that nobody else wanted to deal with. If you fail to show proper deference to one Navis Nobilite house, the others might not be so impressed either.

But then, that's what Rogue Trader is at its best. You're playing a couple of incredibly powerful individuals with giant-size egos who still have to somehow cooperate. Every party member might be technically subordinate to the Rogue Trader; but he's never really in the position where he can tell any of them to fuck off.

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Have some structures or machinery in the ship that nobody can identify or understand, but if anyone fucks with it bad things start happening. Like the "arboretum" keeps sending out tendrils of spiky plant growth into corridors and other rooms. But if the crew tries to cut the growth back past a certain area, the Gellar field starts fluctuating or something.

Places where the gravity doesn't work right. Like there's no grav-plating, but everything in the deck is pulled toward the aft bulkhead. Or places where grav-plating just doesn't seem to work, and are permanently in microgravity.

There's a ghost that lives in the Captain's quarters. Wherever the Captain's quarters happen to be.

There's a statue of a forgotten Saint in a niche overlooking the bridge that weeps blood when the ship enters the Warp.

One of the main cogitator arrays has these weird crystals wired into it.

>> No.27826748

The problem is that not all the navigator house are on a friendly term and there's always a house willing to place one of their scion on a rogue trader vessel. Don't forget that there's also nothing preventing the RT from hiring a backup navigator in case the first one die, which is likely to happen if the main one is a player.

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Sure. I'm not trying to say that the Navigator gets to boss the rest of the party around. Just pointing out the sort of mentality that a Navigator is likely to have grown up with. They're the insanely-valuable scion of a rich and powerful noble house with a carefully-managed bloodline, and are solely responsible for guiding an entire ship through the Warp. It should probably inform the sort of Navigator that you roleplay.

>> No.27826873

How exactly does a Navigator do its job? Is it comparable to someone acting like a living, breathing GPS? Slightly intrigued, to be honest. I mean it's a simple in game roll, but I'd like to know more.

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File: 734 KB, 1024x653, rogue_trader___close_call_by_ladynorthstar-d5ilqx1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My favorite thing, by the way, is when a RT party doesn't have a PC Navigator. NPC Navigators are the best excuse to fuck with players evar.

>> No.27826891

In my games, I've ruled that there is actually a cabal of Navigators on board the Rogue Trader's (or any other Warp traveling) voidship. Lower ranking Navigators, apprentices and such, with the PC being their leader.

Mostly because they need to work in shifts during long voyages, and also so the ship is not stranded in the middle of nowhere if the PC Navigator decides to go on an adventure and dies.

>> No.27826929


The game material is a little bit vague, but I suspect that their third eye lets them act as a sort of living sextant. They can actually look out and see the Warp itself without instantly turning into a gibbering mutant. They can see the twisting and flowing and bending of the Warp's version of spacetime, and can (usually) guide the ship where to go to avoid being ripped apart.

>> No.27827126


Tehre's a piece of gear in the books that removes the need for a navigator. Pretty useful.

>> No.27827143

From the Navis Primer,
Stage 1: Divining the auguries (optional)
The navigator determine the auguries for the journey by consulting charts for the warp route and performing esoteric rituals
Stage 2: Translation
Before issuing the command to translate into the warp, the captain enacts various rituals to avoid misfortune during the journey and must attempt to quell rumours of bad omens amongst the crew
Stage 3: Locating the Astronomican
The navigator attempt to locate the Astronomican. The Astronomican acts as a beacon for the navigator making it easier for him to avoid the horrors of the warp during the journey
Step 4: Steering the Vessel
The navigator uses his innate abilities, experience and the power of his third eye to steer the ship through the warp route, while attempting to detect and evade potential hazards.
Step 5: Leaving the Warp
Hopefully, the navigator has successfully steered the ship to a point in the warp where the vessel can translate to its intended destination in real space.

>> No.27827198


Radicals handbook and an adept is really all you need to be op as fuck.

>> No.27827272

sweet god emperor.

Did anyone draw these things? I like to sketch art for monsters. Maybe I'll do something for the next 40k General.

Are there any more like this? On 1d4chan or something like that?

>> No.27827529

I see a whole lot of people who would not agree with Clovis in this thread!

I bet you even pray to statues of the emperor to!


>> No.27827576

Ratskins were here, Redemptionists are losers.

>> No.27827584

Someone help me.

I'm playing an Only War commissar in Dark Heresy. I have +30 Command, and a Fellowship of 47.

But I can't figure out Command for the life of me. Can I only command those loyal to me? Every mention of it in the books says that you use it on your 'followers', which I could understand in OW, but in DH, one rarely accrues followers.

So, Command expanded skill use suggestions?

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See this heretic!
Despise him!
Burn him!


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I still have my blocks for some daemons and Slann.


Use the Inspirate special use to give your homies +10 to stuff. Your abilities also key off command. Max your fel and command to do that type of thing.

>> No.27827857
File: 17 KB, 1024x1581, warhammer40k_theredeemer_002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27827873
File: 362 KB, 1024x1593, warhammer40k_theredeemer_003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This will take time

>> No.27827900
File: 906 KB, 2048x1574, warhammer40k_theredeemer_004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Like, major time.

If anyone minds, tell me to stop dumping.

>> No.27827907

Ganging up on the enemy, with both PCs having double team, gives +20 to WS to either PC. This is different from the bonus you get from charging, aiming, quality modifers, etc, because it's a direct bonus to the WS stat, not to the roll, meaning that your WSB is also raised and that the bonus peresists for parrying etc

>> No.27827917
File: 216 KB, 1024x1600, warhammer40k_theredeemer_005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27827930

Can't you just dump into into a 4share or something? (how big is it?)

Random question: Does semi-automatic wepons give a +10 to WS skills?

>> No.27827949
File: 311 KB, 1024x1538, warhammer40k_theredeemer_006.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27828001


I found somewhere it' already uploaded.


may have been there i downloaded it originally, don't remember.

>> No.27828185

Only one ability is valid in a DH/OW crossover, the Terrify thingy. The other one, shooting an acolyte's nonexistent personal NPC, doesn't really apply, and the GM is hellbent against homebrewing any sort of rules that help the systems mesh.

Inspire only works in combat, iirc. I'm more curious about the whole 'Follower' designation. I'm easily the group's only non-combat character, and it'd help if I could use Command do do some more non-combative stuff.

>> No.27828274

I think so. Full auto in DH is +20/+30, don't remember. I always houserule it to +30 and can't be arsed to look it up.

>> No.27828352


Semi gives no bonus except for the possibility of several hits.

>> No.27828372


Full Auto in later revisions (like in Black Crusade) is -10 instead of +20.

So single/burst/full is +10/0/-10.

>> No.27830420

So last time I dicked around with creation rules in OW I came up with Shaolin Techpriests.
This time I made a regiment that gets:
1 Sentinel per player
1 Chimera per squad
1 Vehicular power field per player
for those here who've played OW, how powerful is this really?

>> No.27833601

Is there a DH-to-RT-to-BC conversion guide anywhere for characters? I know the more powerful BC characters are about a 7000xp DH character at creation, but that's it.

>> No.27835732
File: 102 KB, 512x512, git.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm sure there's something amusing there. This came about from me busting out the monster creator section from the GM's kit and having /tg/ pick the features. Which was a mistake.

If anyone sketches one out, I'll mail you a beer or something.

>> No.27836894

I'm running a Dark Heresy game set around investigating a gang war to see which of the four gangs is being manipulated by Chaos agents, and I figured that I could ask /tg/ what my gangs are like.
The Orrons are a driver gang – they wear ripped clothing, have bulging muscles, drink a lot, and drive loud vehicles. Their main focus is scraping money out of legitimate transportation businesses, with many gang-members holding down low-end jobs in vehicle manufacturing.
The Valerns are drug dealers and scum, through-and-through. Their gang members are always inconspicuous, masters of blending into crowds and bluffing their ways out of situations. Their revenue comes from sales of regular drugs such as Obscura and also these new ‘flects that have been appearing. Everybody wants them dead, especially the Orrons, who just lost a lot of their territory to their drug dealers.
The Urdes are vandals. That’s all. They dress similar to punk rockers, and leave a trail of destruction in their wake. They’ve been spinning out of control recently, causing the more subtle Valerns to become concerned that the Arbites might initiate a purge, while the Orrons want them to stop blowing up their cars.
On a side note, what do you think about giving the players props such as actual dossiers each? I figured it might add a fun extra layer, and give them a paper trail to check up on things so they don't have to ask me 'wait what was this guy's name again'?

>> No.27836913

...by four gangs I mean three.
I cannot into maths.

>> No.27836943


Considering the vehicle power field makes you almost immobile, not really.


And the Sharks are Puerto Rican and the Jets are all greasers.

>> No.27836997
File: 340 KB, 1280x619, 1382020730123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't read this, Rob.

Hey /tg/, check out my plans for an upcoming Deathwatch campaign and let me know what you think. The campaign is slightly unconventional in that the players will not actually be a part of the Deathwatch. They will represent their own Chapters as part of a joint Imperial effort to expand its territory. Without getting too deep into the whys and wherefores of that, I give you my plans.

- The campaign will begin on Adrantis V in the Segmentum Pacificus.
- The party is to assist in the expansion of Imperial territory into unknown space beyond the Halo Zone and Ultima Macharia.
- The first set of worlds the party will attempt to conquer consists of Deletros, Ignis and Partheniad.


>> No.27837005
File: 754 KB, 1024x768, the-warriors.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>a gang war
I can dig it.

>> No.27837013


Deletros is, by all appearances, a dead world. Though the remains of a sprawling alien civilization covers the planet, preliminary scans from orbit suggest that nothing living has walked its surface for the past ten thousand years. Imperial intelligence attempted to uncover the reason for the failure of the xenos civilization on the world, but have so far come up empty. There are no signs of ecological disaster nor thermonuclear warfare (or its equivalents) and no indication that the civilization’s extinction came about as a result of extraterrestrial invasion. As far as can be reckoned, the people of Deletros simply disappeared. Still, a reconnaissance mission must be undertaken to determine that Deletros is as vacant as it appears before pre-colonization efforts can begin. Unbeknownst to the Imperium, Deletros is a Tomb World of the Necron, and the time of their awakening to the harvest draws near…


>> No.27837031


Ignis falls under the Imperium’s “Death World” category due to its erratic and violent seismic activity. The planet is completely uninhabitable and intelligence suggests that whatever is causing the frequent and catastrophic volcanic eruptions across the globe will soon consume Ignis utterly. Still, in order for the expansion to continue soundly, it must be known whether or not there exists some threat on Ignis that may be cast into the void upon the planet’s self-destruction, lest it find a chink in the efforts of the Imperium and exploit it, to the doom of all. Preliminary scanning of the planet’s atmosphere found little of note, save one thing: a smattering of energy signatures telling of a ship’s recent arrival or departure via the Warp. No Imperial ship has come to Ignis ever before. In reality, Ignis has only just earned itself the Death World classification, having previously been a Maiden World belonging to the Eldar. The perverse god of excess, Slaanesh, sent its minions to befoul Ignis in mockery of the ancient breed that spawned it. The trace energy signatures are those of Chaos and Eldar ships doing battle over the planet while their foot soldiers vied for dominance on the surface below. Once they realized Ignis was truly lost, the Eldar abandoned it, withdrawing to the Webway after suffering massive casualties. Their victory won and their spoils enjoyed, the servants of Slaanesh quickly followed suit. However, both sides neglected to reclaim their surface operatives before quitting the planet, and members of both sides have thus far managed to survive its slow self-destruction.


>> No.27837045


Partheniad is foremost in the Imperium’s interest of the three planets. Boasting an atmosphere capable of supporting human life without modification or terraforming, there is only one drawback to the small blue orb: it is already inhabited. Normally this would call for orbital bombardment and subsequent ground assaults on the unwitting civilization below. However, such mass destruction would mar what is otherwise a perfect candidate for colonization, and so the Chapters involved with the expansion have been tasked with conquering the planet without destroying its ecosystems or otherwise rendering its considerable natural resources unusable. The denizens of Partheniad are of a xenos breed not previously encountered.

Surveillance suggests that they have not yet taken to the stars and have given little consideration to the idea that there may be hostile entities in the void. Should the Imperium have its way, they will not live to regret that mistake. It will not be easy; the citizens of Partheniad have recently become vassals of the ever expanding Tau empire, and while they are certainly not high on the list of the xenos‘ priorities, a direct attack on one of their colonies will no doubt bring eventual retribution from the young race. Perhaps years later, when the Imperium believes the planet to be secured, they will arrive with fury and thunder.

That's all I've got for now. Thoughts?

>> No.27837056

They all sounds kinda trope-ish. Not saying that's bad. You have mad max versus a drug mod, with some 99%-ers fucking around.

>> No.27837108

The spin is that (Guys who I DM for - remember the Deathwatch campaign where that one guy turned out to be alpha legionnaires? - don't read this) none of the gangs are corrupted, the Arbites are and the gang leaders know this. They've been working together trying to draw inquisitorial attention for months.

>> No.27837122

Aren't vehicular power fields near unique?

>> No.27837154

Is hating tropes just for the sake of hating tropes a new /tg/ thing, or is it just you posting about it everywhere today?

>> No.27837158


So, a fight against Newcrons, Chaos, and Tau? Yeah, it follows the proper conventions and all.

>> No.27837163

Anyone have stats for Necron and Tau ground troops? I'm looking forward to having a bungling squad of Tau warpstorm'd across the galaxy and confused as fuck.

>> No.27837173

Deathwatch core book, give me a minute and I can get the Fire Warrior stats for you.

>> No.27837190

That any gang boss has a way to reach an inquisitor seems a little sketchy, tbh. I mean an Inquisitor might have spies EVERYWHERE, but unless the asset in question is the gangboss himself i doubt they'd be willing to take a risk and make themselves vulnerable to being discovered. Being a rat isn't looked too kindly on in the underworld.

It also has to be one pretty powerful gang, to even be interesting to most inquisitors.

>> No.27837198
File: 561 KB, 500x562, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No clue where Necron stats are.

>> No.27837213


Tau are Deathwatch Core and Mark of the Xenos.

Necrons are in Tome of Fate and The Outer Reaches.

>> No.27837226

They've been doing so much bad stuff that the hive world they're on is actually completely destabalized, and it's one of the main sources of laspacks for a nearby crusade. The gang leaders - one of whom is an ex-acolyte - know this, and would rather not get conquered by chaos.

>> No.27837240
File: 115 KB, 467x119, Capture2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tau weapon stats

>> No.27837253


You forgot Space Elves, but yeah basically. These guys are new to Deathwatch and 40K in general, so I wanted to do my best to give them a well-balanced taste of the universe. I know there are a few factions I forgot, but I wasn't going to try and shoehorn them in just for the sake of having them.

Plus, if the game goes well, the expansion can always continue into new, unheard of places with different threats (Tyranid, Orks, etc.).

I also thought the stuff on Partheniad might provide a cool opportunity for people playing Deathwatch to do something other than kill, maim, burn. Some actual diplomacy, if you will.

Even if it turns out to just be a feint to get the filthy xenos to trust them long enough to get enough boots on the ground to carry out a street-by-street genocide.

>> No.27837269

What Necron you looking for? just the warrior?

>> No.27837270


Make sure to blow up a few craftworlds along the way. You'd be doing the universe a favor.

>> No.27837299
File: 994 KB, 440x340, byinquisitorialmandate.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You'd like that, wouldn't you? Y-you, you...


>> No.27837322

from the descriptions of the gangs that sounds like a pretty deep fall.
I'd at least give them a little more extravagant flavour, especially if they are powerful enough to destabilize the entire planet.

Human trafficing, exotic drugs, trade in stolen bionics, weapons, selling their manpower as mercenaries for politicians that try to reach for the position of governor, an alliance with a house of nobles or maybe even an "hostile takeover" of all the assets of a noble house or something like that. Maybe even a gangboss sees himself as potential governor.

The descriptions of the gangs as they are sound like they are nothing but a bunch of violent bums, without infrastructure or uniting purpose.
But maybe that's just because of what you posted, as I don't know what else you've planned.

Either way, cool idea.

>> No.27837324
File: 22 KB, 336x400, Tau Tuxedo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Damn straight. Fight the good fight. Stomp a craftworld today!

>> No.27837329

So I'm very fond of the WH40k universe, and my group has done a bunch of RPGs before, but now I'm looking at some of the WH40k RPGs, and I'm not sure where to start.

My groups looked at Deathwatch before, and it's a bit vanilla for our tastes. You're all superman, and you go around shooting heretics for the emperor. So other than that, what are some really good WH40k RPGs to get into that aren't too tough to dm (none of us are that good at DMing) and provide more option and flexibility (I've heard good things about Rogue Trader)?
Does anyone have good descriptions of how each plays, and what to choose if you know what you want in a system?

>> No.27837338


I'd like this as well, I haven't found it anywhere.

Here's some stuff I wrote for RT way back if anyone wants it, plot hooks and a loosely-connected series of endeavors.



>> No.27837349


Rogue Trader for complete and utter freedom to do whatever. Dark Hersey (Post BoM) or Only war for small team operations against all kinds of threats. Dark Hershey (Pre-BoM) for a babby's introduction to Grimdark.

>> No.27837376



Blow shit up, have a good time. The roleplay comes in between teammates. Play up Chapter differences (if you have a Space Wolf and a Dark Angel, your party conflict is basically laid out for you). Not good unless your players know the lore well enough to know something about the Chapters they've chosen.

>Dark Heresy


Get used to dying.

>Rogue Trader

Pirates in space! YAAAAY!

>Only War

Like Dark Heresy, but with more screaming. If you're not playing Apocalypse Now with laser guns, you're not doing it right.

>Black Crusade

That Guy's paradise. Evil d00ds doin' evul things cuz evul bro lolol ecksdee.

Unless you are 100% certain that your group can handle the challenge of being evil without resorting to "lolrape" every time, do not even attempt.

>> No.27837386
File: 30 KB, 438x463, chiefjudgehershey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27837401

That might be an idea, thanks. I was hoping the 'flects from the Ravenor books might be enough to get the Inquisition interested, but I'll definitely take what you've said into consideration. Coming from Deathwatch means I don't have much experience with plotting other than 'GO HERE KILL THIS BECAUSE THIS INQUISITOR SAYS SO'. Thanks for the help, anon

>> No.27837419



You have been doing Deathwatch wrong.

>> No.27837495

If it was fun, how was it wrong?
Besides that was just the basic gist of the campaign, there was a lot more individuality than that but I'm too tired for storytime.

>> No.27837504

Thanks for the input. Which of these is easiest to DM? Our only DMs are foreverDMs, and none of us have enough time/intelligence to plan effective and detailed campaigns, so anything not too complex or too much work/homebrewing for balance is really good.

>> No.27837506


Deathwatch can do a variety of missions. Inquisitior's Bitch is usually Dark Hershey type stuff.

>too tired for storytime

That reminds me I need to post the archive for my game tomorrow...

>> No.27837520


Dark Hershey and Only War set themselves up for short forays based on mission. RT is better for longterm investments.

>> No.27837530

To be fair, Inquisitor's Bitch was just how the story started.
A bit of it was Inquisitor Bitchfight between two of them using the kill-team to spite each other.
Then things got weird with an old ones artifact.

>> No.27837553

>Try to do semi-Rogue Trader with a couple online friends who haven't met each other
>Everything looks great
>They're going to be playing leaders of a flight wing and having dogfighting shenanigans on board an ancient and decaying light cruiser
>A techpriest and an arch-militant, good enough combo
>Then their PCs have chemistry. As in, like bleach and ammonia. That kind of chemistry
>At each other's throats instantly and won't lay off
>Test flight gets fucked up, they both blame each other, captain demotes and reassigns both because the arch-militant isn't ready for command and the tech-priest isn't ready to open its vox to anyone not in Engineering

>> No.27837644


Some players just don't work well together. I've seen Tau / Dark Eldar and even Orks with perfect team attitude, but others, not so much.

>> No.27838257

So we've seen.

So i'll be starting into an already running separate groups RT game where all players play separate factions.

There's an Ork player, RT one, a Space Marine

And me. A scrappy orphan arms dealing pirate king. Who im still in the process of making his empire.

>> No.27839498

Those floor plans are sick, you're a saint, anon.

>> No.27841290


>> No.27842198

Reading this i now realize the redemptionist i was about to play was all wrong.
I thought i should hate the Heretic, but now i realize all he needs is someone to care for him and show him the error of his ways.
The Emperor of course, not me. But the Emperor can't do that whilst he is still running around being all blasphemous and stuff, i shall have to purify them for the Emperor.

>> No.27842262

Rolled 62

personal power fields are, vehicle power fields are very rare

>> No.27842273

Rolled 13

oh, didn't see that when I looked up the rules, I thought it just had a limited duration
are there any alternatives you would recommend for this kind of force?

>> No.27842385

Sounds like our sister of battle, litting you on fire and then hugging your corpse, "find peace in the emperors light"

>> No.27843682


Any more feedback on this? Planning on moving forward with it, wanted to know if there are any changes that need to be made first.

>> No.27844486

Getting ready to run some Rogue Trader for some experienced friends. Some of them are veterans of numerous completed D&D campaigns, as well as a long running campaign in Dark Heresy that is currently on hiatus at the Ascension level of play.

We went through the ship creation process from Into The Storm, and as such the Rogue Trader's dynasty is very old. Their dynasty has numerous human enemies, and their vessel is extremely old as well.

Here is my problem. I am familiar with the system, as well as the universe, but I am having trouble coming up with an underlying enemy for them to face. My players have all told me that they enjoy having some kind of ultimate foe to square off against, and even though we just started, I like to have ideas for who their adversary will be at the start of the campaign so I can sort of steer it in that direction as we go. I like to plant little seeds that grow into horrid problems later, and also so I have some kind of twist to throw at them later.

Any suggestions for a BBEG in Rogue Trader? I was thinking a rival rogue trader might be good, but I am open to suggestions from all of you cool kids.

>> No.27844521


What type of game do you want to run? A xenos-based game would require a Xenos based enemy, while a political sector influence campaign may require a jackass governor or Rogue Trader.

Whatever happens, make sure a lot of Eldar die.

>> No.27844582

>Any suggestions for a BBEG in Rogue Trader? I was thinking a rival rogue trader might be good, but I am open to suggestions from all of you cool kids.

Have you read the calpurina omnibus?
In the last book there is a plot by his fleetcommanders to replace the deceased Rogue Traders' heir with a strawman/bastard of their chosing.

so in keeping with
>the Rogue Trader's dynasty is very old. Their dynasty has numerous human enemies
>I like to plant little seeds that grow into horrid problems later, and also so I have some kind of twist to throw at them later.

maybe someone in the RT's posse is plotting with his enemies against him?

>> No.27844638


Remember that the plural for 'rogue trader' is 'war'.

You said that the players dynasty has human enemies, so having a rival rogue trader dynasty that is building up their wealth and influence on the platform of "fuck the PC dynasty" would be spot on.

Have the players meet their rival in a formal setting like the waiting room of a planetary governor, the rival walks out of the governors office with his entourage and then smugs on the PCs a bit. For the average rogue trader AND for the average PC this should be plenty of reason to start a multi-generation blood feud, also remember to rub in the smug by having the governor dismiss the PCs because the rival took care of whatever the PCs were meeting the governor for.

>> No.27844750

Anyone here besides me running DH 2 beta?
I Kinda like the new wound system.

>> No.27844830


They've scrapped DH2 new system for an Only War system.

>> No.27844868

Anyone read the Tome of Excess? I spent the afternoon reading through it and it's great! Really digging the fluff about the new locations.

>> No.27845419

One of the first things that comes to mind when i think of 40k combat is that iconic fighting style practically every model not wielding a huge ass gun prefers.
Pistol in one hand, melee weapon in the other.
So why does this require you to get two weapon wielder twice in Dark Heresy? Why make something iconic like that harder to get than less commonly seen stuff like wielding two swords?

>> No.27845435

Yes and personally, it's the most balanced and complete depiction of Slaanesh and Slaanesh worship in all of 40k. Highly recommended.

>> No.27845459

Dont be silly, Slaanesh is the god of torture you cant describe because it would freak out kids and teasing because anything more actively sexual would freak out soccer-moms.

All the drugs and artistry and shit in tome of excess are stupid.

>> No.27846109

>All the drugs and artistry and shit in tome of excess are stupid.
Haven't even read the book, but the thing about Slaanesh is EXCESS. Doesn't matter if it's art or trash, pleasure or pain, sex or torture, food or starvation, intoxication or sensory deprivation.
As long as there is anything at all to experience it's relevant to Slaanesh.

>> No.27846331

Pretty sure he's being sarcastic. Tome of Excess does a really good job of expressing exactly what you describe.

>> No.27848280

Hey y'all.

A couple questions for you:

I have a player who wants to become a Ravenwing Initiate. Totally fine with that. He's played his DA well. The problem is.. what the fuck are we going to do with a bike?
"Hey guys, you gotta go into the sewers to root out the broodlord. You have to leave your priceless bike, with its gothic kickstand down, parked right outside the mutant hab block."

Also.. I want to throw Dark Eldar at them. Are they in Rogue Trader? Any suggestions on how to buff them for DW if they need to be?

Thank you

>> No.27848434

Put an automated turret/gun servitor or three on the bike. That should dissuade most heretics.

>> No.27848622

Ravenwing just means second company. While they are usually deployed a certain way within the chapter (for a certain purpose as you know) that doesn't mean anything if you play DW (i assume that's what you are talking about since in any other rpg a marine would be little ott as pc) as they are outside of the chapters organization, imo.

He's a DA from the second company. That's it. He might like to go fast whenever he has the opportunity, but there shouldn't be anything special about him.

>> No.27848776


I completely fucked that up. Instead of ravenwing initiate (which he already is) he wants to become a ravenwing veteran. Page 49 of First Founding says that the bike (with teleport homer) comes as standard issue.

>> No.27848846


>the bike (with teleport homer) comes as standard issue.

There's the solution to your problem. Just have the bike teleported out when you come upon places that it could not enter or be effective in.

>> No.27848864

nice.. sort of like the old D&D paladin's horse that comes/leaves when you fart 3 times.

I like

>> No.27848899

Brother Agogiel, when you passed your perception roll you notice that your bike you requested has been teleported right on top of you, crushing you in the process.

>> No.27848948

"Well better than last time when the bike landed on the Governor's influential daughter."

>> No.27851100

the bomb

>> No.27853317


>> No.27853362

They should be in the beginning of the equipment section; I can't believe you missed them.

>> No.27853456


My apologies for not responding in a timely manner. Thanks for the tips cool kids! I think we could pretty much take it in any direction at this point, as it just started.

Some back story, their rogue trader's father recently just died, and the warrant was passed to him. The father was suddenly, and inexplicably corrupted by chaos while on his ship, and had to be killed by his own First Lieutenant (who is a player character on the new ship). Group cohesion is good, mainly because they know it had to be done. I've purposely left the details vague, but I was thinking it might be a plot by this rival dynasty they are having problems with. I was thinking the big reveal would be that their rival dynasty's rogue trader is corrupted to the core, and she is trying to bring their dynasty to ruin for her dark masters.

Did any of that make sense? Or does that just sound stupid?

>> No.27854031

but tropes are a persistent thing, you can't really have a story without tropes. They're sort of like building blocks. Perhaps people are complaining about cliches when they say tropes.

>> No.27854142

Don't listen to this man. GW destroys enough Craftworlds as it is. I think the Eldar have been destroyed thirty times over by now.

>> No.27854177

>ritualized fastening
The Church of Saint Nomura?

>> No.27854248

My group is very eldar friendly. In their campaign that is on hiatus for a little while, their Inquisitor actually has an eldar harlequin who is working with him for the time being. No craftworlds are getting mangled on my watch.

>> No.27854254


So what's another few times?

Do your part! Blow up a craftworld today!

Would you like to know more?

>> No.27854299
File: 1.02 MB, 378x391, howheretical.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Eldar apologists


>> No.27854596

Shas, I haven't kept up with the baker's dozen Rogue Trader Campaigns you've run in the past few years. Is this a reference to an event that has happened in a recent campaign?

>> No.27854618


Not really. It's just always a good thing to kill Eldar.

>> No.27854655


He's just got this thing against Craftworld Eldar. It shows.

>> No.27854759

What is his thing against craftworld eldar?

>> No.27854784


You really don't need a reason beyond the fact they're Craftworld Eldar.

>> No.27854957

Let me rephrase the question. Why are you still trying to force this unfunny joke?

>> No.27857140

Nobody else was disappointed by this when they read the book?

>> No.27857431

There's conversions to Only War, though.
>Rogue Trader

>Dark Heresy (pdf)

>Dark Heresy 2e (?)

>> No.27858751

I'm a new player and i was wondering what kind of upgrades or talents should i look for if i want to reload my weapon faster in Dark Heresy.
Would it be possible to get my Flamer reloaded sooner? 2 Full rounds is somewhat... limiting.

>> No.27858829

So I'm thinking of running a Death Watch space hulk game. Anyone has any tips for a GM new to the system? Also would it be bad to limit assault marines being in a small space with low ceilings?

>> No.27859015

Abuse the nature of a hulk - its litterly a thousand ships and other hab-sized space based piles of scrap that makes up them, its not only dark corridors - some sections might have fused into massive open areas of increadible size, and increadibly loads of genestealers or worse. Also keep a very tight track on their ammo count, especially the bolters and have them think tactically if its worth tossing out those extra shells - feel free to abuse the nature of chapter warfare by leaving diffrent routes that fits diffrent strategic approaches - like, a direct route or a flank attack one.

Also depending, you could try out the "all-mooks-must-die" rule of if a weaker enemy takes one critical damage he's out, if you want a more fast-paced action game, with a lot of opponents. Also, while it might be unfair to force them into single-line corridors ocationally - oppen diffrent routes to allow them splitting up.

>> No.27859048

This is good advice, especially the abusing the nature of the hulk idea.

Especially since ships aren't just narrow grey corridors. An old rt's ship could have had a personal garden and now its mutated in the dark of the void into a jungle that sprawls across decks. The coolant systems of an alien vessel might have gone into overload and frozen an area solid, or in reverse boiling radioactive plasma sludge rivers from an overloading reactor.

Hulks are huge so throw in some pockets of variety in there.

>> No.27862662

It's not like the guy is permanently attached to that bike. First Company veterans in Deathwatch don't march everywhere in Terminator armour either if it isn't appropriate for the job.

He'll stow the bike aboard a Thunderhawk or their ship when not needed for the mission. Then when needed to chase some bad guys on an open area or do some sick wheelies, then he'll take it with him.

Not a problem, really.

>> No.27865332

Looking at the Battlefleet Koronus rules.

Is there anyway to take down a Titan without another titan. Because as I understand the rules, not even a Shadowsword (heavy armor) could do it.

>> No.27865767

Easy, GM fiat. No really - if your GM tosses you a titan, you should have had a pre-warning about it, and thus some way to stop it - failing that, in terms of actual pewpewness? Ships from orbit generally can pull it off.

>> No.27865777

Voidship fire.

Possibly a Baneblade.

Anything of Epic-scale, really, although voidship barrage is the easiest solution for any Rogue Trader. And spotting a titan from orbit is about as difficult as spotting The Eye of Terror.

>> No.27866058

I am the GM

That's the thing though, a baneblade is a heavy tank (power 12 Heavy+armor+modern world).

Damage from a division is 4d10+power, Armor is base power x2.

So a Baneblade deals 4d10+12 damage.
Warlord Titans are power 45. When means if I'm reading this right, Warlords can't even kill other warlords with an armor of 90.

>> No.27866080

It just occurred to me that if I applied righteous fury to unit formations it could work.

>> No.27866161

Honestly, I didn't really have an idea, I just assumed something from Epic could kill it.

Though, shouldn't Ordinatus do the trick? Rearrange planetary defence turrets to take out the titan, maybe?
You could trick it into ground where it'd be fall through and be stuck, simply to get the drop on it, so to speak.

>> No.27866327

The first Anon was right, orbital bombardment seems to be the only way without righteous fury. Macro Cannon and Lance Strikes destroy anything they get a direct hit on automatically.

I don't think it counts Ordinatus, it goes up to heavy tanks and super heavies which is puts under the broad category of "heavy armor"

>> No.27866371

Assuming your group ship has a lance it's 75+5d10 damage

Otherwise I'd just say that titan and SM don't get the x2 armor bonus.

>> No.27866387

Well, never having played Epic, I can't say for sure, but the Legio Ordinatus (aka The Mechanicus with the BIG GUNS) are supposed to be in Epic according to Lexicanum. But for a Rogue Trader, very little except for ship weaponry will even scratch the paint job.

Also, are the Titan stats in BFK?

>> No.27866413

That works.

>> No.27866445


The only stats for a Titan I know of are in the Rites of Battle for Deathwatch.

>> No.27866454

Oh, this isn't Epic, this is the Planetary Invasion rules for Battlefleet Koronus (Rogue Trader)

And yeah, they're in here.
Warhounds are Unit Strength 50, Power 25
Reavers are Unit Strength 75 power 35
Warlords are 100 and 45

>> No.27866512

Oh, okay. Just figured I'd throw out the Ordinatus, so that the Imperiums most sensible superheavy warmachines aren't forgotten.

Also, let me tell you a secret about BFKs mass warfare rules: They're utter crap.

Problem is you don't really have any alternative, unless you want to play Epic.

>> No.27867765

Do duplus clips work in any special way with a fire selector? Kinda laughing at the idea of 6 clips shoved onto one pistol, but hey you never know

>> No.27868963

Recently in my DH group, the GM has introduced the concept of Secret objectives.
He gives each player a list of 4 different things of varying difficulty and a player can choose one of them. Only the GM and the player know what objective they're going for. There is no time limit for completing them.
A few examples include '(Party member) really helped me out. I must make sure to repay him'. or, 'The inquisitor distrusts our cell. I must convince him that we are worthy by ironing my comrades into shape'.
Once a player feels he has achieved his objective, he reveals what it was at the end of the session and everyone else votes on whether they think the character managed to succeed in it.
Once the vote is passed, the player receives bonus xp - this amount varies depending on the difficulty of their secret objective - and gets issued with new choices for another objective.
Overall about a third of each characters xp should come from secret objectives.

Is this concept a good idea?

>> No.27869005

I like it a lot bro

>> No.27869080

>Problem is you don't really have any alternative, unless you want to play Epic.

>Implying that isn't a good thing

>> No.27870476

It shouldn't be that the eldar abandoned their troops. Instead, they left them to guard the webway portal which is inside the mountain housing the world spirit. The mountain is still intact and the eldar have fortified it. The eldar are guiding the world soul towards a clean and explosive death which would eliminate the abandoned chaos forces entirely.
The slaaneshi followers have set loose heat-and-soul sapping tentacled daemon-flesh which is cooling the world down and stabilizing it.

>> No.27870625

sounds awesome
might be difficult
needs further playtesting

>> No.27870729
File: 232 KB, 1600x1518, tag_team_by_sttheo-d598w4b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so what kind of alien species archetype are you going to be using?
I'm thinking....
>Pic related

>> No.27871087

Zerg Creep + Dicks + Geothermal mining = Slaanesh daemon flesh

>> No.27871451


It's definitely a clever idea. You could also go the other way, and give them under-the-table assignments that increase paranoia and conspiracy within the party.

>Investigate the arbitrator, he is suspected of heretical dealings

>Deliver a specific xenos artifact intact to the Interrogator. No one else in the party can know of its existence. Especially the tech-priest.

>> No.27871529


To be fair, you don't need the two-weapon wielder talents to have the melee+pistol combo. You just need it to get the extra dual-wielding attacks. You just need Ambidexterity if you want to carry both weapons around and use whichever one of them is better at the moment.

But yeah, it's kind of a bogus XP sink.

>> No.27871535

Is anyone interested in starting a rouge trader game on roll20? All of my Rouge Trader friends went to different colleges than I and we can't find any time to get together. I'm a little rusty though.

>> No.27871547

An ok concept, but are your players good enough that they will vote against a character not completing their objectives? It seems like your group could easily just abuse it for extra xp. Maybe have you be he judge of completing objectives. Then use them to mess with that party- some goals might not be good for the team, or could put the mission in jeopardy

>> No.27871612

I'll be playing a Rogue Trader and I'm fussing over my options. Is it worth it to go for a larger vessel, or is a faster vessel gonna serve me better? Is an inferno pistol a good starting acquisition? Or would I be better off going with the mono grox whip?

>> No.27871820

Also, is there any power armor available to Rogue Traders that doesn't have an absolutely pathetic battery life?

It's weird that something so iconic to the setting is so limited. I really don't get what it is with game developers designing Warhammer games (WFRP had this problem) and being extremely reluctant to let you enjoy the really cool shit of the setting. Even Rogue Trader has this problem, what with the mentioning the fact that battleships exist, but not bothering to stat them as if there's no possibility of ever encountering one or anything even remotely like them.

>> No.27872209

>power armor
Because there would be no reason for a player to not be in them

Because they are part of the IN fluff even chaos doesn't have them in BFG

>> No.27872258

Ok, so what's the current reason to not wear carapace armor all the time that wouldn't also apply to power armor?

As to battleships, you can play a secessionist. Are you honestly saying there is NO chance of ever seeing one?

>> No.27872426

If you're always in armor you're doing it wrong anyways, as for battleship no you won't see one ever the only one "canonically" in the expanse is the light of terra and it's busted while from memory Battlefleet Calixis only has one or two, when you obtain three or four great cruiser and start threatening the sector then maybe they'll think about sending them against you otherwise you'll only see cruisers.

>> No.27872539

Does anyone actually care that much about canon in 40k setting games? The canon is contradictory and retarded.

>> No.27872580

>just like the Bible

>> No.27872586
File: 65 KB, 625x626, bait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In other news, water is wet.

>> No.27872593

Go away troll. Nobody likes you.

>> No.27872595

Of come on. You can't call it bait when it's an obvious fact. You can't troll by telling an obvious truth that everybody agrees to.

>> No.27872605

Been in a DH campaign for a month and a half now, been doing bonds like that. He's limiting us to 4 total bonds completed at 50 xp a piece so it's not like it's accelerating us too fast. It's been pretty interesting so far. Basically retconned our female guardsman's past to say that she used to be a dominatrix.

>> No.27872606

Can Rogue Traders use Air of Command on themselves?

>> No.27872615


>> No.27872623

Why does everyone misspell rogue?

Is it some kind of mouthbreather meme?

>> No.27872641

Aside from the main DH book, are there any expansions on the 'divination' discipline?

>> No.27872663

No, it's because it's an easy to misspell word and spellcheckers don't point it out for you.

>> No.27872677

>>such a narcissist that they believe that everyone shares their point of view.

You know, they make medications that can help.

>> No.27872686

>Everybody agrees with me!
Keep deluding yourself, buddy.

>> No.27872707

You'd think they'd pick it up after the 100th fuckup.

>> No.27872900

Ok, in what way is 40k canon not frequently contradictory and retarded? Keep in mind the C.S. Goto's novels ARE canon.

>> No.27873042

I would not play with you simply because of your misspelling of rogue.

>> No.27873086

It's all just propaganda made by one side or another, and it doesn't take a genius to realize that none of them entirely realize what's going on in the galaxy.

>> No.27873144

I'd say that calling FF canon contradictory in a FF RPG is kinda hard to swallow though, unless there is some other source of info about Calixis, Koronus and Jericho

>> No.27873873

I thought he was referring to 40K as a whole. Why else would he bring up C.S. Multilaser?

>> No.27876238

Poor authorship example?

>> No.27876378

Oh, neat and i read if you are holding a melee weapon in the off hand you can still use it to parry.
So would a flamer with an extra grip in one hand and a Chainsword in the other work?

>> No.27876461

Sooo... anyone want to describe their groups? Been awhile since I've read about a fun/interesting story or group.

>> No.27876580

My DH group starts this weekend.
I suspect a casualty rate of everyone but me, as they will no doubt say something blasphemous in front of the wrong person.

>> No.27876697

What's the best way to use fear rating 4 to survive when you have 14 toughness because trips to the warp does that kind of thing?

>> No.27876727


This is exactly how my Only War game is going. We're playing irregulars running around the planet causing as much havoc as possible

>> No.27876770

When that wasn't a Generation Kill clip i was horribly disappointed.

>> No.27876784

I've made 49 characters for death watch. But none of my group plays 40k, and I'm a forever dm.

So. I guess I'll never know how much fun that blood angel assault marine would have been to play.

>> No.27876808

THAT is an amazing song and a great Video.

>> No.27877140
File: 1.51 MB, 1248x2732, inquisitor_acolyte__scarlet_winter_by_tekka_croe-d51ss3n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yep, that should work just fine.

>> No.27877165

Heretek with an adiction to future space petrol, glorious apostate party face and leader, two renegades whose adventures range from Boondock Saints tier air duct attacks to operating operators operating so operationally in operations that Sam Fisher, Seal Team 6 and Batman all wish they were their dads, lastly a psyker whose whole life is one big near death experience who is mutated to hell and back (literally) but only gets benign mutations and defeated a greater daemon of tzeentch in a battle of wills.

We just moved a planet, but we think we did it wrong.

>> No.27877297

I can BUUUURN things on my turn, then parry afterwards.
At least once i can afford an extra grip...
Can i pay someone to add it on to an existing flamer or is it going to take a whole new flamer? Because at that point i might as well just grab a hand flamer.

>> No.27877418

For a group that has only played D&D but loves the 40K lore. What game would you recommend as a starting point and why?
I personally am interested in RT and OW but my friend thinks non-space marines are boring.

>> No.27877428

That shouldn't be a problem. Ask your friendly neighbourhood Explorator. Or whatever tech-priest is responsible for weaponry maintenance. It's not even heretical, after all.

>> No.27877447

DH has classes and shit, probably a decent system to transfer to.
If you want Spess Mehren though, play Black Crusade. Its evil spess mehren adventures in spess. You get to party hard.
Keep in mind the book outright lies to you and says cultists and spess mehrens can work together.
Fuck anyone that says they can, the gulf in power is massive and Space Marines are better at every non-combat thing too.
Well how could it be? Surely the mechanicus themselves invented the extra grip after thousands of years of careful innovation by the highest and most secretive orders making ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND TIMES SURE it wasn't going to accidentally become possessed when you added it to your rifle.

>> No.27877500

Not really. In one of my games, when I run Lure of the Expanse, my party managed to kill a Farseer accompanied by 33 Wraithguards and a squad of Rangers.. I buffed Farseer stats, but he was still killed after rolling 95+ 4 times in the row. The party lost only about 300 armsmen.

>> No.27877591


>implying any spess muhreen archetype can outdo the dark machinations of a glorious Heretek

>> No.27879553

Space Marine Rocket Bobsleigh.

>> No.27879565

I'll go by player, in order of their characters.

Player 1:
Crazy Arbitrator. I mean crazy. The fucker burned down an entire city with one firebomb during a one-on-one duel. He faked his death to avoid execution, but was buried alive. Dug himself out of the ground and went back to the lander. He found out the crew planned to betray the acolyte cell so he killed them all single-handedly, flew the lander to the town the party was in and arrived just in time to save everyone from a daemon. Dead. He was killed by the captain of the crew with a hellgun as a final betrayal.
Scum. She was a whore. Mooched 500 gelt off the techpriest and died by jumping off a train not one session later.
Sister of Battle. Rules over the rest of the acolytes with an iron fist and will not hear a word against the emperor. Hates psykers with a passion.

Player 2 (me):
Techpriest. Very tough, lots of armour. Always made himself look great and everyone else look bad in reports to the inquisitor after every mission (even though he wasn't usually the source of heroic deeds) and got many bonuses for it. Once punched the first Psyker's leg off with a single blow. Longest surviving original character, was killed a couple of sessions ago in a heroic duel with an Ork Warboss.
Cleric. Redemptionist with the Proven Innocent background package. For obvious reasons he avoids talking about how he came to be a Cleric. Was kidnapped and managed to convince his kidnapper to follow the path of redemption and give him half of the ransom that the rest of the party would pay.

>> No.27879703

Player 3:
Psyker. New player to RPGs in general. Never did much in combat, but provided the game with a lot of FUN. Once horribly failed a psychic power and killed everyone within a 400-metre radius. In a Hive City (the player actually calculated the population density and figured out the exact number of people he killed. It was stupidly high). Then he went berserk as a result of failing his willpower test due to killing so many people. He almost killed the assassin (who was the only living thing for 400 metres), then went through the rest of the city butchering people with a sword. Was stopped by the techpriest who ran in and punched him with the intent of knocking him out. The punch took his leg off. He took over the party (except the sister of battle) via Touch of Madness, and hid from the arbitrators. He was eventually caught and publicly executed.
Another Psyker. Makes use of the Wrangling skill to tame wild things - he's had a baby battle bear (which died) and a Squig (which he actually took with him back to the hive city after the mission. It was taken away by order of the inquisitor). Also summoned a Daemonette via a psychic mishap, but it was only for 2 rounds so it charged at him and dissipated. Due to the daemonette and the Squig situations, everyone thinks he's a heretic. The only reason he hasn't been killed is because he's actually sometimes useful to the group.

Player 4:
Assassin. Somehow talked the most ridiculous bullshit and manged to pass rolls all the time despite mediocre fellowship stat. He would only ever engage in melee combat (with a mono greatsword). He had a hellgun but never ever used it. Survived for one round less than the techpriest in a fight against the warboss.
Another assassin. Stays back and snipes fools. Almost never talks or displays emotion. Despite this, he's well liked by most of the party and he's owed a big favor or two.

>> No.27882006

I am playing BC.
My character is neutral renegade atm but I am planning to get aligned to Khorne.
I was thinking about getting a Minion of Chaos, but I realised I need like 15 more fellowship for the talent which would be really hard to get, not worth it, since I just wanted a flag bearer or a bard and the minions are too combat focused anyway. So no minions.
I need to come up with something, what to do?

>> No.27882189
File: 39 KB, 396x258, traitorguard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I wrote some rules that let you play some bitchin' chaos-turned guardsmen/cultists/cannon fodder. Wondered what /tg/ would make of them.

pic related

>> No.27882225

Should note that these are written primarily for Only War, but you need the Black Crusade core book for some of the more chaos-y stuff.

>> No.27882456
File: 988 KB, 987x1149, Blood Pact - Watch Your Heroes Bleed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Before I download: can you make Blood Pact using those rules?

>> No.27882496

If you want a non-combaty minion, Lesser Minion should probably do it. The talent is cheaper and as a lower Fel requirement than basic Minion, too.

Alternatively, just recruit a random follower to fill the same role. The only disadvantage then is you'd have to go through the trouble of re-acquiring another one if he should bite it.

>> No.27882534


Ultramarine Spiritual Liege Tactical Marine
Imperial Fist Give her the painglove Apothecary
Black Templar Solaire of Astora Assault Marine
Storm Warden AH'LL SEE YA LATER LADDIE Assault Marine
Black Templar I clearly don't really know the lore Techmarine
Black Shield I'm too old for this and my name clearly betrays the fact that I was a Space Wolf Pilot/Techmarine/Intelligence

>> No.27882565

well, I meant the lesser one, I have 26 fel and I need 40 for it. 3 advances with Slaanesh would be very expensive and hard to include my planned build.

>> No.27882827

That arbitrator sounds like the most badass fucking thing.

>> No.27882962


>> No.27883591

One of the books has a lathe wrought upgrade. It is considered powered and has better values than most. It is 1/2 weight,+1 ap, halves weapon penetration and is best craftsmanship to stack with all of that. Can be applied to any non primative armor

>> No.27884003

Question from a DH newb. I've been told that people die a lot on Dark Heresy, which I like. What would you guys say is the average life expectancy of a character? 5 hours of play? 10, 15?

>> No.27884043

Depend on the DM and players

>> No.27884150

Any DH character generators like this one?


I'm thinking of using it to plan out a character or two, but it doesn't list any Elite Advances, optional ranks, or basically anything else that was released after the Inquisitor's Handbook. (And if anyone knows where I could find a DH wiki, that would be nice too- it's a pain having to constantly flip back and forth between the generator and the .pdf just because I forget what a talent does or something like that.)

>> No.27884188

Can range from half an hour on a space hulk expedition to several games if you are infiltrating cults

>> No.27884217

It isn't considered powered, though. Still insane if you put it on carapace.

>> No.27884425

8ap all, 3kg and halves weapon penetration. Found my next acquisition test item

>> No.27884756

>Near Unique
Have fun with that.

>> No.27884815

You could also house rule it to having longer battery life. I always rule that power armor has 12a hours of use to it because that would be the max time you would probably need it for before a resupply or rest period

>> No.27885019

Current game im in has 134 profit factor. Rank 6 seneschal with talented commerce, commerce +20 to roll for a higher profit factor. Near unique -50, single man +30, very rare -20, best -30. So a -70. 64 % chance without having the commerce roll. Which can add 2 per sucess

>> No.27885101

>as much wealth as a sector lord or one of the richest navigator house
I'll need alcohol to understand what that dm was thinking

>> No.27885161

Well you could create some awesome plots with that kind of money. A group with more questionable morals could secede with that sort of cash.

>> No.27885271

You must play with people that do not play very long. Every weekend for 6 months is hell of a time to play, especially when we play 8+ hours a game. Plus, by the book you can start with 60 profit factor without gm assigning one. Also,you can fast foward through stuff. Not every trip in the will fuck your shit if you have a pc navigator.

>> No.27885365

Your calculation is off.
It's Near Unique (-50), -5 for an attached item, so -55. You don't need the Best Quality (The thing is Near Unique instead), you don't need the Very Rare for the Armour (instead you treat it as an attachment), you don't usually get the +30 for anything of Availability of Extremely Rare or above. But your GM must give you PF like candy, so he might give you it anyway.

>> No.27885430

In the warp* sorry, phone is a piece of shitl

>> No.27885852

I'm pretty sure it's different for each one, but the long and short of it is that Navigators can actually perceive the Warp, without being rendered insensible, and even divine enough information from it to really understand their location in space. They basically just use that to tell the pilots which direction to go in.

>> No.27886160

So I have being reading about the Chartist Captains and the Merchant Fleet and I have a few questions about contradictory sources and information.

Almost all the vessels in the Merchant Fleet have navigators and travel the warp but some do have to travel the long way by normal space but those are short trips that take relative short times like a year or months for systems that are really close to each other?

The vessels of the Merchant Fleet are 100% state owned? How much freedom do the captains have to get some profit themselves? I guess they transport the Tithe in coordination with the Departmento Munitorum right?

Civil fleets are hold to the same limitations of the Merchant Charters as the Merchant Fleet but are just private vessels and enterprises?

>> No.27886331


Ah, delicious Hershey is best wai- I mean chief judge.

>> No.27886371

Okay, this is how it is as far as I've understood.
A Chartist Captain is pretty much a free trader to operate within the bounds of his Chart within the Imperium. They're pretty free and powerful, but still subject to lots of laws, regulations and stuff a Rogue Trader Warrant of Trade lets you bypass. They'll be employed by the Imperium and its branches more often than not, but isn't a slave under it any more than the Imperial everyman.

The Navis Nobilite borrows you a Navigator or two for a fee. And, since every warp-capable ship in the Imperium requires a Navigator to ever hope to be effective, that amounts to a lot of money and power. You CAN do unaided jumps, but only small, short ones of a few light-years, so you'll still be screwed.

And you're only ever going to go within a system at non-warp speeds. The nearest star system to Terra is Alpha Centauri, at just above 4 light years. That's going to take an Imperial ship somewhere around 20 years to cross. And that's really close, by astronomical measurements.

>> No.27886787

Right now the group is
>Nobleborn plasma gunner in charge of social shit, being rich, and vaporizing enemies. Constantly trying to get a plasma pistol instead of a plasma gun.
>Redneck frontier world sniper in charge of taking out elites from a thousand meters to dissipate formations. Worships solid projectile weapons, her gun is close to weighing more than she does.
>Space-Russian techpriestess in charge of "there I fixed it" and duct tap borderline heretek for improvising repairs all day every day.
>Fremen assassin in charge of knives, explosions, and being a creepy fuck. Extremely devoted to his hilariously creepy not-Islam.
They OPERATE under the Ordo Xenos and are currently posing as detached spec-ops troops helping Space China fight New Phyrexia. Body horror comes in running hot and cold varieties in this campaign.

>> No.27886825

>Space China fight New Phyrexia
So helping the Tau against the 'Crons, then? Or something else?

>> No.27886872

No, a homebrew hive world that's basically modern and Imperial china put in a blender and set to dystopian, versus pretty much Phyrexia ported directly to 40k with minimal adaptation besides turning body horror to maximum.

>> No.27887320
File: 1.56 MB, 1280x1024, 1266528617506.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OW group, players are from a WW2 Wehrmact inspired regiment and at pretty high xp level.

>Ogryn: Swings around an eviscerator and an intimidate score that would scare a Chaos Space Marine. Also, has almost as many cybernetic parts as the Enginseer. Which makes him even more terrifying.
>Squad Leader: Autistic demo-expert turned tactical genious and squad leader. Has more skills than the rest of the party combined and his Creed levels of tactical genious has saved their ass more than once.
>Heavy weapons guy: Likes shouting, hitting people with his swagger stick and being a drillsergeant. Has a almost sexual relationship to his autocannon and is the angriest motherfucker to walk the earth.
>Techpriest: Techsavant turned Secutor that recently got his hands on a suit of power armor through connections. Thinks himself to be some form of Mechanicus Kane and wants to Peace through Power. In truth, all he does is automatically succeed at Tech-Use and call them barbarians under his breath while building bigger weapons.
>Comrades: Consists of a wisecracking cyborg vox-operator, a superstitious as shit medic and overly religious grunt

Through a hilarious incedent where the Squad leader went "Where the Inquisition at?" all over base they now work for the Inquisition as a Special Ops unit being groomed for fulltime Inquisitorial service in the warzone they are deployed. The group is completely oblivious to that fact.

>> No.27887382

We're gonna need a new thread soon.

>> No.27887432

So, has anyone tried Faith and Coin yet? Is it worth the $40, or should I wait and hope it goes to .pdf for $20?

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