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I stand at awe at GW's genius.

I just read the Farsight supplement and I am at loss for words. GW found a way to satisfy both sides of the Tau debate.

You can have two flavors of the Tau. The Orwellian and sinister Empire or the noblebright and heroic Enclave (Bad Tau and Good Tau).

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>Liberal democratic nation existing in 40k
Go back to watching Star Trek.

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they fell back onto a childishly simple solution. Empire + Rebels could not be any more stereotypical in just about every franchise

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You're just jelly that IoM really turns out to be just a shitty option, instead of being the best of shitty options.

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Except Farsight is now shitfuckboring hero on shining battlesuit.

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>GW's genius.

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Don't act like you didn't want Farsight to be this. Speaking for myself, I like my space paladin and his disciples of misfits and exiles.

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Why should I want an Optimus Prime ripoff for 40k.

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Go back to your Empire, ruled by Ethereals whose souls are pulled down by gravity.

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Go away Farsight, you're hopped up on daemon sword again.

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I liked the idea of Farsight being this military commander who realized that Ethereals aren't militaristic enough and started his own empire ruled by martial law and dedication to self preservation.

Or the idea of Farsight being corrupted by a daemon weapon.

The supplement took the Farsights secrecy away and turned into a oh so noblebright mary sue.

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The good thing about Farsight is that he possibly teachs tau not to think they killed Slaanesh.

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>he doesn't know the imperium itself doesn't give a shit about local politics as long as everyone stays loyal and pays taxes which makes any form of government possible.

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>turned into a oh so noblebright mary sue.

Which is, honestly, after all the bombardment of grimdarkatuide is very refreshing.

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>Signs of laxity were everywhere: in the continuing beautification of the cities with mosaics and fountains, in charity towards
>beggars, in the peace and prosperity of the planet, in regulations for the benevolent conduct of brothels, in the ever-rising standard
>of cuisine, in the abolition of laws allowing the torture of suspects, even in the pronunciation of the local dialect of Imperial
From Inquisition war, by Ian Watson.

>Charity is heresy citizen.

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No it's not. He's character is just boring.

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>>Charity is heresy citizen.
On that particular planet. There are a million worlds in the Imperium, everything is possible

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It doesn't fit his character. He used to be this lone knight who found some terrible secrets on Arthas Moloch and went rogue. Now instead of getting grim and protective because of seeing with the galaxy contains he goes full goody-two-shoes

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That was said by an inquisitor, so is at least indication of the policy of the inquisition.

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Now I see why you don't like farsight. You're a tard.

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>Now instead of getting grim and protective because of seeing with the galaxy contains he goes full goody-two-shoes

He is very protective of the Tau and knows that acting like grim assholes (Imperium) or shifty cunts (Ethereals) doesn't solve things. it only makes things worse and does not serve the Greater Good.

Fine, to each his own I guess.

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Wait what? Farsight's a good guy now, rather than an insane blood knight with a daemon weapon who insists he's on the level while being the only tau ever to embrace toe to toe face smashing?

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The fact that the two flavors weren't bad and worse just further proves that current 40k is a hollow shell of what it used to be.

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Not everyone who gaze into the abyss become monsters like the horrors that dwell within it. Sometimes their heroic resolve is stoked and their passions become blaze of righteous fury.

Farsight is here to teach the galaxy that there is a better way than embracing the grimdarkness, and I love him for it!

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He still likes toe to toe face smashing.

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Every individual Inquisitor is a policy in himself. Entire systems have fallen because two Inquisitors disagree on what is and isn't ok, leading to a ridiculous scale of infighting.

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> there is a better way than embracing the grimdarkness

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Salamander have been doing this for ages.

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The vast majority of those worlds are hellholes.

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I much rather liked the idea he was holding a Chaos blade that made him rogue.

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Did the Salamanders rebel against the Imperium for its cruel ways and started their own democracy? Nope.

The closet thing the Imperium has to Farsight is Logan and the Space Wolves.

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In that sense, are the astral claws and tyrants legion like a grimdark version of the farsight enclaves?

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A Reserve-Farsight, I think.


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Is bretty good
I rate his bait 4/10
But he was kinda good with it, so O give 7/10

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I'm thinking you mean reverse. I wouldn't say complete reverse, in a lot of ways...the astral claws were in the right. Huron hiimself was a douchebag though.

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Don't you think the whole ''find an evil magic sword and go evil'' thing is a little overdone? Not just in this setting but everywhere in fiction

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I personally like that it very well could be an evil magic sword but farsight has been able to not come under its sway(Or so we assume).

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>Which is, honestly, after all the bombardment of grimdarkatuide is very refreshing.
Why dont you jsut play something lese if you dislike grimdark? I mean, theres tons of boring standard noblebbright scifi, its literally the majority of scifi, just pick one. Why try to turn 40k into something it isnt?

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Because people Love an underdog story. Plus, it's a big galaxy, having one or two attempts at noblebright isn't going to hurt. In fact, seeing that it most likely -will- fail in the end makes it even more grimdark.

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Let me repeat, why not just go somewhere else for your boring underdog-happy-goody shit?

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Maybe he likes 40k but isn't one of the adolescents/manchildren who screams GRIMDARK SUPER SERIOUS ALL THE TIME like you.

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Because I pointed out that in the overarching scheme of things it cements the 'grimdark' as a reality of the setting. They're -trying- to be noblebright...that doesn't mean they'll succeed. It adds to, not detracts from the setting.

Why does it bother you so much? Are you 14 and can't take something that doesn't reek of linkin park?

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I agree, but I would have like it better in reverse : Farsight as the relative bad guy (if and only if it is for political reason and NOT lolcorruption) and vanilla tau as relative good guys. Because I'm tired of "the hero save the day" and a sucker for "collective work save the day".
So I also hate Aun'va.

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>NOT lolcorruption

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'Evil'? chaos isn't evil ironically the chaotic urge to rebel and overthrow order has led to the rise of good, to a daemons eye(s) helping a little blue dude overthrow a bunch of weaboo spess commies is just as valid as it's sibling helping a rogue Inquisitor overthrow the Imperium.

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Yes, that may be a part of why I'm tired of this.
> "You deserve it for playing those games ..."
I guess... but still, can we have more than ONE plot point ?

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Because having tiny pockets of noblebright like farsight and the sensei that are totally doomed makes it even more grimdark.

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I recall a little quote from one of the Chaos dexes.

It goes something like this ''let no evil act go unrewarded, let no good act go unpunished'' (paraphrasing).

So yes, evil.

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>"Let no good deed go unpunished, and let no evil deed go unrewarded."

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40k chaos has lost a lot of the duality it had in the old days. I want my martial pride khorne back.

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Who's the writer of Farsight supplement?

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Younger players only think he's lolsorandumbletskillbabiesXD

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That's because he is.
Chaos isn't morally ambiguous anymore.

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chaos daemon drugs are the best drugs

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That's because he is.
Chaos isn't morally ambiguous anymore.

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Srsly? Because I can't really recognize him by style nowadays.

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And they've managed to change him ever closer to that apex of edginess

On another topic, but somewhat related with noblebright. I was hoping to have a small Astral Claws force that highlighted a captain and senior officers realisation of what Huron has done to their chapter. The younger members becoming more violent, unhinged and depraved. They fight for their chapter, but they're becoming more and more outcast as the badab war goes on, becoming disillusioned with Huron and his 'legion'

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You will pay for your betrayal Farsighto-kun!

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God damn are those guys ripped.

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As much as I love Inquisition War, don't you think some of the things in it are from a bygone age of GW?

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Why in the world does Space Pope have melee weapon wielding male strippers as bodyguards?

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It wasn't that great honestly...

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He's the Space Pope, he can have whatever he wants.

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Okay, this is turning ridiculuous, like moustache-twirlingly-evil

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B-but he writes scripts...!!!

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It is a damn dawnblade, never was chaos.

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Better than the kiddified shit we have now.

You mean... grimdark? That is kind of the idea.

Another one:
>Presumably he didn’t rate the Stalinvast operation as requiring really major surgery – even though thirty hive cities had been devastated to date and several totally destroyed. Casualties? Twenty million civilians and combatants? Out of a thousand cities, housing billions...
>Wistfully, Jaq quoted to himself the words of an ancient leader of the middle kingdom on bygone Terra: ‘In the land of a thousand million people, what does the death of one million of these count in the cause of purity?’

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Ok assuming I'm interested in writing a story about a human city being overwhelmed by demons how do I go about showing chaos as not just plain evil ?
Tzeench followers being unhappy with the current regime guys incharge of the security systems.
Khorne demons ignoring women , children , cripples and the elderly while fanatically running at anything armed and able to fight ? Ignoring weaker warriors when cutting their limbs but glorifying the remains of those they deem worthy ?
Nurgle demons fighting with slannesh ones over the weak willed ? Ones offering care while the others pleasure ? Perhaps nurgle would easily take the children and elderly while slannesh women and cowardly perverts.
Tzeench sorcerers running around looking for latent psykers or men of great knowledge to offer them to join their ranks before the tides of the other gods overrun everything.
Or is this still plain evil and perhaps showing the two sides of chaos just not possible with only the story of a desperate fight.

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Like what?
Absolutely nothing in it is non-canon. No, not even the Illuminati, they show up in Atlas Infernal.

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Got the quote while he's watching the Arbites shoot the rioting people who start attacking the Precinct Fortress?

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This is kiddified narm, hammy tryhard territory now.

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Daemons are one hundred and fifty percent evil. They're DAEMONS.

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Get the fuck out of my 4chan. I'm not even touching the buzzwords, just get out.

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Stalin said the same fucking thing

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>A violent affray at its very gates was of vital concern to a courthouse. Fists thumping on the plasteel gates were engaged in criminal assault. From high lancet windows lasguns soon were pointing downward. Clamped to the long slim barrels were tubes. From loudspeaker-gargoyles a voice boomed forth: ‘CEASING AND DESISTING FROM THIS ASSAULT ON THE GATE OF A COURTHOUSE, GOOD CITIZENS AND PILGRIMS! REMOVING YOURSELVES PEACEFULLY IN THE EMPEROR’S NAME!’ Yet the assault continued.
>The appeal was in vain. The battering at the gate persisted.
>Moments later it seemed as though the unseen Arbitrators above were scattering large silver coins upon the crowd. Coins by way of a token refund of the costs which pilgrims believed they had incurred in vain. Coins by way of additional offerings to pilgrims believed they had incurred in vain. Coins by way of additional offerings to the Emperor, which pilgrims might pluck up and toss into a bronze bowl.
>The coins began to explode amidst the crowd.
>‘Frag grenades!’ exclaimed Grimm, ducking low.
>Fragmentation grenades, no less. Those tubes coupled to the lasgun barrels were grenade launchers.
>Each grenade was shattering into scores of zipping razor-sharp slices. These tore through clothing. They lacerated flesh. They severed arteries and windpipes. They maimed and blinded. They slashed runes of blood upon upraised hands and cheeks.

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>Such a slipping and a screaming there was. Such tormented frenzy, as of goaded beasts. Quite a few pilgrims carried about them some weapon other than a simple knife or studded brass knuckles. Only a fool walked any world without some protection. Stub guns appeared. Handbows. Even some laspistols. What were people who hadn’t yet been injured or blinded to do? Should they wait for more grenades to rain down? Wait for pulses of las-fire? Running away was almost impossible. Too many other bodies were in the way. Upright bodies. Staggering bodies. Collapsed bodies.
>Armed pilgrims fired back at those lancet windows. They fired bullets and mini-arrows and laser pulses. Small chance of scoring a hit, or even of aiming straight. Yet now the very courthouse, and justice itself, were demonstrably under attack.
>Smoothly the main plasteel gates rumbled open – and the crowd heaved.
>Inside of the gateway, further access was blocked. Three armoured vehicles stood alongside one another, wreathed in engine fumes.
>On two of these vehicles heavy stub guns were mounted. On the middle one, an autocannon. The roofs of all three vehicles were platforms for a team of Arbites. Eerie reflective visors rendered them featureless. How dark their uniforms were. They were so many ebony automatons with mirror-screens instead of faces.
>From grenade launchers popped such a cocktail of frag and choke-gas and flash-flares. Then the serpent-mouth muzzle of the autocannon blazed solid shells. From the big stubbers clattered a storm of heavy bullets.
>Shells and bullets reaped a swathe through the dazzled, gasping, bleeding mob. Another swathe, and another. Heavy bullets ricocheted off the bronze bowl behind which Jaq and Lex and Grimm were sheltering.
>This courthouse was like a cudbear pestered while hibernating in its den. Or a nest of death-wasps.

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>WITH EACH IMPACT of a stray bullet the bowl rang like a bell. The note did not linger. Nor did the trio wish to linger. Yet except in the ever-widening killing zone around the courthouse gateway hardly any open space existed. Everywhere else there was an undulating herd of hysterical humanity.
>Those guardians of justice need not have opened the gates. Their gates were of plasteel. Their walls were massive.
>Any assault upon a courthouse, however misconceived or provoked, was such a snub to Imperial authority. How could the Arbites have stayed ensconced in their stronghold in the face of defiance? Perhaps the conduct of the pilgrims wasn’t really tantamount to rebellion. Yet if there was no overwhelming response the incident might lead on to worse defiance. Moderation on the part of the courthouse could so easily be misinterpreted.
>Had some judge been poring over books of precedent for months in anticipation of some such incident? The holiest of days was at hand. This city was packed to the seams with fervent visitors. Shandabar was no hive-world city, but right now its population seemed similar in density. Judges rejoiced in a proud tradition of launching shock troops against rioters. Order could so easily tumble into disorder beyond the capacity of the local police to contain.

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>The autocannon and the heavy stub guns fell silent. Arbitrators leapt down from the vehicles. Firing energy packets from their lasrifles, they fanned out. At first they hardly bothered to aim into a seemingly limitless host of pilgrims. Due to the lumpy carpet of corpses, the Arbites’ footing was unsteady, and their progress leisurely. Their helmets filtered the lingering choke-gas, which had not drifted in the direction of the crouching trio.
>In hope of escaping death, many pilgrims began to throw themselves face down. This exposed the armed resisters in their midst as targets for more precise surgery. Energy packets flew further, causing more distant pilgrims to dive.
>So it happened that for their own safety more and more pilgrims further and further away prostrated themselves. Prostration quickly gained a momentum of its own. A tidal wave of kowtowing spread outward. Bodies forced other bodies down willy-nilly. Where the trio sheltered, all bodies bowed low in the general direction of the Occidens Temple – as though in abject adoration of Him-on-Earth. Such limitless homage filled the whole locality. Pictures of this scene could have been included in devotional holos, were it not for all the blood and untold hundreds of trampled corpses in the background. A picture in sepia might have disguised the bloodshed.

>> No.27807167

>The Arbites had ceased fire. They were stepping across a field of limp or grovelling flesh – like some invigilators of prayer whose duty it was to punish any worshipper who raised his face.
>Thus was the human cosmos righteously controlled for the salvation of souls. Thus was disorder curbed. Thus was the superfluity of humanity pruned. In defence of law and stability the harshest measures were often, tragically, mandatory.
>At this spectacle of governance exercised to such potent effect Jaq felt a spasm of heartfelt reverence. He experienced such a poignant nostalgia for simplicities – not that his career as an inquisitor had ever been simple, but long ago it seemed to have been so lucid in its purity by contrast with the tormenting dilemmas which now beset him.

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I love that part. I really do.

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It never credits an author. I've checked all over the thing.

>> No.27807286

Probably because the author didn't want any blow back from utting too much Noblebright in 40K

>> No.27807302

> GW author
> giving a shit about critics

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Chaos Space Marine quote.
This guy knows what's up, it's like when a cultist becomes a daemon Prince while a mighty chaos space marine is spawned, chaos has an entirely unknowable value system(if even) what may be pleasin to their eyes one minute may not be the next or both or neither such is the will of chaos.

>> No.27807526


It's Phil Kelly, actually.

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Forgot my pic.

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He was always a confessed xeno lover. If only his love spread to the Necrons as well!

>> No.27807820

>Why would I not want an Optimus Prime ripoff for 40k?


>> No.27807877

I bet you like newcrons.

>> No.27807996


At least Farsight is created, alongside the current Tau. Unlike the Newcrons, which replace and crap all over the oldcrons...

>> No.27808049

Tomb Kings in SPESS!

What's not to like?

>> No.27808051

I bet you don't like the Newcrons.
Thus I bet you also don't like freedom and democracy.

>> No.27808089

This was a bit ridiculous in writing.

>> No.27808108


It was better like then the childish stuff from nowadays, like another anon already pointed out.

>> No.27808116

newcrons are great though

when necrons came out (IE the 3ed armybook) I fucking HATED them

Their fluff was so "we're gonna fuck everyone" it was boring. I literally had a conversation with a friend about wishing they were just tombkings in space

>> No.27808124

Is this from the first book or the second?

>> No.27808212

Implying newcrons aren't objectively superior

>> No.27808263

Martial pride ad honourable Khorne is mentioned in Black Crusade.

That aspect of Khorne isn't gone, its just not mentioned as much as his KILL MAIM BURN side.

>> No.27808307

With everything in 40k being skulls and "futuristic gothic" I like the Tau because they bring that kind of futuristic look I like when I'm doing Sci Fi. This goes along with the Eldar, but with a different kind of flavor.

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>I like the tau because they're generic

>> No.27808471


Well good to know I"m not alone in liking newcrons. Old crons were just a generic "evil threat" like the tyranids but in dead robot form.

Shame we lost Pariahs in the process though.

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Don't care what you think. I like clean futuristic shit. Also mechs.

>> No.27808487

>Shame we lost Pariahs

>> No.27808491

because the martial pride and honor thing is something casual worshipers use to justify being butchers.

Just like we don't hear much about chaper serfs and naval armsmen, we don't hear much about only-on-tuesdays berserkers.

>> No.27808499

>Not wanting ripoffs in your 40k

Wait, what game are you playing?

>> No.27808501

So why don't you play a game more suited to you?
Like Star Trek?

>> No.27808515


Because I also like the future gothic look as well? As well as Orks.

Eldar and Tau make for a nice contrast and provide good diversity.

Oh wait, don't tell me you're one of those EVERYTHING MUST BE SUPER GRIMGRIMDARKDARK fags?

>> No.27808594

Eldar are appropriately over the top.
Tau aren't. Except the Riptide, that's appropriately over the top. And the Farsight supplement, because it has shit like planets made of a single giant crystal.

>> No.27808610


Fatcrons can go and fuck themselves.

I can totally understand people's dislike of the oldcrons. They had no character and had minimal potential for people to really make them their own, and it was probably a mistake for GW to release them as a standalone army in the form they were in.

With that being said, Newcrons are fucking childishly executed, make no sense, and most of their models look goofy as fuck.

Tomb lords trying to resurrect their fallen space empires? Fine. It distinguishes them from the Eldar factions who one way or another don't care about retreading their past. But whoever wrote them didn't seem to make many concessions for the fact that they're fucking robots who rule other (mostly non-self aware) robots.

The carry-over from Tomb Kings was taken far too straight, and it makes the lore and aesthetics of the faction really goofy.

I read once that the Adeptus Mechanicus were essentially the 40k counterpart of Vampire Counts. That shit works! They have the flavour of Vampire Counts (ancient, powerful and insane overlords presiding over shambling hordes of mindless slaves, access to some of the most powerful magic [technology] in the universe, etc etc) but they stand alone as their own unique entity as distinct from Vampire Counts.

Necrons are too reliant on Tomb Kings to justify their existence. Why are they Egyptian themed? Because Tomb Kings. Why do their vehicles have pilots even though they could just as well be AI controlled? Because Tomb King monsters have little skeletons riding them.

GW needs to throw out both the previous attempts and have another go at making Necrons which gives them a personality in their own right instead of ripping off a goofy looking Fantasy army.

>> No.27808644


>Codex Supplement

What the fuck. I'm not buying this 'hardback, premium rulebook' bullshit either, I playpirate the game materials to play the game not look at fuckexpensive books.

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>bawww muh shitty Terminator ripoffs

>> No.27808728

That's pretty much most of the 40k fanbase though.

>> No.27808831

>Why do their vehicles have pilots even though they could just as well be AI controlled? Because Tomb King monsters have little skeletons riding them.

no, it's because 40k is all about baroque applications of unfathomable technology. Practical solutions to problems that shouldn't exist given the problems of, for example, the laws of physics, being totally 100% solved.

Things like imperial ships using hundreds of slaves to reload their ancient guns that fire building size ordnance.

Necrons don't have the DAoT rational for that stupid shit, but the aesthetic is still awesome and 40k. I do agree they should be less egyptian though. AND they fucking need to be more colorful and magnificent. They're all megalomaniacs, I want them to have bodies that are fucking resplendent and beautiful.

Also I really love the court of nobles thing with tomb kings.

>> No.27808897

>I want them to have bodies that are fucking resplendent and beautiful
Then color them like it. Fuck, even Necron warriors can be mauve nowadays and have canon to back up the color scheme.
The mercenary 'crons are blackish orange, after all.

>> No.27808939

My only compliant about the Newcrons are the bunny years. They are awful.

>> No.27809005

The Egyptians had very silly-looking crowns. I'm alright with it.

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Giving the Necrons the same "Hurr technology is hard gotta have muh slaves" aesthetic as the Imperium just makes the galaxy seem small and un-diverse.

The design of this necron aircraft thingy is pretty nice except for this fucking bozo sitting in his OPEN TOPPED COCKPIT fondling his ball. Necrons are meant to have mastered AI and digitising brainstates better than any other faction and they can't just put a warrior's mind INSIDE the plane?

40k: When not even robots are efficient or logical.

>> No.27809136


To be fair, said robots are shells of former regular living people.

Robots in the Tau Empire function as they should.

>> No.27809158

I think one of the basic reasons why is the Necron Lords still see themselves as Necrons, and their subjects as subjects.

They COULD graft the Necron into the machine perfectly, but it's a taboo to them, even if they are basically robots anyway.

>> No.27809159

>aircraft goes down
>necron can get out and continue the fight

>> No.27809193
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>it's a taboo to them

>> No.27809217

Have you read the Destroyers fluff? Do you know why thy are viewed with contempt?

>> No.27809234

You generally don't judge an entire culture by its insane outcasts.

>> No.27809253

But 40k also have that. It is suited for him.
40k isn't your little personal thing, it's may be mostly skulls and shit, but it's also the tau. Deal with it.

>> No.27809271

I feel the /pol/ overtaking me, it is not a good pain

>> No.27809285

The Tau were added for his kind, and they're shit. He has literally all the other science fiction in existence, stop forcing it into my 40k.

>> No.27809301

no he didnt, lrn2history

>> No.27809389

But you are the one forcing your view of 40k to others. Again, 40k have tau, deal with it.
You have a whole galaxy minus a small part of a single segmentum to have tau less 40k.

>> No.27809400

You're a jackass jerking off to the literary equivalent of someone's livejournal. And you're bitching about someone ELSE's taste?

>> No.27809429

No, I have absolutely everything mentioning how fucking awesome the Tau are DESPITE them being a small part of a single segmentum.

>> No.27809525

Enjoy your super buff marines hanging out on "battle barges" "training" all day. I dont understand how you can see the parody/jokes with the Tau but not pick up on the Imperiums subtext.

Marines are gay bears, IG are over-the-top red army, the Inquisition are as squabbling and crazy as the ones in reality only taken to a comedicly ridiculous level....

Yet it's at the parody of BEST KOREA that you finally draw the line?

You have no idea what 40k is.

>> No.27809526
File: 57 KB, 1020x546, 1335787075882.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Pretty much this.

I always wanted to see more flavor for the Necrons, but man, if I had know they would just take the Tomb Kings and drop them into 40k I would have stayed with the oldcrons.

They could have given the necrons their own visuals, like more alien looking (necrontyr) anatomy. But nope! Just slap some fantasy stuff in there. Fucking. Sword and board. Necrons.

Only things I like about the newcrons are the lord designs, the new wraiths and the new spiders. Oh, and Trazyn, but only because he's silly, I can't really take him seriously.

>> No.27809717

And we all know how much /tg/ loves the Space Wolves.

>> No.27809770

I find it's the biggest closet faggots who think everything is gay.

>> No.27809787
File: 792 KB, 464x707, Settra.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We got SPESS Settra in Imotekh the STORMLORD!

The manifestation of SWAG and badassutide.

How can someone not appreciate this? It's beyond me.

>> No.27809929


So, here is a question about the Newcrons.

War in heaven. The Necrontyr spread out from their shitty planet to fight the old ones, get their shit kicked in and sent back home.

Necontyr encounter the C'tan, get roboskellied, Necrons and C'tan fight and kick Old One ass, Old Ones create Eldar and Orks to fight them. And so on.

When, exactly, did the Newcrons set up all of these mini-empires spread out around the galaxy, such that they rules themselves and rarely work together? They all came from the same place at the same time, with the same original goals. You'd think they would be more organized as a group than yet another faction of "powerful dudes, dangerous if only they could stop dicking each other over for LITERALLY no reason"

>> No.27809988

>When, exactly, did the Newcrons set up all of these mini-empires spread out around the galaxy, such that they rules themselves and rarely work together?

When they started spreading out across the galaxy. Their Space traveling technology was slow (Slow stasis ships) and thus colonies were isolated and developed their own way of thinking and adopted their own rules (Dynasties). Each Phaeron wanted to impose his own rule and all of them were driven by their ambitions and love for death and war. Thus started the War of Seccession.

>> No.27810016


>My opinion is right and theirs is wrong.

>> No.27810146


So that is why they took away the Necrons ability to FTL without bumming the webway off of the Eldar. So they could have slow moving colony ships that went out of contact with each other for long enough for different factions to arise.

>> No.27810308


>> No.27810439


Settra is one of those cases when you can't top the original, even with the metal or SPESS factors

>> No.27810557


Who is Settra?

>> No.27810581

Now this is a skub thread.

>> No.27810622

Because 40k has already turned into something it isn't. The setting has forgotten that it's a parody, and it's gotten worse for it.

>> No.27813144

>How can someone not appreciate this?
This is just my opinion and all, but I don't think evil space robots should even care about swag or badassitude.

>> No.27813407

Newcrons are OK retarded newcronfags aren't however.

>> No.27813582

Goddamn this is some stupid shit.

>> No.27813732

its set in a universe where war litteraly is the norm
peace is an forgotton idea and is nowconsidered heresy itself

>> No.27813784
File: 70 KB, 190x190, 1374272329023.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If GW is concerned with the fans getting nice versions of their space communists, does that mean that they will release a supplement dedicated to Xeno's dynasty?

>> No.27813785
File: 15 KB, 248x259, 2013-05-03_070226.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kelly is confirmed to shit on everything not-dark eldar.

>> No.27813835

Well, what the total fuck is up with that passage? Is it from the first novel in the trilogy?

>> No.27813868
File: 208 KB, 323x287, 1369192209514.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27813890
File: 80 KB, 240x240, 1374283770661.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27813918

>the necron lords were original tomb kings, they are royalty
they are bound to care about swag and badassitude thats the entire point

>> No.27813936

choose one.

>> No.27814060

I wish this fucking thing would go away forever.

>> No.27814093
File: 421 KB, 640x800, 1291589648280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The mercenary 'crons

Wait, this is/was a thing? Mercenary necrons? Shit son, I need more information (and google isn't giving me anything).

Or was it just in the miniature game, and not a bigger lore behind it?

>> No.27814110

mon cul sur la commode...

>> No.27814133
File: 1.36 MB, 1155x1611, 028.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Nekthyst Dynasty. WD383 had a tiny bit more info on them than what's in the codex.

>> No.27814143
File: 735 KB, 900x1200, Necron Pirates 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


There's one specific dynasty whose leader decided to jump ship on his old responsibilities and instead jumps around the galaxy fighting for whoever he thinks is fighting the good fight.

>> No.27814174
File: 24 KB, 1326x307, DoWut.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mon cul sur la commode

>> No.27814193

It's an expression. It means that your wishes are unreasonable and that nobody gives a fuck about them and that it's funny that you even think the opposite hard enough to voice them.

>> No.27814233
File: 293 KB, 800x620, necron3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Do they only work for other necrons? Or would they take a contract from another race?

Never really payed much attention to the necrons, as I've mostly been running low scale Rogue Trader or Dark heresy. Never played the miniature game (as my money only stretched so far, and I enjoy my WH fantasy too much to give it up).

But if they're available for hire by other than necrons, that would change things and they might make an appearance in my game.

>> No.27814257

So it is french, then? That would explain your rampant faggotry.

>> No.27814262

but your tastes are objectively bad

>> No.27814321

>Do they only work for other necrons? Or would they take a contract from another race?

Yes they can and do work for other races, they even have an excerpt of a lord working with chaos marines trying to salvage an old space station.

They don't work for money, though, and usually only offer services if it also helps them get what they want. In the case of the space hulk, they managed to destroy an old Eldar weapon from the war in heaven and string a autarch up by his intestines in the process.

>> No.27814336
File: 142 KB, 600x320, big boss .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Implying he has not fallen.

>Implying that his enclave is anything more than a heaven where Firewarriors can be free from the control of Ethereals.

>Implying a nation of free soldiers have any use for noble bright.

>> No.27814357

Oh, and depending who you ask, they have also have high level connections in the inquisition.

>> No.27814365
File: 136 KB, 575x708, whataduke.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's actually an example of necrons allying with de. And that's an another dynasty.

>> No.27814475

>necron gets shot
>aircraft gets down

Why not
>aircraft goes down
>necron can get out and continue the fight because he isn't the fucking pilot

>> No.27814498


>They don't work for money, though, and usually only offer services if it also helps them get what they want
>Oh, and depending who you ask, they have also have high level connections in the inquisition.

This is getting better and better. Thanks a lot for the info!

>> No.27814508

>>necron can get out and continue the fight because he isn't the fucking pilot

Because this usually means they survived a supersonic crash.

>> No.27814524

More scary canoptek things instead of tomb croissant/bicycles as vehicles would be cooler.
Just in my opinion.

>> No.27814565

Im okay with that.

>> No.27814570

Does anyone have the image comparing the Gue'vesa with the Loyal Imperial Citizen?

>> No.27814574
File: 75 KB, 303x230, 1379274721472.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what's so scary about canoptek thingies?
they're kawaii as fuck

You could literally do a "does this look like the face of mercy" with every single one of them.
They look so harmless.
They look even more like toys than tau warmachines.

>> No.27814579
File: 237 KB, 885x1127, 1379119349005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dark Eldar recognizing taste when they see it.

As far as knife ears go, you're some of the good-uns.

>> No.27814586
File: 3 KB, 300x57, Keep_Implying_Captcha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27814589

This. Its pandering to the sjw faggots.

>> No.27814597
File: 21 KB, 272x299, 1377979111937.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27814601

Thanks man.

>> No.27814632

Back to Star Trek.

>> No.27814653
File: 470 KB, 800x4600, 290562-Dark Eldar, Duke Sliscus, Humor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They was actual allies.
I mean they fought as a single force.
IIRC Duke or that achon who employed Duke promised them some ancient artifatcs.

>> No.27814696


The dude on the right... that's how I picture 90% of the population on a okayish doing hive world...

>> No.27814781

Speaking of Necrons, why are the Tyranids fighting them? It's not like there's anything to devour or sample.

>> No.27814796

They're jealous because canoptek constructs are better bugs than them!

>> No.27814915
File: 513 KB, 881x1292, 24.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I assume Tyranids would just fight Necrons if they're in the way rather than actively seeking them out. On the other hand, many Necrons will want to stop the Tyranids because muh flesh.

>> No.27814940

Except certain melanin-enriched individuals dont cast out their bad apples. They embraced the raping murdering and thieving drugged up thugs.

>> No.27814963

Necrons used to have lolinstant FTL. Inertialess drive.

Instantwin against Tyranids.
But...well derp.

>> No.27815207

It's not a fucking daemon weapon, which cunt started this shit? It says it's made from chronophagic alloys, so since it messes with time in a way it must mean it was forged by daemons? not at all by an extinct alien race or maybe even an eldar artifact? just fuckin' daemons, yeah, fuckin' totally.

God I hate you /tg/.

>> No.27815358

>inquisitor jerks off to protesters being gun down by enforcers

Meanwhile in warhammer fantasy, Felix establish himself between a group of protesters and a mob of angry knights

>> No.27815520

I give you "the good old days" of Ian "Farts and Shitting" Watson.

We'd be better off if we forgot he existed.

>> No.27815567
File: 1.13 MB, 2560x1440, The_Great_Ecclesiarchy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Facts are chains that bind perception and fetter truth. For a man can remake the world if he has a dream and no facts to cloud his mind."

>> No.27815634

Then why not play a real sci-fi game? 40k is garbage for sci-fi.

>> No.27815711

Because its possible to like both Gothic space fantasy and classic sci-fi. Since 40k has both its the perfect game to play if thats the case for you.

>> No.27815817

He's better than... all of the BL hacks. Combined.

>> No.27815876

Prophets of Destruction

From the Crusade of Fire book.

Dark Eldar and Necrons joined forces in that war.

>> No.27815896

Which further proves that the allies matrix is a joke.

Necrons and Dark Eldar are at the ''Come the Apocalypse'' rating.

>> No.27815959

40k fluff can get pretty stupid and doesn't always accurately reflect the way things go on tabletop.

>> No.27815985
File: 154 KB, 900x1300, 1338576079475.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah I'm talking about crusade of fire. The whole campaign was such a Kellyfest.
> Combined DE/Necron forces of swag stomp everyone
> Crusader forces make planetdrop
> Duke blows up the planet with them
> Meets Huron and beats him in a duel
> In the end helps chaos to activate the warp storm just because fuck Imperium

>> No.27815986

Ah, but Come the Apocalypse alliances are usable in, appropriately, Apocalypse. So maybe it was just a really huge battle.

>> No.27816168

>Duke : Sup Souldarks
>Necrons : huh? What do you want, primitive scum?
>Duke : I got some of your stuff. Help me out and I will gladly give it to ya.
>Necrons : Oh alright.

More a business transaction than an Apocalypse.

>> No.27816183

Well, the ally matrix is being whined about, so I'm just saying.

>> No.27816534

>Celestial Orrery

So OP/imba...

>> No.27816591

the allies matrix is a generalisation, not a hard and fast law of reality.

>> No.27816609
File: 94 KB, 443x674, orrery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How very fortunate for the rest of the galaxy that its (current) owners don't use it much.

>> No.27816669

The lords guarding it are bound to fall to the Destroyer Curse sooner or later.

>> No.27816944

This is one of those Wardisms, isn't it?
Where it feels like he was trying to make something CRAZY AWESOME overshot so badly that it gets mentioned once and then left to gather dust, because the BL authors prefer to invent their own instant win buttons.

More recently, there's the planet-killing Fireheart(?) in the Iyanden supplement, which distinguished itself as the Eldar version of a win button by killing the seers that activate it, FOR SUCH IS THE DOOM OF THE ELDAR

>> No.27816968



>> No.27816971
File: 344 KB, 400x1800, Orcspice.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Waaagh! Chu doin eet's wwwag-hong!~

Dis 'ow you Orkz Spice, chu pointy ear forgetz da towel!

>> No.27817013

I'm okay with eldar mass destruction weapons since you know Emprie had a shittone of this,

>> No.27817312

Heck, even the Tau have their doomsday weapons.

The Star burst. They just need to perfect it.

>> No.27817388

There's that short story where the Craftworlders tried to negotiate with the Imperial Governor of a hive world built over/busily excavating some sort of "horrible weapon" from the old Eldar empire that they want to scuttle safely.

When the governor inevitably kicks the beehive by murdering the ambassadors and blinging himself out with Soulstones, and after a raging blitzkrieg subdues the Eldar thirst for vengeance, they just turn the device on and vaporize the planet's surface along with it.

I swear, when the Craftworlds aren't chilling on the Path or slapping the shit out of anyone who so much as goes near a webway portal or Slaaneshi relic, they're stuck doing munitions disposal for their jackass ancestors.

>> No.27817500

>Council of Thanatos falls to destroyer curse...

Game Over, man, Game Over.

>> No.27817544

It really is one of the pieces of straight-forward fluffworks Games Workshop has ever produced. Seriously, I could not have asked them to handle Farsight's backstory better. You could make a damn comic series out of it, western or manga, and non-GW fans would be able to enjoy it.

>> No.27817805

>Farsight manga
The Tau gone full circle at last.
I'd read it online.

>> No.27818298

You great big sensible person who'd do exactly what I'd do, because Khorne knows GW would absolutely jew each volume to £40 because it has colour, honestly.

>> No.27818661

>20 page horribly overpriced chapters
>hardcover, full color
>left to right

I'm suddenly very glad that GW would never actually do this

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