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ITT; What 40k army do you play? and why?

Orks and Imperial guard. Orks weren't my first choice, but I always liked their fluff and humor, then One of my buddies bought black reach and sold me his orks for 20$ so I started playing. IG because they have the biggest testicles in the galaxy and they have the best novels(my opinion)

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Orks and Tau here. Orks for looted stuff, Tau for RAILGUNS! If I hadnt already gotten invested in them right before broadside railguns got nerfed, I probably would have stuck to Orks alone.

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Eldar because I just love the way the regular Guardian looks, it didn't click with me that they were elves for a long time. A friend gave me 5 spare guardians, then drove me down to GW, I got the terms "Templar" and "Eldar" mixed up at first, I bought the codex and a box of guardians and loved them ever since.

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DE because I like running circles around enemy.
Also fluff.

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Sisters of Battle because /a/ corrupted me

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Orks because of black reach and ebay....

i love them but now we play fantasy so they are shelved

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Crimson Fists- Liked the chapter tactics and colors.
Tau- Tau weapons are awesome.

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Imperial Guard, because I like the idea of ordinary soldiers using shitty yet conventional looking weapons and meatgrinder tactics against advanced aliens, monsters and daemons.
And also because I fell in love with them since Winter Assault. Scott McNeil's overacting may have played a part (though more reserved Cadians in Ret are pretty cool as well).

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Same here brother!

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Tau and imperial guard
Tau cuase i got into them when they first came out and i was getting into 40k, and damn, massed long ranged firepower
Guard, because my lasguns will blot out the sun.

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Vanilla Marines fir the most part, though I'm beginning to branch into Forgeworld's Death Korps. Just need to make a decent list for them so I know what to buy beforehand...

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I play a Slaanesh-aligned Black Legion warband [fluff calls them the Children of Torment], and a host of Traitor Guardsmen [I field them with the Eye of Terror list when I can, if not as Renegades and Heretics]. I'm also working on collecting Daemons of Slaanesh. Unfortunately, I'm a slow as fuck painter, so most is unpainted.

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…Of course I'd forget about the second part of the question. Space Marines I played because of Black Reach, and Death Korps because of >>27794353 and how awesome their models are.

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Imperial Guard and Black Templar. Fell in love with the guard at my first exposure to them (Winter Assault) as while I liked the whole idea of the Imperium of Man I found the Space Marines kind of boring (the Blood Ravens being genericMcCodex in their first appearance probably didn't help much). And then of course they had the playstyle I always loved. Infantry? Fuck that noise, but you have billions of them if you want. TAAAAAANKS

I was always interested in Iron Hands, but I wanted to add some chop to my shooty army and my friend was willing to split the cost with me if I ran with BT instead.
Also interested in starting a Wraith-heavy Eldar army as I've always been interested in the Eldar but I don't want an army with just more T3 5+ save squishy dudes and our favourite chinaman has them for a perfectly reasonable price.

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orks, because they're such a charming army. plus, i like to give people an obviously antagonistic target with so many models they quake in fear but realize that tshirt saves make for hilarious assault breaking. they feel super clutch and heroic, and seeing them biting their nails only to let loose a whoop of joy makes me feel all happy and warm inside.

i'm like an AI on Hard difficulty. relentless, yes, but certainly defeatable. I don't play at Insane difficulty.

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Tyranids because I like putting all the spare bits into weird little critters. Works well with leftovers from my lizardman army.

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I desperately want to get into the hobby, but I lack both money and a GW anywhere near me.

I really adore Imperial Guard, though, because I like the contemporary armor look and the idea of simply sending in more men and tanks than the enemy has bullets.

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are you me, because my answer is word for qord your opening post

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Pre-Heresy Dark Angels as counts as Raven Guard

why? because of army wide Scout

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>ITT; What 40k army do you play? and why?
I used to play Orks. They were the only army I found enjoyable up until 5th edition. Now... 40k in general isn't very enjoyable to me.

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>Implying Scout is actually relevant on MeQ armies that aren't White Scars
>Implying that RG aren't hands down worse than Fists, Ultras, and Hands

I guess its better than DA Greenwing, but that isn't saying much.

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>>Implying Scout is actually relevant on MeQ armies that aren't White Scars

Why wouldn't this be relevant? The only time it wouldn't is if you're playing Daemons or if you can place more objectives in your deployment than in the enemy's. Otherwise if I'm playing Tau or some shit I will want to deny his corner objective by placing an 17" objective from his corner so he can't castle up on a table edge and scout gives me a turn of movement without being shot at.

Listing all the better tactics doesn't somehow make RG tactics equivalent to nothing.

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Space Marines because Black Reach, and then Eldar. I fucking love the concept of army made of specialists which can do only one thing and do it well. Also, Fire Prisms.

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I play Iron Warriors due to their scheme (dem hazard stripes, black an metal) and their fluff (based siege warfare). Also, Chaos miniatures in general are really neat.

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I play Dark Angels.

I love being the asshole rich kid space marines that really just do their own thing when the need arises.

Also they remind me of Teutonic Knights from AoE2. I fucking loved those guys.

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DE and SoB - because I clearly hate myself.

Bonus points for DE as I specifically picked them up with the old codex.

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Guard, because tanks.

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IF because I really liked their little blurb in the back of the 4th ed codex.

I also started a black legion force in 5th, and have fooled around with tyranids off an on.

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Tau and Grey Knights

When I started playing a year ago, someone here gave me the sage advice to get the army that you thinks looks the coolest, so I picked tau.

I like the color scheme of grey knights so I'm slowly building up a GK collection.

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Sisters because they are a raw representation of the imperium, and a pure distillation of what makes the setting interesting to me. They are 40k while being fairly distinct from the cloth of other factions. Also big into baroque and flames.

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I'd try eBay man, that's how I started when I was a poorfag. The other option is splitting one of the started sets with a friend. But they're only Orks/CF or CSM/DA

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I like to imagine a heavy metal riff plays every time a unit of sisters gets out of their rhino.

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I play a word bearers army, I started mostly because, as much as I like tzeentch and khorne I think playing a monogod list is a bit limiting on the table top and didn't want to play black legion like everyone else.

I then read into the fluff and fell in love with the dark apostles and the army's general master oratory abilities and how they completely undermine imperial planets through the creation of cults and the obvious spoken persuasion that is required. Plus summoning daemons is pretty fucking sweet.

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Orks and Nids.


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I totally understand the fire thing. I also run a small BT force with a PURGE IT WITH FIRE theme, and shit is awesome.

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Y'all jive turkeys don't know SHIT about fire

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Yeah, I probably would have done salamanders but I already ran some SM and didn't want to have two forces from the same codex. OH WAIT

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Daemons will always hold the top spot in my heart because they were my first army. I have over 6k with no upgrades of the new codex. Right now I have them shelved because of lolrandom.

But I also have large armies of Chaos Space Marines, Necrons, Tyranids, and Regular Marines. All over 2k points because of friends getting out of it and Necrons because my local game store was selling out of GW over some bull shit so they had everything 50-75% off.

Also a small things of Orks.

In all honestly I like all the armies of 40k. I think out of all though Daemons will always be my favorite.

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I have about 3000ish points of Marines, then a small force of Eldar and a smaller force of Tau, and now I'm building up some 'nids.

I do this because I have a crippling addiction to plastic mans. Although I blame Dawn of War for getting me started.

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I feels your pain. Sad thing is that almost all of my models are still in the box. Because I got to 2-3k of my Daemons and said ehh I guess that is enough.

The real sad thing is that I still haven't played an Armageddon battle.

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in rhinos you're hitting the center of the table before the game even starts


> putting objectives in your own deployment zone when playing an aggressive style


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Tau because mobile suits.
Steel Legion because blitzkrieg.
Imperial Fists because I liked them in Ian Watson's novels.

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>heavy metal riff
>not gothic metal aria
Do you even Imperial Cult?

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Imperial Guard because the idea of Spehss Army men facing down a galaxy of horrors is too good to pass up. That and I run my IG as the Movie Mobile Infantry for added hilarity.

Dark Eldar because Spess Elf BDSM Pirates is awesome in of itself and I like their playstyle.

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Tau were my first choice but before I get more than a troops+transport box they were doing at that time, I get a real cheap second hand IG army, that were my second choice.
Maybe I will go back to tau when I finish my IG army that will never happen.

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>not playing Fire Lords

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So, im new to WH40K.
Im getting the starter pack(Space murheens and Chaos) and with the painting, would it be ok if i just paint them like i want and im still allowed to use them normally?
(wanted to make myself prussia styled space marines)

Another thing, wanted to get some iron hands. Is this a bad idea as beginner?

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No, you're not allowed to paint them like you want. If GW catches wind of it, they'll send out the death squad.

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Imperial Guard and Chaos. IG was my first choice because I love the fact that normal men are able and "willing" to face down all the terrors of the galaxy... and against all odds, win!

Recently started forming a Khornate CSM warband because when life gives you lemons, BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!

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I knew it was heresy.
I hope the emperor can look past my sins.

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Ultramarines. Their pre-Ward fluff is great, and the Uriel Ventris books are some of my favorites.

Also recently picked up Dark Eldar, but my force isn't near complete.

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Only a quarter of space marine chapters have actually been named, they are left deliberately ambiguous for you to make up your own shit.

Just try not to use the same name as a chapter that already exists.

>> No.27807272

I can already see my swastika and prussia marines.

"Space Aryans".

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Grey Knights.

Originally started Deamonhunters because I'm a glutton for punishment. That and the models looked better than regular marines at the time.

>> No.27807297

that SoB just looks so happy, so cute

slightly disturbed by the fact the kroot has tits

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Heh, reminds me of this quote:
>We of the Adeptus Astartes shun genetic deviants, do we not? For the mutant is the melter of Mankind into misshapenness! Whereas we are Mankind Plus, the perfected ideal, are we not? - Lo Chang, Imperial Fists Master of Sanctity.

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Their pre-Ward fluff is about the same as the post-Ward fluff.

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Tau because I think they look cool and they like ranged fighting.

>> No.27807322

i also was thinking about getting a terminator, and reshape his head, so i have a reborn space führer.

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Death Korps and Angry Marines. Korps because I like to stand far away and kick my enemy in the dick, and Angry Marines because I like to kick my enemy in the dick directly.

>> No.27807332

Don't tell that to /tg/, they think Uriel "I'm so badass because I spend all my time bitching about the Codex" Ventris is a good character.

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Really only Tyranids currently, though I'm slowly working on a Chaos Marine/Daemon army.
I was drawn to the Tyranids because ever since I was a child, I looooooved giant monster movies, especially the Godzilla series. So, the faction with the most amount of monstrous creatures seemed like an obvious choice for me.

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Subjugators space marines, because I'm fluffing them out myself.

I want to play an evil army at some point soon, but I can't decide which.

>> No.27807388

But the Subjugators are already pretty fluffed out.

>> No.27807400


Not really. Just a colour scheme, name and a few lines of fluff.

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Space Marine 'cause Macragge (The oldest miniatures has at least three different paintjobs on them) and Knights in SPEESSHH. My current army is the Glorious Imperial Guard 'cause eleven barrels of hell are cool as fuck and Steel Legion.

>> No.27807433

Still more fluff than many chapters.
Look at the Lion Warriors. There is literally no fluff to them at all. Too bad, because they have a nice scheme.

>> No.27807443


Well, I liked the Subjugators' name and their colour scheme, so I ran with them.

>> No.27807451

Yeah, it's a cool name.
I want fluff for the Tormentors.
Who, yes, are loyalists.

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Salamander Space Marines, son. Assault on Black Reach, and my teacher from school back then basically said "Ultramarines are for faggots. Go Salamanders. Green and black is cool. Also, pyromaniacs."

And the more I read about them, the cooler they are. While the Ultrafaggots are out there winning glory, the Salamanders are on rearguard duty, making sure the civilians get out alive. The Second War for Armageddon was one of their defining moments.

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Welcome to the hobby. The new starter set isn't as good as the old one, simply because in the old one, you had a choice of painting them as nearly a thousand Chapters, whereas with Dark Vengeance, you only really have Dark Angels and their successor Chapters. If you don't want to play Dark Angels and would rather play regular Marines (i.e. Iron Hands), just grab a Tactical Marine box, some Commander blister pack (a Chaplain, perhaps), and you're set for a tiny game.

As for how good Iron Hands are for a beginner, they're pretty survivable - 6+ Feel No Pain, all Characters and Vehicles get It Will Not Die, and Techmarines and Master of the Forges get +1 to their Blessings of the Omnissiah rule. What does this mean to you? It means you have a 1 in 6 chance for your Marine to simply not die, it means your vehicles are more likely to kick back to life and start shooting, and it means you get a 1 in 3 chance to recover wounds on your Characters or Hull Points on your Vehicles.

Iron Hands are one of the better starting Chapters, difficulty-wise.

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Tyranids because filling the board with space monsters is great
Now I'm working on emperors children /noise marine army

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Nids, because I couldn't look away from the Xenomorph reference.
Also because I love the big creatures and the lore on them, it's fun stuff to read.

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So after reading this thread it seems nobody is playing crons, are they just boring?

>> No.27808175

Nah, they're pretty cool. I have a 1850 point list that I built/painted with some buddies as a "house force" for playtesting, bigger games etc. Not really sure why but I don't have a huge urge to build up the force too bad, newcron esthetic is nice.

>> No.27808186

Fucking autocorrect. Meant aesthetic.

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I used to play IG because I was torn between my love for Elysians from watching James Cameron movies about aliens one too many times and Deth Korps because of a few too many WWI and WWII documentaries. Then the Chaos update rolled around and the Warpsmith planted a seed in my heart which, along with the Mechanicum models, dragged me screaming into a love for Iron Warriors (and decided the Elysian/Krieg conflict).

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I have about 1500 points of Dark Eldar and about 800 points of Crimson Fists because fuckers are staunch and badass.

Dark Eldar are just underplayed where I live so I chose them to provide some variety to the player base in the game club I go to. I love the models and their fluffas over-the-top-saturday-morning-cartoon-villains, mind you..

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Sounds like a cool dude, your teacher.

>> No.27808528

I don't- my town doesnt have a LGS, the closest is across the damn lake from here. I mean, I could probably make the effort to go over there if I really wanted to, but... Eh.

If I did get into 40k, I'd want to play Tau. I really like the way their suits look, and I bet I'd have a blast painting them.

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SoB. They're my first army. I was wanting to get into the game, and they were the only ones that I really "clicked" with. Their fluff and their aesthetics just stood apart, for me. Fanatical, pyromaniac space nuns? That concept was just too awesome not to go with.

And, come on, pipe organ tank.

>> No.27809897

I'm weird, I collect Tyranids cuz i like bugs and customising. I don't play (don't even know how) I just display em

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