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Ok /tg/ let's have an impractical weapons/weapon analyzation thread.

Post a random weapon from a video game you've been playing, preferably melee, and we have our team of wikipedia experts say why it would never work.

Person who posts the most ridiculous weapon wins. Let's start fairly simple with the Ravager Blade from Monster Hunter.

It's a great sword that when activated has the lower blades fold out from the inner workings of the sword.

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I shouldn't have to explain this one.

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What the fuck is it even supposed to be?

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are we going ridiculously awesome or just ridiculous?

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I don't play WoW and haven't in years, but up until its cancellation i loved the TCG.
This weapon looks decent but i just cant help but feel it wouldn't work at all.

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A big sword.

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Is that a... grappling gun?

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Just a flanged mace, bro. Maybe has more flanges than standard, but like... they exist.

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Yes but the way they stick out past the center rod makes me think they would bend, they seem oddly thin and lacking support compared to most historical flanged maces.

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I win

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Is that...the thing from Painkiller?

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I'll just be over here, beating motherfuckers to death with a paino

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I believe that is the Painkiller. From the Series Painkiller. Its like a whirling blade weapon. Like a mobile handheld blender.

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I know it isn't melee

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OK, let's start.
>Shooting downwards
>Shooting a Halberd
>Chain string
>Bow made of metal

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>big heavy metal gauntlets
>hammer strapped to the back presumably to be used for more ammo
Also maybe just art style but that person has no feet

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I don't care HOW stupid those are, they're fucking awesome.

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The whole series runs on that premise.
And that's why I love it.

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From the vaults of a draw fag that I saved them from

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He's like Wolverine except with SUPERIOR JAPANESE BLADES FOLDED 10000 TIMES etc

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Next one up, Mahne from Pumpkin Scissors, was supposedly intended to be an anti calvary sword but ends up being used by a 20(?) year old woman to kick the asses of elite swords men, she does have weighted boots to keep the sword's momentum from swinging her around or something, I don't know

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>Stars of david not six pointed
YHWH, you only had one job!

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Do Borderlands 2 weapons count?

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... Well that sword did split the sky in two and grows by killing the world.

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What is the extra handle for?

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It's your typical grinder weapon, like you saw in Perfect Dark. Hold down the trigger, you get a constant melee-ranged buzzsaw in front of you. But you can also shoot the head out as a damaging projectile, or use the laser beam connected to the head as a tripwire, or fire the spinning blade head without a laser beam.

No, that doesn't make sense.


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Wolverine's son literally has claws made out of a katana.

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If I remember, it was for a better grip since it was the kind of weapon that needed two hands, sort of like how you don't put your hands too close to each other on the steering wheel while driving a car but still it best to keep both on the wheel

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>Bow made of metal

That one actually isn't impractical. Look up medieval hindu/indian warfare, metal bows were used, though the appear to have been less powerful than composite bows. On the other hand there were apparently easier to maintain and could be left strung for longer.

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The Bat'leth.

This is such a horrible and impractical weapon. No matter what kind of Fighting style you use, you're going to cut yourself open with it. And it has no reach at all unless you hold it like a longsword.

Sorry Trekkies, but the Klingon's weapons suck.

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He has a son now too? I thought he just had a daughter.

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If it curved the other way it would be much more practical

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The son is his by birth. The daughter is a genetically altered clone.

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I love X-23.

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He only has a daughter in some obscure alternative universe, what are you talking about?
His son is Daken, basically a japanese lady he banged died during pregnancy, but the fetus had super regenerative powers and managed to hang on for like two days in there before some crazy mutant ripped him out and raised him to hate Wolverine and claimed Wolverine killed his mother.
Wolverine never saw a reason to correct him on the matter.

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It's the Painkiller i think.
The glaive from Krull had a child with a blender

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He means X-23 bro.

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He had two of his claws coated in the metal from the muramasa? blade who's cut would cause the wound to not heal. So against people with healing factors it was a bitch. Daken, Wolverines son, had adamantium sheaths installed in his wrist so that the metal from the blades would not affect him. He has since lost those blades though and is down to only the two on each hand now, made out of some sort of natural carbon fiber bone materiel.

Technically only Daken is his legitimate kid. X-23 is a clone who's DNA was altered to make her a girl instead of Wolverine

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Daken (that's not actually his name, but it's been his name so long in the continuity that I refer to him as such) is stuck being the edgydark character that people occasionally use as a wolverine esque personality. He's actually been Dark Wolverine. Currently the Horseman of Death.

Used to have muramasa blades for claws, but they got removed. Forgot how.

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Why a girl?

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'Cause the guy writing the guro fetish comic thought it'd be gay if it was a boy.

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>What is the extra handle for?
Her pleasure

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Because Comics!

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Wolverine cut them out of him.

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Honestly I don't remember why a girl. I think it had something to do with the female scientist that helped clone her. Maybe something to do with wanting a daughter or some such bs. In the end it really just comes down to because Marvel thought they should have more Wolverine comics but decided this one should be a hot girl instead.

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She wasn't THAT hot. But maybe they felt more comfortable with X-23 being female because she's heavily abused and possibly raped by another bigger, stronger female.

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I want one of these so badly. Been thinking of commissioning one from an engineering friend of mine who's also a pretty kick-ass blacksmith.

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Doh ho! Forgot my image

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But, that's not stupid. post Sechs's one instead.

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In case the resolution's too bad to tell, check the filename.

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Which ultimately makes up for the disadvantage.

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X-23 is Wolverine's daughter, they cloned his DNA but could only get the X chromosome. They then implanted it into the eggs of one their lead scientist who gave birth to X-23.

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Real men use minature giant submarines as weapons.

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every weapon in wow

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>cactus dildo polearm

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Sword-chucks yo.

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Magic be dashed!

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Nevermind the sword. What the fuck is he WEARING?

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That may be stupid, but it's the coolest thing I've ever seen.
I mean, it's a submachine revolver. Come ON.

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every single enchanted item in the game

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A piano with fucking exhaust pipes, none the less. So I guess it's meant to be an organ?

>> No.27791216

You want a submachine gun revolver?

Ok, here you go.

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its a hunting horn. i remember in mhfu you play it with your mouth, but im not sure how its played in the newer games. i still adore the weapon though it makes little sense

>mfw thinking about chopin playing his nocturnes while killing a rathalos

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That's a real weapon called a Bali sword! It kind of makes sense in historical context.

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You say that...

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What's so bad about that? It's a sword with a built-in sheath. Hell, the one advantage of the butterfly knife design is how much more sturdy and stable it is when it's locked in place. Sure, you couldn't flip that thing open without chopping a hand off, but if you just treated it like a compact sword, it wouldn't be too terrible, except for maybe the overly long handle.

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Step up son

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>>hammer strapped to the back presumably to be used for more ammo
I bet he has a wagon full of farm tools, too.
Well, I read one guy's comment here about how he figured out that some improovised weapons coupled with his character's strength were more efficient than regular weapons so he was just walking around with a bench strapped to his back. Things like this just keep happening, and maybe that halberd has greater base damage than arrows.

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We can't go there without mentioning the good old riflescythes, right?

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>"Sword of stabbing".
>It's an axe.

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>Final Fantasy rpgs
>sensible fashion choices.

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I see no problem with this. But I'm okay with a long handle and no hand guard. The grip should probably be textured.

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The winner is you.

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The problem is it looks like it wouldn't be weighted properly.

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So I painstakingly read that. It's made out of stainless steel and gems and gold, and is apparently unbreakable. Welp.

>> No.27791732

Not stainless, stanless. lrn2read

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How the fuck do you even hold that thing.

>> No.27791748

Not even Stan Lee would touch that shit.

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The weeabo masterblade.

>> No.27791778

Very carefully.

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Does anyone here Dynasty Warriors 8?

>every single weapon is rule of cool

>> No.27791783

>it's quite heavy to others
i don't know why but i fucking lost it right there.

>> No.27791805

Like... There's no place to even grab it without impaling your hand on a spike or a wing or whatever.

>> No.27791848

"The keyblade is capable of weilding itself from Sapph's will/power, so it's also like a partner to her the of touchest battles."
Spelling aside, it looks like the only way to fight with it is to have it float by itself and become a 360 degree sphere of glittery death.

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Ok, so I know the game never actually showed you the monstrosities you build, but once you get towards the end of the game, every gun in Resonance of Fate was insane.

>> No.27791872

I would have loved to have seen the opponents reaction to that battle

captcha: served uniticem

>> No.27791874

The fuck?

>> No.27791883

Have you heard of PSO?

Yes, that is a magazine and it is a weapon.

>> No.27791887

I remember reading that some martial artists analyzed it and found it acceptable. I mean, it's not great, but it's not the worst fantasy weapon ever, right?

>> No.27791888

What the fuck am I even looking at

>> No.27791910

cha cha cha

>> No.27791916

What you are seeing is the gun customisation system; where the only limit to what you can attach is space and ports.
Somehow, no matter how much stuff you bolt on, it still always works.

>> No.27791922

Hence the Stanless.

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That is so terrible it's amazing

>> No.27791948

Oh fuck, that game.

It was even better because you imagine them not only just shooting those guns, but twisting through the air, gun fu style, with those things.

That and this entire sequence:

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Balisongs weren's evver really used in warfare. They've been used in street violence and by thugs because they're, frankly, flashy and cool and sort of a call-card like straight razors or switchblades.

Bali swords are too awkwardly balanced, I'd wager. Not the mention an overly-thick handle, and the needless weight, coupled with the lack of true tang make them lackluster.

But I'll be damned if they're not neat.

If you guys want some REALLY wonky old weapons, look no further than ancient India (And its neighboring countries) and the Philippines. Rzor-edged frisbees of death (chakrams), stabby-fists (katars), axe-maces, whip-swords, impractical guns, you name it, the Indians rocked it. Probably from atop a pimping elephant.

here's a macuahuitle (sp?) for no good reason.

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It is still a great game though. I robbed one chapter of it for a game I was running where the party got split up for a while and one group were hired by a young rich couple who were afraid that someone was going to try to kidnap them from their wedding (long story).

Anyway, it ends up with the Bard (male) and the Fighter (female), both human, dressed up as bride and groom (told the bard, via the couple, that while it may look good with these characters, that he could not be the bride).

So they have this decoy wedding (more just them standing around while the priests look busy) when suddenly, the stain glass window bursts open as a Halfling Rogue and a half-elf Warlock burst through, kidnapping sacks at the ready.

The room is silent as the four look at each other and ask "What are YOU guys doing here?"
And thus the party were reunited amongst much confusion.

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Well yes, I was just commenting on the mechanics. Never even heard of the game before.

>> No.27792028

> roll badly on your willpower check this round

>> No.27792039

She's a mary sue, she gets automatic 20s on all rolls.

>> No.27792050

Actually here in the Philippines we call it "Bente nuebe" (from Veinte Nueve = 29 = 29 inches)

>> No.27792082

I'm amazed no one has posted these yet. i don't even know what to fucking call these things but their cool as fuck

>> No.27792118

Ulaks, they're Riddick's knives.

>> No.27792122

>4 feet wide.
>1.2 meters wide.

So... she literally have to hug that thing when charging into combat?

>> No.27792154

>Stab yourself

I can see your range of movement being pretty well-hampered by those.

>> No.27792167

I think you are supposed to hold them parallel to the outside part of your arm and slash while running.

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>> No.27792199

I love smacking people with this but..it just looks silly to me.

>> No.27792207

See the gold rectangle near the bottom of the weeaboo blade? The handle is the gold bar in the middle of it, it is supposed to be some sort of basket hilt, but the "artist" can't into perspective.

For my contribution to ridiculously over the top weaponry, I present the Gundam Astray Red Frame. Not only does it have a giant ass sword it has not one but two mecha scale katanas. In addition said giant ass sword can transform into a beam longbow and a flight pack.

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>> No.27792227

It looks like the needler from Halo, but with a different paintjob.

>> No.27792233

I mean...he just sort of thrusts it at people...

>> No.27792236

Daily dose motherfuckers.

>> No.27792242

Mod or actual weapon?

>> No.27792257

Actual weapon.

>> No.27792260

Fish weapons are actually very, very common in games as joke weapons, especially Japanese ones.

>> No.27792262

I mean, I guess, if you look past the fact that it doesn't have needles....and is a melee weapon.

>> No.27792268

>> No.27792269


Silly yes. It's a train cannon.
Impractical? Fuck yes it needs two tracks to run on.


>> No.27792274

I meant the shape, Sherlock.

>> No.27792290

Staple gun.

>> No.27792294 [SPOILER] 

You can't get niftier than pic related, yet, impractical as fuck.

Admit it to yourself.
Still, awesome film!

>> No.27792310


I can't think of anything more impractical than a Dreadnoughts' power gauntlet, never understood how those things work

>> No.27792320

That film was boss yo.
One-armed boxer 4 lyf.

>> No.27792321

I really hated that film

>> No.27792336

>> No.27792370

What film? This sounds cool.

>> No.27792493

This is sort of related:
How does Batterskull work? I can't tell what's going on in the artwork.

>> No.27792506

Film name is Master of the Flying Guillotine and it's... nah. Watch it. You need it.
So I pull the trigger and it slaps people?

>> No.27792514

Neither can I, because you fucked up uploading the file.

>> No.27792536

Video Game weapons. Made by looking around your desk and covering it in ribbons, bows, and belts

>> No.27792556

If by "slap" you mean "snap their necks", sure.

>> No.27792584

>So I pull the trigger and it slaps people?

It's from the newest Bioshock infinite game. Supposedly, the hooks are magnetic so any regular citizen in a single jump can reach rails and hooks several meters over the floor, and use them as some kind of public transport. Obviously, that also implies riding on a rail hanging only by your arm with the rest of your body exposed to the elements and any child with a sling.

As for its use as weapon, is as simple as bashing the living crap out of your opponent. Supposedly, a trigger can made the hooks rotate, so technically it can made nasty wounds, or rip off flesh bits, but I imagine it should be heavy as fuck.

>> No.27792614

>but I imagine it should be heavy as fuck.
> rotating thing at the end of a stick
Forget ever hitting anything but maybe your knees.

>It's from the newest Bioshock infinite game.
Oh, I kinda lost sight of BS at part two.

Close enough.

>> No.27792650

It basically works as a blunt buzzsaw that can snap spines.

>> No.27792655

Like so

>> No.27792674

And yes, it really plays that dramatic little sting every time. It's disturbing at first, but gets old.

>> No.27792682

That's stupid. And I mean in the stupid way stupid.

>> No.27792723

My sides.

>> No.27792732

..What exactly is the source on your image?

>> No.27792745

> I've Modified the cylinder and added more firepower.
How does that even work?
> And i've made the magazine longer so it's an automatic.
> Random bolt sticking for no fucking reason.
> A magazine inserted into a fucking revolver.
> Complete disregard for trigger discipline.
> Swiss-cheesed barrel will make gases dissipate faster and the projectile won't have the strength to punch through wet toilet paper

>> No.27792756

look up johnsu on deviantart. The dude does a lot of really strange art, but writes a story for a lot of them

>> No.27792757

It exists to make /k/ cry

>> No.27792784

This is terrible.
Looks like something Slaanesh may enjoy, though.

>> No.27792800

Even though i've been away from /k/ for quite a good time, i have to say it still works perfectly every time.

>> No.27793320

Riddick don't miss, son.

>> No.27793333

nat 20s all around

>> No.27793361

I just saved this one day, and I do not remember what it does... can anyone decypher it's use?

>> No.27793392

Seems like another device invented by /co/ in order to harness the punches from the punch dimension. Ever since they found a picture of Cyclops accidentally lifting himself into the air by shooting his beam into the ground, they have been designing gadgets that uses this force for all kinds of things, such as flying.

>> No.27793419


>> No.27793445


Okay, I've been giving this Flyclops thing some thought for some days now. I think I've finally come up with a design concept which covers basically all of the bases and deals with all of the problems of all of the other designs.

On an aesthetic level, this design has the added advantage of not only providing him an imposing and distinctive silhouette, it also resembles a crown closely enough that it makes the bold visual statement that "I am Flyclops. King of all mutants. Bow down before me and pay me your tribute", which is appropriate for such a magnificent individual."

>> No.27793472

Flyclops isn't impractical, he's the best X-man. After all, he can fly using only punches from the punch dimension and his clever headgear.

>> No.27793474

in the original image he was firing his punch beam into the ground to soften it up. then someone reversed the image order to make it look like he's taking off
flyclopes came about, in part, because of that and knowing his eye beams don't follow the rules of motion. they exert force in only one direction

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>> No.27793499

There may be crazier weapons, but all around, I'd say monster hunter has most series beat.

Take this hammer for example.

>> No.27793503

Say what you want about /co/, but they make some damn good homebrew sometimes.

>> No.27793510

I say something then forget the picture.
Lets try that again.

>> No.27793524

>> No.27793526

Or how about this lance and shield combo?

>> No.27793541

I'm more of a fan of hitting monsters with a gigantic frozen swordfish in 2nd gen.

>> No.27793542


>> No.27793549

Okay, I smirked at the shield. It makes it stand out from all the hundred other fish-swords in videogames.

>> No.27793573

Or this?

Yes, that is a drill. Yes, it spins.
But did you know that it's also a gunlance?

>> No.27793582

Is there any more of this? Because now I want to play The Knight of Buckley in Mutants and Masterminds.

>> No.27793608

i loved the names of the bandit weapons. i would always yell them out to my friend when we were playing.

>> No.27793621


>> No.27793673

You know what? Just most of the hunting horns.

Just look at them.

For the record, they are basically used as clubs.

>> No.27793686

Some weapons are pretty ridiculous.

>> No.27793706

coolest looking hh in any of the games, hands down.

>> No.27793748


Switchaxes are just kind of nuts all round methinks.

Whats that? Don't want an axe? have a sword. PS, the sword and explode.

>> No.27793755

>Coolest looking HH
>Not the Voltage Verve
Get that fuzzy guitar out of here. Or do you not like Axe-Keytar-Organs?

>> No.27793779

Fuck, dynasty warriors has reealy gone insane.
Guess the name of the guy who uses it
Huang Gai

>> No.27793799

This one comes from Baten Kaitos. It's not the big sword, but the thing in his other hand.

>> No.27793800

Nope, but there's a story to go with it:

This guy posted about getting some knight deflecting arrows and spears with bucklers in both hands and some other guy was yelling at him about how it was impossible. Both brought up wiki articles, to prove their point, so some genius drawfag made that and that was all he made.

>> No.27793806


Let's have something reasonable, for a change.

>> No.27793838


>> No.27793855

it's getting a nifty reskin in a mh4 dlc

>> No.27793863

The knuckle?

>> No.27793871

One more for the road,

Cause when you cut off the head of a monster, the obvious use is sticking it on a stick and turning it into a hammer.

>> No.27793897

it's a pretty good use because fuck plesioth

>> No.27793903


>> No.27793907

Yeah, some kind of knuckle blade, but the blade is facing the wrong way to stab anybody with.

>> No.27793954

>black armor
>playing cards
>guns n ammo
>also some shells I found at the beach

>> No.27793980

clearly they are trophies taken from mighty beach warriors.

>> No.27793983

Also something that looks like a smartphone.

>> No.27793990


So that's like a bayonneted slingstaff?

>> No.27794069

One idea I've had in my head for a while was a glaive like weapon, that had some sortof mechanism that allowed it to swivel & lock 90 degrees to form some sort of scythe(even tough scythes are dumb and why would you), or perhaps 180 degrees in the other direction to have something closer to an poleaxe, with perhaps a handle you would twist to allow the blade to swivel to the desired angle and lock it in place.
I am a garbage artist but here's an atempt

>> No.27794117

Would never work because you can't forge it. Diablos parts don't exist in the real world

>> No.27794133

the joint where it swivels would be too structurally weak.

>> No.27794180

Or you could have all three at once, without a hinged joint that breaks all the time.

>> No.27794266

I feel the need to mention that those are GUNS.

>> No.27794308


>> No.27794347

You heard me. You shoot them like guns and they make the Maraca sound while shooting energy waves at enemies.

Come to think of it, PSO had a LOT of ridiculous weapons.

>> No.27794387

The wanker even has a normal sword sheathed on his hip. Goddammit.

>> No.27794418

That reminds me of...

>> No.27794442

dat engraving

>> No.27794444

>> No.27794469

Basic touchhole operation. Southern Germany, ca 1530.

>> No.27794471

It's... a boom stick?

>> No.27794473

the best twf

>> No.27794673

I suspected as much, funny thing the idea started as how to make scythes not stupid

>> No.27794681

why not have both and just use a daggar axe?

>> No.27795063

Scythes are never going to be not stupid on so many levels I don't even know where to begin.
You really have to know how you use one in the first place and how they actually look to understand why they are such awful weapons unless modified to a point where they almost stop being scythes.

>> No.27795279

Just make a flail-glaive.
>shake your long stick in your enemies' general direction
>hope for the best

>> No.27796071

C'mon pĂȘople, there are a lot more ridiculous things out there.

>> No.27796721

ROCK n roll, indeed

>> No.27796734

how the shit those that work WITHOUT rippin or cutting yourself?

>> No.27796838

That's the point, you gift it to an enemy, and they think it looks super cool, so they try it on. Then they tear up their arm so much they bleed out. That's not a ridiculous weapon, its a perfect weapon.

>> No.27796876 [SPOILER] 


>> No.27796968

what about minecraft sword?

>> No.27797025

It's sort of like an astec club.

>> No.27797047

What's that say? I don't speak Scandinavian.

>> No.27797087

I'll take a wild guess and say a revolver with a magazine.

>> No.27797112

i like you.

>> No.27797316


We put on an halberd on your lance that is also an halberd put on a halberd so you can chop while you pierce while you cut.

>> No.27797359

there was several guys on youtube that were saying that they are actualy not so bad.
They protect your hand that is a primal target in street knife vs knife fighs, and allow you too fight by throwing simple punches.

>> No.27797613

they look like a weird version of a trench knife to me

>> No.27797708

Metal Gear Solid Banana

>> No.27797912

not enough sexy robots?

>> No.27798401

Fun Fact: MH Frontier has a hammer that's literally a Rajang's ass on a stick. Got no pictures though.

>> No.27801640

I'm going to guess JSCervini, as seen on SUPER STAND SUNDAYS?

>> No.27801685


>> No.27803062

At least the swords were to conserve battery power instead of using beam sabers. but the sword is fucking rediculous.

>> No.27803272


As stupid as it is, that thing would actually work.

The 'magazine' is designed to chamber fresh rounds into the cylinder, which then operates normally. The only thing I cant figure out is what happens to the spent casings.

>> No.27808313

Basically, the Mahne is a big momentum-based fuck you. She wears the armored boots so when it inevitably lodges itself in the ground she can kick it free and resume spinning it around.

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