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My roomate and I are huge fans of pro wrestling, specifically the storylines. I'm wondering, has anyone played any good pro wrestling-themed games? Does a wrestling rpg exist? I imagine there's probably a board game or something, but I'm hoping for the ability to make your own characters, build plotlines, things like that.

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Kayfabe the wrestling RPG.

There's a sourcebook for All Flesh Must Be Eaten (the Zombie RPG) called Zombie Smackdown that is ALL about wrestling (and zombies).

And White Wolf's 90s-era post-modern Superhuman RPG Aberrant had a minor faction and minor sourcebook on the XWF, the superhuman Xtreme Wrestling Federation (including Nature Boy Ric Flair).

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There have been a bunch of wrestling RPGs, including several licensed WWF/E ones. Which one you want would depend on what kind of campaign you want to run.

Kayfabe, which was mentioned before, assumes the matches are predetermined, and the wrestlers objective is to make their matches enjoyable to watch, while avoiding the pitfalls of backstage politics.

Most other games assume the action and storylines are real, with players trying to defeat their opponents. There're fuck-tons of these, but the most recent WWE one, Know Your Role, is usually considered one of the better ones. It's highly out of print if you like physical books, though, and the system was based on d20 Modern, which can be a dealbreaker for a lot of people. Wild World Wrestling stripped a lot of the unnecessarily d20-ish bits off of it, similar to 3rd ed. M&M.

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If you want shit to get crazy, use Mutants and Masterminds.

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This exists

heard bad things about it though

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>Kayfabe, which was mentioned before, assumes the matches are predetermined, and the wrestlers objective is to make their matches enjoyable to watch, while avoiding the pitfalls of backstage politics.

So how is it decided whether a character gets over with the crowd or not?

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This is a thing.

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It has an excellent concept, and the resolution system is really good, but it suffers because it was made during the time when you couldn't do shit if you didn't use the d20 license. That's why it has all sorts of weird ill-fitting shit like skill ranks. They used different BABs for different "classes", and since the resolution system is attack roll vs attack roll, this means some wrestlers are just straight up better than others, the worst example being the class that gets WIZARD BAB in a game that is almost NOTHING BUT COMBAT. Saves have the same problems, using the 3.5 system where at high levels your saves would be wildly different. The rapidly-inflating D&D style HP is just awful for the game, with low-level characters being crippled by two or so maneuvers while matches between top-carders can take ages to whittle down their health. The things they were forced to port over just did not work.

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A d20 wrestling game actually sounds hilarious. Are the classes based on styles of wrestling or is it just based on generic ideas of "power" "flyer" etc.?

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I would never in a million years have assumed that THEY would assume that there was enough of a market for this to be worth the printing cost.

How did it sell?

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>A wrestling p&p using d20 and based almost completely off of 3.5e

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>ric flair

WOOO!!!! WOOOO!!!!!

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>mfw most two-bit gaming groups will probably come up with storylines more logical and compelling than any of the shit going on in the major organizations right now

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They only do it because it's what's best for business

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always relevant

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Vince Russo is now your GM. What happens?

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vgcw is literally better than real fake wrestling

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What do you THINK?

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Not an expert in the area, but if none of them meet your needs it would be pretty easy to make one.

Three different attack techniques: Strike (minimal damage but near guaranteed harm), force movement (fling your opponent around, no damage but leaves opponent in a vulnerable position where further attacks do extra damage) and slam (risky to pull off, but if effective does extra damage). Throw in a buff/debuff and control system based on crowd manipulation and you've got a surprisingly in-depth combat system.

Stats could be:
Speed - Movement and chance to hit
Strength - Influences the different attacks (hit harder, move further, can slam larger opponents)
Bulk - Resists attacks
Charisma - Effectively playing to the crowd.

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It's awful and I believe based on d20.

There's this, which was made in a day. Nice and simple, but not that great. This formatting is different and worse than what I remember, and apparently there's a more fleshed out version that costs dosh, but here you go.

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I dunno man... Vince never greenlit a half fae catboy gimmick

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Combat CAN be in the ring, but it can also represent fighting outside the ring (although anyone who is not an expert in the ancient art of Res'Tling is easy pickings for these mystic masters), such as a punch up in a bar, or running into another wrestling team in a back alley.

Just for fun, you could even include a pre-match round where everyone does specific taunts against everyone else.

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replace slam with hold, with the risk being that the opponent could power out or reverse it on you.

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anon has a point

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some anon posted a wargame about vikings that had the pre match taunt mechanic.
I remember reading it but I don't have it unfortunately.

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>viking RPG
>shit talk mechanic
>make ric flair viking
>ragnarok ensues

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He'd do it if it was the absolute last thing his audience expected.

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who the fuck is expecting a half fae catboy?

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Man, I heard about VGCW by chance and god damn is it hilarious. I love it.

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Cat boy on a pole match

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I'll admit it, I laughed.

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Rock falls

everyone...levels up?

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Forget this RPG nonsense let's talk about the card game. I played it as a child but stopped after it hit its third set or so.

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I've heard of a couple attempts at doing this with Fate or Fate Accelerated. Accelerated's 'approaches' style would work best, I think, but you'd still want everything to be kayfabe.

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>Critical attack

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I'm not up to date on the vidya. Have they made a better game than No Mercy yet? Are they still doing ridiculous health bar faggotry?

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Maybe you could also work in a "pop" for using a move wildly outside your Approach that maybe doesn't work out for damage but gets you over with the audience instantly.
Like when Undertaker does his dive over the top rope or Terry Funk does a moonsault. Or even just when you're normally a technical mat wrestling kinda character like Chris Benoit but bust out a huge clotheline at a critical moment.

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You'd probably want to work in a sort of 'diminishing' returns on bonuses as well. You can't keep using the same approach over and over again, that's boring.

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No, they now use endurance and damage to certain parts of the body (legs, arms, torso and head).

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Somebody must have hacked the Contenders (the boxing career game) for wrestling.

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>Better than No Mercy
Sorry, probably not gonna happen
That game is a work of art
Infinitely better than all of pro wrestling that ever was, is, or will be

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Well obviously not more than once in a match but you've got to get your signature moves in. That's what they pay to see.

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Unless you're like me and like weird technical shit. Then it's Fire Pro all the way.

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The only Pro Wrestling game I need.

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No Mercy had that system. I believe it only affected how hard it was to submit you, or knock you out.

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What Fire Pros do you recommend? I've never paled the series and the latest game looks like a Wii game that got a wrong ticket and landed in Xbox studios.

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Samoans get +4 to head
Japanese get +4 to elbows and shins
Texans get +10 to being tough motherfuckers when they hit venerable age

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sup woo

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How does Stephanie stay so hot? She looks as good now as she did on the 90s. A little hotter even imo

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Samoans get bonuses to disguise checks too, due to their history of being used as every race that isn't white.

Texans also get a bonus to improvised weapons.

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What about Mexicans? Acrobatic checks?

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Every time Hunter buries the middle card, she stops aging for a day.

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Only if they wear masks

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OP, if you're still out there, we just found your villain.

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Each wrestler has a "heat" statistic, which is used to reflect their place on the card. Each match also has a heat score, and having a match heat higher than your own heat allows to to gain a few points. There's also "phantom heat," both positive and negative, which is gained through backstage politicking. If you can convince the booking team that you're more over than you really are, you can move up the card for free. Get buried by someone with a lot of clout? Enjoy your stay in the midcard. Forever.

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On the otherside of the coin we have this


This game assumes that the wrestling is real, and has great mechanics covering such issues as drug abuse and injuries, as well as paying out of pocket for training, or even starting your own start up league. Also they have source books that cover Japanese, Hardcore, and Luchadore wrestling each with special mechanics to help them stand out, and diffrent things that builds rep and match heat.

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I actually own a pdf of WWW that I bought through DriveThru RPG and I'd love to share the love if my name wasn't watermarked all over it.

Unfortunately finding people into wrestling enough to want to roleplay it is like trying to pull teeth.

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I imagine it does get old and samey after a while.

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They're still married?
And wow, Stephanie has aged very well.

>> No.27793839

and she is still a total bitch. She made big show punch out dusty rhodes.


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A bitch indeed.

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I want to see someone take a Wrestling campaign but make the plot shit real and D&D Tier.

Like a Not-Undertaker who's actually a zombie and not-Paul Bearer is trying to create a zombie army but the only thing stopping him is not-The Rock.

And Not-John Cena is the DMPC.

>> No.27798914

John NeverCena should be a background character the players never encounter but constantly hear about.

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Holy shit, I was literally just about to make this same thread.

Are any of the recommended games especially good (or better than others) for one player/one dm play?

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I've been really wanting to run that FAE wrestling hack myself.

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I want to play this so fucking bad.

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I saw THIS on /wooo/tube today.....fucking japan

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so many submission holds...and tit shots

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I think spoony has a video on the WWF wrestling RPG

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Is that not just Rumble Roses?

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Impressive quints, but unfortunately, he only mentioned the game in another video and hasn't reviewed it.

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I'm not seeing a problem here.

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I think its called 'Wanna Be the Strongest in the World'

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That game was fucking awesome, and fun, and a decent fighting game

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>it starts with a crotch shot

why is this not all over /a/?

>> No.27800192

Probably because the girls have reached puberty.

>> No.27800209

I actually laughed out loud.

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>tfw there will never be a loli version of ultimate surrender

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In tangentially related business, has anyone seen Robot Combat League? I didn't realize Chris Jerico was the main guy until they put his name on screen.

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that shit show is still going!? Bring back battlebots!

>> No.27800265

You mean spark packets the show?

It'll never be better than battlebots

>> No.27800271

>tfw you will never play a game of ultimate surrender against a team of amazonian women

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I have no idea if it's still on or not. And no, it will never be better than battlebots or whatever its competitor shows were called. Especially in this age where people are making a lot of robots, they need to bring battlebots back.

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I've actually been working on building a system around a d20 that incorporates all the staples of wrestling (Striking, grappling, flying, crowd-working, heels and faces, etc.) into a Tolkien/Gygaxian fantasy universe. It's coming together quite nicely and really all that's left is troubleshooting and balancing classes. The world's already mostly put together and whenever I try to pitch it to a friend I usually just mention that the Undertaker is a lich.

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>tfw there won't be the option to be a futa

>> No.27800426

Being a futa would make the strap-on blowjobs rather more pointless than they already are.

>> No.27800458

but just imagine what you could do with the extra tool, forced face fucking could be worth a good number of points

>> No.27800475

Well this thread is taking an unexpected turn...

>> No.27800477

It'd be more of a liability, since it'd be so easy to reach out and grab.

>> No.27800527

Ya but it can still have some good uses

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>Let's talk about Wrestling RPGs!
>Futas and forced blowjobs!

Guys? No.

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Shield a shit

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File: 1.79 MB, 1800x2297, Zombie Smackdown pg 36 for real.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Best system for this?

>> No.27800929

M&M probably.
Zombie wrestling? In a world where Paladins regain charges of Smite Evil when the crowd cheers their name?

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ya the stable needs to be broke up but the theme is good


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File: 1.52 MB, 1800x2297, Zombie Smackdown pg 37.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Who are these guys? Some edgy emo Fallout Boy/My Chemical Romance/30 Seconds to Mars hipsters trying to be a wanna-be APA?

>> No.27801064

They all do the same damage? How boring.

>> No.27801089

go watch there TLC match and say that. one of them jumped from a twenty foot latter in to a pile of tables to take out ryback

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File: 1.01 MB, 1800x2297, Zombie Smackdown pg 38.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hadn't noticed, but I guess it's to keep in line with the rest of the AFMBE damage ratings. Str x 2 for punching, Str+1 x 2 for kicks.

On the other hand when dealing with living opponents in AFMBE you get additional damage multipliers for hitting the head, eyes and other vital locations.

>> No.27801143

Oh, so they're like a three-way Hardy Boys? That's cool then.

>> No.27801194


>> No.27801221

Why does Kane look like a skinny bishounen now?

>> No.27801244

the old one retired I think

>> No.27801288

And they...decided to make a new guy into Kane? That's retarded.

>> No.27801322

also if you want to watch a free PPV in hd or watch RAW come to /wooo/

it's Vince dude he does stupid shit

>> No.27801410


>> No.27801421

Its the same guy, Glenn Jacobs and has been since 1997

>> No.27801508

Well, why does he look so skinny and pretty-boy?

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I like this nordic little manlet with the huge beard.

>> No.27801683

he has a hell in a cell match next weekend

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He married one of the Bella twins too

>> No.27801768

You should post it some time.
We're all anons here, so it's not like it's doing you any harm.

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>nobody posted this yet
Fucking shame on you

>> No.27802016

starting to get sick of Trips screwing him over though

>> No.27802044

>posting the same shit over and over
I don't think you understand.

>> No.27802088

he is a glory hound, he fucked the bosses daughter and got power from it.

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File: 910 KB, 1280x2017, 1333934262582.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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I fucking need this

>> No.27802160

It's honestly the kind of thing I'd like to try having a kickstarter for mostly because there's a thing called the 'Hype System' that's constantly moving up and down during a match. I'd love to be able to sell sliders to track Hype, a special grid, core and eventually roster books that contain a ton of preset amalgamations as a box set.

Every friend that I've told about has been really excited about it but I don't know how much demand there'd be.

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God, I remember someone storytiming the Ultimate Warrior comic a while back.

Jesus. Just Jesus.

>> No.27802201

Redneck: the Spandexing should do the trick.

>> No.27802224

Post what you're intending to give away for free here and on various other traditional game sites, like RPG.net and even shittit. That's the best way.

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>Ultimate Warrior comic

>> No.27802250

There are at least 5 of them I believe

>> No.27802288

I remember as a child my father took me to a training camp once. They gave me a coloring book that was something about a wrestler (the guy whose training camp it was, I think) saving the world from either space aliens or dinosaurs. Unfortunately I was more interested in that than the wrestling training.

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you two gentlemen are completely correct. Nothing will be better than battle bots.

>> No.27802395

Around 10 years ago my friend's friend, who was a HUUUUUUGE fan of professional wrestling...

and let me interrupt and explain

this guy

this guy was one of those brilliant but cloistered youths that was super smart but was fucked up by a poorly-administered homeschooling.

He was absolutely convinced that professional rassling was "real".

I would never try to disenchant him of this notion. It was quite frankly awesome. He would get into arguments about "how many assholes" rassler X could rip to rassler Y.

Anyway, this guy was also a big Dragonball fan because that was a thing back then.

And he made a post-by-post Dragonball messaging board RPG, and it was awesome because he kinda ditched the Dragonball ethos and infused it with PRORASSLING IN SPACE with Saiyans and space wizards and shit. Shit-talking was a stat. It helped you win fights.

Fuck off he was 14 and I was embarrassingly older and it was good clean fun.

In short, I have not, OP.

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Superior show

>> No.27802428

>the kid's into topless buff men fighting each other
We all were.

>> No.27802468

I don't know what this show is and i don't care.
Unless the mighty VLAD THE IMPALER shows up in this show to wreck everyone I will continue to not care.

>> No.27802517

Battlebots was shit because the arena didn't matter and 99% of interesting designs were precluded de facto because of Ivory Tower game design. The only viable shape was "small wedge", or "small wedge with an accessory".

Robot Wars did not suffer from this shit. Check it out.

>> No.27802528
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9 tons of pressure per square inch, mother fucker

>> No.27802543

the simplest designs seemed to win the most

>> No.27802569
File: 26 KB, 566x417, VladvsPunjar1.0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck your shit! Why should the arena get in the way of my Robot Violence?
>your ass when vlad

>> No.27802586

>what's best for business
hilariously, that's exactly what most of the storyline in wwe are about right now.

>> No.27802632
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But the insane ones were best

>> No.27802646

Razer just pops Hypno Disc once on the disc. Your gig is up.

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Me and my friends were playing an Urban Arcana [Fantasy Magic meets The World of Today] Pro Wrestling Fighting League.

Savage Worlds was the system

Some events involved:
Coffin Match with Vampires
Portal Based - Multi Ring - Royal Rumble Match
At one point pic related happened.

They pc's find magical artifacts that let them channel special moves of the legendary heroes of the "Attitude Era" - The People's Elbow being the most recent one obtained so far.

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File: 100 KB, 500x368, Sir Killalot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A box with spikes?

>> No.27802704

Tusks motherfucker.

>> No.27802709

This sounds incredible

>> No.27802728

>why should the arena matter
>why should level design matter
>why should tactics matter
>why should positioning matter
>why shouldn't we drop the initial format of the show and just start showing replay after replay after halfway through the first season because fights only last 20 seconds and are decided solely on who can get their wedge under the other wedge first
>implying your robot didn't start losing once people figured out that wedge with an accessory was a waste of time and that simple wedge was a better plan
>implying I didn't love this show when it was on despite its flaw and feverishly wished for something more interesting
>implying robot wars wasn't exactly what I dreamed of

>> No.27802733

What about the one that was like a mine sweeper turned on its side

>> No.27802740

Not trying to stir things up, but what did Vlad do during matches?
Never saw battlebots

>> No.27802756
File: 60 KB, 280x198, Pussycat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27802770

Right cause there's no such thing as tactics and positioning in a simple ring. Not like there's a precedent for one on one combat to take place in a simple uncluttered space.

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In Orkmania

We have not Hulk Hogan (as an orc), who is a holy paladin under the order of HULKAMANIA.

We also have an ultimate warrior chaotic neutral character.

The Ultimate warrior character is REALLY into it, went on this giant promo that made absolutely no sense for the entire duration of the game.

It was brilliantly horrifying.

>> No.27802795

I'm the guy dissing battlebots but Vlad was pretty fucking cool. He was a wedge that didn't solely rely on flipping and would stab the motherfucking shit out of your lame robot. He was a beast for a while. Basically a roboscorpion death machine.

>> No.27802802

So battlebots was basically Robo sumo while Robot wars was Robo Wrestling/MMA?

>> No.27802804

Crit fake out followed by crit head but

>> No.27802811

Vlad rammed fuckers at top speed then flipped them with the tusks. Simple, but very effective. There were bots will cooler designs, i was partial to the one that had the meat tenderizer. But Vlad got results.

>> No.27802839

>someone mentions Robot Wars
>thread explodes

>> No.27802864
File: 15 KB, 300x197, Tornado.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sounds like Tornado before he swapped the spikes for a disc

I mean that in a good way

>> No.27802867

Robot sumo is a pretty fair analogy actually. Lots of shoving and jockeying for position that way. Can't say for Robot wars.

>> No.27802873

Fire Pro Returns for the ps2, Only main console one that got translated. It's technical, and recquires patience, button mashing will not help you out here.

>> No.27802879

Naw like it had weighted tentrils I guess you could say that just slammed against the opponent

>> No.27802924
File: 71 KB, 320x240, Stinger.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, Stinger?

>> No.27802960

wait wait, i know which one you're talking about. The fucker just spun like a top with its morning star heads flying out the sides.

>> No.27802992

>Ultimate Muscles.
>Suddenly smacked all over the mat by nostalgia.

good lord that was the shit when I was a kid.

>> No.27802993

Something like that, and it got stuck once and the bottom just kept spinning

>> No.27802996

Fuck that cheating motherfucker

>> No.27803011

First of all, if you want to play a really detailed wrestling sim videogame that focuses on managing a promotion instead of "press X and Square to elbow drop" combat gameplay, go find Grey Dog's Total Extreme Wrestling. I have a friend who loves it. Complex management sim isn't my thing, but it tracks a huge amount of info on wrestlers, multiple kinds of technical ability, multiple kinds of working crowds, selling, overness, gimicks... all that means you can actually make good decisions - I like to hear him talk about playing even if it's not a game I'd play myself. There's a demo, so give that a whirl.

He did an introduction / explanation to it on the rpgnet forums, you'd probably be lost without it as I think a good tutorial is something it lacks.

As for tabletop wrestling games? I love the idea of both in-kayfabe and out-of-kayfabe games. I dunno what I'd use specifically, but I'd probably want to use a narrative system because wrestling to me isn't about just combat, it's about good storytelling. I mean, this may sound like an insult but it's not intended that way - it's like soap opera where most of the problems and conflicts are solved by fighting in the ring. I wouldn't want a system that was all combat because psychology should come into it, crowd response and backstage should come into it, and the story shouldn't just be dominated by whoever has a broken D&D build. If I wanted to run a "wrestling" game that consisted of "punch each other and grapple a lot" I'd use a combat system, but I'd want something that contained the plotlines. I like wrestling over MMA specifically because I want to see interesting stories and content that's more than just one guy punching another in the junk for ten minutes though I would happily watch "ten minutes of ultimate warrior being punched in the junk, that would please me.

Also, all these replies and nobody mentions CHIKARA? Damn, /tg/. Go find and watch some CHIKARA.

>> No.27803051

Still butthurt about season 6?

>> No.27803070

Yes, except imagine if the ring was made of metal and one sumo wrestler one day decided to bring magnetic boots and the announcers were like "okay that's not against the rules" and then everyone is magnetic boots and the show pretends like it is still about sumo wrestling and not who has the best magnetic boots

>> No.27803073
File: 193 KB, 514x593, yes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Daniel Bryan is great.
To be honest he covers the nerdy fan demographic.

>Uses his Vegan diet as an insult to the audience.
>Makes schematics and plans before a triple threat tag match.
>Flight of the Valkyrie entrance music (used to be The Final Countdown)

He's great.

Married? I didn't realize!

>> No.27803109

it's been a thing for a few weeks now, they've included it in the story too.
It's why the Bellas are turning face

>> No.27803110
File: 88 KB, 500x562, shield2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah they're more like Big Boss Man and they're all about being "TACTICOOL".

>> No.27803137

I've been missing out since he "won" the WHC. I guess I need to catch up.

>> No.27803174

He just looks so...strange...in the speedo with boots and a t-shirt.

>> No.27803193

shit son, you've missed a bunch
Cena's been out for the last two months

>> No.27803230

he's no longer walking around bald or shirtless?

>> No.27803250
File: 1.55 MB, 200x150, Laughing Kane.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27803252
File: 61 KB, 252x709, i'm a paul heymann guy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I saw that.

Last thing I saw was HHH disqualifying D Bry.

And a little bit of CM Punk as face.
Everyone's face now.
It's crazy.

>> No.27803256

Look at him. He looks totally different.

>> No.27803284
File: 330 KB, 1516x960, Ryback Rules.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rybork sure isn't

>> No.27803325
File: 1.38 MB, 418x360, 1382073366788[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you have botched mroe moves then CMPunk has dropped pipe bombs!
>Still not as bad as the dr who botched your premature birth dropping you on your head multiple times. Go sell stupid somewhere else.

>> No.27803345

Blandy turned heel
Primo and Epico were repackaged as Matadors
ADR still isn't over

>> No.27803378

Beeg show got fired too
Goldust and Cody are a tag team now and are the new tag team campions

>> No.27803390

haha that's cold.

I actually like him as a corny stupid heel. It's hilariously bad.

I would mark out if only ironically.

>> No.27803410

Is TNA still a comically bad pile of crap or has it settled down into a more normal level of crap that isn't interesting in its sheer crappiness anymore?

>> No.27803430
File: 39 KB, 224x191, Is this Ignoramus serious.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not sucking balls

>> No.27803444
File: 1.65 MB, 300x218, otp wwe.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He's a Heyman guy too.

>> No.27803451

ADR isn't really impressive story wise. Maybe if they played up his bro force with Rodrigo.

Big Show refused to punch out D.Bry right?
I liked that plot line.

>> No.27803458

Goldberg was in the NFL and he was less gay than you, Ryback.

>> No.27803462
File: 142 KB, 648x960, Ryback Mountain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27803482
File: 1.15 MB, 1095x1460, Goldust_cropped[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wait a minute.


Fucking Goldust?

>> No.27803485

The ring announcer?
He works for RVD right now

>> No.27803488

Oh good, I was afraid the lulz train had somehow finally gained brakes.

>> No.27803509

semi regular viewer of TNA (I need something to watch on Thursdays)

ask me anything

Aces n 8's is in its death throes (I hope) Dixie turned heel (should have done it 4 years ago), Hulk might be gone.

Angle looks like a shabby drug addicted.

At least AJ is the Top face again

>> No.27803521

>Knocked out Bryan
>Knocked out Dusty Rhodes
>Knocked out Bryan (Again)
>Knocked out two ref's
>Knocked out Randy
>Got fired
>Knocked out Trips
And that's where we are now

>> No.27803547



>> No.27803549
File: 445 KB, 615x400, Cody-and-Goldust-Tag-Champs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and Dusty was in their corner.

Goldie is under contract till at least WM

>> No.27803556

tna is the new tortanic! enjoy as it sinks!

>> No.27803569

>Hulk might be gone.

Oh thank fucking christ for that.

Are they still making really awful angles and then dropping them with barely a word just a week or two later?

>> No.27803573

He has a Darth Maul style gold and black face paint now.

>> No.27803593
File: 88 KB, 232x245, goldust.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27803615

Is the X-Division still dead as a fucking doornail, even with AJ Styles as top face again?

>> No.27803624
File: 99 KB, 597x561, wwe-goldust-nice-wallpaper[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it just me or is there a lot more striking and less grappling in WWF now? Sorry, I mean WWE.

>> No.27803647
File: 1.95 MB, 300x168, 1380591568131.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God damn paul....you had me going

>> No.27803702

Strange, really, aren't a lot of pro wrestling holds actually specifically intended to let the wrestlers catch their breath for a bit after the more intense bursts of action?

>> No.27803714

They're still negotiating with Hulk so wait on that.

hmm.. I feel they stabilized on the most part. Just waiting on Aces and Eights stable to die.

They rushed AJ from Tweener to face a little quick for my taste.

they put the world title on Chris Sabin for a bit (I like Sabin but I was scratching my head at that) and they made him look weak during the 3 weeks he had it. now a heel coward with big ego.

BFG (their WM) is next sunday and has a ultimate X match (think ladder match but with monkey bars). 5 man clusterfuck (Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries, Chris Sabin, Samoa Joe, and the champ Manik( TJ Perkins in the Suicide costume).

Kenny King pops up every now but most the X-division are just indy guys (Rubix, Scorpio Skye etc) without a contract to job in multi man matches.

Hulk also made a rule that all X division matches are triple threats from now out. don't really remember if that stuck.

>> No.27803728

from wrestling, to amazonian futanari wrestling game ideas, to battle bots, back to wrestling

never change /tg/

>> No.27803760
File: 123 KB, 509x800, niku41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now I know /tg/ isn't a big fan of The Animus because they're afraid they'll catch the weaboo, but there's a few exceptions and anyone who enjoys both pro wrestling and roleplaying games should check out the original Kinnikuman manga, readily available online. You might recognize it as the prequel to Ultimate Muscle, and it's easily 10 times better by comparison, really a must see for pro wrestling fans of this board.

>> No.27803776

My god that show was literally the fucking best
It's like it was the future already

>> No.27803799

>yfw that match almost 14 years ago

>> No.27803814

Japanese puro turns out some pretty awesome shit. ...It has also turned out just plain old shit, but still, good puro is REALLY fun to watch.

>> No.27803864

>Now I know /tg/ isn't a big fan of The Animus
What you "know" is wrong.

>> No.27803935

three words
>strike witches quest

>> No.27803952

only problem is both these stories conflict so hard with each other.
>Big Show isn't getting paid enough from the Job that the Rhodes spent the last month fighting to get.

although I guess, maybe, that the bosses might just be fucking with Show and were downsizing his paychecks.

who knows based on the writing.

>> No.27803999

kayfabe reason is 1. Money woes 2. They can't fire but they can with hold his pay.

>> No.27804047

Loads and loads of them. True there's the whole mechanic of "working" a limb where you soften it with an array of moves and holds before moving in for the finishing hold, but a good deal of holds are used rest spots more often than not.

>> No.27804103


I find even a lot of the good puro almost unwatchable today. Strong Style sold tickets, but it left a whole lot of people broken down wrecks.

>> No.27804135

There's been a LOT more focus on wrestler safety as of late, partly due to guererro and benoit stuff as well as Linda Mcmahon trying to get into politics.

>> No.27804166

and WEEP WOOP's heart going out after a match

>> No.27804174

I remember that thing
I remember it kicking lots of ass.

>> No.27804196

pardon my retardedness but, WEEP WOOP?

>> No.27804206

jerry the king wooo is rubbing off on me

>> No.27804218

I must have missed that, I'm never free on fridays to see smackdown

>> No.27804220

Really? That's sad news, to be sure.

>> No.27804232

Times have changed, I suppose. Nothing good can last forever.
I blame those fucking powergamer wedges

>> No.27804292

the shit is taped. you can find spoiler easily online

also, they put the whole show up on Netflix a bit after it airs

>> No.27804355


Same problem as a lot of the indies it inspired - you can only be dropped on your head so many times before it fucks you up and you can only have a big move shrugged off so many times before you need something even bigger and riskier to get a pop. Culminating in shit like the Burning Hammer - which some dumbfuck indy guys have even nosold.

There was a bit of an effort to scale it back after Misawa died, but the problem is just down to the style in many ways.

>> No.27804358

I remember the Ramming Robot and the robots with spinning disks of death, I remember robots with weapon mounted on hydraulic arms, one of which was had a massive buzzsaw on it.

oh it was a good time to be 9

>> No.27804364

now think how far we have come NOW!

think of the crazy robots.....

>> No.27804378

Man, I had the best goddamn childhoods. The golden age of lego with Rock Raiders and whatnot, Battlebots, and decent cartoons.

>> No.27804387

Ahh, I see. Damn fucking shame.

>> No.27804540

Ah, the days before pink-skinned legos...

>> No.27804550
File: 49 KB, 246x319, kingofring.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if ya like pathfinder then you'll like king of the ring. in fact, i'll let ya guys have a copy of the book i bought.

>> No.27804554

The Party Face challenges the BBEG to a sing-off:

>> No.27804568

>no-selling the Burning Hammer
That's just...who...why? It was the biggest, most hyped move in the repertoire of one of the greatest stars in Japan, it was the finisher to end all finishers, only pulled out a handful of times when a guy called the Absolute Champion was facing down the toughest of opponents that had survived literally everything other move in the guy's arsenal. If nothing else, it's also a dangerous as fuck move that has a guy taking a bump headfirst in the worst way. Why in the fuck would you no-sell that? It goes against everything in wrestling psychology and just plain common sense.

>> No.27804577

>Not having the PDF

>> No.27804578

There's a reason they mainly work high school gyms

>> No.27804579

What is this term?

>> No.27804598

shrug it off like it was noting

>> No.27804604

Past-tense form of no-sell.
To no-sell a move is to not "sell" the move. To be completely unaffected by it.

>> No.27804606

It means a guy didn't pretend a move hurt him. you're supposed to pretend it hurts, to "sell the injury"

>> No.27804609


Some people are just morons.

And some are just so desperate to get themselves over as a badass that they're functionally indistinguishable from morons.

>> No.27804614

Dare I say it....Reboot the series?

it might be the Nostalgia Goggles talking but damn it was so much better than now. Though I will say Lego Ninjago is actually pretty good.

>> No.27804619

It ain't got SHIT on Rock Raiders, man.

>> No.27804620

Selling a move is when you react to an opponent's move in such a way that it actually looks painful. Basically, properly acting like the move hurt.

Noselling is when you don't do that, and while it's used in a legitimate way here and there, such as a giant killing machine wrestler not reacting to a bunch of punches or what have you, done wrong it can seriously damage immersion. A guy no-selling a Burning Hammer is akin to someone just shrugging off a spiked mace to the noggin in a LARPing session.

>> No.27804816


To be more specific... the Burning Hammer is legitimately a very dangerous maneuver, which is why it was originally used so rarely (the inventor used it literally a half-dozen times in his whole career) and held up as such a special thing. One thing goes wrong and the poor bastard on the receiving end gets his neck broken.

Acting like it didn't hurt is the dramatic equivalent of having a stuntman shrug off his lifethreatening trick as no big deal.

>> No.27805255


Here's a montage of the original seven.

>> No.27805885

Would love that TNA gave more matches to ODB, that boob press gimmick is stupid but she is one of the few female wrestlers I like to see in the ring. Also helps that they pit her against men wrestlers.
Bubba Ray is the best heel in that company and they should put devon with him and harvest all the heat, dixie being the defacto heel is pretty sucky imo, looks like a bland copy of "best for business" that's going on WWE

They should also avoid the oversaturation of Sting and Jeff Hardy, those guys fight every week and it's almost always the same matc over and over again.

>> No.27805910

Man, Jeff Hardy is still wrestling? Freakin' Sting is still wrestling?

>> No.27805933

The torrent I got was even funnier
5 min later
"WWE is coming to abhu dhabi, watch Big Show and Ziggler as they take the 2 guys from the shield for the tag team championship"

>> No.27806256
File: 8 KB, 480x360, chair.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stat me /tg/

>> No.27806508

TL 6
Steel Chair
Damage 2d+2 cr
Reach 1
Parry 0
Cost $5
Weight 2 lbs
ST 8
Notes [1], [2]
[1] Strikes with the steel chair are always treated as if they were major wounds.
[2] Crippling injuries inflicted by a steel chair are always temporary.

>> No.27807908
File: 186 KB, 400x639, IamarealAmerican.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One of my dream campaigns is pic related, but using the mechanics of "Fight! The Fighting game RPG" - sort of like Saturday Night Slam Masters, but with plot.

>> No.27809122

i wish i could have it all back

>> No.27809222

> My roomate and I are huge fans of pro wrestling
Congratulations, you're both officially gay.

> specifically the storylines.
Make that super duper ultra mega gay.

>> No.27809250

They're more straight than your faggoty ass.

>> No.27809258

Nice butthurt you got going on there.

>> No.27809280

>Rock and Wrestling era

Only if the Hulk Hogan expy is actually a gigantic douchebag who gets away with all kinds of shit because he knows how to milk the audience for all they're worth, and the campaign is about exposing him and his clique for the cancerous assholes that they are, all the while being booed by the audience for trying to dismantle their hero.

>> No.27809332

I am so tired of this attitude.
Yes Hogan was a terrible wrestler and a selfish douchebag on top of that, but without him wrestling on national TV much less the international boom never would have happened.

>> No.27809407

The only wrestler who wasn't a douchebag was Andre.

>> No.27810145

See, that's just assuming things, we don't know what would've happened without Hogan, maybe Vince would've built up some other guy to be the ultimate star, it's not like the business was lacking in recognizable names back then. We do, however, have ample proof that Hogan has been cancerous to the business at large. Still, I don't deny Hogan is one of the most important people in the history of the business, for better or worse I don't think anyone can deny that, but that doesn't mean his fucking terrible side shouldn't be shat on as much as possible.

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