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You are a Space Marine. More specifically, you are a Space Marine of the...Huh, that's odd. You don't seem to have a chapter yet. Let's make one for you shall we. Roll a 1d10 to see why your chapter was founded.

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Rolled 7


>> No.27780706

Rolled 10

For our spiritual liege!!!

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Standing Force! Our marine's chapter wanted to stay somewhere particularly deadly to defend it. d100 for when it was founded.

>> No.27780734

Rolled 63


>> No.27780763

The chapter was founded in the 39th millenium. Fairly recent, yet still thousands of years old. Roll 1d100 to see who the daddy is.

>> No.27780780

Rolled 41


>> No.27780788

Rolled 19

For the emperor!

>> No.27780816

Rolled 72


>> No.27780818

It really was our spiritual liege! 1d10 to see how pure our marine's seed is.

>> No.27780820

Rolled 2


>> No.27780837

Rolled 5

KIll the mutant

>> No.27780845

Rolled 21

>spiritual liege
wait what

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As pure as any other ultrasmurf chapter. Rowboat would be proud. 1d10 to see what is our Chapter's demeanor.

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Rolled 2


>> No.27780857

Rolled 4

Come on Angry!

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Dang I've gotten 2 2's in a row. A troubling prognostication.

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Cleanse and Purify, hope it's angry enough for ya. We're going to erase the fuck out of heresy. What is our chapter's flaw? 1d10 please.

>> No.27780890

Rolled 2

Loyal and brutal.

>> No.27780907

Rolled 9

Nope, we seem to be pure strain ultrasmurf so far.

>> No.27780908

Rolled 10


>> No.27780910

Rolled 4


>> No.27780912

Rolled 9

2 brootal 4 chaos

>> No.27780929

With a cult to boot! Is it to Girlyman? The Emprah? Who knows!? 1d100 for our figure of legend.

>> No.27780936

Rolled 63


'Our hero!

>> No.27780938

Rolled 49


>> No.27780940

Rolled 64


>> No.27780949

Rolled 93

The difference between heresy and treachery is ignorance.

>> No.27780959

Our master of Sanctity! That grim motherfucker in the skull helmet did something! 1d100 to see what he did!

>> No.27780967

Rolled 33

Burn the heretic. Kill the mutant. Purge the unclean.

>> No.27780971

Rolled 83


>> No.27780986

He slew a fucking Daemon Prince. Emprah be praised!

Now let's see what sort of homeworld we get.

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1d100 my bad

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Rolled 4

Zeal is its own Excuse.

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We're on a hiveworld. Now let's see what kind of hive world. 1d100 for terrain.

>> No.27781033


>> No.27781039

Rolled 46

True Happiness stems only from duty

>> No.27781040

Rolled 53


Roll for shitty terrain.

>> No.27781062

Desert. We like sand. We like camels. We like the beach! Let's see how we rule our little hive of scum and villainy. 1d10

>> No.27781067

Rolled 4

Praise Vaul, Savior of Sallia, Slayer of the Daemon Drak'Erd'Ani!

>> No.27781072

Rolled 6


>> No.27781077

Rolled 7

Success is commemorated; Failure merely remembered.

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That so Protestant

>> No.27781100

Distant rule. Because who the fuck wants to rule a desert full of hive cities? Not fucking us that's who. Roll me a d10 to see our chapter's organization. inb4 it's codex adherent

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Rolled 9


>> No.27781113

Rolled 2

Oh boy!

>> No.27781124

Rolled 8

To admit defeat is to blaspheme against the Emperor.

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>Unique Organization
Well, here's one way we say fuck you to The Smurf Bible. d10 for combat doctrine.

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Rolled 6

Victory needs no explanation, defeat allows none.

>> No.27781150

Rolled 9


>> No.27781191

And neither does our love of simultaneous deep strikes. Dropping pods on bitches is our way to victory! Let's see what sort of troops our Marine's chapter doesn't use. 1d100 please.

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Rolled 67


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based emperor pls

>> No.27781205

Rolled 90

Hatred is the emperor's greatest gift to humanity.

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Fuck Techmarines, we don't need that shit here. Now roll our 1d100 for special equipment.

>> No.27781227

Rolled 55

Only in death does duty end.

>> No.27781229

Rolled 10


>> No.27781236

Rolled 30


>> No.27781249

Blessed Wargear. When our weapons are blessed, how can anyone stand in our way? 1d100 for our chapter's beliefs.

>> No.27781253

Rolled 77


>> No.27781257

Rolled 9

To Question is to doubt.

>> No.27781285

Death Cult. Skulls, skulls everywhere. At least we know what our chapter cult is about. How strong is our chapter? Let's roll a d10 to find out.

>> No.27781289

Rolled 1


>> No.27781293


Shit man! We must be extreme zealot so that we refuse having our brothers being part of Machine God cult.

>> No.27781296

Rolled 2

not shit i hope

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Rolled 20


>> No.27781312

Rolled 2


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Endangered. We like death a little too much. Now we have a small surviving force. Well, let's see who we're allies with in the grim darkness of the fourty-first millenium. d100.

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Oh god... not having techmarines is going to bite us in the ass

>> No.27781329

Rolled 22


>> No.27781336

Rolled 79


>> No.27781338

Rolled 3

He who stands with me shall be my brother.

>> No.27781352

Rolled 13


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We like another chapter. Who is it? I'll choose that in a moment. But lastly, we need to know who we hate the most.

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Rolled 71


>> No.27781365

Rolled 50


>> No.27781367

Rolled 47


>> No.27781368

Rolled 19

A small mind is easily filled with faith.

>> No.27781380

Allies: Iron Hands

>> No.27781381

We REALLY fucking hate demons. Our hero killed them, we kill them, and we fucking love what we do. I'll get the chapter summary up in a moment.

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So are we then special buddies with the exorcists?

>> No.27781413

I vouch for the chapter name Warp Slayers
Our colors are Blue,Silver and Bone

>> No.27781421


I'm thinking about Black Templar because our chapter is so fucking zealot that we don't even use techmarine because of different faith.

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Why was our force founded? Standing Force
When? 39th Millenium
Who was our progenitor? Ultramarines
How pure is our geneseed? Pure
What is our Demeanor? Cleanse and Purify
What is our flaw? Chapter Cult
Who is our Figure of Legend? Master of Sanctity
What did he do? Killed a Daemon Prince
What is our Homeworld like? Hiveworld
What is its terrain? Desert
How do we rule it? Distant Rule
How do we organize? Unique Organization
What is our doctrine? Drop Pods
Who do we not use? Tech Marines
What is our special equipment? Blessed Wargear
What are our Chapter Beliefs? Death Cult
How strong is our chapter? Endangered
Who are our allies? Another Space Marine Chapter
Who are our enemies? Daemons

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sounds good for a chapter name. though, for colors, i'd go with bone silver and dark red

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And now for names, colors and allies.

Name choices
Warp Slayers
Imperial Skulls
Waste Watchers
[Fill in the Blank]

Blue, Silver, Bone
[fill in the blank, because I like that color scheme]

Black Templar
Iron Hands

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Lamenters. It begins.

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>NOTE - Rites of Battle suggests using the numbers 1-7, 8-9, and 10 for Ultramarines successors. Keep in mind that the Smurfs don't like it when their successors try to break off from the Codex Astartes.

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Name: The Emperor's truth
Colors: Yellow, purple, red
Allies: Black Templar

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>Warp Slayers
>Blue, Silver, Bone
>Black Templar

>> No.27781610

Warp Slayers.

colors: might as well go with Blue, silver and bone

Allies: Iron Hands

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It's a suggestion, but I rather like having a divergent smurf chapter, especially because this chapter fits really well.

>> No.27781634

fair enough

>> No.27781639

>Name: Warp Slayers
>Colors:Blue Silver Bone
>Allies: Black Templars

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Looks like this is our loadout. I'll write up my first post ASAP.

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Warp Slayers
Blue, Silver Bone.
The Silver is our Trim color while we wear blue and Bone in a quartered pattern.
Allies: Salamanders

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I reckon we got the all's good from higher up to deter from our roles a little, seeing as our mission is that of shock-troop on the deamon scum

>> No.27781801

Sounds like a fun team, gonna start a new SM army around this.

Anyone got links to the new SM codex for this?

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Our Chapter Insignia will be a skull biting the Eye of Terror.

>> No.27781820

Nope, this is a freshly made chapter for a quest thread friend.

>> No.27781826

Or a sword piercing the Eye of Terror, just to up the sexual tension.

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They say that if you stare long enough into the abyss, the abyss stares back. We have been watching the abyss for two thousand years, and we can attest to the veracity of this statement. We are the Warp Slayers, silent guardians that stand on the edge of the Eye of Terror, forever holding back the dark malignancy that dwells there. We stood firm, knowing that our vigil kept the Imperium safe. We were humanity's guardians, their fortress upon which the tides of daemons breaks. We fight monsters, beings which reality holds no sway over. Entities that, if we were not there, would overtake the whole of the galaxy and plunge it into oblivion. This is our story, the story of the last best hope for Mankind.

You are Ashur, a Tactical marine fresh from the crucible of the Scout Company. Or what's left of it. For thousands of years, your chapter has eroded to the point of danger. There are only a few hundred of you left after centuries of disastrous wars against the forces of the Empyrean. As of today, there are only thirty scouts left. Only one full company of marines, the fourth. You have no veteran company, no honor guard. The scions of mars have left you, and you have left them. Today starts the first day of your long trek towards death. And you embrace it.

You have been ordered to the main hall of your fortress monastery for the ritual that will decide what company you go into. You and five others have made it out of scout training, and will all become squadmates. Each of you kneels down, waiting for your chapter master's judgement.

"My newly forged brothers, today you have taken your first steps towards death. Today you become weapons in the Emperor's name. You shall..."

[Become members of third company(Assault Marines)]
[Become members of eighth company (Devastators)]
[Become members of second company (Bikers)]

>> No.27781929

Third Company. We're a Warp Slaying Thaddeus

>> No.27781937

>[Become members of eighth company (Devastators)]

>> No.27781946

[Become members of third company(Assault Marines)]

>> No.27781957

>[Become members of eighth company (Devastators)]

>> No.27781958 [DELETED] 

Tactical Marines. 2nd company

>> No.27781965

[Become members of eighth company (Devastators)]

>> No.27781972

Assault Squad GO!

>> No.27781974

>[Become members of third company(Assault Marines)]

>> No.27781978

>[Become members of second company (Bikers)]

>> No.27781985


>> No.27781993

>[Become members of third company(Assault Marines)]

>> No.27781998


>> No.27781999

[Become members of third company(Assault Marines)]

>> No.27782008

We will Slay the daemons in melee combat

>> No.27782010

[Become members of third company(Assault Marines)]

>> No.27782017

Secret answer e.: all of the above. A flying bike with lascannons.
But seriously though, assault company all the way.

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>> No.27782025

Voting ends. Assault it is.

>> No.27782062

My Kingdom for the Dawn of War 2 Retribution Prologue Theme.

>> No.27782159

>We like another chapte
They probably take care of our ships and wargear and shit.

Praise the Omnissiah

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too late

>> No.27782248

"You shall be like Angels of Death upon the wind. You are to join third company. May your battles be swift and bloody my brothers." Thus the chapter master says no more. He places holy blood of the first Slayer upon your collective brows and departs. You and your brothers look to each other with a reserved joy. Assault marines, known to the Warp Slayers as Angels of Death, are prestigious. They are often in the thickest parts of the battle, slaying foes with bolter and chainsword in each hand. And they are the most-likely to die in battle as well because of this. As such assault marines are in the highest of demand within the Warp Slayers, and Third Company, your company, is the most active in terms of recruitment and rituals for the glorification of the newly deceased. Death and glory await you. You go about your daily regimen as you were taught, and the next day, you begin your life as an assault marine.

"Brothers!" Your company commander roars to the forty-seven collected battle brothers of third company "Brothers today we welcome new younglings to our fold. These are the newest members to our flight. They will be commanded by Sergeant Moloch. And if the Emperor is on our side, they will find death and glory on the battlefield!" This was met with triumphant cheers. "Now you shall resume your duties and your training."

Your fellow battle brothers of the newest squad stand at attention as an old scarred marine approaches. "I am Moloch, your Sergeant, and I pray to the Emperor you are ready for death and glory." You nod, while your brothers reassure the sergeant. "We will stand tall in battle, and find death on the field of glory" Sargon, your most steadfast ally throughout your trials, tells Moloch. "I hope so, we are expecting an incursion any day now. The warp grows weak and we are sure to do battle against the foes from the Empyrean."

Battle, so soon? This sets your mind off in a myriad of directions. Battle and glory await you. You can taste it.

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i am pleased

>> No.27782319

In a few months time, Moloch's statements become manifest. A daemonic incursion on the agriworld of Mag'Elan VII has caused vast destruction and slaughter. Roll 1d4 to see what sort of Daemons we fight this day.

>> No.27782320

Go on.

>> No.27782341

Rolled 2


>> No.27782352

Rolled 2

Do we have the usual spiel of Assault Marine Weaponry?

>> No.27782354

Rolled 3

The blood of martyrs is the seed of the Imperium.

>> No.27782578

You have one chainsword, one bolter, frag grenades and power armor with a jump pack.

Your drop pod screams through the sky.

It is not the first time you have made this trip. Many battles against many foes have taught you of the use that Steel Rain has. Foes are crushed and surprised by the onslaught of drop pods, before they open and reveal the death that is within. You hear the crash of wood and ground as your drop pod lands. The doors hiss as they open. "Brothers, prepare for battle!" Moloch yells as your squad prepare themselves. Your jump pack roars as you and your brothers race out of the drop pod and find yourselves in a woodland. It is quiet. Deathly quiet. In the distance you can see the spire of the Agriworld's one hive, where all important imperial citizens on the planet dwell. You hear the voice of Moloch in your helmet. "Brothers, our foe is in that hive, we must move as quickly as possible to intercept them before they cause more damage to the Emperor's soil. May your wings be swift brothers!"

You launch yourself forward. The roar of the air is blocked out of your senses by the intricate electronics of your helmet. You feel not a wisp of breeze on your cheek, protected by impenetrable ceramite armor. Yet the feeling of soaring on the wind is a glorious one. But not as glorious as the feeling of your foes ripping under the blade of your chainsword. Your urge to prove yourself is strong, to fight stronger, and to die in your Emperor's name stronger still. You and your brothers near the hive. As you approach, you find the bodies of the dead. Do you investigate them?

>> No.27782616


>> No.27782623


>> No.27782696

No, do not waste time. We shall find the foul daemon who dares touch the Emperors subjects.

>> No.27782723


We should eat the brains.

Find out what killed them.

>> No.27782733

This. Purify the area, so that safe investigation can be done later

>> No.27782776

This is definitely the best thing to do. Eating brains is always the solution.

>> No.27782788


Yeah, eat the whole brain to make it sure.

>> No.27782793

I'm totally headcanon'ing Warp Slayers.

If someone hasn't already, should I try drawing the Skull biting the Eye of Terror as the chapter insignia?

>> No.27782794


>> No.27782820

Please do so.

>> No.27782894

The kills are fresh, and they can tell you much. They are men and women and children. They are not the bloody messes that Khornate daemons leave, nor are they the burning remains of Tzeentchi kill and neither are they the virulent corpses of the work of Nurglites. They were clean kills almost artistically killed like the work of a master surgeon. It can only be the work of the Daemons of Excess. The Daemons of Slaneesh are at play here. Moloch removes his helmet and takes out his tactical knife. After quickly dissecting the skull of a farmer, he quickly reaffirms the supsicions of the squad with his use of the Omophagea. "Definitely Slaaneshi," He says "The pain and fear inflicted is more than any other daemonic kill." "Then time is of the essence" Tiberius, another of your brothers says "The longer we sit here, the more victims Slaneesh gains." Moloch, you and your other battle brothers nod and continue to the spire.

The more corpses you pass, the more hatred you feel for the sickening creatures of the Empyrean. They care not who they kill, as long as they feel their victim's fears and pain. They feed off of the emotions of excess and revel in inflicting torment. As you enter the hive, you see a figure among the corpses. It appears to be a maiden, but of a sickening beauty. One of her arms ends in a wicked claw, and her hair is actually tendrils. Your suspicions are confirmed. It screams in a disturbingly high pitch, and you see others emerge from the shadows. It is time for combat. What do you do?"

[Fire your bolter at the daemonette, before charging into combat]
[Forgo firing your bolter and charge in headlong]
[Wait for orders from Moloch before doing anything]

>> No.27782899

Yes... Yesssss

>> No.27782917

I love it.

>> No.27782919

>[Fire your bolter at the daemonette, before charging into combat]

>> No.27782939


[Wait for orders from Moloch before doing anything]

>> No.27782988

>[Wait for orders from Moloch before doing anything]

>> No.27783025

Open fire with your bolter. Announce the contact.

>> No.27783044

Shoot your load before rushing hard into the fray.

>> No.27783045

We'll wait for at least one more person (or 5 minutes from this post) before I go on again.

>> No.27783079

>[Fire your bolter at the daemonette, before charging into combat]


>> No.27783184


You unsheath your bolter and fire a round at your foe. Though she is supernaturally quick, she is caught off guard and the round explodes inside her left, unclawed arm. A shriek, this time of a mix of pain and pleasure, erupts from the Daemon. They begin to run at your squad, and your squad does the same, chanting litanies to the Emperor of Mankind as they rocket forward. Claws and chainswords clash with each other in a battle of blinding speed. You take a swipe at the wounded Daemonette! Roll a 1d100 to see if you hit!

>> No.27783201


>> No.27783204

Rolled 45



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Rolled 70


>> No.27783239

Rolled 99


>> No.27783261

Rolled 76




>> No.27783272

do we roll high or low?

>> No.27783293

Your blade bites her flesh, ripping more of her left arm off. She screams again and lunges at you with her blade-like claw! Roll 1d100 to see if you dodge! (To dodge, you must match or beat the daemonette's roll. If you get a 100, you pass spectacularly, if you get a 1, you fail spectacularly).

>> No.27783296


>> No.27783307

Rolled 70


>> No.27783313

Rolled 9


>> No.27783331

You roll 1d100, and then I'll roll one on my nifty dice roller. If you get above or match my roll, it's a hit.

And I fucked up my dice roll too, so here it is.

>> No.27783351

Rolled 47

And again. I'm just a big faggot.

>> No.27783442

You dodge the claw and continue on with your assault. The drive to purify this place from the evils of the Prince of Excess is strong. The dark beings you fight now are perverse beings that should not exist, and it is your duty and honor to end their existence in the material realm! Death and Glory! One more roll to see if you can cut her a new one.

[spoilers] Next episode I'm going to have the combat rules and shit down. Maybe even a stat system so that we can keep track of our little assault marine's progress.[/spoiler]

>> No.27783451

Rolled 5

Let's off this bitch.

>> No.27783476

Rolled 33


>> No.27783513

Rolled 35


>> No.27783523

DM, perhaps you could implement a "best out of 3 rolls" system?

>> No.27783556

Rolled 44

I think that would be a good idea. Also, I'll roll for the Daemon's defense here as well, as to not cheat.

>> No.27783593
File: 41 KB, 400x500, spacemarine (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also I'll be right back, nature calling and whatnot. In the meantime, have a Warp Slayer.

>> No.27783870

Before your blade can bite into the Daemonette's neck, she deftly tumbles away. With a shrill voice, the wounded Daemonette cries for retreat. Those who had survived the onslaught skittered away into the darkness. Though there were a few injuries, each of your companions survived the skirmish. "We shall meet them in battle once more brothers" Moloch says as he wipes the daemonic ichor off of his chainsword "But they will not be so lucky. Come! We still have more battles to fight in this hive. I am sure there are more of these whores of Slaanesh the further we go." The others agree, and continue onward.

Where do we go?

[To the top of the hive]
[To the center of the hive]
[To the undercity of the hive]

>> No.27783911

>[To the top of the hive]

>> No.27783974

>To the undercity of the hive.
Light a fire under them, see how they like that.

>> No.27784057

>The top of the hive.

>> No.27784086

Either top down or bottom up. Top down will be better in this case.

>> No.27784140

One more vote or in 5 minutes.

>> No.27784148

The top.

>> No.27784404

Moloch decides that it's better to ascend to the top of the spire, where the most prominent and therefore most susceptible imperial citizens dwell. He leads your team through the maze of processing complexes, housing units and industrial equipment yards that line the base floor of the hive. The whole city is disturbingly silent, the noises of life extinguished before you could ever hope to have saved these citizens of the Emperor. Righteous fury and indignation towards your hated daemonic foes kept their mission clear and present in your mind. In your helmet, you can hear their tactical battle brothers arrival to the city, and Moloch notifies the rest of the force of the dangers present. Even so, your other Assault brothers are barreling ahead, and have notified your squad that they have taken on the enemy just above you. Suddenly, a roar can be heard both overhead and in your helmet. The assault squad yells for help, and your squad obliges. After a few short moments of soaring through the complex of hive cells, you make it to the room above you to see a disaster. Three of your brothers lay dead upon the ground, their heads removed with disturbing precision. Ahead are more daemonettes, but these ride strange creatures, and are also paired with a grotesque creature that appears to be a humanoid with the lower body of a scorpion. The daemonettes laugh, and for the first time you hear the voices of a creature of Slaanesh. It sounds melodic, yet with an underlying disharmony, as if something sinister lies beneath the surface. And from your training, you know it does. "Fools" one daemonette hisses as she steadies her steed "Your souls will do nicely for the playthings of the Prince of Excess".

What do you do?

>> No.27784429

Do we have a jump pack? jump stomp

>> No.27784448

Jump stomp that daemon bitch

>> No.27784468

Jump stomp seems like the most popular option right now. Do we roll?

>> No.27784483

>reading through all the rolls
we are literally an angry marine with ultrasmurf geneseed
holy fuck.

>> No.27784503

Rolled 25

Yes you do! Roll a 1d100, and add +20 for your jet-powered assault!

>> No.27784512

>Repeat until there's naught but red whore-flavored jelly.

>> No.27784516

Rolled 58


>> No.27784521


>> No.27784527

>pull a yoda

>> No.27784534

With the added bonus of coming from an endangered chapter who hates the fuck out of daemons and loves dying. I can't wait to see these guys fleshed out by all the elegan/tg/entlemen in this thread.

>> No.27784550

Rolled 57 + 20


>> No.27784562

Rolled 37


>> No.27784641

I have this weird feeling that /tg/ should make this kind of thing a regular event. This may be the best way to homebrew shit, and get the community actually interested rather than just troll the fuck out of everything like they have been recently.

LOLRANDOM is the demon you face my friend. Tread the fine line between awesome and derp well, and you shall build glory!

>> No.27784665

You jump into the air, guided by your jump pack, and smash your foot into the Daemonette's face. The hot ichor pours from her mouth and nose-slits, while she reels from the sudden pain. "My faaaaaaaace" she roars "Kill them ALL!" Both your squadmates and the remaining battle brothers from the other assault squad join in the fray. Blades clash with claws, bolter rounds tear chunks out of the flesh of daemons while the darting, serrated tongue of the scorpion daemon pierces the ceramite and flesh of one of your brother like it was nothing. You continue to stomp on the face of the lead daemonette until she can cry no more, before turning your attention elsewhere. If you wish to jump-charge a foe, also roll 1d100+20.

[Brother Sargon fighting the Scorpion]
[Brother Moloch fighting a Daemonette]
[One of the marines from the other squad fighting a seeker]

>> No.27784692

Rolled 69 + 20

>[Brother Sargon fighting the Scorpion]


>> No.27784693

Rolled 33 + 20

>The Daemonette

>> No.27784694 [DELETED] 


>> No.27784700

Rolled 61 + 20

>[Brother Sargon fighting the Scorpion]

>> No.27784706

Thank you for the kind words of approval and advice, I do enjoy a laugh every now and again, but Lolrandumb is the fiend which I shall slay with a jump-stomp to the face.

>> No.27784723

Rolled 61 + 20


>> No.27784726 [DELETED] 

Help Sargon

>> No.27784750

Rolled 21 + 20

Help Sargon with that Scorpion!

>> No.27784784

Dice +1d100
Jump stomp the daemon bitch

>> No.27784798

Rolled 50


>> No.27784839

Rolled 31

You prove once again that your tactic of using the power of the jump pack to put weight behind your physical strikes is effective. You slam down upon the back of the fiend, and with a crack you shatter its back-right leg. It squeels in a bizarre mix of agony and pleasure as it wheels around to greet you with its claws! Roll 1d100 to dodge this mofo!

>> No.27784846

Rolled 81



>> No.27784871

die filth!!

>> No.27784889

Rolled 6


>> No.27784897

Rolled 43

The foul creature shall not touch our holy armor

>> No.27784898


>> No.27784930

>boots of rightous asskicking doing their job
oh the machine spirits must be pleased.

>> No.27784939

You effortlessly dodge the beast's claws by maneuvering with your jump pack. The fiend is now distracted by your movements and leaves it in perfect position to be double-teamed by you and Brother Sargon, who also takes too the skies and begins an airborne assault on the beast. Do you attack once more? Who am I kidding? You're a Space Marine, of course you attack once more, roll and add 20 if you wish to jet-stomp the Fiend

>> No.27784946

Rolled 13 + 20


>> No.27784954

Rolled 49 + 20


>> No.27784967

Rolled 51 + 20


>> No.27784970

Rolled 89 + 20


>> No.27784973

Rolled 15

Should probably roll for defense.

>> No.27784977

Methinks we love our jump-pack a little too much

>> No.27784990

Rolled 95 + 20


explosive teabaggin

>> No.27784996

We're an assault marine, we live for jetpack combat... That and well with the shit we're wrecking it'll be fucking awesome

>> No.27784998

Rolled 86 + 20

Raptor alternate quest path incoming

>> No.27785018

.... WELP.... We got our first Daemon kill

>> No.27785023

>not wanting to be a giant flying death machine
in the grim darkness of the grim dark future
there is only stomping in the nuts.

>> No.27785045

>Khornate Raptor Champion

>> No.27785060

You and your battle-brother crush the beast's body underfoot with your jet-propelled tactics. But there are other battles to be fought, and some to lose. In the corner of your eye you see Moloch engaged in single combat with a Daemonette. The duo trade blow after blow, block swing after swing, dodge and dodge again and again. But the speed and ferocity of the daemonette finally overtake the Astartes, and a single blow from the Daemonette's claw punctures his chest armor, ripping out his still-beating heart. Moloch falls to his knees, blood dripping from his open mouth. The daemonette raises her claw to the sky, before tasting the equisite blood of an aged astartes. What do you do?

>> No.27785062

I'm concerned that we may yet forget how to move outside of jump-pack assisted movement

>> No.27785081

Rolled 21 + 20





>> No.27785086

jump stomp.

Also, don't Astartes have two hearts?

>> No.27785090


Do a Running Jump into the air and then preform SPACE MARINE RIDER KICK! Onto the daemonette while shouting out. "FOR ULTRAMAR, FOR THE EMPEROR TO DEATH WITH YE!"

>> No.27785092

Rolled 7 + 20


>> No.27785096

Why is this a problem?

>> No.27785097

Rolled 95 + 20

>Sto- oh fuck it, you know where this is going.

>> No.27785108

Rolled 47 + 20

Also a roll if needed

>> No.27785110

Offer your soul to Khorne and fly into with a mighty tackle

>> No.27785120
File: 125 KB, 600x750, Spacemarinediorama.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nixon would be proud.

Yes, what are the medics called?

>> No.27785125

Apothecaries i think

>> No.27785130

Rolled 14

Yes, yes they do. But it still doesn't sting like a bitch when your first heart is ripped out of your body.

>> No.27785137

... Jesus fuck

>> No.27785139


>> No.27785144
File: 109 KB, 800x537, unarmed dismounting tackle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


pic related

>> No.27785171


>> No.27785179
File: 49 KB, 300x338, 3279293_f496.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shh, Kharne, we haven't fallen yet

>> No.27785185

Someone drawfag the image of a Warp Slayer rider kicking a daemonette

>> No.27785194

Rolled 76 + 20

Does this mean Warp Slayers are popular with orks?

>> No.27785200

>thinking rightous wrath involves chaos worship
are you a heretic?

>> No.27785230
File: 291 KB, 800x800, kamen rider marine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Haveno fear, citizen, I kick for justice

>> No.27785277

Let's switch things up and send a boltpistol round or ten down range if we've got one.

>> No.27785283

Rolled 45 + 20


Assault Biker Marines.

>> No.27785288

Provided we live long enough and keep this shit up I say We'll make a chapter of our own... Rider Kicking Angry marines based from quite possibly one of the few interesting Homebrewed chapters yet.

>> No.27785296

Rolled 79

You tackle the Daemonette holding your Sergeant's heart, and run your chainsword through her. There is a brief moment before you activate the chainsword when you can see the expression of disbelief in the fiend's eyes, before its body is torn asunder. The other battle-brothers fair wells, slaying many of the Lord of Excess' children. Those that survive retreat further into the hive. But victory is not on your mind at this moment, your Sergeant is hurt. You quickly pick up his body and return to the lower levels of the hive, where you find one of the advancing tactical companies with an Apothecary. The Apothecary quickly begins the work of reknitting the flesh of Moloch's wound.

"You are fortunate that such a wound made by a Slaaneshi daemon is so clean. A khonrate wound like this would be a quick death. A Nurglite wound, a slow and painful one. This is easily re-knit. In any case, he should be conscious within the hour, and you can continue your advance. We will create a new heart for him, and he should be fine." The Apothecary said as he worked.

Sargon grips your shoulder. "You fought well brother. Your tactics were...untraditional, but effective. We will have to keep this up, at least on things that can't catch us mid-air!" he says with a hearty chuckle. For your first day in combat as an Angel of Death, you feel you did adequate. When Moloch wakes once more, you will continue your conquest of the hive, and rid the planet of its corruption once and for all! But for now, you meditate on the day's events, and pray to the Emperor for guidance and protection.

-Fin- Til next Wednesday at least!

>> No.27785332

OP, I enjoyed this quest and Dare I say am eager to do more of the emperor's work with the Warp Slayers.

To everyone else in here What say you we fluff this chapter

>> No.27785334

>We will create a new heart for him, and he should be fine.

we have bio-augmetics?

>> No.27785366

Rolled 44 + 20


Chapter will be dead once the 13th BC rolls around.

>> No.27785368

Did we ever resolve who was our friend?
Can it be the Lamenters?

>> No.27785379

Possibly Psuedo Bionics since we can't get the legit deal due to our great schism with techmarines... By the by how DID we manage to go fuck your shit to the Adeptus mechanicus

I'm thinking there was a coup attempt by the techmarines when the chapter was strong. Possibly rumors of a STC, Or perchance orders from the red planet it'self

I'm guessing we're best buds with black templars. I was the Anon that went Salamander because shit... We need the gear

>> No.27785393

Thank you kindly anon. I archived this thread and I will do my damnedest to come back every Wednesday and see you all dropkick daemons in the name of the emprah!
I would think so. If we can't turn to Mars for mechanics, I would think the Warp Slayers would go to the fleshy route.
I think 3 of the voters wanted Black Templars, but I like Lamenters and if nobody has any objections I would like for them to be our allies.

>> No.27785426


Black Templars seem to be a better fit, and did get more votes... but it IS your quest, man; do as you like.

>> No.27785429

What better way to end our legacy by fighting the forces of the emprean

>> No.27785432

but Mars does fleshy tech too... maybe the templars have a Hospitalier unit attached to our chapter to provide for our ZEAL AND PURITY after the priesthood abandoned us and the imperial pact?

>> No.27785475

Lamenters would be a better fit for giving us a spare limb or vehicle when we need it

I mean, without techmarines, the chapter won't even be able to refurbish its armor systems let alone things like bionics and ships, maybe we still have in-house techmarines passing down their remaining bits of knowledge and scavenging or even stealing parts and schematics from martian enclaves when the need arises

>> No.27785520

Also Lamenters have the same "Stop Chaos" theme going, having gone into the eye of terror and such. But yeah, if our chapter wants to survive, it needs friends who are friends with Techmarines. And I would think that the last remaining Warp Slayer tech marines are probably kept from the battlefield for good reason. They're worth their weight in gold when it comes to artifice and refurbishing the battered weaponry that the Warp Slayers have. And anyone who is friendly and has tech marines is always a plus.

>> No.27785560

train the serfs

>> No.27785562
File: 17 KB, 250x385, 250px-Black_Templar_DW_Techmarine_Brother.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...But Black Templars also have Techmarines.

I fail to see what the issue is here.

>> No.27785615

Yeah, officially, we're just gonna go with the Black Templar as our allies. It was voted the most and it seems to be reasonable given our chapter's background. Lamenters can be secondary allies, not as strong because they are as undermanned as we are.

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