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Hey /tg/, I've recently been invited to a Black Crusade campaign and I've had an idea for a character but I'm not sure what the response would be.

I want to play an Alpha Legion marine disguised as a marine of some random renegade chapter and do my best to undermine all the chaotic forces we come across (including the party's). I know I'll probably die in the process, but I want to see how well I could do. What I'm wondering is, would it be a dick move to the other party members? BC is all about chaos' internal struggles and I'd mainly being trying to change things big picture rather than just loosening the bolts on everybody's chainswords and such. What do you think? Should I give it a go?

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Ugh...another disgused Alpha Legionaire secretly working for the other side...

You guys are as bad as Drizzt-clones

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>would it be a dick move

Yes. But that's kind of what Black Crusade is about, so whatever floats your boat.

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Are they that common? I've never played BC before.

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Yes. Despite what /tg/ says, the Alpha Legion is still firmly on the side of Chaos.

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Have you even read Legion?

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Unfortunately, it's an extremely common trope in the 40k RPGs. Almost every Deathwatch group seems to include a Black Shield who's secretly Alpha Legion, and every warband has an Alpha Legion who's secretly loyal.

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That's only half-right, really.

Ask your GM, OP.

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Unfortunately, that is 30k.
This is 40k where Alpha Legion has Daemon Princes.

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Have you read Serpents Beneath?

Not to mention a hell of a lot can happen in 10,000 years?

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>Black Crusade

Wait, so you're a reverse alpha legion?

You're not sneaking into the Deathwatch to accidentally some dudes, you're sneaking into a group of misbegotten Chaos bastards to... do good in the universe?

Are you... Are you trying to be some kind of, fucking, I don't even know the word, Ninja Paladin? No, too much cultural connotation - Sneaky Paladin? Un-Paladin? Reverse Paladin?

Dammit, now I want to play with the concept. Trying to be toootaly evil and stuff, yeah guys, watch me kick this puppy (DON'T WORRY PUPPY I'M JUST GONNA PRETEND TO KICK YOU).

I'm not sure if Alpha Legion is what you're looking for (Noone is) but I'd love to see the concept done right. I hate to refer you to webcomics, but I'm reminded of Regular Marine, where the two main characters pretend to be Chaos so the Night Lords don't murder them all. I can see that, only taken seriously instead.

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No actually, is it good?

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It's excellent. The Alpha Legion is not nearly as clear cut as it seems. And that's saying something.

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I think I'll read that one next then.

Also, if one did do the Alpha Legion saboteur, how would one even avoid corruption? Isn't development in BC tied to becoming more corrupted?

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Anti-Paladin would be an evil paladin.

What do you call a pretend-evil paladin?

Other than Alpha Legion.

Alpha Paladin? No, no, there's no good reason to mix this shit up...

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I'd love to play as a 30k group transported through time, have some heresy era space marine, remembrancer, imperial army vet and possibly a newly awakened psyker.

It'd be interesting seeing how they react to their surroundings, also their knowledge of now maybe poor but their knowledge of more advanced technology would even it out.

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>Thinking Alpha Legion are closet loyalists

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You know, this is so fucking common, im pretty sure if I was in an evil campaign, I would make everyone prove their loyalties in the very first game.

To pass, you must piss and poo on a picture of the emperor, say a bunch of things that are heretical, and kill innocent animals.

ANNNNND just when the hidden commissar in the group thinks he is in the clear and can take no more of this heresy, I would summon a deamonette for each of the party members to fuck for 6 or so hours. If he wasent a traitor before, he is now.

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greetings warrior, please disrobe and begin showing your allegiance to chaos. I hope in the next few hours you can prove your loyalty at least 4 or 5 times *licks lips*

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Of course, abhorrent daemon filth. Let us begin the malignant and no-doubt repugnant rituals which signal my inevitable descent to Chaos and loss of faith in the venerated God-Emperor. Have you any of the Holy Emperor's Prometheum with which to douse yourself and be cleansed in its flames, to be made a living pyre in His name? I have a horrid fetishistic desire to partake in such voyeuristic pleasures, you see.

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Maybe. The fluff is so vague one might as well make shit up almost from scratch.

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I object on religious grounds. Namely, maim kill burn, blood, blood god, skulls, etc.
Incidentally fair warning imma murder anyone who fucks that thing. So yknow. Fyi.

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>Alpha "Legion"
>Actually being on one side

Like several of the other Legions, the Alpha's probably broke apart into various groups, though probably more to be everywhere and influence events all over the place. They were trained to fight without need of a command hierarchy and so would be making their own decisions on what they should do. Some might still fight for the Imperium as a sort of double agent. Others would decide that they really WERE fighting for Chaos and actively work to bring down the Imperium. Some might have inflitrated the Imperium as a new Chapter to either help it or bring it down from the inside. And some might have said "fuck it" and go off and do their own thing. I doubt they're actually still one Legion right now working together.

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No problem brother, we have a test for you, too. Kill this slaneshi whore.....WITH YOUR COCK! THRU THE ACT OF VIOLENT SEX!

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>blank stare
Khorne does not care from whence the blood flows, 'brother.' Only that it flows. These inane tests of yours are nothing more than a distraction from the real killing. Let's skip the part where you get your rocks off and get to the murders, shall we?

(Erudite khornates best khornates.)

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