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What's the best warhammer 40k video game on steam?

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They're all good.

Dawn of War if you want 40K Starcraft.
Dawn of War 2 if you want slower-paced Warcraft style play without any of the RTS macroing and just controlling the units like a MOBA.
Space Marines if you want to play a Gears of War style 40k game.

Space Hulk is shit.

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Aw, Space Hulk is shit? I was thinking about getting it next time it went on sale, but I hadn't heard much of anything about it.

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The board game is fun. The video game is buggy, clunky, and slow as shit. Because it's a faithful adaptation of the board game.

Imagine playing Monopoly with cool graphics and sound effects, but you have to wait for your goddamn horse to gallop 6 squares down and each square takes like 4 seconds of stomping about to move.

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...Are you kidding? I'd play the fuck out of that while drinking and watching TV.

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Blood Bowl if you want balls-out ridiculous (american) football.

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Different strokes for different FAGS! YOU'RE A FAG!

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Meh. I don't usually say this, but SH is definitely a try-before-you-buy sorta game. Go pirate it, see if you like it, and buy it afterwards if you do.

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it's horrible. zero introduction or tutorials or whatevers. since i don't play the TT I couldn't figure out how to play the damn game.
unless you know the tabletop rules and are willing to figure the computer game out by yourself don't touch it with a stick.

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I love bloodbowl

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Ok i laughed out loud at athat, thank you.

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Pfff, you must just suck. I figured that shit out in an hour, and was rocking a 60% win rate online within a week.

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>i don't play the TT

herr derr sherlock.

just saying
>unless you know the tabletop rules
you're gonna have a bad time


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This post comes up in every single discussion of every single online game.

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Dawn of war for large scale mindless spamming and Eldar OPness

Dawn of War 2 (MP) for the best tactic/strategy game since CoH.
the learning curve is steep but man is it worth learning.
no base building is the best improvement to the genre since the genre was invented

Space Marine is just crazy fun, to bad the MP is already dead because it was totally nuts to play in the beginning crap tons of fun

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I love the Dawn of War 2 series for the single player campaign.

Controlling a small group of marines, setting up firing lanes and planning ambushes is fun as fuck.

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Dawn of War and Dawn of War 2 for different takes on RTS gameplay. Talisman if you like good ports of bad games, Space Hulk if you like bad ports of good games, Blood Bowl if you like decent ports of good games. EYE Divine Cybermancy if you want to feel like a Space Marine. Space Marine if you want to play a competent but uninspired brawler.

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>EYE Divine Cybermancy if you want to feel like a confused French Space Marine

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This is correct

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That studio is making Space Hulk: Deathwing the FPS.

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I play XCOM: enemy unknown
while pretending that I'm actually an imperial reaction force responding to the alien invasion of my hiveworld. Labs become libraries, foundry becomes temple to Ohmnisier, all female teams become SoB's, dirty Psychics become dirty dirty Pskyers. Oh the draw of heresy is strong, before I realised it I had become the heretic to fight the heretic

It was glorious

I can't wait for the expansion [spoilers]dreadnaughts anybody?[spoilers]

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E.Y.E. is fucking amazing. It's confusing, but that's really the whole point of the plot. I'm not even sure if I was me, a dead god, or the dude I just killed during the ending. It's trippy. Also cyborg ninja hacking stealth shooting and all that jazz. Get invisibility and a medkit ASAP.

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It's not confusing at all when you find the secret ending.

You were the commander all along.

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What about that trio of demon-ladies? What the fuck was up with that?

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Also making people explode with your mind is fun. As is hacking enemy snipers and telling them their friends are targets.

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Took me about two games to get it figured.

You must be stupid

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I once checked it out because it looked like fun.
Gave up trying to do anything in the middle of my second game, unisnstalled and forgot about it.
A year or two later watched a bit of TotalBiscuit playing Blood Bowl on youtube, something clicked.
Installed it again and suddenly my dwarves were demolishing the opposition.
Translation was shit

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Those three tell you a story about a wolf, who you encounter in one of the endings.

All synicles (the white nuns) are monsters taking the form of the commander's wife, whom he betrayed and killed. The true ending has you speak to your wife who looks like a synicle.

This is why at the end of the game the commander is gone, and the guard outside his office is confused when you talk to him, saying the office has been empty for a long time. Because YOU are the commander, and that is not your office.

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Yeah they fucking killed it with shoddy servers at the start and a assfuckload of DLC that you need to play

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If I'm the commander... Then who did I kill?

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I loved base building in CoH. Nuthin like making a sandbag fort with strategically place mortars and machineguns, with a mined bridge and barbed wire flanked by trenches full of flamers and PTRS to stop it from being broken

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Here's a summary of the game's plot:

Rimanah sent his wife to investigate a forbidden location, for whatever reason. She came back and was caught. He ordered her tortured to death to try to hide his own role in her crime.

Consumed by guilt he slipped into insanity and was trapped in an ever-reoccurring dream (the game's campaign).

In this dream he relived his past experiences with the E.Y.E., searching for an alien artifact and waging war on the Federation, while also fighting with his own guilty conscience. Every iteration of the dream culminated in Rimanah killing himself.

Occasionally, he experienced a certain moment of clarity, becoming aware of the truth and speaking to a figment of his imagination that appeared to him as his dead wife, Circe (the final ending). But this was only temporary and he soon fell back into the dream cycle, doomed to repeat it forever.

Note that even the final ending is either a dead end or just a loop into another new game at the start of the cave.

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You know the other option is kill the Mentor side with Commander.

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But who was daemons?

No phone, you are John.

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Pirate it. The game is 6 hours long and boring to tears.

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It's a distorted version of real events that you replay over and over with different variations because you are trapped between life and death (possibly due to undergoing the process of necrocybermancy).

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Fuck that, track down a copy of Final Liberation, are you man enough for some REAL WARHAMMER TABLETOP PC ACTION? YOU BETTER BE

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Likewise. Also, is it just me, or did the XCOM team borrow heavily from 40k?

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They're more space marines than dreads.

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That's just you, and the usual /tg/ ignorance of anything but D&D, Warhammer, and the biggest of the big name fantasy & SF authors.

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Well, borrow heavily was probably wrong, but a race of technologically advanced beings psychically mind-controlled by a race called Ethereals? I assumed it was a reference to the Tau.

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>He thinks Tau came before X-Com

How cute it thinks 40k is completely original.

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4chan elitism
>never change

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Ah, I see, it was the other way round. Sorry, brain fart there, forgot Tau weren't always part of 40k.

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There is a brief tutorial and you can read the whole ruleset

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And both DoW games are the source of at least half of /tg/'s best-known memes.

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There is a rulebook included with the game. Jeez.

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Modern games tend to be able to teach a lot through play, hints and a tutorial. You shouldn't have to read the manual to play at a basic level.

You know, much like with the real boardgame you don't have to read the manual to play at a basic level, if you're playing against someone who knows how to play and is willing to teach you as you play instead of ignoring you until you read and understand the whole rulebook!

RTEFM Before Playing is bad game design for most games, and Space Hulk isn't a complex enough game to require it. That the /v/ port does is just because the devs are shit.

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Did you say Metal Boxes?

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I like the idea of a Space Marine FPS. but as much as I may draw the ire of you fellow fa/tg/uys I feel the space hulk scenario to be a tiny bit gimicky and specific. Hell I know it's gonna be one awesome atmospheric adventure, but the thought as playing as any type of marine against different enemies is far more intriguing than one typical enemy of nids in a dark corridor

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Hulks have 'nids, 'stealers (totally not 'nids!!!! in old enough fluff), orks, mutants, crazies, cultists, robots, anything you want really.

It'll probably be mostly 'nids, but I trust the studio to deliver something decent enough and slightly insane. It's not gonna be AAA+++ Call of Duty anyway.

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I'm kinda surprised that nobody ever thought of Dark Heresy-ish cRPG in which you play as an acolyte/inquisitor unveiling a vast conspiracy against the Imperium.

Albeit probably a bit niche, it could have potential

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These kind of RPG need a good story, not a good idea as a CRPG since you can only put the same one in there and have no GM to keep coming up new ones.

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Inquisitor: Torment? It could be cool if it was more a (well-written) story with occasional gameplay than a combat game.

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This, the major emphasis should be on story. Make a campaign-long story, with different sub-plots, decent character customization, and gameplay options tailored for each career, as it is obvious that the gameplay of an Ecclesiarch would and should be different of a Guardsman's.

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If you get DoW2 make sure to buy the Chaos rising and retribution DLC, the standalone campaign can get a bit boring but the DLC'S are great

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Retribution is standalone though so you don't need any of the other two to play it.

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