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Hey /tg/, I have a question.

I know there has been a hundred threads about the subject of knight vs samurai, but my question is slightly different.

To be exact, how could a samurai fight and hopefully defeat an armorer knight? What she would have to do in order to attain victory, assuming both have the same skill?

For what I've read here the armor would be a big problem for the samurai, but also she would be a lot faster.

Thoughs /tg/?

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>What she would have to do in order to attain victory, assuming both have the same skill?

Surrender to him and then stab him in the neck when he's sleeping after ravishing her.

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By using one of their primary weapons (Bow, spear, polearm, or arqebus) instead of a sidearm (Katana)

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I dunno, but I really like that picture. Although I think it'd look better it the katana's zori was less severe, and the kisaki formed a more rectangular angle.

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Armor could deflect arquebus shots with no problem, same with arrows. Also knights also used halberds and polearms.

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That Guy spilling his fetishes in this thread, please ignore

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>but also she would be a lot faster.

This would give her victory. Armor is heavy, clunky and helmets make near impossible to see. Assuming she can parry/dodge his attacks he would become tired and sluggish first, allowing her to find the right opening to attack.

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It's not "no problem"
It might not get through the thick chest plate, but it could penetrate joints and thinner areas, and will leave the knight winded regardless.
Bow won't work unless the samurai gets a lucky joint hit.
Polearms give the Samurai a chance to win, since that's how Europeans beat knights too.

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Related as fuck.

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A knight in full gear had less weight on them than modern infantrymen.
Plate armor is fitted to it's wearer and is lighter than chainmail. Helmet sightline depends entirely on what sort of helmet it is (There were hundreds of variations)

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But the time she takes to load her arquebus and aim would allow the knight to disarm and pin her down. Also, knights used polearms too.

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I believe you mean to say that you prefer the look of shinogi-zukori swords to shobu-zukori swords.

And you should. shinogi-zukori blades look all kinds of badass, shobu-zukor look like the Japanese tried to copy some crappy shamshir that washed up on their beach.

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Knights using polearms too does not mean the samurai can't win.
It means it would be an actual fight that could go either way.

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Fetishes? Wut mate?

Sure, this might be a bit off, since we are talking samurais, but do you know how ninja's worked? A samurai could easily do the same. Women have done this for ages, because men are generally easy to seduce this way.

This only works if he isn't aware of her as an enemy, of course.

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Ninja were spies for the most part, not assassins.

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Ever heard of Agincourt? Armor weights about 50 pounds and often caused heatstroke. Besides the helmet made really difficult to see besides a narrow area right in front of the knight.

Even if it wasn't that heavy it still took its toll on the knight's stamina

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isn't there a part of the old testament where some important guy selects brave women to go and seduce the enemies captains and then kill them in their sleep after sex?

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Modern infantrymen carry upwards of 80 pounds on them.
And if it's a one on one fight, the knight won't have a problem keeping an eye on the Samurai.

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Asian weapons were designed to combat their shit-tier to no armour at all troops.

Knight wins. Hands down.

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Care to tell me just where a samurai could find an opening here? Unless the knight is K.Oed he won't stay quiet until she stabs him through the visor

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Ninja's aren't spies either. They are more of a class in between those two.

They went completely undercover, either to gather information, kill someone, or both. Sometimes even to gain the trust of someone. The "kill" part didn't really need to be with a weapon. It could be poison, or whatever.

Hell, I recall reading a story of a "ninja" chick who had AIDS or something like that, who slept with people to get them killed. Don't remember exactly the disease, but according to the story, it worked.

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It was almost never with weapons and absolutely never in a straight fight. A ninja discovered is a ninja that failed.

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That sounds like your average medieval levy

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>Shit tier
I bet you think they didn't have metal armor too.

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A good strike with one of these is gonna ruin a knight's day.

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Tetsub, fuck yeah!

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Are we talking~ knights with maille are the most advanced armour of the day, or Something past the 1100's?

'cos the knight in platemail wins, due to being from the future and from a place that has actually advanced it's military tech over the past few centuries

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>find stairs
>beckon the knight to follow up
>swing at him maniacally until he falls down or kills you
>the fall + the weight of his armor cracks his ribs and he bleeds to death

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>Implying peasants with spears got lacquered steel

You're funny.

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Samurai wins from being able to control Japanese giant hornets.

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Well, a knife at the throat of a sleeping guy is using a weapon, though not in a straight up fight.

But yeah, ninja's aren't fighters. At all. Samurai's are a different breed, though if they weren't completely impaired by their lolhonour, they should be able to pull it off as well.

In a realistic 1 on 1 fight, with no circumstances favouring either part, no, the Samurai would lose. As much as I like samurais, and love to play them in my games and such, they simply aren't better than a real knight. I'm a fucking weaboo samurai freak, and I can't see the samurai winning in a fair fight. She needs advantages, and some pretty good ones too.

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>Implying professional, career soldiers that make up the vast majority of any given Japanese army are peasants

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haha what's this from?

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But if they never reveal themselves, how can they jump from treetop to treetop while raining down a barrage of throwing stars so great that it utterly destroys houses? And what's the point of buying a super-sexy ninja costume if you never get to wear it?

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dude the entire inside of his leg and groin is exposed, this armor is probably meant for riding.

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>Never going to wear it
Not even for special nights with your husband?

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Knight from what era?

Are we talking full metal suited Normans or padded leather and cloth Saxons?

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Samurai were pragmatic. They cared about their honor about as much as knights cared about chivalry.
As soon as they got them, they fell in love with guns. They imported western armor and added a Japanese aesthetic when they found that European plate was somewhat better than their lammellar armor. They used any dirty tricks or improvements they could get.

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>implying farmers and men that worked the land weren't peasants

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>Implying Ashigaru are farmers.
Ashigaru are literally career soldiers. They have never been a peasant levy. Ever.

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>implying they weren't hired up from being farmers

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Because they had to.

It's simple survival of the fittest. Those who valued honour died, and those who could see past that massive limitation, survived, and "evolved" past this.

A Knight would win, unless the Samurai used dirty tricks. Knights weren't even the problem - They lived worlds apart. No, there were plenty of problem all over the place, that meant they had to evolve past their "Sword and honour" shit.

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Actually, it's more likely than a female knight.
There was a period in feudal Japan where female members of the Samurai caste were expected to be able to defend their homes while the men were out campaigning. That meant full armor, and training with Naginata (Polearm) and Yumi (Bow)

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remember that!

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>Since ashigaru's change to the professional soldier was advanced after Oda Nobunaga, the ashigaru separated from the farmer gradually. When entering the Edo period, the ashigaru's position was fixed and the use of conscripts was abandoned for over two hundred years in Japan.

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Wait, wait, which era?

'cos if we're talking 16th century, has a nifty slab of armour and a matchlock, then yeah, you're pretty spot-on.

If not, then take your peasants with sharp sticks and get out

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So, peasants, until they weren't exactly peasants.


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Traditional Samurai armour was clunky as fuck,
Platemail was fitted, so the weight of the armour was supported by the way it was built.

Also a more economical distribution of armour meant plate mail didn't need to weigh that much to achieve more.

The whole "Samurai is faster" thing is pretty much based on Anime, and really depends on the people in the armour rather than the armour itself, and if we are assuming equal skill, and equal natural reflex, then the knight has a speed advantage.

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>ITT anti weaboos who circlejerk to the old trope of "everything about samurai and japan was actually shitty" because muh knights from the future..

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When you separate actual history and fantasy, everything has a tendency to become shittier.

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Chainsaw Samurai.


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