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How does this work? Does the Emperor lead ships in real time or just highlight the safer paths through the warp(like "go through the white stuff, the black stuff is dangerous!")? Can a navigator still use the astronomicon as a guide if they work for heretics?

Creating some fluff for my army that is independent from any of the major factions, but can't think of how they get around without navigators. Considering making it so they captured a Navigator, disected them to figure out how they work, and using cloning tech and advanced machinery, mass produced a machine that can see the astronomicon and relay that info to the crew(basically, navigator brain and third eye connected to a computer).

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>Does the Emperor lead ships in real time or just highlight the safer paths through the warp

Neither. The astronomicon doesn't actually lead or guide. It's just a giant, easily visible beacon, designed to give people a fixed point from which they can navigate.

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This, it's kinda like the North Star that sailors of old used to navigate

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So, anyone can use it if they see it?

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I know very little about 40k but from what I've gathered from discussion on /tg/, yes. Don't take my word for it though.

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It's a secondary power of the Emperor's Stand [Guiding Light]. It's unusual in the fact that non-stand users can see it, and use it as a guide mark/beacon in the Warp.

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Yup, Tyranids are using the beacon too, its nice and bright.

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Without navigators, you either have to rely on sorcery to brute force your way through the warp, or advanced cogitators which is neither safer, faster, nor more accurate. Plus it requires more stops.

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It's like old-school stellar navigation. When sailors actually had to memorize the stars to figure out where they were going. The Astronomicon is bright enough to be seen throughout most of the galaxy, when viewing the Warp. So it acts the same as the North Star did on early Earth. Navigators find it, and figure out where they are and where they're going by their position relative to it.

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Anyone who can see into the Warp can see the Astronomican unless their sight is obscured by warp storms.

It doesn't do anything to help you navigate a safer path, since you have to be able to see the local state of the warp. It does however, let you get to where you're going since you always know your position relative to Terra.

Chaos sorcerers and others can navigate without using the Astronomican, but their method is more...well, sorcerous.

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>Considering making it so they captured a Navigator
You don't have to do that, navigators are far older than the imperium. Any human civilisation may have some. However they may have genetic issues since they have to reproduce among themselves to prevent the dilution of their power. So a small power would have hard time to keep their navigators efficient.
Also, I think "normal" psykers may do the job of a navigator, they just won't be as good since they aren't specially made for the job.

I also have a special snowflake independent faction, and I have chose the following explanations :
- they have some navigators, though they are low tiers navigators
- they only have a few systems, so calculated jumps are ok and don't need long jumps that require navigators.
- I'm considering giving them some sort of psychic beacons in each of their systems that help "normal" psykers to see their destination. Those beacons would basically be very small astronomicon with a very short range and they can't be on line at every moment, creating jump windows in a planned schedule. In time of war (mostly against orks), they follow a military schedule or are purely shut down to prevent enemies to use their light.

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Navigator thread?

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How do Chaos marines navigete in the warp?

Do they have their own navigators?

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Full on Chaos Marines? Sorcerers and Daemons.

And for the Renegades it's still navigators.

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Yes, but I believe Navigators are the only humans who can look into the Warp without becoming the demons.

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I thought it was that Navigators are the only ones that can look into the warp and actually interpret into something useful.

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I think its a little bit of both. I'm also fairly certain looking into the warp eye of a Navigator is deadly.

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It definitely is. In the Rogue Trader Role playing game, one of the moves a navigator can do is make people look into their third eye killing them instantly

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Yes, the warp eye is a mutation that allow the navigator to both see and interpret the warp while also protecting from it's from the worst effect.
Do note that while it is the most known power there is other, like switching "timeline", seeing the future or even hiding their presence in the warp.

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I dont into 40k, but I was nuder the impression that psykers where used as batteries for warp navigation, now Im to understand there is a group of three eyed humans that can see into the warp and carry a bit of it with them? do they fall to chaos often?

why cant imperium people brute force their way through the warp?

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>A lot of psyker are used to fuel the astronomicon which act like a giant lighthouse in the warp.
>The Navigator gene also protect them from most of the corruption that may happen due to interacting with the warp though they may be corrupted by other mean.
>They fall to chaos like any other human I wouldn't say it doesn't happen but it's not common
>The can it's just that the jump are small or on well known route and that still require some special technology the navigator house doesn't want spread

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Navigator genes are a special mutation probably created by Big E. Astronomicon is like a giant light house. By judging the time it takes to get to your position, the Navigator knows where he/she is. The third eye allows them to look into the warp without going insane, or joining chaos. What each Navigator sees is totally unique to that person. However they're able to navigate the steams in the warp, the fastest way from point A to point B. Otherwise they have to slug it out in the surf. Astronomicon makes it so much easier, otherwise try would have to re-enter reality far more often. Librarians can do what navigators can, but they rather have the specialist take care of it.

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One, a Navigator's Warp eye is solid black.

Two, all Navigators visualize the Warp in a different way, like a stormy sea or a foggy forest.

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Yes, through dark pacts and sorcerous means (and also the right charts) one can guide voidships through the Warp even without a third eye. I have also seen precedent in the fluff to a pirate captain using a horribly mutated 'navigator' (AKA a mutant monster from a leftover bloodline from the Dark Age) wired into their ship to get around.

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