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Greetings Citizen. Congratulations! You have been drafted to the Imperial Guard. Due to your Governor's benevolence, you may choose which regiment you join. Choose well, for it may well be that you give your life in service to your God Emperor and your Imperium.

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Um, hi. I appear to be lost. Can you tell me where the bathroom is?

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Feet first into hell.

On your way, I'll pretend I didn't see that.

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Reporting for standard issue coat, lasgun, and furry cap, eh.

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You will accompany me to the...bathroom.
Ave Imperator, friend.

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Damn straight Comrade!

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>Feet first into hell.
Damn, that's a nice regimental motto

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sign me in the kriegers pls

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Too bad he got it from Halo

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These guys have hella cool uniforms. I wonder if they see much action, seems most they do is drill and march.

Sign me up pls.

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What's choice?

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Best Regiment is wondering what's wrong with you fags.

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That thing that got your ancestors in trouble.

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>seems most they do is drill and march.
hue hue hue

I pick whichever regiment dies painlessly in a warp mishap while shipping out to space-basic. I don't really want to be alive in the 40k universe for very long.

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shit you never heard of mordian iron guard? all guard regiments have balls of steel but these guys have balls of freaking titanium-vanadium alloy steel

damn shame they dont have plastic models

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I was being all in-character and shit.
Please don't report me I just wanted to show some appreciation for Mordians.

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disregard that I am a faggot

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I will serve wherever you see me fit, for I am only a servent; I only do my duty in following the Emperor's will.

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Oh, welp time to go dig some trenches and shot things from said trenches. Did I mention trenches? They're like underground club houses.

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Oh, welp time to go dig some trenches and shot things from said trenches. Did I mention I like trenches? They're like underground club houses.

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The one thing always mentioned in GW canon fluff about Mordian Iron Guard is how "everbody thinks they're useless because of the uniforms and parading". If you know about this regiment, you know about that bit of fluff. As such, if you see someone post a picture of Mordian Iron Guards and say something similar to that bit of fluff, I can assure you they're in on the joke and you've just look like a faggot for not realising that.

Ruining subtle jokes is fucking annoying and is done by oblivious people with a shit sense of humour. The joke was already made, you don't need to add to it by saying something obvious.

Also, Mordians are based on US marines in their parade uniforms and as such are shit.

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I will humbly go and die where my Emperor needs me be, but if the choice be mine; place me where my corpse will be of the most inconvenience to the forces of chaos.
Ave Imperator!

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I say, let's go give those bloody Xenos a damn good thrashing!

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Actually never played Halo, just thought it sounded cool. Still, it's possible I read it somewhere and just sort of absorbed it.

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I'm sorry for pointing out I was joking to the guy who didn't get the joke.
I'll commit sefuku now.

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Brimlock infantry. Starve, steal or soldier.

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You're half right. The drill-and-march routine is what they do on the battlefield. You know, the same ones everyone else fights and dies on.

That's right. When the Kriegers are cowering in their trenches, when the Steel Legion are safe in their APCs, when the mud boils and plasma rains from the sky, the Iron Guard march towards the enemy in perfect formation, never breaking step.

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Which way to the Tanith sign-up booth?

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The nearest artillery regiment.

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This. It is literally the best choice, one of the only regiments that is fully mechanized, and inside a tank at that.

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Gotta go with these guys out of loyalty. They were the first box of 40k minis I ever bought. I used 'em as a Cawdor gang, genestealer cultists, and occasionally even guardsmen.

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Why ride when you can fly?

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Private James reporting for the Brothel Quality Assurance Inspection Corps.

BQAIC for Big-E!

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Tanith First and Only. Your commisar won't (most likely) shoot you in the back of the head for crapping your pants in front of a Baneblade and you have plot armor. Unless you are a named char. Or just in an unlucky company.

Alternative: Jantine Patricians. Being a douchebag is fun.

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Why don't Tau just make goggles/impants that give them depth perception?
Then they can apply their powerful ranged weapons into things like lightsabers.

From there, Tzeentch just needs to give them souls and they'll be be able to warp travel and turn the entire galaxy into a Karl Marx theme-park.

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All to death and death to all !

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ahhhhhhhhhh motherland

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Because you don't have to ever fight on foot and if your vehicle is damaged you don't slam into the ground at the speed of sound.

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Cadian Baneblade formation. Soon, I shall discover the secret to Creed's tactical genius.

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>don't have to ever fly on foot
It's mechanised, not armored. The Chimera's just to get you there. Or were you expecting to spend all battle firing out of the top hatch and not taking any objectives?

>you don't slam into the ground at the speed of sound
Nope. Instead, your vehicle either explodes or implodes around you. You're dead either way, at least the Valkyrie can stay out of range.

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They get plenty of action. Usually by marching directly into the killzone of your nearest enemy fortress, chanting battle hymns and looking fabolous. Quite manly and dumb/grimdark

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>look out maneuvering slit
>see inside of garage as mechanics final preparations
>look down to adjust the photo of your sweetheart staped to the console
>look out maneuvering slit
>see the back of a traitor warhound

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>look down again
>photo of your sweetheart is now a dick-pic with Creed's autograph

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Can I just join the Imperial Navy?

>> No.27725143

Unfortunately you have been seconded to forces under the command of Vance Motherfucking Stubbs.

Anyway, I'm off to join a Naval Assault Regiment

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I was referring to armoured not mechanized, hence saying "and inside a tank at that." Also the Steel Legion in question is from Only War referring to tank aces abilities or something, implying that he is a tank crewman or commander.

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Please be a drawfag somewhere.

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Sgt Happy reporting for fun times!

The fun, point me at it!

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Pfft, get a load of this guy!

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that hallway, 3rd door on the right good citizen

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right, for some reason was thinking of the Fusiliers when I saw the outfit

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but can you all to all and/or death to death?

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Why doesn't 40K have an ODST equivalent anyway? I mean, it's not like it's a unique idea to the Halo franchise. Heinlein did it in 1959, for fuck's sake.

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The Emperor protects!

>> No.27728028

It's a man's life in the Imperial Guard...

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Man, imagine fighting in a body stocking.

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I thought Elysian Drop Troopers were that.

>> No.27728135

I think the closest equivalent would by the Elysian drop troopers. Mostly they don't have any power armor troops because that would bleed over too much into Marines

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ODSTs don't even use power armor. It's more like lighter Carapace armor with limited EVA capacity.
Not particularly. Elysians use grav-harnesses to jump from Valkyrie-pattern aircraft, not from orbit.

The closest thing were Drop Pod Sisters, noow that I think of it. Which were at one time a thing.

>> No.27728209

Shock Troopers in Carapace Armor maybe?

>> No.27728254

Armageddon Steel Legion
Tallarn Armored Corps (I've always wanted to burn alive in a metal box.)
Harakoni Warhawks/Elysian Drop Troops
Jopall Indentured Corps

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Drop pod can be used by normal human, it just doesn't happen in the guard, but I'm sure some mercenaries and RT use them.

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Not in game they don't, and probably not in significant numbers.

>> No.27728391

Just put me into a mechanised artillery unit or, even better, a logistics corps. I'll be waaay back here, away from the fighting.

Marines kinda do the orbital drop thin. Well, and anyone with a grav-chute can do jumps that make modern HALO drops look tame.

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>Not in game they don't, and probably not in significant numbers.
From Into the Storm (RT)
Drop Pod
capacity: 10 individual in power armor (which works to cushion the impact) or 10 individual with specialist drop cocoons (which also work to cushion the impact in the absence of power armor)
It's a shitty way for the guard to deploy in any case.

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I'm with this guy, Elysian Drop Troops reporting in!

>> No.27729303

Armory Division please

I want to drive a Baneblade!

>> No.27729640

They do, they're called stormtroopers.

>> No.27729914

But I should be put into my homeworld's regiment.

Because how else will that world tick its tithe boxes?

>> No.27729936

So Storm Troopers?

>> No.27729965

Arent they touted as basically being an ENTIRE ARMY OF COMMISSARS?

>> No.27730008

No. that's the terrax guard, isn't it?

>> No.27730075

Last I checked, Stormtroopers don't go in for orbital insertions.

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I want to see more diverse plastics. Great coats, mordians, even higher ups like a plastic commissar kit that can be assembled in many ways (I have a small army of just commissar figure, even the highly coveted female commissar from gamesday....98 I think it was? Still trying to get the Commissar Cain figure...one day, ill find one complete for less than five hundred fucking dollars.). Hell, would love a sprue with parts to make some of the abhumans as well. But no. Rambos and Canadians it is, forever.

>> No.27730222

Shop around. Kromlech make parts for just about any flavour of guard you care to think of, and there are shitloads of other companies around.

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We may get massacred when relief doesn't show up, but by the Emperor are we gonna make it bad ass.

>> No.27730687

Death korps please. I am ready for retribution and to cleanse our from the sins of our fathers.

>> No.27730829

They grav chute in from upper atmosphere though, and are well armored elite drop troops. They aren't EXACTlY the same, but they are a close equivalent.

>> No.27730884

I want to love the elyssians but their helmets just look so doofy.

Also, I could never play them as an army of them without being THAT GUY. (spamming fliers)

>> No.27731156

if the flyer spam is for fluff reasons then it cant be helped and id be fine with it. i personally never get upset losing to a fluff-driven army

>> No.27731262

>people seriously not picking Tanith First And Only

>> No.27731282

So, while we all like to talk about our favorite, which style do you think is actually the most practical in terms of fluff?

Good old Cadian zerg rush?

>> No.27731354

Did Cain ever actually have official rules? Because if he did, that would be enough to get me to play 40K.

>> No.27731706

I suppose if they field mostly valkaries and only 0-1 vendetta it would be nice and fluffy.

But still, that kind of army isn't fun to play against if you don't have/can't get good anti-air

>> No.27731729

Don't you mean Vahallan zerg rush?

Cadians HOLD THE LINE! (and wait for the tanks/space marines)

>> No.27731796

Not official rules, but his statline was that of a lord commissar with a leadership of 6 when there are no units in line of sight.

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its a ball of fire two systems away

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