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Playing Dawn of War Dark Crusade and using the Titanium Wars mod. How do I get the map packs to work with the mod? All I see are the vanilla ones.

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Install them to the game directory as opposed to the mod directory. That'll make them show up even in vanilla and any other mods you have.

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Thanks man but the mod installs right to the Dark Crusade directory and it doesn't work.

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I really just want the Railroad map to work, it's such a perfect size for having Titans and these massive armies.

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whats the better mod? apoc or titanium?

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Whoa, whoa, back up. There's Titanium-specific map packs?

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OP here


I don't think so, I meant the community map packs. I downloaded the Railroad one separately and it seems to work fine with it.


IIRC apocalypse just removes all unit caps so the whole thing is just a big mess with the AI creating big ass floods of enemies. Titanium Wars has a pretty high unit cap but not unlimited, and it adds a FUCKton of new units.

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Actually I may have been mistaken. I can't speak for the unit caps (looks like they are set pretty high) but Ultimate Apocalypse looks pretty bitchin'


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