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Lets design an organization from the ground up.

Choose a goal for for the organization


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What's the difference between those three goals?

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Its the primary driver for an organization. A thieves guild might be after wealth, a guild of assassins might be after power, and a group of tomb raiders might be after knowledge.

I suppose you could order the three goals from most important to least important

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All right, let's do Wealth.

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very well. Does this organization have most of its outposts in civilized areas, or in the wilds?

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Power can get you both knowledge and wealth.

However, we also know that knowledge is power. Therefore, knowledge can get you knowledge and wealth.

But, we also know that wealth can be power, or can otherwise buy you power. And because knowledge is power, it can also be said that knowledge is wealth and wealth is knowledge. If it is not, we can buy power, knowledge, with our wealth which is itself power.

We can therefore conclude that whichever one we pick is the same as the other two, as both wealth and knowledge can be synonymous with power, or can otherwise be used to acquire power.

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Right, but a thieves guild will pursue wealth before knowledge or power, a wizards guild might pursue knowledge or power before wealth, and an army would pursue power before weath and knowledge

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Hmm. It depends in what stage they are.
But I'd guess the most money would be made by funding colonies in unexplored areas and going to "New Wolrds" and such.

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But wealth and knowledge are power.

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Interesting! This grants the organization two interests

>>Civic planning

You can choose up to two more interests for this organization

>>Crafting [industrial or skilled]

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What if the outposts are so big that they are civilizations themselves?

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But different kinds of "Power".
I'm assuming "Power" here means political Influence, armies, land and the ability to effect change.
"Wealth" would be like owning a corporation. Sure, in theory you could hire an army of mercs, but that'd just cut into your profits. You don't *want* land or prestige, you just want more money. You can bribe politicians and lords, but you aren't one yourself. You've got influence as much as people are willing to look the other way.
As for knowledge? Knowledge *isn't* power. Knowledge is the key to a lock most people don't know exist (assuming we're not talking education here). Knowledge is experimentation and costly undertakings that don't look for tangible results right away.

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Hmmm. Warfare sounds like a good bet. Maybe Science.
But I'm sort of curious what architecture is for?
Also: What about trade? Or is that a given?

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>What if the outposts are so big that they are civilizations themselves?
then choose civilization.

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Hey, what timeframe are we talking about?

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I was thinking about Fantasy style guilds, but I suppose we could put that up

>>Ancient [Greek/roman tech level]
>>futuristic [colonies probably on other planets]

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I vote for OPs medieval style guilds.
I mean, greek colonies sounds boss as fuck, but dat historical accuracy and tech level isn't something I know of the top of my head.

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Industrial or Ancient. Renaissance, maybe.

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If we can pull off Ancient, let's go for it.

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Architecture makes your colonies bigger and more impressive. Trade is a given, since you're a wealth acquisition organization with colonies

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>Sauron being this hot
>implying you don't want throbbing sauron cock up your hobbit hole.

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This ain't your grammas ERP thread, anon.

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Here's an idea:

Our other two interests could be Architecture and Warfare.
We set up colonies, band we can defend them well. Still need people.
We can make anything more or less.
On a side note: You mean Architecture as Civil Engineering, right?
We can also sell mercs and maybe sappers, maybe technologies only we've figured out.

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nobody said that the colonies had to be across the ocean. Perhaps the colonies in the equivalent of Gaul or England? It seems like you guys actually are interested in ancient

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I know but hot damn that's some sexy Maia.
As for the topic I'd say Ancient is always more interesting in my opinion. It has a sense of mystery that the other settings lack. Unless you go feral. Feral is awesome.

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This or prehap's civilisation is rare and fare between.

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Beefcake Sauron or Trap Sauron?

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This seems legitimate, and very interesting.

An army who focuses on building instead of destroying, on extracting wealth from the people who they build cities for.

What is the title of the leader of this organization?

>Foreign Secretary
>Master Architect

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Why does he have a cold? One would think the dark lord would be above getting the sniffles.

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He is being suffering.

Sage for off-topic.

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I thought that Sauron got ugly by the time he made the ring? That depiction looks like him from his early days as a devilishly charming betrayer.

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is all this sauron stuff in Lost Tales?

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Council-man/woman or Comrade

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I'd go for Administrator, Potentiary and/or Chairman.
I mean, we're an army of mercenary builders and defenders, but our main goal is profit, not conquest.

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