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/tg/ I come to you asking for help.

I come to you asking your help for building religions and/or a general mythos the setting

what are some books or sources to brush up on mythology (Greeco-Roman/Norse would be fine but In particular I'm looking for Celtic, hindu and Tengri)

And practices of more organized religion like zoroism, Islam (i'd like a TL;DR version though, I'd rather not read the whole of the Q'uron) I've combed over Wikipidea and its helped quite a bit but i'd like something more in depth.

Thanks in advance.

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Bumping with Creepy stuff and character art.

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Are you drunk? Just a little?

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not that im aware of

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d'aulaires book of greek myths is a must read for all Greek mythology. Also remember gods are dicks

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Not even a little tipsy?

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>Norse would be fine


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Ive been taught a bit about that in elementary school but it was so long ago...I dont remember shit.

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Just terribly dyslexic

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From an anthropological standpoint, most of the values expressed in a religion are cultural values expressed in the society, itself. It's like how Jews made certain foods non-kosher basically because they weren't always safe to eat, like shellfish and pork, which can easily spoil and cause food poisoning.

Religion, in this way, can not only be used to spread spiritual philosophy but also social law and order.

Use that to your advantage.

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Noted, thanks.

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I was playing a mod for medieval 2 (computer game) And along the play through i found a reference to this " Book of creeds and cults" done by some arab.

It's supposed to give an unpartial look at the religions in Europe of the 12th century.

so maybe you can look into that, if it's not too much work.

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hmm, google Search isn't bringing up anything really, care to elaborate a bit?

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sorry, the name was not precise

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its cool, thanks man

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Interesting to note that Sikhism forbids the consumption of meat killed in ritual slaughter specifically so that their followers would be kept at odds with the Muslims and Jews.

Sikhism itself was created to help the Punjabi people fight against Islamic occupation and is an interesting example of a relatively young, "artificially created" religion.

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The only answer to this is to actually read, watch, listen, whatever to a wide variety of sources.

Most people on /tg/ just read shitty fantasy novels.

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honestly /tg/ is pretty much the only board i could ask where i would get half way decent answers,

Any thing in particular you could suggest? authors, books...

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heres what you do. build a world, build people and animals, then when your done with that go about spreading conflicting myths about different gods.

tell only ONE group the truth, that you the trickster god made all so you wouoldnt be bored and so you could spread mischief for all time.

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