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Quick, /tg/ what's a cute way ask out a dude that plays D&D?

I play in the same campaign as the guy but I'm not down to do anything in-game because I don't roll that way. Also, neither of us are the sort that would let dating disrupt gameplay/the campaign we're doing would make it impossible to do anyways.

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Exactly as you would anybody else. Gimmicky themed pickup lines only work in sitcoms.

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Slip him a note that reads: "I want to suck your dick."

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It's a guy? Just fucking ask him. Sappy shit doesn't work on guys. You're cute enough just doing it.
I'd know, my boyfriend of two years asked me out pretty much exactly by saying "We should date, dude."

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>Implying that I succeeded on that save against your Charm spell


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jesus this borad is full of faggots

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Do you have his number outside of play? Just ask him out. Otherwise, ask him out for coffee after a session one night and get his number. If he turns you down, it wasn't meant to be.

Also, I'm assuming you know he is gay and single? Might be worth finding those things out if you can before you make a fool of yourself..

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>he says no
>game becomes really awkward, no one else knows why
>one or both start not coming to games
>entire group suffers

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Only a tremendous faggot get nervous and spaghetti about that kind of thing to the point of ruining a game.

oh wait, shit.

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So we assume OP is homomale?

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Good to know. In which case, I suppose I'll just turn this into a thinly-veiled attempt at starting a tabletop pickup line thread for shits and giggles.

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shit it's too late for me to be posting

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/tg/ is actually tumblr, deep down.

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Ask him to put his +2 Sword of Banishing into your Beholder.

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It really is though. Everyone is LGBT, leftist, etc.

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the only answer is 'make a paper d20 with a note written on the inside or something.'

that would be cute.

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That's gay as fuck, yo. Not in the good way, either. We've come to the consensus that OP should just say it.

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Is that a tube of Chessex dice in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

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It's cute if the guy is cute.
I would be ecstatic to flip open a paper d20 and find a little note of confession inside; IF the guy who gave it to me was waifish and shy about it. I'd probably kiss him and whisper critical hit

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"Don't be a faggot," works in a ton of situations.

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>Would you like to join me at a local tavern to plan an adventure?

If he gets confused, tell him you want to go out for dinner.

Seriously, how was this not your first idea?

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she asked for cute

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To an acceptable degree, though. We're open-minded and tolerant, but not frothy-mouthed social justice warriors that think any sort of potentially offensive humor is worse than being Hitler and Stalin's theoretical lovechild.

Eh. Not for a first stab at it. Too middle school. Adorable notes and whatnot are usually better for when you're actually a thing.

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>Hey, do you like dragons?
>Yeah, why do you ask?
>I'm doing an unboxing thread later. Do you want to participate?

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Mah heart.

>Tfw no femme bf to play nerd games with

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because he'd expect to bring his whole party on the adventure?

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It's a tube of Chest Sex alright

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Double date. Done.

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>Do you want to unbox...
>...my heart?

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No, it's just a dragon dildo, silly! Wanna help me test it out...?

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TFW no one likes 190 CM men with hairy everythings.

I just want to be loved.

I'm not even fat, just a bit pudgy and I'm losing the weight fast...

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Other big hairy homos like that.

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OP is a man.

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Oh anon. So naive.

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I know that feel bro. Especially the cute, girly boys.

You'd think they'd like a big, ripped as fuck guy, but they always gravitate to the other tiny femmebois.

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That's adorable.

Not necessarily. I don't see anything OP says that indicates gender.

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>, but they always gravitate to the other tiny femmebois.
My bear folder is bordering 1gb.

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Come now, anon. Don't be silly.

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I'm a fairly feminine, skinny guy and I 100% prefer muscular dudes over scrawny ones. I prefer to fuck women though.

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Good! Now ask >>27654132 out on a date.

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I'm a cute, girly boy that goddamn everyone confuses for a girl and I just want people just stop assuming I love cock. Please do something to fix world views, gayfags
I have a wedding dress folder 5 gigs in size. At least try to impress me.

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If you didn't want me to fuck you, you wouldn't be attractive to me.
It's easy.

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Taken. Not by a bear, but by one of my fellow players. He's got a swimmer's build, goddamn gorgeous.

My general men folder is about 9gigs.

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>everyone confuses for a girl
>I have a wedding dress folder 5 gigs in size
Oh yeah, totally us gay guys' fault.

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>I love bears guys!
>Oh, but a slender swimmers build? So much better, wouldn't even consider taking a bear over it.

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If OP's a girl, then of course she should just say it, but if OP's a faggot, then he should probably find out if his target is gay or bi, because some straight guys get really upset when men are attracted to them.

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Do girls and gay guys usually have massive folders with wedding dress pictures?

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>Wedding folder

Hey, I remember you from a thread recently. I kind of want to say it was yesterday. I remember Anons asking you questions about it being a fetish, but you rather just like the photos than masturbate to them, right? And you'll never likely have your own wedding because your standards are too high?

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Which I don't get. I'd be flattered as hell.

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Nigga, I love a man who can lift me. Bears, swimmers, bodybuilders, as long as you're at least a 6/10 I'd grab my ankles.

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I don't; I think wedding dresses are stupid on the whole. By all means dress up, but don't spend a thousand dollars on a freaking dress.

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Nah, I was just playing around man. this is 4chan, and you confessed to being in a stable relationship with someone sexy. Expect to get ribbed thoroughly.

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Yeah that was me.
I just have this idea built up in my head about them. I don't know why exactly I love them so much.

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Some guy once told me i had a nice ass, so i replied with a "Thank you, sir."

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I have a theory on the situation of female players being attracted to their GMs,and it's basically a nerdy version of a lion pride.

The GM is the male in power, the others abide.

Simple, but I only thought it up recently.

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>get ribbed thoroughly
From what I understand, that's already happening.

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> Expect to get ribbed thoroughly.
Fucking hell, you just reminded me that he tends to fuck up expressions. He thinks 'ribbed' means 'railed' in terms of sex. He's like Ziva DaVide from NCIS.

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From my experience female hambeasts just tend to latch on whatever they can. Status doesn't matter as much as being able to provide them attention.

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OP here. Luckily this guy is surprisingly non-spaghetti-spilling. And although I can be pretty awkward, I wouldn't let anything fuck up the game dynamic. Obviously, I'm going with the direct approach, but I was just thinking of adding in a ridiculous /tg/-related joke because he seems like he'd appreciate that sort of thing.

Also, I find this femme-boy and bear discussion to be quite riveting.

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totally my type, although I'm 6'4". Although slim and not super hairy but w/e

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I don't mind tall, slim or smooth.

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>there are people on /tg/ in relationships

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>Hey, do you like Dragons?
>Yeah, why do you-
>Because Imma be draggin' my balls across your face later tonight!

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>most with other people who browse /tg/

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You can just throw one in casually with a sly grin.
Like "Alright, the DC was high but I made the save. I'm gonna ask you out." etc

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>Tfw resemble lumberjack
>Tfw no qt to bend in half before snuggling and arguing about elfgames.

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>there are people on /tg/

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so are you gayfag or woman?

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they're living the dream

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I like you. If we met off 4Chan, I'd like to have become friends with you.

Op, I just asked a girl out last week. It really wasn't that hard. Honestly, the hardest part was the curve ball she sent me when she asked why I asked.

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I'm in one. I'm not sure when I'm going to wake up.

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I like the way you consistently don't even imply your own gender with your posts, very well done.

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Relationships are the poison that will doom all of /tg/dom

> sorry dude I can't play this weekend I'm going to spend time with my girl
> repeat until you're the only person left who wants to play pretend and make explosion sound effects in one of your collective basements

Love is the mind killer.

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I just want to be a 6'4" little spoon ;_;

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If I had a nickel for every time a woman's got in the way of the game.
I'd have a few dollars at least.

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>there are /tg/

>> No.27654397

You won't be "little" since I'm only 6' 3"ish, but I'd be happy to wrap my arms around you from behind.

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Am I the only straight male in this thread, or what?
>tfw no cute nerdy girl
W-well, at least I can focus on my job and games that way

>> No.27654401


I'm 6'7". I am always the big spoon.

Fortunately, I don't really mind, so long as I can find a comfortable position for my arms.

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Nigga this is 4chan, everybody here is either gay as fuck or wants to be a little girl.

>> No.27654419

>not having a waifu by now

>> No.27654420

Maaaan there's the issue. People think love is utter devotion.
Naw, fuck that.
Love is dedication.
Love is that thing that says "hell yeah, i'd spend time with this fucker, but i wouldn't let that absorb all my time"
Love is "I'll be in your arms after my DnD game, hun."

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There's at least one other one in the form of me. I dont' remember when /tg/ became so gay but hey, gay guys no girls, they may be able to lead us to the promised land, that fabled "gated garden"

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Everyone's at least a little gay here, anon. I for one find myself fapping to anything and anyone.

>> No.27654431

I want to be the little girl so a big strong man can wrap his arms around me and comfort me at night. A gay would work too, but I'm 6'1 and kind of /fit/, I don't think they would enjoy it as much

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so I was just introduced to a tall, hairy, cubmode guy who you can't even tell that he's gay at all, has a platinum trophy in Demon's Souls, is fine with being the DM or a player, and has a huge collection of board games. And his favorite idea of a night out is cooking gourmet food with me and cuddling with an RPG. I swear I didn't think these people existed except in my dreams

>> No.27654435

My gf who's 5'2 spoons me.

I'm 6'6. Warms the fuck out of my back. Speaking of which, get off the fucking internet.

>> No.27654457


> not being the big strong man to a little girl

You're squandering your chance to give somebody the dream you could never have. Anon, you know what you must do.

Go sweet prince and hug ALL the little girls.

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I want to be a little girl so I can wear pretty sun dresses and little hats.
And then I would walk around dangerous streets at night so I could get ravaged by a bunch of strange men with big, thick, fat cocks full of cum cumming into my tiny fertile womb

>> No.27654464

there's something wrong
there always is
you just don't know it yet

>> No.27654480

Amen. I'd have a great day with the knowledge that my sex appeal is universal.

>> No.27654486

"You're pretty cute. Want to go grab dinner sometime?"

Don't do the whole dropping hints thing - If he's playing /tg/, odds are he's a nerd, and we're notoriously dense about that shit.

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> tfw anon will never be the nymphette walking on your street at night giving you "that" look

Death could not free me from the weight of this sorrow.

>> No.27654494 [SPOILER] 

"Hey man, look. I think you're great and I want to be your friend regardless of what happens after I say this: I really rather fancy you."

kinda worked for me

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I totally agree, as a gay man I'm pleased when women are interested, and it's not weird I just let them know I'm gay and it's all fine

>> No.27654500

>Am I the only straight male in this thread
No? I have a hankering for the dick but men still turn me off. I consider myself cis scum.

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>> No.27654505

No, I'm rather straight myself. So far. If I can be consider a sexual entity.

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>> No.27654533

Hey man, just cus I want to fuck and love another man doesn't mean I'm gay

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>Have a hormonal disorder
>Makes me terribly asexual
>No, seriously.
>Have become the therapist for everyone from high school to the office
>Always about relationships
>After hearing all these stories see absolutely no reason why a sensible person would engage in such an endeavor
>Am practically a robot

Lucky fucks. Well, kind of.

>> No.27654541

>Am practically a robot
Ah, but are you a Robot Wizard?

>> No.27654546

you're saving yourself a lot of pain, dudelude.

>> No.27654559

Hm. Suppose I ask you for some, second-hand advice?

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It's flattering, but could you not approach me while I'm trying to take a piss in Target? Also, commenting on the size of someone's cock as an opener isn't exactly subtle. I'm trying to take a piss dammit, I have polos to buy.

I wouldn't mind the attention as much if it wasn't always so damned persistent. I have never had someone give a compliment and that's it, it's always this half-hour long affair where people are following me around after being told to fuck off repeatedly.

It's not being coy. Seriously.

>> No.27654569

I used to call myself asexual all the time in high school out of bitterness until I just finally accepted my ugliness.

>> No.27654578


Some people just aren't comfortable iwth homosexuality. Whenever I stumble upon gay porn (that is video, still images don't seem to bother me) I actually gag and feel sick as a response and I know from talking to other people I'm not the only one.

Most of the kids I ended up hanging out with and gaming with in highschool were all some flavor lgbt (or came out afterwards) so I know they're normal people and all. My body just categorically rejects the idea of gay sex.

So I can understand if other people may respond to it with anger rather than nausea.

>> No.27654580

Man. I miss that. I got raped as a little kid and so up until like, two years ago I was utterly devoid of any positive romantic emotions. Then I dated a lesbo as a guy, that was a bad idea that left me with mutilated genitals because she was psychotic and ever since that I've just become this emotional, insecure thing.

It rather sucks. I'm in a healthy relationship now and I fear the inevitable entropy. Upside is I can have sex without cumming, though that makes me kind of a glorified dildo. Male rape victim regaining emotions is suffering.

>> No.27654582


We all know that feel bro

>> No.27654590

>It's flattering, but could you not approach me while I'm trying to take a piss in Target?
WOAH! Hey! There is a CODE about pissing in public pissing-holes!
If anyone break the code you can kill them and no court will judge you.

>> No.27654591

That's just crazy people, which come in both gay and straight varieties.

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>> No.27654595


Anon, don't do this to me, I didn't, I didn't ask to be this way, I don't want to hurt anybody... I just... I just want to help you put your bow on straight afterwards.

>> No.27654603


It's flattering, but also tiring as fuck.

>> No.27654608

I'm in it for the companionship more than anything. The sex is more just a bonus and/or necessary drive fulfillment.

I would gladly give all fleshy comforts up and go full sentient machine the moment they got a handle on the technology.

>> No.27654610

well that got dark quickly

>> No.27654631


>> No.27654641

What does love feel like /tg/?

>> No.27654646

>tfw no other gays in your D&D group
>tfw too shy to go out and meet qts
>tfw foreveralone
>tfw reduced to that token fag who women ask about shoes and tell their guy problems to.

I don't fucking know about women's shoes god damn it just because I suck dicks doesn't mean I care about your god damn shoes.

>> No.27654652

I'm sure it will be fine. There are a lot of loving, caring people out their, and I'm sure that even if things don't go well this time, you'll find a partner who will love you and cherish you.

And, make sure to COMMUNICATE with your SO. They need to know what bothers you, and what your worries and fears are, so they can help you. If you feel weird about having sex without cumming, tell them and see if you can work something out.

And, you know what? Fuck the police, I don't care how much 4chan hates it, but if you're willing to accept it, then *hugs*.

>> No.27654654

Slowly encroaching death

>> No.27654656


Warm apple pie

>> No.27654662


This. Like, I really like sex and it's awesome and all that but that shit can't be the foundation of a relationship.

>> No.27654667

>just because I suck dicks doesn't mean I care about your god damn shoes.
then tell them

>> No.27654669


Bitches are bitches.
Guys are dicks.
For fucks sake stop crying. We're at lunch.


Believe me. Only a VERY small percentage of people are in my position.

>> No.27654673


Like suffering

>> No.27654682

>hugging over the internet
Great, just what he needed. A reminder that he has not been hugged by anyone, not even his mother, in six years.

MMMMH YESSSSssss....feels empty

>> No.27654690

Very sorry to hear that anon. I'm a female with a lot of gay friends, but I wouldn't ever see them as my "gay gal pals" or any of that BS.

holy fukkin shitto, I'm quite sorry to hear about that, anon. I'd advise you if I could, but I can honestly say I wouldn't know what to say... I hope the future treats you better.

>> No.27654691

Have you ever coughed?

It's like coughing. but without the mouth exercise.

>> No.27654700

As bluntly as possible

Or else you'll be back in a week wondering why he's giving you the cold shoulder and wondering if you disgust him and he's too polite to say anything or some similar ridiculous shit when in fact he just interpreted your words in a non-romantic fashion because non-romantic interactions are the default

>> No.27654706

He just said he's in a stable relationship dumbass, and it was a gesture of comfort and camaraderie.

>> No.27654723

Permavirgin here
Do people in relationships scratch each other's balls? Because I'm getting that ball itch right now that can't be scratched properly by my own means

>> No.27654729

Warm and fuzzy, and also sort of tingly, ranging from a general sense of contentment to an overpowering sense of happiness depending on intensity.

It's a lot like being drunk, just without the blunted, foggy feeling that goes with it. Really, it's just another drug: Chemicals rushing through your system to produce a pleasing sensation and get you hooked.

First kisses are always the best. It's an incredibly strong rush of the stuff and if you're not used to it, it'll knock your ass down.

>> No.27654731

I don't need to believe, I know.
That's why it was iktf, not ibtf.

I got sued for sexual harassment in junior high and have not gone near another human being since. I hate people and probably have psych problems, but my sex drive and want of companionship is just gone.

>> No.27654738

Hehey, fuck your Father's taters, laddie!
How about this: I was making a point about this empty internet affection.

>> No.27654741

Brilliant. Thanks.

>> No.27654744


Man, I'm fine. We discuss everything and she knows what bothers me, she knows my worries and fears and probably the only thing she doesn't know about is something darker yet still.

But hey, I've got hobbies. A career. Escapism out the wazoo. Wish I could have kids down the line, if only to give them a proper life but that sure ain't happening anymore.

Is this like a big deal? I feel like I brought this up before back in like maybe 2010 in a "rape in a game" thread if only to discuss all the insanity and borderline homocidal thoughts that tend to crop up and lead towards suicidal thoughts. We were cheerier about it back that.

I dunno. I'm beyond it. I'm so fucking peppy talking about it most people think I'm pulling a real nasty gag. Still wish my crotch didn't look like a marble rye. Fucking lesbians, I still have a bias even though I know most of them aren't planning on killing my ass.

>> No.27654753


Love is trauma. If you don't deal with it then it will consume you.

>> No.27654766

Some people don't like being hugged you know

We could be researching ways to deal with the eruption of the Yellowstone Supervolcano RIGHT NOW but no you want to wipe your filthy meat tentacles all over my shirt. I just don't understand people.

>> No.27654768


This is an interesting question and a probelm I too have had in the past.

/tg/ please, answer him.

>> No.27654770

It's really fucking annoying when the same guy tries to convince you OVER and OVER and OVER to "just try it" despite explaining to him 10 times that it's just not my thing, and when he finally gets it I'm suddenly a homophobe

When it's just a try or 2 per sane gay I don't care though, but they're extremely rare

>> No.27654772

Feels like your chest cavity is rotting from the inside out and you don't want it to stop.

>> No.27654784

Are you me?

>> No.27654785


My testicles dissolved in the womb. This fucked me up pretty bad, man.

>> No.27654786

>never felt love before
>never had a crush on anyone or liked them as anything more than a friend
>don't even feel that close to people I call friends
>will probably die alone
>lost potential wizard status anyways
>doesn't matter, shit sucked
Man, I don't even know how to feel about this. Feels empty, I guess?

>> No.27654787

it's a lot like lying to yourself except more socially acceptable most of the time.

>> No.27654791

Depends entirely on the relationship and the people in it, honestly.

>> No.27654796


Love is like that, yeah.

It's also an active verb rather than a noun. Love is a struggle. You have to make it work.

Also, everyone, and I mean everyone (even you) is insane. It might be subtle, it might be well hidden, but it'll come out eventually tolerating that and coming to love someone despite it is half the fucking trick.

The other half is being able to cook.

>> No.27654797

wot manga

>> No.27654801


> will die alone
> and isn't a wizard

Anon, know that I have given you the 21 magic missile salute.

>> No.27654802


Turn to something else.

Choose a passion.

>> No.27654819

Sounds dangerous

You're all like "please scratch my balls" and they're like "How's this" and you're like "no a bit harder" and then they're like "woops" and you're like "jesus christ you ripped open my ball sack and now my testes are bouncing in open air like yo-yo's of pure agony" and they're all like "My bad" and you're like "please call 911"

>> No.27654821


So it's like alcaholism?

>> No.27654823

I be like you. up til >lost potential wizard status anyways

>> No.27654825

I don't really feel passionate about anything. Life is kind of a depressing, homogenous kludge.

>> No.27654826

be the next Tesla

>> No.27654837


I have a glass of cheap whiskey in my hand as I write this.

It's like that exactly, yes.

>> No.27654841

Eh, we got on the same road from different tributaries. The only difference is I can get disabled more easily.

>> No.27654842

But pleasant alcoholism. It's an addiction to a drug you're meant to take in the first place.

>> No.27654855


All the magic and discovery is gone in this world, we've learned too much. The advantage that men of the past had is they could be expected to know functionally everything inside the realm of human understanding which allowed them to make cross discipline applications of everything they knew leading to pure genius. Now you have to be so specialized in a field to make any headway in it it doesn't leave you any time to be anything more than casually interested in other subjects and thus unable to make those same broad applications.

The wizards are dead and all we have to remember them are the schematics for their wands.

>> No.27654858

Even if this isn't a gay thread, I can still let you know that I used to know what that's like. I know it sucks, but you might want to start wearing your interests on your sleeve. Or neck, or wrist. Wear something that indicates that you're a gay geek. I found my boy friend that way and he had no idea I was gay until I told him. Of course he had to do all the asking, just random questions through text about dating history and if I'm seeing anyone. Try online or join clubs or something. I had the good fortune to meet my guy in class.

>> No.27654861

>It's an addiction to a drug you're meant to take in the first place.

Fucking endorphin junkies

Why don't you go have "Fun" or something you disgusting degenerate filth

>> No.27654862

Everyone dies alone. It's the living part you should be concerned with. Don't live alone, be around people you enjoy.

>> No.27654868

>Be 16
>Friends pretty new to DnD
>Play 4E, 'cause I'm nice.
>Techbro calls someone up for another game.
>Just finished the last one (Was about finding the ingredients for the greatest doobie of all time)
>Had two weeks to prep that last one (One of my other friends, the quiet girl in the corner who reads manga all the time and gets straight As, requested that one personally, but wasn't able to go because family problems.)

>Calls new girl over.
>6.5/10, not hot, but certainly not piss ugly. If personality counted, 8/10. If cosplay counted, 8.5/10 (She cosplays every year at local con, saw pics.)
TechBro: "She knows as much as we do, don't worry."
Me: "We just had a game, man! I don't have another ready!"
TechBro: "Don't worry, you can think of something. You've got 30 minutes."
>Try to think of one over some pizza and mountain dew.


>Girl arrives.
>Thrown into the middle of a game, just started on their request.
>We're practically re-enacting The Hangover, but with DnD.
>She plays a male Tiefling warlord (Other friend took her pre-made female Human Wizard, because he has performance issues regarding anything other than wizards)
>DMing pretty bad, compared to hours ago.
>She wasn't properly trained, didn't know how2.
>I try to explain how2.
>Friends tell me to keep DMing.

>First, they bring her along, not knowing jack shit how to play, I try to teach her, they go and grab her off me, and spend the rest of the day fucking around without her input (Had to wheel her in myself at times).

>Two days later, we're sitting down eating lunch. These guys are going
"Anon, you shouldn't use your GM powers to get into her pants, y'know."

>And with all my WTFs, I replied with
"But she was wearing a skirt at the time."

What the fuck, you whiteknighting motherfuckers?! Can't a nigga catch a break here?
They always think that whenever there's a girl around, I'm always preying on them like a stalker. What the shit, guys?

>> No.27654869

What if I literally hate everyone

>> No.27654870


Fair enough. Sorry if I sounded like a dick. We're all on the same boat here, mang.

>> No.27654876

is That lewis?

>> No.27654886

no, you don't want it to stop because you know the infection has already spread too far and the only true release from this hell will be your inevitable death.

Alcoholism is pleasant alcoholism compared to caring about another human being.

>> No.27654892

From the Yogscast? Yeah.

>> No.27654893

>this thread

>> No.27654894

Then be around who you like being around.
If that's no one, then it's no one, you dense motherfucker.

>> No.27654897


This is great advice.

>> No.27654904


>> No.27654909

yeah...you know, they said this during the beginning of the 1900's too, you know.

>> No.27654927

Why am I so certain that the guys in that image will soon be fucking each other

>> No.27654932


I mostly just come here for the stories, since Reader's Digest is evermore 'middle-aged woman's magazine' and not a digest for those who like to read. Do you r9k? I don't enjoy that place very much.

>> No.27654933


> tfw my main interest is civil war history
> tfw living in Connecticut

I am doomed

>> No.27654938

What we really need is the next loophole, something as applicable as the pressure trick that gave us flight.

>> No.27654940


And they were right then, they are even more right now. There is less and less room for human potential the closer we get to the singularity, definitionally.

>> No.27654941


>> No.27654942

thank you for pointing out the joke using an over-used meme.

>> No.27654956

You're welcome.

>> No.27654961

Because everyone loves to see chubby animal guys doing it.

>> No.27654967

space colonies

>> No.27654978

Nanomachines, son

No seriously nanotech is gonna be huge(heh). The ability to combine conventional physics with quantum effects has all manner of useful applications

>> No.27654987

Ask him if he's skilled in Trapfinding.

>> No.27654993


> nanotech
> not the fever dream of madmen who lack pespective

Macrotech is where it's at. Planet Hammers will lead us to all the natural resources we need, Galaxy Bridges will revolutionize space travel.

Moon bowling.

>> No.27654996

might need this later

>> No.27654999

No and no. What I'm getting at is something more fundamental on a punching-physics-and-running-away level.

>> No.27655013

Yeah you're doomed, it's not just him who may not be into dudes, but his family might despise you. What they don't know won't hurt them, but you have some serious drama on the horizon.

>> No.27655022


What is the sauce on this image?

>> No.27655032

shit, doesnt need to be science.
Get really friggin good at whatever you enjoy doing. Even if it is something like being the best nose-flute player

>> No.27655035


I'm wasn't that guy.

> tfw anon thinks I'm doomed AND gay

>> No.27655037

A rewrite of Saki, a manga about lesbian mahjong.

>> No.27655048

/d/ humour thread is where I got it, I don't know where /d/ got it

>> No.27655058

Oh you aren't doomed at all in retrospect. Cheer up.

>> No.27655080


Be gay tho. Gay is great.

>> No.27655087

Watashi so kawaii

>> No.27655133

Why don't real girls have fancy mustaches

>> No.27655162

Because Watashi is too perfect.
Crazy. Depressive. Cynical. Cute. Genius.

>> No.27655175

I had no idea /tg/ was actually /lgbt/, but it explains a lot.

>> No.27655196

Seems to be more g than any other alphabet though.

>> No.27655209

>All the magic and discovery is gone in this world,

Then look to the stars

>> No.27655215

It explains why it's one of the best boards.

>> No.27655229


>> No.27655231


Dude, I run the bisexual general over on /lgbt/ and it's like 75% /tg/.

>> No.27655252

>Best boards

>> No.27655288


I like love as a noun, more true to its roots.

>> No.27655298

Everyone knows that /tg/ is just /d/ with the lights turned on.

>> No.27655304


I like it as an adjective

>> No.27655309

I am basically an asexual but I am open to a relationship with anybody really. I'm not disinclined to pleasure them either.

>> No.27655320

Meant for

>> No.27655323


Or maybe as a pronoun

>> No.27655419

Y'know, I'm a straight dude but my girlfriend /really/ wants to watch me bone another dude.

I'm sure it'll happen one day, I get really touchy when I'm drunk. I just hope the dude's at least a little twink-ish.

>> No.27655434

Lmao, this is the first time I've ever felt in the minority for not being gay

> Check your privilege homo scum

>> No.27655444

It is a rather odd feeling, isn't it?

>> No.27655459


You know, in person, my experience with asexuals has been that they are only really asexual until they find someone they actually want. That being said, its a biased perspective of course and I doubt the majority of people I interact with can clearly comprehend what asexuality is.

>> No.27655480

And I agree with you there. There is only a single thing that can drive me to sexual excitement and it isn't sexual in nature. So it's just easier to say I'm asexual.

>> No.27655496

There's just not really a need to go into a thread and say that you aren't gay. That's what is happening.
And /tg/ has a sizable gay population, I guess.

>> No.27655508


Because society's view on rape has changed. And whilst we may make progress in increasing awareness or peeling away biases, we simply replace them with new borders or limitations.

Life's a great balancing act. Unfortunately humanity hasn't quite reached a mutual understanding with that.

>> No.27655526


So what's that thing anon?

>> No.27655544

Seeing someone dedicate themselves to, or obsess themselves with something they love or strive for, and accomplish it. It is the single most niche and idealistic sexual trigger I have ever come across and I don't even know why the fuck I am turned on by it.

>> No.27655553

yup, I'm just genuinely surprised that the number of gay people here seems to outnumber the straight, in this thread atleast

explains all the dickgirls on /d/, who I totally dont fap to

n-no homo

>> No.27655580


I was expecting something a bit more out there or kinky, but this is actually pretty cute.

>> No.27655582


Aww. Honestly that's kinda a cute trigger. Unfortunately, I can't really see how you could practically utilize it. Then again, I ain't the pinnacle of relationship navigation. So how do you find its impact on your sex life? By that I mean, have you ever obtained sex after such a trigger?

>> No.27655585

>the lights turned on.
b-but that's lewd!

almost as lewd as handholding

>> No.27655614

No, I have not. Still a virgin, and the way my trigger works it'll probably stay that way for a long time. It's also one of the reasons I am terrified of graduating. All of those people accomplishing shit and I'll know enough of them to be entirely aroused by the situation.

>> No.27655631

Hey, you never know, anon. Maybe some cute thing will see you pitching a massive tent in your cap and gown and jump your shit...

>> No.27655635

>lesbian mahjong
This interests me greatly. I'm reading the wikipedia page and there's no reference to yuri. Is there actually lesbian mahjong?

>> No.27655654

That's a hell of a rationalization for loneliness you've got there. I'll have to point out your post to my wife, who also DMs and whose biggest complaint about the game is that she has too many character ideas to play them all.

Well, okay she complains about players most of all, but all DMs do. Srsly, fuck players.

After typing that, I realize that "fuck players" is more or less how I got my wife. Hm.

>> No.27655680


It's mahjong with extremely blatant lesbian subtext. Also some of the players run around in extremely lewd clothing.

I'm talking lewder than nude lewd.

>> No.27655683

I doubt it. Besides, I'm more for the emotional attachment and trust anyway. I'm a bit of a romantic.

>> No.27655694 [SPOILER] 

>Holding hands
Over the line man

>> No.27655698


Fair enough. Though I imagine if you have a significant other by grad they may appreciate it.

On the note of virginity though, I've always found it an odd situation. I had my virginity taken whilst under the influence. Didn't really want it to happen that way but whatever. What confuses me is that I never quite understood what the whole popping the cherry thing was about. There's no significant emotional attachment, many women and men moving on after. There's no monetary gain, unless a prostitute's involved. And the value of it socially is minimal at best, largely irrelevant in society beyond your highschool years. The sex is often shitty, and at times you can't even full enter your partner. To me the entire process of holding onto it or placing value into it seems illogical at best.

That being said, sex in general being viewed outside of the lens of a token economy is rather hard for me.

>> No.27655711

>no vitreous humour dribbling from the rapidly deflating eyeball

0/10 see me after class

>> No.27655712

all you guys with your complex feels

I just want to fuck attractive people, is that really so much to ask? ;_;

>> No.27655719

I know that feeling. Slight gay guy here and honestly I just want a nice relationship. You know, someone to talk to about all sorts of things, cuddle with, play games and the like. Sadly, the town I live in is pretty white bread for Canada and I really suck at first impressions.

>> No.27655723

Nope. Have fun when you do.

>> No.27655736

one day anon, one day.

>> No.27655743


It sounds like want a friend, bro.
And some affection of the non-penis kind.

>> No.27655751

>extremely blatant lesbian subtext
>lewder than nude lewd
Thanks, anon. I'll get on that right away.

>> No.27655752

>You know, someone to talk to about all sorts of things, cuddle with, play games and the like

Sounds chill, gimme your info and I'll move in with you after I graduate

I'll be your lazy freeloading illegal immigrant imaginary friend for the low price of room and board!

>> No.27655755

Okay, annoying question. Should I date someone if I don't actually love someone? I'm pretty sure I shouldn't, but as I've found out here, love doesn't exist/feels different for everyone, and if so I haven't found what it feels like to me.

-blog end-

>> No.27655773


Love is wanting to fuck someone who is also your friend.
Anything else is just feeling horny.
Ain't no such thing as love.
There's familiarity and attachment as well.

>> No.27655783

I will now reveal a terrible secret


>> No.27655786

Well the way I interpret it; it's a social marker. That's it. All it does is serve as a criteria from which to grade someone's social standing depending on the clique. Sucks about your first experience though.

Yeah. That would be really nice. I really fucking love hugs so non-platonic hugs would be tops. But I feel your pain. I live in a noteless town in the middle of nowhere in the state of Ohio. Which is basically as nonexistant as a state can get without being Wyoming. So opportunities for relationships don't arise very often here.

>> No.27655798


>> No.27655799

Nigga, I don't want to know HOW, I want to know if I should if I don't have 'feelings' for them

>> No.27655807

>as nonexistant as a state can get without being Wyoming.

Fuck you

>> No.27655808

I just want one specific one and fuck everyone else.
In the "I don't care" way.
What is wrong with me.

>> No.27655809

>Ain't no such thing as love.
aint no such thing as pain

>> No.27655816

Hah, hope you like tiny little basement apartments. Pretty sure my bedroom use to be a closet at some point.

>> No.27655828

>Hah, hope you like tiny little basement apartments

Desire is the root of all suffering. Likes and dislikes are illusions that bring only pain. Chicken Ramen is my favorite.

>> No.27655830

You want sex == True? Go for it.
You can just have a casual relationship where you hang out, do stuff sometimes, fuck and break up when the sex gets boring.
If you're actually hot she (or maybe he) will probably do weirder and weirder stuff to keep you.

Heartbreak exists. You'd feel largely the same way if your best friend suddenly hated you and it's your fault, or worse, they never liked you.


Bro, it's all right. It's cool.
You ask people out so you get to know them.
This is done if you find them attractive and they find you attractive. If you have enough stuff in common you keep dating.
After a few dates you'll pretty much know. This is the point where it gets intimate (kissing/cuddling/groping). If that fails to happen then you're friends. Win-Win.

>> No.27655837

Date em, sure.

The love that lasts is one you build over time rather then the fleeting crush so romanticized by disney and hollywood

>> No.27655843

>You ask people out so you get to know them.

>> No.27655844


Really depends. Sexuality, relationships, all of it is complex stuff. Getting wrapped up early can be difficult, but getting in late can present its own challenges. Intimacy vs. Isolation is an interesting stage. You still identify with your friends, you still want to fit in, but at the same time there is often a fear of rejection, or the pain it presents on your ego. You're tiptoeing around a thin line where on one side; you can readily isolate yourself or destroy entities that encroach on your intimate relations. Finding a balance is tough. Working your way to a healthy, intimate reciprocal relationship isn't something you can just do or hop right into. Factor beyond simple sacrifice of happiness or compromises are going to be weighed.

In other words, its not something we can really answer. Its something you have to decide on your own. That's simply part of growth in your social development. Some people start later. Some people start earlier. There's no real correct answer other than the one that you choose for yourself.

>> No.27655845

>likes chicken ramen
Ohhh Anon... lets be basement dwellers together. We can roll all the dice.

>> No.27655849


When I meet new people and potential friends, I hang out with them.
Why, how do you do it?

>> No.27655852

Thanks. Also, fuck.

>> No.27655866

In your heart of hearts, you know it to be true.

>> No.27655870

I don't have any other plans this life, give me directions and I'll show up sometime Fall 2014

>> No.27655871


Eh, shit happens. Something just aren't worth making a big deal out of. Life's too short to be taken seriously.

Opportunities for relationships in larger locations isn't quite as simple as its made out to be either. Stumbling through the social interactions in a broader population can be equally as challenging.

>> No.27655878

I don't

>> No.27655888

No! Wyoming is a real place! And I'm a real boy!

>> No.27655892


You, good sir or madam, made me smile.

>> No.27655896


Well, that explains it.
When we're kids we trust others faster and form friendships based on nothing much.
As adults we have interests and lives of our own, we can't just meet someone and go "We're best friends now!".
You have lunch with people you don't know, go to movies, that kind of thing.

>> No.27655914

No it's not, dear anon. And you aren't real either. You are a figment of the collective imagination of the rest of the United States.

>> No.27655940

> Desire is the root of all suffering.
> Likes and dislikes are illusions that bring only pain.
> Chicken Ramen is my favorite.
Three koans to live by.

>> No.27655955


I just studied that particular anomaly. Your testicular germ cells migrated into the wrong part of the embryo

>> No.27655975

This, but I think a majority would get scared/awkward.

>> No.27655989

If I'm not real, then how am I posting this completely legit image of myself?

Checkmate athiests

>> No.27656003

> fictional character
Nice try.

>> No.27656009

>Implying my GF isn't one of the best roleplayers in my group

>> No.27656023

Obviously we're hallucinating it. I'm onto you, figment.

>> No.27656056

>thinking fictional cameras work
>thinking fictional writing utensils work

Typical figment. Too stupid to know that us real folk aren't naive enough to fall for that.

>> No.27656060

Like no matter what happens you can always think of this one person and that will make you happy.

>> No.27656094

Stop having stupid friends. Also, am I the only forever DM that really enjoys coming up with things on the spot? It gives me a kind of challenge.

>> No.27656102

Why do I always end up in these threads at o-dark-thirty in the morning when I'm supposed to be asleep.
Why do you do this to me, /tg/?
Why do I do this to myself?

>> No.27656109

There's such a thing as falling in love. It usually lasts for a few months before actual love sets in.

>> No.27656164

Because you've lost control of your life

because control is an illusion

because life is a but a spasm of chemicals performing a brief reaction in the solemn waltz of the universe, which is itself naught but dust and radioactive echoes

because reasons

>> No.27656177

>Wyoming is a state

Huh, I learn something new every day.

Good going Wyoming

>> No.27656186

because Chicken is the best ramen flavour.

>> No.27656211

/tg/- stoner buddhist existentialism

>> No.27656216

Yeah, well fuck you.
Today is the day I leave my old life behind.
I'm going to stop wasting my time pursuing a useless fucking degree at Uni. I'm going to get on a train, and travel more than five hundred miles.
When I get off that train, two of my internet friends will be there waiting for me. And then we will all walk to the nearest bar and get drunker than we've ever been in our lives.
And that's how my new life will start.

I wish I could say all of that and actually mean it.

>> No.27656221

>yfw you wake up tomorrow you will be on a train

>> No.27656222

No it's not. It needs to exist to be a state.

>> No.27656262

Well I'm game if you are

We could do it over Christmas Break to make it less psychologically daunting

And I find alcohol unbearably foul, so I'll take one drink and then stop, technically being "drunker than I've ever been before," and maybe you find that behavior to be a bit of a downer, I don't know

>> No.27656299

Being cis (cisgender) has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

>> No.27656302

Posting because it amused me.

>> No.27656320

What I meant was as a male I still consider myself to have the women-desiring-only sexual orientation stereotypical of men, while still liking penis. I don't consider myself gay.

> tl;dr: I used the word cis instead of het to specify I am male and to add the dramatic connotations of the term.

>> No.27656322

I'm cool with teetotalers.

I was thinking Tampa, Florida. Mainly because that's where my contact(s) live(s).
Amtrak still has service to Tampa, right?

>> No.27656329


Don't be ridiculous. If this were true /k/ wouldn't love you all so much. <3

>> No.27656355


It seems to be pretty common these days for people who are, for all intents and purposes, homosexual or bisexual to identify as heterosexual. I'm not really sure why - maybe has something to do with the stigma attached to identifying as homosexual.

That said, when I was younger I heard a few arguments similar to yours given to me by my male friends. Nowadays they just admit they are gay.

>> No.27656366


And to clarify, absolutely nothing wrong with being gay, straight, or any of the multiple shades of grey in-between. Power to you no matter how you identify yourself.

>> No.27656385

>these days
Just these days, and none of the other times in human history that homosexuality has been stigmatized?

Totally modern phenomena, huh?

>> No.27656421


Well, he did not live in the "other" days, so he just says "these"

>> No.27656746

I'm a 190 cm dude with hairy everythings and a short, little 5ft 3in (160cm) girlfriend.

I always wondered just how safe she feels when we cuddle to sleep. Must be pretty cool.

>> No.27656750

It's probably been done before, but I just had to do it myself.

>> No.27656763

>you get 20 gold pieces, an old leather backpack, some nice clothes, a cowboy hat, and a pair of silvery .44s

>> No.27656768

But there's a huge faction of gun nuts on Tumblr that call themselves Gunblr

Truth is, it's not that 4chan and Tumblr and any other site are the same, but that we're all people stuck in this world together, and we aren't so different from each other

>> No.27656774

the ancient greeks had some good ideas for sexuality:
If you want to do sexy things with someone...then do!
Gender is irrelevant.
...course...to the greek AGE was irrelevant too...so...

>> No.27656800

dont forget euphoric

>> No.27656906

This is all i ever do when I GM. Every encounter my players face I made a half hour before. Usually I'll just throw random shit at them based on what is going on in the campaign and I use a lot of reskins of enemies and just change around resistances and stuff like that to fit. The last game I ran my players were running through a forest inhabited by drug addicts(hobgoblins) and they had to protect a cart full of drugs on its way to a rich persons party castle. I ended up throwing a ton of hobs against them in the end spawning from the tree line because I hadnt balanced the scenario before the session

>> No.27657213

You guys are great, anyone living near 807? We can be friends when I move there next month.

>> No.27657259

Massillon, regrettably reporting in.

>> No.27657261

I'm loving this thread. Straight, gay, who cares. Thanks for reminding me of the good sides of humanity again /tg/

>> No.27657281

You're welcome, you badass motherfucker!

>> No.27659451


it doesn't matter if op is a girl or not, the advice still sticks..

if op were a man he'd just ask the other guy out. by asking for a 'cute way to ask' he is being a woman about it, thus my 'she.'

>> No.27659808

>Tfw gay fa/tg/uy with average body but ugly face
>Too masculine to be femme, too normal to be muscular
>Tfw will never gain any interest from anyone
>Always 'that lonely guy'.

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