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What does the God Emperor really look like on the Golden throne, because if he looks like this I don't think he is ever getting up.

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Like that, but more constipated.

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Because he's not. He just has to hang on long enough for humanity to reach its golden age of psychic mastery.

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how does a skull look constipated?

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like this

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By holding back Chaos using nothing but it's ass. The Golden Throne is a toilet and daemons continue to force their way in his divine butthole. He is not fully decayed. The blood simply does not circulate. All of it is sent to his nether regions because of prostate stimulation.

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but even if humans master it, don't they then have a 5th god of chaos to deal with?

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Enjoy your corpse god loyalist scum.

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While all psykers are being sacrificed? Not gonna happen.

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>the most intact organ of the Emprah is his prostate

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My ancestors are smiling upon me, heretic.

Can you say the same?

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Why would this 5th god be against his own worshipers? If anything, Big E becoming a Chaos god would put the Imperium on top.

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In addition to your "God" looking like a scarecrow, you're fucked when he eventually bites the big one. Canonically. None of this star child bullshit.

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> quoting a rebel in support of loyalists
how ironic

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Is Chaos inherently evil?

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Perhaps not, but it's good that you get along with yours so well, you'll be joining them soon in the never-ending murder orgy that is the afterlife.

All souls belong to the warp, and the warp is ours.

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Depends on your definition of evil

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It says if he fails. Not if he dies.

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>Implying chaos even knows what's up

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>Clutching at straws.
I'm sure if his arms still worked, he'd give you a pat on the head and a Scooby snack.

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...Nice catch.


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1000 a day is barely a fraction all of them.
Especially when the psychic golden age in question every human will be a psyker of sufficient power to find for themselves

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Hes kept alive partly by his own his willpower. He dies when he fails.

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The Emperor is confirmed immortal multiple times.

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It says when he fails, not when his willpower fails.

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damn heretics are good at photoshop....
original pic

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The emperor is confirmed as a corpse in the opening page of the lore.

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Its hard to succeed at anything when your willpower has failed.

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When he fails he may die, but when he dies he has not necessarily failed.

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This is quite possible the most retarded split hair ive ever had the displeasure of reading.

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>implying corpse means dead
>in Warhammer

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well you better tell the warhammer wiki they have a heretic problem.

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You can succeed at living without willpower.


Chaos faggotry is far more annoying. I don't even think I've seen "FOR THE EMPEROR" in a long while.

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I like how there are purity seals to for blessing in the emperor's name on the emperor himself

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Define fail.

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While that is no doubt how he actually (within the fiction) looks, Games Workshop rolls with the skull version because SKULLS

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All the seals are on the sword or throne none of them are on the Emperor.

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> can succeed at living without willpower.
Except if you'd bother reading, he's kept alive hy willpower. Being kept alive by willpower makes it hard to live without it.

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OP's pic was in the front cover of the 4th (?) edition rule book.

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>While that is no doubt how he actually (within the fiction) looks
How are you so certain?

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Isn't the Emprah a perpetual?

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It's not my job to apply context to correct your improperly worded posts.

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5th edition. Possibly the 6thnas well. Its the standard image,

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Maybe that's how he will learn to ascend?

Willpower alone doesn't save the universe after all.

Unless he becomes like...the God of Willpower.

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Im not sure how much more clear "partly by willpower" can get, its not all on him, but it's a crucial component. It's right in the first page of 40k fluff in 6e

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Because if he's a skeleton, then even if his spirit is still attached to it keeping him alive in some sense, that makes him officially dead.

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> Kept alive partly by willpower

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>Its hard to succeed at anything when your willpower has failed.

I was referring to this post

>Its hard to succeed at anything when your willpower has failed.

Exact words. Which is wrong. You need to specify that it's the Emperor you're talking about, otherwise you're wrong.

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> In a galaxy that's lousy with perpetuals
> The God Emperor isn't one of them

Yeah and the missing Primarchs are Gork and Mork

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>the missing Primarchs are Gork and Mork

Holy shit...

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There are other forces of order in the universe... the necrons for one.

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No, there are different universal forces in the 40k universe, two are order and chaos, so chaos is not universally evil. There can be good and evil for both order and chaos... Imperium of Man, the Eldar of the Craftworlds and the Exodites, the Tau Empire and even the soulless Necrons and their former C'tan masters are forces of order, most would assume the C-tan and the necrons are evil while the others are good.
So, theoretically there could be good Chaos, but in reality there are only evil factions of Chaos written so far.

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>mfw The God-Emperor would kick anybody's ass who called him a God because secularity was one of the defining traits of his golden rulership... if only he could get out of his chair.

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Unless it was too much bother to deal with it, as it was in the case of Mars.

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Nigga, this is what the emperor of mankind looks like.

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His true form is a giant GAMESWORKSHOP logo. He uses illusions to hide it.

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[citation needed] That is most likely just a depiction of a psyker being bled dry to feed him or just there for "Imperium is grim" effect.

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This is a picture of the Emperor as in WH40k 2nd Edition. The text is about the Emperor, the image is about the Emperor. It's not about a random psyker.

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It's used as an insult by traitors. He is in reality on life support so he has the appearance of a "corpse".

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[citation needed]
Yes it's about the emperor but nothing says the image is.
>It's not about a random psyker.
prove it.

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Willpower is amazing stuff.

Dr. Doom once survived being teleported to the Jurassic and being eaten by Megalodons due to willpower and really disliking Reed Richards. Yes the intervening millions of years too.

So surviving ten thousand years due to willpower and a life support system should be viable.

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Holy fucking shit.

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40K being what it is there is Evil and Evil. Only difference is that one brand of evil comes with extra mutations and insanity.

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Why is this dumb argument always on here. The imperium is not evil. Chaos is evil. Chaos is 999% evil.

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They do say his body is a rotting carcass right there.

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liches have had worse things happen to them.

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Well the Imperium sure isn't good.

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>rotting carcass
that is kept alive. How are people not getting this? Do you have grandparents?

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and were he to awaken, it would regenerate immidatly

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I beg to differ it's good. Good =/= nice.

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The Imperium is evil, what it does it does not out of necessity but out of incompetence and all round meanness.

Even if harsh measures are necessary, which certainly can be argued. It still need be nowhere near the level of ruthlessness, sadism and incompetence that the Imperium currently displays.

Proof of this you can find among Humans living among the tau without spontaneously exploding into daemons, independent human empires who have done for well for themselves, and for that matter the HH humanity who while still fucked up was vastly less so than the current Imperium.

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>The Imperium is evil
Stopped reading right there. No it's not. Troll confirmed.

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So it doesn't fit your image of the Emperor and therefore you're gonna argue against it? This is the canon depiction of the rotting Emperor, connected to machines in books from 1993. It's official material, dumbass. The image itself was in White Dwarf magazine articles about the Emperor too. It has popped up on /tg/ quite a few times too. You're the first one to argue against it being the Emperor.

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>Proof of this you can find among Humans living among the tau without spontaneously exploding into daemons
>implying the Imperium is the reason humans get possessed
>implying humans in Tau areas will no turn into daemons.
Oh boy we got ourselves an idiot.

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But it is, by any metric you chose to use the Imperium iis by definition evil.

Not every part of it it is irredeemably evil of course, but as a political entity it is evil.

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>So it doesn't fit your image of the Emperor and therefore you're gonna argue against it?
So you have no proof that is the Emperor. As I thought.

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>By any metric
>imperium is evil
No and no. On a scale of 1-10 of how good the imperium is it's pushing an 11/10.

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>political entity it is evil.
Warhammer 40k isn't you political hobby horse. Go to /pol/

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This is him.

ole goddy-god god emporio

ole G-dog emp-mo

ole rasta G-man, E-man

also known to his friends as Maurice

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This is incredibly stupid and I actually wish it was true now.

Orks like 'Umies best anyway, right? They're always the ones wanting to fight the most.

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You are so anal. I never said it wasn't kept alive. I said his body is described as a rotting carcass. Implying it's pretty useless, except for the fact that the Emperor's soul is still attached to the body and needs it to be alive.

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Truth to tell, by the fluff, the Imperium do facilitate Chaos.

Probably half of the fluff we have regarding Chaos cults either have its cause in the Imperiums brutality in oppressing its citizens and them desperately grasping at any chance to survive or the Imperium facilitating a class of people (the nobles) whose primary function seems to be starting Chaos cults for shit and giggles.

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This has nothing to do with neatness.
>using terms you do not know the meaning of.
>being underageb&
He is not a corpse as in a dead person. It's a figure of speech you autist.

>> No.27636401


The nobles are especially damning.

Its like you cant have two nobles speaking together for half an hour without them starting some kind of cult.

>> No.27636406

>Truth to tell, by the fluff, the Imperium do facilitate Chaos.
No, no where in the fluff is this said except in the case of an agent of chaos.
>Probably half of the fluff we have regarding Chaos cults either have its cause in the Imperiums brutality in oppressing its citizens

Like I said 40k isn't you hobby horse. There are some basic truths in 40k one of them is Chaos taking root on a world will doom the billions or trillions of inhabitants to death when a Chaos invasion comes.
Being nice to chaos cultists would just spread Chaos and daemons do not care if you are nice or not.

>> No.27636410

>arguing canon
>using fluff that's written from the in character perspective of whatever army the codex happens to be about
>the only real "Canon" is that it's all effectively canon because no one knows who's telling the truth
>literally 0 new fa/tg/uys understand this

you people are fucking idiots.

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Chaos call him the Corpse-Emperor because they believe that he is dead, or at least want Imperials to think that they think that he is dead

You can also rot and be alive at the same time, they are no mutually exclusive states

>> No.27636434

This doesn't follow if people really are going to shit on about marxist class struggle in 40k they can piss right off to /pol/
Nobles in 40k often pick up chaos worship from slumming it with cultists in the hives.

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Yeah I don't understand why people can't grasp all Cannon from the dexes is truth.

>> No.27636454


It's in the Codex Imperialis, along with the text that explicitly describes what the Emperor looks like (a body connected to machines that keep it alive). A similar descriptive box a few pages later describes how an Eldar Avatar of Khaine looks like the blood-handed god. Along with the description is a picture of an Avatar of Kaela Mensha Khaine.

This technique is used several times. Also, said image of the Emperor was used in other books and articles.

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But it doesn't say that image is the Emperor. Proof please or gtfo.

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"The term anal retentive (also anally retentive), commonly abbreviated to anal, is used to describe a person who pays such attention to detail that the obsession becomes an annoyance to other"

>> No.27636489

Because nobody wants to listen/read your fanfiction, anon.

>> No.27636498


Are you functionally retarded? Have you even read the fluff?

Are you actually writing these messages by outsourcing the job to your intellectual superiors, a million monkeys with typewriters?

Oppression and decadent nobles are the two biggest causes of "Suddenly Chaos!!" in the setting.

It is not some deep political point, its a cliche that is overutilized by the setting.

>> No.27636507

It refers to people with compulsive neatness. I'm not exhibiting any anal behavior you are simply misusing terms because you are an idiot.

>> No.27636512

But, telling you that the word "corpse" is incorrect is hardly "paying attention to detail that the obsession becomes an annoyance to other"

In this case, you are annoyed because your stupidity has been show

>> No.27636527

>alll of my what
You are losing it anon. Cannon is cannon is cannon not fan fiction.

Are you the 40k fanboi mod?

>> No.27636547

Are you functionally retarded? Have you even read the fluff?

Chaos effects all people regardless of class, race and religion. With the exception of those who devoutly follow the Imperial creed and the Emperor.

>> No.27636562


By your logic, I'll deny that any of the images in the books describe what they go along with. I mean, nowhere around this image is there a title, the name of the artist, and what it illustrates!

>> No.27636570

>Oppression and decadent nobles are the two biggest causes of "Suddenly Chaos!!" in the setting.
99% of the time it's a psyker getting possessed, a chaos agent starting a cult or somesort of daemonic artifact or anomalies. Neither imply Nobles.

>> No.27636581

Its actually "canon"

>> No.27636585

They are obviously orks anon you are just being asinine.

>> No.27636603

autocorrect. you are being anal anon.

>> No.27636606

By disagreeing with the established canon you are replacing it with your fanfiction.

And stop talking about cannons. What do they have do with this?

>> No.27636623

You wrote it three times in a row, guy.

Also, canon is a word and will not autocorrect unless you couldn't spell it correctly in the first place

>> No.27636634

Did you even read my post? I said all canon is canon. Nothing about fanfiction. I believe you are either an idiot or retarded. Take your pick.

>> No.27636640

Heresy grows from idleness

>> No.27636655

You mean autocorrect corrected it three times before I submitted it.
>Also, canon is a word and will not autocorrect unless you couldn't spell it correctly in the first place
My autocorrect does.
>loses the debate
>obsessives over a typo.

I think we are done here.

>> No.27636674

Not even that other anon

Just saiyan

>> No.27636675

>implying unemployed slum junkies are not idle

Really, really are you go to project your retarded political leanings onto 40k.

>> No.27636689

You are speaking to two different anons, anon.

>> No.27636698


No. He has not shown I was stupid. I was not even the orignal anon he was responding to. I was only saying they how they describe his body in the lore. I know it's kept alive. I never argued against this. Corpse, body, remains, rotting carcass, it all describes the body of the Emperor very well, but nobody is arguing that the body is actually dead when everybody knows the Throne keeps it alive.

The other guy was anal in that he just got stuck on one detail and seemed to willingly forget that I never said the Emperor was actually dead.

Also, he's even being anal about being anal. ( see >>27636507 ) Anal retentiveness isn't just about physical neatness.

>> No.27636702

No i'm replying to one. You just admitted samefagging.

>> No.27636705

He wont

>> No.27636722

Corpse doesn't mean literally dead body in this instance anon. It means he has the likeness of corpse. As in he is a vegetable on life support with a smelly body.
This is basic reading comprehension.

>> No.27636723

When you call it a corpse, you are arguing that it is dead

>Anon 1 describes a tree as purple
>Anon 2 says that it is actually brown
>Anon 1 gets mad and says "purple, brown, whatever they are all colors"

>> No.27636726

He's a troll, anon.

>> No.27636738

Isn't the emperor a Old One?

>> No.27636752 [DELETED] 


Lets see.

>> No.27636771



I only underlined that the lore says his body is a rotting carcass. Period. Yes, it's kept alive. It's still a fucking useless carcass of a body in the physical sense, but it's needed for the Emperor to do his job in his supernatural form.

>> No.27636779

that doesn't even look like a throne, or really anything at all

>> No.27636783

Necrons suspect he used Old One science to create the Space Marines.

>> No.27636792

Those Necrons are faggots.

>> No.27636797

He isn't actually a corpse or a carcass.
Two key things.
Chaos forces use it as a taunt. They know the emperor got mortally wounded by Horus.
Secondly his state now at this moment in 40k is of the likeness of a corpse. Not an actual corpse.

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>> No.27636814

Looks like geiger's work. Guys trollin.

>> No.27636819


No. Nobody is saying that the Emperor is LITERALLY a corpse, as in DEAD. The Lore talks of his body as a rotting carcass and yet nobody thinks it has been rotting for 10000 years otherwise there would be nothing left. It's a figure of speech, imagery, it illustrates the fact that the Emperor's body is a broken piece of shit that's mostly useless.

>> No.27636827

And they always ended up being right. So in all likiness, the Space Marines are a product of the Old Ones legacy.

>> No.27636852

>He isn't actually a corpse or a carcass.
>lore says his body is a carcass

Fucking WH40K nerds.

>> No.27636855

>implying we couldn't just put his holy body inside. Giant fucking goldplated dreadknout soo he can buttfuck chaos the more traditional way.

>> No.27636868

The Eldar use it too.

They call the Imperium the Corpse-Kingdom. Named after the Corpse who leads it.

The Eldar know more than you and me.

>> No.27636890

But he is not dead yet.

Fucking dumbshit talking in a thread he doesn't belong in.

>> No.27636894

>GW in charge of canon.

>shit like this thread happens

Yep, sounds about right.

>> No.27636912

They would every faction with secret knowledge about everything like Chaos and Elder would be aware of this.
A faction like Tau they wouldn't be aware of this.

>> No.27636922


Who said he was dead?

>> No.27636924

He may as well be dead. He's a skinless, ancient body in an eternal coma, kept alive only by unknown ancient machinery.

>> No.27636942

Babys first troll

>> No.27636952


Sorry, have I come to /b/ or /v/ ?

>> No.27636953

>lore says his body is a carcass
As a figure of speech dumbshit. If it was actually a carcass he'd be dead.

>> No.27636970

Actually the Tau know to.

Because the Imperium doesn't hide the fact that the Emperor is a corpse. They even mock the Imperium for having a Corpse leading it and are puzzled by it.

>> No.27636985

Exactly that is why the words are used.

>> No.27637008


Did I say he was dead? I know it's a figure of speech.

>> No.27637010

source on that?

>> No.27637074

Fire Warrior novel.

The scene where Kais hides in an Imperial Chapel and sees an image of the Emperor.

There is also the |Medusa Tau reports where the Tau mock the Imperium for following a corpse and dying for it rather than joining the Greater Good and live on.

>> No.27637084


Knowledge is nothing, and we know nothing, therefore we have knowledge, and thus: know.

>> No.27637089

Why do you think the psyker becomes dominated?
Stress caused by them arseholes, making them weak for corruption

and why do the chaos agents get so many subjects?
Because their life is shit and they are promised a better life and become ripe for corruption for this

Nobles don't give a fuck about the well-being of others => others suffer => they become weak => CHAOS LULZ!

They could have prevented it, always, but they 're all so fucking useless, damn.

>> No.27637090

>Fire Warrior novel.
Not canon. Like reaaaallly not canon.

>> No.27637100

It's canon as the rest of the codexes and novels.

>> No.27637107

>Why do you think the psyker becomes dominated?
Because being a psyker is a conduit to the warp.
>Stress caused by them arseholes, making them weak for corruption
Oh please you are just trolling or deranged and need to join your red brethren on /pol/
>tfw there are no commies in 40k
>they all get designated chaos cults and banhammered into a fine red mist.

>> No.27637118

source? Because just saying it's so doesn't make it so.

>> No.27637121

>mocking anyone
>while using AI and being enslaved to the ethereals

tau pls go

>> No.27637132

What's wrong with using AI, primitive?

>> No.27637137


You know space ships aren't actual SHIPS in SPACE, right? And that the Craftworld eldar aren't actually Eldar the size and shape of craftworlds.


You've got to be trolling.

>> No.27637144

Chaos will accidentally it.

>> No.27637151

Can you prove its not canon?

Because the widely acknowledged official stance of GW is all of it is canon at the same time.

>> No.27637161

>You know space ships aren't actual SHIPS in SPACE, right? And that the Craftworld eldar aren't actually Eldar the size and shape of craftworlds.
are you high?

>> No.27637162

I agree that the imperium should offer better treatment of the subjects. It really doesn't need to be the grimderp shitpit that it is. But people are generally greedy. They always want more than what they have. Even if they did have a high standard of living, they'd lust for more, and chaos could still promise that to them.

In other news, it seems that I have some how arrived at /v/. I could have sworn I was posting on /tg/, too. Odd, that.

>> No.27637165

But Necron AI is immune to Chaos. Clearly you are wrong.

>> No.27637167

hey, it is a factor among many that contribute to that shit.
Has always been, will always be.

>> No.27637206



>> No.27637211

Can you prove it is? The onus of proof is on you.

>> No.27637235

But it isn't really. The fact is that Chaos can take over anyone in human society(focusing on humans) regardless of their background.

>> No.27637241


If the psyker cannot cause corruption, the incursion won't last, and the artifacts/anomalies are usually cause by oppression and hedonism

>> No.27637249

Its like you can't even into the age of strife

>> No.27637265


The only happens when a primitive views superior godly technology. Give an IPad to a caveman and you will get the same reaction.

>> No.27637269

>if the psyker cannot cause corruption
What are you even trying to say. What happens is the psyker becomes a literal warp portal for daemons and other baddies to crawl through. It can then go on to be a full scale invasion or maybe the portal not being large enough just allows a Chaos agent of some kind through to spread CHAOS.

The daemon codex makes it clear that really bizarre and seemingly benign activity will lead to Chaos invasion. Like just looking at blood and meat in an abattoir causes meat workers to get headaches that leads to a full khorne invasion.

>> No.27637283

Necrons use AI for millions of years and Chaos hasn't done anything to it. So saying AI automatically fated to be corrupted to Chaos is wrong.

Heck, It's not even a stated fact that Chaos had a hand in the Iron men rebellion.

>> No.27637298

>Heck, It's not even a stated fact that Chaos had a hand in the Iron men rebellion.
It is though. Do the Necrons even use completely independent AI? The implication is that an independent AI mimics a soul and lets daemons control it.
If they are just using intelligent machines as servants this isn't the same thing.

>> No.27637306

>"With Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000, the notion of canon is a fallacy. [...] Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 exist as tens of thousands of overlapping realities in the imaginations of games developers, writers, readers and gamers. None of those interpretations is wrong."
-- Gav Thorpe

>"It all stems from the assumption that there's a binding contract between author and reader to adhere to some nonexistent subjective construct or 'true' representation of the setting. There is no such contract, and no such objective truth."
-- Andy Hoare

>"There is no canon. There's a variety of sources, many of which conflict, but every single one is a lens through which we can see the 40K setting."
-- Aaron Dembski-Bowden


>> No.27637337

Yes, Tomb Complexes AIs are sentient and independent. Check the Newcron Codex.

Also, source on the ''Chaos did it'' thing. I never seen any fluff that implicates Chaos with the Ironmen.

>> No.27637345

>Chapter approved.
Anyway that is not what i asked for. I asked for source on Codexes and other sources other than Firewarrior stating the Tau's knowledge of the Emperor as a corpse-emperor.

You are just avoiding the fucking question you annoying shithead.

Give me a fucking source.

>> No.27637355

>two left arms

>> No.27637388



See this post (>>27637090) and this (>>27637100).

Now go away.

>> No.27637392

Discovery of the Men of Iron STC

A Standard Template Construction (STC) fabricator for the Men of Iron was discovered on the Chaos-controlled planet Menazoid Epsilon during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade by Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt of the Tanith First and Only Imperial Guard regiment. Certain Imperials would have used it to their own ends, mainly to create a robotic army with which to overthrow the Imperium, but it had been tainted by Chaos and was subsequently destroyed by Gaunt after the first two Men of Iron the STC fabricator produced were tainted by the foul touch of Chaos.This in itself may be evidence of what happened to the original Men of Iron. As sentient beings, they could have been corrupted by Chaos and then turned on their creators.

>> No.27637404

That is not what I asked for. You said that codexes and other sources say it. What sources? I actually want to know but considering you are in fact lying and just making shit up you are avoiding providing source.
You go away idiot.

>> No.27637455

I said FIRE WARRIOR was as canon as the rest of the codexes and novels out there in this post ((>>27637100).

That is all I claimed. I did not say there were other sources other than the Medusa Action reports.

>> No.27637473

I said firewarrior is not reaallly canon and then you said
"the codexes and other sources all back this up"
Ok shoot. I want to see the codex source.

>> No.27637530


Can you not read or are you trolling me?

>> No.27637585

>Evacuation plans in Hydra continue despite treacherous Gu’ela attacks on our transports. Evacuation of enlightened refugees willing to join the Greater Good continues even as some are violently confronted by their former protectors for “betraying their Emperor.”

>Madness - as if a corpse can lead the living!

-Medusa Campaign Tau Reports week 8


Anyways, here is the other source (Thanks to the anon who posted these way back).

>> No.27637617

The STC could have been tainted after the Ironmen rebellion have happened.

So the Iron men being a product of Chaos is just speculation.

>> No.27641701


This is how Christians view Christ. The Crucifixion is a timeless event in which God suffers for us, seemingly forever, never yielding.


>> No.27641712

>> No.27641726

>bottom left corner
>"I've seen some shit"

>> No.27641778


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