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Didn't see one in the catalog, so I figured I'd start one up. I'll be able to take some requests, but my folders aren't completely full so sorry if I can't help. Until then, I'll be dumping some normal fantasy stuff.

Currently I'm looking for women in heavy armour, old, young, human or otherwise. As long as they're commanding and well suited for war.

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Starting off with my monster/demon folder.

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Awesome, this is really helpful. Also, fuck this reply time.


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can someone help me with some werewolf pics?

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>Error: You must wait 7 seconds before posting an image reply.

Go fuck yourself with a rusty rake, Moot.

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Last one I can post before I've gotta go, but I'll be back later with more if the thread's not dead.

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>That tiny childlike head/face

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Yup, ruined it for me too.

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....why...why am I imagining them slinging frog-racial slurs at the one they are gonna kill?

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I love those gloves, man. So badass.

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Love this one.

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So how do you guys organise your folder(s)?

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I think the small head is supposed to empathize that she's tall and large.

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The proportions are just off. The head is just too small for her frame and body type.
She's nearly three full heads wide; her head is too small.

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Does anyone have an Ophiotaurus?

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>dem curves

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... Someone actually has an ophiotaurus. Thank you anon. Thank you. If you or anyone else have more, please post

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No prob. Dat's it, though. Have a catoblepas/jabberwock

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1/I'm helping!

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2/I'm helping!

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stop tripping

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Looking for artists or calligraphers with brushes.

Preferably female and oriental, for an upcoming Legends of the Wulin game, but any wuxia-style art is cool.

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I want to run a character like this.

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What does this word men?

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Seriously? I'm repeating "I'm helping" and it's the bloody /tripping/ that's bothering you? Man, I need to step my damn game up.

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I tried to get my Pathfinder GM to let me play something like that, because I saw that Light Ballista is a siege weapon that only needs one person to operate.

The problem is finding a way to load it and fire it in combat.

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5/Hey! Listen!

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6/Your health is low. Do you have any potions, or food?

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Stop it, y-you... double tripfag!

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Yes. Cause that is the bit that makes you an attention whoring cunt.

Out of curiousity, why is it that you trip? Daddy issues?

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7/I've fought mudcrabs more fearsome than you!

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Looking for an image of a young, relatively innocent looking male Monk, and another of a gritty, muscled brawler

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Nope, it's just my way of getting into character.

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9/I've covered wars, you know.

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Wow if it is going to make me wait 5 minutes to post I may not post more.

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Into the character of being a special snowflake attention whore? Why would you even want to do that?

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Leddit pls go

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>Being so cripplingly insecure that you have to call attention to yourself writing annoying "funny" stuff with every post *and* tripfagging for a goddamn image dump.

Seriously, you need therapy.

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Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

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No, silly. The character of being a Nokofag.

Aww, you're sweet.

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It is being a pain today. Sorry man. I have more but it just does not like me posting.

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And shitposting plus content is Nokofaggotry.

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No, it's still shitposting. Get out.

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Goddamnit, a good thread ruined by an attentionwhoring tripfag. Again.

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[race] [class] [gender] [number]

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Oh, calm down and post some damn character art.

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How can you tell their gender from just a picture?

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If it has boobs i write female.

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I don't. I just keep obvious magic user pics separate from everything else.

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You realize that if you just ignored the Nokofag it would cease to be a problem.

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[Fantasy] [Modern] [Sci-fi]

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Oh boy, it's never that simple. There will ALWAYS be someone who responds, quite possibly the tripfag in disguise. Shitposting is reportable and should be reported.

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>Character Art
>Caster, Heavy Armor, Light Armor, Misc
>Caster, Heavy Armor, and Light Armor are broken by male/female
>Misc has tons of folders for futuristic, undead, dragons, monsters, elementals, etc.

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Said the LEL RANDUM idiot who kept posting irrelevant videogame quotes just to piss people off. You're a troll, and you know it just as much as we do.

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Said the RRGH BUTTHURT idiot who isn't posting character art.

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Not sure if male or female.

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Shit anon, if you're talking about that...

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15/This space intentionally left non-blank.

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Does anyone have any Bards or singers?
Either bands or special snowflake show stealers, anything would be nice really.

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Clearly female.

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>special snowflake show stealers

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Said the guy who isn't posting char art and not contributing to the thread what so ever.

Sage for non contribution.

Lady Gaga I don't even sometimes. She would probably get less attention if she just one day walked out completely nude,

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annnnd stupid sage mess up. well I'll actully contribute to make up for it,

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Wow, thanks ! An image from the monster manual 1 ! What a find !

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I have a lot of Lady Gaga in weird outfits.
I'm wondering if she's perfect Bard material.

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I prefer to play Jack Churchill if I'm going to be playing a bard.

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Crusaders/Clerical order knights/Early medieval knights

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>Scenes>>Homebrew-setting locations.
>Pre-Modern>Adventurers, Clerics (Abyssal, Divine, Primal, Strange) Fighters (Agility, Magic, Ranged, Mounted, Strength) Mages (Cosmic, Psionic, Elemental, General, Lower Planes) Thieves (Sneaky, Stabby, Talky, Crafty) Misc.
>Modern>> Regular Joe, Urban Arcana, 20minutes into the Future.

That would be the Talky thieves folder mostly.

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Going to toss out a few more bards, then I'll go for a mix of Fighters and Clerics.

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my nigga.

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Males preferably

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didn't see any robot cowboys in the catalogue, so I'm dumping what little I have and requesting more

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Whoops, sorry 'bout that.

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requesting dark angels

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Lets get some wizards/casters tg

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naw lets gets some call of cthulhu characters going

wizards/dnd shit is easy to find just google you doodle

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I'm in need of Hobgoblin artwork. I've only managed to find a smidgen of images. Anyone here that can help me out?

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>Them tits
>Them thighs

She is HUGE.

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>not glorious teethed death machine with a body

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I dunno man, Pathfinder goblins are just as retarded as Kenders, except with a violent twist.

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I know this request might be oddly specific, but does anyone have a dragonborn paladin weilding a 2 handed maul? If possible with the insignia of Bahamut on him somewhere.

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Image limit has been hit so I guess the show's over.

Weird, really. I could have sworn threads could hold more than 150

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Kenders are only weird because the rest of mankind is supposed to find them endearing when they're creepy as fuck. Goblins are just monsters you kill for XP

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