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So, /tg, I've been hearing that the Space Wolves are fully heretical at this point. I understand they've fought with the Inquisition, but I don't consider that to make them traitors. Other Space Marines have gone against the Inquisition before, albeit far less successfully. So why are people claiming the Space Wolves are now a traitor legion? Because they were successful in resisting the Inquisitions dictates?

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Also just out of curiosity, if it was the Space Marines (as a whole) VS the Inquistion, who would win?

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Whoever wins, the Imperium loses.

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It could really only end with mutually assured destruction

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Really? I thought the Space Marines could more or less annihilate the Inquisition with ease if they felt like it. Exactly what can the Inquisition do if the SM actively went after them? Pretty sure "Ork Snipers" aren't going to save them. The murder death kill assassins would be problematic I suppose, but I really question how powerful the Inquisition is if the Space Wolves alone kicked their ass.

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It's not like the inquisition would all gather up to fight a ground war, and they're really just a giant wad of pseudo independently acting dudes with tons of power. They would just use every indirect attack possible, while space marines would do the opposite. Leaving everyone else pretty much as fucked over as possible in the process

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Let me answer that question with anther question.
Who is the inquisition?
In answer to that, Nobody fucking knows. Thats the point. Thats why inquisitors use acolytes, sleeper agents spys. Their a Cloak and dagger organization, albeit with far more authority and the ability to pull rank.

Asking who would win between the astrates and the inquisition is kind of like asking who would win between The British army and MI6, or The American Marines and the KIA, spetznaz and the KGB.
Their 2 different organizations with one lacking a definitive power structure able to indeed prefers to operate autonomously.

If you gather both sides all to one point, The Military force would win hands down no questions asked. But that will never happen, And of the forces in question more or less borrows its power. Inquisitors conscript the forces they need to handle the job within the scope of their own reknown/ authority.

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You are aware the Space Wolves got all pissed at the Inquisition for trying to execute guardsmen who'd been in direct contact with warp entities during a war, and specifically hid them from the Inquisition.

Which, you know, is only going to make chaos that much stronger.

And then they killed a Grey Knight Grandmaster over it.

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So basically they are special agents who can't actually fuck directly with any Space Marines chapter? And if this is the case why did they try to fuck with the Space Wolves if the outcome was so clear?

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Right. I'm not seeing the issue, the Space Wolves didn't want the Inquisition killing IG who had actively fought against Chaos. How are the Inquisition in the good, here? Don't the Space Marines have higher authority than the Inquisition?

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You're mistaking what he's saying.

You can't fight the Inquisition directly. You can't bring them to battle, lay siege to their fortresses, deny them supplies.

When the Inquisition want to fight something, they show up out of nowhere, grab whatever military force is near by, and throw it at what they want dead. Objective achieved, they disappear again.

Inquisition don't want to fight something, they fucking disappear. A chapter of Space marines wouldn't have anything to fight or attack.

People exposed to full blown chaos have a nasty habit of becoming cultists, causing more warp rifts, and even worse shit.

It's like using a sponge to wipe up blood that's infected with Ebola, then instead of burning the sponge you keep using it to wash your dishes. If you don't burn that shit, all you're accomplishing is spreading the infection farther.

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Let s bring back those radioactive waste and ebola infected peon with us. Surely nothing wrong can come out of it.

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Because when you combine medieval as fuck and grimdark you get people who wont back down when someone calls a bluff, and get a lot of people killed. Like a lot. That shit is pretty everyday
Neither one has the higher authority. They're different departments. Arguably it should fall under the inquisition whether or not someone is so corrupted that they have to be put down, but whatever. The 40k universe is really fucking big and full of bullshit

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So the Inquisition takes the point of view that IG who successfully fight against Chaos have to be purged afterwards? Why haven't they wiped all IG regiments on Cadia out, then?

I'm also still not seeing an explanation as to, if they have the ability to do all this shady and fucked up shit to a SM chapter, they got raped by the Space Wolves. And if they knew they couldn't directly fuck with the Space Wolves, push the issue with them?

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>Neither one has the higher authority.
Actually the Inquisition HAS authority. The entire conflict arises because the Astartes are one of the only organizations that don't care, and have the pull to get away with it.

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The Inquisition's wrath on a Space Marine Chapter who thinks they're hot shit is directly proportional to the power of the Inquisitor flinging the shit. And very few Inquisitors have the gall or power to do so. The ones who do, bring Ork snipers.

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Alright so. To go over what you're saying:

>Inquisition: Gotta purge these IG
>SW: Nope.jpg
>Inquisition: I say we purge so we purge
>SW: Nope.jpg and fuckyou.jpg we moved them around the galaxy cause fuckyou.jpg
>Inquisition: Well then let me engage in a pointless attack against your chapter that will end with us getting butt raped and costing GK a GM
>SW: k lel getraped.jpg

Is this accurate?

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Cadians likely either get mindwiped or shot as well.

The Inquisition's power is basically how fucking far can they take something.

You want the honest answer? The reason the Wolves got away with what they did is because if they didn't, they'd have been totally fucked up and no longer be a playable army. That can't happen, so they won.

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Yeah I've read what happened to that Lions chapter or w/e their name was. So why didn't this happen to the Space Wolves? Were the Lions dudes just a bitch made chapter that couldn't fuck back when fucked? Because the Space Wolves did not have that problem.

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>So why didn't this happen to the Space Wolves?
Cause gameworkshop model sales figures

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Space Wolves are a First Founding Chapter, giving them more power as they can credit their origins directly to the Emperor, and such. They also have more support and are harder to rally support against. The reason they still exist is mostly that the Inquisitors who want them dead aren't powerful enough and the ones that think they're useful tools/allies hold the reins.

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This guys the smart cookie in the room...

GW is never ever EVER going to go against the plot armor that is LOLRANDUMB Viking Marines who are SUPA POWAFOOL and hate authority.

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Don't forget the Space Wolves led the Inquisition on a merry chase where the Grey Knights purged several worlds in search of the fleeing Imperial Guard just in case. While this makes the Grey Knights look bad, it also makes the Wolves look like fucking imbeciles trying to save a thousand Storm Troopers and dooming billions.

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Modians, Tallarns, and Cadians fought Daemons and won. They were not purged.

The Inquisition clearly is the wrong on this one and the Space Wolves were oin the right. Period.

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Space Wolves are never right. Just confident.

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that's because the space wolves are a first founding chapter/legion. Generally speaking, the older a chapter is, the more influence and power it has.

Random chapter #237556378584 from found #34 is gonna be of jack fucking no importance and can be easily dealt with like the lions.

A first or second founding chapter is however vastly more difficult to the point that it's really not worth the effort.

That being said, the inquisition really doesn't need to directly fight the SW. Depending on the inquisitor, they have a abundance of resources and allies and pull that they can give the SW a major headache by say having the Administratum or the ministorum or the AdMech lower the amount of resources and supplies they receive or deny them access to better tech and so on.

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How do you know they weren't purged?

Or at least mindwiped?

Chaos infection is a thing. You can become mutated just by being exposed to them, or unbalanced mentally, or infected with warp powers that can create a rift or cause horrible shit to happen. This is not something that is a myth.

And as >>27620060 pointed out, the Wolves got billions of people killed over their stupid shit.

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The since they don't seem to always do it, inquisition probably does the purge after chaos contact thing on a case by case basis. It's not really all that far fetched to say that there was something about this particular case that made them think it was warranted.

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Then they killed a Grey Knight Grand Master. Which, admittedly, was complete plot armor and nonsense, but is like the Emperor gutting Dorn over an argument on which color shoes he should wear for the day.

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Because /tg/ has a reflexive hatred for anything that sticks out too much.

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Because the fluff say so. The events were recorded in Imperial history and even celebrated. Mordians, and Tallarn, and Cadia are not deathcamps, r ash wastelands, or DAemon worlds.

The annihilations handed out by the Inquisition were excessive to the extreme.

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sorry but you're letting on that you are woefully uninitiated in the fluff, which, I mean, is okay, because there certainly is a lot of it. The Dark Angels (who I assume you are talking about) are a very different example of a space marine chapter going against the inquisition (or other imperial forces in general)

Captcha: answers relaipo

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You don't ALWAYS purge Guardsmen for fighting Chaos. In fact, you would rarely do it. That's exactly why we have Commissars- they go through the ranks, monitor morale, and flag possible suspect cases.

In this particular instance, I think that the Inquisitor in question wanted or needed to expedite the process. The only way to do that is to kill'em all.

Personally, I feel that that wasn't the best way to handle it. What the Space Wolves did was stupid as fuck, though.

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Yeah, the whole war for Armageddon thing, where Primarch Angron and his Bloodthirster crew showed up and covered the world in daemons, corruption and warp so much that the Grey Knights sacrificed a hundred Terminators to bring him down. I'm sure all those Guardsmen walked away fine.

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It was Inquisitorial dickwaving and it ended in causing a schism and massive deaths.

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They purged all those troops because that Chaos war on Armageddon was fucking massive and spewed forth more daemon and warp corrupted nonsense than you could shake a stick at outside Cadia.

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Oh, you mean the world invasions.

As long as you can stop the rift before it totally fucks the planet, then yea, you can salvage it.

And sure they talk about the great victories achieved.

But do you honestly think they let any of the people who were actually involved go?

Cadia they don't really have a choice, because it's their only fucking way to stop full on chaos invasions.

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Mordians fighting Plaguebearers in hand and hand combat across their planet is nothing to you guys?

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The Space Wolves have a pretty good handle on this whole detecting Chaos business if the fluff is to be believed, so I'm not so sure.

There are plenty of overzealous purge first and ask questions later assholes in the Inquisition as well.

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That was my point. The process would ordinarily NOT have resulted in every last man being killed, but the Inquisitor in charge either didn't want to wait for the normal process to go through or just wanted to be on the safe side.

Seriously, if your knee jerk reaction was to purge every Guardsman who fought Chaos, your turn over rate would be untenable and building veteran troops would be nigh impossible.

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Where's the daemon Primarch and a hundred greater daemons?

The War for Armageddon was way beyond what Mordia had.

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>But do you honestly think they let any of the people who were actually involved go?

Yes, the Tallarn even got to keep the Chaos artifact that spawned the Daemons. Modians got to keep their planet.

>Cadia they don't really have a choice, because it's their only fucking way to stop full on chaos invasions.

Do you see Cadians looked down upon or watched closely whenever they leave Cadia to serve in other fronts? Nope, they are the ''Ultramarines'' of the Guards.

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No, these guys: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Celestial_Lions

Alright so judging from all the responses the Space Wolves can do what they've done and get away with it because they are too big/powerful for the Inquisition as a whole to fuck with, or the meta reason is they're too popular and loved to fuck with.

So basically the Inquisition and its dictates can be flipped off if it's the Space Wolves or another chapter like them, correct? Both for in game and out of game reasons.

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>your turn over rate would be untenable and building veteran troops would be nigh impossible.

A. Imperium doesn't give a shit about turn-over rates because they always have more men.

B. Imperium doesn't give a shit about veteran troops because they can just throw more bodies at it.

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what's more, it should be mentioned that it depends on how bad the chaotic incursion was.

If it's say just cultists revolting then typically they don't do anything and just paint said cultists as being merely crazy traitors who are deluded.

Chaos space marines (which mind you are actually quite rare) it also depends but generally the same.

However if it's full blown daemon summoning and and reality warping shit (which once more, is very damn rare.) then the inquisition is gonna be very interested and generally handle based on a variety of factors such as how much direct contact the person in question had, how much do they know about the nature of the thing they fought, do they show any overt and subtle signs of corruption?

That kind of thing. That being said, sometimes they don't have the time or means to really be certain and so have to just say fuck it and just off them just to be sure. Kinda like how in mafia films when shit hits the fan, the dons all start to have everyone associated with a major crime they're being prosecuted for offed just to make sure no one talks.

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Well the fluff also says sometimes the Inquisition takes those troops and sends them to labor camps on remote moons and things. So not everything is 'blam a million soldiers'.

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Daemons are Daemons and Chaos is Chaos.

Guardsmen fought against it and won. No purges were handed out. Something got to give. Maybe Chaos is not all that corrupting. Maybe The Inquisition are a bunch of reactive corrupt douchebags.

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>So basically the Inquisition and its dictates can be flipped off if it's the Space Wolves or another chapter like them, correct?
Depends on who they do it to, and what they do. They can get away with some shit but if they give the wrong Inquisitor the finger or put their hands in the wrong pie they COULD be slaughtered to the last. The Inquisition's resources simply so vastly outstrip the Space Wolves. But obliterating them would take so many resources you'd need a really good reason not to take half the segmentum fleet to paste one Chapter for telling you your mustache was not stylin'.

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Fucking heretics

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>Daemons are Daemons and Chaos is Chaos.
No, you're completely and utterly incorrect. The scale of a chaos incursion DIRECTLY matters the deployment of response and the aftermath.

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No one posted this yet? Last paragraph, that daemon khornate sword. Mark of the Wolven gives the same Benifits mark of khorne.

They are fallen chaos scum, at the very least renegade. It's canon.

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For the guys who don't Mordia.

Armageddon could have been a second Mordia or Cadia a story of success, but the Inquisition killed it.

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I love the theory that the Wolves were actually traitors in the HH, and Russ purposely attacked the Thousand Sons specifically to force them into damnation as well.

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Armageddon also took reinforcements from across the segmentum, multiple Astartes Chapters and hundreds of Grey Knights. I want to say it was a little further gone than Mordia.

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I'm into that theory as well, mostly Magnus just takes a back seat and rolls with it. He doesn't even really contribute much to the effort at all. Have the T-sons done anything but play with warp magicks and look for eldar stuff? It really only seems like airman is just a bad apple.

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you think one reason why the SW are so interested in saving human lives now or in being protective at least is maybe because russ realized after his attack on prospero he was honestly no different then say angron or hell worse and that after the heresy saw what his traitor brothers had turned into and wanted to distance himself?

>> No.27620549

No, I think he remained a self important douchebag who just tried to cover up his choices and stay friends with the Imperium because the war shifted outside of his favor, and did it in such a way that he can bone over the Imperium's attempts to contain chaotic threats while coming out looking like the good guys.

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as presented in Black Crusade and Tome of Fate, Thousand Sons are basically fragmented into warbands led by a Sorceror with some Rubric marine minions.

Generally they do whatever they want, with little regard to The Long War.

>> No.27620559

If you guys are wondering why the Inquisition can't touch the Wolves, it's pretty much answered in this page.

Logan is a spiritual liege, literately.

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what traitor legions are still unified an which are pretty much disolved.

I think it's just the black legion, word bearers, and iron warriors that are still mostly cohesive.

>> No.27620584

Death Guard, ish.

But basically, yeah.

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So judging from Cadia and Mordian the Inquisition does not have a standing policy of purging the IG that fight against Chaos. So essentially the Inquisitor(s) that made the decision to purge everyone who fought on Armageddon, could have avoided the entire thing?

You think they would at least chill out after the SW told them to fuck off. Are there any chapters aside from the Space Wolves who basically consider the Inquisition a bunch of chumps?

>> No.27620620

if you mean first and second founding chapters? I don't think many.

most either outright support them like the black templars or feel meh

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So I am the only one who thinks GW hates 1K Sons?

>> No.27620629

Dark Angels been killing Inquisitors left and right.

>> No.27620643


Just Magnus.

>> No.27620670

It's easy to kill the ones that don't matter.

>> No.27620691


Or maybe a fucking daemon primarch showing up in the flesh is a bigger deal than some no name Podunk cult and you're just an idiot!

>> No.27620702

Do you know how much it would cost to reprint or redact every piece of paper in the imperium that refers to a Leman russ if you excommunicated the wolves? You would bankrupt it.

>> No.27620713

>they are too big/powerful for the Inquisition as a whole to fuck with

That, and also because actually purging a First Founding Legion would be somewhat of a blow to imperial morale overall. Every First Founding chapter is the stuff of legends that probably everybody that's somewhat civilized has heard of, and now they're suddenly traitors? Yeah, that might comes as a shock.

Not to mention the possibility of Russ coming back and finding out that these yahoos have killed off his children. Might not go down too well.

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You're just not listening holy shit.

Are you a
Space wolf?

>> No.27620738

Well Blood Angel SOP is too work with alien worlds with in their protectorate sphere of influence/

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>So judging from Cadia and Mordian the Inquisition does not have a standing policy of purging the IG that fight against Chaos. So essentially the Inquisitor(s) that made the decision to purge everyone who fought on Armageddon, could have avoided the entire thing?

The person to really blame is ADB. Prior to this pile of shit the fluff on the matter was that the Inquisition ordered a bunch of purges and the Space Wolves objected to it.

ADB turned the matter into a shooting war between two factions trying to claim the coveted title of biggest retard while his special snowflake GK who remembers his childhood as an Abnett character and Fenrisian inquisitor waifu-bait look on as Grimnar decapitates a GK grandmaster in one stroke of the axe.

>> No.27620780

Don't brother. Space Wolf players like him probably think Space Wolves are ultracool or something and the only good guys, and that Leman Russ and the Space Wolves can't do no wrong.

>> No.27620795

>Warlords of Chaos itself sent by the Chaos Gods
>Hordes of Greater Daemons and less Daemons that covered almost the entire planet
>A Chaos Fleet standing above delivering Chaos Marines to the planet
>Cannibals and madmen crowd the streets in the millions

The Mordians kicked all their asses and sent them to back to the Warp. They weren't just a cult. No Purges fell on Mordian.

So I have to deduce that that only idiots here are the Inquisition and those who support hem. A mindwipe of the Armageddon guard at least would have worked but outright extermination was excessive.

>> No.27620806

Like consigning billions of people across systems to their deaths because they wanted to giggle and steal the Inquisition's troops away.

>> No.27620807


I think the shit Cadia deals with is a bit more than 'some no name Podunk cult'

>> No.27620814

You are guys not listening. The Armedeggon debacle was primarily the Inquisition's fault.

>> No.27620825

Angron is still a bigger deal. Especially when the grey knights ( who are supposed to be secret ) showed up in he hundreds to defeat him. Seeing a literal son of the god emperor as a daemon is leagues beyond the Mordian threat.

>> No.27620828

>Daemon Primarch from the fucking Horus Heresy
>Hordes of Greater Daemons and lesser Daemons also covered the planet.
>Active warp rifts, warp storms, thin veil planet-wide
>Call in multiple Chapters
>Bring in Regiments from nearby systems
>Bring in hundreds of Grey Knights
Dude, Mordia was bad but what will it take for you to realize Armageddon was ten times that?

>> No.27620845

Yep, they fight Abaddon himself and his Daemon allies and the next decade you see them fighting other enemies of the Imperium across the galaxy.

And they are the most revered regiment of Guardsmen ever, next to the Mordians.

>> No.27620847

Better than supporting an incompetent regional inquisitorial powerbase.

>> No.27620863

No, you're not listening and trying to ignore five people telling you you're wrong. Armageddon was worse than Mordia and a different situation from Cadia. The Inquisition was within its rights to do what it did for safety, or at least not entirely ungrounded. And the Space Wolves overreacted because they wanted to rage against authority and made an even bigger slaughter of it for their idiocy. Masturbate to your favorite Chapter on your own time.

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Not to mention the fact that the Space Wolves didn't "consign billions to die" that would once again be the Inquisition doing its usual fucked up shit for no good reason. I mean really, who would The Emperor side with here? Pretty sure he'd bro fist the Wolves and then end the Inquisition entirely.

>> No.27620889

A mindwipe and monitoring of the population who have worked instead of annihilation and whatever atrocities the Inquisition handed out.

It worked in Cadia (who go through the stuff daily) and it worked in Mordia.

There is no excuse for the Inquisition other than laziness and bloodlust.

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You're ignoring the fact that IG players also don't like this idea since it implies that there can be no veterans who fight against Chaos on a massive scale.

>> No.27620906


It wouldn't have worked. Too many people. Too many secrets. Too much warp fuckery. Deal with it.

>> No.27620907

"Hey this group is looking for this trinket and has murdered everyone its even come near." "I know, lets run through the orphanage to lose them so we can keep our pointless doodad!"

"Whoa man, they killed all those orphans, I could not have foreseen these consequences to our actions and am entirely bereft of blame!"

>> No.27620916

There are regiments called the Daemon Hunters, for Emprah's sake!

>> No.27620928

Yeah, from Armageddon. The worst chaos event of the entire segmentum. There are plenty of other ways to get veterans of Chaos wars that don't involve staring down Angron.

>> No.27620946

They can screw with a Chapter directly, in theory.


An Inquisitor trying to tell, say, any of the First Founding what to do? He's going to be either laughed out of the fortress or disappeared. And the First Founding back each other up, too. You mess with one of them, you mess with ALL of them.

>> No.27620968


So you straight up compare the Inquisition to murdering psychopaths who would slaughter an orphanage? And the Space Wolves are somehow to blame for that? Maybe if the Inquistion weren't such bloodthirsty dicks to begin with this wouldn't be a problem.

>> No.27620971


The Inquisition split innocent blood in a planetary dickwaving contest and for no other real reason. They got the resources to murder and sterilize billions but a mindwipe, screening, and monitoring duties is TOO MUCH!

>> No.27620989

Ain't no worse than a Black Crusade.

You gonna purge Creed now, anon? You murdering bastard!

>> No.27620991

>implying they're actually interested in saving human lives

Saving a handful of IG... Causing untold billions to die.

Khorne does not care from where the blood flows

>> No.27620998

Taking down the Space Wolves risks the problem that literally thousands of worlds owe them favours and often even allegiance (just given in the sense that they see the SW as embodiments of Imperial Justice). Logan Grimnar is one of the two most celebrated warriors in the whole Imperium.

Starting a war with them is starting a war with a significant chunk of the Imperium, because said chunk will follow them into Hell.

>> No.27621003

>Moral discussion

I never thought I'd see the day.

>> No.27621009

Who is the biggest sue in 40k?

Mary Wolves or Ultrasues?

>> No.27621018

Who is more Spiritual Liege-ish?

Calgar or Logan?

>> No.27621022

Still the smurfs.

Wolves are getting close sometimes, but.

>> No.27621044


But thing is, Space Wolves are jealous over the Ultras due to the numbers of Successor Chapters that actually survived more then a few hundred years.

So to compensate, they act like douchebags.

Meanwhile Ultras just love to jerk off thinking about themselves. To the point their Space Marine semen has stopped 40k's plot advancement with it's dried up sticky mess.

>> No.27621049

Pretty sure the official rankings from back in the day went Dante first, then Logan, then a very distant third to Calgar.

It's a shame that Tu'shan doesn't get more respect, though he did get called out by Dante on Armageddon to be thanked personally or something.

>> No.27621057

What exactly makes the smurfs sues again?

>> No.27621078

Look at it from the way the wolves think, leaving comrades in arms to die would be a directly dishonorably and emotionally visceral action, taking honorable action to save them that causes an outside force to kill hundreds of others? That isn't the wolves fault that is just the dishonorable actions of the inquisition. They wouldn't fell responsible .

>> No.27621082

Also...the Space Wokves are leading the Imperials in the war of the 13th Black Crusade with Logan acting as the High Commander of the Imperial forces.

>> No.27621091

Back in the day, they weren't and at most were just called the best.

Now a days, they can do stuff like bitch slap Avatar of Khaines to death.

>> No.27621098

Everyone and their grandmas bitched slapped Avatars. It's not something unique or ''OHMYGOSH'' inducing.

>> No.27621100

They're not dysfunctional, so that makes them mary sues.

>> No.27621110

Ultras are spiritual lieges to codex chapters, and the forces of ultrimar, wolves and bloods are literal saints to most of the imperial forces. Sangy and Russ are much much more deified than Rowboat.

>> No.27621114

everybody does that nowadays.

I hear they're going to fix it in the 7th ed codex, so just hang in there. The Avatar of Khaine is going to be made badass again. He's going to kill an Avatar of Khaine.

>> No.27621122

Then shouldn't the Imperial Fists be Sues as well?

>> No.27621128

I could have sworn some novels show that the Smurfs are being torn apart due to gloryhogs fucking up the Chapter real hard.

And being stuck to the Codex and not adapting against the Tau, Nids, and Necrons.

I could have sworn everyone bitch slapping Avatars was a post RT thing.

>> No.27621167

But...they are adapting against the nids.

They're literally THE OG tyranid stomping chapter. That's, like, half their thing now. "being excellent," and "bug hunters."

The Codex can be appended, yo, and it is pretty frequently, that's why there's so much arguing over it because there are so many different passages added into it, and not just G-Man anymore.

>> No.27621180

>I could have sworn some novels show that the Smurfs are being torn apart due to gloryhogs fucking up the Chapter real hard.

That's the fall of Damnos novel.

However, the High Lords ordered the Ultramarines to go back to Damnos and avenge themselves because their defeat caused wide scale depression and low morale in the Imperium. The Ultramarines redeemed themselves in spectacular fashion with Calgar smashing Necrons with their own Pylon and Cato soloing a Flayer Lord and a Transcendent C'tan shard.

>> No.27621201

In one novel (Can't remember which), they put some Smurfs on trial and punish them for adapting and changing tactics against Nids.

Goddamn it. Did they at least suffer huge ass losses?

>> No.27621210
File: 410 KB, 1727x1000, Ultrasmurfs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


That, by the way, is why they are considered Mary Sues, in response to the guy who asked earlier. They're so important and AWESOME that if they ever actually lose the entire Imperium gets depressed. I mean, come on, really?

>> No.27621213

It was a Uriel Ventris novel.

He won the battle, but because he deviated from the Codex to do it, he was banished on a Death Quest.

>> No.27621241
File: 1.68 MB, 195x222, 1380581216340.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Stay retarded, Ultrasmurfs.

>> No.27621254

My beer smells like pot and tastes like hotdog water.

>> No.27621257

Inquisition. Because they would have the backing of the Imperial Guard and the Imperial Navy

>> No.27621271
File: 18 KB, 243x322, Leandros.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Goddamn it. Did they at least suffer huge ass losses?


The Necrons suffered a crushing defeat.

>> No.27621277

And SOBs..... And Deathwatch......And Gray Knights...... And High Lords, Assassins, etc.

inb4 Space Yiffs say they could take them all on and win without heavy casualties.

>> No.27621282
File: 68 KB, 800x495, 1378780434279.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Really? I doubt this considering how venerated the Space Marines, especially the First Founding Chapters, are amongst the Imperium. Especially given that we've discussed how the Inquisition is probably not thought highly of by the IG at large.

>> No.27621285

it wasn't just that he deviated from the Codex (after all, he'd done it before, his predecessor had done it, and 4th Company as a whole has a proud history of bending the rules) but the degree to which he did so.

The issue was that CAPTAIN Ventris left his company in the middle of a battle to go attack the 'nid queen with the Deathwatch. A CO just dropping his company is a pretty damn big no-no, even if he did pull a win out of it.

>> No.27621295

Well, the Imperial Guard does whatever their commanders tell them to do, and those commanders answer to Inquisitors/High Lords not Space Marines

>> No.27621313
File: 279 KB, 900x740, 1380164516066.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Good show, old chap, giving those filthy Necrons what for and all. I daresay that is completely believable and not a mockery of all that has been shown of the Necrons as a whole. Oh, wait, no, no, it seems that actually, that's a crock of shit.

>> No.27621317

A lot of these commanders near worship the Space Marines and the Imperial Guard have minds of their own they are not sevitors.

>> No.27621332


Except as people have already stated in this thread fucking with the First Founding Chapters = you fuck with all the worlds loyal to them and likely the rest of the FFCs as well.

>> No.27621346

It was that or risk a much-increased chance of losing (20/20 hindsight indicates that had he not gone, they would have lost the battle). He would have been most effective by going with them and letting his capable officers direct the battle plan.

He was banished for it.

>> No.27621361

Ok, but they still obey orders from their superiors, not from rebellious Space Marines
And how many recruiting worlds are they? Are they more than, say, the entire Imperium?

Real problem with Space Marines versus Inquisition is that the Imperium loses either way and will probably be completely destroyed not only by the infighting but the opportunistic attacks from Chaos, tau, Ork, Tyranids, Dark Eldar and necrons

>> No.27621376
File: 351 KB, 1920x1080, Canister.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Heh. Reminds me of a certain other Ultramarine Captain.

>> No.27621397
File: 159 KB, 540x1576, More_Heretical.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The Inquisition seems like it would be stupid enough to try, though. Still can't believe they tried to fuck with the Space Wolves instead of just backing off. Like really dudes, just walk away.

>> No.27621398

The Codex Astartes is more guidelines, than actual rules, yarh

>> No.27621401

I understand his point, but really the Imperium is a million worlds. Space Marines even in their own fluff are a comparatively minor impact upon all that, so they must pick and choose where they make themselves most useful. When it comes down to it, if you do something dumb like, "Imperium vs all Space Marines," the Imperium WILL win, hands down. Without a doubt. Inquisition versus Space Marines? Either you let the Inquisition use its armed forces (read: everything) or you restrict it to the organization (read: some elite troops and otherwise nothing). The prior has the Astartes soundly obliterated under the resources of segmentums, the latter is stupid and illogical.

>> No.27621417

>Chapter Master Hector Barbossa of the Black Pearls

>> No.27621431


The problem with this is that you're assuming that the Inquisition would maintain the complete "loyalty" it has commanded up to this point. Which is unlikely given how Space Marines are viewed. You'd probably have people picking factions to support, not everyone blindly following the Inquisition.

>> No.27621438

Since the Inquisition are the only ones with Exterminatus, I think most people would follow the Inquisition

>> No.27621455

And most people also fear the Inquisition. You're not giving the other side enough credit. On top of it, the Inquisition has more pull across the entire breadth of the Imperium.

>> No.27621461

Something to keep in mind with this Imperium-wide SM vs Inquistion thing is that shit's still happening outside this conflict. You still have nids encroaching, Tau expanding, Necrons waking up, Chaos raids and uprisings...and if two of the Imperium's biggest defenders are in conflict, things don't look good for them. Especially if they draw in guard regiments and worlds and force them to decide loyalties.

>> No.27621473


>> No.27621474
File: 66 KB, 600x480, THE RULES.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not saying it was the wrong decision. But right or wrong, he breached the rules in a major way, something much bigger than "deploy X squad in S position instead of Z"

The Ultras put him on trial just like we'd put a CO on trial for serious violations today, because that's what happens when you set down rules more complex than 'the ends justify the means.' He might have walked, if they'd erred a bit more on the side of the defense.

Ultimately he didn't, because the Ultramarines came down on the side of saying results in this case weren't enough - Uriel had ignored the standard of behavior expected of his station and punishment was due.

Ultimately they gave him a way back, and that he returned to them as a hero twice over, rather than fall, might be attributed to the will of the Emperor and proved his worthiness.

>> No.27621485


If I wasn't giving the Inquisition credit I'd claim the IG and the other factions would immediately throw down completely and totally with the SM. Which is obviously unlikely, but so is the IG doing the reverse for the Inquisition.

>> No.27621505

Is it just Scout Marines who use cloaks/capes?

Because they are cool as heck

>> No.27621512

The vast majority of the Imperium's forces will be on the Inquisition's side. Not to mention the Mechanicus, the various Assassinorum branches, the Navy, etc. I'm not saying it's a landslide but the Space Marines are screwed no matter how much credit you give them. That fight is beyond their scale.

>> No.27621513


Well if we're talking about the larger conflict at this point, of course the Imperium loses. But the mon'keigh will eventually be annihilated by the Eldar regardless, this potential conflict would only hasten the end.

>> No.27621527
File: 276 KB, 1024x1365, 1378774705282.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


If you're looking for style perhaps it's time to leave behind the Imperium.

>> No.27621535


So a lot of Imperial forces will be busy not dying and fighting even more than usual due to not having Marines, so I think the Inquisition would have less forces accessible. The point is that the war as a whole still continues, and the marines would just be let another enemy force the Imperium has to fight so it can't throw everything against it.

>> No.27621539


And again you're assuming the vast majority of the Imperial forces will side with the Inquisition which is simply not the case given the lore we have access to. You're basically repeating the same argument over and over, that the SM cannot defeat the entirety of the Imperium. Obviously. But the entirety of the Imperium isn't going to side with the Inquisition.

>> No.27621541
File: 106 KB, 364x268, warhammer imperial guard like I give a fuck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eldar pls
No, no, capes which completely cover the body.

So, only the head of the Space Marine is bare

>> No.27621554


>necron lords fight gods and kill them
>super special needs marine punches his lights out

If space marines are that strong, why don't they just kill the chaos gods while they're at it.

>> No.27621560


Raptors do, IIRC.

Also, general question. This big marine rebellion. Are they just separating off from the Imperium and keeping non-chaos and such, or are they going full chaos?

>> No.27621575

> necron lords fight gods and kill them
> muh ffg

>> No.27621588

You underestimate the power of actual Ork Snipers. Nobody has ever seen one. They're that goddamn sneaky.

>> No.27621593
File: 76 KB, 606x613, 1378776327098.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You keep talking about fashion and style and of course, only one race comes to mind. Also, yes, Space Marine Scouts are generally the only ones who wear the cloaks you're talking about, since the aesthetic doesn't really work with power armor. Hence the superior look of the Eldar, who can pull off cloaks with their svelte, lithe, and sleek armor. Try to keep up mon'keigh.

>> No.27621594

Which only affects the forces the Inquisition obtains, why? It'd affect both just as much, if you want to be picky.
>And again you're assuming the vast majority of the Imperial forces will side with the Inquisition
Except that is the case? They have their hands in everyone's pockets. They have the Administratum, the Ecclesiarchy, the Mechanicus, the Grey Knights, the High Lords. The Inquisition has connections on top of connections as their entire shtick and when push comes to shove the Inquisition WILL come out with the backing.

>> No.27621612


Again that's unlikely given how venerated and beloved the Space Marines are, especially the First Founding Chapters. You really think the rest of the Imperium would be like "oh alright the Inquistion says the heroes of the Imperium are now heretical, let's do this" rather than having issues with it? You act like the Space Marines don't have their own connections to the seats of power, when they obviously do.

>> No.27621623

That just isn't the style I'm after

>> No.27621631

Problem is that sending him on a death oath is absurd. If he hadn't done what he did, they would have lost, and he'd likely have been demoted or banished for losing the battle so badly and NOT deviating, if he wasn't dead.

Ultimately, he thought outside the box because the box would mean losing and more lives being lost than he could accept. And even when banished, as I recall he didn't agree that his decision was wrong. He stood by it, because it was the best option. If the rules don't allow for it, then the rules should be modified to allow for it.

Fuck, Calgar abandoned a position where he should have been directing a battle tactically (as a supposed tactical genius) to run off and fight Tyranids during the Battle of Macragge, leaving his subordinates to run the battle. Nobody's sending him on a Death Quest.

>> No.27621641

As opposed to how universally feared and obeyed the Inquisition is? You're splitting hairs over reputation when the tie breaker is the Inquisition's galaxy spanning network of spies, intelligence, pacts and cutthroats. Space Marines have connections but not on the sheer scale of the Inquisition.

But on that note? You're the epitome of 'fucking retarded' by saying, "Who would win in a fight, the President or all the citizens of New York." Then saying the President can't bring troops because half would support their home state. If you're going to remove and self-impose random restrictions in an imaginary fight upon the core mechanics of one side why do you pose the hypothetical situation in the FIRST place?

>> No.27621648

in Emperor gift a group of inquisitor and grey knight were ready to assassinate Kysnaros for fucking with the wolf

>> No.27621664
File: 67 KB, 400x500, 1380318884051.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Picture related is the only way an Ultrasmurf could have true intelligence and adaptability.

>> No.27621679

Except they don't.

Most of the group listed technically report to the emperor and emperor alone.
Sure inquisition theoretically have power over them, but the truth is its a dedicated power struggle for inquisitors to pull off.
None of them, especially Mechanicus and high Lords of .Terra will go to back the inquisition up for very obvious reason if you have a little knowledge on how politics works.

>> No.27621681

> Macha
> intelligence and adaptability
Pick one.

>> No.27621682

So are we STILL harping on that Half-Eldar Librarian crap?

>> No.27621684


You're the one who refuses to acknowledge the fact that the Imperiums loyalty to the Inquisition is not absolute. Yes, they have significant advantages in certain areas, but to say the Space Marines would have no chance, and that the whole of the Imperium would one sidedly go against them, is simply ridiculous given their status.

>> No.27621687

What would an actual ork sniper rifle be like? Half a dozen anti-material rifles bolted together with bits of tape added on?

>> No.27621696
File: 309 KB, 529x529, fuklaw3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27621698
File: 49 KB, 600x720, warhammer not sure if heretic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would the Imperium rather have Eldar or Imperial Space Marine Eldar?

I am confused

>> No.27621702

Sounds like a Vindicare. I sure am glad that the Inquisition is around to protect us from Orks like that!

>> No.27621725

No, you're the one that said, "Inquisition versus Space Marines go," then cried when people assumed the Inquisition would have its own resources. Then you changed the goal posts and said, "Oh it's not based on fluff some would side with the other." Then cling to your misplaced goalposts and cry foul when people get tired of you setting the stage to favor whatever side you want.

Want to play it fluff-wise? The Inquisition decides to eliminate Space Marines. And one by one over a century they wear down every Chapter with Assassinorum operatives, convenient mishaps and subterfuge until there's nothing left. Though here comes the, "Space Marines would see it coming!"

Go have an argument with yourself since that's apparently all you want to do in this thread besides masturbate to your own superior point of view under the facade of asking for opinions just so you can refute them.

>> No.27621736
File: 165 KB, 450x770, oops_by_mr_culexus-d46czgs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>tfw someone is using my OC

>> No.27621740

>Ultimately, he thought outside the box because the box would mean losing and more lives being lost than he could accept. And even when banished, as I recall he didn't agree that his decision was wrong. He stood by it, because it was the best option. If the rules don't allow for it, then the rules should be modified to allow for it.

And sometimes they are. Sometimes the Codex is updated with new rules. Sometimes the Ultras who bend or break the rules get away with it.

Sometimes they get away with it because they don't have some stiff-arse jackhole in their company whose name begins with "Le-" reporting them to the principal.

I can imagine that the Ultramarines decided to come down on Uriel because they didn't want to set a precedent of seeming permission for COs to abandon their company and chase after whatever killshot they think might work at the moment. It worked for Uriel in his situation, but it might not work in another theoretical battle, and the Ultras could probably be justified in erring on the side of caution in that regard.

>> No.27621755


I'm simply disputing the Inquisition having total access to all of the Imperiums backing since a split between them and the Space Marines would obviously create factions. I'm not saying the Space Marines would necessarily win I'm pointing out that it's not as clear cut as you're making it out to be. And that statement IS based on fluff, if you aren't aware of how Space Marines are viewed in the Imperium then aren't you the one who is ignoring fluff?

>> No.27621761

But killing the biggest tyranid is always the best idea

>> No.27621765
File: 265 KB, 449x654, Doom_of_Malan'tai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's what they want you to think.

>> No.27621768

Yes. Oddly enough, it seems like the orks have been using Vindicare weaponry... It's probably stolen though, right?

>> No.27621771

> tfw synapse creatures evolve into nano-sized

>> No.27621773

Except no one gives a fuck about inquisition anymore when they realize they are at war with space marine and over extended their resource to the point that they are no longer "Sneaky and Scary".
High lords and Mechanicus will probably be the first one to happily withdraw their support because Inquisition is annoying.
Then the others will follow because no one need to give a fuck about them anymore.

Your Fluff-wise claim is just a self-fapping fanfic that shows your igonrances of how politic actually works.

>> No.27621783

The Doom isn't little though.

>> No.27621805

>...if you aren't aware of how Space Marines are viewed in the Imperium then aren't you the one who is ignoring fluff?
I know exactly how they're viewed. I have a stack of rulebooks from every edition as high as a cabinet and played long enough to remember flaming Carnifex bombs. The Inquisition has way more contacts and influence among the scale of the Imperium while Space Marines retain their loyal spheres of influence. The Imperium is such a vast place the resources the Inquisition could obtain far outstrip that of the Space Marines. And you can't rightfully complain the Space Marines would garner more public support without making some hypothetical reason for the Inquisition to purge them that isn't 'lol4randums' with the intent to cast the Inquisition as the bad guy before even starting.

Also I got a laugh out of your whiny rebuttal of being more versed in fluff. Stay classy.

>> No.27621825

No, you're the same fucking moron that made a hypothetical matchup to take everything away from one side proving you had no intent of caring in the first place. And now you're jerking off to winning your own nonexistent debate over who would win in a fight, the organization with no resources or Space Marines?

>> No.27621826
File: 143 KB, 500x500, fuklaw2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The enemies of Man are countless, and cunning. Eternal vigilance and the Emperor's Mercy are all that protect the immortal souls of His loyal servants.

>> No.27621843


There are roughly one million Space Marines, a slight bit more due to non codex chapter and such.

That is when the chapters are fully manned, and most chapters never are fully manned due to combat losses. In fact we know of several chapters that are well under half manpower.

And they are going up against trillions of enemies.

Sure the space marines are a lot better than the IG but not that much better.

>> No.27621854 [DELETED] 
File: 144 KB, 800x385, nidased1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Y...you...you'd be...s-surprised, anon...

>> No.27621858

Oh no you have to remember the goalposts moved. Now the Imperial Guard side with the Space Marines.

>> No.27621860


And a Inquisitor Lord.

It was awesome.

>> No.27621867


You're essentially listing the Inquisitions strengths while ignoring those of the Space Marines. How is the Inquisition going to maintain its power structure once the Space Marines begin hunting them down?

The Inquisition is a shadowy force and it relies a great deal on intimidation and implied threats. You're assuming that everyone "loyal" to the Inquisition would stay so once a conflict with the Space Marines began which doesn't really make sense.

>> No.27621869

Oh baby

>> No.27621872



>> No.27621876

>didn't post full picture


>> No.27621878

Coming from the moron who thinks inquisition have absolute control over everything.
You obviously have no idea how power struggle works, thus your mary sueish dream of inquisition kicking everyone's ass.

Why would people support inquisition? the prime stand point of your entire argument is laughable since you obviously have no idea.

>> No.27621882

>fully manned

A fully manned chapter is somewhere around 1300-1500 marines if they're codex chapters (support staff and such that aren't included in the official company count). That can easily get up to several thousand if they aren't codex.

Black Templars and shit don't count, because they've never been CAUGHT with more than 1000 marines in one place at one time. Or if they have then mysterious warp storms and loss of communications (terrible thing, that) prevents information from getting out. If said information existed, which it obviously doesn't.

>> No.27621888


So now we have all of the imperiums military forces against....the people with no guns or at least few guns?

Thats kind of a lopsided setup.

>> No.27621893
File: 495 KB, 1131x1600, 1377764418300.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


If this is a Space Marines VS Imperial Guard there is not even a debate. That's been done and it's obvious the IG would win. If the Inquisition can command complete IG support, they therefore win. The question is whether or not the Inquisition could do that, though, since plenty of IG units on loyal SM worlds would side with them. And who knows how far that would cascade after this theoretical conflict started.

>> No.27621903

You're implying they won't, because it's convenient to you. You literally set up a hypothetical match to whisk the rug out from one side and point at everyone about how right you are.

That said, if you decide to say that everything in the Imperium would turn on the Inquisition because you said so then go ahead. If you wanted to talk to a brick wall I'm sure your own house could abide you better.

>> No.27621904

Silly, anon. The Space Marines are not Eldar. Marines know how to fight.

>> No.27621918


>implying the average human knows about the exterminatus
>implying Humanity's Godbotherers could safeguard all their Exterminatus ships from the Muhreens

>> No.27621920
File: 158 KB, 1304x575, IMG_4009.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Zoanthropes are mid-range. Taller than many creatures (though they are floating, the cheaters) but still far from the biggest 'nids there are.

>> No.27621922

But it's okay because that was the point of the argument. To pit the Inquisition against Space Marines then start adding stuff to the Space Marines side.

>> No.27621928

What are the C'tan?

>> No.27621934


I'm not saying everything in the Imperium would side with the SM. That's ridiculous. But neither would they all side with the Inquisition, either. If the Inquisition had the iron grip you claim they do on the Imperiums loyalty they wouldn't have so many problems to begin with.

I expected this to be a debate over something like Navy Seals VS the CIA, not "who would the IG side with".

>> No.27621940


Here's the full version (NFSW obviously)http://imgur.com/UuA9hPc

>> No.27621962


Yeah but even then we get 1.5 million at max say 1.6 to account for the non codex chapters., including the support staff.

And you know the support staff is supposed to, you know support the chapter. If they throw the logistics people into the front line the logistics will grind to a halt pretty damn fast.

And as i mentioned earlier. No chapter actually stand at the max due to continual battlefield losses.

Well except for the Minotaurs maybe. Anyways the Minotaurs would be on the other side in this battle.

>> No.27621969
File: 100 KB, 800x782, 1378523706446.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


So that's how Tyranids absorb the biomass of SoB.

>> No.27621983

There's a distinct lack of despair in her facial expression.

I don't know, brother-captain, but I think this may be heresy.

>> No.27621996

That's not what I said. I said, "The majority would side with the Inquisition." The Space Marines have just as many enemies as the Inquisition. Then I said the premise was stupid if you're going to start adding more restrictions on a hypothetical matchup blatantly in favor of one side. If you want a straight military matchup, either you include the Inquisition's traditional allies against the Space Marine standing forces or you don't. If you don't want to, the Marines win hands down it's pointless. If you do, the Inquisition wins hands down. If you start splitting hairs over 'oh well some of the Inquisition's support would go away because they're facing Marines' you're opening a self-defeating random road of applying limitations and circumstances until the entire matchup is a mess of Xenos, loyalists, psykers, name calling and finger waving.

>> No.27622007


The Tyranid has evolved to the point where it secretes aphrodisiacs that stimulate the lucky girl while she's absorbed through vigorous, uh, bonding.

>> No.27622015


I think YOU may be a heretic.

>> No.27622033

its not so much the winning or losing of the battle

there was a short story set between that novel and the next one which deals with his trial. i think calgar goes to ventris in his cell and explains that the codex is more than a tactical doctrine, its a way of acting and if an ultramarine goes against it, it leads to the chapter fucking up (even worse if a captain does it)

>> No.27622035

She's clearly just surprised/shocked.

I'm sure righteous fury will appear any moment, and will be employed to vigorously scream "no" as well as exhaust the xenos filth.

>> No.27622038

The real situation is most factions will completelly pull out of the conflict and let them fight over themselves.

The current Imperium is composed of multiple self-governing body that reports to nobody.Since the only guy they report to is, you know, a zombie stuck on a toilet
And nobody can have a upper hand to everyone else because its how the game is played.
If both inquisition and Astartes goes down, The rest of the high lords will have a drastic increase in their power, so non of them will want go in the fray themselves.
Of all things, they would rather see inquisition get crushed by space marines since the Astartes don't put their nose in their business.

Some people just don't get why does inquisition need his own stormtroopers.

>> No.27622040

Exhaust, brother? I do not understand.

>> No.27622051

>Of all things, they would rather see inquisition get crushed by space marines since the Astartes don't put their nose in their business.
They -do-. Just as much almost. The almost sovereign domains of the Space Marines (like Ultramarines) actually make the High Lords nervous or aggravated at lack of control. If anything the High Lords would advocate the Astartes gone and all the Inquisition that conveniently isn't in their pockets.

tl;dr High Lords want them BOTH gone.

>> No.27622052

To wear down its defenses, of course.

>> No.27622077
File: 43 KB, 400x344, Doom of Malan'tai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I considered writefagging something along these lines involving pic related, except with a psyker interrogator instead of a sororita. It involved the Doom basically using its immense psychic might to break into her mind and rewrite her on the spot as a tyranid lover. Before turning her into...well...a tyranid lover.

>> No.27622078
File: 797 KB, 700x4075, No Regrets.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I just put the IG out of the equation because the IG are the true might of the Imperium. The SM and Inquisition are the special forces, they are not the main brunt and bulk of the Imperium.

I assumed this would be a debate about the relative efficacy of Vindicare/Eversors, how the Inquisition would approach it VS how the Space Marines would handle the Inquisition. It's not like the Inquisition is without power combat wise without the IG at their back.

Like I said it's like the CIA VS the Navy SEALs. Covert operatives and assassins VS elite special forces military. GW already played with the idea with the Space Wolves VS the Inquisition and that did not work out so well for the Inquisition.

On the other hand the Space Wolves are second only to the Ultrasmurfs, so the question I have is was it simply plot armor, or would the Inquisition legitimately lose to the Space Marines (or a section of the Inquisition VS a chapter) if they fought?

Then it turned into "well if the Inquisition doesn't have IG that's bullshit and they would so fuck you". Not exactly what I was looking for.

>> No.27622090

That would be most heretical. You must do it, brother. So that the chapter may... Analyze it, to uh... Prepare our minds for similar events on the battlefield!

>> No.27622109

Yes, its best if they are both gone, which is what the first 4 sentence of my post was about.

The last 2 just states that Space marine will be preferable to stay than Inquisition if they HAVE to pick one. because

1: Space Marines are big ,obvious targets, while inquisition is sneaky. A big, obvious target is always easier to deal with than the sneaky one.

2: Space marines are resources that you can throw to the front-line, thus reducing both your trouble and cost when some damn Xenos or heretic shows up. Inquisition just cost your resources to deal with it.

>> No.27622112

>Then it turned into "well if the Inquisition doesn't have IG that's bullshit and they would so fuck you".
No, it was, "If the Inquisition doesn't have the Guard the question is pointless as Astartes vastly outman the Inquisition's meager internal resources." The only way they would win is if it was a covert war over decades. The Inquisition is based around taking what they need from other branches when needed, and if you take that away they have laughable little compared to EVERY Space Marine Chapter.

>> No.27622133


Leandros didn't do it because Titus was braking the rules, though.

Leandros did it because the little faggot actually believed Titus is a heretic.

I'm still undecided if it'll be

>Space Marine 2: Deatchwatch buggaloo


>Space Marine 2: Chaos hullaballoo

>> No.27622135


Really? My understanding was the assassin section of the Inquisition can legitimately fuck up the Space Marines. Like I remember reading that when The Beheading happened three separate SM chapters went after the dude and only ONE Space Marine survived out of all of them to take the guy down.

>> No.27622150


Admittedly, we dont actually know how many Assassins there are.

There could be 10 million of them for all we know.
In which cast the Inquisition wins.

Or there could be a thousand of each type in which case they will be less of a factor.

>> No.27622161

Actually vindicare/eversors are with Officio Assassinorum , not inquisition. And I doubt they like having inquisition watching them all the time.

>> No.27622162


Assassins are better than space marines, but we have no numbers on them.

>> No.27622170

The Assassinorum has very few members. Against a whopping million Space Marines, their vehicles, their ships and their serfs, you can't seriously expect them to just wipe them out. The Inquisition relies too much on taking military might from the most convenient local source. The Assassinorum COULD put quite a dent in the Astartes, but in a straight-up slugfest there is no way they could simply annihilate a million Space Marines and their weapons of war. Hence my statement that the only way of winning would be a slow and covert war of assassination, inconvenience and misfortune over years and years until the Astartes died out.

>> No.27622171
File: 158 KB, 824x1210, 2j3k783.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Oomans are pink and soft, not tough and green like da Boyz. They’z all the same size too – no big ’uns or little ’uns, so they’z always arguing about who’s in charge, ’cos there’s no way of telling ’cept fer badges an’ ooniforms and fings. Anuvver fing – when they do sumfing, they try to make it look like somfink else to confuse everybody. When one of them wants to lord it over the uvvers, ’e says “I’m very speshul so’z you gotta worship me”, or “I know summink wot you lot don’t know, so yer better lissen good”. Da funny fing is, arf of ’em believe it and da uvver arf don’t, so ’e ’as to hit ’em all anyway or run fer it. Wot a lot of mukkin’ about if yer asks me. An’ while they’z all arguin’ wiv each other over who’s da boss, da Orks can sneak up an’ clobber da lot.

>> No.27622202


Alright so clear this up for me. What ACTUAL military forces does the Inquisition have? I assumed that they directly command anything falling under the Ordo sections, and I thought they directly oversaw the Officio Assassinorum too.

>> No.27622218

The Officio Assassinorum supposely reports to the high lords of Terra and are only watched by Inquisition's Ordo Sicarius wing after the Age of Apostate, they are not part of the inquisition.
(despite that Gray Knight codex rolling them in there)

So the chances are they will act just like the Other facts does: don't enjoy, don't care.

>> No.27622225


Screen capped.

>> No.27622233

They have the Deathwatch, and the Grey Knights. The Sororitas are not under their command but due to past events and treaties are routinely 'compelled to aid them'. The Inquisition theoretically has those, but two of them are Space Marines and one can just say 'eh no'. Asides from that, the Inquisition only has whatever personal forces each individual Inquisitor has funded themselves. Most don't even HAVE anything, they just employ acolytes and borrow. A minority have their own armies. More common is an Inquisitor with an elite core force, like say Storm Troopers or Throne Agents. But their military is on a personal basis and very few.

>> No.27622234


The Inquisition have no real military forces.

They have the Inquisitorial Stormtroopers but they are Special forces.

The Inquisition is supposed to take command of the other forces of the imperium if they need them.

>> No.27622245

If you are talking about standing force,they have their own inquisitory stormtroopers, Grey knights and Death Watch, and.. that's pretty much it.

>> No.27622260

Storm Troopers aren't just handed to each Inquisitor like standard issue. They're actually rare to have command of, despite being common disposable meat shields on tabletop.

>> No.27622280


The deathwatch is loaned out to the Inquisition from different chapters, which is unlikely to happen if they are at war.

The Grey Knights while far more intimately linked to the Inquisition are still Space Marines.

So do they get to keep them in this scenario?

>> No.27622294

Well they are still part of the inquisition's standing force, no matter how rare.

Where is that "inquisition will stomp everyone's ass" guy now anyway?

>> No.27622302

In this scenario, like was said, you really need to go all or nothing. If you start picking and choosing who would stick with the Inquisition you open a dozen cans of worms at once. And nobody needs that many worms.

>> No.27622307

Personally I doubt it, I was simply listing inquisition's current standing force, and they are under inquisition's direct command, unlike most other stuffs.

>> No.27622315

So can someone explain the Grey Knights to me? Are they more loyal to the Inquisition or the other Space Marines? I assume the former since they fought with the Inquisition VS the Space Wolves.

>> No.27622316

You've been talking to them. Because you put words in my mouth about the Inquisition winning everything when it was integral on them having the resources of the Imperium. Without them I -said- they'd lose.

>> No.27622325

They're directly linked to the Ordo Malleus and their Chamber Militant. They follow Inquisition orders, really.

>> No.27622355

>There are roughly one million Space Marines, a slight bit more due to non codex chapter and such.
>That is when the chapters are fully manned, and most chapters never are fully manned due to combat losses. In fact we know of several chapters that are well under half manpower.
>And they are going up against trillions of enemies.

if you are not the guy who said this, then you are not the guy that I asked about.
If you are the guy who said this, then you would be a lying weasel.

>> No.27622360

Oh, that post? Not me. Carry on.

>> No.27622393
File: 100 KB, 600x600, Has A Hat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I thought they were a completely independent group that worked with the Inquisition on occasion. So regardless of anything else the Inquisition has the GK at their beck and call?

Also I was never really clear on this, GK are the best VS Daemons, obviously, but how are they against other threats? How would they fare VS other Space Marines or other threats that aren't Chaos? I assume they're worse, since the Space Wolves stomped them, but then again, Space Wolves.

>> No.27622412

Grey Knights absolutely are at the beck and call of the Inquisition. Against other threats? Grey Knights still excel, they'd slaughter normal Marines relatively easily (in fluff) but are massively outnumbered if it's against every Chapter.

>> No.27622417
File: 11 KB, 480x360, notanymoreyourenot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Everyone fights with the inquisition, even the inquisition.

The inquisition usually just get other marine chapters to handle marines. When a chapter ends up on their watch list, other chapters are ordered to keep an eye on them, and if they turn out to actaully be heretics, put them down. The inquisition is not a standing army, they're the organization that shows up in the middle of things and when local bossman says "I'm in charge here" they say "Not anymore you're not". They're sorta space CIA/NSA/FBI, bossing around local forces and law enforcement and relying on them to do the heavy lifting.

>> No.27622427

GK are to SM what SM are to IG. Sorta.

>> No.27622458
File: 15 KB, 211x193, 1377021752473.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Then why did the Space Wolves win? Isn't a Grandmaster of the Grey Knights like their best, most awesome dude? Is this just a case of Space Wolves just having massive plot armor, and this goes against fluff?

>> No.27622502


GK are pretty good, but then again so are the Space Wolves.

The amusing thing is that the book was a GK book yet the Space Wolves got to maul them.

>> No.27622508
File: 1.48 MB, 1275x1650, 037.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Logan Grimnar strikes at the speed of wolf.

>> No.27622517

Plot armor, basically. Also because the Space Wolf in question was the biggest yiff in the pack, and he couldn't lose in his own book. Logan killing a Grand Master isn't entirely beyond belief, but the whole, "Before he could even react," part is what makes it laughably shitty fanwank of literature.

>> No.27622518

Logan acutally attack the Grandmaster before he realized his intentional.
Kind of a surprised kill there, or there should be quiet a fight.

>> No.27622540

>the whole, "Before he could even react," part is what makes it laughably shitty fanwank of literature.
Fucking this. Would it have been so hard to write out a fight scene to make it not fluff-shatteringly retarded? Or was the author late for happy hour with Ward?

>> No.27622552


I'd sooner state the GK are to the SM as the Stormtroopers are to the IG

In all, I'd say Grey Knights are Deathwatch material by default.

>> No.27622557

Because marines operate on a larger scale than GK, just like guard operate on a larger scale than marines. GK might tear apart a marine, just like a marine might tear apart a guardsman, but in both cases, the little guy still has more shit to return fire with, and lascannons, plasma and melta, battle cannons all kill guards, marine and GK dedd.

>> No.27622568

The question doesn't make sense. It's like asking if the CIA could win in a fight with US Marines.

If you take all the Space Marine Chapters and all members of the Inquisition, put them in sealed sector of space and somehow force them to go at it (like some scaled up version of a one-on-one arena fight), then the Astartes curb-stomp the Inquisition, obviously. Because the Inquisition proper is Inquisitors, their henchmen, Inquisitorial Stormtroopers and even if we give Grey Knights and Deathwatch to the Inquisition, the disparity in forces available is massive.

But that's not a fair answer, because of course, that's not what the Inquisition does; it's not how the Inquisition fights. The Inquisition fights by borrowing forces from other parts of the Imperium for military engagements. But at least part of the military forces they borrow are Space Marines (even the Inquisitor Lord going after the Space Wolves had a chapter of Astartes in tow).

So any fair fight will involve other assets that the Inquisition can get on side. But what assets they can get on side will depend on why the Space Marines (every single Chapter) and the Inquisition (every single Inquisitor) have decided to fight to the death and it's hard to concoct a scenario where two such massively decentralized and heterogeneous organizations would act in such lockstep to do something so stupid.

So the question can't be answered.

>> No.27622574

well its kind of better this way since at least Logan killed him in a ass-kind of way instead of actually beat him in melee combat, which would be out right stating that the great-wolf is just better than grey-knight grandmaster.

>> No.27622580

Probably a better analogy.

>> No.27622586
File: 993 KB, 1665x2350, Grey_Knights.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Or was the author late for happy hour with Ward?

Funny that you should mention that. I recall some of ADB's online posts on the subject hinting that he wasn't too keen on the Grey Knight codex, Dreadknights in particular. Also something about a lot of The Emperor's Gift having to be revised due to changes in the 5th edition codex, though I'm not really sure what the offending changes in question could have been.

>> No.27622596
File: 72 KB, 352x1068, You+re+all+HERETICS.+You+re+all+cursed+and+damned+to+serve_9b51d5_4599245.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Space Wolves are fully heretical
See, at this point, you have to look at the source. /tg/ has made a ton of shit "canon" that really isn't. They take some reasonable-sounding opinions, fluff them up, spin them with whatever rhetoric will work (in this instance, it's "Everyone is a heretic" and then the uninformed and ignorant people (like yourself) swallow the bullshit wholesale.
>So why are people claiming the Space Wolves are now a traitor legion?
Because everyone wants to see something noble fall. If it doesn't happen, they'll MAKE SHIT UP until it does. also Wolf Von WolfWolfington with the Wolf Wolfing the wolf wolf.

>> No.27622598

Alright so the GK are supposed to be more powerful, but actually end up not being more powerful because the Space Wolves are ridiculous? I read the 1d4 article on Logan and it says they not only fought off the Grey Knights, but also the Ordo Malleus and another entire chapter of Space Marines, the Red Hunters.

So to be clear, in fluff, are the Space Wolves just that powerful, or was that just one story? Are the Space Wolves and other First Founding Chapters as strong as the Grey Knights and the "GK worth 5 of reg marines" only applies to later foundings?

>> No.27622604
File: 88 KB, 928x794, 1337490524028.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>fair fight

Yeah, good luck on that. Spess mahreens

>> No.27622659


In Fluff the Space Wolves are the bestest evar.

There is probably no other chapter that have been treated so well by the fluff as them. In particular this is something that have been around since...well, if not day one then at least day two.

The Ultramarines for example have Ward fellating them heavily, but they were not all that popular earlier.

>> No.27622661

Space wolves are also hilariously overstrength. There's like 6000 of them, and that's just marines. Then they have serfs and servitors and other shit.

>> No.27622676


And they have a massive fleet and while their domain is not Ultramar they nonetheless have a lot of influence.

And Logan Grimnar is canonically the most beloved living person in the Imperium.

>> No.27622723
File: 113 KB, 620x886, 1378575816626.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


So canonically they are more powerful than Grey Knights? As in, 1v1 a Space Wolf would defeat a Grey Knight?

>> No.27622738


Basically the Space Marines have been GW`s special pets since the very beginning.

By fluff it is entirely valid to state that Space Wolves are better than most other marines.

Which is one of the reasons so many hate them.

>> No.27622780


That is somewhat hard to say, depends on the individual marine a bit.

Blood Claws for example are not all that impressive. Young, only marginally educated in the use of their weapons. The Space Wolves take a Darwinist approach to them and just punt them into battle and promote those that show a penchant for survival.

On the other hand the higher up Space Wolves tend to be real badasses. And they got a pretty solid anti psyker game.

>> No.27622797
File: 48 KB, 640x360, 1293649841161.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>mfw I based my Rogue Trader off of Barbossa

He's more explorer than outright pirate, but he's got Hectors mannerisms down pat

As well as a fondness for the 40k version of Jazz

>> No.27622814


Fuck they could just drop those eversors I think they're called onto the chapters homeworld

Drop a dozen of them in strategic locations and watch as they murder everything

>> No.27622820


Nah, Man for man, the average GK will beat the average SW. There's just a lot of wolves, and when SW get experienced, they go full badass (For reference, in the tabletop, they can have twice as many HQs - leader/hero/champion types - as anyone else).

>> No.27622835


Plus, IIRC, in the Armageddon thing the wolves played it smart and guerilla-like.

>> No.27622839

eversors are not part of the inquisition.

>> No.27622847


Well this is assuming that the higher ups of the nobility like the High Lords, the Offico assassinorium, the Navigator Houses, Rogue Trader Dynasties etc sided with the Inquisition against the Space Marines

And honestly I dont see why most of them wouldnt.

>> No.27622852

Dude, I'd base a Rogue Trader on Jeremy Clarkson. Or a Void-Master

It would be glorious.

>> No.27622860


It was a numbers game.

Also the fact that they brought too few GK to hold a siege against the second strongest fortress in the Imperium at full alert

>> No.27622866


Jeremy Clarkson would make a great Seneschal or yeah a void master

>> No.27622869
File: 107 KB, 500x488, 1374519482221.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Everyone sit here in my huge lap and let me tell you a huge story about Logan Grimnar and Armageddon, who was also huge.

IT ALL BEGAN, when Angron led 50.000 angry khornate berserkers through a warprift in the hopes of destroying Armageddon. Since Khornates don't use firearms and instead charge at you with axes and swords, for a while the Armageddon Steel Legion held them at bay. Until Angron himself and 12 other Greater Daemons of Khorne joined the fight.

So the Armageddon Steel Legion made a phone call and Logan Grimnar answered. You see, Logan was sitting in the can at that time trying to let out a massive one. Already pissed off at his lack of fiber causing such physical distress, he answered the phone and immediately upon hearing the name "World Eaters", the got insanely angries, let out a turd the size of a Battle Barge and gave everyone in The Fang the "GEAR UP SHIT JUST GOT REAL" command. 15 minutes later they where warping just outside Cadia, because Logan's anger was so mighty he accelerated the Warp.

Thing is, Angron was kinda angrier, so when he heard Grimnar had come super-angry with his army of angry vikings, he got ultra-mega-zinga pissed off and because so angry the floor moved away from him everytime he took a step. He yelled to all Khornates to get another weapon and kill extra hard otherwise he would shoot them out of a basilisk naked in the middle of a cult of Slaanesh worshipers.

So the World Eaters started killing and headbutting everything, even things that weren't alive, like the floor for example. This only pumped Angron even more and he told them to kill more, so Khornates them got so motherfucking pissed they started running through foes and punching bolter rounds. Literally, running through them.


>> No.27622879

Why would they? they have nothing to gain from helping the inquisition to defeat the space marine.

Its in their best interest to see both of them being destroyed, and if they have to choose, having the inquisition destroyed will be more profitable than having space marines destroyed.

>> No.27622885

That's pretty much "The Imperium". So yes, if the Imperium as a whole fought the Space Marines, the Space Marines would lose. But that's not because of the Inquisition. It's not even because of the Imperial Guard. It'd be mostly because of the Imperial Navy with possibly a side order of the Mechanicum.

>> No.27622895


Because according to the scenario the Space Marines are rebelling

No one wants space marines rebelling, no one at all.

These groups would rather side with the Inquisition than rebel space marines

>> No.27622908

No part of the scenario mentioned the space marines are rebelling, you just made that up.

If Inquisition just declare war on Space marines as the scenario states, no one will bother supporting them.

>> No.27622919

Nah, I'd say you put May as a Seneschal.

>Clarkson as RT
>Hammond as Void-Master
>May as Seneschal or Explorator

I'd watch it. Or play it, for that matter.

>> No.27622930
File: 1.46 MB, 301x250, 1375501885707.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Go on....

>> No.27622936


Well if they're not rebelling then groups like the officio assassinorium would be pulled in thanks to politics.

Inquisition v Space Marine for most of the Imperium higher ups means 'whats in it for me'.

Of course this is assuming the Inquisition doesnt make up a story of rebel Space Marines to drag them into the conflict before the Space Marines can set their facts straight

>> No.27622937



Anyway, back to the story

So Logan Grimnar looked at his wolves pulling an epic run away number, scratched his 'stache and said "Well Shit." so he picked up his IWolf and dialed the Inquisition and asked for help ASAP. 5 seconds later a Grey Knight ship crash landed nose first a few feet behind Logan and the Defenders and several partially dressed Grey Knights rushed out charging at the Khornates while trying to put on their socks and gauntlets because the Inquisiton had told them to hurry so they didn't had time to get out of their pajamas.

So the battle was evently matched because the GK's started pulling some epic magic numbers and turning Khornates undewears into thongs which edged itself between their ultra-musculous glutes causing them to move awkardly and get shot in the face in turn.

Logan Grimnar standing a top a Hive City, again scratched his stache and casually looked behind him, and saw a shitload of innocent people going about their day inside the Hive, totally oblivious to the Daemons and Warzone outside their city.

"Well shit" he said again. If only he had take care to look behind him before calling the Inquisition. Now he knew all his decent folk would be killed either way because the Inquisition was a bunch of fanatical douches. So he yelled at everyone to hide inside their houses and don't leave until he yelled at them to do so, otherwise he'd personally butt-rape their daughters and grandmothers, so everyone in the hive did so.

Logan figured that if nobody even knew about the war, the Inquisition would let them go. So he placed a bunch of armies guarding each Hive and went to war.

>> No.27622948
File: 91 KB, 900x563, 1377147604931.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>captain sense of direction as explorator

>> No.27622970

I didn't say it would be a good choice, but a hilarious one.

Also, he'd be forbidden to take any Navigate(x)-skills.
Now you imagine James May as your Navigator.

>> No.27622982

And its in their best interest to watch them fight each other, and a space marine victory will be preferable to a inquisition victory due to how annoying inquisition is.
Officio assassinorium and its grand master will just love to have the inquisition go down so no one will be watching them all the time anymore.

>before the Space Marines can set their facts straight

There are millions of SM in the galaxy, and you think they can't set it straight before the entire imperium go down against them?

>> No.27623010


It isnt in all of their best interests, variables do exist and no Imperial Peer is the same.

Some would want to watch them fight, others would want to support the Space Marines or the Inquisition

>> No.27623022


Mechanicus dosnt care, they just sell gear to both sides.

>> No.27623028

1 of them gone= 1 less High lord of Terra = more powa for everybody else.

Yes,they share a very clear interest together - no more inquisition or SM = more powa for us.
And why on earth would I throw my perfectly good troops away to save your ass when I can use them to consolidate my power?

>> No.27623045
File: 303 KB, 582x634, Dreadpunch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


In the end, Angron got even more uber-ultra-mega-zinga-super pissed, so much that he started farting nuclear explosions and urinating brimstone. Of course both those things only had him angrier (brimstone piss burns kids, it burns badly). So Angron said "FUCK IT ALL" and ran naked into battle William Wallace style yielding his massive angry sword on one hand and using his massive dong with the other to bludgeon people into a pile of warm meat.

The Grey Knights, looking from a distance at the angry naked Daemon using his penis as a flail and yielding a sword the size of a Thunderhawk, who was charging straight at them, collectively said "OH FUCK" and shat energy bricks. So they immediatelly called for 100 Terminators. Because fuck it, Terminators are awesome, and magical Terminators are 10x as awesome, and nobody can stand in their way, right ? WRONG. Angron beat them up his his dick and cut them down into pulps. Except for this one guy called Hypherion. Hypherion was one of the few Space Marines, and Grey Knights, who could get so goddamn angry, so goddamn angry without instantly turning into a Daemon Prince Uber Lord, that went it happened, shit happened. And at that moment, he got that angry.

Hypherion looked at Angron in his motherfucking face and said "FUCK YOU" and created such a massive fire-projectile shaped like a middle finger and threw it at Angron. Angron was so goddamn surprissed he even said "Oh shit niggah!" before the meteor sized flamming-middle finger crashed on him and caused a massive "fuck you " shaped crater.

Angron passed out for 3 seconds and then woke up and realized his sword had been shattered. Now, if there's one thing that makes Angron Angry, like, real Angry, so Angry that all the stuff he did at this point compared was only a child's fit, is breaking his goddamn weapons, even is he has a ship filled with them.

>> No.27623047

Armageddon populace was purged and the world resettled. Wolves got pretty mad about this.

>> No.27623059


Who knows?

A clause in a Warrant of Trade that forces a Rogue Trader to use his fleet for the Space Marines of x chapter?

A deal to give the Mechanicus some stashed away STC material the Inquisition has if they promise to fuck up some Marines?

Like I said it all varies from group to group

>> No.27623110

Emperor's Name, this thread!

The Inquisition merely performs the duty of its office.
To further fear them is redundant.
To hate them - heretical.

Yiff Marines need to be purged.

>> No.27623112

Who knows.
GK are trained almost from birth to be weapons honed to the point of perfection where as Yiffs are born and bred marine killers, the Emperors Sampson option if you will.

I would have to say that the based on the mean GK would win but if using the median, SW

>> No.27623121


So Angron, finally reaching maximum levels of rage, jumped out of that crated was uber-punched Hypherion in the face. Hypherion was out cold. But at that moment Captain Aurellian, who had like, a super man-crush on Hypherion, came running up to the scene, and seeing Hypherion out cold like a pack of beers, got just as uber-pissed as Angron, and started throwing all the magic he could at Angron. Lighting, Fire, Water... Lighting Fiery Water... you name it. Dude was so angry that he actually died being angy, going all "HHHHNNGGGG" and exploding into a cloud of anger that sent Angron flying away so fast he broke Warp speed out of the Materium and phased face first into Khorne's realm right into Khorne's motherfucking face, which caused a surprissed Khorne (who had just put on his slippers and picked a bowl of cereal) to fall out of the Skull throne and tumble down into the blood lake, yelling at Angron at the same time.

So the battle had been won, and once again, Logan Grimnar scratched his stache, picked up his blood-soaked axe and decided to check on the Hives. Everyone was still oblivious to the War, except this one kid who was holding the head of a Khornate Berserker that had been thrown inside the hive when that same Khornate exploded himself by sitting a top live munitions crates and shooting at it to see if he could become an Angry Rocket.

Logan strolled down to where the Inquisitor was and said "Yo, no need for exterminatus, I made sure they don't even know there's a war, just mop up the blood and tell them it was Carnival."

But the Inquisitor had just had his PMS and bitch slapped Logan and ordered all the civilians killed.

Logan was having none of it, innocents killed ? He got uber wolf angry and shat out a turn the size of a battlebarge again. This caused enough distraction for him to have all Hives evacuated and sent to other planets.

>> No.27623130


tired, thristy, and nobody is giving a fuck about this story so I'll stop here, will continue later if by by popular demand, or whatevs.

>> No.27623137

I'm LOLing too hard to reply. MOAR

>> No.27623147


Did you really just quote from a Space Marines chapter that went practically full on Chaos, is likely descended from Thousand Sons, and actively steals from other SM Chapters? Then again, descended from Thousand Sons, of course they wouldn't like the Wolves.

>> No.27623150

gogogo i like it

>> No.27623153

i like it, go on

>> No.27623164

>Before we put an astartes in our resonably priced cruiser, allow us to introduce our pilot
>some say he stole abbadons parking spot thus delaying the 14th crusade
>others say that he has an 8 inch "mechadendrite"
>All we know is he is called the Stigtarii

>> No.27623187


Gabriel Angelos is not the one found wanting in the Eyes of the Emperor.
Logan is.

>> No.27623201

>And he's off! It seems like he's listening to the tales of Cain today, a good choice.
>coming round the Hammer star, looking good
>Burning full plasma, round the GAM-80.N star... AND ACROSS THE LINE!
I'd watch it. I'd totally watch it.

>> No.27623216


The Supreme Commander of all the Imperiums forces during the 13th Black Crusade is wanting in the eyes of the Emperor, huh? Are Blood Magpies fans really that delusional?

>> No.27623221


Fine, resuming

>> No.27623246


Supreme Commanders are disposable.
The Inquisition is essential.

Stop trying to defend your Gary Stu traitors.

>> No.27623301
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I just find it extremely amusing Blood Magpies fans think they are even relevant in the setting. Being stars of a few vidya doesn't mean much. You can't even compare them to First Founding Chapters.

The mere fact the Blood Magpies had to rely on an Inquisitor in an attempt to save the shreds of their chapter is proof of that. I guess the Magpies would think the Inquisition is essential since they were too bitchmade to survive without it.

>> No.27623311


So Logan had everyone evacuated to the ships while the Inquisition and GKs were buried inside a Battlebarge sized and shaped turd.

Logan scratched his stache from the bridge of his ship, contemplating his tatical genius, he was about to sit down and put up his feet when the ship shook down and all this fierly explosions started happening outside. Logan realized he had totally forgotten about the GK ships in orbit. "Oh well" he said, and decided not to fire back, as an honorable Chapter such as the Grey Knights would never keep firing at a foe that didn't fired back.

Except Logan was wrong and he got a fuck ton of ships destroyed. Ultrapissed, he went to grab his axe and wofl, so that he could jump out the ship and launch himself on a one-man boarding action stunt, when he tripped on his robes and fell down on the Ship's console, accidentally flinging it to the Warp.

With all SW's ships safely out of the Warp, the Inquisition had a bitch fit and slapped the breatplates of the serious-faced Grey Knights while calling them useless, who where wondering at that moment why the hell they put up with that shit again ?

In the next few months, Logan started unloading the Armageddon civilians on countless planets, not because he was trying to confuse the Inquisition, his plan was to take everyone to the Fang and make them serfs, Wolves or better, his personal harem, but 3 months into the warp with ships filled with the entire population of Hives, shit started to get shitty (Imagine how many toilets where clogged, with the massive influx of human waste), so he just landed on some planets, a few deathworlds or Maccrage, kicked out as many immigrants as he could, the took away before the local residents of Ultramarines could ask what the fuck was going on and why the hell they had thousands of illegal immigrants to deal with.

>> No.27623322

Technically, BLUHD REIHVHENS are first founding.

>> No.27623384


This, of course, led to the Inquisition casually exploding every planet they thought the Wolves has come in contact with. And of course, some planets didn't even had Wolves on them, but got exploded anyway. One in particular, who was home to a local Space Marine Chapter, the Space Werewolves, had to be exploded with silver filled melta bombs, and this only caused this Chapter to become Fleet-based. Now not only the Inquisiton had exploded a bunch of planets, making the High-Lords uber pissed at them, but they had created a massive fleet of Gene-Seed enhanced Werewolves that where also uber angry.

Eventually the Inquisition came up with the plan that everything would simply go away if they captured Logan. So they set up an ambush. They called up Logan and said "Hey, things have been said, things have been done, but we think it's time we talked about our relationship m'kay ? Call me, maybe." So Logan scratches his stache and said "Well, they wanna talk about it. Fine." So he put on his best suit, washed his hair, even went as far as consider taking a shower, and set off in his best ship, with only a few escort ships to meet with the Inquisition.

Except the minute Logan's ship phased into the rendevouz point, the Inquisition showed up with a massive fleet and opened a can of whoop-ass on the SW's.

With all but his ship destrouyed, Logan got ultra-uber-wolf-wolf pissed at the Inquisition. He had even washed his fucking hair to be presentable for this meeting and this shit was unacceptable. He was about to pick up his axe and flung himself in a one-man boarding action stunt again when he realized he had a fucking honor guard.

So he told them to go to the apothecarion, who was dead, loot as many steroids and adrenalin as they could, and meet him at the last remaining ThunderHawk, because the Inquisition was calling for him to come over.

>> No.27623458


The Inquisitors where all teen-age happy that Logan was turning himself, that they totally forgot to ask them to come unarmed.

As soon as Logan sets foot inside the cabin, the Inquisition is all "well, here's our terms m'kay..." when Logan goes "SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

Everyone is deadly silent and even the thousand GK's feel the energy bricks materializing inside their colons.

"WHO THE FUCK, ORDERED MY SHIPS DESTROYED ?" yells Logan. At this point everyone started ducking for cover. Except these few GK's and their Grand Master who stood looking down near the back of the room.


The silent Grand Master slowly raised his hand, head down in shame. He opened his mouth to say "my bad" but as soon as his hand was up Logan's axe was flying across the room Thor style decapitaing the Grand Master like it had aimbot.

Now everyone lost their shit, the Inquisitors where trying to hide themselves under the floor and walls and the GK's were caught in a web of indecision if where they should seek the Aphotecary to look at the damage shitting that massive amount of energy bricks caused their asses or if they should fire.

Meanwhile Logan was fucking going Khornate in the middle of the ship, preparing a massive turd to destroy the entire ship when Hyperion yelled "AW HELL NAW" and pushed the teleport button sending the roid-raging Space Wolves back to their ship, which phased into the warp again after Logan's massive turd hit the console and activated the warp drives.

>> No.27623483
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>Logan's axe was flying across the room Thor style decapitaing the Grand Master like it had aimbot.

This pleases me.

>> No.27623521


Stupidly tired of writing this and I need to let out a turd myself, anyone who wishes it, feel free to keep writting it.

>> No.27623591

If nothing else this thread has convinced me the Space Wolves truly are the best chapter, fluff wise. Laid back, super awesome, agnostic, Grey Knight crushing, Inquisition mocking, Supreme Commanding Viking Marines. No one else even compares. Goodnight folks.

>> No.27623611

I agree with this anon.
If you disagree that is your opinion and I respect it.

>> No.27624767

There's more than a few Space Marine battlebarges capable of exterminating a planet. Might not literally blow it up, but it'll certainly kill everything on it.

>> No.27624871

Well, if I wanted to build a Khornate chaos army, I'd use Space Wolf and Warriors of Chaos bits.

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