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Who would win, /tg/?

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Neither, the Zerg would beat the rip-off and the mecha

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'nids: Growth limited by availability of biomass. Speed of growth unknown (probably not exponential, but let's give them the benefit of the doubt)

SupCom: Growth limited (but only slightly) by availability of heavy metals. Growth speed exponential.

Gonna have to give this one to SupCom. Given that SupCom is one of the few things /tg/ agrees can almost definitely take out the entire 40k universe barring excessive warp shenanigans, yeah.

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do you mean tyranids in general by the picture on the right? because vs any single tyranid not from Epic, there should be no problem. Especially with that plane he apparently has for backup.

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That depends on a lot of things, like what are their starting forces and how close they are to each other, what type of planet they are on, are we going on the in game 500 unit cap max for the SupCom forces or not, etc.

I'd put my money on the SupCom ACU more often than not, assuming he gets a few minutes to build up something basic forces. Give him an hour and it'll be a cakewalk unless the entire hivefleet is pooping their titans all over his base.

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OP here, starting conditions:

1 SINGLE UEF commander with 1 months advanced warning of a tyranid hivefleet

1 tyranid hivefleet in scale similar to that of behemoth

Let us also assume that the commander can command indefinite amounts of units all over the world, and all units have some form of advanced AI, able to make basic build and attack decisions on there own.

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this, as long as he's not swarmed in the first hour the Commander is going to rape everything.

Fuck, SupCom scouts are monstrous creatures I'd bet.

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>Growth limited (but only slightly) by availability of heavy metals
Not at all, once the commander gets energy to mass converters up he dosnt need to mine anymore.

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1 month... and he knows the hifefleet is coming. That should be enough time to burn all the biomatter AND have at least 1 nuke ready for every tyranid on each of those ships. I suppose this might depend on how you view game time as related to realtime, however.

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The hive mind will bide its time, corrupting the planet's ecosystem to it's will little by little they will render the planet useless to the UEF, the Swarmlord will send skirmishers to confuse the enemy and overwhelm certain key positions, th AIs wont be able to keep up with the chaotic and erratic attacks of the swarm

Once the enemy is conditioned to fight an erratic horde the Swarmlord will strike with cunning and tactics, bigger objectives will be taken down and slowly but surely the UEF will fall

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If you give an ACU more than a few hours to prepare, it just gets ridiculous. The amount of nuclear fire that an ACU could throw around given a MONTH to prepare would render any attempt to take the planet doomed to fail.

And if the going got rough, the ACU could always just leave through a quantum gate.

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>1 month

It'd be a space battle by that point. We have no idea what the SupCom space forces are like.

His armies would number in the hundreds of millions. The skies would be darkened by the number of planes in the sky. The sea defended by impossibly large fleets.

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>1 month's preparation

Oh Christ, do you have any idea the sheer number of death robots you can make with that kind of time? A single weedy engineer can crap out a GAME ENDER tier artillery in 6 hours, assuming you don't help him at all with literal hordes of engineers.

On the other hand, to be fair to the Tyranids, there is a SHITLOAD of them. What kind of orbital bombardment does the hivefleet have? All it needs to do is pop open the ACU to take his whole force out. Shields are great, but I'm not sure how well even those can stand up to a unnumbered swarm of starships hammering on your head.

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>That should be enough time to burn all the biomatter AND have at least 1 nuke ready for every tyranid on each of those ships. I suppose this might depend on how you view game time as related to realtime, however.
Gametime is realtime. Nukes take a half an hour, less if you have no enemies.

That is why people rate the SupCom universe so high. It becomes exponentially harder to kill over time, and it ramps up to titan-killing levels in literally a half an hour.
Nids don't got shit on it, Zerg don't got shit on it, BETA don't got shit on it.

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>Planet ecosystem useless

Half the maps in SupCom are desolate barren planets. I'm sure some of them are airless.

I have no idea where you're pulling this AI stuff from too.

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He could just hide in the sea.

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ACU still wins.

within an hour, from absolutely nothing, the ACU is producing titan-grade units. within a month, they could have vast swarms of them, with innumberable "smaller" units (read: units the size of buildings). this is in addition to nukes, shield generators, enough flying units to block out the sun and enough ships to cover the sea in metal from end to end. the tyranids are fucked.

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Ah fair enough. What aquatic bioforms do the 'nids have anyways?

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Probably fucking tons

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Nid's might have an advantage there, since all underwater based combat is based on torpedoes in SupCom.

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>I have no idea where you're pulling this AI stuff from too.


>all units have some form of advanced AI

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If you think of the shit they can cook up on land and how massive those fucking things are imagine just a for a second how fucking big they could make things in an ocean.

They would make things that'd make a kraken look like a bitch.

Imagine on those massive submersible aircraft carriers swallowed in the massive jaws of some bioform.

Christ aqautic nids would be terrifying

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>Christ aqautic nids would be terrifying
But torpedos would fucking murder their soft, fleshy flesh in the incompressable medium that is water.

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Yeah, but it's not like torpedoes are weak. Also, they have to land through the endless surface navies and mavive air armadas just to meet the sub squadrons.

Failing that, he has a teleport pack.

Bring it meatsack, the bigger it is the easier it is to shoot on the way down.

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They're gonna have to come to land eventually and when they do there'll be an entire wall of these waiting along every coastline.

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>in game 500 unit cap
>Leaving it on lowest unit cap

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We're UEF, so it's the Atlantic wall of experiential point defense Turret on every shore.

Also, I'd want the Aeon commander for crazy T3 AA gunship. It'd probably be the most cost effective thing vs nids from SupCom. And infinite resource generator.

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Oh god, the aeon infinite resource generator. Allowing you to shit out experimental units like they're fucking candy.

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Aeon also has that T3 scatter stationary artillery platform.

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It's a little weird playing through the SupCom campaign, because you often assault planets held by other factions, and for some reason they never bothered to turn the planet into an endless swarm of death robots, instead opting to allow you to raise up some defenses and an army and fight on square terms.

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I'd go with hordes of the UEF experimental satellite, just for shits and giggles.

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All of them.

Tyranids are universally amphibious.

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On the endless battlefields of the Infinite War, there are gentleman's agreements.

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Nid will just take them out on the way down.

But given a month this really should be a space battle. We just have zero info on SupCom space capabilities.

"Alright! You've beaten my scouting outpost and established a foothold on the planet. Now taste the wrath of secondary base that lack adequate air defenses! "

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It's way advanced compared to us, able to discern targets and fire based on machine direction, but they still operate based on direction from the guy in the ACU.

>corrupting the planet's ecosystem to it's will little by little they will render the planet useless to the UEF,
They don't use the ecosystem anyway. They just use planets because it's cheaper than space stations, and there's enough mass lying around to prevent the bootstrapping issues you'd get if you went straight to mass generation.
>the Swarmlord will send skirmishers to confuse the enemy and overwhelm certain key positions,
There's not really any such thing as a key position either, other than I guess "this is where I stash my manufacturing capacity". In half an hour, any such place would be more impregnable tham Macragge.
>th AIs wont be able to keep up with the chaotic and erratic attacks of the swarm
Doesn't take that much. Just shoot them when they appear.

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>that ship walking onto the shore

The fuck? That's awesome.

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Monkeylords are Cybran.

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Right, somehow skipped over the post with the fight terms.

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Cyrban bro, dem walking destroyers of death.

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>Beating tyranids

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> We have no idea what the SupCom space forces are like.
As a general rule they just use ASFs. They have starships, but those aren't really intended for space combat since ASFs are more efficient mass per mass.

Honestly, I think you could dump an ACU with zero prep time onto an Imperial world under Tyranid invasion at the point where the Imperial forces are already overrun, the bio-titans have already come down, the spores are transforming the ecosystem, the spires are starting to grow, etc, and it would still absolutely shit all over the Tyranids.

They have no way of getting at the commander inside the ACU, its proto-crafter will tear bio-titans to shreds and nevermind its actual gun, hell, I'm not sure Tyranids could actually damage SupCom units. Maybe the bio-titans could, but that'll do them a fat lot of good when the ACU whips up a few factories that immediately start churning out engineers and building t1 PDs (plus e-storage so it can bust out Overcharges) nevermind once it really gets going and the higher tiers start coming out.

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Salem class, nigga.
My favorite naval unit.

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It's ok, we have Fatboys instead.

Also not that those are mobile factories that build pretty damned fast.

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>able to make basic build and attack decisions on their own
In this scenario all the commander has to do is give global build orders and direct units to general fronts. local based AI will do the rest.

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One measly 'nid psyker Leech Lifes the pilot.


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Like I said earlier, I think the SupCom scouts could count as monstrous creatures. They're pretty damned large.

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here's a scale chart to help everyone


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I have some bad news.

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To be fair, the official sizes given for Titans is stupidly small. The imperiator at least should be hundreds of meters tall.

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>The hive mind will bide its time, corrupting the planet's ecosystem to it's will little by little they will render the planet useless to the UEF
I giggled. A lot of the maps you play on are barren moons or worlds that otherwise have no breathable atmosphere. None of the SupCom factions need an atmosphere to survive. All of their buildings are hermetically sealed and they have massive, advanced hydroponics facilities. No need for open air farms. Easy atmosphere recycling.

>That is why people rate the SupCom universe so high. It becomes exponentially harder to kill over time, and it ramps up to titan-killing levels in literally a half an hour.
In SCFA you can have your first experimental (dwarfing an Emperor-class titan) built in 15 minutes if you really focus on it.

Good luck getting through the ACU. As we see in the vanilla campaign, SupCom's psykers are capable of mind-raping a dude from half a galaxy away and instantly transforming him from a steadfast defender of the UEF to a fanatic servant of the Aeon - and an ACU protects from this completely. Unless you can actually bust the ACU open, you'll never be able to hit him with psyker dickery.

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... the T1 bot is larger than half the Titans. hahahahahaha

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brick stronk

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The Culture.

>> No.27611406

Air Superiority Fighter. T3 anti-air units. One of the main reasons people seldom build air experimentals unless they have air control is that ASFs are more mass efficient and for the same mass expenditure will always beat air experimentals.

Actually this goes for T3 percivals vs most land experimentals too, it's just that land swarms are harder to micro due to being limited to a 2D plane... air units can swarm much more easily. So many people don't bother on land, but everyone bothers in the air.

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The titan sizes are off by a fair margin (The imperator should be abotu 150 meters tall), but it still shows that the most basic unit that can be built is about the size, if not larger, than a titan knight.

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>Commander-kun ! Commander-kun !
>Yes tyrannid-chan ?
>I wanna swarm planet and eat biomass !
>No tyrannid-chan...I AM THE SWARM AND I EAT PLANET !

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Ah, yeah, I guess swarms of T3 fighters would absolutely rape everything that the nids sent at them.

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New challenge: The ACU is deployed in the belly of a hive ship. Who wins?

>> No.27611457

Except, you know, the clouds of billions and billions of spore mines which explode and turn the atmosphere corrosive.

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The Infinite War was a bit distracting. Give us some time.


This thing here would be practically the only thing you need if we were Aeon.

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Actually if you check their scale in the Apocalypse data sheets they do seem to come out at around 55 meters or so. Considerably taller than what that picture shows, but... not that much taller than an ACU. And the Dies Irae, which was an Emperor titan from the Horus Heresy, was said to be 43 meters. This is assumed to be because it didn't have a huge cathedral on its back, so we can probably assume that an Emperor titan and an ACU (which is also around 43 meters tall) have about the same head height.

But yeah, something like a GC would dwarf anything the Imperium has, save perhaps for those DAoT titans, which might be the same size.

And T3 bots can definitely contend with Emperor titans, if not shit all over them. Their firepower is enormous for their size - the only reason ACUs can fight them at all is due to their Overcharge.

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hey, look at this >>27611318

assuming that scout bikes are 2/3 as tall as mech marines, they are more akin to tubocharged monstertrucks large than a house.

With a rapid fire autocannon on top

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I'd like to see the useless giant bike of the FTU just ride over carnifex without even noticing they are there.

>> No.27611528

A scout bike would probably roll through thousands of gaunts and just write them off as some motile grass.

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Leafing through the wiki, looking at the neat unit pages. I really like the names for some of these things.

UEF Nuke Launcher - Stoneager (Stone-ager)
Cybran Nuclear Sub - Plan B
UEF T2 Stationary Artillery - Klink Hammer
UEF Scout Bike- Snoop
Cybran Giant Death Spider Robot - Monkeylord

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Like my nano auto repairing bots capable of fighting on venus in permanent sandstorms give a fuck.

>> No.27611555


Yes, they invented a shotgun to hit things 30km away. It's called "Salvation" too,

>> No.27611559


God fuck those gunships. They're cheap and ridiculously tough. Ruined all the silly fun I was hoping to have in those multiplayer games.

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It's supposed to have, what is it, platoon-strength garrisons in its legs? Brigades?
Either way. 150-200m would be more believable, ironically.

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I remember I built that one time just because I could, I didn't think it would to anything. It ended up winning the game for me before I even finished my experimental

>> No.27611590


I always saw these things as fucking huge seeing as they contained fucking armies in thier legs.

>> No.27611610

The Aeon also have a structure that generates infinite everything.

It's called that paragon, because with that much shit there is no excuse to not redo your entire base to look pretty.


>> No.27611623

They should be hug, but canonically they're not really.

>> No.27611644

Okay let's say it really is 200m tall. How many do you think the Imperium has? How long does it take to build?

I ask, because in an hour the Aeon commander has built a GC and in 2 hours she's built six or more. And that would be starting from scratch.

>> No.27611653

A company, in the entire Titan, which can be a few hundred dudes on the lower end. Actually quite believable for 55.5m especially when you consider how broad the Titan is.

The 55.5 meters is a hard figure from Apocalypse, anyways, so given the vagueness of a company we'd have to fit that around the 55.5 meters, not the other way around.

>> No.27611667

This scenario is practically the only place for it too.

In two hours given a whole planet thousands is lowballing if you're going for them.

>> No.27611669

>1 months advanced warning of a tyranid hivefleet
Jesus fucking christ? Do you have any idea what kind of units this fucker can build after 40 fucking minutes?!
After a whole month you have an entire planet covered in defense and production buildings like in supcom you can basically produce ressources out of thin fucking air

>> No.27611706


I prefer supcom 1 for multyplayer. Damn, in the extension the computer can rape you under 10 minutes even on "easy".

>> No.27611720

Haha, what? AI doesn't remotely provide a challenge unless you make it AIx.

>> No.27611733

>How many do you think the Imperium has? How long does it take to build?

i think it's canon that it takes years to build a single titan, in a forge world with access to thousands of workers and a lot of resources. compared with less than an hour for the ACU from scratch to build something bigger and meaner.

>> No.27611736

>corrupting the planet's ecosystem
Also known as "Unprocessed resources" to supcom commanders. An engineer set on patrol scoops up everything organic in it's path with it's dissassembler beam, plants, trees, animals, even particularly metalic looking rocks or debris.

>> No.27611739

Those t1 bombers man, all these dead ACU's

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It doesn't really matter who wins the fight, because 40k will always win at being the most stylish, forever.

Nothing comes close to being as fuckawesome as pic related, especially not a setting that's just full of generic, giant, boring ass looking mechs and planes.

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1. Supcom
3. tyranids
4. Locusts (SotS)
5. everything else

is this about right?

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> Commander builds quantum gate.
> Commander starts summoning subcommanders.
> Bases go up everywhere.

>> No.27611804


>> No.27611808

From MuvLuv

>> No.27611818

Is... is this that bait stuff everyone keeps talking about?

>> No.27611829

Don't even need sub commanders when you can save base templates ingame and have swarms of engineer bots build them.

They'd help though.

Sin of a Solar Empire races?

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Step it up. SupCom battles are more awesome than 40k will ever be.

>> No.27611853

Depends upon mass extractors being buildable and the time before the tyrannids field heavy AV. If there's no useable mass for the ACU to extract setting up generators and mass fabs will probably take too long. At some point an ACU will most likely get overwhelmed by the tryannid heavies.

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I believe this foolish poster meant to post pic related.
>Nothing comes close to being as fuckawesome as pic related, especially not a setting that's just full of generic, giant, boring ass looking mechs and planes.

>> No.27611861

needs more Air cluster fuck.

>> No.27611883

yeah, the locust galactic menace.

Basically a super armored borg sphere that launches dozens of impossible to hit drones with heavy armor and neutrino beams, and should they win enough battles, go on to build ANOTHER locust sphere, which does the same thing.

>> No.27611886

>play campaign on easy for shit and giggles
Well I could just build a normal army OR I could build 25 monkeylords and steamroll everything

>> No.27611887

You can use trees for mass in SupCom. They're not that much on their own but good players always have a lot of engineers clear-cutting forests. The hive ship itself will provide the raw protons, neutrons, and electrons to convert into useful elements - the ACU will build an army from its flesh. With such abundance the inefficiency of harvesting mass from organic matter won't be a problem - engineers will carve their way through the hive ship.

>> No.27611903

>the feel of unleashing three full CZARs onto an enemy base.

I need to take a screenshot next time. There is no feel like it.

>> No.27611906


I like to "simcity" manage my base and troops. And since my friends suck huge dicks at this game it's hard as hell for them.

>> No.27611911


>> No.27611917

So, has anyone made a good looking UEF basetemplate of defenses, shields, air and land factories, power gens and mass converters, that tesselates?

If so, take a pic of it so that all of us can use it and rapidly plan out a continent spanning base.

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Are you even trying? The Dark Eldar are way cooler than that.

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Oh this looks fun let me try!
>>Nothing comes close to being as fuckawesome as pic related, especially not a setting that's just full of generic, giant, boring ass looking mechs and planes.

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File: 774 KB, 702x1008, 96719270464242951447.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27611943

Not as good as the feel of surfacing 12 Atlantis' and causing the game to lag due to the near impossible amounts of aircraft.

>> No.27611950

Ah. I play super aggressive, take tons of the map and get in my enemy's face early on. AI melts before me.

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try again

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That's not even a Deldar.

>> No.27611993

Requiem is what Dark Eldar wish they were

>> No.27612011


>> No.27612013

take a look at how you giant robot matches up to our giant robots.>>27611318

>> No.27612028

Shhhh I know just let me pretend.

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File: 878 KB, 1920x1080, drrer[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is fucking awesome.


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File: 826 KB, 1600x1200, SC2_Units_8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 1.21 MB, 1364x956, 40k_005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol who cares how big your generic shitty looking mechs are

>> No.27612055
File: 3.23 MB, 4608x2048, sc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27612064

Is that supposed to be cool or impressive.

It's like a fucking power rangers zoid.

>> No.27612067

It took me a while to realize that was a new Total Annihilation/Supreme Commander game

>> No.27612072

My dick.

>> No.27612082

Yeah that chart is bullshit their are plenty of titans twice the size of the emperor state building

>> No.27612109

any drawfriends in vicinity?

>> No.27612117

Yeah no, the largest height for an imperator titan from any credible source is only 150 meters.

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/tg/ faction that could crush SupCom coming through.

>> No.27612141

Not gonna lie, I had a lot of fun with that game.

>> No.27612171

Could crush SupCom if they weren't to busy doing eveything for the lolz, yeah. They're space 4chan, after all.

>> No.27612176

What is this?

>> No.27612180

>2. BETA
>3. tyranids
Wait, you really think BETA is more lethal than Tyranids? Even an Earth with post-WW2 technology can manage to defeat BETA, they're not even on the same scale.

And also, you forgot STMC.

>> No.27612181

The hell then whoever did the artwork really got the scale completey wrong

>> No.27612214

SupCom would rape Therians' shit. Therians have some impressive megastructures but SupCom's war machines and logistics shit all over them.

>> No.27612215

I have to agree with >>27612180 here.
Nids are what the BETA want to grow up to be.

>> No.27612249

Therians, from AT-43. They're posthumans engaged in a universal-scale engineering project to reverse entropy.

The Therian equivilent of CoD kiddies basically fight the other factions for fun.

>> No.27612251

The planets look a bit small, don't you think? Like, smaller than Pluto.

>> No.27612256

So... Phyrexians with guns. I love it.

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File: 446 KB, 1133x1600, garbage pile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

40k's artwork is kinda what we'd call "utterly devoid of quality control."

>> No.27612269

Aeon master race reporting in. The u
UEF would probably wipe the nids pretty quick, but between the t3 gunboats, experimental generator, and the t3 rapid artillery, Aeon would own.

I am assuming forged alliance, since supcom 2 sucked balls.

>> No.27612271


>> No.27612273

They look small enough that they shouldn't even have the gravity to be spherical, much less maintain an atmosphere.

>> No.27612277

There from just that one video yes. I'm assuming there'll be larger planets and they used a small one to show off the planet aspect.

>> No.27612282

I dont play shit games like SC, but I can tell you that picture you linked is fan art work.

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File: 77 KB, 1760x742, LOL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here is a better version, with values straight from lexicanum.

Turns out that a imperator is only 55.5 meters tall, go figure

>> No.27612293

They look like the silicon cyborgs from Blame!

>> No.27612302

Aw, is babby bad at RTS?

>> No.27612323


Sorry, too busy to play rts, has to watch your mom doing scat porn.

>> No.27612326

>Official sources.

>> No.27612345

SupCom1 or 2?
I'm looking to get into it since I played similar games on the Spring engine.

>> No.27612363

2 is widely considered mediocre at best

Get Forged Alliance, it's standalone.

>> No.27612365

This, folks, is what it looks like when a 40kid has his bubble of delusion popped.

>> No.27612370
File: 340 KB, 2000x1473, 2000x1473_4043_Warhammer_40k_spread_2d_sci_fi_soldiers_picture_image_digital_art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are you trying to imply that picture is anything but incredibly fucking awesome?

>> No.27612376

One. The sequel is thoroughly mediocre, and is the reason there's no third one.

>> No.27612386

Get the humble bundle, both 1 and forged alliance are in it.

>> No.27612400

Best thing ever. My buddy was all about UEF artillery superiority until FA came out. He ended up switching to cybran for the t1 gunship because it was more effective to harass me really on than try to match my salvation if we made it to late game.

>> No.27612403

looks like they all quit to work on >>27612035

>> No.27612405

Cheers, torrenting it now.

>> No.27612408


Hundreds of skulls. Too much shit going on. Everyone looks too grimderp tryhard.

You can tell it is marketed towards teenagers who want to be edgy.

>> No.27612422

What? That was the troll who pretended to think 40k art was StarCraft fan art.

>> No.27612429


And this folks, is a fucktard who is now crying behind his computer. I dont got any delusions, I just think you are a retarded shit for not being able to tell official artwork from fanmade one.

>> No.27612435

The sequel was released several years ago now, long before Planetary Annihilation was conceived.

>> No.27612448


Everyone looks like they're bunched up in an elevator.

>> No.27612454

2 has been out forever yes.

I'm pretending that never happened.

>> No.27612455

Oh hey, the skull-counting picture.

>> No.27612456
File: 17 KB, 231x223, datEagle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look at this majestic fucker!

>> No.27612463

>this many buzzwords
>puny brain can't deal with more than two things happening in a piece of art
>doesn't understand the difference between correctly executed gothic stylization and grimderp

>> No.27612489

somehow i never noticed it until you pointed it out..

>> No.27612501
File: 151 KB, 500x375, butt aid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You should really try to be less obviously mad.

>> No.27612505


>implying the picture has any artistic value

I would LOVE to see your "correct" gothic stylization.

>> No.27612506

>thinks 40k is correctly executed gothic style

Are you serious?

>> No.27612513

Wait what? Does it have two heads?

>> No.27612515

I love how so much fanart seems like they've never looked at the size of bolters in one of these pictures before. Those things are the size of the Marines chest for crying out loud.

>> No.27612516

How come they all have their eyes closed?

>> No.27612530

Yes. One with eyes covered.

>> No.27612532
File: 14 KB, 320x240, burger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I rate it 9/11, would clap again.

That is one beautiful freedom-eagle.

They are holding back manly American tears of liberty.

>> No.27612534


The amount of skulls is a symbol of the culture of death not only in the Imperium, but in our modern life as well. 40K truly is an artistic portrayal of the existential problems that humanity faces, it's a shame that most people don't understand its deeper meanings.

>> No.27612550

I'll pay you 100 burgerland vouchers for that burger.

>> No.27612558

Thank you for that. You just made my day.

>> No.27612569
File: 151 KB, 650x1024, 77755958692269961804.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you dislike this you're probably a faggot who watches MLP

>> No.27612590

The amount of trolling and countertrolling happening in this thread is beyond hilarious.

>> No.27612594

Do they have ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise all up on the top of the burger? What the fuck man? Put some of that shit on the bottom bun, like seriously.

>> No.27612614

If you had just left it at Imperium and removed the not only, it would have been good.

>> No.27612645

This thread is 2 people arguing with each other and everyone else just waiting for the conversation to go back to self replicating intergalactic terrors fighting self replicating intergalactic drones

>> No.27612665

Calm down man, it's a joke.

>> No.27612689

I think you two dudes are wrong, this is, for the most part, a good piece of artwork. The characters are more clearly defined and detailed than the background, so that they become the focus of the piece. They are all quite visually distinct, having different color schemes (blue, mostly silver, red, then green) and profiles. The armor is decorated and quite detailed, but not to the point of being overwhelming --

You can appreciate this piece from afar due to the good composition and clearly defined figures, yet there's also plenty of detail to examine should you choose to step close.

The two-headed(?) eagle looks a little weird, I feel that second, smaller head might have been some kind of mistake, or was just a poor choice because it fits so awkwardly onto the body.

I believe the squinty-eyes to be an artifact of jpeg compression, they may be squinty on the original but I suspect that you would be able to actually see open eyes rather than closed ones.

It may not be perfect, but overall I think this is an excellent use of the "gothic" or whatever style that 40k uses.

>> No.27612697

Can anything beat the SubCom universe?

>> No.27612708

Okay, does anyone know what the mech marines are actually firing? They can't just be simple chain guns, that would do nothing against things those size.

>> No.27612710

Let's step it up a notch.

The Astartes get fed up with the Imperium and join the UEF, UEF gives them ACUs so they can go into the Eye of Terror and make liberal application of giant mech boot to ass of chaos.

How fucking awesome would Space Marines with ACUs be out of 10?

>> No.27612745

>Caring about SupCom when you could be playing Brood War

>> No.27612751

Culture and higher ones easily.

>> No.27612752

Only something that is protected by plot, so much so that it is literally unbeatable. Take Anti-spirals for example. SupCom doesn't have spiral energy so even though it could easily throw a galaxy at a problem if all the commanders worked together, they would still lose because plot armor.

>> No.27612755

Yeah, SupCom can definitely beat SubCom.

>> No.27612757

>playing the FPS of RTS games

>> No.27612763

In the Warp?

0/10, especially given that in 40k machines are still susceptible to the corruptions of chaos.

>> No.27612764

Well they're about 10 meters tall, so at minmum they are firing auto cannons, more likely something comparable to an automatic tank cannon.

Explosive rounds because you're not going to pen much when your target is 50 meters thick...

>> No.27612771

Tom Cat Machine Guns. They are basically 19.6 caliber autocannons.

Yes, 19.6.

>> No.27612776

Why does everyone always say The Culture as the end game to power levels? Whats so powerful about them?

>> No.27612784

>Brood war
Do you like playing babbemode RTS games?

>> No.27612788

Well throwing galaxies has proven to be a winning method of defeating anti-spirals.

>> No.27612798

They aren't the endgame, they just have a lot of (fairly good) material written about them and unlike many higher up forces, are a lot less dependent on speculation and have a lot more hard feats and such. So they make a good faction to use.

Their detail, basically. Yes, we could bring up Xeelee or Downstreamers... but they're so vague. The Culture is more fun and interesting to discuss.

>> No.27612800

To clarify when I say literally unbeatable, I mean it can't be beaten by throwing more firepower at it, no matter how much firepower it is, because trust me, the commander will be able to generate enough eventually.

>> No.27612805

I think you meant objectively best of RTS games

>> No.27612807


I play Dawn of war games. best RTS out there, you autistic Chris chan wannabe.

>> No.27612820

StarCraft is pretty shit and horribly simplistic, there's a reason it got so popular with mindless gook scum.

>> No.27612825

No, that's why Brood War is the only RTS I play.

>> No.27612826


>The Culture also uses various forms of energy manipulation as weapons, with "Gridfire" (a method of creating a dimensional rift to the energy grid, releasing astronomical amounts of energy into a region of non-hyperspace) being described as a sort of ultimate weapon more destructive than condensed antimatter bombardment. One character in Consider Phlebas refers to gridfire as "the weaponry of the end of the universe".

>> No.27612833

Dawn of War vanilla is fun and all, bit I wouldn't call it the best.

>> No.27612837

>that feel when the one dude you know is a brony also eats his shit over 40k(nids in particular)

>> No.27612844


But that's going over the top.

>> No.27612854

lemme guess, you sucked absolute balls at the game and raged at all the Koreans who wiped their ass with you

>> No.27612879

Find me a single gook that can contend with a German in SCFA. Good luck.

>> No.27612896

Did gridfire even come up in any of the later novels?

>> No.27612900

>implying Supreme Commander tech wouldn't invent ocean sized super naval fortresses that crank out battleships by the hundreds each.

>> No.27612907

Fuck brood war, and all you shitty starcraft micromanaging. Loved the starcraft storyline, really got sick of the gameplay fast.

>> No.27612915

The Korean pros are too busy being gods at the far more difficult game to bother with that shit.

You are aware that professional SupCom players have attempted to break into StarCraft and got their shit stomped every time, right?

>> No.27612934

Sup Com really was one heck of a game. Incredible situations, even in coop against Ai.

I remember swarming people with tech 3 Aeon gunships.

I also had limited fun with Sup Com 2

However I always had trouble with rts, sometimes I as not fast enough with the fucking macros and shit.

>> No.27612939

>Rages about micro being 2hard4him
Perfect example of why SupCom players suck.

>> No.27612941

Gooks literally cannot handle anything more complex than StarCraft. When they try, they get raped. No wonder it's popular over there - it's the best any of them can manage!

>professional SupCom players
Aaaaand here you've revealed yourself to be an utter retard who has no idea what he's talking about. We're done.

>> No.27612954

Professional players?


>> No.27612957

Probably because the SupCom players were too dumbfounded by the lack of meaningful choice and strategic options. They were too busy thinking of ways to outmaneuver starcraft gooks that they forgot that starcraft is a build order game

>> No.27612960

Of course they did! They are different games with their own nuances! Being good at one doesn't make you good at the other!

>> No.27612961

>Pretends to know shit about German SCFA players
>Doesn't know who TLO is

>> No.27612967
File: 28 KB, 442x330, look at him and laugh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27612986

>being a retard who thinks anyone plays SupCom as a profession
Do you have a handler? Someone to wipe the drool off your face and stop you from shitting yourself?

>> No.27612998
File: 65 KB, 600x745, metal bawkses.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ITT Plebeians opine how their favorite game is also the best game without providing a shred of evidence nor argument.


Dawn of War (Soulstorm) was the greatest RTS game to grace this Earth, for it captured (for Kay-oss) the delicious atmosphere of early 40k and truly brought it to life. From the thieving Blood Rehvens to the WAAAAUUUGHing Orkz, this game let everyone experience 40k as it was meant to be.

Pic related, the over-the-top voice acting was spot on.

>> No.27613017

The only skill required in SC2 is to know what death ball unit composition will beat the other death ball. That and clicking really fast.

SubCom had a bunch of shit to minimize the amount of micro you needed because they wanted to make it a macro game.

>> No.27613029

>Not liking Dawn of Eldar
You are dead to me.

>> No.27613033

I enjoyed reading your post.

>> No.27613045

So /pol/
Wow what man
Master winner
Remember No mad
Aryaniest of Aryan

>> No.27613050

Asians have really good motor mechanics. Starcraft is a game based off mechanics, repetition and memorization.

>> No.27613053

>taking my post as sarcasm
Operation Steel Rehn is what got me interested in 40k.

>> No.27613061 [DELETED] 

Gooks are human feces. Here is their history in short form:

Slaves owned by the Chinese

Slaves owned by the Mongols. Their ugly faces are because of this.

Slaves owned by the Chinese

Slaves owned by the Japanese

Slaves owned by the United States/Chinese/USSR

Slaves owned by the United States/Chinese

>> No.27613114


What about Angkor Wat /pol/ ?

>> No.27613119

Good thing I'm talking about Brood War and not the steaming pile of shit Activision-Blizzard tried to pass off as a sequel.

>> No.27613128

I have not and will not likely ever watch MLP.

My comment had nothing to do with the overall quality of art (which while quite good is not my particular cup of tea) and everything to do with the idea that 40k actually uses anything actually resembling the "gothic" style. It doesn't.

>> No.27613152

Good thing that all StarCraft games are steaming piles of build order shit.

>> No.27613162

Tyranids consume a lit more than just biomass. One imperial study of an invaded world found the tyranida had removed ~12% of the earth sized planets mass (it only took them about a month too). They're also frequently noted to remove a planets atmosphere and oceans.

>> No.27613163

>getting upset about derogative terminology on 4chan

>> No.27613187

ITT, we shift from talking about von neuman robots fighting space locusts to arguing about SC and DoW.

Good job /tg/, /v/ would be proud.

>> No.27613190


It's sad that you use those facts as a thin attempt to make yourself feel innately superior, rather than recognizing them as terrible acts of oppression.

But whatever makes you feel edgy, kid. Maybe one day you'll have enough self-esteem to love others who are different to yourself. I doubt it though - your instant hostile reaction to this post will actually set you back to the concepts therein by a few years, despite their truth.


>> No.27613201

That brings to mind a good analogy:

SC2 = Checkers (or even Tic Tac Toe depending on how far you might argue it's fallen from Brood War's standard)
Brood War = Chess
SCFA = Wei Qi

>> No.27613217
File: 793 KB, 360x203, Euphoric.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27613223


Not the same guy but no. StarCraft is not the objectively best RTS. Most popular? probably.

StarCraft is less about the strategy and more about the small group tactics and micro management. There is a reason that the APM is so highly regarded in that game.

>> No.27613229 [DELETED] 

>seriously arguing that koreans aren't subhuman scum
Hi, kimchi. Shouldn't you be over on /int/ right now whining about the eeeeebil "jjokbari"?

>> No.27613237

don't confuse the poor board.

>> No.27613241

What does that have to do with atheism?

>> No.27613253


You are right.

What about the technology level in Sup Com compared to the races of 40k ?

I would say of the 3 races maybe the Aeon would have the best chance against nids.

>> No.27613281

>StarCraft is less about the strategy and more about the small group tactic
>Less about strategy.
>Small group tactics.
Are you trying to be retarded? Or are you implying that tactics aren't strategy?

>> No.27613292

The only thing remotely close to the level of matter manipulation present in SupCom would probably be the Necrons, and only then on account of the celestial orrey or Aeonic orbs.

>> No.27613297

>What about the technology level in Sup Com compared to the races of 40k ?
DAoT humanity and the old Eldar Empire could contend with SupCom units but not match their production rates in the long term - although the sheer size of their empires would let them match production rates for a while, until SupCom factions had scourged enough worlds with strategic weapons & taken them as their own.

>> No.27613317

Strategy incorporates Tactics, Tactics aren't strategy. You will have an overarching strategy for a campaign but the tactics of executing that strategy are going to differ depending on things such as terrain and unit composition.

So yes, I am implying that there is a difference between the two things.

>> No.27613327

>They aren't the endgame, they just have a lot of (fairly good) material written about them and unlike many higher up forces, are a lot less dependent on speculation and have a lot more hard feats and such. So they make a good faction to use.

the reason for that is, the culture is a unusual example of an ultra-advanced civilization being presented as ordinary protagonists. those kind of civilizations generally appear as mysterious precursor figures who act in incomprehensible ways. the culture is relatively down-to-earth for a civilization so powerful, which makes them easy to compare with other normal factions.

something like the downstreamers or xeelee are better compared with the abrahamic god than other science fiction civilizations.

>> No.27613332

The best way for anyone to describe supcom is that right there.

If you don't stop it within 5 minutes, There is nothing you can do.

>> No.27613333

Tactics = stuff like how you arrange a force going into battle or what kind of evasive motion you choose to undertake, or how you structure your firebases.

Strategy = where will I send the bulk of my forces, will I focus on air or land, should I go for an assassination or grind away the enemy, or where you place your firebases.

If you cannot tell the difference you're an idiot.

>> No.27613389

Titan sizes are pretty inconistant, and all of them are cannon. There are cannon sources that put even warlords at hundreds of meters tall. They're just as cannon as the other 40m warlord sizes.

The hours heresy series has 140m imperators for example.

>> No.27613391

Well it's that, but also that Banks takes the time to describe a lot of their workings in detail. Sure, it's still Soft Science fiction first and foremost, and obviously it's not really based on real physics, but in the context of the universe itself there's a lot of detail given, like how weapons work (weapon blisters displace warheads directly into enemy ships, which attempt to move rapidly and erratically enough that even as the displacement begins the ship is already located somewhere else, and in turn ships will often drop entire clusters of displaced torpedoes so moving still puts a ship in the general field of fire), so it gives us lots to actually talk about.

Whereas Stephen Baxter, say, he keeps the Xeelee very mysterious. We see some of their feats but very little is actually explained, mostly because the protagonists themselves don't know much about the xeelee, and can only speculate and report what they've witnessed.

>> No.27613468

Not too hard, too boring. Seriously. Anybody can get good at it if they want to spend their free time practicing build orders, macros, and upping their actions per second. But that's so fucking dull. I play games to have fun, not to see how efficient I can be when managing retarded drones in menial labor. If I wanted that I'd just try harder to get promoted at work.

>> No.27613476

That's the thing about describing SupCom.

What more can you when you mention the fact they use energy to matter fabricators like we use steel foundries today after ten minutes?

>> No.27613561

You'd pretty much have to go for the fast kill. Late-season Stargate could probably do it although they'd likely have to resort to ramming the ACU with a starship.

40k could do it too if they had a ship on hand, but getting there is the hard part. Stargate humanity with a ZPM-powered starship could get on-scene fast enough to kill the ACU before it can build up defenses, but 40k's warp travel? Nah. And 40k's land forces could not contend with an ACU unless it popped up amidst a bunch of Emperor titans.

Basically, if 40k has a starship they can ram the ACU with already in orbit, they win. If not, SupCom wins.

>> No.27613692

Eldar abusing the webways and precog are a bit better off than IoM I'd think. Everyone else is fucked.

Of course, SupCom can hard(gateless) teleport a Commander anywhere... So really they'll get lucky eventually right?

>> No.27613745

Eh. Even if the imperial ship had to travel there. The imperium can probably win if they don't mind massive collateral damage. Nothing Supcom has could survive orbital bombardment with the ships full compliment of weapons (bombardment by ships main guns is the basic form of exterminatus and the navies preferred method). And in a space fight itself supcom is gonna have really trouble even their biggest bombers are still only packing megatonne yield ordnance, while imperial space bombers are running around with gigatonne yeild firepower at least( they are after all actually a threat to ships armored anough regularly exchange salvos of high end gigatonne low end terraton yield equivalent firepower.)

>> No.27613787

Well, it depends when it happens. 40k starships are big enough that they have such sheer mass, as long as they can see the ACU and go on a collision course before ASFs can disable them and before the ACU has time to escape, they can kill it. But if they delay long enough then the ACU will simply have spread its infrastructure so much that they won't be able to tell where the ACU - too many units, and stealth technology too powerful. Plus once the ACU gets enough power infrastructure for easy teleportation, they'll never really be able to kill it.

But if they can arrive on scene before that point, then yeah, just sending a battleship straight at the ACU would end it. Even if it tried to escape on a dropship it would still get killed since Imperial starships are just that big. Nothing short of teleportation would let it escape.

>> No.27613815

The yield may be lower individually, but when the imperium is outnumbered by twelve orders of magnitude the ACU may just have the bombers ram the ships to death. They've certainly got the mass to do it.

>> No.27613839

handy timeline of a SupCom base buildup for everyone:

0: Comamnder spawns

15 seconds: Energy plants and matter extractors are online

1 minute: land or air factory is online, starts producing engineers

1-5 minutes: general buildup, more factories, more resource structures, basic defenses

5-15 minutes: teching up, base greatly expands, gets shields and arty, super heavy air patrols and such

15-45 minutes: experimentals start coming out, combat has started (normally), forward bases have been established

45 minutes - 90 minutes: strategic weaponry deployed, armies are made up of mostly experimental by now with supporting t3 units, matter extractors have begun to be replaced by energy to matter converters.

2 hours: all forward bases have grow to such a size that they coalesce into one giant base, constant flow of units into defensive lines, nukes are traded every few minutes

5 hours: Given an infinite map, by now the total battlefield would be the size of texas, if not bigger.

12 hours: bases the size of mexico have now formed, fields of factories the size of countries continually produce aircraft and engineers

24 hours: a landmass the size of asia is covered in a single base

2 days: the entire earth is completely covered in structures, armies numbering in the billions move between massive factory blocks, the number of aircraft in the sky has cats earth into a constant twilight, and the sea level has rise 10 meters due to the water displacement caused by all the ships

1 week: A stack of engineers and robots has formed, slowly stretching out towards the moon

2 weeks: the entire solar system has been converted to shipyards, armadas of space fighters numbering in the trillions orbit around every celestial body

1 month: By the time the tyranids have arrived, the entire solar system is nothing but clanking metal and the hum of electronics.

>> No.27613876

Given that the UEF made a planet exploding, UEF SupCom ending, ground based superweapon I'm sure they can take on IoM spacecraft.


>> No.27613892

You can rig a Thunderhawk to serve as a bomber (Thunderhawk Annihilator variant in BFG) so their starships will definitely take a huge beating from SupCom units, and the ACU will field fucktons of them.

Moreover, even orbital bombardment won't do much - SupCom shields are really fucking strong and even if they are penetrated, they will rebuild any destroyed areas after nukes and ASFs have cleared the forces in space.

Pouring everything right at the ACU would be the way to go, but locating the ACU will get difficult as it builds up more and more infrastructure.

Once the ACU dies, everything it built self-destructs.

>> No.27613959
File: 104 KB, 650x795, admech.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's... it's beautiful.

>> No.27613962

Saving this

>1 week: A stack of engineers and robots has formed, slowly stretching out towards the moon


>> No.27613967
File: 26 KB, 640x480, pd2_a_end0005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I hope Planetary Annihilation is good. or at least decent.

I would also love to have a faction of behemoth Cyber organisms like those in Panzer Dragoon.

A man can dream.

>> No.27613978

>rising to such cheap bait

Come on, people.

>> No.27613995

>I hope Planetary Annihilation is good. or at least decent.
It's shit.

>> No.27614015

How do you know?

Its not out yet.

>> No.27614071

Early Access on Steam

>> No.27614090

Because we've seen how the development's going, what the game looks like so far, and we've seen the assfuck retarded shit on the forums that the devs are listening to, a mixture of casual garbage and misplaced TA nostalgia.

>> No.27614171

You can rig a thunderhawk to be a bomber by arming it with the same weapons imperial bombers use.
The thunderhawk anihator is essentially just a different chassis of imperial bomber. It in no way suggests that a regular thunder hawk can hurt imperial warships (which it explicitly can't on table top since its only a fighter in BFG.)

>> No.27614172

It's both shit, and not.

I would call it equivalent to SupCom2 at this point, except that it's staying true to it's source, but has sub-par gameplay.

>> No.27614208

Damn. Well, good thing it's only a beta, I guess. I hope the remaining development is enough.

>> No.27614222

The point is you can fit those weapons onto a Thunderhawk, which puts a limit to how powerful they can be. If they're explosives they can only be so large, if they are energy weapons or railguns they can only have so much power behind them. It has to be able to be mounted on a Thunderhawk, which puts a cap on their firepower.

>> No.27614224

Ah, the Locusts from Sword of the Stars, you mean.

Fuck those whores. And the Von Neumanns.

>> No.27614286

Von neumanns weren't that bad, except for the beserkers.

Morrigi master race? Pulsed phaser/pulsed graviton beam master ship?

>> No.27614348

Right. And in 40k verse that cap is a few gigatonne or so. A Starhawk is around the same size as a thunderhawk anyway.
Old space hulk fluff tells us an imperial torpedo had a 600gigaton warhead. Imperial torpedoes are mentioned in some other sources to be 200ft long.
All I'm really saying is that a craft a third the size if a torp can carry bombs within ~2 orders of magnitude in power to the torp.

>> No.27614368
File: 74 KB, 312x445, 141.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, hi there.

>> No.27614379

> And in 40k verse that cap is a few gigatonne or so
I'm gonna say no, otherwise Imperial flyers could annihilate entire ground armies.

>> No.27614387

Which are tougher, slivers or tyranids?

>> No.27614549

Well they can. The space bombers aren't the same ones as you see support ground engagements. They're designed for space combat only. Even so they're capable of taking out defence laser silos which are often burried under mountains in the occasions they're support planetary assaults.

Beyond that they're not used on ground forces a lot for the same reason america wasn't always just dropping nukes in Vietnam.

>> No.27614612

Slivers are basically tyranids light. They're both highly adaptable hordes. But tyranids are more advanced adding rail guns and plasma weapons to their arsenal instead of just different varieties of claw and spitting acid

>> No.27614614

If you could fit those kinds of weapons on a thunderhawk you could use it in ground engagements - or indeed fit them onto titans.

>Beyond that they're not used on ground forces a lot for the same reason america wasn't always just dropping nukes in Vietnam.
Because the Cold War was a thing and you can't just drop nukes on whoever you like? No Cold War in 40k. America happily firebombed the fuck out of Vietnam - were they able to use nukes, they would have.

>> No.27614694

Slivers have control over their fucking timelines. And magic.

>> No.27614745

Tyranids>Zerg>Slivers. Unless the Slivers have a Planeswalker backing them with useful magic, in which case Tyranids>Slivers>Zerg seems more likely.

>> No.27614783

Zerg are more of a viral infection than an outright race.

More likely than any actual "win" scenario is a horribly merging of the two. Tyranids adapt within seconds without needing multiple generations and reproduce at a rate previously unknown, being able to generate whole hive fleets off just consuming a single landmass off a single planet.

Tyrazerg ftw

>> No.27614803

Actually, I don't think anyone here had considered precognition.

If SupCom tech is really such a threat, SEVERAL 40k factions would have become aware of it's arrival far in advance through psykery bullshit and been prepared to destroy it immediately upon arrival.

40k wins.

>> No.27614849

Tyranids already do all of those things.

Zerg are just 'nids lite in every fashion. There is literally no way in which they can compete or offer anything useful, except fucktons of tasty, tasty biomass.

>> No.27614892

40k prophecy is:

>easy to understand
Pick one. If you're a farseer, pick two.

>> No.27614947

Implying that the chaos gods/warp would give any race the chance to stop something that would cause so much chaos.

>> No.27614959

>If you're a farseer, pick zero.

You can't write a warfightshooty book about how an Eldar Farseer once foresaw a costly battle, adjusted the Craftworld's course by 0.01 degrees and left an off-white dildo in a specific spot, which catalyzed into events to avoid that fight, so that never happens.

>> No.27614967


Plus, said Farseer would probably go full Eldar and attempt to manipulate rather than exterminate.

>> No.27615027

Bad example. Early access games are still in Alpha/Beta. Issues still need resolving. Expect improvements between early access and actual release.

>> No.27615057

Supcom 2 felt like the creators wanted to recreate the feel and style of supcom 1 but though the scale of the battles was too big.

>> No.27615110

Between all the races and factions with the capability to prophesize it, at least some of them would be ready.

Imagine if it was the fucking Orkz.
>Hear of the great coming of the infinite stompy enemy
>Mobilize the biggest fucking WAAAAAGH the Galaxy has ever seen
>They make planetfall with like 800k Roks
>Loot one of the fucking engineers
>Big Meks believe they can use the magic physics beam of bullshit SCIENCE to create orky gargants of unimaginable size
>it fucking works
>gork and mork are made manifest and the green ragnaork begins

>> No.27615136

>I giggled. A lot of the maps you play on are barren moons or worlds that otherwise have no breathable atmosphere. None of the SupCom factions need an atmosphere to survive. All of their buildings are hermetically sealed and they have massive, advanced hydroponics facilities. No need for open air farms. Easy atmosphere recycling.

Then you've never really played FA, fuckface.

>> No.27615176
File: 97 KB, 1920x742, 1381104112225-fixed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You seemed to have messed up on the size chart, the biggest Titan is 400 ft or 122 meters. Don't worry, I fixed it for you.

But yes, SupCom would win.

>> No.27615192

One navy ship blows the ACU to oblivion in one volley. Problem solved.

>> No.27615194

The only problem with those charts is that according to the game lua files those high should be a bit less than half that size. IIRC Cybran ACU is about 41m tall. And if you have access to the lua files 1 unit in the physics is approx 19.5m. So while not xbox huge, the units are still quite massive not to mention the speeds they usually travel at.

>> No.27615203

You wanna see SupCom Navy?

>> No.27615209

Off topic, but does anyone in this thread still played Supcom?

>> No.27615226

No need to. I've been playing supcom for quite a while and I'm not retarded enough to think that supcom's sea navy equates to imperial space navy.

>> No.27615244
File: 545 KB, 324x216, war never changes.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Orks hijacking Supcom tech and starting a new infinite war


>> No.27615257

Hardly. Prioritize the ACU with a space ship and its game over.

>> No.27615272

What I meant was ablotnof ground wars the imperium fights are to take/defend something important. Nuking the occupying forces isn't a real option if you still want to take the goal relatively undamaged.

>> No.27615286

No mass points in 40k. GG supcom

>> No.27615287


>forgetting the entire scenario involves the ACU starting on the planet from the beginning with a months prep time

>> No.27615309

>no orbital defence at all
>no ground-to space capability at all

>> No.27615323

>what are mass converters

>> No.27615330

Do any of you guys played on Forged Alliance Forever?

>> No.27615359

122 meters? where did that come from? Lexicanum says 55.5 meters

>> No.27615367

good luck building those with the power drain fucknuts

>> No.27615371


>what are nukes
>what are top tier artillery cannons
>what are shields
>what are fighters/bombers

Come on, man.

>> No.27615403

Tyranids have a lot of psychers.
And psychics in scifi, especially one like 40k is just magic with a different hat.

>> No.27615405

Most retarded post of the month goes right to you.

>> No.27615448

Are you fucking retarded or what? You've built the Novax center before, right? notice how even this suborbital unit CANNOT BE TARGETTED BY ANYTHING IN THE GAME

>> No.27615547
File: 147 KB, 800x400, cybran starship with escorts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you fucking retarded or what? You've watched the Cybran intro cutscene, right? You've seen a fucking Revenant strat bomber FLYING IN FUCKING SPACE.

Did you miss the fucking starship in the main game intro cutscene?

>> No.27615561

It takes a bit longer to start up, but as long as you take it slow its entirely possible to get to mass converters on the AMC's mass alone.

>> No.27615564


In game, but there isn't anything that stops a Supcom commander from filling the sky with nukes when confronted with an Imperial fleet, whose ships would be much slower and much larger.

>> No.27615612


Unless in this case you are saying that supcom's game mechanics =/= its fluff, in which case you might as well disregard your entire argument.

>> No.27615641

So we're disregarding game mechanics then? Might as well forget the argument, because they're is nearly nothing to go off of for a debate.

>> No.27615651
File: 27 KB, 400x300, replicator.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Supcom here I come!

>> No.27615661

That doesn't make any sense since a Warlord Titan is about 60 Meters (182.88 ft) tall, about 50% taller than the Reaver Titans. Though some official material has it ranging from 33 meters to 200 meters as well.

>> No.27615668



>> No.27615689


Maybe. If we were going strictly by game mechanics though, then pretty much every single Supcom unit would have a slew of special rules in Tabletop that would an army of them a nightmare to kill.

>> No.27615711

Are you seriously arguing that they aren't able to use their weapons in space?

>> No.27615714

So, who wants a game along the same vein of supcom, but with realistic planets, actual curvature of planets, contiguous world, interstellar/planetary flight/combat, and an entire stellar neighborhood (or galaxy) to fight in?

How awesome would it be to personally oversee the construction of a continent sized factory complex? How much would it suck having to wait 15+ years for this to become even remotely feasible?

>> No.27615725

and also pretty much immune to any nukes supcom verse has. As depicted in game even the bigest ones are maybe a few dozen kilotons in yeild. Even if the game displays them as 1000 times weaker than they really are that still makes them 1000 times weaker than the kind of fire power you need to pose a notewrothy threat too Imperial warships.

They're much larger certainly, but I dunno about slower. Some fluff on space combat mentions a cruisers "combat speed" as being of 75% the speed of light.

>> No.27615749

I don't. Just give me Homeworld 2 with more unit variety, bigger maps (and more map variety - how about a map in a gas giant's atmosphere? or in high altitude above a city?), more races, and a more in-depth economy.

>> No.27615780

Or in the upper atmosphere, at least indicated by game mechanics. If you don't want to use those, well.... you have no real argument.

>> No.27615787

We've gone over this already. If you can mount anti-starship weapons on a mere Thunderhawk, 40k starships cannot be much tougher than regular ground units.

>> No.27615801


Mmm, fair enough.

On the other hand, Supcom has their own version of webway gates, which would allow an enterprising commander to at least escape a planet.

>> No.27615806

All the game mechanics indicate is that they cannot fly beyond a specific altitude, however the cybran intro cutscene clearly shows that's not the case.

The only one without an argument is you: you're ignoring everything that contradicts your shitposting claims.

>> No.27615810

let's play some supcom together then

>> No.27615881

They also show they can't target satellites. How am I the one without an argument? How much evidence, really, can you draw from the cutscenes? so much of what evidence you need to argue from come from the game mechanics (build times, the majority of unit capabilities, as well as how the commander and units function)

>> No.27615892

Yeah, no. By the same logic 40k units aren't able to throw grenades around corners.
But they clearly can, as is obvious in countless pieces of fluff.

Taking gameplay literally can only be taken so far...

>> No.27615909

1v1 me in FA then

>> No.27615939

So we are disregarding game mechanics then. So that means all the arguments that used shit like build times, and height sizes are false.

>> No.27616011

I know this is hard for you to grasp but there is something in between taking game mechanics literally, which will lead to retarded results for -any- game-based universe, and disregarding them completely.

>> No.27616027

A 40k starships is several Km, they can easily be tougher than units a tiny fraction of their size.

Fluff often depicts (or explictly states it to be) warship firepower in the high gigaton low teraton yeild range.
With this firepower it often takes repeated salvos for a ship to mission kill another ship of comparable size.
A warships main guns are a common method of exterminatus.

The fact that the Imperium can mount a similar level of firepower on a 30m craft is testiment to the advancement of their technology (hell the imperium has blackhole hand grenades and reality altering fields after all). Even with invoking technobable physics you can easily condense that kind of destructive power into a really small package, if for example you build an antimatter- matter anihilaton based bomb that has 2 tonnes of anti-matter its yeild would be about 80 gigatons.

>> No.27616036

So you get to arbitrarily determine which game mechanics are true and which are not? Okay faget

>> No.27616044

So, how many shields would a commander need to build to deflect an orbital bombardment/cyclonic torpedo?

>> No.27616152

Okay let me spell it out for you:
Game mechanics can not be taken literally in cases which are logically contradicted by other existing fluff and are most likely present due to balance. See grenades around corner in 40k, even though it is pretty obvious that this is possible, or the spaceflight capability of SupCom fighter/bomber craft.

Don't get me started in Starcraft spaceships. If we start taking game mechanics literally they are most likely the least sturdy construction since the conception of the paper plane.

>> No.27616171

To defend against ex terminus level firepower. An unfeasible large number.
They can be brought down by convential range nukes, if you point skmeyhing capable of destroing whole planets at them theyll be basically useless.

>> No.27616196

>Game mechanics can not be taken literally in cases which are logically contradicted by other existing fluff and are most likely present due to balance

Which basically means nearly all the game mechanics then, dumbass.

>> No.27616220

In one match I played I was able to stop a nuke from killing my commander by hiding him in the middle of a 15x15 grid of T3 shields.

>> No.27616316

>1 week: A stack of engineers and robots has formed, slowly stretching out towards the moon
Its all over now, son.

>> No.27616434

>A study on advanced UEF forces
After about 2 months, the force reaches a critical mass, at which point only engineers are used, and they travel through space in a large ant like colony, consuming anything they touch. in addition, they are able to build structures on their comrades in order to produce more engineers, and to build T1 defense cannons and nuclear missile silos as a means of propulsion.

>> No.27616534

well with 40k you just never know if they'll get there in time, at all. It could take days, weeks, months, years, or negative days, weeks, months, or years even if you're "lucky"

>> No.27616536
File: 395 KB, 700x674, Mantrid_Drone_Swarm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminds me of something

>> No.27618328

They probably use up all the material for organic chemistry. In SupCom they can literally just use everything.

>> No.27619442

Mah space-crow-dragon-wing'd nigga.

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