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Famous streamer JP Mcdaniel is about to run his first D&D campaign as a DM!
the name is itmejp and it's located on twitch tv

Come check it out live! :D

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He is playing music until one of the party members finishes casting SC2.
Then it's all D&D! :D

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>Famous streamer

Never heard of him.

Don't give a shit.

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ehh, why not.

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Tell you what fa/tg/uys, I'll watch, and report back. There's always people who show up out here and say "where can i watch streams of someone's tabletop RP"?, maybe this will be good research.

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If it helps or informs, it's set in the world of Ehbon

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Looks like it's just about to start, Neal just finished casting MMA VS. Flash

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What a horribly unfortunate name.

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Real talk about to happen here:

Jp is the worst. I followed him for RollPlay, and the only reason I kept watching was because it was the only steady source of decent DnD content. His characters sucked, and the whole time you can see a look that says that he thinks he is just so cool. I unfollowed because I'd see when he was playing video games also, and god for someone who does that as their job he is bad. Watching him play Demon's Souls was the worst, and watching him play Kingdom Hearts was somehow even worse. Unfollowed after Kingdom Hearts. It's like he was praised too much as a child, or is at least an only child whose parents were somewhat wealthy.

He also makes the videos on his twitch channel subscriber only, while the ones on Gen or Neal's channels are free. Greedy motherfucker

I'll watch the first episode of his campaign though, but only because I have nothing to do and I've already seen Penny Arcade's DnD Next thing.

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It starts!

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Wow, so novel.

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Might be done for humor and / or irony's sake..

Okay, character intros...

Meh, the players are in part Darksun, water (pure water) is incredibly precious. JP doesn't do silly voices, so, there we go.

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