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Crit Hits
Crit Misses

What do you guys do?

These vary group to group, and all have varying grades of cool shit in them. How detailed do you go? How many rolls to confirm? Is it all based on player description, or what?

Give your best.

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>crit confirming.

fucking no.

Generally, the system gives enough of an AWESOME obvious effect for combat effects, and we do silly things for non-combat super success and failures. (i.e. the difference between 19 and 20 isn't that great on a d20, so we don't not yuck it up for a 19, or not reverse yuck a 2.)

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critical bump.

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>Not crit confirming
>Your odds of a hit being critical now go up as your odds of hitting go down
>Making any sense at all

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A critical hit is all about being a fucking lucky bastard.

everyone is equally a lucky bastard.

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My group plays Pathfinder with the Paizo loyalty cards, and the Paizo blood sacrifice kit.
The PBSK hearkens back to D&D's oldest roots as a game for occult recruitment. If you want to opt out of a critical miss, you have to take the pre-packaged dagger, slice your hand, and drip the blood into the runed phial. You have to chant "Paizo aya aya Pathfinder fthagn Open Game Content" twenty times.

If you wish to make any dice roll an automatic critical success, you must don the white cloak, and flagellate yourself twenty times, calling out each of the faces of d20 in order.

Both rituals end in the drinking of Mountain Dew and the eating of Doritos.

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Im not really sure what you have against crit confirming.

20 - confirm roll above AC = crit
20 - roll below AC = hit

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In GURPS there's only a 0.4 percent chance of critical hitting or missing.

I roll on a table that has mundane effects to terrible effects, also based on the roll. If you crit fail THAT table, you're in for a world of pain.

For example, shooting a rocket launcher? Roll an 18 and it crit fails, roll another 18 and the rocket explodes in the tube and does the rocket's damage to your character. A roll of 10 on the crit fail sheet is just a dud though.

So spectacular failures or successes theoretically only happen 0.0016% of the time.

>However I kind of like this rarity, it makes it a super event when it happens. Every crit fail crit fail is a storytime moment.

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because it adds a roll to say, "No awesome for you despite the RNG favoring you once." I'm fine with features that force a crit confirm because it says that a particular enemies is hard to destroy even with a fuck ton of luck, but as a core feature...

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do you have the chicken police gif

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you're missing the whole point of "no confirming" - that even the weakest mooks can take PC doen in couple lucky swings

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But... muh verisimilitude

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I prefer systems where there's exploding dice rather than critical hits, since it's a bit more explicit about exactly how much better your character does.

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I didn't mean to quote anybody...

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I've never played a game with exploding dice actually. Can you explain it?

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if you roll the highest roll, roll again and add the results to your previous roll.

generally is done with success mechinics, but the 40k line did it for RF for a while.

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I fucking hate crit fails, especially for skills. They're pretty funny on occasion, but if there was a 5% chance my acrobat suffered a sudden pang of terminal uselessness every cuntgargling time he got up on the ropes he would be fucking dead before the game even began.

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I don't recall D&D having crit fails for skills.

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D&D isn't the only system that uses a d20 for skill checks.

And my DM seems to think that crit fails are an integral part of the roleplaying experience and have houseruled that yes it does.

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>using d20
>not using superior d100 systems
However, in all seriousness, if you run d20 you shouldn't run with crit fails, at least on skills (and really, it's kind of stupid in combat as well).
With a d100 system, you usually have a 1 or 2% chance of fumbling and between 2-4% to get a critical, which makes more sense.

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It doesn't, but for some reason people love the idea that every time you do something, five percent of the time, no matter what the circumstances, you fuck up.

If I fucked up five percent of my jobs as a carpenter, I'd be out of a job.
If I fucked up five percent of every individual action in this field, I'd have no fingers, and sciatica from a spinal injury, if I'm lucky.

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It was an optional rule in a side column somewhere in a book, if I remember correctly.

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I have players to confirm crit failures on a similar basis to crit successes. Doesn't seem fair that you horrendously botch something 5% of the time, but people do occasionally botch things they're good at.

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>Nat 20 Acrobatics
>It's a cat doing it

Ahaha, no. More like rolled averagely and just got a mind numbingly high number due to bonuses.

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To be fair, even 1 in 100 is kind of a high rate of "fucked up beyond recognition" for someone of professional calibre.

Although I guess it works if the system has some variation of "take 10" or other mechanic that stresses that skill rolls need only occur under exceptional circumstances, where even an expert has a non-negligible chance of completely botching an attempt.

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No crit comfirming.

roll a 1 and you roll on the critical miss chart with d%

Roll a 20 and you roll on the critical hit chart with D%

Both charts have the opposite effect at rolling 1.
giving you a roll on the other chart.

These include decapitations of various limbs, knocking off armor, dropping your weapon and hitting yourself etc.

I make fighters immune to crit fails. nobody plays them anyway.

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I feel that confirming crit fails as well makes things feel much more fair.

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I think I got a Nat 1 on posing my contemptor dreadnought.

He's a little fabulous.

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Roll 20 something happens that should be positive for you, or bad for the enemy *like accidentally hitting a nail on the wall and going blind*.

Roll a 1.. and the DM has a set of rolls, you roll, and your punishment may be something from, loosing clothing to killing a team-mate.

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give him a Stand.

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