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Previous thread:

All word and pixel /tg/-related lewdness is welcome here, so long as the rules are followed. Writefags, consider pastebin/1d4chan rather than dumping for long stories so they don't get lost in between threads; drawfags with uncensored pictures need to host their images offsite and link to them. Enjoy; remember to play nice and that all contributions and requests are welcome!

Master pastebin (contains all links to recently added and/or modified stories)

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Superior. Eldar. Seeed.

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Lewdanon sure has taken a liking to Yriel recently. Not like there's anything wrong with that.

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So long as clownbutt is attached to Yriel I don't either.

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Who saved naked Yriel here? C'mon fess up.

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I think her name was Sylandri Veilwalker or something. Well, I guess it's one of the very few things we can be thankful to Our Spiritual Liege for.

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Is it just me or is this more fapfic then we've seen in ages

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I saved only this one.

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> Tightenning his grip on the Spear of Twilight

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It's not just you. We've been going through a veritable renaissance of fapfics the past couple of months. The only difference between now and the old days is that we don't just post it straight in the thread itself (so no rules are actually broken).

So anyway, last thread people were discussing the possibility of a fic depicting Macha's pre-Farseer days (the idea of Macha being a Howling Banshee at one point was brought up a few times). Think that might be interesting?

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I don't what it is about this week's threat, all the consensual smut stories, the stressful week at work or the drama on 4chan... but I can't get shit done because I have to struggle to keep myself from trembling whilst drawing.

Maybe I should see a doctor...

Either way, all you smutfags have my eternal gratitude.

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A kingdom for the uncensored!

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>I have to struggle to keep myself from trembling whilst drawing.
You need a break man.

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>this weeks threat
w8 wut?

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Its a typo.

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Could just be fatigue. Happens to me all the time when I'm tired.

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Hory crap nice Lewd. You guys realize we could basically make a comic of Taldeer servicing LIIVI now right? This can be first and then the blowjobs, and then finally the snuggling.

It works so well.

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After you rest though Lewd.

>> No.27589282

I think he means the other few pictures of Taldeer Lewd has drawn. They could form a coherent sequence of events.

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Maybe your circulation is just running low.
Eat some carbohydrates, drink a pint, do some stretches, crunches and push-ups, walk around the block and then try again.

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Jesus fuck, I never realized that.

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Could be low potassium levels. Eat a banana.

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Slowly and sensually.

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Stop it, Slaanesh! Bad Chaos God, Bad!

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He have to put a censorbar on banana then.

>> No.27589488

Yeah, make me.

Only if you write 'banana' in the bar, so nobody gets a wrong idea.

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I know it sucks but like this?

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swap 2nd and 3rd

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Truly, Lewdanon is the patron saint of smut.

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How Lewd

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This bar is too small. You should be banned.

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>tfw I was the one who posted that captcha
I feel special now.

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You're just jealous his banana is that big.

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Not baned but bananed.

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So which fapfics have what fetishes? Any with BDSM?

>> No.27589787

Hesperax's Pet has some.

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>Lewd has no gallary, DA or anyway to get a hold of him

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The pastebin should include all smut posted IMO.

>> No.27589826

Seeding Midnight (mah fic, cough cough advertising askmeaboutloom etc) has some BDSM in parts 1, 2, 4, 5 and part 7 will have even more.


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jesus, anon, this is a blue board!!

>> No.27589837

> it sucks
> 2/4 frames literally suck

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I havent seen much BDSM/S&M in it. Vanilla sex with an assertive female, yeah.

>> No.27589887

An assertive female who bottoms.

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Oh, hey, lewdness permitted again?
I used to writefag a bit, but when people started getting banned over it, I disappeared. What's the etiquette these days?

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You have to use bananabar. That's all.

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Welcome! Pastebin the words, and everything should be fine.

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Its all good, write what you want or if it tickles your fancy, do any requests.
for example like Dark Eldar fetish fuel or delicious /ss/, like that story that guy was working on.

>> No.27590010

How about some femdom? With S&M thrown in, instead of reverse rape. No dick going in anything unless it's a dildo

>> No.27590035

Sorry, I don't like it.

>> No.27590052

I'd fap to it

>> No.27590054

hi, i might be that guy (if you're talking about dark eldar - choir boy /ss/)
i didnt realise that these threads still existed; i stopped writing because i thought my audience had vanished. ive been meaning to finish writing the story
perhaps i'll make and post some progress tonight

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He's still around. Apparently he forgot about it completely until a week ago.

>> No.27590081

You didn't take an Arrow to the Knee, did you?

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I prefer /ll/ to /ss/.

>> No.27590091

That would be nice. ELH is out of commission due to a stomach bug, so someone will need to take over the Dark Eldar angle until he gets better.

>> No.27590097

/ll/? Never heard of that. What does that mean?

>> No.27590130

my guess would be loli lesbos

>> No.27590160

but... what is /ss/ then?

>> No.27590171

Straight Shota, usually MILF on a little boy...

>> No.27590174

straight shota

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Yes please, I need more xeno cougars making boys into men.

>> No.27590207

I admit, this is a concept that pleases me.

>> No.27590222

I am still okay with that, though I'd rather fantasize about innocent human or xenos children boning perverted eldar wenches with hundreds of years of sexual experience. Or bossy yet curvy Canonesses mmm.

>> No.27590231

Sure, I like both, but I find one is preferable to the other.

>> No.27590271

Totally behind that last one. If you get what I mean.

>> No.27590412

did you write the Schola cadet/Canoness face-fuck? That shit was hot. Just wish there was a nurse Macha BJ version/choir boy version too

>> No.27590446

No, I'm a terrible writer. Where is this smut you speak of?

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>> No.27590490

I'll have to dig it up. Hang on: http://pastebin.com/TAKtQXBA

That was slightly tricky.

>> No.27590521

I think that one was done entirely in greentext last week.

>> No.27590562

Awww but it was all the funny parts EXCEPT the suckin' and da fuckin' and da cummin' anda you know wut I'm talkin' bout

>> No.27590588

You wanna go ahead and fix that or just sit here complaining about it?

>> No.27590619

>implying I could ever write like you guys could
I've been on here too long.

>> No.27590632

How young of a cadet are we talking about?

>> No.27590649

Well then I'll be in my bunk.

>> No.27590650

Aw yiss.

>> No.27590663

Ambiguous so everyone can fap to it regardless of age preference and legality. Whatever the story requires I guess.

>> No.27590699

See: >>27590490

>> No.27590772

Yep. Gotta keep it ambiguous unless you want a visit from the party van.

>> No.27590776

What was that?

>> No.27590781

Don't feel too bad. I've been here from the very beginning and I can't write worth shit either. Doesn't keep me from appreciating what others do, though.

So what's everyone up to right now? I know the DEldarxChoirboy /ss/ dude is back and trying to finish up his old work and there was a guy who said he's starting CaerysxVanceMothefuckingStubbs as well as some talk about making one starring Macha in her pre-Farseer years. Anything else?

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Well, I have an embryonic idea. Taldeer and LIIVI separately get teased about how vanilla and boring their relationship are, and independently decide to experiment in the bedroom, with hilarious consequences.

No idea what'd happen, but I just wanted to make a joke of this running theme we have going. Though, at this rate, it's focusing less on smut and more on comedy.

>> No.27590874

Do it.

>> No.27590925


Me, I'm thinking more about that three-month timeskip in between the first and second parts of Extra Large Heresy. It doesn't take a genius to realize that Macha would be bragging to everyone (especially her sister) about how she was no longer the Ever Virgin, but how exactly would she go about doing so and what would the rest of Biel-tan (and Ulthwe for that matter) think of it?

I'd assume that she'd take back everything she ever said about Taldeer being a mon'keigh fucker (considering that she's one herself), but what else would happen?

>> No.27590934

Seconding this. Imagine the hilarity if they both come into the room with whips and chains expecting the be the dominant one. Or if they go the other way and tie themselves to a bed, expecting the other one to walk into the room.

The potential for shenanigans is ENDLESS.

>> No.27590953

Since /tg/ seems to love bottomless DE so much...


>> No.27590958

It be cool if we got some perspective on differences between human and eldar reproduction. With Taldeer pointing out that LIIVI is a special kind of mon-keigh Like for example while Taldeer is hanging out with her warrior friends and they start talking about naughty things and Taldeer accidently reveals that they do it a lot less, 'only 5 times a week'. At that point all her girlfriends just look in awe as most eldar couples only go once a month, mostly cause eldar males need to recover. Taldeer then acts all humble but internally is rubbing it in their jealous faces that shes tapping a superhuman assassin who is a sexual monster.

And then we could find out that a new human fetish club has started among the women of Iyanden

>> No.27590978

Now THAT'S what I call deladr sex.

>> No.27590979

I'm not going to read it if it is just more /ss/.

>> No.27591025

Oh its implied to be a cadet so probably 18 or so. Maybe a little younger or whatever. He does dominate a Canoness so that means he's got some strength.
Jesus /ss/ isn't that bad, otherwise its basically regular sex except with a happy little boy and a slutty older women sucking him off. But I digress.

>> No.27591054

Who's the chick eating Lelith out?

>> No.27591056

Well...I guess it's happening then. I'm going to need some time to recharge my batteries. And give Macha a fitting interlude.

Also, random question I realize, but two things- in the rough 'canon' of things, is Ronahn, Taldeer's brother around? I was thinking of using him to set things off. Also, for extra super duper sperging, were Taldeer or Liivi virgins before they met one another? Cause I'm thinking of Liivi making allusions to a callidus which would set off Taldeer's paranoia.

>> No.27591123

You are like the only person that makes DEldar porn
I love you

>> No.27591142

Ronahn came long after the original LCB writefag vanished from 4chan, but I see no reason why he shouldn't show up.

And for that second question, it was never made clear. Wouldn't be surprised if that was the case, though- LIVII always had trouble with interacting with others before the Kronus incident, and Vindicare are not exactly allowed time to socialize anyway.

>> No.27591157

Yeah why not, go ahead and charge up.
Ronahn might as well be, since DoW2 retribution says so. I doubt Taldeer and LIIVI had time for previous mates but that could be EXACTLY why Taldeer gets a little insecure. Even though LIIVI was a living weapon rather then a sexually-active human. And then they could eventually learn to trust each other, with Macha pointing out from her accidental lesbian/fake man sex with Callidius if LIIVI's cock tastes like burnt cinamon which throws off Taldeer greatly until her sister explains that the residue that Polymorphine leaves behind on their lovers takes like that. Yay Macha's pervertness can save Taldeer's marriage, best ending.

>> No.27591184

18 is fine. I'm just not into stories where people take advantage of huge age gaps and cluelessness.

>> No.27591214

There is some on the booru, but none that's even close to that level of quality. Now all we Ineed is the "swing" scene itself (as depicted in >>27589843, Chapter 3).

>> No.27591247

Hmmm okay then I see your concerns with it.
I guess its mostly situational too, like for example technically Taldeer and LIIVI is /ss/ because the youngest Eldar adult would be like 4 centuries old.

>> No.27591251

I'll see what I can do there, although odds are that I might miss a few (so go and fill in whatever I miss).

>> No.27591424

Nah, that's different. Both of them have adult agency.

>> No.27591447

Is that what its called?
Hm learned something today.

>> No.27591507

I don't know if there's a term for it but that's what I call it. I don't care if one partner is an ageless immortal born 650 years ago, a 30 year old can still give informed consent.

>> No.27591680

>A duplicate file exists, here >>27589443

Feel even more special, I just tried to post it again.

Slaanesh you card.

>> No.27591773

OK, here's the new and improved Master Smut List, containing almost everything we've ever made (odds are I missed a few, so edit it if you see something missing).


>> No.27591820

Doing god's work, friend.

>> No.27591889

I try. I've even labeled all the fetishes I've seen so the sensitive types can steer clear of the harder stuff. I haven't read all of these, though, so my descriptions aren't 100% reliable. But if anyone else wants to look over it, go right ahead.

>> No.27591912

Lewd, you are my Smutty Hero.
> Harly x Yriel
> Lilith x Macha

>> No.27591949

I don't think that's Macha- there's no cheek lines. But who cares- it's still awesome.

>> No.27591994

Oh, I've really missed some important details.
You are so right, whatever it is so awesome.

>> No.27592034

Yeah, Macha wished she was in that position.

>> No.27592056


>> No.27592136

Not really; she's found some much better positions nowadays. Like this.


(Hey Lewd, make more like that if you can. We still haven't gotten a depiction of the historical moment in which she ceased to be the Ever Virgin.)

>> No.27592311

>the residue that Polymorphine leaves behind on their lovers takes like burnt cinnamon

Oddly specific, but who cares? It's the little details that make everything better.

>> No.27592964


> "I don't understand."
> "Damn it LIIVI, it's not that hard! I want you to take your rifle and shove it..."
> Lofn and Macha fall out of the closet laughing
> "And you call Aunty perverted!"
> "My sister thinks that's even 'hardcore!' What's next? Holding hands?"
> Taldeer Warp storm

>> No.27593267

Poor Iyanden, that Craftworld was never seen again.

>> No.27593307

Having sex with a rifle
/k/ as fuck.

>> No.27593464


>> No.27593550

I dug up another Taldeer/LIIVI story from way back from Inquisitor Pacus. Hope he doesn't mind.
It was quite yummy.

>> No.27593609

Oh I was referring to those infamous threads where a very lonely /k/omrade gets his gun and a camera....nvm.

That image makes me conflicted. Not sure wut do.

>> No.27593702


Taldeer is from Ulthwe, is not it?

>> No.27593753

Woops my bad.
>tfw don't even know what craftworld my waifu is from
Shamefur dispray.

>> No.27593776

>not pulling the trigger while she's sucking on the barrel of the gun
So much lost potential here.

>> No.27593809

I don't know if he's even around these days. Last I heard from him, he was doing something with the Tau, but he vanished right after that. A shame- the water caste story he did was pretty good.

Yes, that's correct. And Macha's technically from Biel-tan, but she's been known to pay a visit to what I assume is her old home every now and then.

Also, the irony in that pic is truly astounding in light of current events.

>> No.27593996

If you want that sort of thing, ask XS when she comes back. She said she was working on something real big, so that might be a while.

Speaking of which, how's everyone's writing going right now?

>> No.27594074

Where are the uncensored versions of the pictures? Is someone saving these?

>> No.27594136

A lot of people save them, but nobody's 100% sure where the uncensored versions of most of those pictures are. Only Lewdanon does, and he's extraordinarily hard to get a hold of.

That said, I know he's been looking for smut featuring HarlequinxCultist-Chan for ages. If someone made him that, he'd be certain to spill the beans on where he hides his stash of uncensored pictures at the very least.

>> No.27594335

gurochan pls go

>> No.27594381

Lewd is enjoying blue balling us too and teasing us with an uncensored one or two.

>> No.27594464

You know how in TTGL the Anti-Spirals were afraid that too much spiral energy in the universe would make it collapse?
Lewd is kinda like that, if he makes too much uncensored smut of such magnitude, the universe could collapse.
of course, we wouldn't care if it did since Lewd's drawings are goddamn amazing

>> No.27594492

>mfw there's always plenty of info and even a few gaps in the censors to infer plenty of lewd details.
Dat Taldeer mouthfucking pic, that's just blatantly hot.

>> No.27594582


I tend to lurk whenever the weekends come along, no worries. I'm glad people like and remember my stuff. Admittedly, I'm the same one who volunteered for the Caerys/Vance Motherfucking Stubbs fapfic. Putting the finishing touches on it now.

More blueberry is planned for the future, but I've been a bit busy lately and I write at the pace of a snail(Actually it takes a dozen tries for me to accept what I have and not scrap it, but the point stands)

>> No.27594589

Which one? The one that's just Taldeer or the one with Lofn and her pet Ripper looking on in shock in the background?

>> No.27594608

Oh hi. I thought you just fell off the face of the Internets. Good to have you back.

>> No.27594619

>finishing touches
You mean you stopped fapping to your hot story huh.
You can't lie to me squidward.

>> No.27594651

I was thinking of the handlebars one instead of Taldeer cleaning up in front of her daughter.

Huh did Lewd do a aftermath pic where Lofn's parents try to explain themselves while soaked in sex fluids?

>> No.27594652

Don't be ridiculous. First rule of writing smut is that you don't sample the merchandise. Kind of like dealing drugs, but with a lower chance of ending up dead in a drive-by shooting.

>> No.27594702

No, but he did do this. I can only assume that she discovered /d/, as even the Unyuufex looks horrified.

>> No.27594795

Masturbating to your own work before you finish it is the quickest way to lose the drive to work on it.

>> No.27594810

He also did this. Apparently Eldrad has what is quite possibly the most fucked up family tree in the known galaxy.

There's also one of Lofn staring down Lelith's own half-human daughter. According to ELH, you might have met her already in a piece of writefaggotry that Varia allowed him to rewrite some time ago. I think you can figure out her identity from there.

>> No.27595264

That happy Lelith with the armour and lipstick.

Yeah. That does things to me.

>> No.27595292

Wait Lelith was the one who dated the farmer?
Did I miss something from way back? I thought it was a nooby DEldar.

>> No.27595373

Eeh, sometimes I have to just stop and take a minute to fire one off and then bust out the end. Can get too distracted to put words together otherwise.

>> No.27595375 [DELETED] 

And you're just in time- I found that other pic I was talking about, and the greentext that goes with it.

>T'riss - "One time, I snuck into moms bedroom and saw her just sitting there with dad...HOLDING HANDS!"
>Lofn - "That's nothing. One time I walked in on my dad sodomizing my mom while biting her ears and calling her a 'xenos slut' as he slapped her ass."
>T'riss - "We call those 'Wednesdays'."
>Lofn - "Oh yeah, and Aunty Macha was spying on the whole thing."
>T'riss - "You too?! Where does she even get the time..."

Not quite. Take a look at the pic- specifically at Lofn's Dark Eldar counterpart. See any family resemblance?

If not, here's more greentext.
> "Thank you all for coming. Now I know that tensions are high..."
> "Is she *always* like this? It's a miracle that adorable Lofn didn't inherit her mother's attitude."
> "I know Lelith, isn't that girl simply adorable? Speaking of which, who's that little one you brought along?"
> Lelith blushes
> "Can you keep a secret, my second cousin twice removed Macha?"
> "Uh, duh. I'm a Farseer after all."
> "That's...my child, T'riss.
> "Ooooo! And who's the lucky guy?"
> Lelith blushes and refuses to say anything more.

I think I've figured out who the father might be, but we'll have to wait until ELH recovers from his stomach bug to see if my fevered speculation is correct.

>> No.27595411

And you're just in time- I found that other pic I was talking about, and the greentext that goes with it.

>T'riss - "One time, I snuck into moms bedroom and saw her just sitting there with dad...HOLDING HANDS!"
>Lofn - "That's nothing. One time I walked in on my dad sodomizing my mom while biting her ears and calling her a 'xenos slut' as he slapped her ass."
>T'riss - "We call those 'Wednesdays'."
>Lofn - "Oh yeah, and Aunty Macha was spying on the whole thing."
>T'riss - "You too?! Where does she even get the time..."

Not quite. Take a look at the pic- specifically at Lofn's Dark Eldar counterpart. See any family resemblance?

If not, here's more greentext.
> "Thank you all for coming. Now I know that tensions are high..."
> "Is she *always* like this? It's a miracle that adorable Lofn didn't inherit her mother's attitude."
> "I know Lelith, isn't that girl simply adorable? Speaking of which, who's that little one you brought along?"
> Lelith blushes
> "Can you keep a secret, my second cousin twice removed Macha?"
> "Uh, duh. I'm a Farseer after all."
> "That's...my child, T'riss.
> "Ooooo! And who's the lucky guy?"
> Lelith blushes and refuses to say anything more.

I think I've figured out who the father might be, but we'll have to wait until ELH recovers from his stomach bug to see if my fevered speculation is correct.

>> No.27595435

Fuck, I can't make the spoiler tags work in greentext. Well, I tried.

>> No.27595458

I may have missed a few smutthreads. Who do you figure the guys are.

>> No.27595512

The father, you mean? Well, as far as I know Lelith has only fucked one mon'keigh with the intention of letting him survive it. See >>27589843 for more information.

>> No.27595641

4chan will survive without you. Give your drawing arm a rest.

>> No.27595729

He did, and then he made this.

He even left a link to the uncensored version, which I am eternally thankful for.

>> No.27595916

Is it ready to be posted yet or should we wait a while longer?

>> No.27596140

Rolled 1

1 write enchantress/lesbians
2 become enchanted, write tomorrow

>> No.27596197

Rolled 1

Well that was dumb of me.
1 lesbians
2 hypno/ss/is

>> No.27596231

And it looks like you're doing lesbians.

>> No.27596319

Yeah. I'm just gonna jump forward in the story and write the other stuff in later. I don't think /u/ will like the way I'm handling the narration here but eh.

>> No.27596408

eh, who cares what /u/ thinks? its not like they visit this board that much anyway.

>> No.27596574


Someone should really make a compilation of all the greentexts that these threads have produced. Most are golden.

>> No.27596658

I know. It's also a great way to bide our time in between stories.

>> No.27596663

NOOO /ss/ lost again.
What is it with this luck. Sigh whatever I'll just wait patiently.

>> No.27596720

It's all we can ever do. As much as I'd like to find a way to get smut produced instantly, that's going to be a pipe dream for a very long time.

On the bright side, I think the DEldar /ss/ guy is working on finishing his stuff now.

>> No.27596981

Yeah that's what I was waiting for.

>> No.27597122

We've got time.

Gonna try to get to bed now. If the thread dies as I sleep, use the updated master smut list here. I dug up a few more things I forgot the first time around.


>> No.27598092

In case you missed last week, heres something to set the mood for fapping and write/drawfagging alike.

>> No.27598133

Hey, I remember that. It's surprisingly catchy.

>> No.27598664

I might give something like this a shot. I'm almost finished with DDch1 and, well it's been leaving a bad taste in my mouth. It would be nice to try something different to clear my mind before starting chapter 2 (which will probably be worse).

Just a few things I need to know:
/ss/ means a mature woman on a young man, right?
Do you mind a bit of humor? (I'm in the mood for something a bit lighthearted)
What kind of body type and personality do you want the woman to have? The boy?
Do you mind 40k as a setting? I'm not really into hypnotism, but I have an idea for a bit where an inquisitor goes to a Schola looking for a boy toy (officially looking for recruits, of course). It would involve a lot of authority invocation and a very nervous storm trooper cadet trying to keep her happy.

Also, you'd probably have to wait until next weekend for it to be done, and it wouldn't be nearly as long or comprehensive as my other crap.


>> No.27600230


>> No.27600252


>> No.27600731

Darkest Dawn: Chapter 1 (complete version)

Finally done! This includes parts 1, 2, and about... four pages of new material. After some debate, I decided it would be best to just keep it all together so the Good Sir Anon that has been collecting the links doesn't have to keep track of so much chaff. I'll leave chapter 1 part 1 up for now for those anons that like shlicking fics, but not rape.

Chapter 2 will take place on the druchii ship. I should have it done by next weekend.

Thank you for your patience, and enjoy!

pic unrelated

>> No.27600782 [DELETED] 

Given that /tg/ is a SFW board, lewdness is never related.

>> No.27600847

Has always been, will always be.

>> No.27600852

>Chapter 2 will take place on the druchii ship. I should have it done by next weekend.

Awwww yis.

>> No.27600877

Feel free to give me some ideas or just ask for certain acts/scenes. I'm not sure how dark people want it to get.

For example: forced incest y/n?

>> No.27601011

It's already pretty damn dark (not that I'm complaining). The broken-nose blowjob was a nice touch, along with that extended ending.

I'd enjoy the heck out of a 'Sidric has gotten his mileage out of her, flings onto table, lets two (?) druchii go at her' sort of scene.

But yes, go for it.

>> No.27601134

More overlap than you might think. I've gone back and forth and back again. Speaking of /u/, I'm thinking of doing Adrastia from DoW2 and some as of yet unidentified Xeno, any ideas? The other Retribution characters are boring as shit for the most part, Idranel is taken or dead, maybe some random eldar, I don't know.

>> No.27601137

Nice. This is very well told. I like all the little details and touches. It flows very well as a story, and the sex scenes come alive for me. They're never too repetitive or long, and the touch of darkness is very exciting.

Overall, very impressive for a first-time work. I want more, but I understand if its proving difficult to write, especially if theyre not fetishes that appeal to you specifically.

>> No.27601150

Idranel has very little fap for her, so I feel she could easily be redefined as a /tg/ fetish fuel figure, much as Macha and Taldeer have. I admit shes boring canonically, but you have a blank slate with her and Caerys(to a lesser extent) to improvise some delicious fetish fuel of your own, if you so desire.

>> No.27601274

Nope, Idranel/Derosa is my OTP, I refuse to soil flatseer with filthy inquisitors.
Related Idranel/Derosa: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Idranel

>> No.27601301

That can be arranged. I have some ideas for what he and his brother do to them that you might like, as well.

To be fair, it's my first time writing smut, not my first time writing in general. And thank you for the complement, I really appreciate the feedback.

I'm toying with the idea of having "Chapter 2" be told in a slightly different, episodic style. Sort of like a journal of the voyage and the shit she and Kairon go through, instead of keeping it all in one narrative like the prologue and ch1. This would allow me to get scenes done faster, and allow me to build (or degrade) characters over a longer period of time. Each "day" may only be three or four pages, but I think it might work.

>> No.27601397

>yet unidentified Xeno, any ideas?

The Eldar Autarch has almost nothing about her

>> No.27601425

Kayleth right? I think she's who I'll use, it was either her or the farseer in Retribution, but I can't remember her name or a time she ever had dialogue so I don't think she'll do. At least Kayleth has something like a personality.

>> No.27601713

If anyones interested, I have completed an erofic for a close friend, to their specifications.

Its called The Wood That Bends, and is a homoerotic gay-dom story, of an eladrin being humbled by a wood elf.

I realise that /tg/ probably doesn't care for such things, but if there is an interest its on my Pastebin.

Part 7 of Seeding Midnight will come tonight, or, failing that, check my Pastebin during the week.

>> No.27601848


Just switch the color scheme, problem solved

>> No.27602295

Excellent idea. Farseers are nice, but we have to mix things up every now and then.

Hey, /tg/ used to be known as /totally gay/ at one point. I'm sure at least one person would read it.

Thank you kindly. And here's the newly updated list.


>> No.27602445

Yes. Immensely. All is good.

>> No.27602475

Pacus, you still here? Is the Caerys/Vance Motherfucking Stubbs ready to be posted now?

>> No.27602510 [DELETED] 

You mean, in the bad old times? We FOUGHT your incessant porn spam, and we even had a mod on our side! We managed to drive you out! When exactly did you start to bribe mods and janitors to disregard the rules?

>> No.27602562 [DELETED] 

>replying to a 3-hours old post to start a flamewar
Didn't we already have this last thread?

>> No.27602607 [DELETED] 


>> No.27602622

Yes, yes we did. It went something like pic related.

>> No.27602623

Why did you have to bring up Yriel and clownbutts anon, why?

>> No.27602686

Are we turning into a hivemind again?

>> No.27602719 [DELETED] 

Inherently, you're trolls. You wouldn't try to tackle anyone who disagrees with you otherwise.

>> No.27602758

I remember that. It actually wasn't too bad. Not sure why that story wasn't just moved to its own page, but whatever.

>> No.27602827

Don't know, I just felt like practicing my sex faces.

>> No.27602883

Speaking of which, how's work on the ones with Macha and Taldeer? I'm still looking forward to seeing them.

And perhaps you could try one or two for Lelith as well. You seem to have a real knack for it.

On an unrelated note, some days I wonder what Bloomwriter would think about his work becoming what's basically the definitive WH40k writefaggotry and acting as the keystone for just about all of /tg/'s 40k canon. Maybe he still browses /tg/, but doesn't want to reveal himself for some reason.

>> No.27602930



>> No.27602957

I know. It's why I stay up until 4am on a daily basis.

>> No.27602962

It is. You are good person.

>> No.27603256

You should do more Harlequin x Cultist stuff.

>> No.27603283

Only if someone writes the fic for him.

>> No.27603333

If I were to do it it would quickly devolve into classic clownrape: the harlequin would be honking, and squirting water in the cultist's eyes from a fake flower on their lapel.

And nobody wants that.

>> No.27603349

>imagining pic related, but with Harlequins and Cultist

>> No.27603388

why, why does this make me laugh?

>> No.27603432

That scenario would be horrifying if it weren't for the sheer ridiculousness of it all.

>> No.27603943

It's been a while since I contributed anything, so here we go. This idea started as something quite different in a thread long ago, and kind of bordered between smut and straight. But I decided it worked better as smut, and so here we are.

Spoiler tags: age regression, bodysuits, disguise, blowjobs, HERESY

Welcome to my magical realm.


Let me know what you think.

>> No.27604040

I've only read up to "This was going to be more interesting..." so far but I quite like it, but then again, bodysuits are a particular fetish of mine

Anyway, you're writings not terrible and I've got a boner so please, carry on

>> No.27604055

Did you do any stuff in the past? I don't have enough time to read through it myself, but if I knew what other things you've written I might get a better idea of what it may be like.

>> No.27604204

I'm not really into age regression, but it's written well enough for me to overlook that. Nice job.

>> No.27604249

How do you know that? Give it a shot and see.

>> No.27604316

Bueno. Inquisitor/shota BJ's are the best thing ever.

>> No.27604485

Nvm no /ss/, need to read more carefully.

>> No.27604635

Partly because I don't think I would enjoy writing it, and when I haven't enjoyed writing something odds are good it's going to suck.

>> No.27604646

>mfw read Crossed where that's happened.

>> No.27604677

That's true for most writers, I think.

>> No.27604853

Rolled 55

Hello /tg/ents I have found last night on 1d4 these 2 great fapfics made by "Creed of Heresy". If you guys like rape, light asphyxiation, male on female domination, I would call this right up your guys alley



>> No.27604925

Kind of old news. The Fall of Lelith Hesperax was written like a week or two before the weekly Smut threads. (IIRC)

>> No.27605033

Rolled 75

meh better late then never

>> No.27605050

>your guys alley
That's an asscrack, right?

>> No.27605083


They aren't bad, but most people have seen them already, and the fact that Creed of Heresy feels the need to explain why his OC isn't a Mary Sue before the story even starts is never a good sign.

And besides, I'm almost positive he's been permabanned after repeatedly posting uncensored NSFW art and trying to get around his ban, so don't expect any updates to those.

>> No.27605166

He's posted once or twice since then, I think, and can always just update the 1d4chan article without posting here. Someone's bound to notice it.

>> No.27605303

He hasn't even touched 1d4chan since July, so I wouldn't hold your breath.

>> No.27605330

Just an update, I'm thirty-five hundred words into the /ss/ piece and I'm almost done.

>> No.27605356

Very nice.

Anyone else want to report in?

>> No.27605385


>see someone talking about DD
>it's not Dranon's Delight

>> No.27605395

Masturbate harder or find better smut.

>> No.27605402


>> No.27605442


I'm currently at twenty six hundred words, funny enough one of the larger stories I've managed create. Currently trying to extend the smut a bit, but I should have it finished within the hour.

>> No.27605458

Sounds great. Looking forward to it.

>> No.27605964


>> No.27606092

whoever made that picture has no clue how breast sizing works.

The number in front represents the ribcage measurement.

The letter represents how much larger the bust measurement is than the rib cage measurement.

So take Taldeer vs Caerys. Does Caerys look like her rib cage is 7-10 inches bigger around than Taldeer's rib cage?

This happens all the time. You would think if someone was making a bust measurement chart they would learn how to properly measure busts.

>> No.27606135

Don't look at me- I just copied it from somewhere else. If you'd like to make a better one, go right ahead. (Seriously. I'd love to see a new version.)

>> No.27606146

What "universal cup size" is ?

>> No.27606165

You have never seen a breast before in a real life, is not it?

>> No.27606185


>> No.27606219

Some brands use multiple letters in a bra size meaning a larger measurement.


And some dont use multiple letters and just use different letter for each size


and so on. it can get confusing. This way if you know your universal cup measurement you can buy a bra from different brands who use different lettering systems.

>> No.27606263

use proper grammar next time

>> No.27606270

Who cares? The chart is just an excuse for us to see their tits. You don't have to go and split hairs about it.

>> No.27606293

why put their size underneath then if its all gibberish that doesn't mean anything? Just post their tits if that's all you want to see.

>> No.27606294

Wow, thanks.
I've thought that DD is something between D and E before.

>> No.27606375 [DELETED] 

I didn't make that chart, and I have no clue who did. I thought it would be nice to post it, that's all. Now stop sperging out over it and fap like a normal human being.

Plus, do you really remember the last time you saw most of those characters? I

>> No.27606413

I didn't make that chart, and I have no clue who did. I thought it would be nice to post it, that's all. Now stop sperging out over it and fap like a normal human being.

>> No.27606724

Victory is mine!

Time to sleep!

Picture unrelated!

Of Inquisitors and Cadets

>> No.27606820

Is anyone interested in a repost of a story from a few years back with the two girls doing lewd things with a beholder, or have we moved on to new stuff?

>> No.27606859

Pastebin it and share, good friend. More lewd for the lewd throne.

>> No.27606898

Deliciously awkward so far. I like it.

>> No.27606925


Judging from the complete lack of introduction of the characters they are presumably part of some other continuity.


>> No.27606970

TFW I remember reading this X years ago.

>> No.27607022

Well it took longer than expected, and I'm still not completely satisfied with it, but I'm finished! Hope it was worth the wait.

Meeting of the minds

>> No.27607237

I like it. It's sweet and tender and you do a great job with dialogue.

But maybe stretch out the sex a bit? I feel like I just started to get into and it was over.
Just like real life!

>> No.27607428

Oh shit that was hot.

>> No.27607489


Yeah... I tend to do the lead-up and such better than the main event itself.
Just like real life!

Trying to work on it, though. Practice makes perfect, and I thrive on feedback.

Also, loving the bumbling Cadet Sergeant. I like how it leaves the reader waiting to find out what happens next.

>> No.27607755

>I like how it leaves the reader waiting to find out what happens next
That's why I think buildup is so important. Well, one of the reasons at any rate.
Two (or more) people fucking is all well and good, but when you give yourself time to lend your characters some personality you can almost let them do whatever the hell they want.
Half the time I'm as surprised as everyone else when they do something interesting or weird.

And I have to say, you do a great job of capturing character through dialogue. I've never played the DoW games and know next to nothing about either of those characters, but I found them both believable, endearing, and fun to watch regardless. If you just had two people fucking and slapped those names on them, it would still have been boner-worthy, but ultimately forgettable.

>> No.27607787

Wow when the Inquisitor just started going to town on the cadet, that part was so hot.
>you will never have a pedo-inquisitor suck your cock dry while having your first orgasm.
I rate this Unf/10.

>> No.27607906

Inquisitors are gangster as fuck, they don't give a fuck about "consent laws" or "legal age".

>> No.27608350

>just like real life
You make me a sad panda. Why did you remind me ;_;

>> No.27608806

Quite frankly, the characters in the DoW games don't really have much of a personality to begin with, so it's up to writefags such as yourselves to extrapolate from what you're given while adding some other personality traits to make them more than just a named unit (as they are in the game). Think about it- before LCB happened, Taldeer would have been indistinguishable from any other Farseer because making characters people you can relate to is just not part of a real time strategy game. Or a tabletop wargame at that matter.

>> No.27609024

All this /ss/ pleases Slaanesh

>> No.27609223


Thanks to the one who read it. Yeah I did write for /tg/ before, but always as anon.

I was considering doing a straight-up transformation thing but bodysuits are my fetish, so... yeah. But thanks for reading!

>> No.27609241

Try to explain Taldeer's personality and how it differs from Macha's aside from one getting more sex than the other.

>> No.27609376 [DELETED] 

Youre missing the point here. Prior or the writefaggotry, the only differences between them were the pitch of their voices and the color of their armor, and the former was actually the same VA using a different voice filter. The important thing is that the best /tg/ stories take a character that's basically devoid of any defining characteristics and make them into something more.

>> No.27609492

I don't think you understand. Before /tg/ got its hands on them, they didn't really HAVE personalities that were any different from "typical arrogant Eldar who views humanity as bumbling incompetents at the best of times". Hell, they even used the same model and almost exactly the same voice.

>> No.27609694

Just a heads up that I'm still open for ideas concerning Darkest Dawn. Chapter 2 takes place on a druchii raiding ship, and I plan on having it include several mini-chapters detailing what happens to Ishana over the course of the voyage.

I'm in the brainstorming phase now, so feel free to share anything you think would fit the situation. Not everything will be included, but I'll do the best I can with what's available.

>> No.27609726

I guess I don't. I just want to get a better grip on what their personalities should be for when I write.

>> No.27609784

I can do it in terms of shit I made up for people on the internet to fap to.

/tg/ usually makes out Macha to be whinier and insecure, and Taldeer is still kind of a typical arrogant Eldar who views humanity as bumbling incompetents at the best of times, except for one specific human who she's shacked up with for some reason.

>> No.27609825

Mach is biet tan so she could be kinda rambunctious. Taldeer could be more sophistocated.

>> No.27609940


I picture Macha as the little sister in their relationship, a bit of a short temper and more emotional than her sister. Taldeer seems more professional on the exterior, but she has wants and desires just like Macha. It's just when a certain assassin is around that she's comfortable enough for her 'Farseer' facade to fall away to let the real her through.

Or maybe I just look into these things too much. I have a tendency to do that sometimes.

>> No.27609973

Repost of an old story, for those who like Eldar-on-Tau action, I suppose:


>> No.27610003

> Eldar-on-Tau
Too pervert.

>> No.27610158

So uh, I wouldn't mind if any other writefag gave my story a read as well? I'm always open for critique.


>> No.27610169

That sounds just perfect.

>> No.27610354

>inquisitor purgin' a heretic via blowjobs.
Hmm unorthodox but hot.
I'd like some more please.

>> No.27610357

It's more accurate to note that Macha's been sexually frustrated for basically her whole life, and even though she's stopped being the Ever Virgin she's still far more open about her sexuality and her desires, although nowhere near the comical levels they reached in the older writefaggotry such as The Ever Virgin (http://1d4chan.org/wiki/The_Ever_Virgin) . where she tries to seduce Fuegan. That said, even before then it's obvious that she could suppress all that libido to focus on more important tasks- she wouldn't have become a Farseer if she lacked the willpower for it, after all.

Ironically, Taldeer seems to be the one who's quicker to anger and the one more likely to solver her problems with violence, perhaps since she used to be a warlord in her own right (while Macha would probably have had a lower rank, since Farseers aren't as well-respected on Biel-Tan compared to the other craftworlds). But at the same time she's also the more mature sister- having and raising a kid will do that to you.

And it's fairly safe to say that they've both had their fair share of battle experience- Biel-Tan picks fights with everyone and Ulthwe is right on Chaos' doorstep, so they would have some experience as Guardians at the very least.

Now that I think of it, wasn't >>27591056
working on something involving all this?

>> No.27610443

I really am enjoying this Dark Eldar smut with F on M dom.

>> No.27610461

Eh I'd say Macha would outrank Taldeer just from being the original female Farseer in Dawn of War.
I mean she must be a ferocious fighter from the Craftworld alone, I'd like a Macha who admittedly gets a little horny at times but does still get shit done and has other interests. Like working on her jetbike.

Though I may be a little biased in wanting to see Macha in a mechanics suit fixing a bix while covered in grease and having her curves show in overalls....mhm.

>> No.27610518

It wouldn't be a surprise to learn that she used to be an Aspect Warrior at one point. (Probably a Howling Banshee, because she certainly can scream like one.) And nobody's really considered what Paths she might have been on before becoming a Farseer, so we can't rule out the mechanic thing (although I'm pretty sure Jetbikes are more of a Saimm-Hann thing).

>> No.27610561

Which one- Hesperax's Pet? Because that's the only one I can think of at the moment (not counting that half-finished /ss/ one- the guy apparently never noticed this was still a thing).

>> No.27610564

"Mechanics" for the craftworld eldar are actually part of a psychic discipline as well. Remember than all CWEldar tech is 'grown' out of wraithbone by the Bonesingers.

The fact that Macha IS a powerful psyker and the fact that mechanics are called BONESINGERS makes this a fantastic idea for a fapfic.

>> No.27610644

We already know she uses a wraithbone vibrator, if that's what you're getting at.

>> No.27610653

>mfw wraith vehicles make white grease instead so we have Macha all sweaty and covered in white stains. Mmmm

>> No.27610686

I'm saying that bonesinger is a great name for someone good at blowjobs.

>> No.27610700

There were a few on fanfic.net before they were taken down.
(Still not sure why)
eternal pHotac

>> No.27610745

They're trying to clamp down on obvious porn over there. (If you have a cached copy of them or something, repost them here. ELH is out sick and I could use a Dark Eldar fix.)

>> No.27610794

Still need a Nurse (or bonesinger) Macha BJ fic please, ideally with patients of a "younger stature". But I wouldn't want to complain too much.

>> No.27610866

Really? They have alot on the warcraft section and it would suck if it was lost.

Also no, I dont have it saved.

>> No.27610915


Shit, should we start archiving shit to throw on 1d4chan?

>> No.27610973

Perhaps. I'll poke around there myself to see if there's anything worth adding to the master pastebin link. Just run it by us first before adding it right away- not all of it's gonna be worth saving.

There's also adultfanfiction.net, but most of their stuff isn't too good.

>> No.27611002

This is one of the better ones if you are intrested.

>> No.27611101

Warcraft isn't /tg/ related, but the thought is appreciated.

On second thought, copying stories from FF.net is a bad idea- for every good story there there's 50 shitty ones, and the whole point of this thread is to give the writefags here a place to show their work, not to copypaste every lewd story written by random idiots into a big list.

>> No.27611145

Eh ill look around for the 40k stuff.
Ive always though of WC as tg but if its not then its not.

Also im only talking about the better pieces of work. Half the shit there can be purged in the fires of hell for all I care.

>> No.27611221

And who's going to be the judge of what is and isn't worth saving? If you think it's good, just save it for yourself- for all you know, everyone else here might hate it.

But the important thing is that on these threads, we make our OWN stories. We don't need to leech off the cesspool that is FF.net, so if you want stories of a specific type, you're better off making requests if you can't write them yourself. /tg/ gets shit done- don't you dare forget that.

And for future reference, Warcraft has been /v/ material from the very beginning.

>> No.27611275

Warcraft's status as /tg/-related is debated hotly on this board. The general consensus, as far as I can tell, is that the Warcraft TTRPG and lore (especially the older, pre-WoW, or at least pre-Burning Crusade lore) are /tg/-related, whereas the video games belong in /v/, as you'd except. If you want to work on a tabletop RPG or wargame based on Warcraft, there's no reason not to do it here, except that certain people will tell you to gb2/v/... but fuck them.

>> No.27611302

Nah, fuck you, what are you even talking about? RTS is /v/, not /tg/.

>> No.27611351

Eh, whatever. The important thing is that this is the smut thread, not the "Best of Fanfiction.net" thread.

Focus, people. Now is not the time for bickering over this.

So how are our writefags holding up now? With all that talk about Macha and Taldeer, I'd suspect that at least one person has begun working on something with them.

>> No.27611401

RTS is /v/. RTS lore can be /tg/. TTRPGs based on RTSs are /tg/-related. Note /tg/'s long-standing Kane/Holt ship.

>> No.27611429

Oh shut up the both of you. At this rate, we'll need a third thread again.

>> No.27611450

>ceased to be the Ever Virgin

>> No.27611466


>> No.27611479

I'm still hoping for SoBxHeretic SoB but I don't think it stuck too well cause right after I posted trolls invaded the thread.

link related, forgot it last time.

>> No.27611531

You're new here, aren't you?

Details in here. If you have any complaints, post them here so they can be immediately ignored.


It seems that you can't link directly to images on 1d4chan- it's giving me a 403 error. That said, here's the other link for >>27592136

>> No.27611533

Wait, why is it titled gangbang if there is only one girl?

>> No.27611636

And why is there no actual sex in that picture?

>> No.27611687

The thread's only two posts away from autosage, so here's the new version of the master pastebin.


It's still the weekend somewhere, so I'll give it an hour or two before I make the third and last thread (for this week I mean).

>> No.27611734

Yeah might as well make the third, even though most of the action will take place on the weekend, anyone who wants to put together a little smuthing can go ahead and upload it.

>> No.27611753

Oh what about the /ss/ Inquisitor/Cadet story:

>> No.27611777


>Inquisitor's Deception


So I guess you didn't read the story? I mean I'm cool with that, but that's a really erroneous description you got there.

>> No.27611821

What does /ss/ stand for? derp

>> No.27611938

Straight Shota
Mature woman does a young boy or man. In this case a lucky cadet and a female inquisitor.

>> No.27611945

Sorry, I only skimmed through it the first time. It's fixed now.

Shit, forgot that one. Here's the fixed version.


I couldn't tell if it was /ss/ by looking, but maybe I'm just dim. I labeled it as such to be safe.

Straight Shota- a young-ish (as in less than 18 or so but not flat-out underage) boy with a comparatively older woman.

>> No.27611989

Hey now. I'm open to criticism that's actually constructive rather than just pissing and moaning and vandalizing.

Because I'm out of my element three different ways here.

>> No.27611992

I should add one thing- I can't read every story, so the descriptions won't always be correct. I keep a seperate copy of the pastebin as a text file as a backup, so don't be afraid to edit the pastebin if there's something I need to change. Just make sure you post the updated link so nobody gets confused.

>> No.27612014

OK. I'll give it ten more minutes or so.

>> No.27612138

Actually, we're still on page 4. I'll wait until page 7 at least, if that's okay with everyone.

>> No.27612177

What? Guys, no. Stop this. It's a weekend thread. We don't want it up constantly, trust me.

>> No.27612205

All right. We can stop here, then. If anyone else has any other stories or shit like that to post, do so now so I can archive it in time for the next one.

>> No.27612578


Thanks for fixing it.

So, anybody else read it yet?


>> No.27612698

It's not too bad. I had originally thought that when you meant age regression, it meant mentally as well as physically. I see now that I was mistaken.

>> No.27612852

This, let it die.
I am out of red wine and dont want to ruin my one day per week on 4chan.

>> No.27612950

I already said that this would be fine.

But seriously, it's never too late to add a little more to this. And if >>27591056
is still here, I'm looking forward to that one, as well as Hesperax's Pet when ELH returns.

>> No.27613106

Sorry im a but tipsy and not reading everything fully.
Anyway im just going to lurk for now but ill cya later friend.

>> No.27613183

Gotcha. If anyone else feels like posting, I'll be here right until we're pruned.

>> No.27615516

Still here, although I can assume I'm the only one left in the thread. Hopefully everyone else will be ready for next week.

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