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>People think SoB are getting an "update" update

>it'll just be some point changes and a warlord/wargear table

enjoy seeing the same old units and tactics all over again

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Well duh. It's GW. No codex update has ever seriously changed the way an existing army played. 5e vanilla marines play the same as 4th, 3rd, and 2nd, aside from some changes to the assault and vehicle rules. 5e necrons play the same as 4e. Eldar are still eldar, orks are still orks. No GW update has ever improved or expanded on existing factions aside from retarded retcons of fluff.

If you want a living setting where things grow and change, go play battletech, infinity, malifaux, warmahordes, or any of a thousand other games.

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> People think people think SoB are getting an "update" update

> we know full well it'll just be some point changes and a warlord/wargear table

enjoy seeing the same old threads all over again

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This didn't need another thread.

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>it only took 1 post

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on the bright side, at least this means they didn't get Squat'd.

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>it only took one post

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Some would argue that death is preferable to eternal pain and suffering.

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Speaking of sisters, are they currently competitive? how do they compare to guard? would a sisters allied with guard army be good?

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that's a surprisingly noblebright combo there.

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We can all dream of finally getting multi part plastic SoB...

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>Not Noblebrighting it up

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whats the significance of noblebright? I just read the 1d4chan entry but im still not making connections

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they are updating them so when forge world releases there sisters of silence models for 30k next year there will be rules to use them in 40k only games. I expect them to put in 1 line of text that basically says fluff wize they are direct descendants/spiritual successors. No more girl models from GW if u want them u have to play WHFB

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The opposite of grimdark.

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> Still saying SoB
It's AS now, pleb. Get with the times!

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So true and so beautiful

That being said, it's just a bump into 6th edition. The big thing is that it's also GW testing the waters so to speak about the popularity of the Sororitas.

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>it's also GW testing the waters so to speak about the popularity of the Sororitas.
I somewhat doubt that. It's not really a fair test, for one. The models are still awkward to collect and they know it. There's also the fact that they tried to make plastics before, despite not "guaging" things with a digital codex, which implies that they already plan to release new models regardless. Nah, I'm thinking that this is just a stopgap until those plastics are ready.

Though that said, I do think that we'll smash it on this. I've seen a lot of enthusiasm for this, I'm sure that it'll sell plenty. GW will get the message.

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While I agree with you that the test is hardly fair, it doesn't make it any less true.

It was spoiled on the GW Digital FB page and they were fishing for likes before they released the full picture. Needless to say, they got them. Someone pointed out on there that since may, the GW Digial FB page had barely scraped 1000 likes since May, and within 2 hours of the Adepta Sororitas announcement they had gotten 200 more. Last I saw, they were pushing 2000 yesterday.

To further this, they have no plans in the works for a hard copy, but if the digital one sells hard enough, The Crud said they would make a print version. This was from Gamesday and also confirmed on the Facebook page by an "Eddie" posting for GW Digital.

Also confirmed was that what we are getting right now is just an upgraded WD codex, as I said above. What we have been told that means right now is getting a Warlord Chart, Points tweaks, new items in the form of relics, an Alter of War (not that's not a new model, it's a game type), and most interestingly an adjustment for Faith to make it scale into higher points values.

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>it doesn't make it any less true.
Why's it true? We already know that they tried to make plastics, which implies that plastics do not hinge upon this.

> Also confirmed was that what we are getting right now is just an upgraded WD codex
I know, I know. Some people seem to be confused about this, but oh well.

This is just a stopgap, after all. For our stopgap.

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There was one update that changed the way an army played.

The new Tau codex changed them from "I have a combined arms military with a gunline, big vehicles and infantry support" to "I have five Riptides."

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>enjoy seeing the same old units and tactics all over again
you mean seeing NOTHING?

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ah, right, you haven't made a thread to bitch about it in the last two days, we were all wondering what happened to you

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>40faggots still whining about their shitty game being shitty
You're the D&D of wargaming when it comes to this, you know that right.

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Why would it be a good thing if playstyles changed? An army should have a consistent playstyle, it makes it easier on the players and gives that army a consistent identity. Like, we all know that Marines are the all-rounders. If you want long-range shooting, you go to the Tau. If you want ultra specialised units, Eldar are the army for you, and so on.

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What about Necrons and Dark Eldar?

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It's just Sisters following the pattern of Blood Angels.

>Get a WD Release

>Get a digital release that updates rules to new edition

We just need Sisters to get a proper codex and we're set.

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They've gotten over a thousand likes in the last 24 hours since posting that initial fishing for links post.

People want their Sisters.

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No bitching by me. I'm honestly excited and optimistic about every release.

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>People want their Sisters.

Too bad society frowns on that sort of thing.

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Well played.

Well I guess now I should be saying people want their Adepta Sororitas Squads (ASS.

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Yes, I know they tried to make new plastics, and they were supposedly really good, or at least the masters models were. However, they couldn't actually make the molds with their level of expertise. However, given the advent of Dark Eldar and the new Dark Elf Wych Elves/Sisters of Slaughter, I think that might change soon. As I recall, the biggest problem they had was making the models posable while retaining coherent flowing robes. The problem there is that since the robes hang fromt heir arms, it would look very weird and odd if a unit of 10 had sleeves pointing every which direction. The solution, I think, would be to have the robes be part of the body mold, but then you would get rather static looking troops similar to what we have now in that they are all in similar poses.

The test in this case, is a popularity test. Everyone knows that the Sisters are popular in their own right, but they as a company have no concrete proof of this. I would hardly say that they have the numbers in sales to prove it, since everyone basically says the same thing. It's that same thing that keeps them around and makes it a catch 22 really: "I would totally start sisters if they were in plastic."

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Nice bate you got there, fellow. I guess you must have arived here this summer.

Enjoy your stay, darling.

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That's exactly my point.

They now have some concrete evidence that people want to see Sisters of Battle. However, sales of the Digital Codex are probably going to have a big impact on how quickly we see a proper list. I'm not saying that people NOT buying it won't, either. If people don't get it, they might realize that no one wants the current line and they have a potentially huge market they're neglecting.

I could be 100% wrong, too. This is GW I'm talking about.

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Honestly, I rather take a rule update than nothing at all. I kinda wish GW would not neglect the shit out of some of the older WHFB armies.

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Wood Elf player here...

>mfw I play WE and SoB

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Bretonnia fag here.

I knowest thine feel, knavebro.

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You and me both mate.

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I play Sisters, and I like the Wood Elf models but the WE are so bad off I can't bring myself to start and army of them too.

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You clearly don't know shit about sisters.

The WD codex they got was actually very well written and, besides costing the soul of your firstborn to get, they fair well on the table top

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>5e necrons play the same as 4e.

News to me.

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Ok, let's say it clearly.

The real reason GW is doubtful about releasing an entire plastic range and proper codex for sisters is because they fear they alone could outsell the entire space marine range. They don't want to damage the popularity of their posterboys in favor of some inferior women.

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Nope. Casting issues. They've stated they have that sorted. I expect a proper release late next year.

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The joke.
Your head.

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Wasn't a very good joke.

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Well, sue me.

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Yeah...there has to be joke for that to work.

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Mine too, apparently. Was the joke that GW and its clientele are sexist? Because that's not really funny, and in many cases, it's all too true.

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Oh fuck you all.

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Well, the IP's was originally created for nerdy guys by nerdy guys. Kinda redundant to point out. But it's not like they are antagonising wimen.

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Remember when armies were full of units that had no official models that encouraged conversions?

>> No.27585429

It was kinda annoying and it still is.

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>Remember when armies were full of units that had no official models that forced conversion instead of giving you the choice and also letting you with a smaller pool of miniatures to do conversions with?
Quite too well.

>> No.27585617

On the other hand it was cheaper back in the day and GW would allow you to order individual parts.

>> No.27585825

>allow you to order individual parts.
That was the best of it. I mean, GW was better back then, but not having actual models for most of the units was not a good thing.

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Hey- I liked your joke.

Aw dude, I thought we were free from embarrassing acronyms when we stopped being the SoB... I thought wrong!

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Nope, now we get to put our ASSes on the table!

>> No.27586048

Yeah, I used to order tons of parts and make all kinds of models. When that went away so did my enthusiasm for the hobby and GW.

>> No.27586097

Well I never got the chance, as I was a bit young back them and not much into the hobby, but I loved looking around those things, seeing old units and such. Also, I was planning to build Inquisitor Jaq Draco from different parts, but never actually ordered it, and now it's really hard to accomplish it. A shame indeed.

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>Stunning new miniatures.

>> No.27586207

That's about Dark Elves Anon.

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Sisters help fill a few roles that guard do poorly, and some of the sisters stuff is utterly, retardedly good.

Exorcist tanks are amazing due to their AP 1 and getting up to 6 shots. The Living Saint is pretty rapey.

Mostly, their penitent engine squads make for strong counter assault in a codex that notoriously lacks it. Also, Dominions in those flamer tank thingys is really cool.

>> No.27586730

Can't forget the Retributors. Rending heavy bolters fuck shit up.

And hopefully, this new codex will make heavy flamers cheaper too. Oh Emperor, rending heavy flamers...

>> No.27586761

Rending Heavy Flamers give me wood.

>> No.27587111

At 20pts per heavy flamer, though. It's something I hope the address with their points tweaks, along with Pistols. We're paying the same as marines, yet the last thing Sisters want to use them for is an extra CCW.


The problem with Sisters isn't that the good things aren't really good, because they are. Dominions are solid, Retributers are cheap and effective, Celestine is a rape train with no brakes, and Exorcists are still missile Vomiting monsters. The problem is that the bad things are really bad, and the biggest one of all is our Troops. They're just plain bad and the most expensive minimum troop choice in the game. 125pts for something that can't actually do anything. Upgrade them to Melta/Heavy Flamer in a Rhino, and you have 190 points that can sort of do something, but not really. This is the biggest sink in running Sisters either as a main for or as allies. Especially as allies, actually because you have 125-210 points worth of dead weight.

Hopefully, the points tweak will also include being able to take them in squads of 5, which opens up a whole new slew of options and potential sales at that because you can field them in immolators instead.

Also, Celestians are waaay too expensive, and the Command Squad is a joke. The CS are 15 points per model and need a Canoness that can't support them because they're a heavy weapons team. Speaking of the Canoness, I really miss using mine, but Celestine exists. Also, she can't take a jump pack. I think it would be awesome if she could take a jump pack and had the option of a special weapon. It would give her a place. Maybe if pistols drop in price, she would have a place as well.

>> No.27587134

Oh I agree, a points reduction would make those Heavy Flamers so much better.

>> No.27590416


If you want 10 point HF expect to lose Rend. Look at Shrike's new point cost.

>> No.27590425

I expect 15 Point Heavy Flamers, which is what other armies pay for them. And Rending isn't their rule, it's the Retributor's Act of Faith which makes any weapon they have Rending.

>> No.27590443

>The new Tau codex changed them from "I have a combined arms military with a gunline, big vehicles and infantry support that you can wade through with little effort" to "I have five Riptides."

>> No.27590499


Sternguard and LoTD pay 10.

For the record C:WH had heavy flamers costed at 12.

>> No.27590532

Guard pay 15, which is what I expect our price for them to be adjusted to. 10 would be nice though.

I don't expect us to lose Rending though on Retributors, they've been running around with 5 point Heavy Bolters that rend for 2 years now.

>> No.27590631


You probably gonna either get HB price increase or 10 point HF.

>> No.27590678

Or both. I'm fine with that if Sisters go down in points by 1-2 ppm across the board.

>> No.27590685


Prob 2 points like everyone else. Unless they only drop to 1 because fucking Fire Warriors point cost. I swear 6E Tau ruin everything.

>> No.27590732

True, true.

>> No.27590807

As a general rule all SoB units outside of the special characters need a 10-15% points drop to sit where they need to (especially battle sisters - troops generally get a points break because they are troops).

The only real exception is PE which need to go waaay down in cost (i'd rate them around 55 points myself due to their lack of any real firepower beyond their heavy flamers, relatively slow movement and competition against rets and excorcists).

That makes me think, i'd drop excorcists to 120 points as they suffer from one-gun syndrome.

>> No.27590845

>The only real exception is PE which need to go waaay down in cost (i'd rate them around 55 points myself due to their lack of any real firepower beyond their heavy flamers, relatively slow movement and competition against rets and excorcists).

I'd say 45. It's slow, has a low AV and is open topped. It -needs- a points break bad.

>> No.27590954


45 is pushing it due to Rage and D6 attacks - a potential 10 attacks a head is nothing to sniff at, even an average of 7 (I3 or otherwise) is going to fuck shit up when you are S10 and ap2.

Combined with the fact they ignore stunned and shaken they sit in this niche where you can't easily use scratch damage to kill them, you kill them dead or they run up and slice and dice.

>> No.27591001

50 is the highest I'd agree too though. They're next to useless now outside of assualting your opponent with one in a sock.

>> No.27591099


I dunno, at 1k or under lots of PE are a running wall of pain that can very easily fuck shit sideways. Sure its not going to take on any list designed to powergame at 1k, but that is SoB in general.

At least we both agree that 85 is too much and that they aren't worth it now.

Makes me wonder, what if retributors got 2 heavy weapons per 3 models (so 6 heavy weapons at 9 strong) - that would only be 1 more gun than most other heavy weapon squads and it would be just enough to set them apart from devastators/havocs *and* it would favour going a full 10 strong.

>> No.27591151

>People thought Eldar were getting an "update" update

>It was just some pt changes, FAQs and a warlord/wargear trait table.

Enjoy seeing the same old units and tactics all over again

>> No.27591212

>that would only be 1 more gun than most other heavy weapon squads

Havocs/Devastators get 4 per unit regardless of whether that is 5 or 10 man.

long fangs get 4-5+ sergeant

Scourges get 2 per 5

Dark reapers get 3-10 but only have reaper missile launchers

>> No.27591246


You'd be surprised how much even a few points shaved off here and there could change SoB from being monobuild even in a casual environment.

It doesn't take much of a points break to give you enough spare points for that extra squad, or to build a functional army with the flashier elements and not be gimped in regards to anti-tank, mobility or whatever.

>> No.27591282


Yes but the xenos equivalents tend to have basic equipment that is actually worth something (like the cited scourges and reapers). havocs/devs suffer from rocket lawnchair syndrome and I was postulating that rets could alleviate this somewhat and favour large squads over the typical 2:1 weapons:bodies both havocs and devs have.

>> No.27594489

Well Heretics?

>> No.27595370


>> No.27597785


>what are wraithknights
>what is Battle Focus
>what are exarch invuln saves as powers
>what is turning pens into glances on Wave Serpents 5/6 of the time
>what are the best superiority fighters in the game

The only reason Eldar don't rule the skies is because Crimson Hunters aren't nearly as spammable as Night Scythes. But damn, man, Skyhunter, S8 AP2 guns that are all in range from as far as fucking 36"? If they could deal with numeric advantages, the air would be theirs forever.

>> No.27597903


Don't forget blade storm and free upgrade to BS4.

Eldar received such an amazing update. I wish C:SM had what Eldar have. C:SM has the variety of Eldar but everything is just sort of one tier below them.

Wave Serpents are ridiculous.
Armywide +1BS is ridiculous.
Battle Focus is balls-Ward ridiculous, and is so obviously a rule made by Ward in a book written by Kelly (ridiculous combo).
Warp Spiders and Striking Scorpions and War Walkers and everything else is just ridiculous.
Eldar having ALL weapons be AP1 or 2 with only like 11 being worse, and 5 of them being AP3 and the other 6 can twin-link the AP1-3 weapons or give Bladestorm...

Eldar, Tau, and Daemons = Striking Scorpions
C:SM and everyone else = Howling Banshees
SoB = Mandrakes

>> No.27597933


>> No.27601551

So why is it that hard to play against? Aren't like half of these things empty?

>> No.27602547

Despite current GW prices [which are the current reason for me avoiding Warhammer40k after my 5th ed army got stolen.] If they release a new SoB/AS codex... that may be the one thing they could do to get me back into the game.

I used to play vanilla marines, but SoB/AS were what really drew me into the setting, but they've been so outdated for so long, it was almost pointless to try to collect them save for just collecting them. Now with this... I may actually have a reason to get back in.

>> No.27602855

So who is going to save Nisa-Chan?

>> No.27602937

It'll be great to get wargear back. I still have a Cannoness with a jump pack and bionic arm. I actually want to do some more work on it to give her robotic cat ears ("the techpriest assures me they are the antenna for the vox implant I requested...").

>> No.27602959


"And the servo's that let them move into different positions to match your mood?"

>> No.27602982


Cannoness: "They move?... Some one get me a mirror!"

>> No.27603108

I'm waiting for the update since it promise some point reduction, which helpfully will allow me to add another Battle Sister to my Kill Team.

>> No.27603134

>you next lie
>you next

jesus christ proofread.

>> No.27603138

Screen cap is from a different thread a few days ago, but the point remains.

>> No.27604253


A) They're all zoom-only and have twin-linked Tesla Destructors, which are 24" S7 AP - Heavy 4 Tesla Arc weapons. Since they're Tesla, a roll of 6 to hit means three hits instead of one. The Arc rule means that if you hit, you roll a D6 for every unit (friendly or enemy) within 6" of the target. On a 6, the shot arcs into the nearby unit for D6 S5 AP - hits.

B) Some of them are Doom Scythes, which aren't transports, but have a death ray underneath. It's one of those beam weapons, so missing with it is damned hard, and it's S10 AP1.

C) The ones that aren't Doom Scythes are Night Scythes, which carry a wormhole generator. The wormhole generator means that a unit embarked on a Night Scythe isn't REALLY embarked on a Night Scythe. If the Scythe dies, the unit enters normal reserves, without a scratch -- not even Crash and Burn hits. So killing a Scythe just inconveniences the guys inside.

On top of which, there's the FAQ rule Invasion Beams. Since Night Scythes can't hover, they need a way to disembark guys. So they added the following rule in FAQ: Invasion Beams: A unit that begins its Movement phase embarked upon a Night Scythe can disembark before or after the vehicle has moved (including pivoting on the spot, etc) so long as the vehicle has not moved more than 36". If the Night Scythe moves more than 24" in the same turn, the disembarking unit can only fire Snap Shots.

What this means for you: instant Immortal gunlines dropped anywhere within 24" of my own table edge, able to move and shoot at full BS. Anywhere within 36" if I'm fine with snap shots.

D) All Scythes are also supersonic, so their flat outs are fantastic.

E) Doom Scythes are Heavy Support choices, but Night Scythes? 100-point dedicated transports for Troops and Elites choices. So you can have up to three Dooms, and up to NINE Nights in a single primary detachment. Drown your opponent in sheer numbers. Rule the skies, terrorize the ground.

>> No.27604412

Best counter to a Necron Air Circus is a drop pod army who can kill the Crons on the table before the flyers get on the table.

Otherwise, yes, it's a pain in the ass for everyone else.

>> No.27604671


Now here's the final bit of cheese. The necrons take an imperial bastion, and use it to COMPLETELY wall off a unit in the corner of the board. You can't shoot at unoccupied buildings, and ordinance weapons always have to be placed over a model, so they will usually scatter off the board.

Barring a one in a million shot from your enemy, your fleet of Croissants will never be defeated.

>> No.27604712

Sorry to go a bit off topic, but can I run Alpha Legion as both chaos Space Marines and Regular Space Marines?

>> No.27604728

Did they put models on top of the Bastion? If not you can try and land on top of it.

Guard have some good ways to try and hit that unit as well. And while you can't -target- the unoccupied building, if you "accidently" hit it, then it still suffers damage.

>> No.27604750

If you really want to, yes.

>> No.27604766




Well, I mean, YES, because you could always make a space marine chapter, call it the Alpha Legion, and run it, or you could run pre-Heresy Alpha Legion, but there's no flavor-compatible way to run the current Alpha Legion as C:SM to my knowledge.

>> No.27604773

Thank you for answering, kind Anon.

>> No.27604807

Hm. Seem to have differing opinions. I thought the Alpha Legion was a double or triple crosser, and as such, I could run them as either side of the conflict.

>> No.27604838

Pretty much my thoughts on it too.

>> No.27604861


Nah, AL are Chaos boys. Fantheories abound of them being double agents, but practically speaking they work against the imperium.

Now, despite that I could see using codex marines for them simply because they do like disguising themselves so they appear to be some loyalist chapter, so having modern SM equipment would make sense.

>> No.27604865


>And while you can't -target- the unoccupied building, if you "accidently" hit it, then it still suffers damage.

but destroying the building just means no one can go inside the building or land on top of it. This would actually help the necrons more than if the building was "alive".

landing on top MIGHT let you shoot at the guy in the corner... but not before something else gets put onto the table. Remember, that's just one unit, and you have to deal with the croissants of doom the whole time.

Worse, you've basically got your enemy dictating every thing you do. You are now ignoring objectives and simply going after some single unit that can't be shot at in the corner of the board while he blows up all of your guys with flying units that will be impossible to deal with unless you take a very specific imperial guard list.

>> No.27604896

Even with them being Chaos, they don't use Daemons meaning using either book isn't hard.

>> No.27604926

You're missing a key detail there: Drop Pods come in turn 1. No flyers on the board then.

And one of the results of damage to a fortification is it collapses. That was the damage result I was referring to.

And just because your dedicating some firepower against that unit does not preclude you from capturing objectives.

Also Tau. Just Tau. They can murder a number of flyers a turn, as well as anything else you brought (which was likely not much due to the points being primarily in the Cron Force).

>> No.27604938


The Alpha Legion situation is complicated, but they turned against the Emperor in the Horus Heresy, so the Imperium would never willingly work with them. Nobody liked Alpharius except Horus, so it's no wonder they sided with him in the Heresy.

Alpharius and Omegon, however, fell because they saw a vision that said that if Horus WON the war and slew the Emperor, he would, in remorse, turn to wiping out everything in the galaxy with the taint of Chaos and eventually humanity itself, which would ultimately destroy Chaos.

It's unclear whether they still have these motivations, but it's clear that even if they're down with the Imperium, the Imperium sure as hell ain't down with them.

>> No.27604977


Yeah. To be honest, for quite a few chaos forces I could easily see using codex marines, since it's not like chapters don't turn in modern times with modern equipment and the like.

Unfortunately, barring house rules you can't do an army with one of the two codexes as the main and the other as an allied detachment (allowing for either mostly normal stuff with the daemon/full chaos stuff coming into influence, or a warband with lots of chaos stuff still having reserves of codex stuff like drop pods or the variant land raiders or scouts).

>> No.27605013

Thank you.

Oh, I hadn't planned to use them as allies; just trying to determine what army to run. My nephew fell in love with the pew-pew Tau, and now I have to start a 40K army to keep him engaged in the hobby. I'm simply looking for something to get into the game with as most my hobby money is WHFB.

>> No.27607695

>"May replace any weapon with:"

Does this mean that the model can replace both or only one it's weapons with the ones on the list ?

>> No.27610614

I am dissapoint in the lack of rumors at the moment.

>> No.27610807

Next friday, we can download a preview of the new digital codex. Then we can see some of it for ourselves.

>> No.27611005

Oh I know, but they don't even give stat or unit entry previews in those anymore.

>> No.27611057

What do we get from them, usually? Never downloaded one before.

Also, they've tossed us a lot of tidbits on this one. I'm afraid that we'll probably be waiting until the 19th to get any more information on it.

The wait isn't fun.

>> No.27611296

Lately it's been fluff and some artwork, like you'd find in the IA books showing some paint schemes and the like. Nothing in the way of statlines or rules.

>> No.27611325

Damn, I'll happily take that. I love SoB fluff and artwork. Can't wait to see what they've done with it.

>> No.27611381

I'm hoping for the best, but prepared for the worst!

>> No.27611514

just look at that artwork bro

it's motherfucking divine, holy

we good for art

As for fluff, all they have to do is continue in the same vein. The WD codex got them right, so they just have to build on that.

I'm feeling faithful about it.

>> No.27611534

Oh I saw the cover early Friday morning. That's what gives me hope for the best. I'm prepared for the worst though so I can't be disappointed.

>> No.27611551

Basically the trick is that I wake up with my expectations so low that I go "Well I'm not on fire. This is good." and go from there. It means that I can't be upset by things when I expect them to be so bad that it can only get better.

>> No.27611731

What would "the worst" look like, just out of interest? Impress me.

>> No.27611791

Codex comes out on fire and written in fecal matter. All Sisters are basically Guardsmen who are insane. And they all want to be Ultramarines.

I could probably keep going too.

>> No.27611807

>Adeptus Sororitas - Ultramarines edition
>Statlines changed to match Space Marines in every way
>50 full colour pages of AS armies painted in glorious blue, white and gold
>Ollanius Pius (in Perpetual form, of course) as a new HQ option
>Every fluff battle is lost by the Sisters
>Acts of Faith replaced by Acts of Devotion to Your Spiritual Liege
>Price increases across the board, to above SM prices
>FOC changed so they can only be taken as an allied option

>> No.27611904

Good, good. Very horrific. Here's my attempt at it:

> Sisters now regularly fall to Chaos
> Athesim is noted as being prevelant within the Sororitas
> all Sisters envy Marines and wish that they could be men so as to be able to take geneseeds
> Argent Shroud are now an Order of douchebags who go around commiting petty acts of bullying
> The Sisters lost the Vandire siege, and were only spared because the Space Marines took pity on them

>> No.27611957

>All Sisters look like Wookies
>All Sisters hardly bathe
>All Sisters are the daughters of Space Wolves
>All Sisters are drunken whores
>All Sisters aren't allowed in the convenant when it's raining, nor allowed on the furniture

>> No.27612093

Yes, I'm saying the new codex could make them actual bitches.

>> No.27612702

>>Price increases across the board

Has anyone ever thought otherwise?

>> No.27612779

Only if plastics cost the same as the Witch Elves box (which has a boob tax on it, or perhaps cost more due to special tooling involved in their production....but my money is on the boob tax). If we get priced like most other boxes then $30 USD for 10 is what we should expect.

>> No.27614918

Dropping the price drastically on Troops is all it takes.
It'd make the canon GW loves about Sisters dying in droves work on the battlefield, they can sell Sisters by the barrel for dedicated players, and finally: everything will burn.

Seriously, if Sisters could take Troops in Guard numbers and just footplot across the battlefield Torchstar would earn her name in death.

>> No.27614984

I'm less than 12 Sisters away of being able to put 3 full sized blobs on the table. I'd need more to fill other units after doing that though of course, but 60 PA bodies is hilarious to think of at 1.5K

>> No.27616666

>> The Sisters lost the Vandire siege, and were only spared because the Space Marines took pity on them
but anon this happened though

>> No.27617037

No it didn't. Don't be dense.

>> No.27618143


The Vandire siege is probably the most badass the sisters have ever been in any of their canon battles, they held off half a dozen space marine chapters as well as the Custodians for quite awhile, the siege ended when the sisters murdered Vandire after labeling him a heretic.

>> No.27618233

You forgot that the Guard and Mechanicus were involved too.

>> No.27618277

But that wasn't the Sisters, it was the Brides.
They went back to being Sisters in the modern sense afterwards.

In the current canon, the two novels are the most badass they've been. In fact any time you beat Necrons, you've proven yourself gloriously awesome at least in the short term.

>> No.27618355

Brides went back to being the Daughters, who became the Sisters. Same organization, same members, just a lot of name changes in a short time.

And they didn't just beat the Necrons, they BROKE A MOON while doing it. That's pretty damned bad ass.

>> No.27618365

They never fought the custodians.
Custodians are emperor's guard and don't care about outside affair, they only stepped in to negotiate near the end.

>> No.27618426

No, but they damn near murdered them on the spot when they showed up.

>> No.27618451


Still, any time you look a custode in the eye and say 'No.' you earn a few hundred badass points.

>> No.27618502

Has anyone other than Sisters actually done that?

>> No.27618520

This guy said what I was gonna say, just more politely. The Custodians sent to fetch Dominica could've killed her and the rest of the future saints without difficulty. But that's not what the Emperor wanted.

The Brides were impressive during the second siege, but Vandire also had armies of scrubs with lasguns guarding him too. You can't attribute it all to the Brides.

>> No.27618571

I'm sure a few K-sons did during Prospero before getting wolfed.

>> No.27618635

What the fuck did domica or who ever that bolter bitch was... see in the room where the emperor is held?

>> No.27618663

Custodaes weren't sent to fetch the Sisters, one of them made the choice and did it under his own volition in hopes of ending the conflict.

And Vandire was abandoned by everyone save the Sisters by the time they beheaded him. It's in the fluff.

It's not said what those 6 saw, but it was enough to change their minds and end the problem right then and there.

>> No.27618682

Nobody knows.

Could have been he communicated with her.
Could have been she saw just how fucked the Imperium really is.

In the former theory, the Sisters of Battle are somehow part of Emp's revised plan. In the latter, she realized that saving the Imperium is pointless and the point of the SoB is to buy as much time for mankind as possible.

>> No.27618736


So they go in a room with what is tantamount to a corpse on life support and come out totally fucking changed?

What the dick hows that make any fucking sense...

I know people eat up all that mysterious shit in the 40k setting like lost legions, whether the alpha legion is truly loyal, create your own ending kinda shit.

But all it does is piss me off. Is that a bad thing?

>> No.27618799

Depends on interpretation of the fluff.

Some sources say GE is literally just that, a braindead corpse with a dwindling amount of his energy left in it to act as the North Star for psyker navigators but that is also drawing Orks and Tyranids into the sector of the universe 40k takes place in.

Some sources say that while his body is a wreck, his soul is traversing the universe acting like Tzeentch and manipulating events.

Some sources say that his body is like a phoenix that's at the end of it's lifespan and he'll reincarnate when the Throne finally busts (in this interpretation, he's probably still capable of limited amounts of movement).

Recent sources tend to point to the former 2, chiefly 1. But 3 was still possible. Don't forget the Star Child either.

>> No.27618842

Here's how 40k works: you pick a faction, read their perspective of the fluff. That's the one YOU are loyal to.
Then you read everyone else's to fill in the gaps, and when yours is contradicted by theirs yours is correct.

This is because all books are written like propaganda for their faction (usually, sometimes writers can't even make the faction seem good in their own book like 5e Eldar and sometimes factions flat out ride over primary fluff canon like 3e Space Marines).

This is done to encourage fans to fight and argue, which maintains interest.

Don't like it? Play Warhammer Fantasy. It's all there in the fluff, for example the War of the Beard is the same in both High Elves and Dwarfs. But if you read one of those books you get it more from a first person perspective but all in all it's the same info without contradictions.

>> No.27618917

>5e Eldar
There's no such thing as 5 edition eldar.

>> No.27618950

4e, my mistake.

>> No.27619092


It makes perfect sense if he's more than a corpse.

> 5 nameless druids in ancient history commit ritual suicide to fuse their souls together in order to create an Old-One tier super-man

> So powerful that his biological sons are dubbed Sensei (meaning Teachers) who are undying ur-psykers in their own right

> Serves as a fountain of psychic energy so powerful it provides a beacon of order inside the warp, the very heart of chaos while he's in a vegetative state (or at the very leas tthe fountain from which so much energy can flow without rendering him anything worse than vegatative)

> this being is somehow expected to just die when he gets an owie and turn into a normal corpse

Why are heretics so irrational?

>> No.27619232

I don't give a shit, OP. Sororitas are the worst thing to come out of 40k.

They're not a faction. They're fanporn pandering.

>> No.27619248

He didn't really "just get an owie" he channeled so much energy (even for him) that he incinerated himself.
Even in supportive fluff he's shown to be at the minimum appearing as a Fallout Ghoul.
He's entirely immobile as well.

The only question is if it's all according to plan or not. Based on how belief works in the setting coupled with the fact after being alone with him for a short time the Brides became the single organization most responsible for worshiping him in the setting (something he previously forbade) it's possible he's trying to transcend his destroyed flesh and become a Chaos God of Order (before you say that's contradictory, Chaos doesn't mean the end effect. In the fluff of both Warhammers it's called that because the energy of the Warp can be ANYTHING, it's not bound by any rule until one is imposed upon it), of Order. It's arguable that Living Saints like Celestine are literally his Greater Daemons already manifest.

So are Space Wolves.
But both are less pandering than Bretonnians.

>> No.27619347


Interestingly I believe in dawn of war soulstorm the Sisters of Battle relic unit, a living saint, was considered a daemon unit by armor type, which made a few units (such as grey knights) more effective at killing her.

>> No.27619465

So...all humans become lesser or greater daemons of order and combat the other chaos gods.
Eldar make a death god out of their souls and kill Slaanesh, releasing the Eldar souls he consumed back into the universe to be reborn as either Dark Eldar or Exodite Eldar.
Tau continue to expand.
Orks and Tyranids, no longer drawn to that part of the universe, fight each other for all time.

Good end?

>> No.27621443

Sooooo, what are the chances of being able to buy a squad of Sisters for less than $100?

>> No.27621565

The Squiggoth was also classed as a Daemon in that game.

And it has the Acts of Faith as actual Sphess Magic rather than the extreme feats of willpower that they actually are.

I wouldn't pay too much attention to what it says.

>> No.27621871

>>I expect 15 Point Heavy Flamers, which is what other armies pay for them
IG pays 20.

>> No.27621924

>>>what are the best superiority fighters in the game
One interceptor gun and it's gone.

Eldar flyers are almost as bad as dark angels.

>> No.27622056

that's the IG, m8

gun nuns ain't the IG, m8

>> No.27622594

Vance Motherfucking Stubbs did.

>> No.27622618

>die hard fanatics enter a room where the body of their GOD is sitting in a throne possibly able to communicate with them

How would that not be a life changer?

>> No.27622632

>Sisters outselling Space Marines

Nice one.

>> No.27622643

I wonder what he would day to them, if he could communicate?

The Sisters were what he was trying to avoid. Like, exactly. He didn't want zealots fighting in his name, while he was alive.

>> No.27622660

say to them, I meant.

>> No.27622743

No one knows Anon. It could have been them just walking in there and feeling the pure awesome rolling off of him and coming to a realization that Vandire lied because of it that motivated him.

It's open ended for a reason, so it can be as mystical or as insane as we wish it to be.

>> No.27622754

Sorry, I meant "that motivated them". Still too damned early for me.

>> No.27622844

I know we don't know. That's the cool thing about it.

All I was asking is that, if he could have spoken to them in that situation, what do we think he would say?

>> No.27622870

"Bitches be crazy."

>> No.27622932

Most SoB fans don't think this. We know what the update is cause... You know... Crudance has told us it isn't a major update.

>> No.27622958

We have more than just what Cruddace said to go off of, and for a hold over this is more work than they've done in the past, and our last WD codex wasn't too bad in terms of quality either. So I remain hopeful.

And curious if this will be when we finally see Finecast models come out.

>> No.27622984

There won't be any more finecast. GW knows it was a bad idea and its obvious their plan for the future is just monopose plastic.

>> No.27623002

Finecast would lower their production costs on the army and create a decent hold over until a full release can be done.

And I don't take the patterns of the full releases as gospel on what will be done with this partial update. It's a gray enough area that nothing can truly be ruled out just yet.

>> No.27623077

There's more to switching to finecast than just "poor resin into mould instead of molten metal".

They can't even be bothered selling the boxes of metal sisters that they already have packaging for anymore. They're not going to go through all the effort to convert to finecast for something like Sisters. They're not even bothering anymore for more popular armies that they do support.

If they were going to be finecast it would have happened when finecast was actually being pushed.

>> No.27623082

I still believe this is the marketing team trying to work out (or prove) that the SoB are not worth keeping. Kelly et al said it was hard to remove armies when they have had a dex and then said "Don't worry, Black Templar won't be turned into a supplement" - He was technically right, but they were still merged. Hence why I still believe (partly) that SoB would be combined with other Imperial stuff to make Imperial Agents book. So, Assassins, Inquisitors and stuff.

Crudance said if this doesn't sell in digital form, there won't be a physical version. Which doesn't make sense, but, thems the breaks.

>> No.27623116

We already went over this in a previous thread... You're being too pessimistic.

All you provide in SoB threads is cynicism and misery! >:(

>> No.27623134

I don't think even GW are stupid enough to pretend this is an accurate way to gauge interest in an army that you can't buy models for and 95% of the player base won't even know there's a new codex for.

>> No.27623148

Oh I know. I know a person who works that casting room (no he won't share what's being released because he wants to keep his job).

Sisters have been in a weird place for a while now and claiming they fit into the patterns of what any other army is doing is a bit silly.

GW doesn't have a marketing team. They did hire a marketing firm who specializes in viral and online marketing last year (and likely used them for the Space Marine release) but they don't have an in-house one. They've said so in court under oath.

Aside from that, you're basically talking out of your ass. Kelly has said they have 3 people on the dev team with Sisters as their main army. Not "an army" their "main army". That means 3 people OTHER than Cruddace. He also said he has ideas for them, which means he's planning on at least contribuiting to a full codex. They've even said they now have the technology to do Sisters in plastic. FFS WARD, the "worst fluff writer evah" does their fluff justice.

Where in there is ANYTHING about looking to drop the army, or it even being viable? We have an interest from the studio, an interest in the community and a few vocal nutters who seem to think they sky is perpetually falling.

Guess which of those I'm going to side with.

>> No.27623155

He had a chat with an Inquisitor.
Deal with it.

>> No.27623174

>Guess which of those I'm going to side with.
But- but the internet people have always said that the worst outcome was what was going to happen! They must have been correct, right?

>> No.27623175

"ey yo bb u want sum fuck"

>> No.27623192

That's why the army has been squatted right? OH WAIT.

Yeah, the naysayers can go put their theories back were they got them: in their ass. I'm having none of it and remain hopeful because their is evidence that gives me cause for hope. If I end up disappointed because of it, then that's my problem.

>> No.27623206

>[which are the current reason for me avoiding Warhammer40k after my 5th ed army got stolen.]
Yeesh, sorry to hear that.

>> No.27623213

Right on, mate!

>> No.27623228

The same 1d6 faith points at 500 as at 5000 points.

30 point half-range meltas, and 20 point str 3 flamers.

Less Psyker defense than Tau.

>> No.27623270

Sorry man. I've been screwed over for so damn long by GW that I don't trust them any more.

I spoke to a guy at Nottingham GW HQ, he said he was in marketing (which isn't true), he said the 'water-cooler' rumours were they were being discussed. The topic was removing them. The other rumour was that they might do this because they don't sell to female gamers. They don't care about men because "They will always have second armies". They wanted new, female players to buy SoB (which is fucking stupid, Catholic Space Nuns is what women want?) and that SoB wouldn't be removed, but never updated. The female players would be "won" with female Imperial Guard models. Which makes sense anyway (regardless of SoB) since Cadia is 50% female military. This is most likely bullshit, but the female IG models would be good, regardless.

I'm not talking out my ass, I know what he said, I had the quote right here. They do have the technology, but it'll be expensive and I am sure they think there isn't enough interest. My reasoning is that DA have robes (which was a reason why no plastic sisters) exist, the new Witch Elves have difficult hair, even allowing them to rank up.

I have been screwed by GW for so long, they used to have plastic sisters. Some sites still sell the plastic sister boxes. Why did they remove them?

I'm not a naysayer, I want SoB so bad, but it's been so damn long. I fear the worst so when/if it happens, I am not disappointed. If something better happens, I am surprised and I jump with joy.

>> No.27623275

Despite this they still fair well!

>> No.27623292

DA Robes =/= Sisters Robes.

And who ever sold you that bunk didn't go all the way. I've got beach front property in Arizona for sale at a low, low price for you! You fear GW screwing you over, but believe some fuck who lied about where he actually worked? How the fuck does that work?

Sisters have NEVER had plastic boxes beyond their Immolator kit. The 10 Sister box was all metal. It's likely gone because GW ran out of them.

>> No.27623300

Almost as well as Orks with a whopping 4 viable choices and 1 compulsory HQ with a ineffective faith power.

>> No.27623321

>but the female IG models would be good

Plastic Valhallans with a good mix of females. Fucking do it GW.

>> No.27623330

Being someone who owns and plays the army it does better than you're giving it credit for.

>> No.27623349

Oh it works ok, that doesn't mean it's any more diverse than monOrk builds.

>> No.27623352

Not denying that at all. I'm just saing that DESPITE that it still works.

>> No.27623407

Were they metal?

My mistake then. Thought they were plastic.

Its not just the lie he sold me (I didn't believe it as it was dodgy) but general lack of everything.

For example, 2012 White Dwarf Product Poster for 40k... Guess which models were completely missing? Then the Fire Crusade book, which army didn't get special rules? Then guess which army was missing from the Apocalypse book? Then missing from the Forge World Apocalypse book?

They've been left out. Why didn't they get anything?

>> No.27623448

>Why didn't they get anything?
Modelling problems. Goodwin said it in 2011, Kelly said it this year.

>> No.27623468

I don't mean models. I mean special rules.

>> No.27623511

The 10 Sister box was all metal. I know because I bought the last one my FLGS had and that was the first purchase of Sisters I ever made.

The poster only had plastic models. No shock Sisters were missing.

Sisters don't have a flyer, the armies who do got rules.

Apoc: Sisters didn't have rules available and it'd be morally irresponsible of GW to push them despite of this.

They still had rules covering their Finest Hour though.

Seriously mass conspiracy theory on this has been wrong more thna it's been right. Accept it instead of acting like a domestic abuse victim.

>> No.27623525

A lack of proper codex releases, caused by the lack of models, has dulled interest in them somewhat. They were probably left out of Apoc because GW didn't want to sell massive formations of an all metal army.

They'll most likely give Sisters a warzone once the new models drop.

>> No.27623586

Agreed on the Warzone. That's my prediction as well on the matter.

>> No.27623662

Shrug. I don't think I've been abused, I just think GW have ignored an interesting faction for too long.

They got removed from the Poster, yes they're all metal, but many saw this as them slowly removing their presence.

It would of been nice for current SoB armies to be able to do something with their force in Apocalypse.

I am hyped for the possibility of a physical codex, but that won't happen unless Digital Edition sells. I'll be getting both.

>> No.27623681

>I am hyped for the possibility of a physical codex, but that won't happen unless Digital Edition sells.
I think we'll be fine on that.

You can preorder on the 12th, by the way. And download a preview same day.

>> No.27623696

That was a new poster! How were they "removed"?

>> No.27623774

The poster had every single 40k model from every faction, bar SoB. They saw that as them being removed.

I hope so too. I have, however, seen people saying they'll pirate it because it's GW being Jews.

>> No.27623933

I haven't seen people claim that they'd pirate it on here, but I can always miss something when asleep.

>> No.27623971

It's /tg/. Scan begging is an inevitability.

But I have seen many people saying that they shall support the Sisters. I am hopeful about this.

>> No.27623983


I intend to pick it up. In part because my local GW is pretty nice and I'd rather not have them have to look the other way when I turn up with a printed out copy (Which they did happily when it wasn't actually POSSIBLE to buy)

>> No.27623989

>support sisters
>more like "based chinaman hasnt recasted sisters so we dont have alternatives"

>> No.27624055

Rules aren't models. Chinaman doesn't make codexes...

>> No.27624715

Scan begging is inevitable and if it was any other army I'd give it to them, but they're on their own this time.

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