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All word and pixel /tg/-related lewdness is welcome here, so long as the rules are followed. Writefags, consider pastebin/1d4chan rather than dumping for long stories; drawfags with uncensored pictures need to host their images offsite and link to them. Enjoy; remember to play nice and that all contributions and requests are welcome!

Writing linked in the last thread we had:
Darkest Dawn (Prologue) - http://pastebin.com/jx06rsur
BansheeXScout - http://pastebin.com/TLXdTkMT
Eldar Ears - http://1d4chan.org/wiki/An_Eldar%27s_Ears
Freaky Faerun - http://pastebin.com/TAV1W7YX
DnD Stories - http://pastebin.com/u/4kaece
Seeding Midnight Finale- http://pastebin.com/vDNkzwSG
Maiden of the Forest- http://pastebin.com/v3BEeKVp

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I'm actually working on a "master pastebin link" that can contain all of the pastebin links we normally add to the OP. Give me a second and I'll put it up.

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So, wrote some pseudo-smut a while ago about a dwarf or something. Nothing super-dirty, but the implications are there and you guys might appreciate it so fuck it.

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OK, here it is. Just make a new version of this each time new stuff is made to the thread.


Also, last thread the guy who was doing the DEldarxChoirboy /ss/ confirmed that he was still around and would get back to work on it.

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>I apparently wrote this towards the end of the last thread.

time is a measure, she always believed -
so age was a number, no straight guarantee.

'twas not they who complained from whom she drew the sea,
foamy and thick with salt and with sweet,
and she was not one to take weight of the meat;
the hungry don't look a gift horse in the teeth.

so she would tease, with mouth hands or feet,
any which way that she might draw her fee.

'twas true, she exclamed, that she could seldom see
fathers surpass their own progeny.
and the trouble her sisters took, while she with such ease
collected her due in untold degrees.

so ready she found men ready to pay
with such coin as souls when with youth she would lay.

curious, some thought, that in spite of her glee
at introducing bliss born of lust and ecstasy,
for each boy that she taught, she refused to breed,
letting the ground instead bury their seed

cruel they would name what she called creed,
the price to be paid should buy way in her, see?
the only thing she might spit was accusation of greed,
she loved these boys, not their souls; she might work for free.

their bodies knew not in from out in release,
so what difference was there in with what she squeezed?

they made her remember of how they would only make fallow;
for loss to an angel had left her ground dry and hallow.

so then was it shame, not moral or honor
that refused those made wished to mount her?

in honest truth, she thought of these boys as her own,
and she knew that years would lead them back to her home.
a soul frozen in place was the gift on them she bestowed,
an eternity of pleasure in life and death both.

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Yes, you did. You were tripping balls on prescription medication and forgot you wrote it afterwards.

It's pretty good for writing done while high as a kite. (Hey, it worked for Coleridge and Kubla Khan.)

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I think I'm gonna write something else. I started on another thing in rhymed couplets but it was kinda shitty. I think I'll scrap it and give blank verse a go.

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You gonna try it with or without drugs? I think that might have helped you out there.

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Pixel based lewd, anyone?

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Oh, it's gonna be an Egyptian thing since someone brought that up last week. Either lamia or maybe sphinx because I have a thing for paw-hands. Not gonna promise Paradise Lost here but hopefully I can turn something out.

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You asking to post it or do you wanna know if anyone else has some?

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For blank verse I definitely need to be lucid. Rhymes can get silly like that last one; have to get in my tryhard pants for this though.

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Is seeding midnight getting an epilogue? there was talk of another scene with the daughter and a possible escape by the protag.

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From what JAW said, the Finale is being retroactively changed to Chapter 5. As for the escape, he said that might be on the plot-heavy side but he'd do it if there was enough demand for it. (I'd like him to do it anyway.)

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Time to savour the weekend again.

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Good to see Lewdanon's been busy as usual. You've really taken a liking to that Harlequin, haven't you?

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It's sad. I miss The Spear of Twilight...

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I know. That's why they call him Lewdanon.

(Hey Lewd, if you're reading this, consider registering on an adult art site so you can post your uncensored stuff without the mods getting pissy.)

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Deviant Art is good enough. Or imgur for links, if you don't want make a profile on DA.

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There is nothing on his pastebin yet.

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A lot of /tg/ artists went and made a thread on tgchan to post NSFW material. Lewd could do this, or make, say, a furaffinity account, or an imgur account. Either way, there's plenty of places to archive work for all to enjoy.

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We don't even know if he's online right now. Same for our other writefags, to be honest. I'm sure they'll show up soon enough though.

>> No.27572714

TGchan would be the easiest of those options.

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Reminder that bottomless de are best de.

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You've touched the depth of my... of my heart, Lewd!

>> No.27573065

When are they not?

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Does anyone else have a helluva lotta trouble writing smut from Female 1st-person POV?

I mean I suppose having a vagina would help immensely but since I don't tips would be nice.

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Bandaged Lelith is the best Lelith!

>> No.27573134

Just the tip? Just for a second? Just to see how it feels?

My actual advice would be to go on sites like Archive Of Our Own and browse their smut. A lot of it is written by females, so you can see what they emphasize and what they don't.

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Holy shit, we're turning into a hivemind.

>> No.27573168

So I might be up for writting Lesbian Daemonette lewdings... but what would people want to see out of that?

>popular meluded
Indeed Captcha...

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I think it will end like this.

>> No.27573193


When they're Wracks.

That said, I'm surprised nobody has done a story about a shadow-stalking Mandrake.

>> No.27573195

DP with crab claws, tongue deep throating, and drugs

>> No.27573206

That depends. What do you have in mind?


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> Smut Thread
> Lewdanon is here

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That looks to be Taldeer. Not FABULOUS enough for a Harlequin.

>> No.27573219

Anyone have that Pyramid Head Farsight scribble?

>> No.27573229

>When they're Wracks.
You're so wrong.

>> No.27573237

And not without a reason!

>> No.27573241

Eh, I could manage everything but the drugs...

...That's the problem with having a fucked up head, you take drugs to be "Normal" instead of for fun...

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Requiem Chevalier Vampire.

>> No.27573263

Just normal lesbian seems a bit vanilla for daemonettes. It's gotta be incredibly lewd and festishy, to the point of bordering on horror.

Did Xiombarg's Storyteller ever make good on her threat to return to our smut threads? Because she'd be perfect for something like that.

>> No.27573276

I love this Harlequin.

Really Lewd, just. Keep drawing this. Also goddammit, upload uncensored to imgur. This is my two requests. More clownbutt and imgur.

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Corruption then?

>> No.27573283

Well, that would pretty much put you in the mindset of a Slaaneshi daemon, wouldn't it?

>> No.27573290

Idunno, I figured someone would name a victim for NiceDaemonette Lesbian lewding...

...Are we a SEXY Hivemind?

>> No.27573297


She's not bottomless, though, so my point stands!

Besides, she probably has flesh-meltingly toxic vagina fangs.

>> No.27573298


Alrighty then. Will do.

>> No.27573319

>xiombarg's storyteller
Isn't she, you know, writing smut for Satan now?

>> No.27573338

> Sauce?
You can find there everything from picrelated.


>> No.27573347

It's not a problem if you have reinforced powered dick

>> No.27573349

She's very much alive. I saw her here only a few weeks ago.

Where did the whole "XS is dead" thing come from?

>> No.27573351

Dude, I once turned a partner and myself into an intertwined mass of writhing sextacles starting with our FEET!

Yes, but WHO to corrupt?

Why do you think I post under this name?!?!

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All these Smut threads and yet people still believe we shouldnt go back to being a red board... Not quite to /d/ levels, but maybe /s/ at least?

Here, have some sexy heresy.

>> No.27573375

A sororitas? I would say tau due to lack of delicious blueberry smut but that doesn't really work here. Eldar corruption has been done before too. That leaves human

>> No.27573393

Moot really needs to split /tg/ into a red board and a blue board, like he did with /gif/.

>> No.27573399

I like being able to discuss M:tG while at work, though.

Also, if /tg/ were red, I promise you it would hit /d/ levels pretty quickly.

>> No.27573416


But armor saves ruin the sensation. I'd rather just a normal bottomless DEldar than assault someone that could remove my dick as a casualty on a roll of 1 or 2.

>> No.27573420

Shirou pls go.

>> No.27573439

Two daemonettes chillaxing in the warp, practicing on each other in an attempt to ward off boredom.

Lewd comedy ensues.

>> No.27573463


Rather, we need a /fu/ta board, and less restriction on what can be posted on /d/.

>> No.27573464

I second this.

>> No.27573469

See: >>27573393

We need /tg/ and /wstg/.

>> No.27573473

True, I could do Blueberry, but then you have the problem of set up...

...And NiceDaemonettes usually try to turn Sororitas into Female Space Marines...
So it can be fetishy, but I don't know if people will want it...

>> No.27573484

>/d/ levels

Futa techpriestess.
>Do you find my true flesh acceptable?

>> No.27573500

Futa is the worst of all possible directions to go with sexy techpriestsses.

They're much more suited to tentacle smut. Dem mechadendrites, man.

>> No.27573501


>> No.27573532 [DELETED] 

Taldeer doesn't have a mohawk though.

>> No.27573543

Hmmm, could do a "Perils of the Warp" bit, but I don't know how much Lewd Comedy I could wring out the situation...

"What's taking you so long down there?"
>"Ah gut mu tung tye 'n a not uith yore tentaculs!"

>> No.27573557

For Yriel everybody is pussy.

>> No.27573559

Use your imagination.

>> No.27573564

No love for Robocock?

>> No.27573565 [DELETED] 

>weekend NSFW thread on a blue board
I wish all of you would die horrible deaths.

>> No.27573575

Every fetish is wanted by somebody. Just let the Smut flow through you!

>> No.27573588

I was imagining something like the daemonettes doing ever more extreme things to each other, with each utterly failing to impress the other.

>> No.27573605 [DELETED] 

Troll harder.

>> No.27573613 [DELETED] 

All the porn is censored, much to our collective dismay.

>> No.27573632 [DELETED] 

You are either new here, or a retard.

>> No.27573634 [DELETED] 

I just need an excuse to post this.

>> No.27573673 [DELETED] 

Pic related; it's you.

>> No.27573677

Yes, but it would be minor growth, hourglass expansion, and eventual giantess... My FeMarines are BIG girls after all...

Ah but you see there is the problem; I'd have to come up with more and more fantastic sex acts!
Kind of hard to do when your stand-by closer is "everyone becomes a giant ball of tentacles"...

>> No.27573693

None of us have seen that (at least I haven't).

>> No.27573719 [DELETED] 

I think lewdness is better than wishing someone's death, is not it?

>> No.27573739 [DELETED] 

Not new here, the censorship does jack shit, you have a collective IQ of zero. NEXT!

>> No.27573803 [DELETED] 

Yes, please move along to the next thread. we don't want you here.

>> No.27573804

Eh, fuck him.

So anyway, is the BansheexScout guy going to revise his fic? It needs a lot of work- the guy couldn't even be bothered to give her a NAME, for fuck's sake.

>> No.27573829 [DELETED] 

I missed that, huh.

>> No.27573836

> collective IQ of zero
> I wish all of you would die horrible deaths.
> pls response

>> No.27573839 [DELETED] 

We (that is the majority of /tg/ that doesn't attend a blue board to masturbate) don't want you and your retarded shit thread here. How about that? Ever considered that no one wants YOU here?

Actually, your collective death would benefit the board, so it is entirely desirable.

>> No.27573840

It was hard to tell in that pic since it was drooping.

>> No.27573860 [DELETED] 

If the majority of /tg/ doesn't want this then why do you have to resort to samefagging?

2/10 for making me respond

>> No.27573862

That's an another harlequin as I think.

>> No.27573876

Well, if we are at a loss as to what to write about, some things I would like to see would be:
- A Sister getting corrupted by either a slaanesh cultist or a daemonette through some lesbian loving. Bonus points if sister transforms into a daemonette or at least gets some daemon-like traits.

- A female eldar (Or DE, w/e floats your boat) corrupting a Sister into joining the eldar willingly and getting some genetic modification/witchcraft/whatever you come up with for transformation to become part/whole eldar.

The only specific details other than that should just be the sister slowly giving in, and lesbians. I suppose I could try writing it, but I am a fairly poor writer and writing it would ruin most of the fun for me.

>> No.27573888 [DELETED] 

That's weird, cuz the only one I see complaining right now is you. Just hide the thread if you don't like it.

>> No.27573893 [DELETED] 

Plus, when people like you show up and demand that these threads get deleted, the mods always delete their posts instead. Just saying...

Also, there's this button that lets you hide threads. You might want to try using it sometime.

>> No.27573899 [DELETED] 

I have no idea why your butt is on fire right now.

>> No.27573901

Understandable, but would you be AROUSED by it?

The Sororita's body slowly, teasingly stretching and expanding in every direction.
Her groans of discomfort melting into moans of pleasure as she adjusts and comes to realise how powerful and awesome a being she is becoming...

...So do you want me to Lewd the PrudeAnon?

>> No.27573902 [DELETED] 

Speaking as someone else who wants /tg/ to stay blue, this man does not speak for me.

I want a blue /tg/, but I see no reason you fine gentlemen and gentlemen pretending to be ladies should have blue balls.

>> No.27573921 [DELETED] 

>the mods
One retarded janitor who has no business doing that job. Seriously, leaving porn spam up, even protecting it? That's the very definition of ineptitude.

>> No.27573923 [DELETED] 


> We (that is the majority of /tg/
> We
> WE

You mean you. You are the only one doing this. You are deciding what is /tg/. You are the one shitposting threads you don't like, shitting all over /tg/'s content just because you don't like it. It's you that simply doesn't filter "ERP", "Smut" or simply minimize the thread so you don't have to see it.

You are an ass.

>> No.27573928

Yup. If you read between the lines, he's actually asking for it.

>> No.27573949 [DELETED] 

I like this thread, why would I want to hide it?

>> No.27573955 [DELETED] 

Have you ever considered that you're just wrong?

>> No.27573966

Well, would a Sister becoming a Female Space Marine work for you?

Well they'll probably be gone before I finish that first thing, it's probably going to take me a while...

>> No.27573970

Personally, that does nothing for me.

Now, the idea of a sister resisting honorably at first, then gradually giving in and being corrupted by the irresistible pleasures the daemonette inflicts upon her... Now that's something I could read.

>> No.27573991

> I am the 99%
>you are the minority
> I am the law
> respect my authority

Tsundere anon wants it with a sanctified strap-on from a Repentia who looks like his mommy.

>> No.27573994 [DELETED] 

Actually, YOU are objectively wrong. The very fact that you attend a blue board to masturbate makes you so.

>> No.27573995

Not a problem. It can be reused as soon as the next guy with a stick jammed up his ass shows up.

>> No.27574014 [DELETED] 

inb4 NO U

>> No.27574024

> ...So do you want me to Lewd the PrudeAnon?
Fare enough. He is in our land. Land of Lewdness. He has no power. Do it.

Wait. What if he is a fetishist and all this is nothing but his cruel plan?

>> No.27574025 [DELETED] 

>muh rules

>> No.27574034

As someone jamming sticks up his ass on a blue board, I feel offended to be lumped together with the likes of that.

>> No.27574048

That has got to be the most imaginative strap-on I have ever seen...

Blueberry teaching a Sororitas all about the "greater good"? Ya got the size difference, Crisis Suit add-ons, direct armor interface instead of bodysuits... How many other mild fetishes can you fit in there? Pun only partially intended...

>> No.27574051 [DELETED] 

But I don't come here to masturbate. I come here to write content that people enjoy. You need to stop making assumptions like that.

>> No.27574092 [DELETED] 

Nope. Unless by smut for satan you mean running a smut quest.

>> No.27574094 [DELETED] 

Then he has already become that which he hates most.

Well, don't let one douchebag stop you. Write away!

Everyone else, ignore the man pretending to be retarded.

>> No.27574096


>> No.27574103 [DELETED] 

I remember a time when shit threads like yours were answered with fucking threadbans. Reasoning: everyone in the thread was either breaking the NSFW on SFW board rule or trolling.

>> No.27574110

I wander through on occasion. I'm prepping for something else this weekend. You'll know it when and if you see it, if you pay attention.

>> No.27574129

Nice to hear that, XS. Don't hold back for a second.

>> No.27574133 [DELETED] 

>true flesh
>robo cock
Make up your fucking mind. Besides, vibrating dildodendrites that spooge baby oil that she then uses for symmetrical docking/tit massage action with a SoB >>>>>>> generic futashit.

>> No.27574152

Then we honor dedication.

Why would you want that?

>> No.27574159 [DELETED] 

One less post to autosage. If there is no police, we have to enforce the law ourselves.

>> No.27574161 [DELETED] 

>...And NiceDaemonettes usually try to turn Sororitas into Female Space Marines...
PLEASE don't make this into one of your shitty roleplay headcanon things.

>> No.27574180 [DELETED] 

Did you know that every single sicence fiction and fantasy writer has written smut?

We've already seen what happens when you cut out the writers, whether it's smut or not. /tg/ stagnates because OC writers also happen to write other stuff, and often banning one is actually banning the other.

So we could leave.

So could 90% of your OC.

That's what you want, crusade all you want.

>> No.27574194

Because Tsundere anon's mom is probably hot.

>> No.27574201 [DELETED] 

>That has got to be the most imaginative strap-on I have ever seen...
I think the funstikk comes close, myself.

>> No.27574209 [DELETED] 

>one board on 4chan is the whole world
Stop trying to reason, you're just embarassing yourself.

>> No.27574213 [DELETED] 

I remember many years of /tg/ when there were more porn threads than discussion threads.

People like you are a temporary and unwelcome occupying force. In time you will learn your place or leave for other sites.

>> No.27574232

The Mechanicus refer to their cyber-mantle as 'the True Flesh'.

>Amongst some servants of the Omnissiah, this cyber-mantle is often referred to as “the true flesh.” One would have to look beneath the red robes of a Tech-Priest to discover what a cyber-mantle looks like, and thus no one admits to having seen one.

>> No.27574252

Oh of course she will, that's half the fun after all...
...But that takes character establishment, which will take time...
...Plus, NiceDaemonette's Chaos Hat is being, well, Nice...

Man, I thought I had issues...
...Why would you EVER want to take it up the ass from your Mom?

Eh, I'd rather put more effort into the SororitaXDaemonette fic...

Why are you acting like this is a bad thing?

PrudeAnon gets turned on by our anti-prude lewdings>Feels the Warp overtake him>Realises it's a good pain!

>> No.27574253 [DELETED] 

>A female eldar (Or DE, w/e floats your boat) corrupting a Sister into joining the eldar willingly and getting some genetic modification/witchcraft/whatever you come up with for transformation to become part/whole eldar.
Theres something somewhat like that on 1d4chan. Caerys molests a SoB to get revenge on humanity for...something or other. Theres none of that transformation fetish business, but it does end with the SoB in question keeping a lock of her hair as a token of the time they spend together.

>> No.27574254 [DELETED] 

I used to be a rulefag once. Then I realized that quite frankly the mods don't give a flying fuck about what you post unless it personally offends them, threatens their power, or violates US law.

>> No.27574279


You mean this?

>> No.27574291

No, why would you want the boner to stop?

That's because you don't know her. She'll show you why.

>> No.27574301 [DELETED] 

Spoken as someone who actually wasn't there for the mass threadbans.

>> No.27574314

We need someone to start writing something up, and fast. Otherwise the shitposters will have won.

>> No.27574324 [DELETED] 

The worst part is I actually knew that. I got fuckin brain problems today, man.

Still though, futa a shit.

>> No.27574332

Because sometimes it does this and I black out and everything's sticky when I wake up.

>> No.27574334

>mfw every week the same discussion

>> No.27574347 [DELETED] 

>still responding to a troll
Fucking hell, you faggots are as bad as him. Just ignore and report for fucks sake.

>> No.27574369 [DELETED] 

When has /tg/ ever been able to resist. We roll to grapple the troll.

>> No.27574370 [DELETED] 

Looks like it, yep.

>> No.27574380

I think I should start worship Lewdanon as my God.

>> No.27574397 [DELETED] 

And thus shit up the thread. Fuckin quit it.

>> No.27574412

Eh.... maybe...? I'm not really a fan of sphess maurines. But I suppose it could be an interesting read.

This is relevant to my interests. Link? Or a title maybe?

>> No.27574420 [DELETED] 

Now I want to see an eldar making sweaty, passionate eldar sex to a censor bar.

>> No.27574431 [DELETED] 

Just round off one end of the censor bar and it should make a serviceable dildo.

>> No.27574436

...Too late...

Yeah, a big problem with Eldar is their "SUPERIORITY!”
They don’t usually like rubbing elbows or tits with “lesser” races, hence why those pairings are so lewd…
The idea of “Uplifting” a mere Mon-kiegh to be their equal is more insulting to them than snorting crushed Soulstone.

Somebody do Fem-Troll Lewdings!

>> No.27574444

Less self-referential jokes, more true flesh.
Maybe, if I use the other incense and sing the incantation of promiscuity backwards...

>> No.27574450 [DELETED] 

If the janitor really cared, he wouldn't let these threads exist in the first place.

Like it or not, /tg/ has only one rule- don't annoy the mods. If you don't give them a good reason to go after you, they leave you alone.

Incidentally, they don't like vigilantes who try to do their jobs for them- they view that as a threat to their positions.

>> No.27574506

Well realize my version of a Female Space Marines is super sized Samus Aran...

You don't want to be rear assaulted by a Horny Tank, do you?!?!

>> No.27574535 [DELETED] 

He actually did some mechanicus lewd, but I cant post it on /tg/.

>> No.27574637

There's something wrong with those abs...

>> No.27574649

ND, people would respect you a lot more if you actually wrote things more often. Save the RP for when you're done writing.

BTW, where are the rest of the writefags? Hopefully PrudeAnon didn't drive them away.

>> No.27574654 [DELETED] 

Dear janitor,
I understand your frustration. The mods barely read the channel or answer your ban requests. Still, you should DO YOUR FUCKING JOB. Delete NSFW content instead of protecting it. At the very least, leave the fucking threads completely alone.

>> No.27574737 [DELETED] 

Someone clearly has sand up their vagina.

>> No.27574774 [DELETED] 

Aint nothin wrong with bein lewd. How backward can humans be when we find graphic violence PG-13 but as soon as a nipple comes out... shit just got serious.

>> No.27574799

Not sure if should save.

>> No.27574802

You can never really drive away the writefags. They may go into hiding briefly, but like the Taliban, they just keep coming back.

>> No.27574816 [DELETED] 

>Eldar/Ork/And maybe some Tau sexual arms race
Oh god, we need write or drawfaggotry on this now.

>> No.27574821 [DELETED] 

Look at those abs, my niger

>> No.27574839

I'm assuming her abdomen is distended on account of too much sexy mechanical tentacle stuffed up inside her.

>> No.27574851 [DELETED] 

Shitposters gonna shitpost, and some people are stupid enough to believe that the mods actually care about the site. As long as nobody directly challenges their authority or posts something illegal, they don't care what gets posted. Just look at what shows up on /v/ at any given time.

>> No.27574858

say has Lewd drawn Macha wearing a hamburgler style mask while robbing a sperm bank and covered in "geneseed". I thought someone requested it a while back

>> No.27574885

Exactly why it's such Delicious Heresy. Although I suppose an Eldar could see it in the way that "oh hey, this Mon-Kiegh respects us enough to be willing to join our superior little club? I suppose that could be arranged.... Although most Eldar would followed the train of thought you described I would imagine. I suppose it just depends on how 'liberal' and 'kinky' said Eldar would be.

That sounds a bit more appealing.

Still would love it if someone did a story on what I mentioned (preferable the Eldar one as I love me some sexy space elves).

Also thank you kind anon who posted the link to the story, am about to read.

>> No.27574889

He's probably got a big backlog of requests by now, and most of us have learned that he just draws whatever feels like drawing.

On the other hand, he sure would be grateful if someone wrote that HarlequinxCultist-Chan fapfic he's been asking about.

>> No.27574901

I know I know, it' just takes me a while to tease everything out of my head and onto the page...

...Is that a Necron wearing Eldar Skin?

>> No.27574940 [DELETED] 

>being this behind on lore
Nigga, do you even cultural exchange?

>> No.27574964

What about that horrifying mechanical claw with green electricity where the DE girl's hand should be?

>> No.27574969

Flayed ones don't really care whose skins they wear. Most of them are too batshit to notice anyway.

>> No.27575015 [DELETED] 

DEldar are kooky like that.

>> No.27575072

Horrifying mechanical claw with green electricity... on a dark eldar... and youre confused? They flay eachother as foreplay. Not tryin to pick a fight, just sayin.

>> No.27575093

Foreplay? Don't be silly. That wouldn't even qualify as a warmup.

>> No.27575119

Thats true. But at least is all hot stuff.

>> No.27575127

So what's everyone working on right now? I know ND's doing something and Edinbro mentioned Shadowrun monstergirls last thread.

>> No.27575132


>> No.27575141

Don't worry anon. He'll get to it eventually, you'll see.

>> No.27575191

Yeah, I get that DEldar can be uberkinky, but notice that her flesh is loosely draped OVER the hand...
...It implys the skin was never attached in any way...

>> No.27575194 [DELETED] 

>On the other hand, he sure would be grateful if someone wrote that HarlequinxCultist-Chan fapfic he's been asking about.
Man, I want that as bad as he does at this point. Well, maybe not AS bad, but only because I don't have the same devotion to clownsmut that Lewd does. His smut levels exceed my own by orders of magnitude.
>Edinbro mentioned Shadowrun monstergirls last thread.
He posted a preview to boot!

>> No.27575212

>tfw Lewd is now capable of making his own fapping material.
Truely a free man.

>> No.27575286

Someone mentioned lewd involving Perils of the Warp. I'm not sorry for bringing this horror back.


>> No.27575336

I got a concept:

SoB uses a holy strap-on called "The Emporers Will" to purify another heretical SoB.

Alternatively it could be really any kind of heretic. Or even futa I guess.

>> No.27575349 [DELETED] 

And then the purified heretic and the SoB doubleteam a daemonette

>> No.27575380

I think that has been done before. Oh well you just can't have enough SoB pron.

>> No.27575394


I think someone years ago wrote about some SoB with a sanctified strapon raping a Daemonette. The Daemonette in no way enjoyed it, either, due to holiness.

>> No.27575410

Must be Slaanesh-related Perils. Sure sounds like something he/she/hermaphrodite would do.

>> No.27575416 [DELETED] 

That'll show chaos!

>> No.27575422 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

And then to finish the purification rites, they take the daemonette and force her to hold hands

>> No.27575443 [DELETED] 


>> No.27575457


Her warm body was sharp contrast to the cold mechadendrites as they wrapped around my back. They softly quivered as I teased the sensitive edges of her true flesh.

>> No.27575498 [DELETED] 

...How LEWD!!!

>> No.27575547


>> No.27575588

Muh dick is telling me I need this too

>> No.27575643

Sticking a sanctified staff that burns daemon flesh into the genitilia of a daemon.
Hmm I wonder why she can't dig it.

>> No.27575671

The writefags are taking longer than usual to show up. Looks like I gotta bust out the Lewd-Signal.

>> No.27575681

Maybe it's too vanilla?
>Please not the cuddlings, PLEASE NOT THE CUDDLINGS!

>> No.27575683

Gotta answer his request for Harlequin/Yriel fapficing. Lewd's needs fuel to run the lewd manufactorum son.

>> No.27575698

It's 4am. I'm not ready.

Sunday evening.

>> No.27575710

Oh good, it's working. Just had to check.

You're lucky you missed the return of PrudeAnon.

>> No.27575740 [DELETED] 

I honestly didn't know there was an uncensored version of this

>> No.27575761

Yeah, it's fifteen minutes till 4 and I suddenly wake up with this overwhelming urge to browse 4chan. Careful where you point that thing.

I need my beauty sleep.

>> No.27575781

Use it every waking moment, then. Gotcha.

>> No.27575807

Actually, that's the ONLY kind of Masochism NiceDaemonettes partake in...
They love it because it's proof the the Emperor's love of Humanity, and they're Love Freaks.

>Implying Chaos hasn't harnessed the Power of Cuddles!
Dare you grapple with... THE CUTTLEDAEMONETTE!!!

>> No.27575818


>> No.27575848

Goddamn, that critter looks so soft and cuddly.

Would snuggle lovingly until the inevitable san loss sets in.

>> No.27575895

I lost my sanity a long time ago. What's it gonna do, make me go mad again?

>> No.27575911

Even worse. It will drive you sane with its adorably gentle embrace.

>> No.27575924

I've had worse. Besides, I have no soul for them to consume, so HA!

>> No.27575973 [DELETED] 

Look man, start another thread if you want to waste posts shitposting about your godawful headcanon 40Kverse. Just please leave this one alone.

>> No.27576001 [DELETED] 

Overreacting won't do you any good there, and at least ND delivers every now and then (even if he/she/it doesn't know when to stop RPing and start getting shit done).

>> No.27576028 [DELETED] 

Have you tried filtering?

>> No.27576032 [DELETED] 

The most he did was prompt someone else to deliver something and waste posts wanking on about all the stuff he is oh so totally gonna write and then never delivers on.

>> No.27576092

The full pic can be found here:

I request art of a CuttleDaemonette in a /d/rawthread, and was super happy with the result!

Actually... She'll merge with you, then distill your soul with pure happiness until there is nothing left but liquid bliss.

Anywho, how should my Daemonette and Sororita meet?
I'm thinking the Sister somehow gets sucked into the Warp, and our Friendly NiceDaemonette tries to help her adjust.

>> No.27576149


All right, then I propose a challenge.

ND, if you fail to produce this (and with a REAL Daemonette- no NiceDaemonettes allowed) by Sunday night you will not be welcome here. I have given you the benefit of the doubt so far, but I am starting to think you are actually some kind of elaborate troll (or at least an attention whore).

>> No.27576195

ya really

>> No.27576197


>> No.27576202

>I'm thinking the Sister somehow gets sucked into the Warp
Sister is in battle, rushing to stop a chaos sorcerer from opening a portal to the warp, but she's too late. The portal opens and the unfortunate sister is sucked into the warp. Daemonette loving commences.

>> No.27576216

Don't think, just write.

>> No.27576312

Good call; Goes to stab a Sorcerer and gets Warped for her troubles!

Well I am starved for attention, but I can't do regular Daemonettes...

...I'm not big on snuff or going to those corners of my mind in the mood I'm in...

>> No.27576394

Fine. But the deadline remains. It's time for you to stop talking about what you're going to write and actually write it for once. Prove yourself, and nobody will whine about you again. Fail, and you'll have to go anonymous like the rest of us to avoid being booted off the thread. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me- what do you say?

>> No.27576550

Well I can only try...

>> No.27576588 [DELETED] 

Why the fuck am I unable to filter these threads. I've tried everything.

>> No.27576607

I didn't say to try, I said to do it. Now get to it.

>> No.27576623 [DELETED] 

Have you tried the "filter" button yet?

>> No.27576633 [DELETED] 

You don't have to make the canon daemonettes, just leave out all that shit about trying to form the God-Empress or whatever and Khorne being a girl and especially that Fem Marine faggotry.

>> No.27576646

I have such wonderful, wonderful things to show you...

>> No.27576650 [DELETED] 

Turns out the filter on the catalog was sequentially highlighting "eldar" first and preventing them from getting filtered. I'm finally free of you pathetic people.

>> No.27576660 [DELETED] 

Speaking of the glowberry.

>> No.27576680 [DELETED] 

Says the guy who can't help but post here anyway.

You'll come back. They always come back.

>> No.27576692 [DELETED] 

No, this has bothered me for some time and I'm glad I don't have to be reminded you exist anymore.

>> No.27576727 [DELETED] 

Don't forget your fedora on the way out.

>> No.27576760 [DELETED] 

Don't forget to jack off to bad fan fiction written by other losers.

>> No.27576763 [DELETED] 


Says the guy who had to bitch so loud that the very people he thinks pathetic had to prompt him on how to filter them.

>> No.27576783 [DELETED] 

Your reading comprehension skills are as bad as your social skills. I figured it out on my own.

>> No.27576792 [DELETED] 

We will. It's been fun. Don't come back.

>> No.27576807

Do you think maybe we could trap her forever in a box?

>> No.27576844

Sure, but it would inevitably find its way into the hands of idiots who would play with the box and periodically release her.

>> No.27576858 [DELETED] 


>> No.27576884

Would that make her a Xenobite?

>> No.27576892

I'm okay with that.

>> No.27576895 [DELETED] 


>> No.27576901


>> No.27576944 [DELETED] 


>> No.27576966

Shouldn't you be writing now? We offered a compromise up here.>>27576633

>> No.27576971

Oh god she looks just like rubbing hands jew.
Good lewd good.

>> No.27576999

What are you grinning about? You're going to spend forever in a box.

>> No.27577007

Box, tomb, what's the difference? Xeno is the ultimate basement dweller already.

>> No.27577042

>falling for the exact same troll twice
And THIS is what happens when we don't get enough material to work with. Step it up, people- it's bad form to let the natives grow restless.

>> No.27577056

Yeah but she has friends. She gets out of the tomb and does stuff.

>> No.27577105

Didn't the Hellraiser guy also have like three friends with him in the box?

I think you're underestimating the awesomeness of living in the box.

>> No.27577183

We should put both Xeno and Neith in the box, then.

>> No.27577190 [DELETED] 

What happened twice?

>> No.27577209 [DELETED] 

Trolls invaded the thread.

>> No.27577232 [DELETED] 

You said the same one. Is it a tripfag or something?

>> No.27577256 [DELETED] 

A troll pretending to be someone offended by the very idea of smut wandered in and derailed the thread for a few hours before the janitor came and cleaned up. He came back and bragged how he had finally fixed his filter so we would never darken his web browser again. And nothing of value was lost.

No, but the posts were written in almost exactly the same way. I think he showed up a week ago as well to nitpick a minor grammatical flaw in Extra Large Heresy too (and then vandalized its 1d4chan page).

Maybe he was just a dumbass- some days it's hard to tell the trolls from the genuine dipshits.

>> No.27577291 [DELETED] 

How many hours per week do you spend in these threads?

>> No.27577305 [DELETED] 

I use foolz and looked at the previous ones.

>> No.27577363 [DELETED] 

Butt stuff. The answer is always butt stuff.

>> No.27577419 [DELETED] 

>no one must know
What, do you WANT dead conversation links everywhere? How distasteful.

Then again, there wouldn't be any dead links if people stopped responding to trolls.

>> No.27577450 [DELETED] 

How does someone criticizing a story prevent people from reading it or enjoying it?

>> No.27577563 [DELETED] 

Perhaps it might be a good idea to define what is and is not criticism.

Consider this post->>27573804

While it pointed out an obvious flaw (i.e. the Banshee being referred to only as <FUCK, CAN'T THINK OF A GOOD NAME>), it did so without simply dismissing it as a worthless piece of shit.

Refusing to listen when a rational explanation for the percieved flaw is offered (in last week's case case, the word "Sight" being capitalized to distinguish psychic visions from regular sight), and generally shitting up the thread with proclamations on how the story is terrible and how everyone who liked it should kill themselves- that's not criticism.

It's shitposting.

>> No.27577594 [DELETED] 

Just because you dislike something doesn't make it shitposting. The same way someone might dislike this thread doesn't make this thread shitposting.

>> No.27577652 [DELETED] 

Is there some janitor that personally overlooks these threads? What is going on?

>> No.27577658 [DELETED] 

That's not what he's saying though? The fact that he dislikes people posting shit doesn't make it shitposting, it's the fact that they're posting shit, something that adds nothing to the conversation or thread they're taking part in, that makes it shitposting.

>> No.27577676 [DELETED] 

>thread causes trouble
>people report posts that break rules (complaining about moderation and getting too meta)

What do you think, Anonymous?

>> No.27577679 [DELETED] 

How is >>27576971 adding to the thread? I don't see the janitor overreacting and deleting that post?

>> No.27577690 [DELETED] 

Nobody was complaining about or even talking about moderation.

>> No.27577712 [DELETED] 

Nigga please.
Take a look at the thread. Now to the archive.

See a difference?

>> No.27577734 [DELETED] 

And that post is completely unrelated to what was just being discussed.

>> No.27577764 [DELETED] 

Get off your little high horse, janitor. Nobody is breaking any rules here.

>> No.27577778

If anyone here is still hot and bothered by recent posts, just relax, take a deep breath, and start fapping. Continue to fap until you have calmed down. If you can't do that for some reason, do yourself a favor and leave the thread alone for a while. It's just smut- take it from me, it's not something worth sperging over.

>> No.27577794 [DELETED] 

I think the only person hot and bothered here is the janitor who obviously has a personal stake in these threads.

>> No.27577846 [DELETED] 

No more meta discussion, anon. Focus on the lewd and making of same. That's all we need to do.

>> No.27577879

You know what I don't get? I don't get why Caerys has had so little written about her compared to the other DoW Farseers. Even Macha managed to find someone willing to do her, for fuck's sake. Why not give Caerys some of the love she deserves?

>> No.27577901

Reasonable Daemonette. Rapeaderp normal ones don't bther with the slow seduction.

>> No.27577905


....perhaps a Tsundere relationship with Vance Motherfucking Stubbs?

>> No.27577925

Sounds good to me. Who's willing to let her have the 101st Baneblade?

>> No.27577948

Macha is legimately an OG though, she was in the FIRST Dawn of War son. And the reason why all future farseers were women, before it was only Iyanna.

Plus redhead snarky eldar warrior-mage, thats like a ton of fetish bait.

>> No.27577966


>>27577905 here, and I'd be willing to give it a shot if it was something people wanted.

>> No.27577999

True dat, although the old "Ever Virgin" meme kept anything from coming of it until a few months ago. Also a big fan of her- would commission something if I had any clue how to do it

Of course. Everything's better with Vance Motherfucking Stubbs in it. Just ask these ladies.

>> No.27578148

Indeed, which is why Reasonable Daemonettes are AWESOME!

Alright, I need a Holy Relic, preferably a Weapon that our Sorcerer was stealing and planning on defiling, that could later be useful for our Protagonist.

>> No.27578185

I'd be down with that.

>He may also, in fact, have a Thunder Hammer for a penis, but his harem of lovers were all too exhausted to comment on the matter. (from 1d4chan)

Only one way to find out, amirite?

OK, how about some kind of weird archaeotech gun or something? I'll even give you the name: the Plasmatic Laser Obliteration Triplex Device.

>> No.27578208

If you want to make rhw relic something that can be used sexully, a Rod of Divine Anointment. It can be used as a double-header as two lovers press thier sweaty bodies together, sweat-slicked breasts docking and taut tummies slapping against one another and well muscled thighs wrap around hips.

>> No.27578215

Not naming it the Holy Firearm of Saint Chekhov?
I'm disappointed Anon...

>> No.27578225

It sounded too obvious. Although that works too.

>> No.27578295

>not the Sacred Armaments of St. MacGuffin


>> No.27578317

Well, I don't see any other objections, so I'd say you should go on ahead.

>> No.27578331

The only problem with this is that, by the time our couple would be in a position to use it, the Sororita will have hopefully come to care enough about the Daemonette to spare her from the Emperor's Wrath, even if the Daemonette herself is fine with it.

>> No.27578357

It still works as a dildo, doesn't it? I'm sure it'll be fine.

You're thinking too much, that's your problem. Start writing and everything will flow from there. Now hurry up- you have a little under 24 hours now.

>> No.27578405

But Anon, my Creative Process is BACKWARDS!!!
I need to think and think and think until there is nothing left to think about, then write!

>> No.27578467

Now you're just making excuses. If you're having trouble, remember that time is not on your side.

22 hours left. Get going. It doesn't have to be a masterpiece, or even more than a chapter or so in. Just prove that you can write SOMETHING or be condemned to forever lurk without posting.

>> No.27578492

Alternately, you can back down. If you do, you can still post here, but the RPing will not be tolerated. So what do you think- still up for it or are you gonna take the easy way out?

>> No.27578566

What would the "Sacred Armaments of Saint MacGuffin" include?

Thing is, she's going to fall into the Warp killing the Sorcerer, so it's going to need to be small enough for a single person to carry.

>> No.27578609

A boltpistol and flamer would be fine.

You're not writing the next great work of literature here- it's pornographic fanfiction. Or do you just want us to write it all for you? If that's the case, fuck off and never come back.

>> No.27578635

Hand flamer, I mean. Just hurry up and write. Remember, you have until Sunday night to get shit done.

>> No.27578648

You still there? I'd like to see this get done too.

>> No.27578679

Bolt Pistol it is then, I wanted her flaming and slicing down Cultists before the final charge...

And I'm sorry this is an ordeal, but this is exactly why I haven't produced any real Content.
I do GOOD, not FAST, so it takes forever to whittle my nebulous ideas down enough to put them on the page.

But now that I have stabbing an escaping Sorcerer and the Bolt Pistol of Saint Chekhov down, the rest will start oozing along...

>> No.27578738

It seems more like you don't do ANYTHING. You spend so much time thinking and talking about what you'll write that you never get around to doing any actual writing. Stop thinking, just write. Make things up as you go along, I really don't care. Just make something that we can fap to.

This is your chance at proving yourself to be more than a cancerous namefag. Waste it at your own risk

>> No.27578803

Is anyone else in this thread other than me and NiceDaemonette? It feels like I'm talking to myself here.

>> No.27578822

It's Friday night, everyone is out at FNM or partying.

>> No.27578874

Anyway, I think now would be a good time for me to go before I pass out from exhaustion again. If the thread hits bump limit, use the master pastebin link I posted way up here:


>> No.27579395

I can't help myself- I need to bump this one last time.

>> No.27579539

Oh you so silly the thread will be fine.

>> No.27579598

Has there been anything written about Shadowsun by any chance?

>> No.27579634

Nope time to completely overreact.

^Cultists on Sister DP

Orks on Sister spitroast.

Tri-cock Daemonette with lamia body on Sister.

Ogryns Gangbang on Sister

Single Sister tasting the rainbow

Greyknight and Sister trust building exercises.

I save the most ridiculous for last.

Necron sodomy.

>> No.27579664

Very nice.

>> No.27579791


Warning contains massive amounts of WAAAGH

>> No.27580001

Darkest Dawn: Chapter 1 (part 1 of 2)

I wasn't able to complete the whole chapter by the time this thread popped up. The scene in this half of the chapter kind of just... happened. It wasn't planned, but made sense when it started.
Then I found myself stuck with a solo female scene. As a dude, I have no experience with this kind of thing and it was a lot more difficult than I had anticipated to get it down. Seriously, I had to rewrite most of it about four times until I got something I found passable.
I know it needs some work and is probably too short, but I should have the rest of the chapter done soon.

Anyway, enjoy. In part 2, the plot thickens.

>> No.27580051

Unf, dat's good stuff boss.

>> No.27580136

>I stole this from the second chapter. Without any context, it's pretty fun to just imagine what happened

It was not often that a Daemonette willingly visited the circle of Avidity--their natures led them to favor the circles of Carnality and Vainglory--but Avidity boasted innumerable entrances to the Palace of Slaanesh, making it a perfect staging ground for incursions upon the mortal realm. Gehenna and a few of her more ambitious sisters had set up a small palace of their own to plan their trips and entertain their guests, but today was crawling by with unbearable lethargy. Abaddon was campaigning to build enthusiasm for yet another Black Crusade, and Culsu was off with one of her playthings. Some little human minx--one of the so-called Sisters of Battle, no less--had been having some absolutely decadent dreams of late, and Culsu hadn't been able to resist the temptation of riding along. She would share everything upon her return, of course, but in the meantime, that left Gehenna with entirely too few playmates.

Tonight would see a squad of Noise Marines and their aptly-named Blastmasters liven Gehenna right back up, but it would be hours until they arrived, and there were few things more dangerous than a bored daemonette. Sighing, Gehenna hefted the strap-ons in her hands, inspecting them as if it would make any difference. She already knew which one she would wear tonight, and could venture a guess as to how long it would take the marines to tear it off and shove it down her own throat.

Her inspection was cut short by the telltale sound of a warp rift tearing. In a flash, Culsu staggered in from the rift, and Gehenna smiled to herself. Culsu was home early-- maybe she would be willing to have some fun until the Noise Marines arrived. "So, Cul," she smiled sweetly, already strapping one of the fearsome shafts between her thighs, "How was your trip? Is that one plaything of yours still dreaming up those delightful--"

>> No.27580143

Gehenna's question was cut off by a sudden, pained groan. Culsu listed sharply to the side before lurching forward, falling heavily into a pile of throw pillows. Gehenna's eyes widened as she saw the weapon protruding from her sister's ass--it had the blade of a Nemesis halberd, but the majority of the haft was nowhere to be seen. Gehenna's eyes darted back to Culsu, suddenly noticing her too-straight posture despite her obvious exhaustion. Culsu opened her mouth, wisps of smoke drifting up from the corners of her mouth as a silvery substance dripped from her lips. "G-Grey Knights... ran a train on me..." With that, Culsu's eyes rolled back in her head and she collapsed completely.

Raising an eyebrow in surprise, Gehenna looked over her sister. Culsu certainly wasn't going back to the mortal realm anytime soon--or sitting down comfortably, for that matter. Taking care not to touch the blade of the sanctified weapon, Gehenna slowly and painstakingly removed the Nemesis halberd from Culsu's ass, placing it carefully in the corner where it was less likely to hurt someone. The whole process took the better part of an hour, and Gehenna sighed softly to herself after she finished. So much for having fun with Culsu.

Looking back at the smaller daemonette's prone form, a flash of inspiration struck. Gehenna had just done her little sister a favor in removing the offending weapon, and after taking most of a halberd's haft, a little strap-on was practically nothing. Besides, Culsu had said nothing forbidding Gehenna from having a little fun with her. Giggling darkly to herself, Gehenna knelt behind her unconscious sister, guiding her faux-prick into the stretched-out ring of muscle between Culsu's reddened cheeks.
Waste not, want not.

>That feel when you want Lewdanon to draw this.

>> No.27580864

A red fantasy board would be pretty sick.

>> No.27580887

Especially with as strange as /tg/ gets and it being October.

>> No.27581786

What exactly does October have to do with anything?

>> No.27581815

Halloween brings out the crazies, anon.

>> No.27582575


> Posts Hagfish Sister Purity pictures
> Doesn't post the ones of the Sister being screwed by Tyranids.

>> No.27582618

I can see that, given the clusterfuck earlier this thread.

But now that were getting some OC, maybe things will pick up.

>> No.27583051

Bumping for lewd.

>> No.27583332

Darkest Dawn: Chapter 1 (part 2 of 2) ROUGH DRAFT

The ending is going to be expanded and will lead directly into the plot of Chapter 2. For now, I'm running on about 20 hours of no sleep, so I'm going to hit the hay.

This is still a work in progress. I haven't even done basic proofreading yet, so this is likely going to be the worst thing I ever post here.

Once I finish the chapter, I'll probably delete this. In the meantime, enjoy (if you can), and feel free to give me some advice. And please, if this is getting too dark, tell me because it gets worse before it gets better

>> No.27583465

Finished part one of the cybermonsterlesbiantwincestmindcontrolbondage fic, likely of two parts. Unfortunately the setup prior to sex took a while, so there's none in this first part. But the second part is going to be entirely sex, and it should be pretty obvious what it'll involve based on the runup. Which I hope was itself amusing.

Proofreading now.

>> No.27583473

Sseta leaned back quietly onto her own armored coils, silver eyes glinting softly in the cold moonlight. From her lofty perch in the church steeple she had an unobstructed view of the target building across the small courtyard, practically straight into the fourth-floor windows. She cradled her favorite rifle, a DSR-50, and keyed her cybercom.

[I have the image barriers neutralized, but the curtains on the whole east side are pulled shut. No line of sight.] There was a moment of silence before a testy reply came over Leah's cybercom. The salamander had been running hot the last few weeks, and clearly didn't like hearing what the lamia sniper had to 'say'.

[Dammit, snake. Can't you switch to thermal?] she snapped.

Sseta shook her head, despite the fact that nobody could see the gesture... she hoped. [The heaters are on. The temperature difference means the windows show up as big square hot spots from here. And like I said, the curtains are pulled.]

Thankfully, Leah's cooler-headed twin stepped in before she could go off. [Want to tie into my gundrone's sensors?] Alyasa offered politely. [I'll authorize you.]

>> No.27583482

[Thought you'd never ask,] Sseta replied as her ocular implants overlaid a finely-textured series of virtually-projected walls, floors, and fixtures within a sixty foot radius. There was a brief sense of vertigo as the new information meshed with the feed from her server space aboard a GPS satellite far overhead. [I'll need you to paint any targets you want me to hit. Be advised, the outer stone wall will decrease my ability to penetrate hard targets inside the building.]

[Right, we'll keep in touch. Reports are that the arachne sorceress “Sheila” is the only person living in here.] Alyasa paused. [Undead, golems, and drones are a possibility.]

Sseta could see her colleagues approach the door to the apartment complex, flames licking gently along the length of their tails, their clawed feet making surprisingly little noise. [Entering target building now,] Alyasa announced over her comm. With the prosthetic fingers of her right hand, the rigger tried the door handle, only to find it locked.

Leah's limited patience had already been expended. “Fuck it,” she muttered aloud, gripping her prized sword by its over-sized handle. “Knock knock, bitch!”

Alyasa shook her head as she sent the drone in first. “Why do you always get the sword?” she moaned as she used the drone's sensor equipment to survey the entryway, silently making a mental note that there was absolutely nothing there worth noting.

>> No.27583502

“Cause it's mine, duh!” Leah shot back as she stepped through the now-empty doorframe. “We've been through this, sis. I'm the muscley tank character, you're like an arcane skillmonkey with an animal companion.”

[And I'm the minmaxed munchkin who carries the fucking team, now get in there already!] Sseta shouted through the comm link. [I want you in and out as fast as possible.]

“She may be a bit of a bitch, but she's right,” Alyasa reminded her twin as she sent the drone upstairs to scout the second floor landing. “We didn't plan on breaking the door down. Our best bet now is to move quickly.”

Seeing nothing in the way of traps or defenders, Alyasa motioned for Leah to move up the foyer stairs to the landing above, and followed close behind. She tried not to stare at her sister's ass on the way up... that was one distraction she really didn't need at the moment. Their clawed feet made surprisingly little noise thanks to the carpets, but the wooden floors creaked loudly as they passed and the flames flickering along their tails cast wavering shadows all around the hallway.

“Did you hear that?” Leah whispered as something somewhere in the building made a loud clunk, and a soft thrumming sound filled the halls.

[The building's power draw just spiked by twenty-five percent. What happened in there?]

Alyasa patted her sister lightly on the shoulder with her natural arm. [It's just the central heating kicking back on,] she muttered. [We're getting warm air pumping out through the vents.]

“Alright, so we keep moving then?” Leah asked.

>> No.27583539

Alyasa shrugged as her drone moved towards the elevator. With her smaller ceramometalic fingers she punched the call button and the doors slid open. “Sure, let's get up the north stairwell.” After having the drone take up a position to press the button to keep the door open with its manipulator arm, the twins moved quickly and quietly to the stairs. Alyasa swept the stairwell with her Colt .45, then motioned for her sister to move up. Again, she found herself admiring her sister's cute little butt as she passed.

As they reached the third floor landing, the rigger allowed her robotic minion to start its ascent to the fourth floor. “What are you seeing?” Leah hissed, almost too eager for some good news.

Alyasa cursed under her breath. “The whole fucking fourth floor is shielded from all sides. Visual only through the elevator shaft.” Heh. Shaft.

Sseta didn't like what she was hearing. Almost without noticing it, she began to uneasily sweep the side of the building, her right trigger finger hovering millimeters off the trigger, just to make sure she could hit anywhere in the building if called upon. Satisfied, her fingertips slid towards the bolt handle of her big .50 caliber rifle, and with a firm grip she eased the bolt back to check the chamber. Seeing the back end of a big, brushed mass of brass seated snugly in the breech, she eased the bolt handle closed again and returned her fingers to the grip.

[Sseta,] came a voice from one of the twins. It was nearly more of a moan than a whisper.

[Yeah?] she replied, her eagerness betraying just how tense she had grown in anticipation.

>> No.27583558

A red pinpoint appeared in the snakewoman's sight, courtesy of Alyasa's drone-feed. [That's the lock on the door to the suite our target is in. Can you put one of those big, hard rounds of yours through it?]

Checking her mildots against the overlaid shadow of one of the salamander twins' bodies, she estimated the range to be fifty meters: confirmed a moment later by the GPS data. Funny, they seemed to be a bit warmer than usual... even by salamander standards. The target was an inch and a half across, and only one wall separated them. [Sure, I guess.]

Sseta took up the slack on her trigger, and listened to her slowly-beating heart. One... she squeezed a little tighter... two... a little tighter, holding the crosshairs right on the little red dot... three. Between the fourth and fifth heartbeats she felt the trigger break clean, accompanied by the kick of the recoil against her artificial shoulder implants. Those took the brunt of the impact, and the round had barely reached its target before Sseta's hand darted to work the bolt handle. An almost imperceptible upward thrust followed by a smooth draw to the rear, before ramming the next round home. On the other end, one of her companions burst down the door and the drone entered the room she couldn't see into first, followed by what must have been Leah. Then Alyasa stepped through... and something began to happen.

>> No.27583574

Visual feed from the drone was the first to go, and then there was yelling and cursing. Finally, silence. Sseta didn't need them to ask for her assistance: she knew the twins were in trouble, and immediately slid down the sloped roof of the church. With a dull thump, or rather a series of dull thumps, her coils struck the earth first, absorbing the impact like a massive serpentine spring. With surprising alacrity the lamia wound herself sideways across the courtyard and barged into the building.

Sseta had a little Five-seven on her, but right now she didn't care to draw it. Instead she cradled the DSR-50 at her 'waist', content to use the massive anti-materiel rifle like it was an absurdly oversized short-barreled rifle. Her tongue flicked at the air... it had a strange chemical taste to it. Almost like a really seedy disco.

“An alkyl nitrite, maybe?” she muttered. Yes... the heater vents were pumping a warm gas laden with highly refined aphrodisiacs. Known as “poppers” among enthusiasts, but this seemed more powerful. Fully aware of both the cumulative effects the drug would have on her ability to function and the fact that she was unusually rubbish at stairs, Sseta elected to summon the elevator.

As she slithered out into the hallway and up to the door she'd shot practically to splinters, Sseta noticed that her heart was pounding. Whether from the drug's effects or her own nervousness, she couldn't be sure. Regardless, she slid through the doorway and hung back to listen.

“... you would just leave me in peace? No...” A female voice, unfamiliar. That must be the Arachne they were here for. She seemed oddly upset: not so much homicidal or even angry, but vaguely hurt. “... so I suppose I'll have to teach the two of you fools a lesson, won't I?”

>> No.27583591

That was her cue. Rounding the corner she saw the Arachne interrogating her companions, who had been bound tight with what looked like spider silk. Lovely... the spiderwoman met her eyes immediately. “Who are...” she began. But that's as far as she got.

When Leah came to, the situation had clearly changed. Her sister was still muttering something about asses in her sleep, and her head felt oddly light. But Sheila, their target, had removed most of their bindings.

“You did that goddamned Kaa-eyes thing, didn't you?” she moaned, finally noticing Sseta's wicked grin as she slithered up to her. The snake had clearly been raiding their target's fridge, and was munching on a slice of cold pizza.

“Yup,” she muttered, mouth still full. Then, suddenly aware of herself, she swallowed. “I turned off the heater. The aphrodisiac will wear off completely in a few hours.”

“You seem no worse for wear,” Leah snarled, perhaps a little harsher than she'd intended.

>> No.27583610

Sseta shook her head. “No, I just got a smaller dose. There's still a certain... tension. I'm not immune like our acquaintance Sheila here.”

“She's immune?” the salamander wondered aloud as Sseta pulled the spiderwoman away from her. She'd been getting in the way of their conversation, as it was difficult to see past her to someone lying on the floor.

The arachne gave a demure little mutter of acknowledgement. “Yes, my mistress.”

“Yeah,” Sseta replied casually. “Why would she flood the whole building as a defense mechanism if it affected her too?”

“Fair point,” Leah admitted, “but then why are her tits so hard right now?”

A look of dawning comprehension spread across Sseta's face. “You... you don't think she...”

>> No.27583680

And for now, that's all. I've got a fair bit of labwork to take care of, so the last half will probably have to wait until next weekend. But there will be lesbians, and mind control, and bondage, and twincest, and they will talk and be friends maybe and hold hands.

>> No.27583696

Looks good to me.

Anyone else depressed that there will never be a part 3 to Bride of Slaanesh?

>> No.27583706

Cyberpunk monstergirl smut- what will we think of next? I can dump this into a pastebin if you need me to.

Incidentally, anyone here willing to take a request? We all know that the Phoenix King of the High Elves is obliged to marry the Everqueen for a year to conceive a daughter, but none of us have ever seen that conception actually taking place. Who wants to fix that?

(It doesn't matter which Everqueen it is, although I would personally prefer pic related or Astarielle.)

>> No.27583712

Aaaaand done.

God, that was a lot of work for something that's probably not going to be arousing, or will be fun to read. Too much plot with the porn.

But whatever, I wrote it, it's done the idea's out of my head. I apologize everyone, just had to finish it as soon as I saw the Lewdanon picture.

A Warrior's Body. Taldeer/LIIVI, mostly vanilla.


>> No.27583758

Updated the master smut pastebin with all the new links so far. Hopefully this should make things easier for future OPs.


BTW, has anyone seen ELH? He normally shows up by now, but I guess he must be having his Crohn's flare up again. No matter- I remember hearing in some other threads that his last work seemed to be a little rushed; I personally disagree, but it's something to think about I suppose. (The person who had the complaint never actually said what was wrong with it though. Odd.)

>> No.27583930

Can I just say, I am intensely aroused by the prospect of an artifact that, when triggered, releases a cyber-sexual dominatrix that wants to show me wonderful things. That's like three of my fetishes at once. Four if you're counting Xeno's hooves.

>> No.27584086

It's here, finished and ready at last.

Seeding Midnight, Part Six: 3sW8Vk1H

I admit, its starting to get a little samey with the consensual loving sex. To make up for this, Part Seven will have lots of hard non-consensual drow and drider femdommery with whips and orgasm denial and will lead more directly into the Escape. If I keep dividing the story into 2-3,000 word chunks like this, I might be able to give you a Part Eight and Nine aswell, though as stated before I suspect that there won't be much, if any, sex in the parts directly concerned with the Escape. We'll see how it goes.

As always, your feedback is highly welcome.

>> No.27584206

You know, it's also possible he's on the west coast and he hasn't gotten around to 4channing yet.

>> No.27584232

looking good, though as I'm a sucker for cuddles and happy romantic endings I'm hoping that Relan develops good relationships with both Thrali and Izzara and the 3 of them safely make it to the surface

>> No.27584379

No, it's good. To be honest, it's a veritable breath of fresh air compared to what normally happens with her mother, and far from samey. Don't let that stop you from writing up what you want, though.

And don't worry too much about inserting too much sex in the parts concerning the escape. It'll make the epilogue/finale all the more satisfying.

I agree with him- human-Drow relationships are rare, but not unheard of. And it's clear that Izzara's too soft-hearted for her to fit into Drow society- it's only a matter of time before she'll need to escape herself. The fact that she could even use the word "love" is itself a massive sign that she's not like normal Drow.

Maybe. It's hard to say exactly, but I'm sure he'll show up eventually.

>> No.27584488

Thanks. I was definitely setting things up for a more positive 3-way here. Im pleased that my efforts to make Izzara, Thrali and Relan fuller characters have paid off, and that its possible to speculate like this.

I am also grateful that my consensual nicey-nice stuff is well-appreciated. :) I admit I'm not that great with BDSM/hard dom stuff and given the sort of stuff ive seen around the net for Drow what I have attempted in that category has been incredibly tame.

Part Seven should be up by late tomorrow at the latest. If more consensual happytimes is preferred, I can tone down the planned hard femdommery. I'm quite flexible about what fetishes I do or do not include, within reason.

>> No.27584546

That would be nice, but the final decision is all up to you. Maybe a compromise- the hard femdom in the first section, and consensual happytimes after to balance it out. I'm sure that would make everyone happy.

>> No.27584760

Good work so far!

Also we MAY be autosaged early, I'll check with this post. If so I'll get the next thread up.

>> No.27584775

>Also we MAY be autosaged early, I'll check with this post. If so I'll get the next thread up.
Not autosaged.
Please start using extensions.

>> No.27584803

They're not entirely reliable since they only count posts. They don't show staff autosages. Also, the thread had a lot of deleted posts, I don't know how that changes things for everyone. Coincidentally, we're still just a couple lines from the bottom of the catalog despite my bump, so I'll update the link and get a new thread up.

>> No.27584806

It's fine for now. Although the foolz archive version of the page must look like an absolute mess with all the trolling from last night- I think nearly a hundred posts ended up being deleted. (We have GOT to stop replying to obvious shitposters.)

>> No.27584812

But it's only 244 post. Even not a half to autosaging.

>> No.27584814

we're at 247 posts, 41 images, on page 0

>> No.27584826

Ah shit, nevermind. I don't know when it got switched to creation date, I always kept that on bump order. Figured that this thread being autosaged ahead of time wasn't an unreasonable guess.

>> No.27584830

Just saw this on the front page, bro.

>> No.27584831

Autosage starts at 300 for /tg/, remember? Set the next thread up now, but don't post it until we hit 320 posts or so.

>> No.27584845

>. They don't show staff autosages.
They show when the last post was. If the last post was 17 minutes ago and you're at 240 you cannot be past page four.
>Coincidentally, we're still just a couple lines from the bottom of the catalog despite my bump,

>> No.27584878

Enough metadiscussion- it's time to get back to the lewd. Like this.

>> No.27584906

Anon, where is the Orc x Elven wizard piece you were working on? My body is more than ready, can the same be said of your piece?

Waiting warmly, as always.

>> No.27584912

Oh, I forgot, thank you.
Not even a piece of smut should be lost.

>> No.27584925

> Orc x Elven

>> No.27584950

Was it the capitalized "elven" that gave you pause?

>> No.27584957

I ended up being much more busy/banned (finally got the appeal cleared last night, fucking /vg/ staff) for the past couple days than I expected. My parents will leave town today though, so I'll drill it out after I go see a movie with one of them or something. Were you the one who wanted hypnosis involved, or was that an anon?

>> No.27584996

> /vg/

>> No.27585003

You didn't miss too much- we had a slow start due to a massive influx of shitposting.

>> No.27585092

>we had a slow start due to a massive influx of shitposting
Oh? Were people trying to save you from the predations of BADWRONGFUN again?
And you still continued on right ahead towards your own doom? How depressing.
>Were you the one who wanted hypnosis involved, or was that an anon?
Certainly not me. While certainly is MC a kink of mine I personally would've liked that particular piece to be mostly vanilla and consensual if at all possible.

>> No.27585136

Hm. Lesbians at least, right? How about magic that just makes one of them horny rather than ASSUME DIRECT CONTROL?

>> No.27585140

Something like that. Some wannabe vigilantes seem to be incapable of tolerating a little lewd (MUH BLU BOARD) and a whole bunch of other people (or possibly the same shitposters, I don't know) started provoking them and mouthing off about the janitor and the mods, which went...badly.

It's like people are allergic to the filter extension or something.

>> No.27585181

Aww so adorable. Also plot is never boring. But thats just me.

>> No.27585188

Pretty damn good. Well written, characters feel like actual characters, Ishana's build is more or less my ideal fapfic type. Eagerly awaiting chapter two.

Once people are away I'll fap all over myself and check for typos.

>> No.27585224

>Lesbians at least, right?
Perfectly fine, yes.
> How about magic that just makes one of them horny rather than ASSUME DIRECT CONTROL?
> them
Oh, I thought one of them would be controlling the other. If it's an outside influence I'd be perfectly okay with both.

>> No.27585299

Excellent. Puppet-on-a-string isn't always my taste either (usually I'd like to be the puppet and that's kinda hard to write,) so it'll be tame at least compared to the hit I'm used to seeing.

>> No.27585357

Agreed. On both counts.

>> No.27585409

Haha now Lofn can go to sleep peacefully without sex noises from Taldeer and LIIVI. Or invite her boyfriend over and have sex on everything in said home/sneak into the cookie jar. Depending on how old she is.

>> No.27585467

I'm not sure she's even been born by that point in the story. We never really did bother with a chronology for the LCB saga, and I highly doubt anyone would agree on one anyway, seeing that the original ending vanished into the depths of the Internet long before foolz was set up.

>> No.27585574

Right. Well the story mentioned Lofn so I just figured in this story they already made her.

>> No.27585639

Did it? Must've overlooked that.

>> No.27585665

Its okay, story is a fun read.
>mfw in all the fapfics, LIIVI always slightly annoys Taldeer while lovemaking...which may explain all the aggresive sex.

>> No.27585764

Makes you wonder what their first time was like...

>> No.27585828

Guys, I have a weird request, Too much weird. Sorry for that. Don't read spoiler, if you are not ready.

What about a fapfiction with some... You know... With love. And hugs. And sweet kisses. And all this wearied vanilla stuff.
Is anyone interested?

>> No.27585850

You're in luck. We have no shortage of that hanging around. Any specifics?

>> No.27585853 [DELETED] 

Epic meme

>> No.27585858

That'd be great, actually.

>> No.27585870

The Taldeer one....is kinda vanilla. Hell she doesn't even go down on LIIVI. And they hug and kiss plenty too.
but LIIVI is apparently a beast, and Taldeer is no slouch too

>> No.27585910


Currently writing a Caerys/Vance Motherfucking Stubbs fapfic where they admit they have feeling for one another. Sweet, awkwardly cute, tender vanilla hopefully ensues. Still working on it, though.

>> No.27585928

I was wondering where you went. And it's about time the Farseer nobody remembers got her time in the spotlight.

>> No.27585990

Oh wait I am mistaken, the ending suggests that Taldeer blows an exhausted LIIVI in their bed.
>How could I forget that.

>> No.27586027

> Any specifics?
No, just some feelings.

Not necessary, but warhammer-related is welcome.

>> No.27586038

40k or Fantasy? I think we have people doing both right now.

>> No.27586073

"Love can bloom" is vanilla enough.

>> No.27586085


>> No.27586089

Pff all you Taldeer/LIIVI fapfic writers need more faith. This one was good mmm.

>> No.27586110

I love both of them. It should be grate then.

>> No.27586122

Heya Lewdanon. I see you took my suggestion about branching out from Eldar to other types of Elves.

>> No.27586128


>> No.27586186

Lewdanon, you still working on those "sex faces" for Macha and Taldeer? Can we see them?

>> No.27586234

Loving sex between humans, drow young and demure or motherly and dominant, and half-orcs preferably all at the same time is where it's at.

>> No.27586357

Oh shit sex faces? Damn I need this bad.

>> No.27586388

>mfw Taldeer used racism to turn LIIVI's fuck mode on.

>> No.27586481

Heh, Chuncky Caerys is best Caerys!

...Also... BEGIN TEXT DUMP!!!


The boldness of the Heretic knows no bounds…
To think they could barge into this Shrine, the Sacred Armory of MacGuffin, a repository for Holy Relic Weapons from throughout the Sector; The sheer audacity of such a crime was a sickening thought!
Yet they still came, in a nigh unending torrent they rushed and crashed against the Shrine’s defenses, the very weight of their dying number vast enough to crush though the ramparts.
The Adepta Sororita fought valiantly, but even laying one hundred traitors low for ever member they lost made this a loosing battle.
Still they continued, delivering the Emperor’s Wrath upon these retched fools through Flame and Sword, falling back into the Armory proper lest the wicked sack and defile it’s contents.
As the river of human vermin finally began to wane, one Sister still remained.

Aine Walperga did not view herself as a particularly gifted Sororita, yes she was capable with a Chain Sword and Flamer, but it was only through a combination of the Emperor’s Will and her being in the rearguard that she still stood to cut down what was left of the invading horde.
Beyond exhausted, she dispatched the last dozen or so Chaos Worshipers with a flourish of Chainblade and a few gouts from her Hand Flamer before collapsing to her knees.
During her respite however, the mastermind of this attack made his presence known.


>> No.27586503

He was a pathetic Sorcerer, true be told, the fact that he had been able to gather such a Cult despite his weakness a feat in and of itself, but the price of a few thousand souls was a cheap one if he could defile an Icon of the Corpse Emperor and appease his Dark Lords.
While the remainder of his minions occupied the last of the Sorortia, he slid past to pluck his prize; the legendary Bolt Pistol of Saint Chekhov.
The Pistol had been held by numerous Warriors of the False God when they had single-handedly wrestled victory from certain defeat, and surely the power of such a fabled weapon could only come from a Greater Daemon sealed within, could it not?

By the Emperor’s Grace, Aine had turned her head in time to glimpse the Foul Witch exiting the Armory with a Sacred Bolt Pistol.

“Oh, you’re still alive?” Noted the Sorcerer, the contempt in his tone obvious, “Well, as much as I’d like to break my new toy in by bathing it in your blood, I really must be going…”

Quickly spinning around, the cowardly Mage began making the gestures to tear a portal into the Warp with which to make his escape…
…Sister Walperga would NOT allow him slink away from this massacre unpunished.
Her Faith fueling her, Aine hauled herself to her feet and lunged with all her might towards the Witch, revving her Chain Sword as she ran.

“NOOOO!” She roared indignantly as she closed the gap, the outburst causing the Sorcerer to turn just in time for the Sororita to plunge her blade through his chest!

…But in her zeal, Sister Walperga inadvertently damned herself, for her charge was so great that it carried her, the dying Witch, and Holy Bolt Pistol right into the Warp Portal…



>> No.27586578

moar sir.

>> No.27586595

Oh dicks. I'm being dragged around town for a few hours now so I can sit through some shitty college football later while he pokes around my tfw no gf. Check back tomorrow or late late tonight. I might jump ahead in the story a little for the sake of lesbians since there seems to be more demand for that than hypno/ss/is right now.

>> No.27586629

Woah wut. I missed a hypno/ss/is vote? Damn it, oh well could you work on it later if it tickles yoru fancy?

>> No.27586667

Sorry, but I'm tapped out...
This is the entirety of what I've written since last night, and even if I did have the energy to churn out the next planned bit it won't have Lewdings...

>> No.27586676

>Oh dicks. I'm being dragged around town for a few hours now so I can sit through some shitty college football later while he pokes around my tfw no gf.
Oh you just seem to be having a SPLENDID time, anon! Spend it well, you're only young once, right?

>> No.27586682

Yeah, I'll get on that when I can too. I actually picked up some good inspiration for that earlier this week. Couldn't touch my dick but still wanted to get off. Thank you online hypnotists! But yeah I'm feelin' it about as much as lesbians anyways so I'll just see what comes out on the page tonight.

>> No.27586707

Hey, at least this isn't a weekly thing anymore. College out of st8 is gr8. I've got nothing going on tomorrow so I'll try to get what you want out before the threads shut down.

>> No.27586731

>Oh you just seem to be having a SPLENDID time, anon! Spend it well, you're only young once, right?
Mom get off the internet.

>> No.27586876

could the resulting climax be all messy over the horny cougar responsible?

>> No.27586882


I've been massively sick with a stomach bug that's kept me either pissing out my ass or throwing up every thirty minutes. Not exactly conductive to writing smut.

>> No.27586986

In the singular? Dream bigger, friend. I have magic and no need for refractory periods. Also yeah his balls are magicaly augmented at night. So very messy. He's like a werewolf, sort of, but with spooge instead of gore.

>> No.27587053

I honestly, truly didn't expect you to deliver. Perhaps I misjudged you.

>> No.27587074

Shame. Oh well, plenty of time for you to plan things out for when you get better at least.

>> No.27587118

Very well. You've proved yourself capable of doing decent writefaggotry at least, so give yourself a rest before moving to the next part.

>> No.27587126

Well I'm glad you did, I've been in a funk lately and actually sitting down and getting something done should help with that.

>> No.27587255

I am squeeing pretty hard right now to see one of mah characters drawn again by you Lewd. My thanks!

>> No.27587342

Having been out of the loop, anyone mind telling me who the hell Virtanen is? He's hitting all my "I recognize this guy from somewhere!" buttons, but I can't for the life of me figure out why.

>> No.27587468

>You've proved yourself capable of doing decent writefaggotry

>> No.27587676

Edinbro's been holding back the specifics, but as far as we can tell he's a Perpetual who's been around at least as long as the Dark Age of Technology, if not the Age of Terra. Apart from that, it's all speculation.

Now that I think of it, we know just as little about Macha herself. Sure we're aware of the role she played in the Tartarus incident as well as some of her previous...misadventures, but is that really all she's ever done? It's not like she just decided to become a Farseer on a whim one day.

>> No.27587716

So should we get the next thread ready now?

>> No.27587749

Page six.
Hell no.

>> No.27587758

Perpetuals are the worst idea ever. They're a worse idea than Stalin's 5-year plan.

>> No.27587777

OK, I'll give it more time then.

>> No.27587847

It's called "working with the material you're given". They're here to stay (they retconned Anval Thawn into one, after all), so the least we can do is to go and salvage the concept somehow. If nothing else, it's not like it can be screwed up any worse.

>> No.27587867

Eventually, if we screw up canon enough, they'll have to advance the plot in an attempt to bring it all back together!

>> No.27587899

This is GW we're talking about- the only way the plot will ever advance is if they lose control of the franchise. And given their increasingly unwise business practices, that might end up happening within the next decade or so at most.

>> No.27588133

Given the eldar path system she may have just done that

Although I do like the idea of macha trying out all the different paths from bone singer to banshee to baker etc and each time trying and failing to get laid

Then she finally ends up a farseer because hey the ones in charge have to be able to find someone right? And spends the centuries until she meets Virtanen missing or screwing up every chance she gets

>> No.27588193

Macha should be a feisty beast on the battlefield and a true perfect warrior in all regards....while in private still moping about on dating websites and blind dates *and wearing her old path suits with dyed hair*. And then during one particularly bad touch of luck, Macha's "ever virgin" problem finally comes out and she faces a bit of ridicule, until she beats the first heckler up with her farseer staff.

Also she's still an OG Farseer, someone really should just write a competant, and very skilled Macha who is a great leader and warrior but does all those wacky shenanigans during her down time.

>> No.27588279

I always saw her as being quite well rounded because she tried the other paths before getting fixed into the path of the seer later on so that reflects well with how I see her character. It also is in part what I like about the character in that she is very good at her job and at times seems to be effortlessly good but her personal life was a shambles and she was the sort who got home and ate a tub of ice cream while searching Elmatch.dar on the infinity web

Sadly I can't write worth shit so I wouldn't be able to do that any justice

>> No.27588289

I would assume that she would have kept her problem to herself while in the middle of a battle or something. She certainly gave no indication of it back on Tartarus where she made her first appearance in 40k. That said, all that frustration was bound to build up after a while (source: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Macha%27s_Vacation) until she got hereslf captured by a certain Acolyte and decided that she wouldn't take "no" for an answer that time.

Regardless, I do believe we have the start of something here.
Your thoughts, Edinbro? (If you're still here, I mean.)

>> No.27588299

I'm sure some of the writefags here could, there seems to be some who really can into plot, which this would be just perfect.

>> No.27588352

> Macha
> banshee
I want to see it so badly.

>> No.27588460

We need a new thread.

>> No.27588483

You know, before Extra Large Heresy nearly every writefag just depicted Macha as a frustrated nymphomaniac who was just one step away from willingly falling to Slaanesh. Now she's allowed love to bloom in her own (far more lustful) way to such an extent that she would put her own soul in jeopardy for it, and got the opportunity to give the ultimate "fuck you" to She Who Thirsts in the process.

I'm on it. Give me a few minutes

>> No.27588541

It's up.

>> No.27588556

Why do we respawn always so early? Can't we wait till it's on page ten? Each new thread exposes us again which is hella inconvenient and just plain not necessary.

>> No.27588596

Actually, this time was much later than usual. Normally it goes up within a few posts of autosage. Regardless, I think we'll be fine as long as we don't feed any trolls.

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