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How does /tg/ feel about the Gue'Vesa, the humans who have willingly joined the Tau Empire?

Do you allow them in games? Do you think they should have more presence in Tau fluff?

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I don't play 40k, I mostly just follow the fluff and I play the RPGs. Hell yes Gue'Vesa need more presence in the fluff. For one, I want to know how their lives are compared to living under the Imperium.

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Childless. Living the dream.
There's no way they'd be given pulse weaponry. The only auxiliaries who get those are extraordinary Kroot.

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Lore says a hell of a lot better than the average Imperial citizen. Freedom of religion, value of the individual, heck, it's stated that the Water Caste usually go around taking images of their new lives so they can show Imperial Planets they want to ally with so they can see how much better life is with the Tau Empire. Gue'Vesa Fire Warrior Auxillaries are also very respected.

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An interesting part of the Tau Empire fluff that hasn't been explored fully.

It's a pity.

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There used to be rules for Gue'Vesa, two squad members could take Pulse Rifles. Lore backs it up, saying Tau weaponry would be distributed in times of war when Las weapons weren't enough.

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Actually, they are given pulse rifles.

Sergeants only, though.

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Old rules for 'em.

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So how come the Tau haven't tried to incorporate the Orkz into their empire?

Obviously it would be difficult but I imagine that they'd be able to pull it off. The tau equip the orkz and tell them where the biggest shoot up would occur if they just went there.

Just curious if its ever been done before. Also I want to see a battalion of orkz with tau technology.

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Actual traitors don't get that rule to be used against them.

Now that's funny.

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>So how come the Tau haven't tried to incorporate the Orkz into their empire?

They tried for decades and then they gave up.

>Just curious if its ever been done before. Also I want to see a battalion of orkz with tau technology.

Look up Grog Ironteef and the War of Dakka.

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I wonder how would the Tau react if they ever got to see a Forge world. Or if a rebellious Forge world were to join them.

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If the Tau want to keep the population stable, they would still have to allow roughly 2,1 kids per a pair of gue'vesa - and that's not even accounting for wartime attrition. Also, if enforced population control was necessary on a planet, emasculation would probably affect morale VERY negatively, so they would most likely resort to vasectomy instead - and even that only after the male gue'vesa had had his 2nd or 3rd child.

Conceivably, this system could allow trading of the childbearing rights, so those willing to remain childless could yield their right either on the free market or rewarded by the system.

Sure, Imperium most certainly does not enforce population control (or even encourage it - except probably for women serving in the armed force), and so you have such nice places as the hive worlds. The more poor sods living in wretched squalor the better, so that there will be ample volunteers for the Imperial Guard who will gladly face indescribable horrors from beyond for nothing more than a promise of a warm meal, for whom even a death is a respite from their daily suffering.

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>Or if a rebellious Forge world were to join them
now this, i want to see

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They already captured a Hiveworld and a Forgeworld in the Third Sphere Expansion.

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Sounds like a good deal, all options considered. Though it also sounds like it could be a good way to get utterly annihilated by the Imperium.

Speaking of which, why do people always bring up the supposed sterilization of the humans on Kronus as proof that the Tau are evil? The Imperium would have done far, far worse to defectors.

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Apparently, they flat-out refuse to believe reports of Imperial Hive Worlds. The idea that humanity can pack more people onto one world than they can across their entire Empire freaks them out that much they just write it off as misinformation and propaganda.

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I do wonder if a Techpriest could ever share the Tau's view of technology, or at least incorporate their teachings into it. I doubt it, but still.

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>squats confirmed as Tau traitors

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Because muh freedoms.

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>freedom of religion
>gue'vesa exercise said freedom
>religion is slaanesh
"their primitive rituals are quite intruiging"
>suddenly, daemonettes
"ahh, new sisters to join the greater good!"
>dismembered blue reproductive organs fly through the air

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Fire Caste the Novel had Gue'vesa Tech Priests and Tau augmented sevitors.

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>Apparently, they flat-out refuse to believe reports of Imperial Hive Worlds.


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The Tau have already had enough experience with chaos to know that it's very bad news, even if they themselves aren't susceptible to it.

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Actually, most Gue'vesa still follow the Imperial Cult, just without the whole xenophobia and intense hatred.

I've been meaning to get that novel for quite a while, but I haven't been able to find a copy of it.

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Find the Farsight supplement on /rs/ and give it a read. The fluff sections are quite well done and it goes in depth about Tau/Ork history. The short version is, after losing a crapload of resources and water caste diplomats trying to convert orks to the GG, the Tau ended up just saying "Fuck it." and now eradicate them with extreme prejudice.

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Yep, and I think the Ethereals know about Chaos. That was the implication in the Farsight Supplement.

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How do Tau view Astartes? How does an Astartes compare to a Crisis Suit pilot in capability and functionality?

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I've only got two modeled, but I really love them. My hope is once I get the time and (responsible) money to make another squad of Firewarriors modeled as Gue'Vesa. Not because I need more troops but honestly I just think it would be so much cooler to have more diversity in my army.

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Astartes and Tau have actually worked together a few times, which isn't surprising as Astartes tend to be less hotheaded than the rest of the Imperium.

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Be warned.

Fire Caste is mostly an Imperial Guard novel. It does have Tau bits, but they are few and far in between.

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The farsight codex also explains how the space marines came to view the tau as honorable foes. They didn't shoot apothecaries when they were recovering geneseed.

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Exactly, IG novels are my favourite. 'Baneblade' and 'Flesh and Iron' are probably my 2 favourite 40K novels.

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The Fire Warriors respect them and are awestruck by them. This causes the Fire Caste to relish the chance of testing themselves against them.

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The best part is the Tau Sympathizer looks like your standard Hive Scum, only not as well armed and maybe a bit healthier.

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How do tau forces usually stack up against astartes in combat? I went with Crisis Suits, since I have doubts the average fire warrior would be much threat, but a pulse rifle is no lasgun, it can punch through armor pretty well, if nothing else.

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The Tau revere a certain great father of many Gue'Ron'Sha cadres as their spiritual liege. The legendary Tau hero Farsight even composed his own treatise on warfare by studying and interpreting the writings of the great one.

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>Actually respecting medics on the field.


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Because they're desperate to shut down the Tau fanbase's wanting a more upbeat race. They grasp for what few straws they can find, including the ones from a game that has openly flaunts fluff inconsistent with the actual universe (KHORNATE SORCERERS)

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Tau can easily take on a Tactical Marine Squad in a firefight, but they'd crumple if an Assault Marine Squad were to jump on them.

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Hello Mr. Ward. How's work? How's the family?

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The Imperial Command wanted to issue exteminatus on Daly'th Prime in the Damocles Crusade, but many Imperials blocked it from happening. The reason for this is that the Tau were honorable and to employ such extreme methods on them would bring shame to the soldiers of the Imperium.

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It wasn't meant to be an outright evil thing but more a "they aren't all sunshine and happiness" thing. The tau in the DoW games aside from that come across as the stereotypical good guys which isn't allowable for 40k so they wrote up some quick dirty reason for them to be evil

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Its fun to see when enemies respect each other in 40k instead of just blind hatred.

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>How does /tg/ feel about the Gue'Vesa, the humans who have willingly joined the Tau Empire?


>Do you allow them in games? Do you think they should have more presence in Tau fluff?

I don't play the tabletop game, but otherwise enjoy most aspects of 40k.The thought of humans living under, not besides, the control of filty xenos disgusts me. They should have more presence in fluff though, because it's quite unusual and interesting. And so pious and loyal Imperial players can destory the heretics in combat.

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They would probably crumple to a tac squad in melee even

Tau are great at range but they are not an army you want to get stuck in with

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If you want to see some Tau vs marine action and be the judge for yourself, I say look up the Taros Campaign book.

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>Do you think they should have more presence in Tau fluff?

Quite a bit actually, if you want I can upload the Novel Fire Caste where a group called the Janissaries are used by the Tau agains the imperium. Also in the novel Rogue Star the Tau have human intelligence agents who recruit from the Damocles crusade fleet.

They now know that Imperium is a monolithic and extremely powerful stellar empire that could crush them if someone in the Council of Terra deems them as a big enough problem, so they have to incorporate human agents and soldiers to deal with this situation. PLus Greater good is supposedly inclusive of all, just with the Tau leading.

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>Why would you want freedom of religion when your god is demonstrable (golden throne/acts of faith) and the other demonstrable gods are evil/bloodthirsty

>Individualism depends on the planet, an average low-income man probably has more say on a democratic agri-world than a Hive World.

>Some Imperial Worlds will not see war for thousands of years at a time, the Tau face the Ultramarines and their sucessors from one side, the constant presence of Orks, and Hive fleet Behemoth from the other side.

>Plus(especially if we're going off DOW) the Tau will probably sterilize you.

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With a markerlight maybe, the Tau have weak depth perception, I bet a marine could shoot the bead of the Tau helmet from a comfortable distance.

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I wonder what would happen when the Tau meet traitor guard of chaos and Alpha Legion agents who are no doubt heavily scheming and manipulative.

Story idea forming...

Scenes of many dead tau...

Gue'vesa driven mad by chaos...they kill the Ethereal...


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>by studying and interpreting the writings of the great one.
And than he wrote a book about how predictable elite human soldiers are and how to exploit it

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But the Emperor isn't demonstrable, not to the average Imperial citizen. Yeah, he exists on the golden throne, but he just sits there glowing really brightly in the warp.

Individualism doesn't really vary by planet, it varies by social rank. All forms of sedition and rebellion, which includes unionizing, forming political organizations that go against the established rulership of a planet, and any form of protest are crimes in Imperial law (source, Hostile Acquisitions). If you're born a worker, you die a worker, and probably spend the entirety of your days in backbreaking toil.

Even if some Imperial Worlds will never see war, they'll always see an oppressive rulership that keeps the lowest classes pressed firmly in the mud. There is nothing to support the idea that there any Imperial worlds where the average citizen lives in anything resembling comfort, luxury, or freedom, barring pleasure worlds which are noble playgrounds that are sustained through the backbreaking labor of the other worlds.

The DoW tau were dealing with humans that just rebelled against their rule. They got a far better deal than the Imperium would have given had the tables been reversed.

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>tfw an unarmed Space Marine captain issuing a challenge to Aun'shi would basically play out just like this whole scene

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Tau are well aware of chaos and the danger it represents.

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>They would probably crumple to a tac squad in melee even
Not that hard - tacs are usually qite shitty in melee, especially agains opponents in heavy armour (which fire warriors have) and assaulting Tau have a bad tendency to lead into massive multiple simultaneous overwatches tat usually leave a few marines splattered across the battlefield before they even can reach the melee.
Generally it would be a bad idea for tacs to rush areoss tha board and try to assault firere farrior squad of equal point price.

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>Then he wrote a book about how elite human soldiers failed to understand and practice the wisdom of Loboute Guirriman, greatest son of the guela godking, and although tau may never be his children, they still revere him as a spiritual liege.

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>Tau are well aware of chaos and the danger it represents.

PFFT. Yea no. They have no souls for a warp presence and the majority dont know shit about Chaos, they think it is a anomaly or some such not the truly horrific thing it is. I am sure Farsight became what he is because of chaos and the Tau are still unaware of this fact methinks.

Alpha Legion operates in the eastern fringe from where they likely orchestrated the defection of Farsight through the deaths of the Auns in his company.

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Do you mean rules marines or fluff marines? A single fluff marine is worth more than 100 guardmen. A rules marine is worth about 2.

Fluff marines can react faster than the speed of sound. while rules marines can dodge lasers.

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You better send this idea over to Mr. Ward. Such beautiful fluff needs to be added to the game ASAP.

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But they do know about chaos. They've battled its forces several times and they've seen plenty of humans fall to it. They know very well that it's bad news, even if they don't understand it because they can't fall to it. For that record, the Imperium doesn't understand chaos either; even inquisitors get burned alive for trying to understand it.

Last I checked the theory is that Farsight went mad because of the ancient necron blade he holds

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In my first 6e Tau match (still 4e codex) Tzeench Sorcerer challenged my Shas'Ui and was clobbered to death with the butt of his rifle in two turns.
"Well, that was not as planned" - said he, and we both laughed out loud

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If you're gonna discuss marines, it's best to go with 40k RPG marines. They're complete rape machines, but aren't a constant wankfest.

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As much as I support Tau, I will defer this point to the other anon: Tau are naive. They have COMBAT experience, yes, but that is different from knowledge of what it truly represents. Remember, they thought when they defeated a Keeper of Secrets that they had killed Slaanesh.

Granted, killing a Keeper of Secrets is no small thing and for somebody who is oblivious to Chaos, would seem like killing a God. But in the end, it's really just scraping the iceberg.

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Farsight supplement disagrees. It's just another anti-fan talking out his ass.

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Farsight hasn't gone mad though. The blade extends his lifespan. If I recall correctly, he peacefully retired and was meditating and shit for a while before jumping back into his suit to slice up the enemies of the Enclave.

and to bang Torchstar

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Well I like wankfest marines. Space marines are expensive. They have to be good.

Something I wrote back:

>Do you know of the Space Marines? The genetically engineered super warriors created by the Master of Mankind. Carefully indoctrinated and their skills honed to a razor sharp edge. They are equipped with the finest weapons and armour forged by the Tech Priests of Mars. Their courage and valour holds the domains of the God Emperor together. They fury and wrath strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies. There are but a million Space Marines, less than one for every planet. Yet it is enough.

>The Tau have more battlesuits than the Imperium has Space Marines.

yeah I'm a taufag and I like mah wankmarines.

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>Farsight went mad because of the ancient necron blade he holds
No, there is conjecture alone, but savage and enigmatic forces sounds like Alpha Legion fuckery and the Dawn Blade hardly seems necron as the words

"Unknown to its wielder its blade is made from chronophagic alloys which add a slain foe's remaining natural lifespan to that of its owners"

Point to chaos, it will become easier for the gods to control a individual who is absorbing the souls of the others.

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I haven't read the Farsight supplement yet since I run a traditionalist Tau army (I just don't have the money to crank out all those battlesuits) so you got me there- but might that mean only the Farsight enclaves have enough experience to deal with Chaos proper?

>> No.27570689

Deathwatch and Black Crusade marines are plenty powerful, if you ask for more than that, you're what's wrong with the fandom.

>> No.27570691

>Farsight supplement disagrees
Can you link a copy to me? Just to read what it is that it disagrees with.

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>accidentally replied to my own post instead of >>27570612 's response


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It's implied in the Farsight supplement that the ethereals know of chaos.

>> No.27570720


Statline sounds like Cultists, if anyone wanted to run them.

>> No.27570723

What the ethereals know /= what all taus know.

What farsight discovered was the ethereals knew about chaos and didn't warn the other tau. That's why he broke off from the empire proper.

>> No.27570729

>. Remember, they thought when they defeated a Keeper of Secrets that they had killed Slaanesh

They though they killed a guy called Slaanesh and not the Slaanesh THE God.

Good difference.

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I'd love to, but I can't seem to find it.

>> No.27570758

But....Not telling the Tau about Chaos is a good thing. It's like the Inquisition or Emperor not telling anyone about Chaos.

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Convinient that you dont have an argument then.

>> No.27570777

>Statline sounds like Cultists, if anyone wanted to run them.
Statline sounds like S4 AP- or S3 AP5 rifles and carapace aremour. That's pretty badass

>> No.27570785


Ah, okay, I stand corrected. Thanks guys.

>> No.27570815

I haven't seen 2nd ed DH yet but the old one had plenty of things that annoyed me like weakass lasguns, overpowered autoguns, space marines dying from falling over ect etc. Instead of actually fixing shit, FFG just keep grinding out new supps like some $2 rpg mill while quality degenerated. I just homeruled shit up and stopped buying the books.

>> No.27570819

About as much as you do. Do you have something to imply that they would be totally clueless about chaos and unable to recognize it? They've battled their forces, which are mostly human, which means they've come in contact with cultists. The intelligence that they'd have to gather as part of a successful campaign would lead them to know that it's a corrupting influence on human minds.

>> No.27570843

>space marines dying from falling over

You must be exaggerating something disingenously.

Also, lasguns are about the appropriate strength they should be. The whole "as powahfool as a fiddy cal!" thing was retarded 40kid wank at its finest from the crowd that gets upset when another setting is more overpowered than 40k and starts to up 40kdad.

>> No.27570845

Still can't figure why GW didn't include them in the codex. Seriously, just make like an infantry squad with lasguns. Possibly one or two special weapons and grenades. I know there's no "official" model, but just slap a Cadian/Catachan box in the Tau Troop section, and you're all set.

There are bits in Tau fluff. In an old codex there was a gue'vesa that met with an Imperial delegation.

And some fluff does go into how aliens are implemented into the empire.

>> No.27570862


I doubt its Chaos. To be honest it sounds like it might be a pre-fall Eldar relic or something.
Making a weapon that steals life force from people sounds right up their alley.

>> No.27570890

And what alley does chaos agent inhabit again?

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>Still can't figure why GW didn't include them in the codex. Seriously, just make like an infantry squad with lasguns. Possibly one or two special weapons and grenades. I know there's no "official" model, but just slap a Cadian/Catachan box in the Tau Troop section, and you're all set.

What are the allied rules?

>> No.27570904

If its not Chaos, then why does Farsight intend to kill himself if he discovers its secret.

Also there is the issue about the Chaos Warding amulets.

>> No.27570907

Mostly weapons with more mouths than they really should have.

>> No.27570920

If one reads the fluff regarding DE Cronos, terms like "time-thief", "leecing life essence" and "rejuvenating" pop up. So my money would be on Eldar technology. Either pre-Fall or gifted to him (dropped off where he'd find it) by the Eldar, who saw it's get shit done in the future.

>> No.27570935

Then why do CSM have cultists, when they could as well use IG allies?

>> No.27570946

Which would fit with the current state of the Tau, since there's always been an odd relationship between them and the Eldar.

>> No.27570949

The Cronos was described as stealing spirit juice. The Dawn Blade has no such description.

>> No.27570954

Forgive my slightly woolly lore here, I don't into tau as much as I should: Isn't there a bunch of suspect details in the tau rapid development? cut off by warp-storm and suddenly super developed? Ethereals turn up from no-where and unite the castes? Exact mechanism by which the ethereals control other tau mysterious (pheremone?) and looks like it over-rides free will?
To me it adds up to some force behind the scenes. What are the best fan theories?

>> No.27570960

Probably because cultists are a bit different in function, they're supposed to represent disorganized rabble, not quality soldiers.

>> No.27570964

Did you not notice the new S3 A1 "kroot" are perfect as catachan auxillaries.

>> No.27570977

Eldar is my favorite, personally. Though the lack of a warp essence could have also had the C'Tan involved.

>> No.27570982

>What are the best fan theories?

Tau being descendants of the Necrontyr is fun one.

>> No.27570996


Oh, the ethereals control the tau via those crystals in their heads to create pheromones (may or may not work with other species to, seeing how ethereals can diplomatically talk down most aliens in private)
The smart money is that the eldar created the tau and ethereals to eventually kill off choas, seeing how tau souls don't make good daemon chow when compared to humans or eldar. (I think thats in xenology or whatever that book is called)

>> No.27571004

The ethereal caste are the last living survivors of an ancient race of sickly short lived mortals with great technological talent but no psychic ability, thrown forwards 60 million years in the future.

>> No.27571012

>the Cronos are known as 'time-thieves', for they steal youth and vigour from their prey and gift it to their sadistic keepers.

Yup, nothing alike.

>> No.27571018

ooof, love that. Fits with the tau short life span, but what else backs it up? And who (in story) does and doesn't know in that theory? Surely if the necrons knew they'd be looking to get in on that fleshy action?

>> No.27571040


Because of the whole thing of him living off his slain enemies life force?

>> No.27571044

Well, since the necrontyr were interred in their bodies millions of years ago, they'd probably be so far removed from their origins that nobody would ever realize the connection.

>> No.27571045

Yet have identical stats to Guardsmen. Some rabble they are.

There's proxy and there's having actual units.

>> No.27571050

>The ethereal caste are the last living survivors of an ancient race of sickly short lived mortals with great technological talent but no psychic ability, thrown forwards 60 million years in the future.

Or more precisely, the entire region known as Tau space is 60 million years younger than the rest of the galaxy, when stars were younger and worlds filled with abundant unexploited resources.

>> No.27571052

The Cronos entry describes the function of the device. It draws the Spirit of the victims and then sends it out as waves to heal the Dark Eldar.

It doesn't actually steal time. It steals souls. ''time-thieves'' is just a flowery nickname for them by the Dark Eldar.

>> No.27571059

Aren't they armed differently from guardsmen? That might be the reason for specific mention.

>> No.27571076

Sounds like you dont know what chaos is either. I can forgive ignorance but this is just ridiculous.

Yes its all make believe bullshit anyway.

>> No.27571084

Necrontyr lived short lives because of tumors and genetic faults. It wasn't so much that they lived short lives, but they lived painful lives and when death came, it came suddenly, which is why they had corpse carts rolling around, gathering the dead and powerful people had monuments and tombs built so they could live forever.

Tau just have a short natural lifespan, though even that's in question, when some have lived for thousands of years.

>> No.27571096

So how did that happen? Only Old Ones really fit the bill. Seems a bit benevolent of the C'Tan. If the Necrontyr themselves did it with their time control tech why would they then forget that tech? Or is it some post hoc plot by the necrons to reach back in time and pull old necrontyr forward to 40k?

>> No.27571109

>Farsight intends to kill himself if he discovers its secret.

>commits sudoku
>steals own life

i laugh everytime.

>> No.27571117

> Surely if the necrons knew they'd be looking to get in on that fleshy action?

They are getting there.
''The presence of the Orks was of little surprise, for ever have their kind infested the universe. Of the Tyranids the Necrons knew little, but recognised them for the foe that had decimated the Charnovokh Dynasty. In the Tau, the regent saw traces of the work not of the Old Ones, but others of their progeny, determining that a more detailed examination would be necessary to ascertain their true heritage''

-Deathwatch : Outer Reach

>> No.27571123

Never ending cycle of seppukku.

>> No.27571125

Isn't there a thing where the 1000 year old ones might just be names past down? Sure that was in 4th ed codex, which was the last one I got a good look at.

>> No.27571137

Why would he care?

His retinue extend their own lives through various means.

>> No.27571139

Actually, it's an Imperial nickname. People who don't understand how it exactly works. And how detailed description do they give it to the Dawn Blade. From what I read, it's pretty hazy.

Autogun and lasgun are identical in 40k stats. Both have flamer. Cultists have heavy stubbers, but that's mostly because in Guard those things are usually reserved for PDF and other shitty units.

>> No.27571151

The C'tan uplifted species for their own amusement and purposes.

The Nightbringer and Deceiver did this a lot.

>> No.27571153


> Tau just have a short natural lifespan, though even that's in question, when some have lived for thousands of years.

Various reasons for that given in fluff:

> Shadowsun and Puretide's students are frozen
> Farsight reaps souls accidentally
> Nanomachines, son.
> Aun'Shi is just too perpetually old for this shit to die

>> No.27571205



> Succession: Commander Tauguy the VII, son of Commander Tauguy the VI, son of...

>> No.27571243

My point is that Tau are able to extend their lives, but even with their reality bending technology, the Necrontyr could not escape their weak flesh.

>> No.27571249

He's stealing the lives of everyone he kills.

He sees himself as the honorable warrior, not a blood lusting thief out to extend his own life

>> No.27571273
File: 554 KB, 733x635, Lived for centuries.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually, Necrons can extend their lives. The Last Silent King lived for centuries and possibly a thousand years

>> No.27571302


Individual Tau can extend their lives, individuals out of billions. Maybe most Necrotyr were basically peasants. The leaders might have had the technology to extend their lives, but considering Tau are just short lived and Necrotyr were breaking down on a genetic level, they were fighting a losing battle.

>> No.27571449


I thought the tau had like a weird field thingy, like the orks have, ya know, the magic ork feild what makes their dakka go dakka.

So, the tau leaders, for some reason, live on, because they effectively take the life from the "unimportant" tau, the normal tau who die in no time at all, because they unknowingly give their life-force to the leaders for the greater good.

It could just be some tau tech hokus pokus, the tau don't tell their fire warriors they are all slowly dieing from radiation, so they do keep lots of secrets

>> No.27571492

>I thought the tau had like a weird field thingy, like the orks have, ya know, the magic ork feild what makes their dakka go dakka.

That's what the Imperium (Or what the Narrator thought) in the 5thED rulebook.

The truth is that the Ethereals are long lived and the ordinary Tau is not. However, the Tau can use technological methods to extend their lives

>> No.27571505

Oh FFG, do you even fluff? In the codex it says that the Silent King is a title, it was the Triarch (not Szarekh) that used the Old Ones as an excuse to go to war, and Szarekh isn't even mentioned until the Necron empire has been pushed back by the Old Ones. It says during his rule they made contact with the C'tan, and that he ruled during the last days of the Necrontyr.

>> No.27571604


Awwww, why'd they make it simple? I like the orks having the magic field of awesome orkness.

It felt cool the tau having one to.

Damn you GW, less 6grimdark3you more space magic!

>> No.27571638


Can't be worse than the imperium on account of the imperium being worse than living in the warp.

>> No.27571650

Seduced by chaos is an understandable excuse.

Lured by blue vagina-headed fish is not.

>> No.27571665
File: 364 KB, 556x1360, tau girl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Whatever you say.

>> No.27571684


>human women smell like fish
>fuck actual fish
>humans judge you harshly

I implore you to reconsider

>> No.27571693 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.34 MB, 584x903, Hawt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No excuse at all.

>> No.27571710


I'd love me a good headrub right about now

>> No.27571742

SO i'm thinking plate mail bodies ,catachan legs ,with space wolf beards?

>> No.27571767

Getting lured away from the light of the Emperor by Chaos tricks can be forgiven upon death, but one who turns his back on the Emperor willingly, deserves no redemption.

>> No.27571804


They still worship The Emperor.

>> No.27571832

Tell it to the judge, creep.

>> No.27571950

I played a radical Inquisitor who had decided to play Gue'vesa for awhile to study the Tau Empire.

Most fun I've ever had in a campaign.

Gue'vesa are a pretty cool outlet. Let's you actually look at the 40k Universe in a different light.

>> No.27572507

You can't have shadows without light. Without something resembling hope, the setting is just one massive pile of never ending shit.

>> No.27573215

Read the fucking text. They bear no ill will towards their human kin. So they see another human, and lacks the will to fight him - while the Imperial guy will scream "HERETIC" and want to gut him all the more. So it's a combination of not wanting to fight, against a foe who would sacrifice his life to see your blood flow.

>> No.27577011


No ill will doesn't mean they won't fight.

>> No.27577113


Also it kind of blows. At least the preview excerpt did.

>> No.27577168
File: 122 KB, 450x442, 1370923500096.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>imperial guard
>quality soldiers

>> No.27579693

How does that work worshiping the emperor while serving his enemies?

>> No.27579805

It's implying the Tau were engineered by the Eldar, genius.

>> No.27579847

I assume that that the Gue'vesa still have intense hatred for Chaos and heretics maybe? Which works well with the Tau as they don't do chaos.

>> No.27579872
File: 34 KB, 600x302, tau.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What reason did GW give for making Space marines battle brothers with Tau, but not IG?

>> No.27579945

>Imperial Guardsmen
>Soldiers, not meatshields

>> No.27579974

Ultramarys are pretty close to the Tau.

As for the IG, I have no fucking clue.

>> No.27580042
File: 170 KB, 727x924, ally matrix.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27580059

Man, the IG's such a slut. It'll ally with anyone.

>> No.27580076

>Aun'Shi is just too perpetually old for this shit to die
>perpetually old for this

>> No.27580077

Imperial Guard is just as likely to ally with Daemons and Orks as they are with Tau.

Having Tau BB with Eldar is also retarded.

>> No.27580110
File: 155 KB, 540x405, dan_abnett.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You cannot escape me


>> No.27580114
File: 235 KB, 432x510, 1361526162478.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice try...... I have the allies matrix from the dex infront of me and it says the IG is allies of convenience with the tau.

>> No.27580145

IG being able to ally with Daemons was to allow Traitor Guard armies though, which do exist in fluff.

>> No.27580156

And so does that one...

>> No.27580171

Fair enough. I guess Orks was for Blood Axes then?

>> No.27580176

How exactly does one explain IG allying with Necrons or Dark Eldar, even Desperately?

>> No.27580203

Newcrons are feuding Egyptian Dynasties, who'll ally with anyone to take on the Tyranids.

As for the DE, it could be captured Guardsman pressed into service, or maybe (like it says) desperate allies to take on a bigger threat.

>> No.27580223

Sucks that Chaos demons and Necrons don't get along. I really wanted to make an army like that

>> No.27580232


They probably rationalize it by thinking Imperium and Ecclesiarchy are corrupt and that their teachings don't represent the Emperor's true will.

>> No.27580247
File: 1.36 MB, 1155x1611, 028.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Necrons can enslave other races, either the normal way or with mindshackle scarabs, and Dark Eldar may work as mercenaries for anyone desperate (har har) enough to accept their services. Although now there are even Necrons who'll do mercenary work.

>> No.27580290

Necron mercs.
That's pretty cool actually.

>> No.27580457
File: 102 KB, 512x512, 1361852085918.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So fluff wise why are IG allies of convience but Space marines are battle brothers with tau?

>> No.27580506
File: 45 KB, 206x844, rogues gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Space Marines have allied with Tau out of convenience in the past, so obviously they should be Battle Brothers and not Allies of Convenience.

>> No.27580526

Because Spess Mehroonz are less worried about the commisar shooting them for speaking to a xeno.

>> No.27580543

Is that the hit list for our assassins or something? We need Goto in there too.

>> No.27580560
File: 171 KB, 504x720, 1361472674799.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lel... I see what you did there.

>> No.27580657

Oh god that's fucking hilarious

>> No.27580667

But from what are they engineered from?

>> No.27580673


>> No.27580674
File: 1.45 MB, 958x579, y52kuuvq2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Why don't we do things like that anymore?

Married life is hard.

>> No.27580709

Some space bugs that showed up in Xenology, is what.

>> No.27580739

The Ethereals glans were. The Tau themselves is a mystery to the Necrons.

>> No.27580754

And that's why there are only traces of the work of the Eldar.

>> No.27580774

An intresting tought came to mind. If Farsight's blade steals his slain enemies souls/life force/whatever, could this contribute to him having a presence in the warp?

>> No.27580788

How do you know it were the Eldar? The Orks are progeny of the Old Ones too and they are crafty and cunning!

>> No.27580900

I can't help but think that the Tau have something to do with the Warp, especially their sudden and idealistic "religion". Probably Tzeentches work.

>Just as planned...

>> No.27581012

Another thing I give the Tau
They actually try diplomacy. Sure it boils down to "Join us or die." but thats a damn sight better then the other factions
>The Imperium wants to burn you for being an alien/heretic
>Eldar think everyones just super lame and they are awesome
>Dark Eldar wants to rape and murder you
>Chaos wants to murder you then rape you
>Orks are made for fighten!
>Tyranids just wanna eat
>Necrons are space zombies

Am I missing anyone else?

>> No.27581030

Plenty Necrons have a ''join or die'' policy too, you know.

>> No.27581048

but isnt that a Slave thing?
not really the same

>> No.27581071

Well, we don't really know the scale of the ethereals' power.

>> No.27581120

thats true
but until they explicitly say "Yeah they are 100 percent mind controlling everyone" I am inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt

>> No.27581140

Imotekh has like a 500 worlds that pay him tribute and he mostly leaves them alone as long as they cough up the praises and the resources for his Dynasty.

Frankly, I don't see a difference between him and the Tau on that regard.

>> No.27581162

Well that does not like a normel thing for the Necrons.
I am not saying all the factions are like >>27581012
but just generalizations
there are always exceptions to the rule

>> No.27581167


>> No.27581243

Because 1) the creatures that fucked the bugs for the glands were sleek and tall, and 2) Tau still exist.

>> No.27581273

I don't think Orks care about Chaos.

>> No.27581276
File: 362 KB, 474x405, Being an Immortal is suffering.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's normal for the Newcrons. The Necron Overlords are lonely and bitter.

Can you imagine ranting and yelling at your mindless minions hoping against hope that somehow they might understand a word of what you are saying and acknowledge you in a way that befits your station? No, you can not!

Newcrons wants subjects. ACTUAL subjects for their Empires. Subjects that understand their brilliance and awesomeness and lavish them with praises and worship.

>> No.27581300


I am assuming this is a newer version of them?
I admit I am behind on my necron fluff

>> No.27581319

Newcrons are the necrons of the new codex. They were changed, a lot.

>> No.27581367
File: 118 KB, 873x627, OverlordVonStrab.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The Imperium wants to burn you for being an alien/heretic

Yet doesn't bother with races they don't perceive as a threat, like the Tau (Damocles Crusade was one butthurt ecclesiarch who managed to muster 19 regiments, 12 capital ships and 5 Marine companies). Some border worlds do engage in trade with aliens (Codex: Tau Inquisitors use trades as sources on the Tau) and others use them as mercs.

It all depends on who knows about it, who cares and so forth.

>Chaos wants to murder you then rape you

Then why are there so many Chaos aliens and why don't CSM have any problems using alien devices? In BFG one of their escorts is a combination of Imperial and alien technology.

Chaos is the most equal opportunity employer around.

>Orks are made for fighten!

An' if ya kan fight like an Ork?

>Necrons are space zombies

I suggest you pick up the new codex and read a little.

>> No.27581388


Necrons have been changed completely - now they are Tomb king IN SPAAAACCCEEE.

And it's great.

>> No.27581398
File: 226 KB, 412x561, retcons.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Granted, it's now almost... 2 full years since the 'new' codex was released. But you know, it's all relative.

>> No.27581402
File: 26 KB, 492x70, khornk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But Chaos cares about Orks.

>> No.27581404

well I should read up on them
apologies for my ignorance

>> No.27581425

Actually, the Imperium wanted to wipe out the primitive Tau but put their plans on hold when the Warp storm hit. Bad example, anon.

Also according to various source (Tau Codex and Farsight book, The Damocles Crusade was vast.

>> No.27581426


So fucking bland...ugh...I swear 40k 'humor' is the worst. It's not even important to have a good pun , you just slap badly 40k together with sexual imagerey, swagalactic imagery etc. to show that you are one of the cool guys who doesn't take his hobby too seriously...ugh...

Get the fuck out you karma whoring piece of shit.

>> No.27581480

Two years the the squabbling and butthurt hasn't ended.

Will the wounds ever heal?

>> No.27581514
File: 64 KB, 477x200, damocles.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imperium wanted to settle the planet. They sent colony ships, which were lost in the storm.

>> No.27581516

I meant Orks can ally with IG to represent Blood Axes (or whichever clan the mercs are).

>> No.27581530

You seem extraordinarily upset.

>> No.27581702


It's not specific to 40k that writer/artist is just fucking shitty. It's like you didn't know serially unfunny comics existed or something.

>> No.27583453

Those rules are updated in the new IA3 second edition

>same stat line, flak armor, lasgun, CCW
>starts with 6 guys for 25 pts and up to 6 more for 4 pts a piece
>sarge is a 10 pts upgrade and he can take a pulse rifle for 3 pts
>entire squad can take frag grenades for +1 pts / model
>imperials get preferred enemy against gue'vesa units

RAW they can only be used when playing Taros Campaign battle missions, but I think it's safe to say that people who allow FW units in friendly games wouldn't enforce that restriction. Aside from being a cheap scoring unit that dies when you cough on it, it's nothing special, and allying with IG probably gives you more flexibility if you want to represent Gue'Vesas.

>> No.27583491

So they are just cannon fodder? thats a bit of a shame

>> No.27583577

why would you spend 13 points to give a guy a pulse rifle?

>> No.27583607
File: 383 KB, 842x800, 1359900066173.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cause Pulse Rifles are rad as fuck?

>> No.27583608


Well, not much else they would be as humans and guardsman especially. Maybe special weapon squads but that wasn't' likely.

>> No.27583631

What's the appeal of the Gue'vesa, anyways?

>> No.27583637

The idea that Humans can co exist with Aliens with minimal discomfort is an interesting idea in the 40k setting

>> No.27583651
File: 75 KB, 700x612, 1288551498714.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

back in 4th ed the tourneys around my area allowed for imperial armor to be used.

my army list had 1 squad of fire warriors because i had to take them and 2 squads of 6 gue vesa with EMP gernades.

no one even looked twice at them because eh its just 6 guys with lasguns... ill kill them with a few bolter shots in a ffew turns from now

>charge that land raider
>land raider is now blown up

sudenly that cheep scoring unit draws a lot of attention... away from my fire knife battle suits.

land raider gone and was a fire magnet for 1 turn... job well done gue vesa. job well done.

Many a best overalls were won by those 12 lasgun toting brave souls.

>> No.27583683


Can't tell if he is being killed horribly or enjoying every second of it.

>> No.27583699

There's no pulse rifle in that image.

>> No.27583720
File: 427 KB, 1000x714, 1358460297561.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thats pretty amazing

Pulse Weapons in general are rad as fuck

>> No.27583756

No its not. Leave that shit to Mass Effect or some other space opera.

This is a setting where every time something like that was tried, one race tried to fuck the other race.

>> No.27583770

Your opponents sucked.

>> No.27583786

>No its not.
Thats a subjective opinion
I am not trying to get you to like them\
merely explain why others do
or atleast I do

>> No.27583808

Slaneeshi daemon? Both.

>> No.27583860

Someone doesn't know about the Rogue Traders!

>> No.27583985

>Pulse Weapons are rad as fuck
>post picture of a rail rifle

Not sure if stupid or just fucking with me...

>> No.27583986

Not who you are replying to, but I believe it comes up in one of the Last Chancers novels.

>> No.27584079

What part of humans living as mentally neutered pseudo-servants for alien overlords bent on dominating the galaxy is not grimdark? Even a gilded cage is still a cage.

Besides, humans and aliens have gotten along just fine through the editions. If they're not fighting as mercs or trading with each other, they're allying for fights or have an understanding.

>> No.27584095

>Besides, humans and aliens have gotten along just fine through the editions. If they're not fighting as mercs or trading with each other, they're allying for fights or have an understanding.


>> No.27584105

Abaddon charged a squad of one of my Crisis suits back in 5th once. He wiped two of them out in a turn, but the last one stood his ground and for three turns, fought with him and killed him. In melee.

Needless to say, I promoted him to being my Shas'O.

>> No.27584422

Jesus what weapon did he have

>> No.27584463

Inquisitors visit the Black Library; one lived aboard a craftworld; in Codex: Tau there's a trader that tells about how he'd get drunk with water caste merchants; in Farseer two eldar walk into a bar on an Imperial world and hire a rogue trader for a transport; there's kroot and ork mercenaries that have worked for the Imperium; in Xenology an assassin is disguised a part of a ship crew that visits Pech; Von Strab works with the orks; Nastase, Drak and that pirate in Honsou's warband are the result of a human and eldar coming together and making a connection at the crotch; etc.

And then there's Chaos. If they're not using alien weapons, they're dealing with powerful aliens or having them in their warbands.

>> No.27584606


I know of the others, but who's this one?

>> No.27584654

>two eldar walk into a bar

Sounds like the build up to a joke.

>> No.27584733

Special character in Necromunda. According to stories, his father was an Eldar scout found in a torture chamber of a corrupt Imperial nobleman. His mother nursed the scout back to health. He then went his way and left her a talisman (which Drak now has) and a bun in the oven.

>> No.27584750

The joke is the bar is run by a Slaaneshi worshiper with a direct link mirror to the daemon they're hunting.

>> No.27584764

wait so its possible to crossbreed Eldar and Humans?

>> No.27584781

>Secret Slaanesh cult

yeah im not surprised

>> No.27584796

I love them and wish more fluff was made about them. In fact in my rouge trader campaign I plan on my players running in to a planet of Gue'Vesa.

>> No.27584823

Who knows. In the old days there was an astropath who was a half-Eldar. But these days all you get are rumors, hints and in-world speculation, nothing concrete.

>> No.27584946
File: 995 KB, 1229x1675, 162.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah right, now I remember him. Well, remember hearing about him at least, I'd just forgotten the name.

(This page is from the old Inquisitor rulebook, just one more among the countless examples of human/alien dealings.)

>> No.27584961
File: 285 KB, 450x375, 1374017686104.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>The Emperor wanted to ally with the Eldar. They only turned him down because he sent someone who was tainted by Chaos.
>Blood Axes could co-exist with humans.
>Mass Effect Krogan fill a role similar to Kroot.
>Rouge Traders
>The Illuminati and the Eldar
>Ultramarines are battle brothers with Tau

Nobody knows what you're talking about, but you're just wrong.

>> No.27584992

>Mass Effect Krogan fill a role similar to Kroot.
My friend always said Pre Genphage they were basically Orks
but After the Genophage they became Space Marines in their doctrines

>> No.27585063


Yeah, probably a much better comparison.

>> No.27585520

according to xenology they were the eldars attempt to create a race able to resist and fight chaos

>> No.27585542

>implying anyone surviving a battle against orks, eldar or tyranids isn't an hard has nails cut-throat psychopath.

>> No.27585544

You can't fight against Chaos, If you are completely clueless about it.

>> No.27585605

Yup. Newcron codex says that as a non-psychic race the Necrons are without defenses against the warp.

And the same time some of the strongest anti-warp groups are psychic, inquisitors, harlequins, grey knights, etc.

>> No.27585632

the point was to make them incorruptable. no warp presence and no personal ambitions etc.

awareness is a sideeffect of being so young and naive.
chaos marines are probably just looking like dudes with funny fashion sense to them.

>> No.27585691

Newcrons know about the Warp and have to screw it. Null Fields and whatveer

>> No.27585778

What's the point of creating them to serve a certain function and then not telling them about the function?

>> No.27585796

It's built into their subconscious, probably. They don't need to consciously know.

>> No.27585801

Because either they don't want the whole universum to know who made them or they're just being dicks about it.

>> No.27585809

Maybe they haven't gotten around to it yet.
Or somebody fucked up the plan.

>> No.27585812
File: 357 KB, 729x628, chaos-tau.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They know it exists, but knowing doesn't make it any harder for warp to fuck you over. And their null field matrices are just glorified Gellar fields, strengthening reality vs. actually countering the warp. Gellar fields have been used in real space to generate anti-warp bubbles to make it extra hard for daemons to exist inside of it or psykers to draw on the warp.

How's it working so far?

>> No.27585814

>incorruptable tau
Stop that shit.
They aren't incorruptible and were never so.

>> No.27585900

Fire Warrior the novel showed they are very resistant to the touch of Chaos.

>> No.27585930

Actually, Null fields render the most powerful psyker useless and banishes daemons. Something Gellar fields can't do.

Also there is the fact that the Necrons actually won the War against the Old Ones.

>> No.27585975

>Implying that the ones who survive aren't the ones just playing dead, retreating, or hiding.

>> No.27586022

You mean other than being picked as a puppet by the BBEG the moment Kais landed on the planet and seeing he was different, being toyed around all through his journey, driven to bloodlust and bellowing out "blood for the blood god!" and ending up in the looney-bin.

Yeah, totally untouchable.

>> No.27586043
File: 108 KB, 638x357, 2013-10-05_204347.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> The most common method of possession is the capture of an unprotected psyker. Fortunately for them, the Tau are not a psychic species, so for them to be adversaries they will have had to come into contact with a Warp entity that has already forced its way into the real universe either through a host creature or by being bound in a place or within an artefact. Unfortunately for them this still represents a significant peril for their emergent empire. Each new system they explore is a potential minefield of previously unknown phenomena and each race they meet could already be irredeemably corrupted. As if this wasn’t scary enough their every move is scrutinised by the massive and merciless power that is the Imperium of Man. A power that is more than willing to crush any xenos species, especially one that seems to be cooperating with Chaos.

> The fierce loyalty that the Tau castes have to the Ethereal caste suggests that persuasiveness alone will be inadequate to turn them to the path of Chaos. There is little chance that silver-tongued adherents of Slaanesh or Tzeentch could lure the Tau astray. Renegade Tau such as O’Shovah are not unknown, however, so clearly there must be ways to lure the Tau from the teachings of the Ethereals. How it has been achieved remains a mystery. If you want your Tau army to be an Adversary for the Daemonhunters then it will be up to you to come up with a solution.

> Using an Ethereal caste member as the victim of a possession works especially well. A Daemon controlling an Ethereal has the unquestioning obedience of all the other Tau in the army.

>> No.27586102

The Daemon Lord picked Kais because he was special. Of all the thousand of Tau, he was vulnerable because of his inner conflict (read: Daddy Issues). The Daemon could not influence the 99.99% Tau present there and in the end Kais got rid of the Khornate rage and taint like it was a bad cold.

Oh...Then there is the Ethereals who had the combined energies of the Chaos Gods channeled on him to no effect at all.

>> No.27586109

source for that?

>> No.27586137

Nobody said they are immune. Just that they are very resistant.

Th Tzeentchian Daemon Lord in Fire Warrior noted that it would take centuries for him to break the Ethereal. So its possible but it would take a great effort.

>> No.27586151

Deathwatch; Achillius Assault

>> No.27586172

>"there is no surer defence against a psyker than another, more powerful, psyker."
>"many Tomb Worlds are shielded from psychic disturbances by vast null field matrices. Developed during the War in Heaven, these emit energy that destabilises a psyker's connection to the Warp, rendering him unable to utilize his full power. Similarly, Daemons in the presence of null field matrices have a tendenecy to flicker in and out of existence, as if unable to maintain a solid foothold in reality."
-Codex: Necrons, 5e

>> No.27586189

Definitely being dicks.

>> No.27586268
File: 369 KB, 390x630, Necrons vs Tzeentch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This shows that the Null Fields functionality is better than pyskers, I say.

Shutting down all psyker activity in an entire world beats having i blasted apart in wizard duels. Also its a point of aggravation to the Daemons since it mass banishes them back to the Warp.

>> No.27586346

Eldrad has no idea about the Tau (going from his quote). So what Craftworld is responsible for them?

Not Ulthwe and certainly not Iyanden.

>> No.27586374

I got it.


They are behind it. It fits their MO.

>> No.27586389

The dude was just a corrupted governor, a pawn of the greater enemy. And all he said was he couldn't get a hold of any of the Ethereal's emotions.

>“I sensed you this morning, when you set down on this world. I’ve had millennia to prepare, little tau. Millennia of oozing myself into the minds of mortals. I’ve whispered and hissed into more brains than I can remember, through the years. I tasted your species this morning, like a fine wine, and found it wanting…”
>“So disappointing, I thought. An incorruptible race. No psychic powers. No dark desires or secret horrors… Hmm… On that count, at least, I was wrong. You merely keep them well hidden…

>FFG gonna FFG

As usual.

>> No.27586552

>>The dude was just a corrupted governor, a pawn of the greater enemy. And all he said was he couldn't get a hold of any of the Ethereal's emotions.

The dude was a meat puppet. The thought and words were the Daemon's. See below.
>He’d grown strong enough, now, to control his disciple’s body – even from within the vestiges of his warp cage.

>It was but the tiniest glimmer of the power he’d wield when the walls came crashing down and he imposed himself into the physicality of a host body.

>A strong host body.

>He glared through Severus’s eyes at the tau ethereal and dismissed the grey figure as a possibility. The host would need to be corruptible. Tainted.

>Attempting to infiltrate Ko’vash’s mind had been like waves breaking against a cliff. It would take centuries to wear him down.

>Ironic, then, that it would take just moments to wipe him away

>> No.27587390

Does IA3 2nd ed have updated pro-Tau Mining gangs in it too?

They had worse humans but could take an Ogryn iirc.

>> No.27587528

I had a whole Deathwatch campaign that revolved around the Tau.

A Company of Ultramarines had allied with a Tau Sept with the intention of ridding the planet of an Ork threat. The Ultramarine company claimed their union with the Tau was strictly an alliance of nessecity, but Inquisitors of the Ordo Xenos were still suspicious. Unable to direct the Ultramarines themselves, they contacted the Deathwatch and convinced a unit of men to act as "Political Minders". That was the party.

Over the course of the campaign, the Deathwatch had to interact with the Tau, who were completely hospitable to the DW (seeing as they had already buddy'd up to the Ultramarines). The players were rightfully suspicious and constantly looking over their backs for the first sign of a turn.

Gue'vesa were a major plot element to the campaign, as the world was originally Imperial before the Tau conquered it and turned the populace (Yes, the ultimate goal the Ultramarines laid out was to turn on the Tau after the Ork threat was defeated and reclaim the world). You have a lot of humans who didn't trust the Marines, hearing legends of how they forsakened their families long ago and the like.

For a Deathwatch game, it got surprisingly roleplay heavy, most of the time they were performing diplomatic missions to gain information on the Tau, some players taking gains to try and convince the humans that the Imperium was still the right group to bet on. It was pretty fun.

>> No.27587786

If you read the fluff already in the thread bro you will see the Tau use humans as a means of swelling their numbers, which they need to do desperately. Sterilization would go entirely against this, it makes much more sense to encourage humans to fuck to get MORE auxiliaries. There are only two ways to look at that bit of DOW fluff. As imperial propaganda or as blatantly wrong. I personally like the former. But also the cannon of DOW is questionable now anyway what with the old crons being in the game and all.

>> No.27587865

Didnt the necrons harvest souls too though? Or is that old fluff?

>> No.27587927


I don't mean to turn this into a /pol/ thread but most people pushing that are right-wing HFY types.

>> No.27587952
File: 996 KB, 245x245, cantdealwithit.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw it is more likely that Space Marines ally with Tau than Grey Knights with Sisters

>> No.27588002
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Nope. Until FFG said "yeah, the C'tan eat souls" and now it's all anyone can talk about.

>> No.27588187

The C'tan feeding factories were called Soul Forges for a reason, you know.

>> No.27588239


The 5th edition rulebook states the greater good teaches people to have short lives.

>> No.27588260


The problem with taking any DoW as canon is you have the 100 Baneblades Dilemna

>> No.27588474

Huh. That's actually pretty nifty. Never thought about the tau letting medics do their thing without shooting them but it does go with their character. I wonder if the astartes at least do a similar allowance for their medics once it was demonstrated. I would assume so, or else the tau would probably start shooting the apothecaries.

>> No.27588500

And what reason is that? Because there's not a single piece of GW published evidence that C'tan eat souls. The exact opposite, that they don't dig the warp and even plotted to cut the universe complete off from the warp.

They also call the Cronos a "time-thief", but it's not time it steals.

>> No.27588624
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The *very same page* the 'soulforges' line appears on says "A psychic void, the warp cannot exist there. The spirit cannot exist there." It can be written off as a poor choice of words on the Farseer's part - or rather, the writer's. I suspect it was Phil Kelly there actually, since in Planetstrike he suggests building an "arcane soul-harvesting device" to represent a Necron banner. There's also, for example, the inconsistency with the C'tan and gender pronouns; some sections in the codex refer to them exclusively as "it"s, others use "he", "his" and so on. Just another telltale sign of chunks of the book being done by different writers.

>> No.27590167
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>> No.27590245


It was just the latest in a long line of things that the Ethereals kept to themselves.

There was a war against the Orks where Farsight's force was nearly wiped out because the Ethereals decided to wait and see how he'd react against overwhelming forces, even though they had reinforcements waiting to go in.

>> No.27590260

As I recall, this was pretty much entirely imperial propaganda.

>> No.27590290

>muh propaganda
Shut the fuck up, TIDF. It's canon from an objective omniscient standpoint.

>> No.27590383

I'd play a game of DW with you any day. All our games ever turned into was "Shoot X for awhile, switch over to Y race for awhile as the twist, then finally shoot X and Y at the same time"

>> No.27590794

Which is actually entirely true, ironically.

Well it's not always "Join or die," if the military cost of a forced invasion is too much and diplomacy fails then the Tau will generally fuck off and go somewhere less stubborn.

>> No.27591288
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>And it's great.

>> No.27591440
File: 160 KB, 500x600, 1354048082545.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.27591475
File: 15 KB, 400x329, 934671_673193022710662_1633139432_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27591592
File: 231 KB, 547x318, Inquisitor_Drogan[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Not being a radical Inquisitor

>> No.27592202

worked out great for him, didn't it?

>> No.27592224
File: 269 KB, 986x1500, Inquisiotr_Bronislaw_Czevak.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>Not being the best radical Inquisitor

>> No.27592263

What the fuck did they do to Czevak, he looks like a bald midget in a technicolour dreamcoat..

>> No.27592452

that coat reeks of chaos taint.

>> No.27592472

the coat reeks of eldar, not chaos.

>> No.27592504

Just as bad. To consort with Xenos is to blasheme against Him on the golden throne.

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