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Game Finder!

I didn't see one of these up in the catalog. Does /tg/ not want to play any games?

GM or Player
>Time Zone/Availibility:
Godlike is a game about roleplaying Talents (ordinary soldiers with superpowers) in WWII. I'm going to be running a game for a RL group in the next few weeks, I would love to run or play in a one-shot (that could expand into something more) sometime next week to get familiar with the system.

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Pathfinder, GGG, AdEva, Magical Burst, Pokemon TTA
>Time Zone/Availability
EST, Available Weekends any time and Thursday nights
I'm not too confident in my ability to GM, so I would prefer to be a player. I will GM if I absolutely have to, though.

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>Getter Robo Armageddon

Great taste, my good elegan/tg/entleman!

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Players (there are at least two of us, possibly a third)
We're most interested in trying the D&D Next beta, or Edge of the Empire if we can figure out a way to handle the unique dice online. Other systems are a definite possibility, though.
>Time Zone/Availibility:
PST, Friday or Saturdays, preferably in the evening
The two definite members of this group so far have both played tabletop rpgs before, but the uncertain third member would be completely new to this. As said before, other games are definitely a possibility, shoot me an e-mail and we'll see what we can work out.

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Homebrew game
>Time Zone/Availibility:
Looking for players with microphone/skype apply on roll20 for my skype name.


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What sort of a system is that based off? What mechanics are used?

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To the best of my knowledge I didnt base it off of another game, the mechanics are simply a '1d100' system, in the sense that every skill is trained and attributes contribute to the percentage bonus, you can do almost anything within reason but its more about maximizing your chances of succeeding.

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So... it's a roll-under percentile system?

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Yeah I guess, and in my game you're allowed to argue back at me if you think it is unfair blah blah blah, the mechanics are secondary, the role-playing is the main aspect. I plan my areas like the first Deus Ex, IE its still a railroad game, but you have so many routes that its like a free experience.

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>Player or GM
Players, three of them in desperate need of a GM.
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition or Black Crusade
>Time Zone
1 in GMT: +1:00 and 2 GMT: -6:00. Our ideal time is 12:30 pm, give or take an hour on Saturday.
>Contact Details
Skype name is MajorMurray. Email is [email protected]
We want an only text based game. Roll20, IRC, Skype, Maptools, we're good with all of it. But we want role-play focused entirely in text. Talking between games over voice though is fine.

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>handle the unique dice online.
It took a bit of time to setup but I cropped and uploaded all the dice facings into roll20.net
Then set them up as tables, players roll like:

/roll 2t[ability]+1[prof]+1t[boost]

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You, sir, are awesome and you should feel awesome.

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I'll save you a bit of effort. Each face of each die. You'll need to check the pdf to see how many of each face though. You can weigh it higher when setting up the tables on roll20.


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Any, currently in a Rouge Trader sorta mood
>Time Zone/Availability:
EST Thursday through Monday, absolutely never Tuesday and Wednesday
I have only played D&D 3.5 and JUST learned Rouge Trader but I am open to any game and want to play any game as long as it is an RPG and I can role play.

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Time Zone/Availability:
PST/ Monday evenings
curious about the game Shadow, Sword, & Spell but i'm up for anything.

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Shadowrun, any D&D/PF, All the 40k RPGs and I'm always willing to learn new ones
>Time zone
Gratuitouslatin on skype

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Interesting. If I had the time, I would check it out.

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Iron kingdoms, a few star wars sessions, want to try pathfinder or a 40k setting. almost anything really, want experience.
Strictly player(s?), no real experience GM'ing beyond a combat encounter in iron kingdoms
>Time zone/availability
UTC/GMT -6, midwest otherwise, i do have a friend that'd love to play RPG's, but he's only available after 6 PM.
Never played a setting online, or something along those lines

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>Time Zone/Availibility:
PST/Weekends are best. I have school every day and gym 6 days a week, gym time varies but I'd make sure to go when we weren't playing.
Would be happy with text or voice. Only tabletop game I've played is DnD 4e, played for the past year or so with my friends IRL but after reading the rulebooks for Pathfinder it sounds much more interesting.

[email protected]

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So if I wanted to start playing something like D&D, and my friends weren't interested, where would be the next best place to look for a group? I know I could try a game from here, but I feel like my inexperience would get in the way in a game held over skype or roll 20.

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Only War
Looking for Player and DM
>Time Zone/Availibility:
UTC-8, Flexible, email me we will work out the details.
Email in field

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I would also be up for any other 40k rpg
Just email me

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Anything at all i'm not fussed, the catch is that i'm completely new and have never RP'd seriously in my life.

>Time Zone/Availability:
GMT +9:30 / Australia, Nocturnal as fuck though due to work, i'm talking about my day starting at about 4-5pm my time and ending at about 9am

[email protected]

Looking to get into RP for the first time and would rather learn with fa/tg/uys than a random group where I live since my friends don't want to try and pick up Tabletop RPGs. No idea how the actual mechanics of any given system works but happy to do extensive reading on whatever system any group i'm in is playing, been lurking here for about a month so I know how things work in a general sense though.

I'm ok with voice chat as I spent my youth playing MMOs though I can't promise I won't be shy as fuck about RPing to start with because as much as I want to be super confident about it I think I won't be able to help feeling silly at the start.

As long as it's at night time for me I can commit pretty solidly to whatever day or time. I promise not to bail two sessions in as long as things don't take a severe fetish ERP turn.

If you got through my wall of text, kudos to you.

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D&D 4th, Little Fears
>Time Zone/Availibility:
PST, would prefer it on nights, day of the week isn't really an issue.
I have been listening to Brian Poshen's podcast and the critical hit's d&d podcast a lot lately, and I am really interested in trying it out.

I am partically interested in learning about the RP aspects of the game, but will definitelly do my homework and try to learn the mechanics the best I can without any experience.

Little Fears is from a prior game I tried to join from a tg gamefinder, but I was the only one who actually checked in on the day of the scheduled game, so it was cancelled. I have a character already made that I always wanted to try out.

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err email is [email protected]

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dnd 3.5, owod Vampire, Warhammer
US Central, I'm up late often, fairly flexible availability
I'm really hoping to play a vampire game because I've been reading the books and I've never played before, I'm going to ST a chronicle in a couple weeks but it would be great to be a player first. Played plenty of 3.5 and I'm also interested in dark heresy or Roguetrader but I've never played those before and don't own the books so id be a bit of a noob

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Posting for this.

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Role: either
System: I'll try anything
Pacific time

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Sorry for the late response, I passed the hell out.

Most folks here don't mind taking on newbies. That said, I agree, face to face is almost always easiest to learn a new system. Go to Google and search for local game stores. Check them out, they usually always have a message board or push-pin board with people advertising for players or needing GMs. Alternatively, if you see a game being played, say you're a newbie and ask if you can observe.

So, the short answer? Do a little bit of leg work.

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>PF, AdEva, nChangeling
>CST, any non-Fri/Sun
>on a shitty backup rig, so don't expect mahvels of technology
>[email protected]

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Systems: 4E, PF, Next, Traveller

Role: Player (Might GM online in the future, I'm still toying around on roll20 setting things up; 4E)

Availability: EST Tuesdays or Wednesdays (it's up in the air atm) or most mornings on the weekdays.

Misc: I hear a lot of horror stories on /tg/, if you express interest in the campaign above, please be a functioning human being! Thank you

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Forgot contact info! Email in the field

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Another late response in case you can't find an in person game. Voice chat, whatever method, is way preferable to text. I've always found that text games are way slower. Besides the tiny extra bit of time to type responses people spend way more time thinking about what exactly for their characters to say. This can cause things to slow down a quite a bit.

Most groups have no trouble accepting newbies as long as you're willing to read the book. You don't have to understand all the rules 100%, but skimming through the basic rules of the system and having a general idea lessens what they'll have to teach you by a lot.

Also another suggestion: Don't limit yourself to just looking for a D&D game. There are a lot of other systems out there that are tons of fun. D&D is easily the most popular tabletop RPG but it is my no means the best.

Unrelated, since when does a picture have to be unique to the entire board and not just the thread?

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Thanks for the advice! Yeah I downloaded a couple different rulebooks for a couple games and have been reading them whenever I am bored, but I have been glossing over some of the more technical sides of the books. Thanks, I will definally check out a couple local game book stores to try to meet new people for an RP game.

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>since when does a picture have to be unique to the entire board and not just the thread?

Since... a while. Like, a few years I think.

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>Time Zone/Availibility:
PST, Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays.
This is a Goblin only campaign with a homebrewed setting of a isolated area, surrounded by mountains, containing primitive humans at war with each other, Kobold groups, Gnoll packs, an entire race of drow enslaved by hags, and in the center of it all is a Goblin Nation-Tribe lead by a powerhungry Goblin Chief named Horsegutter.
Skype: Nor_Do_Gad
We'll be doing text only, so no mic required. For sheets we are using Myth-Weavers, for the gametable we are using roll20, and for everything else we are using Skype. One of our players just backed out 4 hours before the first session with no reason given. Another seems to be MIA after giving the OK for today. So we have 1 maybe two slots open.

The classes I'm not allowing for goblin characters are Wizard, Gunslinger, and Psionics.

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I would have sworn it was per thread yesterday. I've never had it complain about the same image in a different thread before.

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Mutants and Masterminds
Looking to play, more than willing to also run games in the future
>Time Zone/Availibility:
PST/Can game at any hour of any day
I also am interested in trying out Spirit of the Century, L5R, DnD, Pathfinder, and whatever else have you, but right now I'm mostly interested in a superhero (or ideally villain) game.

E-mail's in field.

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It's been years, man.

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Can I be a dragon?

>> No.27588611


For handling Edge of the Empire dice I came across this for use in maptool a while ago and it works pretty well.


>> No.27588627

Sure can't!

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I know, but I figured I'd bump the thread. Dragon seemed like the most ridiculous request. To be honest, I -am- interested. But I'm looking for a superhero kind of thing right now, posted above. Is there a structured plot/premise in the works?

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There is indeed although we haven't even had the first session. It was supposed to be in about a half hour but some players seem to have totally fucked us over without any early warning.

>> No.27588721


Have you ever run that sample adventure for Pathfinder that uses Goblins? I can't remember the name of it at the moment.

What gave you the inspiration for a goblin themed game?

>> No.27588781

Well, I'd probably be interested in joining. I don't quite have a character concept at the moment, I'd obviously need to see what the party is lacking and what's already covered and so on and so forth. But if you'd have me, e-mails in the field.

>> No.27588782


Sent you an email, though you may not be interested.

>> No.27588936

I have not but that was partly the inspiration. It was actually a culmination of different things. I made a goblin Paladin named Tode, with a pet toad. I read a lot of stuff about Goblins including that sample adventure and then our GM disappeared and never came back after the first session. Right after that I seen a thread about goblins on /tg/ and got the idea to do a goblin only campaign.

I already have the first session and an introduction to a particularly important npc.
Alright I'll hit you up in a second.

For anyone else wondering (and because I should have already said something in the first post) we have a Witch, a Rogue, a Barbarian, and a Druid Goblin at the moment.

>> No.27589010


Sounds nifty, but going for 6 players in an online game? Ballsy.

If I had the time, I would love to play a Goblin campaign.

>> No.27589026

No. Only 5. The Rogue is the one that is flaking on us. I probably shouldn't have added him in there.

>> No.27589037


The point remains. If it goes well, you should storytime it for us.

>> No.27589058

I might. I don't know if it will go well, although I obviously hope it does. This is my first time GMing and I think I will go well if only I'd be able to get it off the ground.

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4e Dee En Dee
>Time Zone/Availibility:
Looking for a single player to play as the "Hero of Time" in a zelda spin-off campaign idea I have.
Skype is DMBlackhart.

>> No.27589085

You should post your contact info.

>> No.27589095


We all must start somewhere. I'm sure you'll do fine. Give those little greenskins a right whatfor.


That's pretty cool and one of the few times I'll say that 4e D&D sounds like a good choice.

>> No.27589266

Well, a fuller expansion of the concept is...

> Reiteration of Link, the hero of time.
> Now in Modernized setting, hyrule 2014 more or less.
> Ganon is head of a multi-billion dollar monopolizing, corporate GIANT that is basically bullying the entire world into obediance.
> Zelda is the last vestige of a band of once powerful Ex "royal" family members who were disbanded when democracy became a thing.
> Link is some street rat -turned hero as he learns of all the evil in the world, and is thrown head first into an epic journey to bring mysticism, divinity, and royality back to a land corrupted by too much modernization.

>> No.27589345

But will he be able to talk?

>> No.27589365


Hmm... with the extreme modern slant, I'm not certain that 4e is as great of an idea as I had originally envisioned.


Oh you.

>> No.27589393 [SPOILER] 

You know how this is going to end.

>> No.27589435

*shrug* how does the era influence the mechanics exactly?

>> No.27589525


Take all of the following with a grain of salt, as I freely admit that it is simply my opinion and that I am in no way trying to tell you how to run your game. A reasonable opinion on 4chan? You have to love /tg/.

Well, era is part of setting, and as such, can be mechanically important. Combat has changed over time due to the advent of increasingly deadly technology. In a "modern" setting, combats are much quicker and decisive, due to the lower skill barriers and more impersonal nature of gun-based combat.

It's simply my opinion that 4e is too... gamey to portray that. However, if you want want to have John Woo style "gun-kata" fights, I guess it could work. However, in that case I still think there are better systems to portray that.

Short answer to your question: Era doesn't do jack shit to mechanics. However, mechanics can change or break the mood of the era.

>> No.27589567

Ah, but I never nescessarily mentioned guns. Yes my concept wasnt terribly well fleshed out, but I dont really feel like giving a huge right up on /tg/. If I get people interested in playing, I'll explain it in full to them.

But ya no guns.

>> No.27589615


A modern setting without guns? Now that does sound intriguing. I'd be interested in seeing how that plays out.

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>> No.27589711

Eat a fat dick. :3c

>> No.27589722

What times PST? Evenings? Afternoons?

>> No.27589726


>> No.27589765

Probably Friday Evenings, Saturday anytime really, or Sundays as long as it isn't going super late.

Any where during those times is just fine. This weeks session was going to be on Saturday at 3pm PST but 2 people decided to flake and screw the rest of the group over. Maybe I should try and not sound so pissed about that.

But yeah we have one spot open for anyone interested.

>> No.27589776

You said I couldn't be a dragon
wtf man

>> No.27589806


Is it possible for Kobolds and Goblins to inter-breed?

>> No.27589833

Only one way to find out.

>> No.27589891

GM here, my sides are in another realm. That was the farthest thing from my mind when I posted that image.

>> No.27589899

Either, player preffered
Shadowrun, WoD, DH, BC, DW, RT, OW, WHfrp2e, Pathfinder, AdEva,, Pokemon TTA
>Time Zone/Availability
CST, Available whenever.
Looking for possible gents in the 903 area code, I miss real life gaming.
Skype: leon_belmont671

>> No.27590172

Shadowrun 4e
email in the field
Skype: Sukhoifag
>Time Zone/Availibility:
EST (GMT -5)
Game I'm running is on Saturday nights
Looking to play a game either Friday or Sunday nights, but my schedule is somewhat flexible
>Info on game that I'm GMing
+Globe hopping game where PCs are mercs
+Mil-spec game
+500 BP gen
+/k/ommando GM

>> No.27591093 [DELETED] 

Bumping this again. We need 1 more player.

>> No.27591121

Bumping this again. We need 1 more player.

We are currently at Witch, Druid, and Barbarian, with a possible Bard or Oracle.

Skype is Nor_Do_Gad.

>> No.27592592

Bumping in hopes of Shadowrun

>> No.27592877

>Time Zone/Availibility:
PST/Message Me
Misc: mang-kerpizzle on Skype.

>> No.27592898


>> No.27593399

Spots are filled. Sorry for not saying so earlier. I got a lot more responses though. I'm surprised so many were interested in a Goblin Campaign from first-time GM.

>> No.27593665


Don't bump particular posts unless you have new information to add.

It's uncouth.

>> No.27593817


>> No.27594122

Expressing my regret at missing this.

Although I'm a complete nub to pathfinder anyway.

4th ed, pathfinder
>Time Zone/Availibility:
(UTC+09:30) Adelaide
But I have a lot of free time so I can adapt if you give me a chance to work out when I need to be online.
I've got a boner for sword and board at the moment, interested in joining an evil party doing evil things so long as it's not outright chaotic stupid.

>> No.27594567


Two Players

>Time Zone/Availibility:
EST but we keep odd hours sometimes

>Misc: A friend and I are looking to try out the Dnd next playtest, see how it feels, that sort of thing. A longer campaign or just a short adventure would both be acceptable. We both have skype and know how to use maptools and roll20.

>> No.27594606

I'm really surprised this has been so popular. I've gotten 10 different messages so far asking if there is room since we've been full. That's pretty much two whole groups right there.

>> No.27594695

People like goblins, especially the pathfinder ones. I've gotten to play a couple at various points and they're always really fun.

>> No.27594747


This is not me.

>> No.27594768


Seconded. I've been wanting to play shadowrun since forever. I'd be game for any edition, but I do have a bunch of the 4e Anniversary Edition pdfs on my computa.

>> No.27594779

Well what surprises me about it is the first time I got people for it, it took almost two and a half days to get 4 more people. This time I had an overwhelming amount of applicants.

>> No.27594836

>Apologizing on an anonymous image board
Wow you're a faggot.

>> No.27594839

Really? I considered joining but I assumed it was full by the time I saw it.

>> No.27595178

It's probably just the way you sold it, goblin party in an appropriate world just sounds too fun.

>> No.27595715

WHFRP, shadowrun, or ROS
>Time Zone/Availibility:
gmt-8 7pm and later
>contact info

>> No.27596013

anyone else want to gm this? I didn't do it in time


>> No.27596048

Sure, I'll run a goblin campaign. But the goblins in my setting are only about a quarter inch tall.

>> No.27596064

Do we have to run from a human who wants to hunt us down and cook us up for gold and immortality? Also, are we blue?

>> No.27596095

Yes, and yes.

>> No.27596359

sent you an e-mail

>> No.27596412

Im in.

>> No.27597857


Can't let a gamefinder die.

>> No.27597927

I have 3 players. It's Ravenloft in 2e. I can use one more. It'll be werewolf, bavarian forest, creepy-shit based.

I'll be ready in a few days--I'm not, right now.

Drop me an email and you're in.

>> No.27597966

Rogue Trader, Black Crusade, Pathfinder, oWoD, open to most others
>Time Zone/Availability
CST, flexible
I prefer Skype or some other form of VOIP to purely text-based games
[email protected]
Skype/Steam - Omnius226

>> No.27598021

Any of the WH40k RPGs or Pathfinder
>Time Zone/Availability
HST, mostly Friday/Saturday/Sunday
I like voice for OOC with text for most IC stuff but I'm not too picky.
Skype: teve.torbes

>> No.27598076

>players in a gamefinder
That's nice.

Look for the GMs. No one cares what you want to play. We have jobs, and are also making time to do things for you. Respond to posts. Stop fucking posting your timezones.

>> No.27598118

>I like voice for OOC with text for most IC stuff but I'm not too picky.
So you're a fat-ass who wishes that he was a twink so that he could pretend that he is a girl.

Fucking stop this. Be a real person.

>> No.27598139


What's wrong with timezones? It's a pain in the fucking nuts to coordinate with an Aussie.


Damn, you mad.

>> No.27598179

>Damn, you mad.
Dude! I am!

I am totally mad about it.

I'm a good-looking, well-employed, decent person.

And I fucking love my dungeons and dragons.

I get so pissed when it gets represented by useless fucks.

I shouldn't care but... you know... the internet.

>> No.27598202


I just don't get how you extrapolated all that from his voice/text preferences.

Personally, I rarely use voice since people find my accent to be quite distracting.

>> No.27598254

I don't think I'm trying to hide the fact I'm a neckbeard. You sound pretty hot though do you want me to voice roleplay my female halfling rogue with you? I like big, strong men in positions of power.

>> No.27598260

I don't get it, either. But let's me and you go meet that guy. How much you wanna bet that he's a pathetic fat-ass? 'Cuz I'll bet a lot, and win.

I hate the fat, sad, worthless fucks that make this hobby look like something for fat, sad, worthless fucks.

>> No.27598385

You'd be surprised. I had people say they didn't want to be in a party if evil pc's were in it. One begged to be a Gnoll or Kobold. Another messaged me asking if we could do it monday at 3am because he was in Australia. Then a long silence of nothing till I got a few people to bite that we willing. This time it was just a wave of people asking.

>> No.27598387

You're giving me a pretty big boner, bro. Please grab my neck beard and ravage my butt hole while you watch my fat nerd butt jiggle.

>> No.27598522

Some GMs check these threads for replacements for dropouts, or they only need one more person. It's easier to scan the legions of player posts and pick one out than to make a posting to get their Skype/email blown up then deal with picking one from the roulette. That being said, the waves upon waves of "PATHFINDER? PATHFINDER? GIBE DM PLS HUEHUEHUE" can get a little grating.

My Game Finder pet peeve is people who go "well I can GM but I really really don't want to" or "If I wasn't busy/already running a campaign/currently on fire and missing a limb I'd GM". Either they genuinely don't want to, so why bother posting, or they just want some ego boosting by having people beg them to run a campaign.

>> No.27602151

>Either they genuinely don't want to, so why bother posting, or they just want some ego boosting by having people beg them to run a campaign.

Or perhaps they will only do it for a really neato idea?

>> No.27602933

Like Smurf Goblins?

Why isnt that guy running it yet. Anyway, as the person who has to recruit for our game, I much prefer people posting player profiles rather than posting myself, for exactly the reasons >>27598522 said. If I post, I get 6 applications for one or two slots. If I scan, find one post, see if they want to play, repeat, A) I dont have to tell anybody "Sorry, no more slots", B) I have a chance to avoid players that I know are bad or players that dont want to play in anything of the sort we want to play, and C) I like to have three things in lists.

>> No.27603046

Basic Fantasy RPG (http://basicfantasy.org/)
>Time Zone/Availibility:
I want to run a play-by-forum game for 4-8 players. Timezones won't matter in a forum game.

>> No.27603536


Pfft, I said I would GM and I've yet to get a single email.

What you're describing only happens if you offer to GM Pathfinder, D&D or a 40k RPG.

>> No.27603564

Possibly you have to get on skype to see if anybody added you there.

>> No.27603656


I didn't post a Skype. I only do emails for initial contacts.

>> No.27605480

>I'm a good-looking, well-employed, decent person.
If that's the case, you wouldn't be on 4chan now would you?

>> No.27607775


>> No.27609162

Pathfinder, but I am willing to take the time and learn a new system
>Time Zone/Availibility:
Atlantic Time/Weekends
Only experience in table top games is running a short lived campaign in pathfinder

>> No.27609821


>> No.27610513

Any, As long as I have three days before the start of the session to read and get the basics down I don't have any issues learning a new way to roll dice and write down the results.
>Time Zone/Availibility:
Weekdays after about 11:00 pm EST/GMT-5 (when I usually get home from work) or sundays (I'm already in a game with our usual days supposing to be saturdays)
Misc: I like long walks on the beach and staring into each others eyes.

>> No.27610517


Is 2nd edition hard to pick up and are you lookimg for more players? I hate talking online and prefer text

>> No.27610671


Sounds great but what times do you start and how long is a session?

>> No.27610715

Dark Heresy
>Time Zone/Availability:
PST/ flexible besides Thursdays
>Misc.: I'm pretty set on the dark heresy rules, have all the books and everything but may need a little reminding

>> No.27610937


Read the thread. He's full up.


You might want to include some contact info.

>> No.27610958

Well we actually have yet to have the first session so it would be hard to say, but we are actually filled up.

I've gotten so many messages about this. More than enough for 2 or 3 separate groups. Sorry everyone but we're full up here. If someone leaves or something like that I'll be sure to make a new post but yeah... full up at the moment. I made a post farther up (>>27593399) but it was noticeable enough or something but yeah.
The two spots got filled.

>> No.27611611

Shadowrun 5e or 4e
>Time Zone/Availability:
PST/11PM to 2AM for weekdays, any time during weekends
Pretty new to both, but I own the special edition hardcopy for 4e and just downloaded the pdf for 5e. I have some character ideas in mind but i'm willing to start from scratch. I would prefer to play in text, as I can't really do a serious character when talking.

>> No.27611825

Mutants and Masterminds
>Time Zone/Availibility:
EST/Every night except Friday.
E-Mail is in field

>> No.27611874

Looking for 2 or 3 players for a level 5 22pointbuy game. E-mail up there.

>> No.27612033

Opps sorry, my email is in this posts' field. Forgot to put it down.

>> No.27613704

el bump elemental

>> No.27615709


>> No.27617783

>Sounds nifty, but going for 6 players in an online game? Ballsy.
The first time I ever DM'd was online for 7 players. I had never actually played an RPG before either. Kept it going for 3 months

>> No.27617911

Anything I guess.
Player at the moment.
>Time Zone/Availibility:
Mountain Time I'm available late nights and all day on Monday and Tuesday.
I'm down for anything really, I'm just looking for something to fill the time.

>> No.27618284

WHFRP 2e, any of the 40k RPGs
>Time Zone/Availibility:
PST (GMT -8), flexible but preferably evenings
I really need more online RPG experience as a player before I GM again. I would prefer an experienced GM I can learn tips from, but at this point I'll take anyone. Take me on and I promise you a slot in one of my future games. I've got campaigns for WHFRP 2e, Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader and Only War drawn up so if any of those appeal to you then take me as a player

>> No.27618392

>Ayn Rand
>Arbor Mist
Please tell me that isn't you.

>> No.27618400

I'm an extremely new player, and I've only read up on two systems. Can I get some recommendations for systems to learn, and how to be an enjoyable player? I'm really open to learning anything.

>> No.27618429

What genre of game are you looking to play anon?

>> No.27618452

The four most common systems played on /tg/ are DnD 3.5, DnD 4.0, Pathfinder, and the Warhammer systems (they're all mechanically similar). Learn one of those and you're set.

>> No.27618456

You should post some kind of contact information.

Also what >>27618392 said.

>> No.27618548

Im cool with everything. I'm not too interested in war settings, unless they're open enough where every character isn't a soldier.
Thanks anon! I'll read those all up. If they're mechanically similar, is the main difference setting and lore?

>> No.27618564 [DELETED] 

Dammit, forgot to put contact info. Put that in the email field.

And I may enjoy Goosebumps, what of it?

>> No.27618597

Dammit, forgot to put contact info. Put that in the email field.

And I may enjoy Goosebumps, what of it?

>> No.27618602

You might want to check out Shadowrun too then.
Pathfinder and D&D 3.5/4 have typical fantasy settings and lore and are somewhat generally similar. You may want to pass on Warhammer though.

>> No.27618655

>Drinking Arbor Mist
>Reading Ayn Rand
>Bread not on a goddamn plate
Don't really care if that was ironic or not, as far as I'm concerned you're a terrible human being.

>> No.27618726

He put bread crust in his shirt collar too.

>> No.27618889

*le chuckle*

>> No.27618925

D&D 4E!
Two players.
>Time Zone/Availability
GMT+1. Available for games evenings on weekdays and almost any time weekends.
>Contact details
[email protected]

>> No.27618934

You're missing the Rand books.

>> No.27619178


I'm just confused how you got bread inside your collar.

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