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Alright /tg/, the Sisters of Battle are getting updated as we all know, but there is a bit more than what's in the White Dwarf:

>New Codex is apparently Adepta Sororitas, and GW has already changed their website to match.

>They are getting a release on the 19th according to the GW Newsletter: "Codex: Adepta Sororitas
Sentinetls of Terra isn't the only new Digital title on its way later this month. From the 19th October, Codex: Adepta Sororitas will be released as the first digital exclusive codex. As a thank you for signing up to our newsletter, you lucky people get to be the first int he world to see the stunning new cover of the codex."

>When asked about the codex at Games Day, Robin Cruddace was quoted to say that in addition to Warlord traits, the dev team looked at making faith points scale and did "some minor point tweaks" so this looks like it might be a modified WD Dex, not a full new dex.

>Games Workshop Digital Editions' Facebook page claims if they get 100 likes they'll release more info on the codex.

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>dat cover art
she's so qt!
I wanna pat her head and boop her nose!

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Battle sisters aren't qt! they're scary! very scary!

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Games Workshop Digital Editions Facebook posted this on what's in the book: ""It's certainly based on the White Dwarf Sisters of Battle Codex, but with new additions to bring it in line with the new books. Things like Warlords table, new Ecclesiarchy Relics and an Altar of War.
There's also new artwork and an expanded background section."

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I can't really be arsed to get excited fot this. It'll probably be shit anyway.

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It's the same thing we've got with points tweaks, relics, warlord traits and they likely reprinted the mission from the WD as well.

So the same basic list with some updates.

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BL cannot into forbidding acess to pages.

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So it'll definitely be shit. Good to know.

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No more shit that what we've already got which is functional, but essentially monobuild.

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Let me guess, that cover is from some BL book, right? They didn't even make OC for sisters.

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No, that's new. Sisters only have 2 novels and neither looks like THAT.

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They didn't for Chaos space marines either.

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It's original. GW confirmed for caring more about Sisters than Chaos Space Marines.

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I really like the chaos cover even if it isn't original.

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Looking at the Codex we got, yeah I can see that.

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stop being a bitch just because you can't roflstomp everything in tourneys, the only bad thing about the new codex was that most of the fluff was recycled from the previous version.

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Peek-a-Boo Chaos Marine? I'm not familiar with that one.

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>the only bad thing about the new codex was that most of the fluff was recycled from the previous version.

>the only bad thing about the new codex

Am I being "le rused XD" or do you really believe this?

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pic very much related. It's my reaction to this as a Sisters player for over six years.

*sob* i just want my girls to be competitive! Is that too much to ask? *sob*

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I do really believe this. The rest is totally okay if you're not playing against massive nofunallowed powergamers.
Unless you are yourself one of them.

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Yes it is. No more than two armies can be competitive per edition.

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>essentially monobuild

Which is pretty shit in and of itself.

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The fluff wasn't really bad. Ward did a decent job with it surprisingly.

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Well he might have, if he had anything to do with any CSM codex.

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You seem to be trying really hard to elicit a reaction today anon.

Yes mono build is bad. No one likes only having one really viable list to play with for their army. But it's what we got, and we make it work.

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Sorry, haven't been up long, I thought they were talking about Sisters fluff.

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And the only thing MW ever wrote about Battle Sisters was the bloodtide thing.

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How does it feel to be that stupid?

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That's more to do with what we define as competitive. Most armies are competitive, but one or two end up being OP

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Well maybe you can point out what the fuck else he wrote about them, huh?
Oh, yeah, one paragraph about the sanctuary101 massacre in the necron codex.

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No, he and Cruddace split duties on the Sisters WD codex. Cruddace did the rules, which leaves Ward doing the fluff.

Guess which part was the good part of the codex. Hint: It wasn't the rules.

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yeah, but on /tg/ "competitive" means "OP except I'm the one playing it" and "OP" means "competitive except I'm not the one playing it".

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It wasn't the fluff either. Too many retcons.

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Mostly because it was copy-pasted from previous editions.

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Can't we rather talk about qtp2t sistas?

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>Wanting SoB to be competitive
Crappy priorities here. At least for me, being able to buy a squad without selling a kidney ranks higher. But that may be because I didn't jump on that boat in time, due to hating metal.

That and actual faith rules (which might tie up with competitiveness).

Then you are wrong. The codex is a polished version of the precedent, so it's a polished turd instead of a steaming one. CSM is an army with unused potential at every step. Awesome minis? Dark Vengeance only, buy more spiky marines. Fluffy FOC? Lol no. Fluffy rules? Enjoy your traitors handing out fair duels. Basic background? Fuck no, Legions are FW and Renegades are FW too, C:CSM is about the others CSM (whatever they may be).

C:CSM is just disappointing, but you're supposed to enjoy it because Heldrakes and blenderlord.

Anyway, fuck CSM. I just hope sistas aren't going their way. "Hey, you don't even have Faith anymore and you are part of the IG now. Enjoy your Heavendrake."

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The only retcon was adding in confirmation of Praxedes dying.

Oh and Celestine may or may have not been nuked yet. That's not really clear.

I have the previous editions, it was not a straight copy paste. And if we want to start counting "rewrites" as "copy/paste", the same claim could then be pointed at nearly -everything- Ward (and the other Devs) writes, because *gasp* it's all built off of old fluff.

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I'd rather talk about you're deviantart collection.

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Does...Does this mean there'll be an Ordo Xenos codex?


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also I don't have one

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With what?
>Inquisitorial Storm Troopers
>Deathwatch Kill Team
>Deatwatch Captain or Inquisitor as HQ
>end of Codex

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You forgot "Librarian as HQ", otherwise, spot on.

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>qt sisters
What do you think this is? Claymore?

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>pink hair
This isn't Final Fantasy

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Most of them are already dyeing for the Emperor anyway.

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Two top right a pretty qt.

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>The only retcon was adding in confirmation of Praxedes dying.

Pic related.

Also Seraphim.

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A better idea would be an Inquisition codex with ordo xenos, malleus and hereticus all in one using a similar system to the space marine chapter tactics

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It could be done before GKs got a full codex for themselves, now they'd have to strip them of most choices to pull it off

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>at Games Day, Robin Cruddace was quoted to say that in addition to Warlord traits,

> Robin Cruddace

Please god.. Not again...

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Sister Stern as a SC.

Yes or no?

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>warlord traits
>updated terminology to match 6th ed
>points tweaks (maybe)

So, why are you guys getting excited?

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>updated codex
>updated website
>paint bundle
means GW hasn't squated the sisters.

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They are competitive. The only problems with them are the low/unscaled number of faith points they get and the fact that they lack somewhat for a variety of options.

I think you're thinking "Overpowered", and I hope they never are.

No one wants their army updated into FotM, trust me

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Fair enough. If I was into Sisters I'd be saving my excitement for whenever they bother releasing plastics.

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Pretty much this
I cant wait for the endless whining of "they didnt do anything!!!" after this codex gets released

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Points tweaks confirmed, as is new wargear.

It's more that we've had in the last two years.

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Don't worry about it. When SoB get a true release, /tg/ will outdo the 6E CSM storm.

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If he knocks 2 points per model off all the Sister Squads, and 20 of the Penitent Engines I'll almost forgive him.

If he also knocks points off the Canoness, Confessor and then bumps the SCs up by 20-30 points I will forgive him

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Unit redesigns confirmed.

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Special Characters. Celestine, Jacobus and Kyrinov.

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Why isn't /tg/ liking the fuck out of Games Workshop Digital Editions on Facebook yet? It's like you don't want GW to actually give us information.

>> No.27565177

...Because we already have the info from them?
Would they promise to lower the price...

>> No.27565178

You want them to cost more?

>> No.27565179

It's only 1 or 2 likes away anyway.

>> No.27565190

The cover was a Black Library Newsletter thing, this could be more info.

Yeah, after two hours. I'm a little dissapoint we didn't hit it faster, especially with the number of people who claim to like Sisters. Here's something you can do to help them FOR FREE and people are barely doing it.

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To be fair, for Celestine's nigh-invincibility, fast movement and tearing through everything short of a greater daemon, she's pretty cheap.

>> No.27565201

10/10 would buy set

>> No.27565206

I want Jacobus to cost more and Celestine to cost more. Both are too damned cheap for what they bring.

>> No.27565214

Welcome to the internet, where everyone whines for hours a day but refuses to point his feedback where it matters

>> No.27565223

Sisters really do have the coolest helmets. Shame they barely ever wear them.

>> No.27565240

So business as usual then.

>> No.27565245


To be fair, GW digital facebook page is not widely advertised, I only fund it existed from looking at SoB rumours.

>> No.27565260

I mentioned it in the first post! I would have linked it if the board didn't see the link as spam.

>> No.27565266

Yeah, but sisters deserve a nice thing. She is far from overpowered, she is mono-use, and she makes jump infantry actually worth fielding

>I want basic sisters to cost less, but then I want this cost drop made useless by the fact that I have to pay more for auto-take celestine or Jacobs

>> No.27565267

You think people here have Facebook?

>> No.27565270

Also known as the only HQs worth playing.

>> No.27565306


I mean I only found it a couple of days ago

>> No.27565309

it's free and you can make an account in minutes, little price for helping something (sisters) people here apparently care a lot about

>> No.27565311

To be fair, the Canoness is good if you take a command squad with her.

Relentless heavy weapons, fnp, regenerate faith (maybe), blessed banner

But I would still ALWAYS take celestine, she's one of the only 40k characters worth her price

>> No.27565348

Quit being retarded. Celestine is undercosted out the ass, and Jacobus isn't much better. Kyrinov only really shines as an allied HQ to Guard, but even he needs a points bump.

>> No.27565383


Damn my /co/ mind! Now I want a four-armed Sister and a woolly one!

>> No.27565388

Actually the Command Squad really is the part of that which is good. The Canoness has some issues because neither Celstians nor the Command Squad can be kitted out for combat well. The Command Squad only has 5 models in it and can't buy more and Celestians can't buy CCWs.

>> No.27565416

>your private information at the leisure of companies
>small price
You are the problem.

>> No.27565417

But... but... MUH SORORITAS!!!

Top left and far bottom right are alright too...

...Far bottom Left looks like a Female Stacker Pentecost, so she gets a pass for sheer badassery.

>> No.27565458

anything gw related can't into webhosting
why the fuck does gw never delete anything ever

>> No.27565467

Break out the tinfoil hats guys, he just called down the government satellites on us!

>> No.27565471

Really, if GW wants to make Sisters playable again, they have to START with unfucking our dedicated transports. Adjusting the points on our remaining options isn't going to make them better, unless you're adjusting the FIRING points.

And the fact that neither unique transport can carry a full squad of our ONLY troops choice. Cause that's just sad.

>> No.27565493

>unfucking our dedicated transports
A Rhino the price of a drop pod with a 6++ invuln? We're pretty fucked.

Also, carrying 20 Sisters is a pretty big ask, how would you justify having a transport even larger than a Land Raider Crusader outside of Apocalypse?

>> No.27565497

Are you really this retarded?

>> No.27565503

2 plastic box sets for Sisters and Seraphim and an actual army book is all I ask.

GW has no idea how popular Sisters of Battle are and how profitable they could be.

>> No.27565510

Oh, I know that my details can be used.

I just don't believe that I have anything to lose by Coca-cola having access to my beach photos, or knowing my favourite quotes.

>> No.27565513

>implying every sob has natural white hair
What are you, a heretic?

>> No.27565522

One thing I learnt in the recent Australian election: Opinions prevalent on the internet have a link that is tenuous at best with opinions prevalent in real life.

>> No.27565529

He says this, then posts on 4chan

>> No.27565530

gonna picdump later,as soon as i have more time

>> No.27565542

>legally owning dex
>porbably less shit

>No one wants their army updated into FotM, trust me

>> No.27565549

She is somewhat undercosted, but only because 40k special characters are all overpriced.

But you're not seeing the big picture. She is an ASSAULT focused SC with toughness 3 (meaning she is IDd by just about anything that ignores 2+ saves) so her getting back up is required just to make her fieldable. Her weapon is AP 3, and wounds on a 4+ so she isn't a true CC powerhouse. And she is jump infantry, meaning she HAS to move across the table.

She should stay right at 115 points, compare her to a SM captain w/ artificer and LC at 135 points and they are about equal, except she gets a template and he gets T4 St4 re-roll to wound weapon.

She is unique to sisters and should be cheaper due to her focused role.

>> No.27565550

The top left two look nice enough, aside from the pink hair. And aside from the weird jawline on the second from the right, that one's okay. The top far right looks like she could be cute under that bigass respirator. Bottom right is nice enough, then there's helmet, luchamask, and an old black pirate lady.

5/8 - a .625 average. If this were baseball that'd be an incredible season. In terms of Sisters faces, that's a fucking miracle.

>> No.27565553

>GW has no idea how popular Sisters of Battle are and how profitable they could be.
Of course they don't, since people here is unwilling to even click on a fucking button on the internet to let GW know that they care

>> No.27565554

>Implying they've ever dyed it anything other than black or white
What are you, an idiot?

>> No.27565560


>> No.27565575

Son, hate to tell you, you're part of the problem.

>> No.27565581

>muh privacy

>> No.27565583

Are you suggesting we raid GW with letters letting them know we love the Sisters?

I'm up for that. I'll email them and send a hand written letter.

>> No.27565585

The main problem is that their act of faiths are geraed towards melee, but their statlines or equipment doesn support it

>> No.27565600

This is a way of doing it, yes

>> No.27565601

stop namefagging
you alredy ruined that inquisitor meeting thread
Still saying this after the latest NSA scandal
Yeah, and the chruch doesn't rape children, amirite?

>> No.27565613

Their acts give them relentless, that is not geared towards melee.

The canoness is geared towards melee, but she is required to take the squad.

>> No.27565614

>Still saying this after the latest NSA scandal

If you're posting on the internet the government already has all of your info if they want it. No use getting your knickers in a twist over Facebook. Just make a fake account and delete it afterward.

>> No.27565616

I just want the immolator to become useful again

Actually, while i was looking for work some bosses straight out told me that they didn't take me because they don'T want to get someone who gets drunk on weekends; apparently you can't work as well on mondays

>> No.27565622

>implying the NSA and CIA haven't been spying on americans since McCarthy.

What rock have you been under?

>> No.27565625

>only 1 troop choice
>only 1

As an Eldar player I am truly saddened whenever I see little or no variety in other Armies. I know you can't let your Imperium of Man combine Orders, but 1 troop choice is not a choice. Even Dark Eldar have 2.

>> No.27565626

>implying minor orders don't exist

>an idiot?
Either you're butthurt or a troll.
I'm done.

>> No.27565632

>latest NSA scandal
Gee, I'm terrified they'll know about my passion for Dark Souls!
Well, unfortunately for you, the opposite of a blanket statement isn't another blanket statement, so no. You're wrong in both your sarcastic point and the point you intended.

>> No.27565634

A "full" squad can be 10 to 20 models. If you split your sisters into squads of 10 at the start of the game, they're still full strength. Neither of our unique vehicles can carry even THAT, and the only one that has firing points and can move and shoot is Forgeworld only. And it only has two firing points now.

Which means we have three options for dedicated transports, and only one could stand up in a competitive environment. And guess what? It's a Space Marine vehicle.

>> No.27565638

Funny thing is that those 2 boxes would cover most of the sob range

>> No.27565640

It is. Put dominion squads in it and outflank it.

Boom, now you have melta and a TL HF in your opponents deployment.

>> No.27565641


Why would you ever post photos or status of yourself drinking on facebook? Anything you put on there nowadays can and will be used against you. It's bullshit, but that's life.

>> No.27565654

>implying people don't do shit with your dox
Are you new to the internet? Feel free to post your infos to /b/

>> No.27565659

Can Sisters do combat squads? I don't have my WDs to hand atm.

>> No.27565670

wha..ho..why?! i dind't imply that in the slightest?
Or are you always using the origin of everthing?

Don't you think when discussing battlefield 4 it's better to compare it to red orchestra 2 than compare it to wolfenstein 3d?

>> No.27565673

No, its rhino or nothing.

Troops is the biggest area they are lacking.

It mainly hurts them at lower points. But, hey, at least they're still better than tacticals.

>> No.27565675

access to repressors
skyfire / interceptor on exorcists

tweek some points so everything is not overpriced

repentia units kinda like gretchen in that 1 mistress for every 10 girls. blobs back to at least 20, 30 would better

give them some flyer no matter if its shitty or not.

faith is an easy fix... make it work like it did in codex witch hunters.
have a pool of faith powers that units can pull from insted of 1 act of faith for this bolter sister and another for this one because she is in a heavy weapons squad.

>> No.27565679

>implying you have to use a real name to sign up for Facebook

Are YOU new to the internet?

>> No.27565686

Someone already has all he needs from you posting on 4chan

>> No.27565689

I'm just pointing out that the NSA "scandel" is the same stuff everyone's known about for years.

>> No.27565696

>implying the name has anything to do with how easy it is to get dox
You clearly don't know what you're talking about

>> No.27565710

Yes, but you did so in an accusing tone.
My initial point was that even the last few people thinking that this is stupid should know by now how wrong they are.
Fuck 4chan, i'm gone.

>> No.27565737


If someone wants your personal information that badly they'll get it from one of the hundreds of other websites that you visit and probably post on every day. Are you really this afraid of personal army shit? Why are you even posting here?

>Fuck 4chan, i'm gone.
>my argument is superior, so to prove it I will abandon the discussion

Every time.

>> No.27565739


>> No.27565745

>pointing out that the NSA "scandel" is the same stuff everyone's known about for years

And here I thought I was the only one who was completely unsurprised by this, because ever since Bush's first term I just kind of assumed that was the kind of shit the NSA did. Because that's kind of what the people who we as a country voted into office decided at the time that it SHOULD do.

>> No.27565755

>minor pink-haired order

O-Oh Y-You've done it now

>> No.27565757

>not knowing the meme
When are we, 2007?

>> No.27565762

>who we as a country voted into office decided at the time that it SHOULD do.

That's not really the "scandal" per se, it has more to do with its expansion.

>> No.27565767

>>pointing out that the NSA "scandel" is the same stuff everyone's known about for years

>Implying that wasn't the point of the first post of this topic
Top reading skill lel

>> No.27565786

>they'll get it from one of the hundreds of other websites that you visit and probably post on every day.
Not everyone is a 30 year old NEET like you, anon.

>> No.27565798

Minor pink-haired order, not pink-haired order of minors.

>> No.27565802

>implying I was paying attention to two anons who I really don't care about bitching at each other about a topic not related at all to the point of the thread
>implying I didn't just scroll past a post that I happened to agree with and responded to that
You really need to work on that exaggerated sense of self-importance.

>> No.27565820

>Posting in a thread you didn't read
>not only that, but also responding to a parrot retard

Damn this youth, no manners anymore!

>> No.27565834

Holy shit anon, have some common decency!
Quickposting is 4chan's equivalents of premature ejaculation!

>> No.27565846

You blew my mind.

>> No.27565926

>No sanctioned Xenos mercenaries
>no forbidden artifacts
>no Monkeys
you failed!

>> No.27565947

>you will never infiltrate your killteam along with ork kommandos

>> No.27565959

this thread is failing its leadership tests left and right.

Hold the ground or we will shoot!

>> No.27566019

>Implying I was even the reason that thread was ruined...

>Implying I still wouldn't have ruined it posting anonymously anyways...

>Implying Stellar Wind-tan isn't trying to do her damn job and find all the Bad People on the Internet...

...Isn't that actress like, 27 or something?

>> No.27566057

I hope they keep true to their original man face aesthetic.
I thoroughly hate the big titty sex kitten that get pushed in other games designed to appeal to disgusting virgin males.

SOBs are supposed to be the 40k version of East German female weightlifters. They have more testosterone swimming inside them than 1000 unshaven neckbeards put together. They are the toughest and hardest unaugmented soldiers that the IoM has at their disposal. They are not sex objects.

>> No.27566059

Give back the Book of St Lucius and we'll see to that.

Though, with Relics added to the WD codex, they might do just that.

>> No.27566118

I like tough, non sexualized sisters. However, it is a fantasy game and their schtick is being a female army, so I like them to look at least a little feminine.

>> No.27566156

Sister Pandora and the 7 Squats.

>> No.27566207

fuck off Waifu the Edgehog.

>> No.27566393

Now we post female tech priests...you onto what I mean, guys.

>> No.27566404

Onto? Fucking phone, that should be know.

>> No.27566405

While my faggotry may imply otherwise, I don't root for the Sisters simply out of Sex Appeal.
They embody the Zeal of the Imperium, the grit and determination that will see humanity conquer any challenge that lies before it.
While the Guard has hints of this as well, the Sororita take it to its extreme, while still retaining their humanity unlike the Space Marines or Mechanicus.

...Still, that doesn't mean they can't LOOK good doing it, since half the hobby is making things aesthetically pleasing.

>> No.27566436

Will there be new models without manfaces and boobplate?

>> No.27566457

Guard combines this with soldiering, which usually implies at least some common sense. But Sisters are full on Faith-Crazy.

>> No.27566468

Depends. GW can make decent women now (see Dark Elves).

It doesn't mean that you won't have to helmet all your sisters anyway.

>> No.27566477

Not likely in this release.

>> No.27566486


In a lot of the fluff, the James Swallow books mainly, they are depicted as being pretty tactical fighters at least on the same level as storm troopers.

>> No.27566654

Anyone else wondering if the 19th is just the date for the BL version and not the iPad one?

>> No.27566657


>> No.27566667

Do you even know how fit/athletlic women look like if they avoid any "special help"?

>> No.27566675

>disgusting virgin males.
>disgusting, because still virgin

Meh, Imperial Guard and Eldar are already sexualized for women, so i don't see the problem with sexualized sob.

>> No.27566689

may i inquire your real life gender/sex?
Seeing your namefaggotry so often and often with such topics, it's relevant at this point.

>> No.27566691

Like they could still break people in half.

>> No.27566698

Boobplate is kind of their schtick, but I'm expecting at least ONE passable face sculpt.

Assuming the "update" gets ANY new units, or new models, or plastic kits, or anything aside from a series of minor tweaks and re-balances that won't mean shit for how the army holds up against Codices that get actual updates.

>> No.27566700

>I-i don't like your fetish fuel!
>Insert my fetish fuel!
Stop it.

>> No.27566701

On Schola worlds, young SoBs play rugby with male Commissar cadets in their age category, and routinely leave them with broken bones.

>> No.27566703

>Imperial Guard sexualized


>> No.27566718

Which is AWESOME because at that age boys tend to be significantly stronger than girls at the same age.

>> No.27566726

They look like this.
Photoshop some armor onto them and you won't notice a difference.

>> No.27566730

Toned down boobplate would be nice. Like on the new cover: there but not DDs.

>> No.27566742

Like I said, like they can break people.

>> No.27566744 [DELETED] 

And here's what it sounds like what you want.
Sorry if that's wrong, but this is what i'd guess from your posts.
"This" doesn't happen by working out only. And i highly doubt that that is what SOB training would entail, especially with the advanced medicine (yes, it's more primtiive than 30k, it's still more advanced thanw hat we have)

Also, this is fetishfuel as well btw.

>> No.27566761

There are women out there who like their men as musclebound manly men.
And i remember a pic from FFG where most male imperial guard were shirtless for no reason whereas females were in full armour; maybe someone knows where it is and can upload it as well.

>> No.27566775

Yeah, it would, but then it's less visible. It shouldn't be the only thing differentiating them from anything else, but let's face it: that's the first thing people notice.

>> No.27566776

What do you think SoBs care more about:
a) How sexy they look?
b) How effectively they can purge the enemies of the God-Emperor?

Now do you think they are aiming for:
a) toned cardio bunny look?
b) muscle bound roid raging death machine?

SoBs are unnatty as they get without full on genetic engineering and bionics. Look at the man faces. GW intended it this way.

>> No.27566777

This doesn't specifiy whether it's post- or pre-puberty.
And there isn't much of a difference pre-pub.
Also, source? Sounds interesting.

>> No.27566779

That's not what I was saying, I'm just saying a very fit woman looks like she can do some damage.

>> No.27566793

Sisters aren't chosen to be Sisters until their 16. So it'd be teenage years.

>> No.27566794

Males have a bigger and tougher muscle mass and so they are more protected than women with armor. Males wearing armor is just redundant.

I support the shirtless men movement

>> No.27566800

Which is what SOB already look like.
So i don't really see your problem.

>> No.27566802

Ideally, there'd be some evidence of fitting, suggesting that all SoB's aren't physically identical and that there's a range of acceptably "feminine" bodyshapes.

But that's never going to happen. That would take effort and commitment to producing a quality product.

>> No.27566811

Also, they fervently defend the "perfect shape of the human body" or whatever it is called.
Is a realistic assumption how they look like.

>> No.27566844

I think your confusing me with someone else. I don't have a problem with the way Sisters look.

>> No.27566849

Except women don't have masculine faces. There's a reason nonmetric facial characteristics are one of the things that forensic analysts use to estimate sex.

The real explanation is that for many years, Games Workshop couldn't make a decent female face sculpt to save their bloody lives.

>> No.27566854

>acceptably "feminine
You mean like in the infinity model range? maybe with thinner skin tight armour to show off that physique, right?

Do you have a fucking clue why women like playing nids and necrons? Clue: it has something to do with neckbeard gender stereotypes

>> No.27566858

I almost that you were being serious.

I've been...wherever I've been, I've been there too long.

>> No.27566874

Actually I hear girls say they like Nids because they're cute.

>> No.27566901

Well yeah, that too. I always feel a maternal pride and affection for my babies when they murder their way over the broken bleeding corpses of the Emperor's finest

>> No.27566932


Men don't understand what cute means in woman-speak. Nids are cute for the same reason we call all dogs "puppy" even if it's a 200 pound great dane as tall as we are (though I usually call those "ponies"). Orks are fun too, not so much cute as adorable.

>> No.27566949

I don't know anyone who can't take pride in killing Space Marines.

>> No.27566968

Well... Male, unfortunately...
...Probably why my faggotry is so annoying...

..."Cute" probably isn't quite the term I'd use...

Still, I'd support Shirtless Marines!

>> No.27566969

>pic of Battle Sister holding a sign.

sign reads:
>"I need feminism because I want to purge heretics and xenos for the God Emperor in crispy promethium death not strut around on the battlefield like some sex object for slaaneshi deviants to drool over. "

>> No.27567050

Not being a woman, and not particularly caring enough to ask? No. No I don't know.

And you do realize that I'm suggesting that there's a possibility other than identical suits of bulky tit armor and skimpily dressed anime chicks, right? Or are you being deliberately thick?

You're right. I don't understand it. Orks being "fun" I can agree with, though. Because it's remarkably less serious. Other armies' fluff is all about purity and grimderp, but the Orks? The Orks are about how many rockets and guns you can strap to something before it spontaneously explodes, and still managing to appreciate that moment of explosivey glory when it finally goes.

>> No.27567085

Do Nids have a mechanic for OMNOMNOMing?
You have to make sure your babies get fed after all?
But yes, maternal Hive Queens are best Hive Queens.

>Daemonette holding a sign that reads, "And I need Feminism so that there WILL be Sororitas to drool over!"

>> No.27567160

>implying slutification is the only way to objectify women
Because an order of space nuns with flamethrowers and heavy armor isn't already some people's fetish?

Seriously, I've accepted it. They're always going to seem fetishy. But at least they could actually have female-looking faces while doing it.

>> No.27567184

I want American profeminism and antifeminism drama queens out of 4chan.

Protip: nobody else in the world has a problem with feminism, it's just the flavor of the year in your pants on head retarded country.

And people attacking SoB (and models in general) for looking feminine? You are pathetic. They are just toys, they offend no one, for fuck's sake, grow up, or stop being whinny phaggots. I bet there isn't a single girl ITT, let alone having a problem with female models looking female, and if she has, stop being an envious cunt.

>> No.27567234

I'm a girl and I play sisters. Not because they're the girl faction per se, but because I like pretty figures, and the sisters models are some of the prettiest.

>> No.27567236

All horses are animals, but not all animals are horses.

Someone being turned on by operating women is not nearly equivalent to those women being turned into bimbos for added sex appeal.

>> No.27567251

Sure as shit saving this even if you aren't Amurrican.

>> No.27567260

well then

>> No.27567290

Ugh, don't bring Bimbofication into this, the thread is already ugly enough...

...What anyone would want with a RETARDED Big Titted Bimbo is beyond me...

>> No.27567314

Yeah, I didn't really mean to, but the idea that appealing to someone's obscure fetish is the same as objectification is just painfully wrong.

>> No.27567319

>male, unfortunately
>doesn't like big-titted bimbos

Making sense

>> No.27567379

Why must Sisters topics end up being topics about people's fetishes?

Look, here's the deal, no one cares what you jerk off to, or flick the bean over, just keep that shit to yourself and no one will make a big deal out of it.

>> No.27567419

>he doesn't know about delicious flat chest

>> No.27567438

>flick the bean
That sounds like it could be painful?

>> No.27567454

>>27567438 has never seen a vagina!

>> No.27567476


>> No.27567541

Oh I LIKE Big Breasted Bimbos, I just can NOT stand wanting them to be braindead fuck toys...
I mean, besides how god damn annoying they'd be, why bother with taking on a dependant!
Then again, I don't seek domination when it comes to the mating game; I want a partner who'll bring out the best in me and I her...

...To bad I'm a shit-tier NEET...

>> No.27567640 [DELETED] 

Sisters confirmed to be being released on all fronts on the 19th:
Games Workshop: Digital Editions Hi Matthew, It's for all of them.
There will be an interactive edition on the iBookstore, and an eBook edition on Blacklibrary.com

- Eddie

>> No.27567681

Sisters confirmed to be being released on all fronts on the 19th:

>Matthew Austin So is the 19th the release date for all versions, or just the BL one?

>Games Workshop: Digital Editions Hi Matthew, It's for all of them.
>There will be an interactive edition on the iBookstore, and an eBook edition on Blacklibrary.com

>- Eddie

>> No.27567742

Are you two serious, or do you really think that post was asking what "the bean" refers to, rather than asking if flicking a woman's clit could possibly be painful?

Because it's increasingly difficult to tell if the posters in this thread are just that fucking stupid or not.

>> No.27567960

I don't know how anyone could be dumb enough to think that the euphemism meant you actually flick the clit.

>> No.27567989

>yfw SoB turns out to be highly competitive, and anybody who plays them is deemed a WAAC faggot.

>> No.27567997

And then I drop my army on their head, while still in my carrying case.

>> No.27568011

What's the deal with blowjobs? You don't blow, you suck.

>> No.27568030

Penitence Engine in a sock.

>> No.27568040

Exorcist in a bag.

>> No.27568059

I hope they vary, just like muhreens run the gauntlet from vanilla ice to skeletor. Also more helmets pls.

>> No.27569451

That legitimately confused me for the longest time in my youth.

>> No.27569912

Hehehehe, they've been reduced to this, yeah. A bunch of angry schoolgirls who are in permanent sexual repression. They are let loose on the enemies of the Imperium of Man just to make sure they don't become homicidal.

Being used as hats by the Grey Knights didn't help.

>> No.27569918

Hmm, the tab for Sisters of Battle on GW's site has been changed to "Adepta Sororitas." For some odd reason, it wasn't moved up into alphabetical order and remains right there above the S-factions.

>> No.27570046

Fuck yeah, more Sabbat helmets. I want more of those awesome space sallets.

>> No.27570160

So...um...any word on those new models?

>> No.27570275


No but if everyone in these threads who actually wants some, it might be worth buying yourself one of the 3 Sister packs. If enough people do it we might actually convince them there's some sort of consumer interest.

>> No.27570585

Only that they now have the technology to make them.

We're not getting them now, but maybe in a year or so.

>> No.27571116


Not until at least around this time next year. The rumors that have been swirling around for 40k have been concerned with Tyranids, IG, Orkz, BA, and SW.

>> No.27571366

They can get some more variety in the codex, they need to add in Zealots (they had rules for them before) and Arbites, which would basically be Storm Troopers with Shotguns. There we go, 3 troop options. Add in the rules for Inquisitors, adjust some points and scale Faith Points.

Pair it with a plastic Sister Squad (3 kits in one: Sisters, Celestine and Dominion) Another that is Command, Retribution and Seraphim. Plastic Kit for Stormtrooper/Arbites.

Then if we are lucky, maybe even a flier.

Even half of this would probably restore a little bit of my faith in GW and probably get me back to spending money with them.

>> No.27571487

Oh god, if they even just copy-pasted the Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor (+retinue) alone into the Sisters book, I would be a very, very happy man.

I'd actually buy the download, if they did.

>> No.27571544

I'd do Troops like this:

Battle Sisters Squad (tacticals)
Fratis Militia (dumb pitchfork mob)
Redemptionist Zealots (independant religious militants, flamers nuts with eviscerators)

possibly add Sister Repentia here or in elites depending how good they are.

>> No.27571559

the heels are reminescent of john blanche, but seriously? that humongous butt and broken back? and why is she wearing a diaper?

>> No.27571569

necbeard fetishes

>> No.27571588

>why is she wearing a diaper?
Because she's a battle sister.

>> No.27571642


Its possible. I know of a chick who beat the shit out of a guy trying to rob her with some well timed kicks and smacks. She knocked that nigger out cold and he had a good seventy pounds on her.

There are some insatiably tough women out there and they are firecrackers!

>> No.27571731


I think she'd pat you on the head too, with a power weapon

>> No.27571740

Fingers crossed for Sisters at ten points a model.

>> No.27571746

She doesn't have any though.

so qt

>> No.27571752


Sweet, dark eldar wallpapers

>> No.27571756

You are still missing the point. This women aren't available. They are already married heart and soul to the God Emperor of Mankind. They absolutely do not care about being sexy for you and they aren't going to look sexy unless you have a fetish for East German weightlifters.

>> No.27571766

>dark eldar

>> No.27571779

Didn't one of the Cain books show Sisters who didn't have to take a vow of chastity/were allowed to have children?

>> No.27571781

Look at the OP again.

>> No.27571797


She's barely legal

>> No.27571806

I'm hoping that was just artistic license

>> No.27571822

You WANT the only actual fetish-wank army of the game (since eldars and daemonettes are supposed to look gross) to look unattractive?
Are you sure you don't just want to play black templars?

>> No.27571955 [DELETED] 

No I'm just creeped out by sweaty perverts drooling over small plastic toy soldiers that they rub against their groin while going unf-unf-begging purge-me-harder.

I prefer not to cater to this demographic where ever possible.

>> No.27572011

Hey, it's not our fault Moralfags won't let us be beautiful on the tabletop...

>> No.27572019

Woah woah woah, hold your jetbikes there, Kin.

We have three troop choices (Because who doesn't take a Haemy? Dead Archons, that's who.) Four if you're dumb and take the Baron and decide he shouldn't hang out with Beastmasters.

Someone already posted the picture of DEldar vs. Sisters to make this post mildly relevant, so here's Sliscus being better than you.

>> No.27572050

>Ordo Xenos

An Ordo Xenos themed list would actually work well for multiple Imperial Allies lists now that I think about it.

>IG + Space Marines
Inquisitorial Troopers with Deathwatch

>Multiple flavours of Space Marines in a single list


>Space Marines + Eldar

Deathwatch forced into shakey alliance with Eldar due to Radical Inquisitorial shennanigans.

And so on. Hell, paint up a full deathwatch army, and you can field it under any chapter tactics you like, without repainting.

>> No.27572079


Aren't the models on the site that aren't finecast plastic?

>> No.27572156


Sisters are still all metal, I think there still some odd metal models for other armies left too, like Furies and SM Sergeants that no one wants.

>> No.27572176


Yeah because if an organisation has your phone number, name, addresses, place of work, where you went to school, who your friends are, what kind of food you eat, what you watch on tv and the exact dimensions of your face that can be used for facial recognition software on most cameras on the planet, they really need that satellite to find you.

Did you order an Xbox One to fight terrorism too, you git? Did you miss the entire "NSA has access to all american companies" bit that includes facebook, linkedin and everything else you can think of?

>> No.27572306


Hell, even with the new Tau update and total revamp, Kroot Shapers and Aun'Shi are still metal.

>> No.27572307

So... some unknown people know who am I? Isn't that the very premise of posting your pics anywhere on the internet? I mean, I could upload a pic of me here and now, and all of you would know who am I, what do I care?

>> No.27572723

lets hope the update is semi good. couple that with the repressor update FW put out it can become fun again

>> No.27572878 [SPOILER] 

Throne alive, that body and those shorts.

>> No.27575024

Both Dreadnought and non-Dreadnought versions.

>> No.27575368

>"I c-can't tourney stomp anymore! Baw!"
Quit whining. You whiner. I play Orks, and I'm still waiting for my new codex.

>> No.27575390

Every time I see it, it never gets old.

>> No.27575426

>Only troops choice
I'm sorry. I play Orks, and that's sad. Even I've got grots. Hey, maybe you'll get like, choir boys.

>> No.27575494

>Not a sex object
Nigga, I'm gay, and I think Catachans are fucking hot. Are they sex objects? Nope. Can I think of them as sex objects? You bet I can.

>> No.27575764

You could just not put any private information. Put Name and Age. That's it. That's all you need to do.

>> No.27575767

>original man face aesthetic

>> No.27575819

>nobody else in the world has a problem with feminism
Sweden pls go.

>> No.27575834

Shut the fuck up and go the fuck away.

>> No.27576121

Soldiers are pretty cardio. If you're talking building muscle mass for show or for deadlifting, then, yeah, go for the 'roided up Balalaika look.

But if you're going for a fighting force which trains constantly, then you're going to get a much more lean appearance as the focus is going to be on movement and endurance.

>> No.27576194

I'm gonna have to model little flames coming off all the feet of my Sister Superiors, Celestians, and Canonesses now.

>> No.27576274

10/10 would ally with.

>> No.27576770

>SOBs are supposed to be the 40k version of East German female weightlifters. They have more testosterone swimming inside them than 1000 unshaven neckbeards put together. They are the toughest and hardest unaugmented soldiers that the IoM has at their disposal. They are not sex objects.

Uh except for the part where their whole point is that their zealotry for the emperor is so intense it actually allows them to become walking miracle machines to the extent that women from all walks of imperial life can police even the Astartes. They aren't supposed to be super-soldiers their supposed to be saints and nuns. Their meakness is their defining trait, turning them into power-fraus would completely rob them of their most defining characteristic.

>> No.27576794

Ignore that faggot who loves the power-fraus Anon, he's just trying to bring everyone else into his magical kingdom.

>> No.27577039

Are you saying you dare not enter?

>> No.27577063

The ones from Soulstorm had lines like "We know our place".
They were great in that game.

>> No.27577084

Where in the Warp did 'meekness' come from? In the two BL novels, the Sororitas struck me as being extremely strong willed. Damn I hope they get Adamantine Will across the board, fits perfectly.

>> No.27577110

I don't feel like bathing in fire to purify myself afterwards.

>> No.27577587

>he thinks Adamantine Will might help deny sorcery
>laughing lv4 sorcerers.jpeg

On a serious note that 5+ against psychic powers is annoying because it happens when I least expect it. Always found it odd that the sisters faith works like sorcery, reminds me of the space wolves who insist that their rune priests don't use psychic powers.

>> No.27577630

Faith doesn't work like that anymore.

>> No.27577762


To be honest, as a SoB player, I find that faith tends not to work much period. For the units that really want to get off their power (aka Retributors and Dominions, though at least Seraphim are fairly reliable) they will pretty much always need a 4+ because the enemy won't leave them alive if they can hurt them. Not to mention the fact that faith got hugely toned down as well... It sort of sucks now, especially compared to how awesome it was before.

>> No.27577769

Faith isn't sorcery, it's straight up faith. no magicks allowed

>> No.27577859

I agree, the faith system is a bit weak. To be fair the old faith system only had a couple really good powers. All the powers have uses now, but sadly they're all pretty limited in scope.

>> No.27577890

As a SoB player myself, we can both agree the faith system needs this rework. Roll for faith points then roll to see if you can even use your faith points properly.

Some units fucking require faith points to be useful, i.e RENDING

>> No.27577940

Bet its still wonky and unplayable.

>> No.27577951


>> No.27577996

I'm with you on that! People keep spouting stuff that isn't true when it comes to Sisters.

>> No.27578242


On the other hand, the old faith system was a bit OP in some ways... Having a Canoness that could be S8 with a eviscerator while using a 2++ save is sort of crazy, though it did use 2 faith points a round that you used it. I have some good memories of charging my Seraphim into a units of multi-wound T4 enemies or MCs, popping the +2 strength faith power, and having my VSS deal a bunch of death with her now S8 eviscerator. I used to kill fexes with my Canoness in one on one combat. Good times.

>> No.27578316

Man this reminds me I really need to roll my meta-40k RP by my friends with the cockney Sister and see if they wanna play it someday

>> No.27579173


Stop that.

>> No.27579786

When the Digital Codex comes out, if it still sucks, do we have license to go back to working on our fandexes or is this the end of that glorious era? With the WD dex you could at least justify to your friends "come on that dex is garbage and I can't even find the two issues of White Dwarf to use when I play" to wiggle your bullshit into games. After this though...


Oh God-Emperor, my sides.

>> No.27580863

So, does anyone have advice on how to paint a minor order? I'm throwing around ideas for a Halloween-themed Sisters army, called ORder of the Hallowed Eve or somesuch. I'm just having trouble picturing how to make orange work on their robes and armour.


>> No.27580907

/tg/ made a Scottish Sister of Battle character, worth mentioning.

She's essentially a TF2 Spy trying to track down survivors of her Order. She kills almost the entirety of the Gray Knights and covers herself in purity seals stolen from their corpses like a mummy, which at some point vanish into her skin. This lets her do the same to Tyranids and Slaaneshi Daemons.
Eventually she's welcomed into an Ork clan made up almost entirely of Fem Boyz that she teaches to be Sistaz of WAAAGH!.

>> No.27580915

All minor Orders come from one of the big 6 and take some of their traits.
But minor Orders also have a lot of leeway on regulation and doctrine (Ecclesiarchy tends to disregard the global rules of the Imperium at will anyway).

>> No.27580955


>> No.27581014

Yeah, I'd probably just go for an Ebon Chalice successor, keep things straightforward and simple. A focus on prayer and banishment of the daemonic influences of the world, and a tradition of carving beautiful pieces of art in the various gourds grown in shrine gardens, carved in likenesses of saints and holy icons, and lit with sacred candles.

You know, fluffy stuff.

>> No.27581357


In the same vain as that, I've been trying to figure out a way to convert my sisters to have a mechanicus theme to them. The idea being that they're syncretists with the Cult Mechanicus, the logic being if the Emperor proclaimed himself to be the Omnissaiah to the Mechanicus and the Omnissaiah is the manifestation of the Machine God in flesh than the Emperor must therefore be the Machine God. To say otherwise is to accuse the Emperor himself of being a liar which is heresy.

I just don't know what to do with the solid metal models, green stuffing ocular things over their eyes, maybe wires coming out from their robes or something, but other than that I can't think of anything. If anyone has any ideas that's be awesome

>> No.27581520

So no new units this codex? Guess suicidal fanatics and napalm bombing jets will happen another day.

>> No.27581978

I just want them to get their antipsyker rocket back.

>> No.27581991

Do you even know how female soldiers look like?
Not to mention them using their bioengineering to keep their "pure human form as dictated by the emperor" (yes, this exists, and is the reason why they hunt mutants as well)

>> No.27581996

I just find it funny that no one rages over the six pack armour of the lean, tal and muscular eldar, but everyone goes into raeg mode for boob armor.

Fanservice is only bad if it's aimed at heterosexual males, mkay

>> No.27582004

forgot mah pic

>> No.27582015

0/10 bait

>> No.27582027

not to mention their dildo gun and thing on the back

>> No.27582043

pic for comparison

>> No.27582155

Better delete this, this is sexist and you can get banned for that

>> No.27582157

You forgot that eldars have boob plates too. But that's okay. Mainly because, be they male or female, guardians suck.

>> No.27582208

>guardians suck.
Are you still living in 2012? Guardians are awesome now.

>> No.27582425

I don't care what other people say, those are nice models and I love painting them. :')

>> No.27582434

I am, actually. Sorry, the time warps have been really frequent today.

>> No.27582486

>posting some shitty newspaper cartoon
Does /tg/ know no shame anymore?

>> No.27582498

I thought it was funny.

>> No.27582536

What, you wanted more diapers?

>> No.27582862


The thing is, well-built guys are both a sexual fantasy for women AND a power fantasy for men. If having big tits was a part of WOMEN'S power fantasies, I don't think you'd get so much butthurt over it.

>> No.27583372

You always have the right to work on a fandex. It's in the rulebook that you don't have to use a codex to play.

>> No.27583384

That's an Inquisitor's item, not a Sisters one.

>> No.27583419


>The worst mary sue ever

She can go to the warp and marry Drago. Or fuck off entirely. Preferably the latter.

>> No.27583542

>implying every woman doesn't want bigger tits

>> No.27583585

>Implying that all women are your fetish

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