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Were they to make a Warhammer 40k movie, I feel that pic related would make a good Horus.

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no he's too small idiot, Horus was really large he's a space marine

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Nah, he should be the leader of the dark angels.


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Tommy Wisau should be cast as the Emperor.
"Ha ha ha. What a story, Malcador"

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mfw the perfect Vulkan has already left us.

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emma watson as Fulgrim

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Man the nostalgia, I remember that movie being pretty creepy, though it was a long time ago since I saw it.

Also, Benedict Cumberbatch needs to be involved, I don't care what role he gets.

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Keith David would make a pretty good Salamander

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Keith David aaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssss

Keith Davidus.

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Definately one of the shadier primarchs like Corvus Corax or Konrad Curze.

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Idris Elba would fill the role nicely, assuming of course that one could actually get famous actors to act in a 40k movie, but I guess that's an assumption of this thread.

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eh, maybe konrad, but corvus needs to have more of a nathan explosion/emprah look (but with a white face and black hair)

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Steve Buscemi as Ollanius Pious

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Benedict would actually make a bangin' Fulgrim.

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So who's going to play Leman Russ?

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I always envisioned Iacton Qruze looking like Ron Perlman.

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Maybe it's because he's type cast as the asshole black guy too much, I just can't picture Keith David saving anyone.

I think Nathan Jones would do a good job at being Angron

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Danny Trejo as the Emperor

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He's dead.

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sean bean obviously

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that was my point. hence "left us" euphemism.

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Jason Momoa could make a good Angron in a pinch. He had some pretty good berserker moments in the Conan the Barbarian remake.

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My two cents:

Horus: I *want* to say Hugo Weaving
Loken: Sam Worthington
Abaddon: ????
Angron: Vin Diesel
Kharn: John Cena
Fulgrim: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Lucius: Charlie Hunman
Corax: Byung-Hun Lee
Ferrus Manus: Dwayne Johnson
Mortarion: Ray Park. Voiced by whomever.
Kurze: Benedict Cumberbatch
Russ: ????
Magnus: ????
Vulkan: Idris Elba
Perturabo: No clue. Big guy but has to be able to sound smart
Guilliman: Liam Neeson
Dorn: ????
Lorgar: Sean Bean
Erebus: ????
Malcador: Christopher Lee
Emperor: ????
Oll Perrson: Ed Harris

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from what I remember from tales of heresy, angron is described as having sharper features and an aquiline nose

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I'd like to see Michael C. Hall as Curze. I think he'd do it well, but on the other hand I imagine Curze to have very chiseled features so it might not be the most optimal.
Cilian Murphy for Fabius Bile could work.
Who would play Sanguinius and Lion El'Johnson?

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>Perturabo: No clue. Big guy but has to be able to sound smart

Michael Fassbender

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That...actually makes a lot of sense.

You have my respect anon.

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>Malcador: Christopher Lee
Yes, yes and yes!

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Would Kelsey Grammer work for Magnus?

He's been in blue make up as the feral smart guy before, just change it red.

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sam worthington is a perfect pick for loken
also liked your pick of liam neeson as guilliman

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holy shit, frasier crane as magnus

that's fucking perfect

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that or he would make a great horus with that voice of his (and he looks a lot like horus too)

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I saw Loken as Worthington from the start; he's a big guy but he seems to suffer from permanent gullibility.
As for Neeson, I figured since Guilliman punches shit and he pretends he's the big brother to EVERYONE.

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That's...actually not bad.

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mark strong as angron

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Who would be Erebus? I'm semi inclined to say Bruce Willis, if only because he's already bald, and he does action-y shit all the time.

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He would have to learn a different accent. Sorry Brits but um...yeah... Not that intimidating or badass. Especially most of 40k voice acting.

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Michael Jai White.

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Don't really care what roles they play, but I'd love to see Ron Pearlman, Ray Stevenson and Mickey Rourke in a 40k film.

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Colonel Tavington as Fulgrim.

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This whole list...



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Konrad Kurze should be Vin Diesel. All the psychopathy from Riddick manifested into a crazed love of Justice.

Or possibly Alpharius, since noone is ever sure what he's up to.

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Bruce Willis doesn't have the same aura of evil and sneakiness around him.

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Dolph Lundgren as Kurze.

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Micky Rourke as Maloghurst the Twisted

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"Father, I believe Horus is a traitor!"

"Oh hi Magnus! Why are you destroying my super-secret webway project HUNHH?"

"Father, I-"

"YOU'RE TEARING ME APART MAGNUS! How could you? Do you understand liiiiife?"

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Sanjay Dutt

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He already evades easily identifiable things, like talent and race, he'd be perfect!

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the voice of Big E

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My vote for Roboute.

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But anybody's got Russ? Seriously, can't we find a dude who'd look savage enough in a huge red beard?

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Gerard Butler for Space Yiff Supreme!

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Hell no. Michael Jai White. He was in Spawn. And was pretty good.

But we have to Blackface him and give him red glowing eyes.


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I'll say it again


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Who would direct it?

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i'd love peter jackson

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In all seriousness? Michael Bay is the best shot.

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made me reply

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You have given this way too much thought.

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I give you Leman Russ

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You're bullshitting over fanboyism and his succes in Game of Thrones. He makes a good king, he does not make a good berserking halfwolf bastard.

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not quite a bastard. i'd say feral orphan

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James Cameron

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Red bearded berzerker?

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it's kinda sad. Post terminator 2 and Aliens I would've yelled FUCK YEAH, but after avatar and titanic.... I'm scared.

forced cameo by Tzeentch.

>> No.27561482

Del Toro

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The solution is simple: you let him direct stuff, but not write it.

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I had always pictured Vin as Lorgar.

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Fair enough.

Also, this guy for Russ.
Wasn't a fan of Elysium. Am a fan of Sharlto Copley.

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How about Dwayne Johnson for Magnus?

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>Kelsey Grammer as Magnus

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We would have some love triangle between malodor, emps, and Horus or some other shit along those lines.

Going with a dark horse director in John Hillcoat

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Sean Bean as the Emperor.

The reason that Ork got the drop on him was because, exerted from being so far from Terra, he forgot some basic ork physiology and tried to kick it in the 'nads.

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How about HBO does WH40k as a series. A new faction every season. Start with Tau because they are the most relate-able to current values and will need captured IoM prisoners to carefully and slowly explain things to them. Next season could be SoM. Season three could be the Inq. Season 4 could be the Assinornium. Season 5 could be the Word Bearers. Season 6 could be Space Yiffs. If all that works out the HH could be a movie per book, skipping the crap of course.

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>soft spoken
>can be scary if he needs to be

find me a better Lion

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Commissar Ciaphas Cain?

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awww yeah!

question, is Magnus a true cylops or is he just missing an eye? Art and descriptions just seem to vary so much.

>> No.27561664


Agreed. Done.

>> No.27561684

According to BL, he's just missing an eye.

>> No.27561690

Anyone else think Brad Pitt would be a good fit for Sanguinius?

And Tom Cuise for Erebus.

>> No.27561691

Don't even joke about that.

>> No.27561724


I'm thinking about it now, and IMO, its a toss up between Chris Hemsworth or Ryan 'real human bean' Gosling. Maybe the Daniel Crane.

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>And Tom Cuise for Erebus
You what? Anthony Hopkins would've made a great Erebus.

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>> No.27561772


I agree with Jackson myself. I dont think Ive seen a movie of his that Ive disliked, and he pays tremendous amounts of respect to the source materials. He bent here and there, but thats mostly where studio execs really pressured it. He would be an excellent choice.

>> No.27561780


Lian Neeson for Khor Pharon.

>> No.27561805

Patterson Joseph for Ahriman

>> No.27561809


Isn't Sir Hopkins a little old? Isn't Erebus a true and proper Astartes?

>> No.27561812

is he doing a russian "you're on my list" gesture?

>> No.27561814

>Lian Neeson
Too good looking. Kor Phareon suppose to look like Palpatine, an old man.

>> No.27561828

yep, he spent time with them as research.

>> No.27561834


Too disjointed, jumping around completely from faction to faction on the season would make for terrible television. I'd love a Band of Brothers/Generation Kill-esque series about an IG Regiment though. That could be done and done interestingly as long as they're not at all hesitant about killing off main characters.

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Unfortunatly, right now he is.

>> No.27561850

for what movie? Is he playing a russian mobster?

>> No.27561860


The season finales and openers can be for hand-offs to the next faction. And if they change factions every season they will not be afraid of killing anyone or everyone off.

>> No.27561880

Eastern Promises, he went all out and got all the russian prison tattoos also.

>> No.27561881


Hopkins may make a decent Malcador.

>> No.27561924

Bitch please.
>Hopkins for Mortarion.

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>Old man


>> No.27561945

they aren't negros

they're white people with jet black skin

>> No.27561957


Your Band of Brothers has already been written. And yes, Gaunt's Ghosts would be epic.

>> No.27561962

Implying Hopkins wouldn't make best mortarion.

Primarchs are hundreds of years old, why not Hopkins? Worshiping papa nurgle is hard on a body you know.

>> No.27561973


Super low cast mega black Indians would make great Salamanders. Just tell them they are portraying space Gurkhas.

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>> No.27562008


Post Heresy I agree, pre-Heresy, I would have to disagree.

>> No.27562011

I suppose being the mortal avatar of nurgle, elevated to daemon primarch would be better? I'm drunk and half asleep, what do you want.

It's a wonder i can type the capsha

>> No.27562013

I really want Josh Barnett to have a small role as a Chaos Marine.
Simply because hes a fuck huge guy that can fight and hes actually a really big Warhammer Fan.
I think he would have fun

>> No.27562028

if we are gonna let fans in, we need to bring Robin Williams in for some random reason.

>> No.27562033

A man can be made to look like a Hopkins.
But a Hopkins a man, not so much.

>> No.27562036

He was so realistic Russian Gangsters thought he was one of them without asking.
Man Viggo is a bad motherfucker

>> No.27562052


Chaos cult leader.

>> No.27562053

Robin Williams is a Warhammer fan?

>> No.27562060

I guess you're right on that one. Although, Hugh Jackman would make a great Angron in my opinion. His Berzerker rage as wolverine really fits.
>or possibly Rus


>Commissar Robin Wiliams
>also R. Lee Ermy Commissar is mandatory.

>> No.27562067

>Robin Williams as Kor Phaeron
>Robin Williams as the Emperor of Mankind
>Robin Williams as Malcador the Sigillite

>> No.27562072

Hugh Jackman is a very underrated actor.

>> No.27562083


>Warboss Robin Williams

>> No.27562092

He also broke a stunt man's arm while filming lord of the rings.

>> No.27562093

If I remember correctly, he was seen in a LGS somewhere talking to some 40k kids.

I can't be assed to find the image

>He likes Eldar

That he is. too bad he sold his soul to the X-men franchise.

>> No.27562135

And he blocked an improvised knife throw when he fought Lurtz

>If I remember correctly, he was seen in a LGS somewhere talking to some 40k kids.
>I can't be assed to find the image
Huh thats pretty cool
Not a fan of Robin as a comedian because hes a infamous thief.
But hes a solid dramatic actor so if he got a part I think he might do well.

I still really want Josh Barnett as a Chaos Marine though.

>Sold his soul to X-men

That does not bother me because I really love his Wolverine. Even though sometimes the Movie itself was not great I still really liked him in it.
See his newer movie Prisoner? He goes to some dark places in that movie. Reminds you how much of a motherfucker he is.

>> No.27562138

Since he is supposed to be an old man in termie armor, how about Sir Hopkins for Kor Phaeron?

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File: 401 KB, 650x823, Nicolas_Cage_2011_CC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No Nic Cage?

>> No.27562146



>> No.27562147

>Warboss Rotgrim Wheelklaws

>> No.27562157

As Ciaphas Cain

>> No.27562165

Uwe Boll

>> No.27562216

>Jim Parsons can never star in another show again
>Jim Parsons will always be Bazinga man
A shame really.

Also, casting someone female as Fulgrim (but playing them as male) would be a great idea, and add a real unnerving beauty to the screen. It would also further the filthy trans* agenda or something like that.

>> No.27562242


Why stop with Fulgrim. The entire III legion could be chicks in drag. That would be oddly bitchen'.

>> No.27562285

I can see Hugh Laure as Cain.

>> No.27562307


About 20 years ago I could too.

>> No.27562319

too goofy/bitter me thinks.

Also one thing the propaganda gets right is that Cain is a sexy beefcake for the ladies. We need a guy that will make all the ladies wet their seats when he enters without a shirt on.

>> No.27562326

Brad Pitt is Horus
A tanned Daniel Day Lewis is Emp
Mickey Rourke, Ron Perlman, Jason Mamoa are the Mournival
Sean Bean is Nathaniel Garro
Various celebs like Dwayne Johnson, Hugo Weaving make cameos as the primarchs.

>> No.27562331

Also, we need Busey.
As some high-ranking Khorne daemon.

>> No.27562337
File: 456 KB, 600x400, marc anthony and caesar get tanned.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

James Purefoy needs to be Torgaddon.

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File: 7 KB, 175x288, bad_ass_mother_fucker.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Idea: Samuel L. Jackson as Lion El'Johnson?

>> No.27562344
File: 392 KB, 823x1020, 1378018406676.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hugh Jackman?
He also has the Beard

>> No.27562346

But it would not be on propaganda image, but on what *really* happened.

>> No.27562362

Judging from the book, he's sexy beefcake even in reality.

>> No.27562375

If he can pull off the goofy coward internal monologue thing going then yeah I can see it.

yes, but novels always make the point that despite his memoires, two things the propaganda got right was his combat aptitude and imposing and statuesque physique.

The actor's name eludes me, but I always pictured the guy who played Baldric as Jurgen.

>> No.27562383


That is why I like Jim Parsons. It is easy to see him as the coward and the body juxtaposition to the propaganda images would be added humor.

>> No.27562388

Tony Robinson

>> No.27562391


That would be because the author admits that Cain is Blackadder 40k.

>> No.27562397

Not really known for his comedic roles but Hugh is a pretty funny guy with a self deprecating sense of humor so I think it would work.

>> No.27562398
File: 79 KB, 960x758, Tom-Hardy-Forrest-Bondurant-Lawless-tom-hardy-31984089-960-758.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tom Hardy as Mortarion/Bane

>> No.27562405


Hugh Grant could pull if off.

>> No.27562409

Powerful Tom Hardy
fucking love that guy

>> No.27562418

No, he was really tall an athletic.
His humble charisma of dashing war hero is what made ladies moist.
And Laure has enough talent in action to complete it.

>> No.27562421

Yeah but when has Hugh Grant ever done action movies?

>> No.27562433
File: 18 KB, 460x288, Tony_Robinson_1211291c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was Tony Robinson.

>> No.27562435

When do you fuckers think the Horus Heresy novels will get to the final battle on Terra? 2015?

And holy shit Aaron Dembski Bowden is leading the way.

>> No.27562440


It would be hard to sell Jackman as a craven coward. It would just not be believable. Grant would be quite believable.

>> No.27562451


Laure is too old. Back in the Jeeves and Wooster days he would have been absolutely perfect.

>> No.27562462

Oh I got it!

How about Brenden Frasier?

>> No.27562487


Too beefy and too hard to fob him off as sophisticated, he just looks dumb. He could do the coward part.

>> No.27562500

Who knows? Leslie Nielsen Syndrome is a thing. Maybe Jackman might end up being really funny because of the audience expectations.
Actors are surprising people sometimes.

>> No.27562508

>Too beefy and too hard to fob him off as sophisticated
How do you mean sorry?

>> No.27562520


Cain is a coward who does great things because there is no alternative. Audiences would just slip into thinking Cain is actually brave if an actor they think of as a hero portrays him.

>> No.27562540

Nathan Fillion as young Cain, Bruce Campbell narrates as old Cain.

>> No.27562780


John Woo

>> No.27562794


Ryan "Real Hero" can be Titus Cassar or Jonah Aruken.

>> No.27562816


Ignace Karkasy

Think about it, he was beat up to the point where he pissed blood.

>> No.27566645
File: 76 KB, 1024x768, Hugh-Jackman-Wolverine-poster-pics.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pic relate as Leman russ

>> No.27566886
File: 14 KB, 294x294, 1465959791.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Warhammer 40k movie

>> No.27567737

Who'd be good for Sanguinius, do you think?

>> No.27567956

The real question is: which actor would play Creed?

>> No.27568013
File: 12 KB, 280x373, Phil_Coulson_Agents_of_SHIELD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Clark Gregg.

Soft spoken, clever, quietly intelligent, and always underestimated.

>> No.27568075

>which actor would play Creed?
Brendan Gleeson perhaps? He played W. Churchill pretty well. And Creed is pretty much Churchill in space.

>> No.27568116

IMO if there ever was a 40k movie, they couldn't touch the Heresy, primarchs, or any of that shit, that's faaar too much info to shove onto an audience in one movie. The movie would have to be a small story, perhaps a "first time ever" story, like meeting the tau or fighting the nids for the first time, so the audience can feel a connection with the characters, as they too are in a new situation.

Perhaps after 3-4 movies in universe would they be able to breach a story requiring as much fluff knowledge as the HH.

>> No.27568819

Eh, I don't really know if the HH is feasible for adaptation as a series of films because of the length without reducing most of the Primarchs to background characters or making a SHITLOAD of movies. I could definitely see a mini-series or tv series though.

>> No.27569196

>Mickey Rourke in a 40k film.

would have to be Lucius. Young Rourke as pretty boy and fallen Lucius the way he looks now + scars.

>> No.27569320

oh yes, not bad.

good too

>Anthony Hopkins
as anything. yes.


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