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Hey fa/tg/uys, I need some Oni pics... For 'roleplaying' purposes, of course.

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/tg/ : we get tricked only when we want to get tricked. Also somebody screencap this shit.

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Since you didn't have the balls to ask for the female oni you were looking for, you get male ones. Man up, OP.

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I think I like this better than my original intention.

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In before OP tries to claim that this was his plan all along. Seriously though, if you want softcore musclegirl/monstergirl porn, just ask for it.

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Stop trolling, dude.

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You still need to man up and just ask for what you want, though.

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I love these big guys, they always seem so full of energy. Plus they have those huge metal clubs to smash shit with.

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Don't be this blatant about it, faggot.

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Centaurs are shit dump something else.

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Get that horsefuckery out of our oni thread. Thats ogre the line.

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Dump driders

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Too bad, you'll only get male oni.

I dunno, being blatant is better than all these damn "Character art for RPGs. And by that I mean softcore monster girl, but I'm too much of a pussy to admit I have a fetish, so I'll be weird about it."

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I guess. I mean, I love me some monstergirls, but I don't go making threads on /tg/ for them. At least save it for the weekend smut threads, guys.

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That is just adorable.

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Why hello there, next Shadowrun character I'm making.

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She should probably just set those down and back up, because that thing will eat her.

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The artist draws a lot of cute. Also depraved monster girl porn, but even that is simultaneously cute somehow.

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Ironically, I found a lot of good female oni pictures when I looked for male onis to post just to spite OP.

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... It's not in the same style, is it?

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I'll take it the opposite direction entirely. Good luck fapping to cute oni.

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Well, the antispam is strong now. One image replay per minute? Really?

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"Oni go away, out with the bad luck, in with the good!"
You throw uncooked beans out the door to make the oni leave.

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>weekend smut threads
Another cancer that needs to be surgically removed

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It's EXACTLY the same style, but with more tentacles, mucus and underage sex.

His worksafe stuff is adorable, though.

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If she's polite the oni won't eat her because she was brave enough to walk up to his cave to deliver them.

Oni are crude, not stupid.

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And with the strategic removal of Q, there's no way to address complaints and suggest alternatives other than directly AIMing moot.

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Sooooo, monster girl general?

Spider girls are best girls. Pic not related.

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Eh, it gives me time to try and put the cpatcha in correctly.

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>Spider girls are best girls. Pic not related.
No, you faggot. Your pic related are the best kind of monster girls.

Quit with the spider faggotry and bring on the gel people.

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Damn, now I want to try removing orcs and half orcs and replacing them with oni. There'd be wild uncivilized ones from bad clans for generic bad guys to fight along with a few more "civilized" ones for PC to play if they want.

Has anyone tried this before?

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>needing a full minute for captcha

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No, ONI general. Get it right.

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The topic is ONI, lets see how long we can stay there.

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Or just go to /d/, our freaky sister.

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Are Onis bad?

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Yes. I've also replaced orcs and half-orcs with bugbears and hobgoblins, respectively.

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Red Onis are cunningly brutal while Blue Onis are brutally cunning.

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Tada. This board is an internet love machine.

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It would probably be rejected because "waeboo."

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>your 40WHkidddy bald head

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don't encourage that shit.

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I don't know much about Oni but they don't actually come in all these sizes, right?

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Well they can torture you to death by eating you slowly, but they'd rather just kill you and be done with it.
Plus they'd rather eat beef and drink sake after a long day of raiding/fighting. They're evil, but not world-destroying evil. They would more than gladly go into hell to save the whole world if it means they could go own being boisterous maruaders.

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What's the artist's name? Don't have access to the sites image search gives me atm.

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Why haven't you included an entire slime kingdom in your setting yet?

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I'll do you one better and post a slew of all the Japanese brutes before going to get my hair styled. Have fun.

Incidentally, PF has Oni blooded tieflings.
+2 Wis, +2 Str, -2 Cha, alter self instead of daylight. So you can even have your half-"orcs".

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I've been tossing around some ideas, but I haven't had anything stick yet.

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To avoid >>27550369 just keep them called Orcs and Ogres. Have Half Orcs often being changlings as well. "A child that does not resemble its parents is the child of an oni."

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Yes, they do. See

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Have a grown-up Chen.

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Don't suppose you can provide a link to it because reverse image search finds galleries of his stuff, but no porn.

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Green oni are the best, though.

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>maximum OGREDRIVE

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>Seriously though, if you want softcore musclegirl/monstergirl porn, just ask for it.
Only on /tg/ can someone say this so straight forward. Even /co/ tends to be too roundabout with that.

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O hey, it's the guy that does them furry ladders.

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>grown-up Chen
what are you doing
anon stahp

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