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Your last character is now a god. What is he/she like. What are his/her domains

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My last character was a Paladin of Torm. So he uh...basically becomes Torm, I guess.

Greater Diety
Lawful Good
Portfolios: Knights, Duty, Chivalry, Paladins, Idealism
Domains: Law, Good, Strength, Protection
Favored Weapon: Semper Fidelis (Longsword)

Dogma: The true nobility of man is found in pursuit of the ideal, and the code of chivalry and ethics that defines a true knight of valor and faith is the undercurrent of morality that defines all society. Act always with courtesy towards your allies and your enemies, and treat all as your brother and sister unless they prove themselves false. Remember the true knight is a servant of the people. Deliver swift and furious vengeance towards the wicked, and do not compromise your morals for the sake of expediency. You have an obligation to aid all goodly institutions and faiths of Faerun, and your fivefold duties are to Faith, Fealty, Faerun, Family and Friend.

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Thog the barbarian.

He becomes master of hit and blacksmithing. He likes to do both.

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She already was a goddess of chaos, industry and travel so I doubt anything changes.

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The god of murderhobos. Domains: murder, hobos.

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Oppurtunisitic Polytheistic bones oracle.

He'd probably just not let anyone know he's a god and tend to stay in the backgrounds, since he has an intense hatred of cultists. But I guess his domains would be Death and Baking.

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My last character was a womanizing cleric of Sarenrae, so basically a horny male Sarenrae. My current character though... he'd be the snarky god of alcoholism, apathy, and murder (for hire).

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My kobold becomes a True Neutral god of shadows, traps and smokebombs.

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Lance Glasgow ascends beyond the kenning of his undead fellows as a vampiric god of vengeance and brutal justice.

All that backstabbing that happens in their courts is suddenly met with a powerful force of murderous justice.

Human traffiking comes to a swift end.

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A god in a godless world.

He siphoned the power of the Ones That Were, the deities of ages long gone. Now he holds their power unhindered.
He would seek to will his power to the hopeful, the vengeful, and the righteous alike. And the Sorcerer-Kings would have every reason to fear.

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Well, let's see...he was a guy who studied to be a wizard but couldn't hack it in wizard college and ended up doing pact magic instead. Which led to him living as a pretend-wizard, since pact magic was super taboo and forbidden by both religious and secular authorities.

So...probably a god of forgotten and forbidden secrets, those who live on the fringes of accepted society, and deception for the sake of self-preservation.

Domains: Knowledge, Magic, Pact, Trickery

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A robot that rejected his programming in order to free himself of his Master's influence. Robo God of liberty, judgement, and penitence, as he bore a heavy burden on his soul for spending years as a mindless servant of his corrupt master's whims.

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I guess i become the god of Fated Heroes, my current character is a lawful evil elven beguiler, he travels the planes "making heroes", that orc army that destroyed your village but misteriously spared all the children so that one amongs them would become a hero and wipe out the horde during his adventures? that was me. That evil advisor that usurped the throne and sent the rightfull heir to die only to find him return home as a grown hero? he worked for me

why? becouse the universe needs those heroes, becouse when true drakness strikes and the end of a world is night, they need to be prepared

My clerics would pose as villans, guide heroes to defeat them so that they can become great, surviving, changign their faces and starting it all over again

domains: mischief, darkness, ilussions, law

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neutral good goddess of honesty, earnestness, and big-ass swords

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My last character was a devotee of her deity, so I suppose she becomes the new goddess of protecting the earth mother, avenging wrongs committed against women, grisly trophies, fucking up people really, really hard and beer.

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She is the goddess of guns, dusters, and mechanical artifice in general. Additionally, vengeance, duty, and judgement (with a hint of vigilantism) fall under her domain. Also bitterness.

If you see that something needs to be done, it is your duty to do it. Do not wring hands, try and foist responsibility off on someone else, or make excuses. Assuming you are a responsible individual, master of your own fate, if you judge that something must be done, you should do it. Do you not trust your judgement? Do you not trust your abilities?

Further, if you are wronged, bring those who wronged you to justice. If someone wrongs someone close to you, by affiliation they wrong you. Avenge the deaths of friends and family members, especially if you'd trust them to do the same for you.

Finally; care for your guns. Keep them well, keep them clean, keep them lethal. Flying lead is the preferred method of administering justice.

Lawful Neutral.

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...do ERP characters count?

My answer hinges massively on this criterion.

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Fenrirr pls

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Sure. Zeus was probably somebody's ERP character.

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>Your last party are now a god. What is he/she like. What are his/her domains

>Yes, all of them are transformed into a single deity

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You posted the picture that one of the people in my /tg/ Skype group is using. He's a Lawful Evil elf, though the rest of it didn't fit. He is in a couple other games, so I assumed he was running multiple with the same character.

As for me, >>27548063
My character is a Lawful Neutral cleric of progression and self-reliance. He has no god and effectively worships himself, and tries to uplift those around him. Becoming a god is already his ultimate goal, and now that he's achieved it, he'll help those who are willing to reach up and break the bonds of their culture and lifestyle; He would be the god of Revolution and Upheaval.

All the while, he'd be trying to garner more power; he intends to snuff out all other gods, eventually, simply so there's no more fighting amongst the Parthenon and the world as a whole can progress.

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My character is a wizard who mutates herself and others as a form of buffing, so I guess she becomes a goddess of change of change who bestows beneficial mutations upon her faithful worshipers.

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Cum is now the new manna; the sticky, delicious miracle food provided in abundance for all faithful that they may feast. Mm.

The uniform for the clergy is various forms of lingerie.

Domains include: illusion, water, cute butts, and fellatio.

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Well, we just have another god of Party Doublecrossing and That Guyism.
I'll probably hang out with Cyric.

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He goes mortal again, or, barring that, ends himself, realizing that he can't help everyone without becoming the ultimate puppeteer

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I'm Tyrone Tyson Jackson, God of the Hit and Runs and Bribes!
The world is my getto now. You're all pretty fucked.

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Mason the half-golem. His domain is over the seas and he likes to help travelers find hidden islands. And trap them there.

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im sure i play it better *dismisive gesture*

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The character I've played recently played is a Mega City 1 Judge. So this would get hilarious pretty quickly I feel.

Obviously he'd be the Lawful Neutral god of Justice and remaining Judges would be his clerics and paladins.

Damn, now I can't get the image of Judge God looking down on everyone Holy Grail style out of my head.

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*Grabs him by the collar* What did you say?!

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I last played a Nomad in a homebrew FATE-cyberpunk game. Let's say he ascended when we decided to include some elements of Shadowrun in our game.
Handle: Shades
Status: Exarch
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolios: Monoblades, cyberlimbs, laziness, intimidation, sunglasses.
Domains: Combat, Fear, Skill, Metal.
Favored Weapon: Monoblades hidden in both of his cyberlimbs.
Holy Symbol: A pair of cool shades.

Dogma: "zzzZZZ... Huh? Whatchoo wake me up for? Got work with good pay for me? No? Man, this godding business sucks. Wake me up when some decent job comes along, will ya? ZZZZzzz..."

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I don't know if I want my halforc to become a gawd.
He's all "FAIRNESS" this and "COOPERATION" that.

But then he'll be able to unite at last with his waifu, Erathis. Also, he'd get mildy angry, and twist "fairness" into "KILL THEIR BLOODLINE" vengeance-tier.

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Ahh, a blast from the past.

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Listen here kid, ive been playing this LE elf for 10 years, ive played evil characters in a good party since before it was cool, dont try to step up to me... you might get hurt

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*walks up to you with a swagger and a smile* Ah-ha-ha, well I think you are going to meet your match with me *teleports behind you* I'm right here gorgeous *kicks you up into the air and I jump up to meet you* you gave me no choice, TAKE THIS! *pulls out a white katana and black katana and starts slicing you into tiny pieces* feeling lucky now? *drops to the floor while pieces are still in the air, starts twirling katanas which forms a Ying/Yang Symbol* Konichiwa, muthafucka *smirks as the pieces fall to the ground, showering me in blood*


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God that sounds fucking stupid.

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Katanas and Teleportation!
Holy shit, the paradigm of Mary Sues.
I bet you're evil and dress in black and probably is very good with the all genders.

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a disembodied voice speaks: did you skip the part where i said i was a beguiler? i was a thief/ilusionist in AD&D, and ive been in this gig for a loooooong time, thats not real blood.... its contact poison.... and im not even here.
Enjoy your last agonizing hour of consiousness

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I want to believe it's pasta, but I'm afraid to google it.

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Oh now I was wrong. There's another Mary Sue right here. The King of Drag! i mean, illusions.

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It's actually original, but I based it on a pasta.

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you just jelous cuz hes FABULOUS!

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Lesser Deity of avarice, lost precious items and senile rage
Chaotic Evil
Domains: Evil, Caos, Greed, Knowledge


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Oh the flamboyant dashing character.

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Vindication! gods get to fuck their relatives all the time and no one bats an eye!

In his defense, he didn't know she was his half-sister at the time.

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Bunnygirl pirate ascended to godhood, enforces cheerful goodwill and jetski races and cuddly penguins.

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>A wandering femme-orc samurai who lives solely to help those in need and find some way to reproduce despite being ugly

Well, I imagine she would promote accepting all people in spite of their social caste or race. Everybody should go through a coming-of-age ritual where they learn how to fight with her preferred weapon. The clergy carry around these weapons and act as a standing army, with priests being the higher commanders. You weave a braid of your own hair from birth which is cut off whenever you commit a major transgression, which in her case would be knowingly harming the innocent. Some sort of universal obligation to help those in need. Having large families would also likely be her thing, though she would likely punish anybody who looked down on the traditionally ugly.

Would you convert?

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Dar'Vorke, the Khaajit goddess of archery, deceit, and assassins

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My last character was a Evil wizard who ties people to train tracks. Pic related.
His followers go around kidnapping princesses and tying them to train tracks.
Holy weapon:
A riding crop.
Holy symbol:
A twirly mustache.

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Forgot pic.

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Mourkay was a female human ranger/synthesist who used to be a cleric but shit went down and she more or less became a savage naga.
Chaotic evil
Portfolios: Rage, Vengeance, Lust and (a year of story) Loyalty.
Domains: Chaos, Rage, Lust, Freedom
Favored weapon: Natural weapons

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She is a cleric/monk of two different gods. One that is chaotic neutral or chaotic evil, depending on your interpretation of him.
The other Lawful good.

She's a half-orc and has grown up in a cloister supressing every impulse that her nature should make her happy, leading a sad and tormented life. Got out on a spiritual journey and she still thinks Cheann, the lawful good one is the good god. The one she should follow.
But following Gaud, the chaotic evil one makes her happy. She strives for balance and is currently accepting her role.

The problem with the setting is that every god symbolises two out of six virtues. Gaud and Chean are opposites in every way. The only thing they agree on is hypocrisy is bad.
She would probably be the god of outcasts, those who strive against themselves and honesty. Not truth, be a lying bastard if you are one. But don't try to be what you are not.

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Last character I played as was a Half-orc Sorcerer/wizard in pf.

So, I am guessing he would be the god of strength,intelligence, magic and talent.
He was like a god-damn work of art. A wild man with body and mind

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Last character was a fat, midget criminal.

Goes about bringing fortune to people he likes (basicly no-one) and jinxing other motherfuckers.

Domains: Luck, Chance, Plots

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You know, I can say the exact same thing, except favored weapon is a greatsword.

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My Rogue Trader.
Alignment : Lawful something.
Portfolio : Profit, Augmentics, Hats & fancy uniforms, Spaceships.
Domains :the same.
Sacred Weapon : Thunderhammer and or macrocanon broadside.

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....an ifirit wishcrafter with the efreeti sorcerer bloodline. Once a harem girl for an Efreeti Sultan, turned goddess? Her domains would be Fire, Slavery, Bargains, Wishes, and Power....

And you know all those wish economy wizards out there?


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Magic, and Duty.
Favored weapon is the longsword.
Still wears her nameless rank and file soldier uniform.

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Tanya Valdstigg the Magus.

A goddess of knowledge and magic, but holds life above these things, as they should be used to improve or defend life, not for their own sake. She is also a patron of traveling adventures and seekers of knowledge.

Her domains are Magic, Good, Travel, Liberation, and Strength. Her favored weapon is the Quarterstaff. She is Chaotic Good.

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But my last character (and his entire party) actually DID become gods, OP.

My character, personally, made himself a huge plane that was essentially a giant library. And then he just hung out in his library, chilling.

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>lecherous old alchemist

My character becomes a god not in the sense of spiritual ascension, but by creating a mutated fungus that can thrive in any environment, realizing his life-long goal of making a creature that can survive the mysterious great dark in the sky. This fungus survives in a series of underground caverns, wherein it is brought to the surface by explorers once they find it can cure common illnesses through consumption. They worship it as a deity of love and affection, convincing others to visit the sacred caverns of the god who granted them this miracle food. The fungus also adapts constantly so it can grow more efficiently, which it does in the presence of deceased flesh. Therefore, those who enter the caverns are soon after attack by prior visitors, who have contracted a venereal disease akin to gonorrhea that causes their genitals to swell to immense sizes. No longer in control of their own mental faculties, these fungal hosts then explode upon the visitors, not only preparing more fertilizer for existing fungus but also infecting others, repeating the process. The religious sect keeps themselves free of this by sending in visitors by themselves, only going in to carefully harvest the fungus. Unfortunately they too are mentally-impaired as a result in ingestion, curing themselves of ailments only to receive bursts of serotonin whenever they bring more prospective members to the caverns. This fungus soon after spreads to environments unlike underground caverns at all, becoming commonplace in jungles, deserts, tundra and even the arctic, enveloping the planet and soon after sending spores into the vast emptiness of space.

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Huh. That's a tricky one.

I guess he turns into The Spirit of the West, as portrayed by Timothy Olyphant pretending to be Clint Eastwood in Rango.

Which is funny, because he started out kind of like a more serious version of the lead role of the same.

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The God of Gunboat diplomacy and business.

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>White katana and black katana
[Disdain intensifies]

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>these fungi eventually evolve into huge green dudes who talk like football hooligans

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>/tg/ will be trolled by this old /v/ shit

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Getting trolled is almost as fun as trolling these days.

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Whelp. This is pretty much the worst possible scenario for the campaign world.

The character in question is not a good person. She puts her everything into making the world a better and more ordered place, and on the surface she seems like a reasonable and friendly person who fights the good fight, but below the surface lies madness of a very specific sort. She has trouble with the idea that somebody can be good without following her doctrine of absolute order, so she ends up committing horrific acts of tyranny without really understanding that what she is doing is wrong. She thinks she's the hero in the story, so naturally any chaotic elements must be evil, and therefore by lobotomising them and bringing them closer to her vision of perfect order, she is doing them a favour.

If she became a diety, these traits would just be infinitely magnified. The world can look forward to such joys as having every ounce of freedom taken away and having their every action policed by an army of mindless clockworks that cannot be reasoned with or diverted from their course. The schedule of each and every person is now written, personally, by an insane goddess who will not tolerate ANY deviation, with the punishment being lobotomy and conversion into yet another mindless clockwork.

She does not require active worship, because the act of conforming to your appointed schedule is worship enough.

Myria, the Clockwork Queen
Lawful Evil
Domains: Law (Inevitability, Tyranny) and Artifice (Construct).

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Last character was a Half Gold Dragon Human Cleric of his ideals.

Igzdrigznarplickle Gungelfunk
Greater Deity
Portfolio: Love, Family, Retribution, Justice
Domains: Good, Healing, Strength, Luck
Favored Weapon: Scythe

Dogma: The universe is full of conflict. This is fact. We are all part of one universe. This is also fact. One world, one family. All the world is your brother and sister, your uncle and aunt. However, even families can fight. And when you must fight, fight with strength and conviction. Tear them apart, blast their skulls off, and make love afterwards, because after all, this world and its people are the only ones you get.

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Vagus, Minor Deity, Neutral Good.

Wandering neutral good in charge of bounty hunters, gypsies, roads, isolated shrines, hunters, etc.

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Grendel, god of money, fashion, trickery and healing, luck and vegepygmys.
Chaotic neutral (the selfish kind, not the lolsorandumb kind)
Trickery, Trade, Healing, Luck.

The funny thing is, he pretended (successfully) to be a god once. He convinced a group of Vegepygmys that worshiped a vampire that he was their one true god, and that the vampire was a false idol. He did this while wearing a Vegepygmy face as a mask to 'complete the get up'. He managed to take out the vampire out without taking a scratch, despite it being several levels higher than the party (who helped in the fight as his 'angels').
Conclusion: vegepygmys are dumb as shit.

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But anon, selfishness is Evil, not Chaotic.

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Laziness and procrastination. probably cg.

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Considering that he is Fred from Scooby Doo through the lens of Judge Dredd in 40k, I have no fucking clue what kind of God he'd be. He doesn't either, which is probably for the best.

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Saturday morning cartoons i suppose

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Yuri, the conedog
he is actually my friend's husky, and became my DMPC in a zombie apocalypse campaign I'm running, using real people and real places for characters and locations.
Yuri is the true neutral god of apathy, he just sits in the front seat of lifes car waiting for humans to scavenge earth, an observer. He likes True neutral people, and while he may not shower them in aproval, once or twice he may present them with warnings of disruption of neutrality(presence of non-neutral creatures).
Yuri's worshipers get detect non-neutral, provided they once a month throw a bone or bone-like object into the skies chanting "go get it boy", offering that Yuri will ignore since he's too apathic for playing catch, but will apreciate nonetheless. His bark can be heard from afar because of the magical amplifier on his head, but he rarely barks.

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>former slave in search of eternal life
>juju oracle
I guess her domains would be the breaking and creation of bonds, duality, fredom/servitude, that sort of thing

Nice to know she found her goal

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But my last character was a god.

Allow me to explain further.

I was playing a pathfinder game with my bro dm'ing, just the two of us to fill the time.

I had wanted to play a kitsune, and a sorcerer focusing on the enchantment style stuff seemed to fit that, so I decided to play that.

One of my favorite feats for kitsune's is the multiple tails feat, where they gain magical powers, taking the feat up the eight times for nine tails.

I had joked that maybe my character was a kuuko (in Shinto, that is a powerful being, a god of their own right who serves Inari, a goddess of some importance in the shito "pantheon").

In mythology, kitsune are simply foxes that have, through some means, become kitsune.

They then can, on getting 9 tails, become zenko kitsune (with one tail), then (9 more) tenko, then (9) kuuko. (it works something like this, not exactally.)

So he ruled that my character was a servant of Inari, who he just made fit into his settings The East, who lost all her tails and has to roam the land finding all the tails which where scattered throughout the land.

>> No.27562210

O sorry for not clarifying, but the tails above 9/progression thing was a homebrew thing we had to make for pathfinder.

>> No.27562219

as in they don't have rules for kuuko, etc...*

sage for correction

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My last character was a desert-dwelling half elf oracle

Her mystery?


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>A genetically modified wolf in the One Piece universe.
huh. He's a god of the hunt I suppose. Domains are animal, feast and wrath.
His blessing comes in the form of a scar over one eye that makes you larger and stronger. He rewards his followers for acts of honer and loyalty but looks down on advanced science.

>> No.27562407

My troubleshooter would become the true neutral god of trying to stay alive at all costs, and failing.

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"Captain" Felix Elwood Flynn McCoy ascends to godhood..... oh dear.

Chaotic Neutral / Chaotic Good
Portfolios: Seafaring, Bravery
Domains: Luck, Chaos, Trickery, Weather
Favored Weapon: Rapier

>> No.27565167

A realm made out of crossbows, where crossbow people live in crossbow houses and go to work making crossbows before heading to the local crossbow chapel to offer crossbows to the crossbow god.

She really liked crossbows.

>> No.27565199

Dyr Skein
Intermediate Diety
True Neutral
Portfolio: Nobles, Feudalism, Battle, Noblesse Oblige
Domains: War, Courage, Strength, Travel
Favored Weapon: Natural Weapons

Those of pure, noble blood must rise to their station and prove worthy though constant challenge and by overcoming adversity. Know your place, remind others not to reach beyond their station. Do not tie yourself to land, sever the shackles of dirt and lead men by dint of your courage and cunning.

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A lucky fool. God travel, comraderie, the hunt, and honorable combat.

>> No.27565840

Neutral God of Semi-senile vets who's seen some shit

>> No.27567560

Serpentine god of music and joy.

Patron of wandering adventurers, kindly heroes, and bards.
Neutral good, kind and gentle, a bit excitable sometimes.

The kind of god who meddles a little too much, but nobody minds because of how damn nice he is.

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He was a first level commoner who sacrificed himself to save a noble lady who ran away. So... A family man type god who promotes bonding, warmth, sacrifice, the hearth, hard work, boring shit like that.

>> No.27567925

A chaotic neutral God/Goddess of coincidence, improbable outcomes, and smartasses. Patron/patroness of underdogs, unlikely allies, and forbidden love. Favors those who have accepted that life hands you ridiculous scenarios sometimes, and that it will work to your advantage as often as it will work against you. Opposes those whose plans are too intricate, too ambitious, or assume too much.

>> No.27568032

Probably pretty unbearable.

She was a self absorbed diva/hooker obsessed with fame and money, who would sell their own grandmother out for a shot at the big time, could knock a man out with a back hand and utalised the power of tits and hugging it out to avoid boss fights.

She be even more of a bitch if you gave her divine rank, and she'd always be trying to secretly sabotage and upstage other gods to make more people worship her, while pretending to be really friendly to everyone.

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Let's see.

A human fighter who killed Correlon. It wasn't really something he wanted to do, but it had to be done, so...

Hm... the deity of fightan gewd in general, perhaps? He pumps out damage in the hundreds each round before he even hits level 20, easily passing 1,000 each round at his current level of 41.

>> No.27568180

A god of narcissism who offers popularity to people so they can be more narcissistic in exchange for their worship to feed her own narcissism. That makes a lot more sense than it should, I feel.

>> No.27568205

Wait... so is your character male or female?

>> No.27568243

Yeah but you'd have to be careful because she would totally fuck up any of her clerics or paladins that looked like they might end up being more popular than her.

>> No.27568280

The god of blackguards; clinging to a life of good whilst committing acts of evil for a cause which one does not believe in, associate/lieutenant of Bane; strength, honor, slaughter, anger.

>> No.27568363

That's actually a damn good question. First question would then be "what kind of dungeons do gods explore?"

Trailblazer Aegis with a dungeoncrasher mentality. Or more formally "Researcher of subterranean archeology and sampling methodolgy". A guy who lives for the thrill of getting into impossible places and showing off whatever it is he found.

>> No.27568417
File: 758 KB, 1250x1350, hope_by_rxgdo-d4xrqye.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My current PC is basically pic related. A young clockmaker's son who became all Quixotic, wanted to go on adventures but knew he'd get killed, so he made an 8 foot tall minimecha out of clockwork and magitech, powered by his emotions. Nice, somewhat naive, Chaotic Good, likes candy and sweets, his primary motivation is fun and HIGH ADVENTURE despite the grimmer elements of the setting.

So I'm guessing as a god he'd pretty much be a mix of Kamina and Kids Next Door. Liberation and Nobility domains probably.

>> No.27568457

Your character and mine would probably get along great.

Yuan Ti bard who loves ADVENTURE and making people smile.

>> No.27568479
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My PC as a god would be a disaster. Its a child with the powers of god and the imagination of a 10 year old.

God-Kid would end up doing something retarded like leading a cadre of mecha heroes into Hell to fight Asmoedus, or lauching a massive war fleet into the Far Realm with the goal of destroying it completely.

>> No.27568503

My PC as a god would either be awesome or a complete disaster.

He's really cool, as in the 'relax, it will be fine' cool. He's mostly calm and generally friendly, only getting fired up when it's time for righteous fury.

Or something really, really cool happens and he starts squeeing.

Oh that image...

>> No.27568573

A lawful neutral god of necromancy and and life magic

>> No.27568599
File: 967 KB, 211x119, 1339467596401.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Kami-Kid and the Dude go flying into hell in a massive psionic robot.
>Get captured by some major devil lord.
>Break out while "Libera me from Hell" plays.

>> No.27570787

>my last character was ERP
>It was a sissy lizardboy

>> No.27570877

He's not selfish to the point of hurting others.
Perhaps I worded it wrong.

He wants to make money for himself. He'll help you out if you're in dire need, but he won't go out of his way if he thinks you're just being a little bitch.

He puts on a veneer of being Good, though. Everyone in the party thinks he worships Pelor.
He actually worships Vergadain, god of money and luck. He encourages his worshipers to claim to worship other gods in order to avoid stigma.

He's a fun character. Got his own fashion line now.

>> No.27571361

well he was betrayed by other members of his party and shot to death, thrown into a vault inside the giant submarine base we were raiding, and then dumped into the bottom of the cyberpunk ocean. He's pissed and is going to kill every damn thing who ever wronged him.

>> No.27572281

My first character would be a god of Time and Knowledge. He's a future historian who came back to the past take notes on a major even that supposedly happened, but all records on the subject are missing. I guess he'd be down for shit like collecting knowledge and time travel.

My second character is a magical hobo who has plans for Lichdom. I guess he'd be like Vecna without the secrecy bullshit, and with a case of dementia and a habit of easting whatever bullshit he finds laying around(Moss that absorbs people's memories? EATIN DAT SHIT. Kabobs of...I don't have a fucking clue what kinda meat? is on this. GOTTA BE TASTY!). Oh, and a dead rabbit he plans to use as his phylactery.

My third character.....Death, Destruction,War, and Community, easy. Vryloka Blackguard, violent, prone to murder rages at the drop of a hat, but has a strong sense of kinship with his fellow mercenaries.

>> No.27573797
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Thief who became a Were-rat.

Acquisition and Plague

>> No.27574018

>sexy librarian elf Tina Fey joke character
Well, that's... interesting. She loves books, and her followers punish all who misuse or destroy knowledge. Her domains are knowledge and vengeance.

How come only my silly characters become gods? The last guy who ascended was a purple dragonborn that breathed rainbows of every possible damage type and was the God of Awesome.

>> No.27574184


>> No.27574660
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Big Boy
God of Bastard Heroes.
Patron Saint of killers and thieves who practice their craft to protect the world.
Domains of Wisdom, Long Arms, Dark Magic and Silent Killing
Prayer:A black soul and red hands may I have to keep theirs clean.

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